• March 3, 2022

Horoscope Gemini March 2022

A little talk before going in the horoscope predictions

This horoscope is created through tarot cards and/or oracle cards by the reader. It’s a general reading, so take only what resonates with you. It’s valid for Sun, Moon, and Rising in Gemini. Tarot gives guidance, but it doesn’t provide a set in stone course of events. Energies and decisions might shift, determining a change in events.

Also, tarot is a form of entertainment, so if you need professional advice in health, finances, and any other such areas, please, seek experts in those respective fields.

The tarot reader takes no responsibility for your further actions. Therefore, use tarot as a friendly advice to reflect upon and see if you can use it in your favor. No one knows your situation better than yourself, so you’ll be the one to decide if the information given is of help for you or not.

I do not offer personal readings.

This horoscope contains general predictions, job and business predictions, and love for couples and singles predictions.

Besides reading your Sun sign, read your Rising and Moon signs as well, for a bigger and more detailed picture over what’s coming your way.

Having all this said upfront, let’s go to the predictions for you, shall we? 🙂

General Predictions

The card is Trust.

And this oracle card has a message on it, as it follows:

“Trust your feelings and dreams to guide your career path.”

Well, my dear Gemini, so far you’ve been a believer only in material things to send you to more material things. You’ve been a believer on the proven facts, and not before happening, materializing. This approach of yours, this energy of yours has now kept you stuck, in the sense that no more materialization of your wants and desires. Things are kind of STUCK, right?

It might have happened in your love life, in your career, in your business, in something you so wanted, so SURE it would come to fruition, but BANG! It stuck and blocked for you, turning into a dark side of things, unexpectedly. And you’re wondering why in Hell that happened?! It shouldn’t have happened!

Let me answer to you of the WHY it didn’t happen favorable for you and you’ve got stuck with the bad outcome so far. Instead of believing, trusting your inner gut, your feelings, signs you’ve been receiving through your dreams, you’ve trusted, believed, embraced the mask, the solid, touchable mask before you. But that was just a mask, no matter how golden that mask was. You chose that. A mask is a fake, a lie, a cheater, a player, a thief, a scammer, sending you into a personal chaos. And you’re living that chaos right now. For quite a while now. Unable to move further. Unable to see the exit. Unable to right the wrong done to you or done by you. Well, even if it was done to you, it is done by you because you’ve chosen to not listen to your intuition of something fishy being in place and still proceeded with it for the promised glamour. So…yeah, unfortunately.

However! March 2022 is the month when you’re given the opportunity to break the invisible chains and move forward, out of that situation. But! The key to everything IS to do what you should have done before to prevent the entire mess for yourself and possibly for your loved ones as well. Listen to your inner feelings, and TRUST them for a proper guidance. Pay attention to your dreams, retain what was most vivid in them as that’s a clue, a key for you to use somehow in your reality. It’s a piece of info in your dreams, that SOMEHOW it will give you a bulb moment with connection to your reality and what to do or what to choose or what to decide in a given situation. TRUST that, as it’s for your own good, not mine or anyone else’s, YOURS, Gemini. You don’t and can’t see the outcome this time, as there’s no moving mask in the air as proof for the show for you to believe, yet TRUST that THIS TIME you’re guided to the POSITIVE outcome for your STUCK and CHAOTIC living moments. Alright, babe?

Oh yeah, forgot about this to say. Those of you who wear a golden with a bit of silver necklace with a flower and heart or hearts pendants on it, one of the answers you’re seeking is connected to this necklace. How? I don’t know. You shall be the judge of that as you better now your own situation, and your mind shall connect the dots on that for an answer.

Just TRUST YOURSELF this time and not the outside things to be influenced by. STOP believing the “seller” before you, and START checking the “merchandise” they “sell” to see if words and promises are a match to the real deal offered, no matter if it’s about love, friends, job, business, business partners, etc. Your gut feelings shall alarm you in a way or another of something wrong for you being present and LISTEN TO THAT NOW, MAN! Okay, honey? And everything will begin improving for you starting this month of March 2022, Gemini baby. *hug and kisses*

Job And Business Predictions

The card is Get Some Rest.

Well, what I’ve just seen, I have to say it before everything else. So, no matter if you’re reading this section of the horoscope for your job or business, it’s valid at some lengths, but you shall see in which way.

For some of you, in your business or working environment there’s a foxy-like woman or man. For others, this person is a wolf-like woman or man. And for the third category of you, this person is a dog-like woman or man. Yeah, yeah, stay with me and listen/read till the end of what this vision of mine is for you because this particular person is the reason of bad stuff happening to you in your business or in your job as he or she is working against you and not with you.

Now. This person can either have physical traits of the mentioned “animals”, the stare in their eyes at you whenever you come into contact with them, the look they give to you when you turn around, or no physical resemblance to the said animals but owning that animal’s attitude.

For the dog and fox types in attitude, they deliver you a “sweet”, “loyal”, “smiley”, “comforting”, trying “hard” to wiggle around you for “innocent” favors, that you would never believe this exact person is your number one enemy. For the wolf type attitude, this person is generally calm and on the “hunt” of doing things, proving himself or herself “efficient” before you or part of the same “pack” as you, but he or she is in fact “hunting” you down behind your back. And I said generally calm, because when things get heated up, this person really snaps and “growls” like a wolf in attitude and in words, showing you a different persona of what you usually know them to be.

Now that we’ve settled on characteristics of the person for you to better identify it, let’s move further on what the card says to “Get Some Rest” connected to this person.

