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When “Big Bad Wolf” returns…
Returning to work on a Monday morning leaves a bitter taste for all of us, but to have your high school bully of two years, in the form of famed, playboy, hot 28-year-old billionaire Mason Mares, be your new boss overnight without your knowledge, that hits and enrages you without return! Bloody Monday for sure!
I’m Rachel Swarez, 30, who has cut off all ties with all my past for the last twelve years because my bastard father has lost me on a bet to two different mafia heads, making me become Dark Muse in the shadows since I was a teen.
When I finished high school, my dad left us, me, my mom, and my two way too young siblings for a younger woman, bombing debts on us, mom going mentally crazy, and I on my own to take care of the family and be the most feared assassin in the underground for the legitimate mafia head who has won me back then for my abilities.
The other mafia head is always on my tracks to find me and make me his, being a rival and bigger than my mafia head, because my bastard father has crossed both mafia heads and then disappeared.
And in all the mess I’m in for the last twelve years since I’ve left high school, this LUNATIC Big Bad Wolf, as he’s now known in the industry, decides to play games with me, claiming to my baby sister we’ve been high school sweethearts, using her before me to manipulate me to his wants, because she’s with a crush on her IDOL, knowing of his existence before me from the social media, and he’s wanting me as his woman!
And to top it all! I find out he’s the biggest head, the hidden one, over all mafias in the world, and a RIVAL to my own mafia! HE’S OUT OF HIS DAMN MIND!
But he says he loves me…. And I should be okay with it, right? To be okay with my high school bully, who has hunted me down all these years to find me, and declare his love to me? HELL NO, MAN! IT’S PAYBACK TIME! I’M DARK MUSE! AND NOT FOR NOTHING!
Yet…. I don’t know…. Maybe his return in my life is for the better? I hate his player guts!
And no, he doesn’t know about my other side, but he’s about to find out because when I get publicly associated with him, war against my mafia explodes, demanding Dark Muse to restore order….
Genres of the book
Billionaire Romance, Curvy Girl Romance, Mafia Romance, Dark Mafia Romance, Possessive Alpha Males, Strong Female Lead, Enemies to Lovers, Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy, Action, Comedy, Suspense, Mystery, Thriller, with a HEA.
*This book contains language and mature themes. Suitable for +18 audience because of that.
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Billionaire’s Baby Nemesis, by Andra-Cristiana Stan, Romania. Copyright © November 2021. All Rights Reserved
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This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

Chapter 1 – My High School Bully?!


“Hey, Ms. Rachel!” Jonathan Riddley, one of the employees here at Black Corp, waves at me in the lobby, inching to the elevators where I’m waiting to go upstairs to my level, with a satisfied smile that he has caught me.

I push the glasses on my nose and flaunt a professional smile.

“Hey, Jonathan.” I move my eyes on the elevator before me as it has just opened its doors for me to step inside followed by him.

“Rough days ahead, Ms. Rachel, right?” The tone of his voice at my right is disturbed while he’s pushing the buttons on the panel to our levels.


I furrow my brows and cast a surprised look at him.

He’s in the Management’s team, I’m the secretary of the CEO here. Therefore, I’ve heard of no such news last Friday till this morning, which is Monday. And I should be first to know, right? I mean, I’m literally the right hand of Mr. Gary Shotheaty.

“What do you mean?”

He tilts his eyebrows at me.

“That’s awkward…. Ummm…. We do have a takeover? New CEO? New rules? New everything?” He’s serious, wandering his eyes on my face, not understanding why I’m off this intel.

I’m in shock.

“W-wh-what? When did that happen? I knew…nothing….” I turn my stare at the opening doors where he needs to step down as it’s his level of offices. I’m jaw dropped….

“It happened this weekend, Ms. Rachel. There’s going to be a lot of resignations or firings involved, as I’ve heard. The new CEO is a Big Bad Wolf. So I’ve heard…. Wish you an easy one, Ms. R!” He gets down from the elevator in a hurry to not be late by his face.

I’m with my eyes piercing his back while the elevator closes its doors to take me to the last floor of the building where the CEO’s offices are.

