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Shooting A Hot Billionaire (Chapters 1-5) FREE READING 😉😇❤😘🙌


Forced marriage. Revenge starts.

“Viv? There’s something you don’t know….” 


I look at him, but he’s hesitant to tell me. He avoids my stare. 

What’s the matter?

“There’s a loan mom and dad took, without you knowing. And there’s a collateral.”

I break the car mid road at this point. 

What did you say? What’s that concerning? WHAT’S HAPPENING HERE?!

“As a wife for his son…. Dad signed the agreement…. The guy and his son are billionaires…. I’m sorry, Viv…. I couldn’t tell you as dad interdicted me to…. He said he’ll deal with it before reaching to you…. But now he’s dead… Mom, too….” He’s crying again. 


“Dad?! I’m not fucking marrying her! She’s…. She’s nothing from what I would want from a wife! She’s…. I don’t know…. Look at her!” I turn my eyes at the younger Lelo guy, with a whatever look.

“Dad! I said no! I’m not having her as my wife! I don’t know why you insist on her! She’s all wrong for me! I don’t like her! I despise her!” 

We’re in mutual agreement, kiddo. Play some more and make your daddy break. He should love you enough to do it your way…. Get some more to him…. Make him give in. That’s it….



Genres of the book: Billionaire Romance, Curvy Girl Romance, Mafia Romance, Dark Mafia Romance, Possessive Alpha Males, Strong Female Lead, Enemies to Lovers, Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy, Action, Comedy, Suspense, Mystery, Thriller, with a HEA.

*This book contains language and mature themes. Suitable for +18 audience because of that.

*Note: The presented book cover is a special edition one for the series made by the author for this website.

Shooting A Hot Billionaire Series, by Andra-Cristiana Stan, Romania. Copyright © January 2020. All Rights Reserved

No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system without the written permission of the author.

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

Chapter 1 – News Bleeding One’s Heart


It’s still dark outside. The sky gets angry, snapping in thunders, cutting the sky in lightnings. The grey clouds are crying in a heavy rain forming mist when it hits the ground. It’s 15th  of May, and I’m caught in the smell of fresh brewed coffee, with perfect cinnamon buns in front of me, scrolling through my phone to see if I’m called in. I had it on silent, as I’m in a break after last night’s mission.

I sip some coffee which calms my taste buds, and the fine texture tickles my insides which are empty as I haven’t eaten since yesterday at breakfast. I had a busy day and didn’t have time to eat. Yeah, sometimes it happens like that. My stomach growls and I munch from a cinnamon bun. It’s six-thirty in the morning, and I would fucking sleep, yet I can’t. I have insomnia. You get that when you have my life. I’m in a coffee shop near my place.

Who am I? Yeah…. Who the fuck am I? The official me is Vivian Doreen, I’m 29, a curvy bitch, hot babe on some standards, fucking fat on others. I don’t give a fuck if I’m hot or fat. I have no interest in others’ opinion. I’m me for me and not me for others. They can go and fuck themselves for what I care. I’m a company owner, with my parents. So, I’m a Financial and Planning Manager as a position in the company and having shares in the company, landing me in the shareholders board as well. The fucking company is practically mine, but my ass goes there only when it’s strictly necessary. I do my work from where I am in the world. My parents gave in eventually in this…

The company? Real estate. Doreen Real Estate Investments Ltd. We’re in Los Angeles. We buy proprieties and then sell them after investing in them for repairs and remodeling. They get good profit, but not so much lately, because of the economic crisis. We have a shit load of loans and we’re kind of at our limit in paying it back. The proprieties aren’t selling any longer, at least not at the right prices, which lands us in huge losses. Yeah…

Never mind with this shit… I’m not a tall one, nor petite, kind of in the middle. I’m a porcelain skinned one and have some hypnotic emerald eyes. My hair is shoulders length with a natural dark blond shade. It waves in form. My bachelor’s degree is in Business Administration and have a lot of master’s degrees, but that shit is whatever. I’m at a point in my fucking life where I don’t give a shit on those. I have a baby brother. He’s 18 and he’s a fucking pain in the ass, for the whole family. However, that’s another story. No, no boyfriend. I don’t give a shit on those either. The unofficial me? Well, I’m…. Oh, wait…. My phone is ringing…. Sorry, guys…. I need to take this shit now.

“Vivian Doreen speaking.” 

Just don’t call me in… I’m so fucking depressed right now… It’s an unknown number….

“Miss Doreen?” A man’s voice is asking me what I’ve already confirmed. 

Is this guy hit in the head or something? Still, his voice is a bit not that strong…. Like some bad news coming in…. 

I look outside the window, seeing the storm raging and it hits me in my guts. A penetrating fire of dim pain, ravaging me, covers my being, making me have shivers down my spine.


Just say already….

“I have to give you some not very good news. Are you sitting?” 

What?! Who the fuck is this guy?!



“I’m detective Henry Calkin. I’m very sorry, but your parents had an accident last night on their way home.” 

What did he say? What? Sorry? Accident? Mom? Dad? 

I look at the phone and put it back to my ear. I’m dizzy and I feel like I’ll pass out though I’m the strongest bitch there is out there.

“Come again? You are sorry for what? What accident?” The man pauses to my increased tremor inside and exploding heart and brain.

I saw my parents last time two weeks ago. They were well and happy to see me. We get along very well and…. No…. I don’t want to think…. I don’t want to accept…. I don’t want to believe…. I….

“Miss Doreen, you need to come in and identify your parents over the morgue…. I’m so sorry to give you the news…. They’ve lost their lives in a tragic accident and we believe it’s murder, but we don’t have enough evidence yet. Can you come in now? Your brother is with us but he’s having a breakdown and can’t go in and identify. He’s young and we don’t want to force him over this.” 

Steven? Baby brother? I can’t…. 

Tears knot under my chin and I’m so hit inside that I can’t move. I’m on automatic when I hear about Stevie…. He’s alone in there and mom and dad…. FUCKING SHIT!

“Send me address. I’m on my way.” I hang up the call.

I’m cold and strong outside and in voice, but inside? I’m fucking dead…. This? This has just sent a ninja sword in my heart and threw me to my grave. If it weren’t for my baby brother, I would have fucking died right now. 

Mommy? Daddy? You guys better joke with this shit! You aren’t allowed to die! Why?! YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO ME!

I take my car keys and wallet and go to my car with light speed to go to the location I’ve been sent by the detective who called me. I try calling Mom, Dad and Steven on their phones, but no one answers. I’m so fucked up right now! I can’t even see the road ahead while driving! I don’t even fucking know how I reached here safe and sound and nailed the address. I had my fucking sports car at maximum to reach here.

I go inside, storming. No, I’m not crying now. I have a normal appearance and pretend to be a strong bitch. My baby brother needs me strong and protective. I’m his only fucking family, no matter our differences.

“Vivian Doreen. I was called by detective Henry Calkin about my parents having an accident last night.” I say to the officer from the reception.

He checks the computer and makes a call.

“Detective Calkin? Miss Vivian Doreen is here. Should I send her up? Yes, sir. Yes, sir. I’ll send the documents in a few minutes. Yes. I’ll bring miss Doreen right now.” He hangs up. “Come with me, miss Doreen.”

 He takes me to the elevators, and we go up at the fourth floor. He’s silent but checks me out.

“Miss? Do I know you from somewhere? You kind of look familiar….” 

Not having time for this shit! 

I keep an iced exterior, all serious, a fucking cold bitch.

“I don’t think so, officer. I don’t remember you. And I get all the faces I ever see.” I don’t give him any look, being focused on the fucking doors to open and get out, hoping all this is a dark joke or wake up from the fucking nightmare.

He goes silent seeing my attitude. 

Not happening…. Not happening…. Viv? WAKE THE FUCK UP! YOU’RE DREAMING! NOT REAL!

When the doors open, I go out with an all mighty attitude, which is fake, but whatever, and see my baby brother on one of the chairs in front of an office door, with his head on his hands, sobbing and saying something between his tears. I go to him, all crumbling inside at his sight, with hurried steps.

“Stevie? Baby?”

The moment he hears my voice, he moves his tormented, crying eyes at me and breaks. 

Oh…. My…. God…. It’s fucking real…. Hold it in Viv…. Be a cold bitch for baby bro…. He needs you strong…. Don’t you fucking cry! Ice your heart! RIGHT NOW!

“VIV! MOM AND DAD DIED! They…died…Viv….” He’s on me, crying and crazy….

I clear my throat to keep it in and hold him, rubbing his back. 

I’m here…. I will never leave you…. I know…. It hurts so fucking much…. It’s death inside of me, too…. Don’t cry…. You rip my soul, baby….

“Shh…. Calm down…. I’m here, baby bro….” I kiss his head and keep him tight in my arms.

“Viv! Tell me it’s not real! Mom and dad are alive! Please…. Viv…. Please…. No….” I hold him tighter now as he’s going crazy, raging in crying for the plague which hit our family….

I take such a deep breath and release it. I cup his face and make him look into my eyes which I don’t know how they look at this point. I might look like a psychotic bitch right now…. I don’t fucking know….

“Stevie! Look at me!”

He looks at me, all crying and shaking.

