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Billionaire’s Baby Angry (Chapters 1-6) FREE READING 😉😇❤😘🙌


When he falls in love with an Angry Beauty…

I’m Stacey Alexander, 30, a curvy one, top special agent and a businesswoman. I’m under mission in a VVIP club with my team to hunt down a heavy Mafia head who’s loose on drugs and killing for pleasure at his point.

While waiting for the bastard, I spot my baby sister in the club at the arm of a young billionaire, posing like an escort by the looks of it, though she should have been in a study night for her Harvard studies! I go bazooka in my head and follow them upstairs to the private rooms, all angry and heartbroken! I’m paying everything for her princess ass!

When I land in the private room that has her and other four out of this world men, I get the biggest heartbreak from her words and attitude towards me, I shoot down the main bastard I’m here for, set free my baby sister from under my guardianship, and take a flight abroad on a last minute mission the same night, to detach from my pained heart and disappointment.

Upon my return from my mission, my superior announces me that to compensate for the damages I and my team produced in that goddamn club because of our operation there, the owner of it, Brian Stredge, 26, a billionaire and a heavier than that bastard Mafia head, asks my agency to have me as his ‘bodyguard’ under the cover of a fake fiancée, because he’s got deadly threats around him!

I go against it because it’s under my level to do that! Me?! To babysit?! Get the…out of here! And he’s no damsel in distress! He’s got an army around him and deadly himself as the big Mafia head he is! This damn playboy and heartthrob is driving me crazy to go on such a mission! But I accept it in the end…. I’m not allowed to refuse…. Oh…. I think I’ll end up killing his ass….

Genres of the book: Billionaire Romance, Curvy Girl Romance, Mafia Romance, Dark Mafia Romance, Possessive Alpha Males, Strong Female Lead, Enemies to Lovers, Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy, Action, Comedy, Suspense, Mystery, Thriller, with a HEA.

*This book contains language and mature themes. Suitable for +18 audience because of that.

Billionaire’s Baby Angry, by Andra-Cristiana Stan, Romania. Copyright © April 2021. All Rights Reserved

No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system without the written permission of the author.

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

Chapter 1 – Mission With A Bang


I’m in a big ass club for VVIP people with my team. I’m dressed like I usually am in such occasions. No, no cocktail or such dresses, or high heels. I’m in a pair of black leggings, some black leather flat shoes, a tank top which is in a darkish grey, a black blazer tight on my waist and going over my ass with some big golden buttons in a cross on my chest. The blazer is open in front from my waist down to better move in it. My entire outfit embraces my curves as I’m a curvy one, but the one that fires dicks around at my sight. Oh yeah…. Unfortunately for them, I’m not one to take interest in their sex drive. Ha-ha! And yes, forgot, my hands are gloved with a pair of black leather gloves with cut fingers. I’m here to work my ass out…. He, he, he….

My height? Well, I’m 5’38 feet tall. Yeah. My dark honey hair is loose and styled on my left side. It’s wavy and goes over my shoulders, but it’s not long. Single? Yes. Age? 30. Social status? I run a real estate business from my late parents. Single child? No…. I’ve got a 19-year-old pain in my fucking ass baby sister. Raising her on my own since when I was her now age, moment when our parents died in a car accident and blew my life off to an everlasting pain. Yep….

If I’m at least wearing makeup now? Noooo…. Ha-ha! I believe in a natural face. I’ve got nothing to prove to anyone or to attract unwanted attention, though that unwanted attention flies to me like a fucking magnet. Anyways…. Oh yeah, my full name is Stacey Alexander. Forgot about that, too. Ha-ha!

“Stace?” That’s Matt, the one under me in the team, in my earpiece.

We’re tracking a big shot Mafia guy and his people of the night. He’s a criminal. Well, like everyone in Mafia is, but this one is a true psychopath, killing for pleasure once he’s on his sniff of drugs.

He’s relatively young, 34, gorgeous male specimen, a fucking player in his all, and here to maybe get laid in one of the private rooms with some escort or lady of the night, or whatever else after a meeting with some other big shot. He’s like a fucking cat wherever he goes, and you can miss him if you don’t have keen eyes or you fucking blink, though he’s towering and ripped in muscles. But his people always make sure to surround him and make him untouchable and unseen.

No, he’s an Alpha guy and doesn’t need people to protect him. He can handle everything himself. He’s fucking dangerous if you don’t match his level.

“Yeah?” I’m near the bar, with my hands at my back, straight in stance, chest out, chin up, with eagle eyes on the lookout. I have neutral lens in my eyes which live stream what I see, and I can see what others see at my orders, like a hologram, if I request that from the ones back at HQ.

It’s one in the morning and the club is packed with the big guys, meaning millionaires and billionaires, and rich girls, and not so rich girls but wannabes. Music is thundering in the club and you can smell the mix of cocktail drinks and brand perfumes.

“He’s not in yet. None of his people reached the premises. But the info is solid. He’s a good friend with the owner of this club and having a meeting with him tonight. I’m across you and I’ve got a…slutty bitch dancing on my back…. Miss? Not happening. I’m a poor guy. Go and fuck a rich guy’s back. Come on.”

I snort into laughter, under my lips as he’s so fucking irritated and I see him shoving her into another on the dance floor.

Oh! Matt? He’s no poor. He’s fucking rich, handsome as fuck, towering and muscled like a Greek God. And he’s got some ravishing emerald eyes with a messy raven-hued hair. He’s wearing some Armani black suit tailored to his muscles, so no wonder that red head beauty was fractioning his back. Ha-ha!

“Don’t be a bad boy, Matt. You’re a gentleman in general.” I grin at him across the room and he smirks at me.

“With the right people, darling. One like you, yes. One like her? You don’t want to know….” He winks at me, raising his whisky glass and now sipping from it while I roll my eyes and puff. 

Shut the fuck up, loser….

“Behave, Matt. We don’t want to draw attention to our plan tonight.”

He’s devilishly grinning at me. 

Don’t start it…. 

I’m narrowing my pissed off look at him.

“Want me to behave in my bad boy nature, darling?”

“Fuck you, Matt.” 


He winks at me and grabs the red head by her hair, turns her around, glues her to him, dancing, and kissing her fucking neck, with his eyes into mine, and his glass of whisky in his left hand aside. The red head is fucking wet on him, not an ounce against all that. I’m chewing from my left cheek, taking my eyes off it, continuing my lookout.