Big Bad Wolf?! Who the fuck is that?! And why haven’t he said anything to me?! I’m his fucking secretary! Jonathan knows and I don’t?! What’s the meaning of this?!

I’m Gary’s secretary for the last three years. I know that bastard’s everything! And this important change is out of my league all of a sudden?! What the fuck?!

Once the elevator stops at my level, I rush out, with my heart in my throat, but maintaining my professional attitude, aiming the main office where I’m at with the CEO.

In my office, I drop my purse on the chair and undress my coat in fast moves, launching it on the chair as well, and stroll to Gary’s office where there are murmurs inside.

I knock on the door and enter, as I always do.


I can’t speak further, as on Gary’s chair is now a pair of piercing deep blue eyes, in a wolf’s lust, staring at me, with a smirk I so fucking know since fucking high school, and Gary is standing on the other side of the desk all worn out and discouraged.

They are both sporting some last trends suits for businessmen, billionaire businessmen, both some otherworldly hunks in their late twenties.

What?! Mason Mares is Big Bad Wolf?! My high school bully?! What the fuck is he doing here?!

Well, you don’t understand. Mason Mares was two years younger than me, but against that, he was the most popular, hot, sexy, bad boy in high school. And! That high school was and is one owned by his mammoth rich family with him being the only son.

This brat over here always mocked and bullied me as I’ve always been a curvy one. Not on the bulging fat side, but I wasn’t the skinny, model type, and I was also in the nerds’ category to top it all. He had never missed a chance to pick up on me and make my life a living hell during the remainder of two high school years.

No, he has never been violent with me or something like that, but you know how they go around with ones like me. And he has always been this Greek God in built and owning that out of norms Adonis face, with the gaze of a hungry wolf.

Yeah, he’s a bit of a lunatic. Or more. I don’t know how he is now as he was still in high school when we parted ways for the happy me, and we’ve never met afterwards for, again, happy me.

Of course, his actions never had luck on me, as I’ve always been a tough one and I’ve never let myself intimidated by anything, but I can’t say it was pleasant to go through that shit every single day.

Moreover, I was there on a scholarship because that is an elite, private high school, so being among the few poor kids also brought me a lot of mockery from others, especially from girls. But again, I’ve never been one to shy away or let myself drown into darkness because of what I was getting. I’ve survived all that and finished high school magna cum laude going to Harvard on another scholarship. Yeah, I’m a smart ass, badass girl. And I take no shame in that.

We’re in a lock of growling stares.

He still has that rebel, sexy but neat dirty blond haircut. But for me? None of that stands. He’s a fucking pure DEVIL! And I’m sure he hasn’t changed his attitude one bit!

“Rachel….” He’s lowering his stare from my eyes to my lips, to my chest, doing so till my feet and then having a rerun up to my eyes with a deep smirk and sparkles in his lunatic dark ocean, owning a husky voice.


I’m wearing a trendy black suit embracing my curves in a hot but professional manner, with a dark grey shirt buttoned on my neck, and in my feet, I have a pair of black stilettos. My hair is in a neat but a tad rebel bun of golden locks. My glasses are fake, by the way. I’ll tell you later about that.

I move my stare to Gary’s confused green eyes of how come he knows me.

“Sir? I’ll wait outside if you are in a sort of meeting. Sorry if I disturbed you.” I turn on my heels, step outside, and shut the door behind me without acknowledging the Big Bad Wolf Devil fucker.

I’m strolling to my desk with my chest heaving in fury but containing an outburst. Yeah, we’ve clashed many times in the past….

I’m someone wearing the motto: Don’t fuck with me, Devil, or you’ll get burned.

Well, I’ve forgotten to fully present myself to you guys. I’m Rachel Swarez and I’m 30. Still a virgin as I hate all male population because of how they treat women, and I never see myself submitting to some fucker to trash me to his desires. I prefer work and abstinence. I’ve got so many problems in my life, outside work, that I’m never able to breathe or properly rest. But anyhow, I pride in being what I am and on what I’m trying to build outside my job.

