• February 20, 2022

Horoscope Aries March 2022

A little talk before going in the horoscope predictions

This horoscope is created through tarot cards and/or oracle cards by the reader. It’s a general reading, so take only what resonates with you. It’s valid for Sun, Moon, and Rising in Aries. Tarot gives guidance, but it doesn’t provide a set in stone course of events. Energies and decisions might shift, determining a change in events.

Also, tarot is a form of entertainment, so if you need professional advice in health, finances, and any other such areas, please, seek experts in those respective fields.

The tarot reader takes no responsibility for your further actions. Therefore, use tarot as a friendly advice to reflect upon and see if you can use it in your favor. No one knows your situation better than yourself, so you’ll be the one to decide if the information given is of help for you or not.

I do not offer personal readings.

This horoscope contains general predictions, job and business predictions, and love for couples and singles predictions.

Besides reading your Sun sign, read your Rising and Moon signs as well, for a bigger and more detailed picture over what’s coming your way.

Having all this said upfront, let’s go to the predictions for you, shall we? 🙂

General Predictions

The card is Blessed. And this oracle card is number 22 in its deck.

Whoa, Aries! You’re having a BLESSED month in March 2022! The overall energy given by this card for you is that no matter the hardships you’ve experienced or are still experiencing, you’ll be blessed with a positive outcome, even though you don’t see it that way at first.

You are protected by the divine realm or the Universe, however you want to see it, and opportunities will rise for you at the exact right moment. Exactly when you may not see a way out and you know you’ve already used all resources or options in the try to solve something, save something, win something, gain something, earn something, and you’re almost ready to surrender in heartbreak that you can’t do anything more, that’s when a solution, a door, a person, a clue, a string of something pops out of nowhere to aid you and have you solve the situation one way or another, but for the positive outcome on your side.

So, don’t lose hope, and IN NO WAY shall you surrender till the end, as you’ll have it. You’ll have the Ace card in your hand to throw it and have things in your favor in the end. *wink* 🙂

Communication of all type is favored this period for you, and you’ll have a suit of golden star opportunities to make use of. Pay attention to numbers 2, 4, and 22, as they might have importance for you somehow. It might represent days, as in 2nd of March, 4th of March, and 22nd of March. It might represent the 2nd and 4th day of the week, each week. It might represent birth dates of people around you in the month of March. It might represent hours of the day. So, keep an eye on these numbers and see what importance they’ll come to represent for you, as they will favor you in a way or another.

All in all, as a general prediction, the month of March 2022 shall be a blessed and protected one for the majority of you, and you need to stay focused, never give up, push forward, and gasp the “key” to solve the “puzzle” of whatever you’re facing. Positive movement forward for you this month.

Job And Business Predictions

The card is Retirement.

Alright, Aries. Here are different scenarios for you guys. For some of you, you are preparing for the long awaited retirement from the working field. If you’re having any worries of how that will go, as it’s approaching and you’re having a range of doubts over things connected to this, don’t worry. Because our general energy card was “Blessed”, you may rest assured that you’ll have a blessed retirement, and all your concerns will get solved in due time, no matter the process till then. Just don’t despair when facing setbacks, or missing papers on your file, or whatever might stress you on this at the moment. Just cooperate, have patience, be kind, and you’ll have it done the way you deserve and envision, or as close to that as possible.

Others of you, you’re on the verge of retiring from a job position that is no longer serving you or satisfying your current needs. However, you’re stressed about it, not knowing if it’s the right decision from your part considering the actual context in the market with less and less available job positions, or underpaid compared to your now salary.

An offer has been or will be presented to you that will encourage you to now really make the move and leave your current job position for a better one. Let your intuition guide you when it’s right to make the move, be sure that the new offer is a solid one and not reversible, and if everything is considered a go from your part, proceed with it, as you’re in a blessed month, protected, and guided to make better choices for yourself, improving your life quality and peace of mind.

Another portion of you, this month is the “retirement” from being an employee and finally having the courage to go solo, as an entrepreneur, to be your own boss. If that has been on your mind for a while, this period that move is favored with positive progress.