“Wanna go out?” The red head says as I hear her in my earpiece. 

Go, go…. He’ll so fuck you…. Ha-ha! 

I’m not looking at them.

“What do you say, Stace?” He’s whispering to me and the bitch is on a cascade of wetting her panties by her voice….

“I-I’m…. You can call me Stace if y-you want….” 

That fucking stupid bitch! Ha-ha! 

I’m laughing with appetite signaling the bartender to hit me with something. I won’t drink anyways, but I need to get into the picture.

“I say you can fuck all you want after, bad boy. You know that. She’s so fucking ready and a fucking beauty.”

He groans with annoyance. Yeah, he wants us to be a thing. Not happening.

“You’re so bad, Stacey.” 

Yeah, my middle name…. 

“You fucking kill me all the time….” 

But you never die all the way…. 

“Fucker incoming at your right. Don’t make me become a killer before time, baby….” 

I’ve told you never to call me ‘baby’…. Son of a bitch….  

“He’s checking out your entire back….”

I’m hearing the red head squealing as he has probably dumped her from him.

Yeah, he’s just playing with her. He’s in his husky-Alpha voice. 

Let him check it out…. It’s as far as he can go…. Yeppers…. 

I’m with a cocktail in my hand as I’ve been served. 

What. The. Actual. Fuck?!

I’ve spotted my baby sister in a fucking expensive golden cocktail short dress, giggling at some rich guy, similar to Matt in appearance, walking with him to the private rooms upstairs.


“Stace? What’s up? Stace? Why? I don’t see anything…. Oh! Shit…. Stacey? Don’t. Not now. Stacey!”

Yeah, he probably saw to whom I’m looking at and the guy at my back has grabbed my ass receiving a punch with the back of my left hand while my eyes are not escaping my whorish sister who’s with her fucking hand on his ass now and I’m mental to fucking see that! The guy I’ve punched is over the bar something.

I’m furious and walking with bad omen steps to where my sister is going all wet and with the fuck drive.

Study night, huh? I work my ass off to provide the best life for you and this is what you’re doing at my fucking back?! WHY?! 

My heart is fucking my throat at this point!

They’re already out of my sight as I’ve been on the other side of the club, but once I’ll reach there…. OH! MAN! SHE’S DEAD!

“Stay there and watch the perimeter, Matt! I’ll be back in due time…. I just have a little family situation….” I’m in my dry straight voice, breathing like a raging bull, delaying my steps on the stairs now as I need to fucking chill a bit and not fucking strangle her.

Well, yeah, I’m a fucking killer among other things, and killing someone is for me like ridding a fucking bike….

“Stacey? Babe? Calm down. Please. Maybe it’s not her….” 


“Don’t create a mess at least. That guy is a fucking billionaire. I think I know him, but not sure.” 

Don’t care! Billionaire or not, if he fucked her, HE’S DEAD! THAT’S MY BABY SISTER! 

I ignore him and he sighs, cursing some for the situation. 

Chapter 2 – Baby Angry


“Wow! Damn! Such beauty! Ah! Man! She fucking punched him just like that! Ha-ha!” Robert Baten, my sworn brother, is watching something downstairs on the window for some time and now showcasing his over the roof enthusiasm making both me and Jack Gunter, my other sworn brother stand up and go there to see what he’s talking about. 

Beauty? Punched? 

We’re in our private room. This is my club among others. I’m a billionaire with tentacles in all industries. I’m a clean one, but I do deal with Mafia sometimes….

I’m Brian Stredge, one of the most wanted bachelors out there, 26, and embody whatever woman’s dream as a man inside out. But, yeah, I’m not a one woman’s type of man. I’m too…pretentious for that. I just fuck them and that’s all. And no, never the same one. I hate clingy bitches…. Well, when you don’t feel it, you don’t feel it. So, why bother.

Jack and Robert? Yeah, both are one of the most wanted billionaire bachelors like yours truly, but I’m above them in all.

“Where?” I ask him, looking downstairs with my hands shoved in my pockets. 

“There! You can’t fucking miss her sight. She’s fucking glowing like an angel among all those people. Though she’s got such a yummy pissed off grimace….” He’s pointing at her and when I see her, I get hit in my fucking heart. Don’t know why.

She’s in an angry pace to the stairs on this side, with such a killer body in that outfit that stirs your manhood in the fucking universe…. No, she’s not like the others in a fucking dress, she’s all dressed, but the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen. 

Look what we have here…. She’s coming upstairs…. Man! Even in an angry walk and all, she’s stunning…. Who are you, baby?

The room’s door opens. It must be Clayton Graham. Another sworn brother of ours, but he’s on the bad side lately, like in the last two years. Though he’s older than us, as both Jack and Robert are 27 and he’s 34, I’m the group’s Alpha. He’s a billionaire as well, yet he’s given to fucking drugs and I must take a painful decision regarding him.

Why? He’s uncontrollable if pissed off while on drugs. Uncontrollable? He’s killed several escorts, women obviously, as he’s taking perversion to some insane levels. And not only escorts, but other people as well. He doesn’t make the difference any longer between good and bad people, or what’s right and what’s wrong. No, when you look at him, you wouldn’t say he’s a drug addicted or any of the type he is. He looks like the rest of us, sane and mannered and all that. The painful decision? He’s involved in what I’ve mentioned and also dealing some heavy shit on the Mafia side.

Well, yes, we’re Mafia, but there’s always good and bad mafia. Good mafia is under rules and codes, honor and doing clean businesses. He’s dragged in the other side of the mafia, one that has only one rule, and that’s no rule. As in no fucking rule as long as they get what they want. So, I might have to eliminate him tonight or the following days as he’s…bad.

Yeah, we’ve all tried to take him on the detox and all that shit route, and he went back on track, but we’ve realized that was only in front of us, to fool us as he’s one manipulative motherfucker. Yet, we have the backstage intel, no matter how much he’s covering himself as he’s a master on that.

A young bitch giggle is piercing the room, and I roll my eyes upon my turning around to see who’s in the room.

“Brian bro!” 

Jon…. And a little horny bitch…. Nice…. 

He’s the fifth sworn bro of ours, Jon Dillan, 28, billionaire, with a too young for this environment girl, dressed like a fucking escort. Anyways…. I don’t care, but by her looks, she’s fucking under 21. Not that the glowing angel looks older than her…. He, he, he….