“No matter what, we are together. Okay? If they were killed, like the detective said…. I’ll kill the motherfucker who did this to us…. Alright? Now man up! Mom and dad are relying on us to be strong. They loved us and they want us to be strong and overcome this. Trust me. They’ll pay….”

He nods at me as he’s the only one that fucking knows what I mean. I don’t fucking care what I’ve just said in front of the officer. I’m a fucking bitch all the way; the strongest ass out there. No one puts me down. 

I’ll find them, I’ll hurt them, I’ll kill them…. This is not going to end here…. Mom? Dad? I’ll revenge you guys…. My soul and heart are gone…. They’ve gone with you guys…. My everything has just been taken away…. 

“Yes…. Viv….” He’s sobbing.

“Take a seat. I’ll talk to the detective and then we’ll go home. Okay?”

He nods again and I kiss his forehead while he’s slowly letting my right hand go. 

I know, kiddo….We’ll see after….

When I turn around to go in the detective’s office, the man is out, looking at us, at me to be more exact, and checks me out, narrowing his stare on my face. He’s in his thirties, a towering guy, with a typical detective attitude, hands in his pockets, under his suit jacket, his gun in sight a bit. We have a lock of stares.

I’m all fucking crazy in stare, as I usually am.

“Miss Doreen? Please, come inside.”

He shows me in. I walk in straight in stance, like a lion, like I always am. 

I’m so fucking pissed, hurt, revengeful…. 

I take a seat in front of his office.

“Spare me with the take-it-easy normal procedure and cut to the chase, detective. What happened, when, why, evidence. I need to know them now. This case is going higher as of now. It’s my parents we’re talking about.”

He’s just taken a seat on his chair and taken aback by my attitude, having his eyebrows raised at me and surprised eyes. He’s now laying back on his chair in a thinking pose, studying me. 

Yeah, yeah…. Cut the crap. I need them now. I won’t wait after your fucking ass for ages to get to the bottom of this shit. I’m fucking higher than you….

“Miss Doreen. You’re not a very normal family member for victims in a case. You can become a suspect. Do you know that? After what you said outside, you show you can be a killer. It wouldn’t be first time when a close family member murdered his own. Plenty of such cases. As long there’s a reason, you could have done it.”

 Is this guy for real now? 

I study him, too, with a lunatic stare, moving my head a bit while scanning him, with my jawline clenched and all contracted.

“Detective. You don’t know whom you’re speaking to. Open your system and insert the following.”

He’s looking at me surprised, but silent.

“NOW! MY parents have died…. I don’t have time for the protocol shit. Hit in the following, ‘raven dark star’. What you get as results, that’s fucking me. Look at it and then give me what I’ve asked of you.”

He’s curious and does what I told him to.

When the results come in…. 

Three, two, one….

“HOLLY SHIT!” He stands up in front of me after this. “My respects, Madam…. I didn’t know….”

I take my black leather suit jacket aside a bit and show him my badge. I’m a fucking top secret agent, the worst kind there is. Criminals shit their pants when I get to them. Yeah…. That’s the unofficial me…. I’m well-known worldwide and I’m so fucking handsomely paid for my services.

From my family, only Stevie found out, by accident, when he was 14, when I came home late at night, shot, bleeding. I couldn’t cover it in front of him and had to tell him and to keep it a secret forever.

Next day, I moved alone in a fucking apartment, to avoid the shit that happens sometimes, and I have become a loner when it comes to family to not be caught again, to protect them. But I feel that this has to do with my unofficial me. This is what my guts tell me. I’m guilty for my parents’ deaths, because of my under job.

“Yeah, yeah…. Sit down.” I cover my badge. “Give me the details.”

He sits and gives me the files he has for now.

I look over them and when I see mom and dad…. It fucking trashes my heart and soul…. They are smashed and covered in blood…. 

Mom…. Dad…. NO! NO! NO! FUCK NO! 

In appearance, I look like a stone, no emotion, no nothing. Inside, I’m dying.

I stand up with the files in my left hand.

“These are my parents. You’re off the case now. Send the case over my office, at my agency. I need full forensics report, and all sent the soonest. We’ll keep in touch. Have an easy one.” I leave him there shocked and walking out all angry, not waiting for him to say another thing. 

Fucking shit! I’m the guilty one! I’ve killed my parents! Because of what I fucking do! No…. I can’t…. I can’t….

“Viv?” Stevie is standing up, still having tears and looks at me all hopeful…. 

I’m sorry, baby…. I’m so sorry…. Blame me…. I’m guilty for this…. I’m dead from now on….

“Let’s go, baby. Stop crying! We don’t solve anything with crying, baby…. I’m sorry….” I take him by his shoulders and go.

He’s going with me, wiping his tears with his hands and taking me with his right hand by my waist. He’s getting strong now.

I kiss his temple.

“They’ll pay…. You know they will….” 

I won’t rest until they’ll get their death sentences….

We are in the car now. I’m driving to our home.

“Viv? What am I going to do now?” 


He’s looking in front, worn out and heartbroken, but not crying anymore. He’s in the blocked feelings stage.

“What do you mean?” I send him a look and I go back on the road.

“I don’t want to live there alone now…. I can’t…. Don’t leave me there alone…. I have no one there now…. Viv….” He’s looking at me with pleading watery eyes and grabbing my right hand. “Please, Viv…. Take me with you….” 

I won’t leave you alone, kiddo…. You’re my only family left…. Alright…. I’ll take you to my place for now…. It’s not like I have a personal life, and someone is waiting for me there. Not that I would want that.

“We’ll go to my place, baby bro. I would never leave you alone. I was just trying to protect you guys….” 

And look what fucking happened…. SHIT! 

I caress his hair, and he releases a prolonged sight. He’s manning up. I turn the car around and change the route to my place.

“Viv? There’s something you don’t know….” 


I look at him, but he’s hesitant to tell me.

He avoids my stare. 

What’s the matter?

“There’s a loan mom and dad took, without you knowing. And there’s a collateral.” I break the car mid road at this point. 

What did you say? What’s that concerning? WHAT’S HAPPENING HERE?!

“Loan? Collateral? Stevie?”

He turns his lost eyes at me. 

Don’t make me nuts…. From your stare, it’s not good news….

“Viv? Don’t freak out…. OK.” He swallows hard. 

Fucking tell me already…. 

Cars are honking behind us….

“A big investor they met last year. They’ve contracted 10 million for investments on a new company that has me and you as successors. They’ve messed up and the investment is failing. They were last night to get another investor to back up the monthly payments as they’re a few months late. The investor is a guy our dad’s age and said to dad five months ago that if he doesn’t pay back as agreed, he wants you as….” 

WHAT?! ME?! AS WHAT?! This is madness….

“As what?!” I’m losing my temper now….

“As a wife for his son…. Dad signed the agreement…. The guy and his son are billionaires…. I’m sorry, Viv…. I couldn’t tell you as dad interdicted me to…. He said he’ll deal with it before reaching to you…. But now he’s dead… Mom, too….” He’s crying again. 


Chapter 2 – Reading Of The Will


The second day, I went to see the bodies of my parents. I couldn’t first time…. I needed to be alone, without Steven. I have seen corps, blood and the worst in my life, and had no problem, but to see your own, it’s pain after pain.

When I got out, I threw up in the parking lot and had the worst day of my entire fucking life. Nothing compares to seeing your own loved ones in such a state and dead…. And you can’t do anything about it, just cry and have your heart torn into pieces…. I have no soul left, no heart, no nothing…. The only thing that anchors me to life right now is Stevie.

Our parents were orphan, so we don’t have other family members than us. We do have our own friends, but blood is one. No matter how much you bicker to one another, blood is a powerful bond which gives forgiveness and being there for each other all the way.

We had the funerals. From the family, only us two, and there were a suit of friends and business clients and associates who came to present their condolences and have their last goodbyes. The second most painful event in our lives….

 My little brother is staying with me for the last two weeks. Yes, two weeks have passed since the death of our parents, and I have no lead to the ones who murdered them. It’s a murder case. I don’t know for what they had to suffer such a painful and sudden death.

I don’t know what time it is, but it’s morning. These two weeks were hell on earth as I had companies and missions to deal with. Today we have the meeting with our lawyer to read the will and settle all transfers to me and Stevie.

The collateral? It’s going to be discussed today as well. I have no problems over that. It’s not fucking legal. They can’t do shit to me. The lawyer has the contract over that and said we’ll have it on the table to legally discuss on it today.

No, I haven’t seen it yet. I didn’t give a fuck on it after Stevie had told me. I was just overwhelmed by my parents’ death that I overreacted.

I’m in my bedroom, dressed like last night as I had a mission, and I was beat tired to change. I came home at around three in the morning. I’m splashed over my bed, with my pillow in my arms and dead in my sleep.


She’s not here…. Go to sleep…. 


Stop shaking me…. I’m not going anywhere…. Let me droll on the pillow some more…. 

“Sis! The lawyer! It’s today!” 

Stop yelling! I’m sleeping, not deaf! 

“Sis…. Come on…. Wake up….” 

I’ll beat your fucking ass…. You go…. You said you’re a man now…. Go and be a man and let your sister sleep…. I’m making the money and you go and deal with the other shit…. Done…. Responsibilities shared…. 

“Sis? Who’s Monroe? He said he’s….” 

What?! Not another fucking mission! 

