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Hey loves!

I’ve been receiving emails from you guys on why I’m not uploading new readings for each zodiac sign as you loved the concept and want it on a regular basis…. Ha-ha! Thank you for liking it and finding it useful!

Though I started it because I want to be of service to you with such readings, my health couldn’t sustain that activity as well. You guys, as non-tarot readers, don’t know what drain of energies is involved to read and see the messages to deliver to receiver. It’s not just reading a card, it’s connecting to its energy and see beyond what’s in a tarot book with definitions and meanings. A tarot reader understands my words…. Ha-ha!

So yeah, I had to stop, because when reading for the collective, you get more drained of energy.

Anyways, because you guys would love such messages from me on the website, as I promised, I’ll think about it and maybe start with monthly readings for each zodiac sign. So, yes, you can expect the Horoscope section of the website to be populated with monthly readings for each zodiac sign.

I’ll make a post for each zodiac sign and not all in one as the very first and only post on the website back in April 2021. I’ll need to strategize my energy…. Ha-ha!

Again, I’ll mention, I DON’T DO PERSONAL READINGS. Sorry for the caps…. As much as I would love to help you guys with personal readings, I can’t do it.

And all readings for the collective of each zodiac sign will be free and not put under the membership of Baby Angel Tribe. I want to help as many of you with the messages I get to serve you one way or another.

Alright. Hope you guys are happy now with this answer! ❤😇😘

I can’t promise if I’ll start with February or March. I need to regroup myself first…. Muhahaha! So, one of these months will have starting posts for the Horoscope Section. I’ll see how I’ll feel and maybe start with February. But no promises…. I still don’t feel that great in health and I don’t want to push myself more than I’m already doing it….

Thank you for understanding and showing interest in that section of my website as well!❤😇😘💝💖🌹

Love you!

Your true friend always,

Andra-Cristiana Stan


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