“Hey man.” I’m greeting him in a buddy shake and Jack and Robert are doing the same.

The little bitch is intimidated by us three and checking me out with some wetting her panties in a flood stare in sparkles, and a wanting-to-fuck-me bitch smile. 

Oh, no, baby bitch. You’re way under my level or type. Not that you’re ugly or something, but I don’t like whores such as yourself. 

I ignore her, though she’s waiting for introductions.

“I’m just passing by for a while as we’re having other plans.” He sends me the fucking-her-plan stare and smirk and I give him a mad dog look, briefly, and then turn around to fetch my whisky glass and sit on my spot, thinking about that angry angel….

I’m sipping from my glass, smirking with a lost stare on the floor in my train of thoughts as I would fuck her badly right now. And curiosity builds up in me for where she’s going that furious. 

Maybe after her boyfriend or something? She has some expensive clothes herself…. And the way she is, her features and stance, she must come from a noble and with status family, not like this bitch over here…. You can’t enter in my clubs if you don’t have a status or someone with a status to get you in. Hmmm…. Maybe a cheating boyfriend…. She sure was angry…. 

The others are talking around me while I’m thinking and we’re all waiting for fucking Clayton, moment when the little bitch must leave the scene for a while. Yeah, they know not to interact with me if I go silent or send a mad look. I’m their fucking boss of all bosses. I’m their poor to riches or vice-versa. So yeah.

A crazy woman’s voice, sexy as fuck though, on a dry and ordering tone, breaks my thinking and captures my attention at the door as she’s wanting to get inside.

“Make way, mister. Right now. There’s someone in there that I need to take out.” 


I look at the others with a raise of brows, and they all look at me and then at the door, but the little bitch starts fidgeting upon the voice outside and goes pale. I’m smirking at her. 

Trouble, huh? Ha-ha! 

Jon doesn’t notice his little bitch’s reaction as he’s preoccupied to hear what’s behind the door.

“Miss? I’m sorry. You can’t enter inside. I assure you there’s no one in there that has any connection to you.” That’s one of Jon’s men by the voice. 

The fuck I’m not curious about that woman…. She’s got some balls….

“You’ve got three seconds to move away. I’ve warned you. Don’t blame it on me for what’s next. I tried to reason with you.” She’s on a patronizing voice, confident in herself for whatever she’s going to do.

I’m gulping the remainder of my whisky and lay back on my spot, crossing my right leg over the other, like a lion on his throne smirking, and waiting for whoever is behind that golden door. Ha-ha!

Little bitch is changing colors at face, and the others are smirking, too, waiting for the door to open or to hear the end of that.

“Miss? Please…. Don’t make us force you out….”

She interrupts him….

“One! Two!” 

She’s so fucking serious! Ha-ha!

“Miss? Ple…” 

Shit…. Ha-ha!

“THREE!” She’s kicking them, banging the door open with one of them and to my surprise and Jack and Robert’s…. 

Glowing angel? I’ll be damned…. Man! She’s so fucking hot…. And she put down a total of eight guys…. And they’re not to joke with…. 

I’m eye-glued to her in a cocktail of heats in my all as that’s a fucking turn on seeing her and like this.

She’s catching her breath with her hands balled, searching the room with her rabid stare, owning some hypnotizing green-blue eyes, and those lips curled in anger…. Man! 

I don’t know what’s happening, sexy, but the fuck you’re not going to be mine….

I’m squeezing the glass in my right hand, with an excited breathing, smirking and running some wild scenes in my mind with her….

She’s ignoring us though she takes notice, and when her eyes land on the little bitch….

Chapter 3 – You’re Not My Mother!



The little bitch is hidden in Jon and Jon is looking with puzzled eyes from her to the roaring angel that I would so fuck right now.

“Shit….” The little bitch, who’s way little right now in front of her.

The beauty is inching with some inflamed stare and grimace at her like I’ve never seen in a woman, and grabs her by her right arm over Jon, like he doesn’t even exist there. She drags her on her feet and yanks her to stand straight in front of her.


She’s scanning Anna with her rabid stare and breathing from head to toes and back, turning her around and back, while the little bitch is panting and panicked.

“What’s this Anna? What the fuck is this on you?!”

“I-I…. Sis… I…” 

Sis? So different…. He, he, he….


Wrong move, baby bitch…. I myself wouldn’t upset that Angel for how she is right now….


What? To be fucked and dumped? Ha-ha! Do you think Jon is in love with you? Ha-ha! No, he’s just playing with you for a while no matter how generous he is with you. Your sister is right to study. It lasts longer than Jon’s dick and comfort for you…. Stupid little kid….

Beauty Angel twists her head at her, digesting her words, taken aback, with a cut breathing, not believing what her sister has just said. 

No, you’ve heard it alright. There’s no confusion, baby. She said it. Jon is into Beauty Angel now, smirking. Watch it, Jon. I might fuck you if you don’t take that stare away from her. She’s mine. 

I’m bull staring at Jon who’s all eyes on her, checking her out, like the others are.

“What did you say?”

“You heard it!” Anna is confronting her stare while the men at the door have been standing up and now closing the door for privacy as I’ve motioned them with my head to do.

“YOU’RE A FUCKING WOMAN?! YOU’RE A FUCKING TEEN!” She yanks her hand at her to make a point with her eyes flickering in rage at her sister.


Well, I’m curious how this will end…. He, he, he….

“You’re not, huh? So, you’ve been fucking behind my back. You’re a woman now.” She’s bobbing her head, trembling in anger, staring at the floor, chewing from her cheek, and I’m in explosions to fuck her…. 

Man…. She’s so enticing…. She’s perfect…. Inside out…. Siblings but so damn different….

“Yes, I am!” She cocks her head at her sister who’s still thinking with her stare on the floor.

“One question, Anna.” She’s so damn pissed. 

Come on, baby…. Calm down…. You can’t control people no matter your good intentions…. She’s given to this side of the world…. You can see it in her fucking eyes and everything…. She’s a whore by nature…. Whereas you…. That’s another story…. Mmm…. 

I’m checking her out a millionth time, smirking, with a penetrating heated-up stare.

“Say.” She’s still confronting her with her all.

No, the others are silent, witnessing this as I do. The main attraction is the angry beauty, not the little bitch.