I open my eyes and grab my phone from his hand, now seated on the bed, raking my fingers through my unruly hair as I always have it in the morning, yawning….

“Coffee, bro…. Coffee…. Fast….” I’m reading the message.

Meeting. I need you. I’m at the hotel. Private.’


“Here. All ready.”

I take the cup from him, looking on the phone still, as I have to reply.

I’ll be there. 8 pm.’ 

“Another mission? Viv? You worry me with all this…. You were last night too? You came in late. Please…. Don’t go anymore, sis. You’re the only one I’ve got now….”

I move me webbed, sleepy eyes at him, closing my left eye, as I’m so fucking tired and the sunlight really fucks my eye. He’s all dressed up, in a suit. He’s one grown man. Stevie is tall with dark chocolate wavy short hair, we share same eyes, and well-built for his age. 

When did you grow so tall and handsome, little bro? I’m so fucking aging…. You were so fucking small 18 years ago….

“Stop nagging…. You look like a little man, baby bro.” I stand up and stroke his shoulder. “Thanks for the coffee.” I take a sip, give it back to him, and go for a shower and change of clothes. 


“I’m not little! I’m taller than you now!” 

Still a fucking kid in my eyes… Baby bro…. 

He’s yelling at my back while I’m already in the bathroom and smiling.

After some, I don’t know, 15 minutes sleeping under the shower, with my forehead on the shower’s wall, I wash up and change into clean clothes. I have a black, long top, tailored to my body, a pair of black jeans leggings type, a black leather jacket within my waist, my flat black leather shoes, have some BB-cream on my face, and I’m ready to zombie around. And a touch of perfume which always makes me sneeze after I put it on. My black shades are on. I have sensitive eyes to sunlight when I wake up.

“Let’s go, Stevie…. I can’t wait to finish it and come back to sleep some more…. I can’t fucking keep my eyes open….” 

I would sleep for a month….

I take the car keys, purse, and off the door to go through this hell as well. Everything connected to our parents gives us more pain and remembering our loss.


What?! What’s more?! 

I turn around to look at him. 

What did I forget? 

“You haven’t brushed your hair…. It’s all…. Puffed….” He breaks into laughter. 

I’ll beat your ass if you laugh one more time…. Try for a day to be in my fucking shoes and see how that goes…. 

I ignore him and go back to arrange my hair.

In about an hour, we are in our lawyer’s office, Mr. Jerry Kolnick. He’s an ordinary looking man, around 50, short and plump. He drags a bit his left foot, round glasses, and chestnut hair. He’s our lawyer for the last 15 years. All legal documents go through this guy from our side.

“Hey, Vivian! Stevie! Take a seat.” He’s happy to see us. “I’m sorry for your parents…. I’m at a loss of words to express how hard it was for us, too.” He’s flushed with sadness now. 

Yeah…. You guys were close, too….

“Thank you, Mr. Kolnick.” I take a seat and Stevie does the same. He says the same to him. I feel like a drunk person from how much sleep depraved I am.

He goes through the will and nothing new pops. All shares, companies, and assets go half and half between me and baby bro. Profits and losses. He finishes reading the will and I stand up to go as I’m falling asleep at this point. Not because I’m getting bored, but because I have no energy.

“Viv! Wait. There’s more. The second part of our meeting.” 

Oh, yeah…. That fucking contract…. Forgot about it…. I don’t function well at nine in the morning…. Not after all I had these past couple of weeks. 

I crawl into my seat again.

“I’m sorry. Continue. I was rude. I apologize.” I take Stevie’s left hand into mine and wait for some more speaking. I do concentrate and register everything, but my eyes just go into off mode from time to time. 

I need a double shot espresso after this…. There was a coffee shop downstairs…. Yep. Next stop is there.

“No worries, Vivian. I know you’ve been through a lot and the companies gave you headaches. They’re not looking good at all.” 

Tell me about it….

I give him a genuine smile and signal Stevie with my stare to my hand on his. He knows that he needs to squeeze it to give me some impulse to stay fucking awake. He does it. 

Love you, baby bro…. I really can’t stay awake…. Not my fault I had to run for fucking thirty minutes last night after a criminal and fight him for another twenty minutes. I fucking jumped so many things to catch his ass…. Then to write reports and the following shit…. If the companies would have made profit this period, I would have taken a vacay from the agency…. We need those money, too, unfortunately….

“For this part, we need to wait for them, I’m afraid.” He takes a concerned stare behind those round small glasses of his. 

For who? I’m lost right now….

I look at my brother; he looks back at me. 

Not helping, little man…. I was looking at you to fill me in, not to ask me….

“To wait for LeAngelo.” 

Lewho? Who the fuck is that? Are you fast aging, too, Mr. Lawyer? We don’t know any Lealo something…. I’m so fucking tired….

I give him a raised left eyebrow and very sleepy stare.

“Lelo guy is not connected to us….”

I get interrupted as his secretary has just showed in two guys. I take my head and stare, with difficulty, to check them out and see who they are. I don’t fucking know them.

Mr. Lawyer instantly stands up at their sight and welcomes them, intimidated and wiping his sweat on his forehead with his handkerchief.

“Well, if your next meeting has arrived, we’ll show ourselves out, Mr. Kolnick. We’ll keep in touch.” I put my shades back on and stand up to go. 

I fucking need a bed…. I really walk like a drunk man…. Fucking shit…. Even my breathing is delayed…. I need some food, too, but the espresso is first to go in….  

“Vivian! Wait!”

I’m out the door…. 

What the fuck have I forgot this time? I’m so fucking messed up this year….

“We’ll take it next time, whatever it is…. I need some sleep…. Sorry, Mr. Kolnick….”

Stevie has just pulled me back in by my jacket. 

What are you doing?!

“Sis?! This is the guy I was speaking of. The 10 million loan….” 

What? Who?

I turn my head and look at the guys inside, through my shades.

They’re both towering and ripped in muscles, like Greek Gods. But one is older, around forty, and one is younger, around twenty something. The young one is all pissed off, the old one all smiling. Nice combo in attitude. Contrast. They’re wearing expensive tailored made suits and all neat and, expensive. They both have dark green eyes, white skin and chiseled jawline. They’re so fucking big. But I can beat the shit out of them if it’s necessary…. Yeah….

I visibly scan them to see their structure and find their weak spots, if it’ll will get down to violence. I’m half-awake now as the ones claiming me as a wife for a shit loan could get their asses kicked.

“Oh…. Right. Lealo guys…. OK.” I give my shades and purse to Stevie and I take my killer look and attitude, sitting back on my chair. 

Let’s see the scores…. Should be interesting…. 

I don’t give a look to any of them now and have my glare on the lawyer to speak.

Chapter 3 – War Is On…


“Vivian, this is Mr. ….”

I interrupt him.

“Don’t want to greet no one. Just keep it on the essentials. Time is money.”

Yes, I’m not going to be a diplomatic bitch with these guys as they have an illegal manner to ask for things regarding a loan, investment shit.

I don’t know their grimaces, but I’m sure the younger one has just puffed in annoyance. 

Just go and fuck yourself for what I care…. I’m not having manners for your type…. Not even for a bit…. The fuck I care you are billionaires….

“Vivian?” The older one seems to speak to me. “We are not here to argue or be against you for the loan. I want to….”

The younger one snaps. 

Oh, this is fun…. 

I don’t look at any of them. I’m with my eyes on the lawyer.

“Dad?! I’m not fucking marrying her! She’s…. She’s nothing from what I would want from a wife! She’s…. I don’t know…. Look at her!”

I turn my eyes at the younger Lelo guy, with a whatever look.

“Couldn’t agree with you more.” I scan him from head to toes like having him under a fucking X-Ray.

“I wouldn’t marry an ugly fucker like you either. There’s no marriage here, kiddo. I think some lawyers are messed up and don’t really know the laws. I can’t be obliged to marry someone, at my fucking age, without my consent. I’m not underage. So, stop with the attitude. I would never marry someone like you, even if you would be covered in gold. I’m sorry if I’m rude, but it’s not a good hour to take this shit with the contract and loan. Shut up and let’s give space to Mr. Kolnick to speak about the investment money, and what real legal ways are to pay you guys back. Chill, kid. I’ll not ‘rape’ you into marriage. Not my fucking type anyways.”

I wink at him and go back with my glare to the lawyer while the kid is angry and disturbed of the way I have spoken to him. I really don’t give a shit.

“What?! Me? A kid?!”

The Alpha is itching his balls…. My head hurts now…. That voice is so fucking irritating…. I pity the real woman who’ll marry your ass. Yeah… 

I ignore him. I don’t give a fuck on him. My head is spinning, and I need that fucking espresso.

Stevie keeps himself quiet. He knows not to interfere when I speak business. He’s not old enough yet. He’ll have his time. Now I’m the one with all burdens on my shoulders.

“Mr. Kolnick? Let’s hear it. I’m sorry, but I’m having another urgent meeting and this needs to go fast. Thank you in advance for understanding.”

Everyone is silent, but I can feel the younger one is almost exploding. Let him explode. He doesn’t get I’m not dragging anyone into marriage. I don’t want relationships, but marriage. 

Just go the fuck out and stop polluting the air in here….

