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Chapter 15 – She Would Shoot You |Members Only| Shooting A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 15



This is so fucked up…. What do you mean I can’t fuck her? She’s my wife. I have the right over that. She’s mine. That little vampire has so many secrets….

“Because…. She won’t let you.” 

That is not a problem. Your big bro is not an easy one either. I can have her. She has no power over me. Well, he doesn’t know my ass, only his sister’s….

“Tell me the main reason. This part is not a problem.” 

Was she raped? What the fuck is going on for you to be so fucked up over this and delaying in telling me?

“Okay. I’ll tell you but don’t…. I mean…. This is going to make him want her more…. FUCK!” 

Want her more? You’re really driving me so crazy right now!

“Steven! Just fucking say it already! I want her very much and without a back door! Just say it…. There! I said it in front of you! I fucking want and like your sister as a wife and not as a one time thing! You can say it now…. I’m her husband, not her boyfriend or suitor. I’m already husband. For good. No divorce. Ever. I have the right to know and you are aware of that. Come on. Tell your brother.” I’m so curious and so sincere in all I’ve just said. 

Tell, tell, tell or I’ll go so fucking crazy…. More than ever…. I’m already fucked up…. That little vampire’s mark is already rooted in me without a cutting point. I can feel it as my heart is not iced anymore and I’m all hot for her, not only sexually. Yeah, this is the case, David…. Hmm….

“You can’t touch her as she would never allow it because she has never…allowed it…. No one…. Ever…. Touched…. My sister…. Can you understand where I’m going with this?”

Honestly? I’m so smacked in the head right now that I can’t comprehend anything. I can’t think… 

He sighs one more time seeing that I’m kind of blocked in reaction and have my mouth a bit departed, narrowing my surprised stare at him.

“To tell you in another way to get it as I can see you either don’t or refuse to, as she’s fucking 29, I have started my sexual life whereas she hasn’t. There. Got it now?” He smirks at me as I know my eyes have just widened at him and my eyebrows are up.

WHAT THE FUCK HAVE YOU JUST SAID?! I can’t fucking believe it…. Little vampire is a virgin?!

“Hard to believe, huh? I know….” He laughs at my reaction…

“Hard? Impossible…. She’s so…. I…. How the fuck can she still be a virgin? Are you fucking kidding me right now?!” I’m still smacked in the head. 

She’s too fucking perfect…. Dad? Did you know about that, too? Man! I’m so fucked up right now…. Little biting vampire is a pure one….

“Because she’s crazy? She’s like that since forever. Yes, she has a colored language when she’s out and has hard times. One can think she’s not, but she is a virgin. Desiree is trying for years to trap her into sex and stuff, telling her it’s good and so. Heard them sometimes when Desiree came over our house and I was supposed to be in my room…. But she’s never into it. She doesn’t want it. That’s why all the guys who made a move on her got their asses kicked hard. She knows the main reason for them doing that, to have sex with her. When they cross the line, they get a memorable beating. Told you about that one who got into hospital. Haven’t lied over that. I have told you no lie. So, what she did earlier, it’s for real. She would shoot you. She’s not playing hard to get. She’s a no all the way. You’re lucky I came in time. She’s serious in all she says and does, though she may seem just crazy. And calling you a kid? All guys, without exception, well, for the old ones that are decent, serious and all, no, but for the others, are kids before her eyes. She calls them kids or little fuckers. Me included…. Oh! And Marianne…. Heard one of their phone conversations when I was twelve, I think, but then I didn’t realize the reality of it. I was too young. She told Marianne that that guy deserved to get shot by my sis as he forced himself on her. It didn’t make sense then, but now it does. I think she has even shot at least one for that. Maybe in one of her missions? I don’t know more to tell…. Watch out as you can really drop dead. She’s a killer in reality. My sister considers that her body is her temple, and no one is allowed to touch that. Well, besides bullets, knives and whatever else…. In her fucking missions…. She doesn’t seem to mind that shit….” This last part he says it with his back at me and looking outside on the window.

I’m in a state as never before. I can’t believe what wife my dad gave to me. I don’t know if he knew or not all this, but I’m sure on constant shooting in heart, soul and being all over. And it’s not unpleasant. It’s so fucking orgasmic. My heart is ardent, and I have the urge to go back to her and…. I have to refrain as she’s indeed one that I must have patience with and make her fall for me and accept me on her own. I don’t know how long I’ll be able to do this, but I’ll try. If she wasn’t a virgin, I would have her tonight without a problem, against her will. Not raping her, but you get what I mean. But after what little brother said…. I will try…. A mission impossible for me and for how I am right now…. I don’t want to be an asshole though…. It’s her first time…. We’ll see how this goes….