“Is he the first one?” She still avoids raising her eyes, but she’s boiling.

Though Anna is with some heavy makeup on her, her sister has none, and the one with none is a radiating beauty, and the other airs whore.

“No.” Straight answer.

“How many?” Same.

“That’s not your business, Stacey. I’m not a kid anymore.” 

Stacey…. We’ve got a name for the Beauty Angel…. He, he, he…. 

“I’m independent now, an adult.”

Stacey is pressing something in her ear and looks aside, hurt to her core for her sister.

Anna is in her cocky whore attitude at her.

“Yeah, Matt.” 

What? She’s having an earpiece…. Who are you, beautiful? 

She’s listening to whatever she’s being told and I’m assessing her once more.

She’s with a lion stance, noble everything, some mesmerizing ass and breasts under those clothes which fuck you instantly. When you look at Anna who’s barely dressed, you don’t have any fucking reaction, though she’s a perfect one, too, all in all, but suffers no comparison to her sister. She’s fade, yet her sister is like a brilliant rare diamond.

“No, I don’t have a baby sister anymore. She’s an independent woman now. Say.”

Anna puffs in a bitch smile at her, like she’s above her sister. 

Stop dreaming, baby bitch…. You’re nothing. I’m sorry to break it to you, but you’re nothing more than a bed time.

“He did?” She becomes calm and takes a deep breath, shutting her eyes.

“Alright. Tell the boys to deal with his men. The main fucker is mine. I want it clean and done ASAP. I’m coming down in a few. Yeah. How many? No worries. I can deal with those if necessary. Call at HQ and tell them to hit the other side in five for a major warning. Yeah. No. I’m fine, fucker! I’ll deal with her and everything will be fucking freed off my fucking chest! Send me the field images! Yeah, all! I’m not one to get dizzy like you do with them! Shut the fuck up! I don’t give a fuck on the owner of the club! If it gets messy, it gets messy! We’ll deal with it after! He’s shit in front of me whoever the fuck he is!”

Well, the owner is right here, at your right, honey…. Ha-ha! Man! She’s something…. And she’s so intimidating this little baby Stacey…. Well, she did beat eight sturdy and well-trained bodyguards…. You wouldn’t say she’s capable of that…. Wonder who’s the target….

Anna is with a perplexed stare and grimace at her sister, not understanding any of it. She seems to not know her sister like this.

Stacey is tilting her disappointed stare at her sister, keeping it for a few seconds, releasing a prolonged sigh, chewing from her delicious cheek.

“I’m not your mother. But I’ve raised you on my own since you were eight. For the last eleven years, I’ve been bearing you on my back, sacrificing my life for you when our parents died. I was your age, 19, when I took full guardianship over your ass, and made sure you wouldn’t lack anything. I gave you everything fit for a fucking princess to make you a fucking queen at the right age. But you are choosing this.”

She’s motioning her head at Jon.

“A rich fucker who probably fucked the shit out of you like a fucking whore or will if he didn’t yet. Fine. You’re a woman now. Alright. You’re independent. Fine, too. He can take care of you from now on. My job is done. Give me your purse.” She’s motioning her right hand at her to give her purse.

“What do you need my purse for?” She’s affected, but still strong on her position.

Stacey is undergoing an iced grimace and stare, like breaking the chains on her.

“Give me your fucking purse! Now!”

Anna’s trembling in front of her as she’s yelling with an intimidating stare. She’s tripping to get her purse and give it to her. 

Chapter 4 – You’re Mine


“Here….” She’s between her freedom and afraid of what’s next, as her sister means business. She has made a final decision.

Stacey grabs her purse with a frown and lunatic stare, breathing the like. She’s taking out her wallet.

“What are you doing, sis? No! Not my cards! Stace!”

She’s taking her credit cards and Anna wants to fetch the wallet from her hands and purse, but this is the moment when Stacey slaps her sending her head aside. 

I bet that stung like fuck….


Anna is crying like a baby, shaken by the reality, and Stacey is enraged, continuing to forage in her wallet and purse. I can’t think of anything, just in awe at Stacey, wanting her as I’ve never wanted a woman in my entire fucking life. Everyone is like me, silent and with eyes on Stacey. She’s ignoring us.

“Credit cards. Out. Keys to a brand-new sports car that I bought for you last week. Out. Keys to a brand-new penthouse. Out. Hundred-dollar bills. Out. Harvard student card. Out.”

She now throws the purse on Anna who catches it, barely, crying her eyes out with her sister’s red slap on her face as a mark.

“Here. Thirty dollars. That’s all I had at your age to start with. I’m going to be fair with you. Let’s see what you’ll make out of them.”

She shoves the thirty dollars in her wallet and throws it at her face startling her. Yeah, she’s done all this in fast moves, and all she’s taken out is in her jacket’s pockets.

“Listen to me very carefully, Anna. Mock my words. Look at the time and date of this moment. You’re alone in this world. No family, no big sis. You’re on your own from this time onwards. No home, no car, no money, no company, no nothing. Just you, your soul, your heart, your mind, your fucking body. I’m not your guardian anymore. You don’t get to call me for any shit. I’m erased from your life. Whatever happens to you, you deal with it. That’s freedom, that’s independence, that’s adulthood. No one is there to give a shit on you. It’s you who make it or break it. No more spa sessions, no more heavy shopping, no more parties, no more whatever else shit. Understood? Two things I’ve asked of you for all that. To be a good kid and a virgin until you’re old enough. And it wasn’t for my own good. It was for yours. These fuckers? They only know how to fuck and that’s fucking all. They don’t give a shit on you. Everything is a temporary bubble. There’s no fucking Prince Charming, no matter how they look outside or how much money they flaunt into your fucking face.”

Well, it depends on the woman, baby…. For you, it will be lasting and all that…. 

I’m smirking and adoring her, throbbing in my all, craving to have her in my arms and have her.

She’s in a devil’s calm, detaching herself for real from her sister who’s shaking with her purse and wallet in her hands, with a smeared face from her tears and makeup.

I’m heating up to some dangerous levels, clenching my jawline, staring at her with some animal-ready-to-capture eyes.

“That’s reality. But who the fuck am I to destroy your bubble of fake happiness, right? I’m nothing in front of you. Fine. Have a good life, Anna Alexander, and I hope you’ll eventually make your parents from above proud of you. I have no fault in whatever you’ll become or your future. It’s all on you.”