“Vivian, the contract is as follows. Considering your parents aren’t alive anymore, they’re not able to return the investment to Mr. LeAngelo. The marriage agreement is very legal as you, as successor, have gained everything. And even if you weren’t a successor, your shares were already in majority and this is still legal.” 

I beg your pardon? Aren’t you a fucking lawyer? Knowing laws and all?

“Come again? I think I’m missing something here. Shares? What does that have to do with everything?” 

You’re too hot from the weather maybe and hallucinating…. 

I’m having a crazy stare on the lawyer now.

“The loan was 10 million. If not paid on time and gets executed, it becomes 20 million dollars. Being a shareholder, in majority, you have two options, Viv. Either give them back the 20 million now or you marry Mr. David LeAngelo.”

I snort into laughter at this point. This is fucking madness! Has anyone heard of this shit before? I haven’t. Honestly. 

You’re crazy…. All of you….

“Give me the contract. I now want to read it myself.”

He gives it to me.

The Lelo guys are silent.

I go through it and my jaw drops with each line that comes before my eyes. It’s fucking legally concrete. 

What the fuck?! Where the fuck should I get 20 million?! It’s not 20k! Or 200k, or 2 million! It’s fucking 20 million! For fuck’s sake! MOM! DAD! WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?! Even if I sell all the estates and companies, I won’t get more than two million!

“Viv? How bad is it?” Stevie’s asking, concerned in voice. 

Hell bad….

“OK. Mr. Lelo.” I address the older one. “I don’t have that kind of money. That’s a reality. But if you allow it, we can discuss new monthly rates and I’ll make sure to pay them on time. I wasn’t in the company for the last years, only briefly, as my parents had everything under control. Well, at least to my knowledge. However, it’s a promise I’ll return it to you on a monthly basis. I’ll go and see the project on site and will work it further to see end line. For the marriage part, with all due respect, it’s craziness. He’s a kid, and I’m too old for this shit. Not the type to marry, for no one and for nothing. Can we have a deal on this?”

I send him a genuine smile, hoping he comes back to his senses and agrees. 

Just drop the marriage part. I won’t marry this douchebag. No one deserves marrying me on various reasons….

“Vivian. I’m sorry, honey, but the contract can’t be changed. You have to marry my son, and him you. This was decided between me and your late father. My condolences for your loss…. They were good people.” 

I think I’ll faint now…. But I don’t want to give satisfaction. HOLD IT! VIV! HOLD IT!

“Dad! I said no! I’m not having her as my wife! I don’t know why you insist on her! She’s all wrong for me! I don’t like her! I despise her!” 

We’re in mutual agreement, kiddo. Play some more and make your daddy break. He should love you enough to do it your way…. Get some more to him…. Make him give in. That’s it…. 

He’s yelling at his dad, calling me names, like fat, ugly, rude, uneducated, not wife material and such. I have no fucking problem with it. I even smile and nod at each word that comes through his venomous mouth. 

Say some more, kiddo…. Don’t fucking stop…. You’re almost there…. Come on…. I’m cheerleading for you here….


Wow! No, I don’t need that, thank you. I just need you guys off my back…. That’s all I’m asking…. 


Kiddo is screaming in anger, eyeing me with such furious eyes. I’m disappointed he failed…. 

I told you, kiddo…. You’re a kid…. A real man wouldn’t be under his dad’s leash…. Now, what the fuck am I going to do? I’m not marrying this kid…. He’s a player for sure. He’s not bad looking, but I’m not impressed. Okay, he’s any woman’s dream, but I don’t give a fuck…. He’s foul mouth…. I’m, too…. Okay, okay…. I admit it…. I was rude, too…. But given the situation, I can’t help it…. This is pure madness. Who does that nowadays?!


Whoa! You guys do a lot of pointing at my ass…. What the fuck did I do? I’m not the one wanting your fucked up ass…. Go to ashes for what I care….

“Viv? This isn’t good. That guy is so against you…. Like why? You have no fault in all this….” Stevie says to me, pissed off at Davy guy. 

I don’t know, kiddo….

“Let him be, kiddo. He’s right. Our asses really don’t match. Look at him and look at me. I would have beaten his ass nonstop if I were his mom. See? That’s why you get some at times. To avoid being like that. But he’s doing a good thing right now, as we are in agreement in not wanting our asses getting married. I totally agree with the kid.”

The yelling has stopped, and I feel all eyes on us. I pause and look at them.

The older Lelo is smiling at me and the kiddo is like an exploded bull at me. 


“So? Who won? Papa Lelo or kiddo? I really pray the kid won….” I cross my arms and wait for the answer. I really don’t want to sign that marriage contract. No fucking way. I have a lunatic stare.

Papa Lelo laughs.

“You’ll marry each other. David agreed.” 


“But I don’t agree. And your kid is right. We don’t fit each other in any serious way. He needs a barbie, with her mouth shut, to follow his behind, and smile at request. And with a lot of money under her behind and some higher education shit than my high school diploma.”

Of course I’m lying over my education. I have high academics. Don’t you guys mind me speaking with ‘fuck’ and ‘shit’ and such. I’m in a severe depression lately and I can’t control my reactions very well. I’ll tell you some other time why I’m depressed. But now I’m more depressed because of my parents’ death and this shit over here. It’s not easy at all.

The kid is boiling, serving me with such killer looks, and his dad is serene.

“Pay the 20 million or marry my son. It’s that simple, honey.” A wide smile appears over his face, waiting. 

Fuck me hard…. Fuck me so hard….

“The marriage contract is a per life one, no divorce allowed. If one of us, or maybe he already has, or maybe I already have, falls in love and wants another, how can we solve this? We, as your kid said, despise each other. We’ll never like or love each other. I, for one, would fucking beat his ass right now, and I’m sure he feels the same for me. Therefore, how to go in such a situation?” I keep my cool, but the crazy stare is there. It’s my normal one. I’m never all there.

“No divorce allowed. Ever. You get to lead in my companies, too. I’ll get you a high position and the rest is between you guys. I won’t interfere more. However, I want an heir. That’s a must. I won’t force you when. Yet, I don’t want to hear I won’t have a grandson or granddaughter. You’ll move right away in his house. Your brother, too. He’s family now. And share his all, as he’s your husband now. We’ll set the proper wedding soon and everything will be perfect. These are my requests. The rest is between husband and wife.” 

I fucking have to marry the kid?! Fuck no!

“Hey! Kid! You really let your father manipulate you like this over a fucking letter?! I don’t know how much that means to you, but I’m sure it’s not to trade your life and mine like this! Give up on the letter and don’t sign the fucking contract!” I’m now standing and yelling all angry at him.

He’s burning me with his eyes and takes a pen from inside his suit jacket and the marriage contract from the lawyer and starts signing it on every single page, all enraged, but not saying anything.

“What are you doing?! STOP!” The moment I go to grab the contract he finishes signing it. 



I agree with everything you say…. Why yelling at me? I’m not the one forcing all this or fucking wanting it!

I grab the contract in the rage of the moment and sign it, too, so fucking fast.




“TO GO AND FUCK!” I’m already at the elevator with Stevie on my steps.

“WHAT DID YOU SAY?!” He’s yelling from the room, but we are already in the elevator and the doors are closing….

 I’m so fucked up with all this shit…. Why did you guys have to die?! I start crying in the elevator, Stevie’s holding me…. I didn’t want to marry…. With no one….

“I’m sorry, sis…. I’m sorry I have no power….” He’s caressing my back…. 

It’s not your fault, baby bro…. I’m sorry you have to see me like this…. All weak…. I’m sorry….

Chapter 4 – Friends


I make a stop at Stevie’s high school to drop him there. Yeah, he’s a senior.

“Sis? Are you sure you’re going to be fine? I can skip today and come home with you.” He’s out the car and bent, looking at me with worrying eyes. 

I’m shit, but I’ll be fine…. You can’t skip school.

“Yes, I’m fine. You be good and make me proud. If you don’t get into Harvard, your ass is burned! Got that?” I send him a killer look, followed by a loving one. 

I love you, baby bro….

“Yes, sir! Okay…. I’ll call you in my first break. Send me a text you reached home, sis. Bye.” He smiles, winks and closes the car’s door.

I smile and start the car.

You pain in the ass bro…. But you’re just like me…. Hope you’ll not enter into more fights with those hooligans again…. I’m not dad or mom…. I’ll fucking beat the shit out of them…. The principal always fucks you for them…. Well, you do beat their asses…. He, he, he…. My crazy bro….

While on the road back home, my best friend Desiree calls.

“Hey, baby girl! Not sleeping?” She’s so fucking lively…. Wish I could pull that, too…. 

Not my choice….

“On my way to fuck the bed, baby…. Just dropped Stevie.” I have my car over the speed limit. I really can’t wait to reach home….

Police? Even if they pull me over, I’ll have no problem. I’ve got an official permit for this shit, too. No, don’t worry, I’m a good driver and won’t mess up the traffic and shit. 

I’ll fuck the bed until fucking 6:30 pm…. It will be orgasmic….

“Need to see your ass to cheer you up. How the marriage shit went?” 

Why the fuck did you have to remind me of that shit? I’m fucked…. That’s how it went…. FUCK!

“Umm…. I’m…married…. Kind of….” 