However, if Gary is off being the CEO here, that’s bad, so bad. This is his family’s legacy and they’re fucking billionaires. Whatever happened with Big Bad Wolf, he’s screwed, and I’m next, as I’m sure I’ll be first to get fired. And it’s kind of hard to get a job nowadays, no matter your credentials. And! I do need the amount of salary I’m making here, which is unmatched on the market for many on my position, because I have a shit load of family debts, and some other shit going on.

I’m the only salary in my family and everything is on my shoulders since I’ve finished high school. My dad left us for his mistress back then and moved to Europe. Mom went sick and I was the eldest among three siblings. Like, I was 18, and Joshua, my little brother, was seven, and Nora, my baby sister, was only eleven months. Dad divorced mom and took everything as she had been a housewife with not even a high school diploma.

He should have paid child support for my younger siblings at least, but how he had no earnings in the States where we were and he took citizenship by marrying that Swedish, way younger, bitch, he sent no money to us, building his new life there with his little bitch of a new wife, leaving me and mom with not only no money but with some half of million debts from his business here, which he somehow had tricked mom to take over right before he dropped the divorce papers bomb through his lawyers. Yeah, complicated shit.

So, since then, I took in lots of jobs along with studying my ass off, to provide for my family, going between the hospital where mom was in with a mental breakdown, home to my siblings to whom I had to pay for babysitters or ask some neighbor to watch them while I was out, and so on. Yeah, I had a tough life back then…. Still have.

And now? Joshua is nineteen and Nora is thirteen; two pain in the ass brats. Mom? She committed suicide five years ago…. I found her in the bathtub…. Nora doesn’t quite remember those days as she was young, but yeah, Joshua is affected. He’s covering it, going rebel, but I know he is. I paid for his therapy back then…. He’s medically fine. No, they’re both good students at school, but the brats type.

Well, I did spoil them as if they were and are my own. Nora sometimes slips and calls me mom as she saw me more in her life than mom. I never go against as I understand she needs a mother figure in her life. And I do love both with all my heart and life. I would do anything for them as I’ve already done. Nothing lacked for them at our level. And yes, she knows I’m her sister, and she mainly calls me ‘sis’.

My dad? Never heard from him since then, nor I would ever want to hear from that bastard. I’ve got no father. Just a mom who left us in a devastating pain and dark night of the soul…. Yeah…. Other family members? Nope. We’re on our own. It’s fine though. I’m a tough one. Nothing puts me down. Ever.

I settle at my desk and open my computer to process my morning work, trying to ban the reality from the other room to not go fucking crazy.

At some point, Gary steps out of his office alone and shuts the door.

“Ms. Swarez?” He’s standing before my desk and I tilt my eyes at him, standing up.

“Yes, sir? Do you need anything?” I’m in my normal, office persona at him, but he’s between a bit boiling and full of remorse.

“No. From today onward, Mr. Mason Mares takes over the company, attaching it to Mares Industries. And you’ll remain on same spot, as his personal secretary. I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you this weekend when it happened.”

What?! What do you mean?! It’s true?!

Chapter 2 – He’s Cooking Something For Sure…


I keep my composure, not hinting at the volcano ready to erupt I have inside.


He shakes his head and I furrow my brows at him.

Well, he’s a playboy, a good CEO in general, but he’s got a vice. He loves gambling. And he always makes it in the headlines for some A-list bitch he fucked or something like that. So, I suspect all this has to do with his gambling addiction somehow. I mean, what other reason could be to lose everything overnight and call at weekend several members of the staff for it.

I do wonder why he hasn’t called me as he always does whenever something bad happens and I need to start making calls and deal with the mess from his office. This is indeed a first on that in three years since being at his side. Even at fucking three in the morning, he would call me with something to deal with, that kind of thing. Hence my hefty salary….

Well, I never complained as I needed the money. And it was only work. He did keep his boundaries with me and with all female employees in all his companies. No rumor whatsoever on that.

“I’m sorry. I need to go now. You should go inside to take in the new agenda as he wants it and prepare the list of people who will be laid off. Have a nice day, Ms. Swarez.”

He’s walking to the exit door.

“You’ll sure need a nice day with that fucker….” He breathes while stepping out of the office, slamming the door behind him.