For the last sentences she’s moving her eyes left and right and up and down while speaking and now looks down for a second and back up at her sister with a cold grimace and stare. 

What’s the matter, baby? 

She’s rigid and has a killer stare, clenching her jawline, lowering her breathing, and before Anna intends to open her mouth for whatever she wants to bitch about, the door is opening and once I see Clayton stepping inside…. 


Stacey has pulled out her gun from her back, from under her jacket, in the split of a fucking second, with her left hand as she’s having the door at her left, and her stare at her screaming in fright sister, fucking shooting him in his shoulders and legs sending him in pains on the fucking floor.

We all jump on our feet. Anna is with her hands over her ears, dancing like crazy, crying, and Stacey is in a devilish smirk at her with a lunatic stare, with the gun pointed aside in the air, leaning her head at her right at her.

Clayton had no fucking time to realize what hit him, that fast she was. Well, we didn’t expect it either. Nothing at her predicted this move or that she fucking has a gun on her. Yeah, she’s having a tight blazer on her and nothing showing things under it, except for that inviting ass and those mouthwatering breasts, but she’s with the blazer till her neck closed, just in front, from her waist down, opened. She’s fucking skilled this baby Stacey. Some heavy training on her from her stance, stare, grimace, attitude. A noble dangerous beauty…. He, he, he….

“MOMMMMY! STACEY! WHAT DID YOU DO?! OH MY GOD!” She’s shit scared, but Stacey is laughing under her lips, narrowing her badass stare at her.

Man! Who the fuck are you, baby?! 

No, I’m not scared. None of us is. This is a normal thing for us. But we are shaken by her doing it…. A little woman with such…. Perfection in her all.

“Take him in, Matt. He’s down. What did I do? Well, Anna, I don’t fuck, baby. I kill. And I deal with the company, too, love. But you wouldn’t know about all that. Now you do. Your sister is a crazy ass one, to raise you. But she’s not crazy for your wellbeing now, unfortunately. Be thankful I wasn’t crazy enough to shoot you, too, for how you stained our family’s name and fucking all my sacrifices for you, babe.”

You’re crazy indeed, love…. My type of crazy…. He, he, he…. Damn! She’s so fucking me…. 

She’s keeping her stare and when she fast places her gun at her back with a malevolent grin at Anna….

“Mommy!” Anna startles while Clayton is whining in pains and blood on the floor and some guy is coming in to…arrest him. 

That should be Matt…. Not bad looking and he’s not a poor dressed one…. Who the fuck is this guy to her? He’s lustful in stare at her, now pissed at Anna….

“Let’s go, son of a bitch. Stop groaning. Take him, boys. You’re under arrest for murder, dealing, and all the other shit that you know of. You have the right to an attorney, but it won’t help that much. Whatever you say can be used against you and all that blah-blah. You know the procedure, fucker.” He launches Clayton, after he handcuffs him, in the arms of other guys he’s with.

They’re agents or detectives…. So baby Stacey is either of those…. Mmmm….

Stacey is still looking at a crying Anna who’s beyond freaked out. Baby Stacey is in a straight stance, hands at her back, head aside, blinking at her.

“Stace? Everything alright?” 

Get the fuck out of here!

I’m in my Alpha stance, with my hands in my pockets, looking with a fuming stare between Matt fucker who’s worried at them, Stacey and Anna.

The others are silent and not interfering. It’s legal stuff so we don’t interfere. It was either us or them. It happened for them to take things in hands first, so be it. He was done anyways.

“Yeah, Matt. I’m fine. Just that for me, my sister died tonight. I’m just seeing a pathetic being before me. One that I gave my all to. Stupid, stupid me.” She’s in a disgusted stare and voice at Anna and Matt fucker lowers his eyes at her words, twisting his head, like he knows all about it.

“I’ve heard it all.” He now tilts his raging stare at Anna. “You made the biggest mistake of your life, Anna. Your sister didn’t deserve your actions, attitude and words. You don’t even know what she did for you to live like you did. Your sister is a respectable person. You should have been like her. What you’re doing right now…gains no respect. But you’ll find out on your own.”

Anna glances at him between her sobs and shivering lips, Stacey is the same as before at her, and Matt fucker is looking at us.

“You gentlemen are obliged to keep all this under confidentiality. There’ll be agents coming in in the next minutes to take your IDs info and statements, so please cooperate or you’ll be under charges for going against law.” He glares at me now and throws his chin, as I seem familiar to him. “Mr. Brian Stredge?”

I nod, but don’t say anything. I’m with the corner of my left eye on baby Stacey who’s in a cold persona, but I can see she’s devastated because of her sister.

“Well, I’m sorry for the inconvenience in the club tonight. Whatever bills to pay for damages, you can ask through the agents coming in who will take on the paperwork.”

Stacey gives a final look to Anna, ‘Hmph!’ at her, turns on her shoes and walks out like a big boss, with her hands still at her back, not saying another word. No, she hasn’t looked at any of us.

I’m coming after you, baby, soon enough…. You’re mine….

“Stace?! Sis?!” Anna wants to go after her though shaken by all that happened, but Matt bars her way with his right hand making her squeal.

Stupid kid…. Now you realize what you’ve lost, huh? Well, she was and is serious that she’s done with you. I can vouch on that from how I see her.

“Wow! No. Not happening. She said you’re out. You’ve done a lot of bad things, Anna. It’s not your first, but it’s your worst.” He’s playing the words between his teeth, moving his head at her, freezing her with his mad stare.

“And I’m not a bad guy here with you, not letting you go after her. She’s in a…bad state right now after what you did, and you have no chance to make her give you one. Trust me. I know her.”

You know her, huh? What are you? Her boyfriend?! Not anymore….

“Don’t worry. I’ll send people to take you to an apartment and give you some money to live off. I’ll try to convince her with your Harvard studies and all. But you need to prove yourself in front of her like never before. You’ve disappointed her to the last drop. Don’t appear in front of her until I’ll tell you to. You’ve got my phone number so wait for my call on that. And if you need anything, under restrictions of course, you call me. But for all that I’ve just said to happen, you need to stop everything with the guy and others the like and become a good one. You’ve got time to decide until my people come in to take you. I’m doing this for your sister and not for you, but I do hope you’ll make the right thing for your life.”