Because the card “Blessed” had stars in it, I can say that for you guys, this month, all types of online business are a green light for you to try and start, if this has also been on your mind. All connected to communication, online business, creative expression, music, creative arts, inventions, marketing, social media, and such, are a hot spot for you to try if you’re having the talent and calling for it.

And because the card is called “retirement”, many of you starting such endeavors this month can hope for a long “career” in that business with the perks of a “harvest” retirement when the time comes in your life. It depends on how serious, active, engaged you are in it, armed with patience and a brain to sustain all the stress involved till you make it and then to keep it that way or work it higher.

For those of you already business owners. Well, here I see where some big problems are. Some of you are called by authorities or people in charge to retract products or services your company has and offers because of a series of problems. This is experienced as a hit, loss, and high stress for you and your company.

From that call to action to retract those products and/or services, a chain reaction of difficulties is hanging heavy on you, with huge financial complications and not only. If this is the case for you, I want you to focus on the type of problems the products and/or services have been flagged with, see what you can do to improve them to meet the quality and safe parameters, ask for a review and reapply them where and if you can. This will diminish your losses and will have you back in the game in due time. Don’t lose yourself in the heat of the moment for the cataclysm that has landed on you, focus on what you can do as fast as you can in the given situation, and you’ll succeed in finding the right solutions. Alright? Okay. You can do it, just have faith in your abilities, as you have within yourself all it takes to solve the damn thing. 🙂

Others of you business owners, the month of March 2022 marks the retirement from a company you’ve been one of the owners because either the partnership you’ve been in or the business itself no longer suits or serves you. You want something else, or want to move in another country and open a business there, or you just want a smaller company with online activity that you have a better gasp and return from, where not much involvement from your part is needed or it involves less complications for you, as you’re sick of the way things, stressful things, have evolved for you in the long run these past years.

If that’s your situation, the month of March 2022 is a good one to make that move, or you’ve already taken certain steps towards that, and this month will be the complete transition to the new “you” and “company”. You’re blessed, guided, and protected down this journey you’ve chosen for yourself. No worries. The end will be one of sweet satisfaction over the decision made and a lesser load of problems compared to the ones experienced in the past, which is actually what you needed and wanted through this switch, that may be seen sudden and out of the blue before others, but it’s something you’ve been thinking of for a long time to do, right? Ha-ha! Well, you’re finally doing it! Congrats! 🙂

Love Predictions

The card is Unfinished Symphony. And this oracle card is number 10 in its deck.

Well, first of all, I shall tell you guys to add the numbers 1 and 10 to the numbers mentioned at the general predictions for the month of March 2022, as the numbers 1 and 10 will be of significant importance for your love life. It might represent the 1st or 10th of March, it might represent the first day of the week, or of every week, it might represent the 10th day of each cycle of the month, like the 10th day of the month, the 20th day of the month, and the 30th day of the month.

Now, for those of you forming a couple, already in a serious and committed relationship. There’s a lot of gossip around you or your partner, making it difficult to maintain that trust between sides. It seems to be something that has happened in the past, having a comeback or a rerun in the present. It might be same thing coming back from the past, or a similar situation with the one in the past.

This time, for you or your partner, enough is enough, and a decision to bring peace between sides one way or another has to be made. The tension is unbearable, mistakes are fluttering in the sky because of it, harsh words are used, blame is crowning on the ‘culprit’s’ head, and breakup is flagged on the horizon.

If you’re not the one guilty of it but blamed for it, try to bring evidence of some sort to prove your innocence with calm and understanding over your partner’s hurt for what’s happening. Try to understand their point of view as well, and consider that if the roles would be reversed, you would have the same reaction or even worse. Get to the bottom of the situation and cut relationships with the people feeding these hard events between you and your partner. No one shall enter or disrupt the relationship you guys have. It’s called a couple and not a group for a reason, right?

But because you’re blessed this month, you’ll overcome the negative situation and clear the air in the household for a restart. You’ll both learn some lessons, making the couple stronger and more united than before.