If this person exists in your working environment, at your job, portrayed as a co-worker, back off from him or her, lower your interactions with them, stop speaking about confidential or personal stuff with them, keep it strictly work as in work tasks given to perform by your boss and nothing more, and watch your back. This person is either after same promotion as you, raise or something, even if they haven’t expressed it to you or said it’s not in their cards. It’s the masked person for you guys I was telling you about in the general predictions. And you know it in your gut but refused to believe it so far. Believe it or not, this person is the reason of your STUCK and CHAOTIC moments happening out of the blue at work. However, March 2022 is going to bring the clarity and what to do regarding this person and work situation, as long as you TRUST your inner guidance this time and not the “sweet” and “innocent” and “friendly” mask they have on before you. “Get Some Rest” FROM this person one way or another, and things for you will improve the same as they came. He or she IS NOT your TRUSTED FRIEND. On the contrary.

For those of you business owners, this person is either your or one of your business partners, or one of your closest employees whom you TRUST with important stuff and info. If you identify such a person around you? I’m sorry to tell you, but this person needs to “Get Some Rest” out of your company if you want to see things improving and coming back on track. You already know who the person is by reading this till now. Your gut feeling alarmed you before and you ignored it. Why don’t you start TRUSTING it for your own good, babe? He or she needs to go or…. Don’t say you haven’t been warned of things getting worse if you don’t do it now again. It’s your choice once more: you or them. Which is more important to you? As I said before, this person is playing against you and not along with you, right under your nose. He or she is for you like Brutus has been for Caesar. I do hope you don’t want for yourself and your company the same fate Caesar had because of Brutus, right? Metaphorically speaking “fate of Caesar”, of course, for yourself, but your company might have the literal one.

Alright. For the rest of you, not having the situations presented above.

Some of you, employee or business owner, you’ve been working hard till now entering your burn out state. It’s time to lower the game a bit and get some rest this time around as it’s needed. Rewards for your past work are coming, enabling you to take a sort of a break to charge those batteries this month as it’s high time for that. Trust your inner feelings when the time is right for this and do it before putting your health in danger. Don’t get motivated by the rewards to push yourself more, rest is needed for a while or at some levels. Do it.

Those of you getting forced “rest” from the working field till now, opportunities for a job are coming. We had the card for the general predictions telling us that your inner feelings and dreams will guide you to your right career/job, so trust the guidance, as you’re already making the steps of signing a job contract this month, and things will start working again for you. Have faith in yourself, trust your walking steps, and do what you feel and know works for you. You might land your dream job this month.

Business owners in the following industries: hotels, resorts, spa, restaurants, coffee shops, entertainment for the public of all sorts, anything related to having people take a breather and relax. Know that starting March 2022 you’ll experience an increase in profits and your business is taking off. Watch out on staff, quality, safety and all that may endanger something in your activity. All choices and decisions this month and from now on MUST be based on your inner gut and not influenced by others, as that’s the key to positive and constant progress for yourself and your company. Listen to what others have to say, process the info in your mind, but listen to your intuition when deciding, kind of thing.

Those of you thinking to start your own business and quit your job, March 2022 is not a good omen one for you. Think some more of what you want to do, how you want to do it, do more research, follow your instincts for the planning stage, but don’t put it into practice this month. Something in your plans and vision is missing. And that missing piece will affect the good outcome if you start this month without it. Get some rest from this and come back later to see what’s missing. You’re currently seeing only the golden mask of it and not the core of it. Keep your job some more and have patience till you have all it’s needed. Alright, honey? 🙂

Love Predictions

The card is Welcome The New.

For those of you forming a couple.

Well! Someone is getting married this month, baby! Ha-ha! Yes, TRUST that you’re with the right partner. The connection between you guys might have been a bit or more bumpy, but you’re overcoming whatever obstacles, welcoming a new chapter. Some of you might get the proposal this month, or you’ve already fixed the date of the wedding this month. If the wedding is this month, don’t worry, everything will be as you’ve dreamed of or as close to that as possible.

I don’t know why, but a part of you might find out that “somebody” is pregnant, first considering it’s not the right time for this happen, as yes, it’s unplanned and you feel unprepared. Welcome it as it’s a blessing for you guys. It’s not random as it seems, it was the time. *heart*

For others of you, the bad energy in the air between partners starts clearing, and things are renewing to a better and more balanced relationship. Something happens this month, something good, that will turn things around, making you understand what you didn’t, and seeing things at their real worth. The partner wanting to leave the couple because of a misunderstanding or something, understands now who was wearing the mask and who was the real one. And the relationship will have a positive level up because of this.

For those of you single, new love is on the horizon! For many of you, there’s no past energy returning as you already see through their mask even if they would return. You already feel there’s no past person worth your time when it comes to your love life. So listen to your inner feeling. This new person entering in your life this month is worth your time because it’s with sincere and pure intentions. Pay attention to your dreams and your instincts as they’ll give you some clues about this person, so that when it presents itself before you to know identifiers it’s the right new person worthy of your consideration, okay? Trust your intuition. One clue I see for some of you is the presence in a way or another of white and/or purple flowers, or just the colors white and/or purple. I don’t know, you shall see.

Alrighty then, loves! These have been all the predictions I had for you for the month of March 2022, I hope they will serve you in a way or another, stay blessed and always have faith in yourself!

Love you!

Your true friend always,

Andra-Cristiana Stan


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