He’s got a relationship with her for sure…. FUCK! Well, we’ll solve that. I’m going to run intel on her. Stacey Alexander. I’ll find out everything about you and then make you mine, baby. You’ve got no way out of my hands and life. The being pretentious self? Well, you’ve checked all the things on my list and beyond. You’re the one I want. Hell yeah!

Yeah, I’m boiling inside because of this fucker, who means well, but he’s my fucking rival. Stacey is mine and only mine. Yeah, just like that. My heart is beating for her, my manhood is yelling after her, my mind is dominated by her entire persona, and my soul craves for our union. So yeah. She’s the one and only for me from this point on. And I’ll do whatever it takes to have her.

Jon, Jack and Robert get seated and have whisky, still silent as the fucker is in here and agents are coming in. I’m standing and watching the rival and Anna who’s nodding at him, trembling and crying.

“I-I’m sorry…. Yeah, I’ll…do that.” 

You’ve got a long way of redemption, kid. 

Matt fucker studies her eyes and has a disgusted position of his lips at her, with a murdering look. He turns around and starts walking with his right hand in his pocket to the exit.

“Last chance, Anna. Use it wisely. I might be your brother-in-law one day, so don’t disappoint me.” And he’s out the door and off our sight.

WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU SAY?! NOT HAPPENING! She’s fucking with him…. FUCK! Oh yeah? Okay…. Watch me, baby. I’ll show you…. 

I grab in rage Robert’s glass of whisky and drink it in one shot, with my blood under fire and heart between heartbreak and racing in wants.

Heartbreak? Well, yeah. I want her and I can’t have her yet, and there’s a fucker between me and her, though she hasn’t looked at him in a being lovers, or such a way, but that could be because of the situation. He did though. And from how he’s dealing with her sister, says a lot. He fucking loves her! 

Chapter 5 – I’ve Got To Babysit?!


“When are you landing, Stace?” Matt’s raspy, manly voice is over the phone.

It’s been one month since the club event. I’m in a private jet from the agency, dressed in similar clothes to the ones from that night, with my legs up on the other seat, crossed, and eyes shut as I’m tired.

That night I was so upset and hurt by my sister’s behavior and words and everything that in the next four hours I was on a plane to a mission in China that I had previously refused to not stay away for a whole month from my baby sister. But after all that shit with her, I needed to put a fat distance between us and keep my heart and mind busy. I’m so fucking cold and hurt inside that I don’t have words to describe.

No, I’ve not spoken a word with her or seen her face to face. I’ve even blocked all her social media connections with mine and her phone number. I’m so done with her. The only thing that I’ve not blocked, though I fucking wanted, is her Harvard attendance and tuition. I’ve paid it all for her to go if she wants. The rest, no. It’s fucked for her.

Blame me all you want, guys, but I didn’t have what she had when I was her age, and today I am the one I am. And I took the hard way, no fucking for money or shit. And I’m also a businesswoman, and I also went to Harvard Law school, and raised her, and trained for this side and all the shit. For the last eleven years, I’ve had no fucking private life. Just her as main focus. To be her guardian, big sister, mother, father, friend, and all the shit.

And I was called at the fucking police station for her underage drinking alcohol, then driving without a license with alcohol on board, then having a license and driving drunk in zig-zag on the fucking road with speed, then other many such things. She’s always been a difficult kid.

In school, I was constantly called by the Principal for her behavior and attendance. And don’t think that it was because of me or lack of parents. No. I’ve been there for her as all she needed, trying to not be that strict with her, but she didn’t care. She’s a fucking rebel, nothing from how I was at her ages.

And trust me, mom and dad? They were some strict parents that you wouldn’t think of. But for me it was okay, as I never had a mind for teen hormones and all that. I even took her to a doctor to talk to her and try some therapy, thinking that maybe I was doing something wrong and I didn’t realize, that maybe I was the problem for her attitude.

All this started when she reached the fourteen mark. The rebel in her. She was such a sweet and good child until then, nothing to what she became after. The therapist told me that I wasn’t the problem, but her teenage stage and that maybe she was too spoiled, as he labeled her as being bratty. I fucking blinked at him.

He then said that it was possible for the realization of our parents being gone and all that, seeing other kids with their parents, but she told him that she was having the greatest sister and loving her with all her heart and she didn’t feel lack of love or protection or whatever else. So, yeah. I don’t fucking know anymore.

I’ve been like a fucking robot all these years, pushing things forward and striking many achievements on all corners. And yes, since that night back at the club, I’ve taken off my legal guardianship on her. She’s on her own. I didn’t have one either. Just me with a baby. Yeah.

Matt has tried all this month to bring her up in our convos, but I’ve avoided the subject. No, he wasn’t with me as I didn’t want him in my team. I needed a break from everything. Not even him doesn’t know the mission I had as it was a sealed in info one, which was a dangerous one and we were heavily hit as we dealt with the fucking Triads.

But I completed the mission with success in the end and now I’m finally going back home to Miami. I can’t wait to crash on my sofa or bed or floor or whatever and just splash in sleep or something. I’m fucking sore in my all and I need some me time for a few days at least.

“I don’t fucking now anymore, Matt. Probably half an hour something….” I’m yawning with my phone at my right ear. It’s fucking two in the morning. “We’re coming in for reports and then I’ll score home….” I’m yawning again. I’m beat tired.

“Stop yawning like that, darling…. You don’t want to know….” 

Son of a bitch…. Fuck you, Matt…. 

I’m in another yawn, cursing him under my lips as he’s playing the words in a fucker way.

“Shut the fuck up, loser.” I’m stretching and groaning.

“Damn…. You fucking kill me….”

I’ve just ended the call.

FUCK YOU! Motherfucker and your fucking male balls! 

He’s calling back but I hit a complete shut down of my fucking phone. 

Fuck you again and zip it. 

I’m devilishly laughing. I shove my phone in my jacket, cross my arms and go for a nap.

The other four guys that are with me will wake me up when we’ll land. 

Sweet dreams…. Not that I have that kind of luck, but at least dreaming about dreams…. Ha-ha! 

And I go in my sleep with my head dropping on my right side.

“Alexander? Wake up.” 

Just let me fucking sleep…. Can’t you see I can’t fucking stand up? Get the fuck away from me if you treasure your fucking life…. 

Yeah, it’s one of the boys I’m with. Boys…. Men. He’s shaking my left shoulder and I’m probably drooling some, but who the fuck cares.