Permanently fucked on that…. At least he doesn’t want me in the real sense, no fucking is involved. That gives me some comfort. He can have as many mistresses as he wants for what I care. Just not touching me. The rest is perfect. And if I get to see less of his fucker face, that’s even better. I can adapt to this.

“WHAT?! MARRIED?! Ha-ha! The motherfucker agreed? He doesn’t know you…. I do. I’ll send you the club I’m at and bring your ass here. And don’t want to hear a NO! Fuck sleeping! We need some drinks, girl! The club is already crowded with fine ass people, but we have room to speak. I’m expecting you. I’ve already given your name at the entrance. It’s on me. I’ll pay for everything. Just come!”

Club? At fucking 11:30 in the morning? Alright…. I would take your company…. Maybe I’ll feel better…. You’re always there for me and cheering me up…. Baby girl….

“Okay…. Just for a few…. I do need sleeping though…. Monroe called me for a private…. 8 PM….” Yeah, she’s an under, too. But she’s not like me. She’s some levels under me. She could never do what I do.

She’s 25, a black beautiful woman, sexy hot ass, a renowned fashion designer with a shit load of money officially. Our friendship is for the last seven years. She’s my bestie. We can even sense our asses when in sadness or in shit. That good friends we are.

Honestly? We’re like sisters. She helped me a lot with funerals and all that happened lately as much as she could. Her shoulder was and is always there for me, and mine for her the same. But at some things we’re opposites. Anyhow, we get along very well. 

I would fucking skip Monroe, but if he called me, not going through the agency, some shit is happening…. I can’t ignore him…. He helped me in the past….

“Monroe? Okay…. Never mind…. Come and we’ll speak here. Ohh! That ass! Fine material…. Gotta go, girl! I’ll be waiting!” She ends the call while I roll my eyes.

Poor guy…. If he doesn’t last in the bed, she’ll fuck him good…. Jesus…. 

Yes, she’s sexual and has a lot of studs in her bed…. Every single day…. It’s energy, she says…. Sex is energy…. Whatever…. I’m not like that, but if she likes and wants it, I have nothing against it. I’m happy for her.

The address she gave me is a club where I haven’t been before. It’s a VVIP one. That’s why there are people in there. This shit screams of millionaires and billionaires. They can always cut off work and come here for a retreat. 

That crazy ass…. You want rich people dicks now…. Always changing the menu…. 

I motion my head and smirk and go to the main entrance.

A big ass bouncer with an earpiece stops my ass.

“Miss? Your name, please. I don’t know you from before, so I have to ask. Don’t take it personal. I would have let you in though….” He’s checking me out and smiling. “But big boss is here, very upset, and I don’t want to have his anger on me. It kind of hurts, you know….” He winks at me.

I would hurt you, too, right now…. But you’re right on not letting me in without prior notice…. That’s valid.

“Vivian Doreen. My friend Desiree Hudson gave my name to enter. I’m called on her membership.”

He checks it out through his earpiece with someone. He smiles.

“Yes. You can go in. I know Desiree…. Very well….” 

She fucked you, too…. Well…. 

He smirks and lets me in.

I go in, ignoring him, all serious and sleepy. Yeah, I can’t change my face or how I feel.

I call Desiree to tell me where she is, and I finally reach her. She’s at the bar, flirting with a hunk. A very expensive hunk. He’s white. Yeah, she bangs all types as long as she’s interested. She waves at me.

“Girl! You came! Honey? I’m sorry, we’ll talk later. My girl is here, and she needs me for a while.” She kisses his left cheek, and he smiles at her.

I hope you prepared a strong dick for later…. If she marked you, you’ll get it soon enough…. And then she’ll dump you…. Well, either her or you…. It depends….

I see an empty table and go there, crawling on the chair, putting my stuff on the table, including my head….

“VIV! Why? You’re married, girl! You’ll finally get some!” 

WHAT?! Oh…. This is what she always has on her mind…. 

She’s laughing with appetite, rubbing my head and now lighting a cigarette.

“Cut the shit, Desi…. I don’t want that. Both things. I don’t want. Can’t you be more sympathetic? I’m dying over here….” I’m still on the table with my eyes closed. 

Fuck marriage, fuck getting some. Who the fuck wants to have sex? I don’t. And I have no way out of this…. Fuck….

“What’s his name? Maybe I know him. Is he a handsome stud? Come on! Give me something!” She’s enjoying this shit to my frustration…. I would kill myself now.

She’s got a cocktail in her left hand, drinking from it.

A waiter comes to take my order. 

Coffee…. Coffee…. Coffee….

“Miss? What can I bring you?” 

A ton of bullets? I would want no Viv remains…. Just puff and gone….

“Double espresso, no sugar, flat water, and that’s all for now. Thank you.” 

I’m driving and need to be clear for missions tonight…. I would have some whisky on the rocks for this….

“Coming right up.” He goes, smiling. 

I want to sleep…

“No alcohol? You would need some….” She’s studying me. 

Now you realize the shit I’m in? You only think over the stud and sex part…. Like I’m a screwing bitch….

“He’s a son of a bitch. I don’t know, Davy Lelo something…. You know that when I’m not interested over something, I refuse registering things. And this guy? Fuck no. I mean, he was so fucking angry on me and his dad, like I was the one forcing his ass! Fuck! I would have beaten the shit out of him…. And his dad was all smiley, and happy, for the shit HE created. We both don’t want this. But he made it clear how unhappy he is, that he hates me, despises me, how I look in his eyes, and that he will never fuck me. I’m very happy over that part. At least I’ve got something favorable, too. We are at war, and one that I’m fond of. His ass stays away, my ass the same. The bad part, however, is that I need to move into his fucking house with Stevie and there’s more other shit, but these are the highlights in short. The contract is unbreakable. I don’t have 20 million to give, so I had to sign it….”

I release a deep sigh and straighten myself on the chair, grabbing her pack of cigarettes to have one. I don’t generally smoke, but now I want one, or two, or I don’t know…. 

I’m so depressed…. I would kill myself…. If it wasn’t for Stevie, I think I would….

“Babe? Are you sane?” She shakes her head.

“Of course you aren’t…. What do you mean you are happy with not fucking you?” 

Here we go again…. I don’t want to hear this…. 

I’m smoking and move my stare away from her, but silent. Anything I would say, she would hit me back. It’s pointless and never ending. She never understands that we are different on that part and wants me to enjoy life she says. I get her views, but I can’t be like that. For me is not enjoying life.

“YOU SAID AFTER MARRIAGE! YOU ARE MARRIED NOW, BITCH! What now? What will you tell me now?! You really are a fucking crazy bitch, girl…. Who the fuck has heard of one like you? Does he know?”


I’m having a lunatic stare at her. She’s with her arms crossed and like a nagging mother, on bad things to me.

“Lower your fucking voice…. We are in public, Desi….” Some heads are turned at us. 


It’s music inside, pretty loud, but with the tone of her voice, she has succeeded in being heard and to attract attention over us. Her fucking style….

“Know what? It’s not his fucking business. We have already agreed on terms. It’s perfect still in the nightmare I’m in. Let’s change the subject. I’m in a huge depression right now for the moral things and not for the fucking part. That’s perfect.”

“Viv…. He will fuck you. Trust me. No sane man would miss a girl like you. And one having you in his own fucking house, and on his fucking bed, as his wife, will not keep away. Not for long. He might be angry now, but when he’ll realize what he has, he’ll fuck you. What then? Beat your husband for wanting your ass? You’re a hot babe, Viv. He won’t last for long. Not for one like you.” She snorts into laughter now. “And he doesn’t even fucking know that part yet! I’m sure if he were to know, he would take you right then and there.”

 I want to scream at her, but my coffee and water are being brought. I refrain, but I’m all angry at her. 

Glad someone is laughing in all this…. And you supposed to be my friend!

“He won’t find out and I won’t fuck him. That’s never going to happen. I won’t allow it. Beat him? Yes. If it’s necessary, I’ll kill his ass. Happy?” I send her a crazy smile with a throw of eyebrows, now sipping from my fucking espresso.

“His name, babe.” 

I can’t remember as I don’t give a shit….

“Lelo…. Lealo…. LeAne…. LeAngel Davy something…. Now let’s change the subject. Please.”

She’s widening her eyes and transforms her face in such a shock that she grabs the table with both her hands, bending over a bit. 

What the fuck? Why? What did I say? I don’t know his fucking name! I’m not interested! Why should I know?!

“David fucking LeAngelo?!” She finally speaks. “Girl! Do you fucking know who’s your fucking husband?!” 

A billionaire shit…. I know…. Who the fuck cares?!

“A billionaire. I’ve told you before. Why the reaction? Lelo guy is a piece of shit. I don’t fucking want him.”

She’s grinning at me. 

What the fuck is wrong with you?

“Billionaire, huh? Girl…. Your husband? I don’t fucking know what hit your now father-in-law, but that David? He’s the God of all Gods. In all the sense. No, I haven’t fucked him. I wanted though…. But he’s so hard to get…. Anyways…. Consider that your husband is the top of the top in everything. I can’t wait to see how this will go! Ha-ha!” She’s laughing in tears while I’m so puzzled and ignorant…. 

Whatever…. Enjoy yourself…. The fucker is a piece of shit nonetheless…. I don’t give a fuck on him…. No matter what….

“Desi? Change the subject, baby…. I….”