If your partner is the considered guilty one, before anything else, make sure he or she is truly the culprit and not some people sprouting nonsense because of jealousy and envy, trying to destroy something as beautiful as you guys have, because they don’t have and can’t stand for others to have. If solid evidence for your partner’s betrayal one way or another is brought before you, then yes, I’m afraid that this is the moment when you’re really done with the relationship, and this time you’re closing it for good. If in the past this has been solved in a way for the couple to move further together, this time each will go on their separate way without a turning point.

However, the Aries part of the couple will be on the favored side in all things be it successfully overcoming the situation along with your partner and restoring peace in the couple, or in the case of a breakup, all ‘goodies’ will go to Aries after the heartbreak. Aries couldn’t be blessed this month if he or she would be on the wrong side, right? So, there. After storm and darkness, the sun will shine on your path and not the other way around.

Others of you are already in the separation process, court and all of that. I believe this month will finally put an end to the entire shazam of dirt and attempt of taking away what was and is rightfully yours. The moment you want to give in and accept to lose something for the sake of ending it already, to put it behind you, and turn the page for a new chapter in your life, that’s when your blessing comes, tables turn into your favor, you not only end it once and for all, but all is restored to you and maybe with a little extra one way or another. There is something on the plus side for you that you didn’t expect to gain. I don’t know what that is or what form will take, but yeah, an extra reward is there for you because you deserve it. 🙂

For those of you single. Well, my dear Aries loves, I have two categories of you as it seems, and you need to see where you position yourself.

Some of you are still in the healing process because of a failed past relationship, a heavily toxic one, still haunting you, not letting you regain that trust and open your heart to a new person that may already be around you and deserving of a chance from you. You already know if such a new person is a target of your heart for him or her, as you’re blessed and guided this month to see the right way and judge things at their real value, but you’re afraid to not choose wrong again because you can’t take another hit like in the past.

Understand that you now know how to read the red flags on someone new because you already have the past ‘model’ as reference. That doesn’t mean you should put two people in the same category and rule it out just because something ‘appears’ as a red flag that may not be. Learn to get to know the person first before anything else. You can’t see the real face of a person till you invest some time in discovering the layers a person has. They may have experienced the same situation as you and having their guard up as well to not suffer again. You need to learn to listen to your heart first and not your body’s reactions to a person, as you’re blessed and guided through your heart to make the right choices and identify the right, destined person for you.

So, if such a person stirs up your heart or has already done it for some time now, that’s the right person to consider it as being the right one for you, the one you’re blessed with to finally love and be loved as it should be.

This month is the month of major decisions, endings of hurtful pasts and beautiful beginnings in love for many of you, as it’s finally the right divine moment for you to be rewarded with the true love of your life.

Others of you, though single, you’re not quite interested in love as one, none has hooked your interest that much, and two, your career or business is WAY more important to you and maybe facing some problems that need your entire attention and engagement, with love falling at the bottom of your priorities list and not even there maybe.

However! Ha-ha! Surprise, surprise, honey bun! Ha-ha! Someone from the past you had a crush on might pop back in your life this month, setting your heart in true flames, giving you a second chance on the person, because boom! Past time was the right person but wrong time, and now? Right person and perfect time! Ha-ha! So, watch out for such a person. And yes, some of you, who are a forever and full-fledged single person, this month you’ll be blessed out of the blue, with someone who’ll take both your breath and heart away, and might be the one and only of your life, finally making appearance. *wink* 🙂

And! One not so good note for some of you, this person might be having some unfinished business with a third party or freshly out of a toxic relationship. But I see that the blessed love between you and them will fast heal and solve all those problems, because hey, if you’re meant for each other, love conquers all, right? At least, that should be the case in terms of real and destined love between two people.

Alrighty then, loves! These have been all the predictions I had for you for the month of March 2022, I hope they will serve you in a way or another, stay blessed and always have faith in yourself!

Love you!

Your true friend always,

Andra-Cristiana Stan


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