“Be careful with her, man. She had it tough and she’s in her killer instincts. She’s not on top level for nothing….” Another is informing this one and I’m faking snoring to see what they’re saying, making me laugh inside.

From outside, I look like I’m in a deep sleep, but though I’m sleeping, I’m always alert.

“Even when she’s sleeping, she’s damn beautiful….” 

Oh yeah? Son of a fucking bitch…. 

No, I’m faking sleeping and he’s in a husky voice with the other going silent. I can feel they’re all with their eyes on me. It’s such a penetrating heat around me that you wouldn’t fucking believe.

While I’m like this, with my arms crossed over my chest, legs up crossed, head aside, mouth a bit opened as I was sleeping, giving the impression I’m dead asleep, and they’re all staring at me as they’re in complete silence for some minutes now with no movement around me as they’re standing from what I’ve heard earlier, I take my boss voice.

“Had enough of staring? Tell me who’s first to go down. I’m generous.”


I’m in same position, same all, waiting.


They’re going…. I now open my eyes and sigh.

“Right. We’re finally home.” I leisurely collect my feet from the other seat and stand up groaning, arranging my blazer and hair.

“Well, we need to gain some energy for the paperwork and then head home with light speed. Let’s do this.” I’m wiping my drool from my mouth with the back of my right hand.

“Shit…. I knew it. Yeah, well.” I shake my head as I’m hit a bit by dizziness and inch to the exit, rolling my shoulders and stretching my hands at my back, releasing another yawn…. 

Fuck…. It’s a cold night…. UGH!

The cold air sends chills down my spine. Well, when you’re tired, yeah….

Cars are parking in a squeal of tires, and I get in the middle one for a fifteen minutes’ drive to the agency. 

Let’s nap again…. Yep….

I’m walking in the agency with the four fuckers behind me, being greeted by others but I just wave off as I can’t fucking stand any longer but fucking speak, and I’m heading to the main offices, scratching my right side of the head as I’m in a state of a whining baby for sleep inside, and when I’m tired like this, that’s a habit of mine since a kid. It hasn’t left me to adulthood unfortunately…. Yeah….

I’m now getting in the elevator with the four fuckers, rubbing the back of my neck with same hand, the next stage of my habit, yawning some more. No, they’re silent and avoiding my stare as they know I would either beat the shit out of them or shoot them, so they know better than that, especially after I overheard them. 

Man! I need a fucking bed…. Wonder how Anna is doing…. Shit….

I get out of the elevator with the fuckers positioning behind me again as yes, I’m their top and in the agency, and stroll to the main office for briefing and whatever else.

When I’m almost at the main door, I take out my pack of cigarettes, take one, light it, place the pack of cigarettes back in my blazer, while walking, and one of the fuckers from my back is opening the door and I step inside with them following me.

I release the smoke and when I land with my eyes on the boss’s chair who’s waiting for us, I see he’s grinning at me and he’s with another guy with some bodyguards standing aside. The fucker seems familiar, but I don’t bother to look further as it’s none of my business.

The guy is a hot male specimen, around twenty something, gorgeous features, expensive brand black suit and shirt, tailored to those Greek God muscles and towering built, chestnut wavy hair and some dark jade eyes to die for, who’s smirking at me, sitting on a chair in front of my boss like a fucking lion emperor. I’m yawning….

My boss? Gerald Satherland. 49. Single. A hot guy and well-built himself, not showing his actual age. Brown eyes, black hair, grey suit and cream shirt, with a tie to match all that. He’s a bad boss, like in cruel, to many, but to me he’s a puppy. Most of the times. There are times when I can’t go against his orders, but those are rare. When you have value, you have rights.

“Heard it went well, Stace.” He’s leaning his back on the chair and I can feel the other guy’s stare at me.

My fuckers are behind me.

I’m twisting my head at him, with a whatever grimace and stare.

He’s somehow with a mischievous stare at me.

“It did. We’ve retrieved our stuff. Victims. Well, a lot of them. I used a truck of ammo on that…. First branch is secured and ours. The others have the warning flagged. I kind of…killed one of the heads. But he was disposable…. And the other stuff you’ll be reading in my full report when it will be done. Half an hour or so as I want home fast. I’ll report the main stuff, and the fuckers behind me will complete the details as they fucking know that if they leave a fucking detail uncovered, they’ll fucking die by my hand.” I’m taking another smoke to keep me fucking awake as I feel like a drunk person and behind me is dead silence.

Boss is smiling.

Yeah, yeah…. Your top makes you happy on my sleepless nights…. But I made a lot of money, so I’m fine…. Yeah…. And I did save some people trapped in there…. So, lots of rewards to my soul and person.

I’m faking a smile, sighing.

“Proud of you.” 

You don’t say…. I would so whack you right now. And the fucker sitting on the chair staring at me with I don’t know what kind of stare as I would kill him if I knew.

“Thanks, boss. I’ll be in my office then.” I turn around to walk out but I turn back.

“Oh! Yeah….” I’m rubbing my forehead. “I forgot. Umm…. Our agency’s branch there?”

His brows go up, his forehead stretches, his lips are pressing against each other, and his eyes darken as he knows.… 


“What about, Alexander?” He’s in his serious persona now, the cruel boss, and I’m fucking smirking in a wicked one, with my head leaned at my right at him, and for sure my eyes are dancing in an evil laughter.

“The head of our agency there?”

“Alexander?” He’s tensing up, I’m laughing under my lips. “No, you didn’t.” 

Oh yes…. 

The guys are chuckling behind me.

“Well, it was fun, sir. I beat the shit out of him and he’s in a small vacay to restore his energy. He was pleased in the end.” I’m giving my cigarette at my back to one of the guys, not taking my stare off my boss, and one of them takes it.

“Why, Alexander?” He’s fucking angry with flaring eyes and a ragged breathing.

I’m shoving my hands in my pockets and take my lion stance and chin up at him, with a demented stare.

“Because he wanted to fuck with me and my orders. You perfectly know why, sir. Don’t boil, sir. It will ruin your handsome face. I promise he went on orgasms in his retreat.” I’m laughing like a lunatic under my lips and he’s almost pouncing on me. Ha-ha!


Well, at least I’m gaining a rush of adrenaline with this for my report…. Ha-ha!