Someone has just come to our table, standing by my side. I raise my stare at the person. It’s a man dressed in a dark grey suit, screaming money all over, a stud, chestnut wavy hair, towering and smiling at me, with his right hand in his pocket. I’m pissed off.

“Can I help you with something?” Like make you leave….

“Whoa! Hot stud!” Desi is smiling and in heats. He’s her type, I don’t have a type. I’m just on ignore. 

For God’s sake, Desi!

“Couldn’t help admiring you and because you are so sweet, I came to introduce myself.” He smirks. 

God? Take this motherfucker out of here…. I’m really not into it….

“It’s not necessary. Thank you. But to whatever you want to say, my answer is no. I’m sorry. Don’t take it personal.” And I move my stare at Desi who is already eye-fucking him. 

You can have him…. I have nothing against that…. Just take him off my back…. Like now!

“See, girl? You’re never the one to go to a man and they fucking come. I’m always the one who goes after them. Not fair, don’t you think?” She smiles at me and the question was for the guy. 

Come on, Desi! Not now! Just do something! If I’ll do it, with the way I am right now inside, I might snap and beat the poor guy for just wanting to introduce himself and fuck me after…. Yeah, he wants to fuck me…. I’ll kill him! 

She can see my train of thoughts, so she’s trying to control me by looking at him now.

“You are both beautiful girls, but she’s got my full interest. I hope you won’t be too upset, my dear.” 

Take her! She wants it! I’m snapping…. Control, Vivian…. He’s into decent limits for now…. You can’t beat someone for just trying…. Fucking control!

“You see, the problem is that if you’re only into fucking, I would fuck you, whereas she wouldn’t. So, do you want to reconsider your choice, hottie?” She’s eye-fucking him again with a sexy smile.

I’m only looking at her, laid back on my chair, having some espresso and smoking to keep my cool. 

Choose her, kid. It’s best option. Or walk away.

“Oh, really? That’s very interesting. Hmm…. Now I’m more convinced of my choice. Miss….?”

Go and fuck yourself, dude! Really?! 

I’m still not looking at him and grab my phone to check anything on it to avoid this shit.

“She’s ignoring you now. This is another thing she always does, hottie.

You’re not helping! 

I’m on ignore still.

A call is fortunately coming on my phone. It’s fucking Monroe. 

You don’t know how much I love you right now! 

I take the call, standing up and walking away.

“Yeah?” I’m walking to a quieter place.

“I saw you earlier. Can we speak now?” 

Speak as much as you fucking want.

“Yes. What’s up?”

Someone grabs my free hand and turns me around. It’s the guy from earlier, smirking at me.

By instinct, I punch him. I’m sorry. He shouldn’t have done that.

Desi is laughing her lungs out.

“Told you hottie you can’t have her! Ha-ha!” She’s in tears.

You’re fucking enjoying this?! Desi! 

The guy comes back at me, all smiling and having another attempt to grab me. 

Are you fucking insane?! I’ll kill you! You don’t grab me! I’ll fuck you! Now! 

I start beating him. Don’t fucking judge me! When one is crossing the line like this, I can’t stay calm and mannered! I politely refused him! This is not acceptable!

While I’m beating him and he’s trying to defend himself now, no, not offensive to me, as I’m losing it, I hear no more Desi laughing and someone screams at me, taking me from the shithead.



I’m breathing hard and I’m standing now. I push Monroe to take his hands off me and I arrange my clothes and hair. I’m so fucking angry.

“You!” I say to the guy I’ve just beaten, who’s on the floor.

He looks at me half shocked, half amused.

“I’ve told you it’s a no. Next time stop when you’re told as you never know what crazy person you come across. Today, you’ve crossed paths with a very crazy one. I’m not going to apologize for my reaction as I’m not the one who started it.”

I now turn around to Monroe and punch him, too.

“That’s for touching me. You know not to do that.”

He’s clenching his jawline, head aside. I’m also all contracted.

“Let’s go, Monroe. Let’s fuck as always, motherfucker. I’ve fucking missed your fucking ass! Hardcore, baby!” I go and take my things, have visual contact with Desi and nod at her, all serious. She nods back. She knows what this means. I’m having an earlier one. 

Great remedy to come here and have some loose time…. My fucking luck…. I think I’ll kill myself…. Yup…. It’s coming alright…. I’m too fucked up….

I go back and walk to the exit with Monroe on my footsteps.

Monroe? He’s towering, Greek God built, handsome motherfucker, rich, and one of the deadliest agents. We know each other for the last nine years. He’s 33. I’m deadlier than him.

We’re outside now. I’m walking with him having my back. I’ve just put my shades on.


What?! What?! 

I turn around.

He’s standing, not walking, with his hands in his pockets, looking at me and biting his lower lip. 

Don’t tell me I hit you too hard! That was nothing and you know it! Don’t make me give you more samples as a reminder!

“What?! Aren’t we going?! I’m already pissed, Monroe. I’m so fucking sleepy. I’m having some personal life problems which drain my life. Can we skip the judgment speech?!” I’m a crazy bitch. I know. But he knows me, and he’s used to my fucking ass. 

So? Going or not?

 “It’s private. We’ll take my car to the hotel. I’ll have someone get yours. Come here.” He motions his right hand at me. 

The fuck you did that! I’m not your girlfriend! We’re not in a fucking mission to pretend! 

He’s smirking at me.

“Monroe?” Killer eyes at him. “What were you doing here?” Yes…. Too coincidental….

“Following you. All day. Since you left your apartment with your little brother. Someone…is…after…you.” He comes in a sexy walk towards me. 

Someone after me? So, you are pretending to be my boyfriend now for safety… Got it. Who the fuck has the nerve?! 

I smile at him and change my attitude. I’m in the game.

He takes me in his arms like a boyfriend and whispers to my left ear but giving the impression he’s kissing me.

I take him in my arms, too, but trying to not glue myself to him as I don’t want that.

“Two black cars, six people. Not Americans. Rings a bell?” 

Not really…. But it doesn’t matter…. If they make a move…. I’m ready. 

The fucker kisses my ear, making me cringe and go instinctive, but I hold it in. 

You know not to get touchy as I might snap! Jesus!

Chapter 5 – Complaining And Acknowledging


I’m in my club, talking to my best friends, complaining about my fucked life. The way my dad forced me into marriage and the crazy, ugly woman I had to marry! The content of the letter? I don’t know. If I knew, I wouldn’t have signed that curse of a marriage contract with that woman.

I’m David LeAngelo, a crazy, feared one. I’m a multi-billionaire, self-made and having no fucking desire to ever marry.

Why? My dad loved my mom. She was poor at origins, but he loved her for who she was and took her. They had a very romantic start and life.

When they faced their first possibility of bankruptcy, which never came as my dad is not a stupid one, she ran away. Dad found out she had had a lover before running away and she was aiming that bastard, leaving us behind.

Karma is a bitch, and she was hit by a car and died a few weeks later, confessing to dad that she loved him, but the younger lover was more into her heart in that last part of her life.

My mom was previously a dancer, and dad wasn’t her first man. She had beauty and no man could have ever resisted her. My dad fell into her beauty more than her inside and married her. They had me a year later. My mom died when I was eleven.

You don’t want to know how much suffering and loss can take a little boy’s heart at that age. Before she ran away, she wrote a letter with my name on it. Dad told me about it, but he said he would give it to me when I’ll marry in his terms.

He also said that I have to become more than he ever was and will ever be. Only then he would give me that fucking letter. I’m a grownup man now, all strong and deadly, shouldn’t give a damn on that letter as I’m 26 now, but at the bottom of my heart I still want to know what she wrote there for me. Why did she do what she did? What excuses she made? What could she possibly say to me in that last letter? Am I crazy for fucking my life with a woman I loathe for that fucking letter? Probably. I did it without thinking….

I’m so fucking regretting it now. Dad is yet to give me the letter. He said, after we walked out of the lawyer’s office, that after she moves today in my fucking house and the wedding and all are done, he’ll only then give it to me. I went rabid but he went into his car and off, leaving me there standing like a fool.

Now do you guys understand why I don’t want to marry? They’re all like my own mother. Only after money, good looks, the perfect guy and to fuck them. When they have all the package and get bored or whatever they consider, they aim another one, using the perfect guy’s assets and power, disrespecting him all over. Love? For what did my old man love my mother? What did that matter to her? She cared less. She didn’t even care about me, her own son. I only mattered more as in writing me a last fucking letter and that was all.

Women? I don’t put much value on them. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not an asshole and don’t trash them. I do respect them, but not for love or marriage. That’s for fools, not for me. The perfect, real woman doesn’t exist and trust me, I had plenty of them, worldwide. They’re the same.

“She’s so fucking ugly! She’s so fucking annoying! She disrespected me in the face! She called me a fucking kid! She’s so full of herself! She has no manners! No fucking education! And I think she was either drunk or drugged! I’m so messed up right now…”

I’m with the guys in a private room that gives the view inside the club on the next level under us, where the bar and ring are. I’m on the sofa, screaming my pain to them. 

I’m so cursed…. I thought he would change his mind…. Should have known better….

“Chill, David! You’re about to explode…. She can’t be that bad…. I know your dad. He wouldn’t do that to you. You’re his only son. He loves you.” That’s Kyle Kirrington.