“Alright. I understand. I’ll be gentler and will try to have her accept me.” He turns his head at me and burst into laughter. 

What did I say? 

I smile at him as he’s so funny.

“Accept you? Never. Look. I’m a man, too, and I know the girls and all. My sister? She has no comparison. If I were in your place? The sex part? Not happening. Not because of you. There is nothing in this world that would make her accept it. She can’t be corrupted by anything. Money? She’s not into that. Looks? She doesn’t give a fuck. She said you kissed her. How that went in her wanting you? She showed you the gun and you were an inch distance to get a deadly shot. I think there’s no way she would ever accept a man, but you, who were forced into her life. No way. I have no advice for you as I know my sister. For her, even if you parade with women in the attempt to make her jealous, she’ll be happy you’re off her back and not irritate her. You can do anything you want as long as you don’t touch her. That’s my sister. No man or boyfriend or male friend, besides me or dad, has ever entered in our house. And no, she’s not a lesbian. She’s just different. Has different views and interests in life. Marriage, love, sex and stuff, never. Mom was always trying to get her to blind dates with her friends that had sons and such. She would dump the blind dates and take the plane to some place and called mom to say she had a last minute change of plans and was out of the country. Mom wanted grandchildren and always told her that she’s already at the age to settle in. She avoided mom and excused herself to something. She’s an impossible one. Not even mom could make her into that.”

Yeah, baby…. You’re priceless indeed…. You were right with the money part on you…. But…. You’re mine. On papers. All the way. Thanks to daddy. I so love dad now…. More than ever. That old guy…. He could have told me…. But he didn’t. Maybe it wasn’t only a contract of investment between her parents and my dad. Maybe they had agreed because they knew her, and they wanted to get her a good life and marriage? I don’t know…. But I’ll sure find out as my guts send me on this lead hearing that her mom wanted her to get married and start a family of her own. Yes, it’s a possibility. And I think my little brother knows about this as he seems to trust me and see the real me. Yet, I’ll let things with him go naturally and won’t force him to tell me more. He’ll sure tell me when necessary as I can see he’s on my side and understands well everything. Refused blind dates, huh? Well, your mom gave you the biggest blow of your life from her grave. I would have loved your mom and your dad as much as I love your brother. I’m sure they were great people. I’m sorry they had to die like that…. I do have my heart messed up when I think about them. Strange….

“Don’t worry. I’m a man and I’ll get her. She’s now my wife and she can’t escape her marital duties no matter what. And for the shooting and beating part?” I smirk at him. “I’m no ordinary one either, baby bro. Your brother is a badass, too. I’m more than her. I have just let her manifest to get to know her and her strengths. And you, young man, from tomorrow, you’ll get into a very intense training to become like me. A new life will start for you and you’ll be like me and your sister. You’ve got the skills as those boys were hit bad and you have no marks on you. That’s my little brother.”

He’s surprised in grimace at me. I go and take him by his shoulders and pat him.

“Yeah, welcome to the LeAngelo family, baby bro. You’re a perfect fit. And the canceled credit cards and car? Tomorrow morning you’ll have mine. Leave your sister aside from that. Big bro here has everything covered. Just study, train, make me proud, and just…don’t knock up girls…. The rest is on.” I wink at him and smirk. He laughs for the last part.

“I’m not a douchebag…. If I did that, my sister would end me for sure…. She’s strict on me. You saw….”

Yeah, I saw the little vampire who’s now sleeping. In my bed…. Alone…. Probably with one of my pillows tight in her arms and mumbling in her tormented sleep like earlier…. My sweet, pure, little vampire…. Always biting me. Bite…. I’ll soon bite, too, honey. Oh! I can’t wait on that….


Chapter 16 – You Constantly Bite Me!

Shooting A Hot Billionaire Series, by Andra-Cristiana Stan, Romania. Copyright © January 2020. All Rights Reserved

No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system without the written permission of the author.

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

So! How was it? What do you think comes next? 🙂 Can’t wait to hear from you on this chapter! 🙂

Love you!

Your true friend always,

Andra-Cristiana Stan


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Chapter 16 – You Constantly Bite Me!

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