“Yes, sir?” I’m undergoing an innocent stare and grimace taking my hands at my back, smiling in satisfaction.

“You’re…!” He wants to say grounded, but he sighs in anger and looks at the guy seated who the fuck I know or care his stance or stare on this. He’s fucking unimportant to my balls.

He groans and lays back on his chair, drumming his fingers on the desk, boiled at face and stare.

“Fine. I’ll deal with your little fun later. There’s a new mission for you, starting tomorrow morning.” 


Now I’m the one boiling and in an inflamed all at him, but silent, and he’s in a wicked smirk and stare.

“I don’t think I’ve heard it right, sir. I’m in a break for a few days as I requested yesterday, and you approved.”

He’s cocking his head in a wild smirk. 


“Well, things have changed. It’s last-minute urgency and you’re the one for it. You can’t bail out.”

I’m with my stare down, rubbing my fucking temples with my eyes shut. 

I can’t fucking believe this….

“What mission?” 

Say it’s something minor…. I need fucking sleep….

“With Mr. Brian Stredge over here.”

I don’t look at the Sedge whatever fucker, I’m still like before, chewing from my inner cheek.

“What mission, sir?”

He pauses breaking my nerves. 

Just fucking say it already!

“He’s under threats and needs our top for protection. And you’ll be posing as his fake fiancée in all and all the way, to be body on body with him without raising suspicion. It’s until we catch the one or ones behind the death threats.” 


I raise my psycho stare at him, ignoring the kid.

Chapter 6 – Fake Fiancée, Huh?


“Sir? I’m not the only female agent in this fucking agency to babysit. That’s not that complicated of a mission for any other one. I’m not taking it. I’m sorry. I don’t do fake fiancée and body on body shit. And he seems to have bodyguards, gorillas and enough trained from their eyes to protect the guy.”

Yeah, he’s near me, listening to all this, and I’m like he’s on Mars or something, not seeing him. Yeah, that’s me. I’m not all there in general when out of missions, but also before. As for in the mission, you don’t want to fucking know how crazy I fucking am. Yeah, well.

I turn around to go with a flicker of irritation in my eyes, avoiding the fucker’s sight, meaning Sedge whatever guy, but I get stopped by my boss’s voice. 

Both of you just GO AND FUCK YOURSELVES!

“It’s your mission, Alexander. The bills from the club back then, a month ago, are high. He’s the owner of the club. He saw your skills and decided you’re perfect for it. You either take the mission or prepare some twenty million dollars out of your pocket. That damn shit is expensive as fuck. If you take the mission, he forgets about the damages and costs for us, and pays the services aside from that as we charge on such missions. You’re booked for the next six months. If you get the bad guy before that, you’re out the next second. Here are the mission’s details and here’s the offer.”

I’m raking my fingers through my hair, groaning in despair, with my back at them. Yes! I remember the club so damn well! And I know the fucking damages! And I don’t have twenty million right now! SHIT! 


I turn around with a rioting squeal, firing my boss with my criminal stare, in rabid steps to his fucking desk to fetch the documents. No, I don’t see the main fucker. He’s banned from my sight.

“Ugh!” I start reading the mission details, a lengthy file. 

Same bedroom?! Act like a true fiancée in public and in house?! 

I’m frowning with a desperate stare on the contract, nervously chewing my inner cheek, ready to explode. 

Attend our engagement party?! Attend all public functions, dates and all involved in such a relationship in public and private?! Accept all intimacy involved for people to believe our relationship?! WHAT THE FUCK AM I?! A FUCKING ESCORT?! 

I raise my bloody-creature-of-the-night stare at my boss.

“The fuck is this? This is something for an escort, not a paid assassin to protect and kill. Are you fucking serious with this?”

Yeah, I’m almost erupting. My heart is asking for a kill right now. My brain is smoked in anger. My breathing is erratic. He sees my state and knows the consequences, so he clears his throat, sighs, and softens his stare and grimace at me, regaining his puppy state.

“It’s for show, not for real, Stace. You’re there to protect and kill if necessary and all that included. There are people inside, that we’re yet to know of, providing info outside and that’s why you need to act in private as well. And, of course, you need to show in public what a real relationship you both have. It’s only natural. Nobody knows this is fake except for the people present at this moment.”

I’m having a major headache right now and I need some fucking sleep. I’m fucking breaking in body. I can’t even fucking think anymore. I still don’t look at the guy. I really don’t give a fuck on him or any other for what I care. 


I grab a pen from my boss fucker’s desk and fucking sign it without further reading anything as I can’t take anything any longer.

“FINE! I’LL FUCKING SIGN IT! THERE! But I’ll let my guys write the fucking report for the last one as I can’t fucking stand anymore! And if the fucker expects intimacy of any kind from me?! He’s got it coming! Decency is required or he won’t get killed by the other fucker, but by his fake fiancée that he on his own has requested! Good night! I’m out!” I throw the contract on the desk, almost landing on my boss, and turn around at my four fuckers.

They’re some statues as they know not to move a fucking muscle when I’m losing it as they might get involved in my rage and it is painful for them.

“All of you! Listen! Full reports! Send them on my email before submission! You’ll take your asses with me in the new mission! Posing as bodyguards! I need all eyes and ears on everyone there! When the main fucker says I need to be at his fucking whatever place for the mission starting tomorrow, send a car to take me in! Call me one hour before taking me! Long calls! As I might not hear it from first call! UNDERSTOOD?!”

“Yes, sir!”

I’m cursing them under my lips with a bad bitch stare.

They’re like soldiers looking in front.

Yeah, I’m tiny in front of them, but you don’t want to taste my wrath. It doesn’t consider size and all. You just get fucked. 

“GOOD! Call the fucking car to send me home. NOW!”

They spread per orders and I’m walking out. No, no look at the main fucker who ordered the fake shit mission.

I’ve just slammed the door at my back with an ‘UGH!’ 

I’m so fucked…. And here I wanted a fucking break…. Yeah…. Babysitting…. SHIT!

I’m lighting another cigarette, strolling to the elevator to go back downstairs, shove myself in the fucking car, nap till home, crawl till my fucking apartment, close the fucking main door, and then pass out on the fucking floor as I’m sure I won’t go further than that from how I’m feeling right now. 

I’m doomed…. Fucking shit…. Fake fiancée, huh? That’s new alright…. I feel like a fucking escort right now…. Jesus!

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