He’s my best friend, well, both are. He’s 27, a billionaire, too, by family, in the real estate. He’s like me towering, well-built, blue eyes, black short hair. He’s trying to cheer me up, but it’s not working. 

I don’t know if he loves me! If he would, he wouldn’t have done that to me!

“Kyle is right. Your old man would never hurt you, either way, David.” That is Vincent Hastuch.

He’s 28, same as me and Kyle but with dark blonde hair and green eyes. He’s also a billionaire, by family. He’s an art collector. He buys things which after makes him profits in millions. He has a trained eye for hidden gems. Very skilled on that.

Kyle is having some whisky as I do on the other sofa in front of me. Vincent is with his back at us, standing, with his left hand in his pocket and whisky in his other hand, looking on the window, on the ring or bar or I don’t know where as he seems overly preoccupied and interested on what’s going on there. 

Saw something that you like? I guess it’s a woman.

“Vincent?” Kyle seems to have noticed, too.


Passionate about what he sees… He doesn’t turn around.

“What are you looking at?” Both me and Kyle stand up. He rarely does that and for that amount of time. 

Very curious what picked your interest….

“Michael and a hot and angelic babe. That girl is pure. I think I fell in love at first sight. Never happened before…. Hmm…. Yes….” He smirks and points at the girl for us and at Michael.

Michael was supposed to come, too, and he’s been late. That didn’t bother us as he always comes when he says he comes. Now we get the reason for his delay. He’s smirking at the girl and studying her. He’s infatuated with her. 

That player…. Never missing a chance to get laid…. He, he, he…. 

When my eyes go to the respective girl that is at the same table with another hot babe that I seem to know, a black woman, I….

“Vivian? What? What’s she doing here?!” I can’t believe my eyes. 

Did you follow me here?! The fuck you did!

“What? You know her? If you do, please introduce me to her. I’m really mad about her.” Vincent is pleading at me and I look at him as he’s fucking serious on this while I’m all shocked of this entire situation. 

What?! You love her?! Just like that?! She’s my wife!

“That’s my fucking wife!” I angrily point at her with furious eyes at him.

He’s looking at me with studious eyes and takes a step back. 


“Wait a second. You mean, the ugly and all that you said earlier,” his motioning his hand with the whisky in it to what he says to me, “about your forced wife on you…is that girl?” 


“Yes!” I’m boiling.

“Right. I think you’re blind. Divorce her. I’ll take her. You can’t see right because of the circumstances. Look at Michael.” He looks back downstairs. “He agrees to me as he’s now going to her table. See? I’m right and you’re wrong.” 

What?! He’s going to her…. Maybe he’s aiming the other one…. Not my wife!

“David? Vincent is right. You’re wrong. She’s beautiful and airs innocence.” He’s also looking at her like at a fucking saint, a beautiful saint. He’s resting his hand on my back.

Michael has just approached her. She doesn’t look at him, but the other one is fucking him already. 

Fucking whores….  

“The other one is so into Michael. I bet your wife is not from her stance and attitude. She has just noticed him. Oh! This is going to be interesting. He never gives up when he sees something he likes. Testing your wife even without acting on it! Couldn’t be better!” He’s amused and into MY WIFE! 

I’ll trash you guys! All three of you! You are supposed to be my friends!

“She’s scanning him. Look at her. She’s so beautiful…. Like a painting…. I’m in love….” 


Vincent is adoring her and all wet. Kyle is doing the same. 


“She has that something in her. She’s speaking to him. Ouch! She gave him the cold shower! That’s a first, Mickey! Ha-ha! The other one is so fucking him! That’s your wife? Vince is right. Divorce her and give her to me. If a woman refuses Mikey, then she’s wife material. You know that, David.” He’s smiling at me and serious.

They are all genuine with what they say and how they act. I’m bombed in the head. 

Are you serious?! What?!

“She’s ignoring him for real and looking over her phone. Mickey is fucked. Look at the sucker! He’s so fucked! He’s fucking her already! Look at his face! Man!”

Yeah, his face says more than a one fuck. He’s into her for more.

I go with my stare on her and take a gasp over her being. 

You’re not ugly…. But you did piss me off this morning…. They are right…. Fuck! The things I said in front of her about her to dad…. She was cute though…. 

\I smile at her now…. Don’t know why….

“Look how she stood up and walked away with her phone on, ignoring his fucking ass! Fucking divorce her…. That,” he points with his whisky at her, “shall be my most treasured art collection. MY wife…. You Angel….” 


Vincent says that about my wife, Angel.

I keep silent, but somehow enraged because they’re speaking and acting like this over my wife. Legal wife.

“Wow! Mickey’s not giving up! He…. Ouch! She fucking punched him! THAT IS FUCKING WIFE MATERIAL AND THIS BASTARD DOESN’T WANT HER?!” He looks at me, laughing in tears.

I keep silent, watching the scene down there as Michael, without my want, has just become a target, as something in me is stirred up because of her and his actions are irritating me. I don’t know why.

He goes again to grab her but now she’s all over him, beating the shit out of him. At this point I am out the door, all enraged on Michael and fast going down there. Kyle and Vincent are after me.

“David! He didn’t know! Don’t kill him…. Your wife is already kicking his ass….” Vincent.

Kyle is laughing but they are serious on me not killing him. 

I don’t know why, I don’t want her, but I do not allow her to be touched! She’s mine! My wife! On papers! And in reality! Forever! I can’t fucking divorce her!

When we reach downstairs and almost near the place she is at, a guy screams at her, calling her ‘Raven’, saying ‘back off’ and ‘don’t kill the motherfucker’, and grabs her from Michael. All three of us stop on our spots, silent, watching and hearing. My heart is taking increased beats over all this.

She pushes away that guy from her, arranging herself on clothes and hair while Michael is still eye-fucking her. He’s got turned on over this. 

I’ll fucking kill you! That’s my wife!

“You!” She says to Michael. He’s still on the floor and so wanting of MY WIFE.

“I’ve told you it’s a no. Next time stop when you’re told as you never know what crazy person you come across. Today, you’ve crossed paths with a very crazy one. I’m not going to apologize for my reaction as I’m not the one who started it.” She’s genuinely pissed off on him and serious on what she says.

The other guy is now smirking at her back. He wants her, too. 

That’s my fucking wife, you fuckers!

“See, David? What did I say? She’s perfect…. I’m so in love…. Divorce her…. I’ll take her the next second….” Vincent says, and I smack the back of his head, sending him murdering looks.

“You said you don’t want her…. Why?”

“She’s my wife.”

Vivian turns around at the other one and punches him, too. 

He deserved it. I saw it. Does she have eyes at her back?

“That’s for touching me. You know not to do that.”

He’s clenching his jawline, head aside. She’s in fighter mode.

“Let’s go, Monroe. Let’s fuck as always, motherfucker. I’ve fucking missed your fucking ass! Hardcore, baby!”


She goes and takes her things, sends a look at the other girl, nod to each other with a meaning, while I’m fucking bulling right now inside. My WIFE goes to FUCK that guy and saying all that in front of me?!

She goes back and starts to the exit. No, she didn’t see us. But she’ll soon see me. I won’t let my fucking wife to sleep with that guy! Or any other guy! She’s mine now!

That guy is smirking at her back and following her like a puppy. 

You’re fucking my wife?! That’s why she said this morning about the falling in love shit?! She loves and fucks you?! This ends now! From today onwards she’s my wife! No one touches her but me!

“David? I think someone else got to her before all of us…. But I don’t think she’s into him. She wouldn’t have punched him like that if something was between them. My instincts never lie to me.” Vincent says but I’m already going after her when he says that last part.

When I reach outside, they are away but I can still hear and see them. I’m erupting inside but staying on my spot to see.


Why do you call her like that? She’s Vivian. 

She turns around to face him. The guy is resting on the spot with his back at me and she doesn’t see me as she’s focusing only on him.

“What?! Aren’t we going?! I’m already pissed off Monroe. I’m so fucking sleepy. I’m having some personal life problems which drain my life. Can we skip the judgment speech?!” She’s bitching at him.

 “It’s private. We’ll take my car to the hotel. I’ll have someone get yours. Come here.” 

Hotel?! So you do fuck each other! And saying all that in front of me?! 

He motions his right hand at her, but she’s angry at him. 

I don’t know why all this is driving me crazy…. I don’t even want her…. I didn’t want her…. Now, I don’t know anymore….

“Monroe?” She’s rabid. “What were you doing here?” 

That’s a very good question. You’re a married woman now. To me!

“Following you. All day. Since you left your apartment with your little brother. Someone…is…after…you.” 

What?! And what?! Someone is after her?! How come? Who? 

He goes all lustful at her in walking, like she’s his lover, driving me nuts.

She now smiles at him and drops the act.

He takes MY WIFE in his arms and says something to her ear.

She’s somehow keeping herself away a bit from his front but embracing him back.

He kisses her ear now while I’m at my limit as she seems to not want that but faking away. 

What the fuck is going on?! 

He’s letting go of her but in slow movements and she’s looking with the corner of her eyes around, searching for cars I think as she’s looking at cars.

She punches him now.

“Really?! Why the fuck did you do that, Monroe?!”

He’s laughing. 

I’ll kill you! 

“No fucking black cars! I’ve always told you never to get touchy even if it’s for a mission! I can fucking protect my ass alone! Kissing my fucking ear?! Oh! Come here! You motherfucker! I’ll kill you! I’ll take no mission with you again as I’ll kill you before anyone else!” She’s beating him right now and knows very well how to hit, like a trained one. 

Who’s my wife?

“OKAY! Okay…. I apologize…. I couldn’t help it…. You’re so fucking cute when you go angry…” He says, but I’m now grabbing him and punching him to the ground. 

That’s my wife….

 I now turn at her as she’s looking at the guy, then at me, then back at the guy, and at me again. 


“Who the fuck are you?!” She takes off her shades and looks at my face while I’m raging in attitude. 

Are you for real? Husband…. From this morning…. Remember?!

“Why don’t you take a better look at me, Vivian? Seeing something that reminds you of someone?” 

Don’t make me go crazy! 

She’s genuinely looking at me to see from where she knows me.

The guy is standing up.

“Oh, yeah…. Davy Lelo guy…. What?! What are you doing here?!” 

Are you fucking crazy?! 

I’m fuming now and take her by her right hand, dragging her.

The guy has an attempt to stop me.

I kill him with my eyes on the spot while she’s resisting my actions.

“She’s my wife. I suggest you back off before I change my mind and kill you here.” And I go further with her. 

I’m so fucking crazy! Taking her while I didn’t even want her!

“What the fuck are you doing?! Let go of me! I’ll beat you, too! STOP!”

I stop, not because I’m afraid of being beaten as I’m one deadly killer in reality, but because she’s so agitated. 

I’m taking you home as per contract!

“Going home! You’re my wife now and I act within the contract! Other questions?!”

She looks at me with angry stares. 

She’s so cute…. And…. The fuck you’re thinking, David?! You don’t want her! But….

“I’m not going to your home, Davy. Let go. Fuck the contract. We don’t want each other for real. Let’s get a common ground and each of us go on their separate lives. It’s best for both of us. You can sleep with whoever you want. The fuck I care. I do whatever I want, and everyone is happy. Now, let go. I have urgent business to attend to and I’m too sleepy for this entire shit. I’ll disappear before your eyes and you do the same. We are husband and wife but that doesn’t mean we need to tolerate each other more than necessary. If you’ll need me to act as your wife in public and it’s an extreme must, you call me, and I’ll do my contractual duty. Don’t worry, I’ll never need your presence, so, no call from me, ever.”

I’m smacked in the head right now. She’s real and serious. She’s not playing.

I just stay here, with her hand in mine, while she’s trying to get it back, but I have a strong grip, and just look at her. No woman has ever said that to me or acted like this. They usually are the ones wanting this and finding ways to get to me. This one has me on paper but doesn’t want me. She’s honest.



“I would take her advice if I were you. She’s not all there for the last four years. She means it.” The Monroe guy is next to us with his hands in his pockets and serious at me. “Even if you are her husband, which I know you are, from this morning, you’ll be no exception. I know Vivian for the last nine years. She’s crazy and when I say you’ve never met one like her, I mean it.”

 I still don’t let her go and I’m more infuriated than before. 

Yeah? Watch me!

“Crazy or not, she’s now my possession. I’m her husband. I’ll deal with her. Come on! Let’s go home! Now!”

She’s against me but I continue dragging her. 

Crazy, huh? I’ll show you crazy! I’m not sane either! And after this morning? I’m a fucking monster!  

 “DAVY!” She’s screaming while I don’t look at her. 

It’s David!


I turn my eyes at her and instinctively catch her fisted hand right before my eyes. She’s a killer in attitude right now. A real one. She starts fighting me with all she has.


I grab her hands and put them at her back and glue her to me while she’s fighting to get out. She can’t, I’m strong. But she’s no joke either. 

Look what we have here…. A little devil…. Hmm…. Starting to become interesting…. Maybe dad was right about you…. Yeah, yeah…. Fight…. You can’t…. 

I smirk at her while she’s calling me names and struggling to get off.

“I’ll fucking kill you! You fucking monster! You’re still a fucking kid! Let go or I’ll fucking bite you! I’m rabid right now!” 

Oh, yeah? Never been bitten before…. My little vampire…. You can if you want…. I don’t mind…. Let’s see that, too…. He, he, he….

“Raven! Back off and calm down. He’ll let go if you calm down.”

No, I won’t. 

I’m keeping her tight.

She’s having a labored breathing. She looks tired. I mistook it with being drunk or on drugs. But she’s not. I can see that now. And she’s indeed beautiful. And this guy is fucking annoying me though he means well.


You don’t seem to calm down as you’re still yelling at me…. And storming on me…. And from all this friction on me right now I think you’ve turned me on…. Yeah…. Dad was right and the guys…. I was too angry this morning to see you for you…. I don’t respond well to being forced or blackmailed…. Sorry about that…. Little vampire….

“We’ll go home, and we’ll have a long talk, honey. It’s only natural.” I take her, against her will on my shoulder, holding her tight as she’s having a rain of cursing, yelling and punches over me, and go for the car…. 

This is going to be fun…. The unwanted wife…. A little blood sucking beautiful vampire…. I’ll give this a try and see where it goes…. You’ve just earned a shot on me…. 

I smirk….


Chapter 6 – She’s Stirring Me Up

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Chapter 6 – She’s Stirring Me Up

Table of Contents ( Current – Updating )

Chapter 1 – 5 (Ch. 1 – News Bleeding One’s Heart; Ch. 2 – Reading Of The Will; Ch. 3 – War Is On…; Ch. 4 – Friends; Ch. 5 – Complaining And Acknowledging)

Chapter 6 – She’s Stirring Me Up


Chapter 8 – Two Little “Vampires”

Chapter 9 – Seductive “Vampire”

Chapter 10 – She’s Ignoring My Ass

Chapter 11 – Bonding And Confessions

Chapter 12 – She’s So Delicious

Chapter 13 – Kissing Me?!

Chapter 14 – Shoot Me With It

Chapter 15 – She Would Shoot You

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Chapter 17 – Angel Queen

Chapter 18 – Not Controlling At This Moment…

Chapter 19 – Torturous…

Chapter 20 – You Drive Me Crazy!

Chapter 21 – Bite, Little Vampire…

Chapter 22 – You’re Crazy Alright…

Chapter 23 – Who’s The Boss Here?

Chapter 24 – You Supposed To Be My Friend!

Chapter 25 – You Bite Again…

Chapter 26 – I’m A Damned One…

Chapter 27 – Born Out Of Pain And Remorse

Chapter 28 – A Pain That Gives A Chance…

Chapter 29 – Your Teeth Are Deep In Me

Chapter 30 – I F*cking Need You…

Chapter 31 – Just Give Me Bambi Back…

Chapter 32 – Are You An Animal?!

Chapter 33 – It’s Going Down…

Chapter 34 – You’ll Die Tonight!

Chapter 35 – Didn’t Satan Give You Powers?

Chapter 36 – What The F*ck Are Those For?!

Chapter 37 – Who’s Crazier?

Chapter 38 – Haunted…

Chapter 39 – I Would Give You The Deadliest Bite Right Now!

Chapter 40 – Oh! How You Torture Me…

Chapter 41 – “Fangs” And Gun

Chapter 42 – If He Says It’s A New One, He’s Dead…

Chapter 43 – Not Kick You On The Streets, Kill You

Chapter 44 – Don’t You F*cking Order Me!

Chapter 45 – F*cking Recognize Me!

Chapter 46 – Deadly One Second And Innocent The Next One…

Chapter 47 – Seducing Baby “Vampire”…

Chapter 48 – Drive Me Crazy Some More, Little “Vampire”…

Chapter 49 – I’m Already Breathing Like A F*cking Lunatic…

Chapter 50 – Man! I Need To Breathe…

Chapter 51 – Fang Me Some More…

Chapter 52 – You Can Go Crazy On Me There…

Chapter 53 – I’m Exploding Here And You Don’t Care!

Chapter 54 – Lion King Is Roaring And Has You Captive…

Chapter 55 – It’s Territorial And Calls For The Warrior In Me…

Chapter 56 – I Really Can’t Stand You Right Now…

Chapter 57 – I’m Going To Lose It…

Chapter 58 – Bring Them Before I Lose My Cool…

Chapter 59 – I Don’t F*cking Know Why!

Chapter 60 – Like It Or Not!

Chapter 61 – My Life Is Shit Complicated…

Chapter 62 – This Is The Drama Hit…

Chapter 63 – Well, Suffer Some More, Sexy Baby…

Chapter 64 – You Don’t Do This To Someone You Truly Love…

Chapter 65 – Never Thought I’ll Ever Say This…

Chapter 66 – You Are A Kiss-O-Maniac Now…

Chapter 67 – I’m Crazy, But Not All The Time, Baby…

Chapter 68 – The Oh-So-Good-News Is A Oh-Oh-Oh-So-Good-News…

Chapter 69 – F*cking Strongest Bitch Out There…

Chapter 70 – Like You F*cking Pained Me!

Chapter 71 – F*cking Alpha Attitude…

Chapter 72 – It’s Gonna Be So F*cking Bloody…

Chapter 73 – Snuff, Baby…

Chapter 74 – Of Course I Went In There Alone!

Chapter 75 – I Do Have Side Effects…

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