Oh shit…. He did something to him. I’ve never seen Gary like this. THAT SON OF A FUCKING BITCH! HE’S STILL A FUCKING LUNATIC! And this shit of a bastard! How the fuck could you lose companies of billions of dollars over the fucking weekend?! Are you for real?! JESUS CHRIST! AND I NOW HAVE TO WORK UNDER THAT FUCKER?! ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW?! UGH TO THE FUCKING UGH!

I’m staring at the door Gary has gone through, flaring under my nostrils, clenching my jawline, now taking my glasses off and throwing them on the fucking desk, stepping to the fucker’s now office to take in the new agenda and whatever massacre he has planned!

Alright, brat. I won’t lose this war. I’ll be professional, and like in the fucking past, I’ll not let myself provoked by you. I’ll act like you’re Gary and ban your face to not fucking kill you! Yeah!

I knock on the door and with same husky voice as before, he….

“Come in.”


I enter with calm and a nothing is wrong attitude and showcase my professional persona, as always.

“Sir? What do you need me to do? I was told there’s a new agenda I need to take in.” I’m with my chin up, straight stare, straight back, waiting for orders.

He lays back on his chair with same provocative smirk and wolf-in-lust stare, taking off his tie and throwing it on the desk without escaping my eyes.

I’m like nothing is rolling before me; no sexy, towering, buffed, hot man exists.

“He did keep his promise to not tell you as I see. I hoped you’d be more shocked to see me here, but that growling attitude of yours never wears off as it seems, Rachel.”

Yeah, he has always emphasized my name like that.

He’s inching me with that hungry, blue, wolf stare he never shook off back then.

I can’t fucking stand him….

I take my hands at my back.

“With all due respect, sir. I expect you to call me Ms. Swarez as it’s normal in a working environment. I may be an employee, but I’m entitled to respect in that regard, and in all circumstances as my job position before you demands. If you don’t like or approve of that, you have the right to put me on the blacklist of people to resign or get fired. I have nothing to argue on that.” I’m in my heavy, straight tone of voice, confronting his stare.

He chuckles, bobbing his head, keeping his blue fireworks in my growling stare.

“Well, we know each other since long ago, Rachel. It’s only natural. You can call me on my first name as well. I don’t mind.”

Why am I feeling he’s having a personal game with me with all this? He said Gary kept his promise in not telling me about this…. What’s his deal? This motherfucker…. Oh! Man….

“No, sir. We’ve never been friends or acquaintances.”

His left eyebrow tilts and his lips are in a devilish position.

“So, we don’t know each other since long ago, Mr. Mares. To what I acknowledge, I only met you today, as my new boss.”

“Is that a challenge, Rachel?” His eyes twinkle in his signature bad boy stare, leaning his head at his right a bit at me, loosening his first buttons on his shirt at his neck.

The tension between us is thick as fuck in the air. But I would kill him. He’s in a somehow heavy breathing.

“Challenge for what, sir?” I spat, keeping my employee status though.

“To remind you?”


“To remind me? I don’t understand, nor want to understand, what you mean by that, sir. Please, give me the orders for the day and I shall go back to my office to perform my duties.”

We’re in an Alpha werewolf stares, in male against female and vice-versa, kind of thing.

No, there’s no wolf or werewolf here, but just for you guys to understand the picture of what’s going on here. This has always been the case between us.

His eyes have that lunatic in mischief look at me, with him towering on that chair like a fucking emperor. Well, he is one. He’s a fucking billionaire with uncountable businesses. I’m sure he hasn’t got that Big Bad Wolf nickname for nothing. Actually, it suits the beast before me at perfection.

“Oh, you shall perform your duties, Rachel. Don’t worry about that. Go and grab your things. We’re going somewhere. I have a morning appointment.” He’s deepening his stare into mine and I have the urge to go there and slap that face off!

He’s fucking playing with me as always! Ugh! Go and grab my things…. Oh! He’s cooking something for sure…. Man! I know that stare so damn well! Son of a fucking bitch…. And I’m now his personal secretary…. FUCK ME AND FUCK ME HARD!

“Ms. Swarez, sir.” I say it between my teeth, massacring him with my own crazy stare. “Yes, sir.”

He’s twisting his lips in a smile and I turn around to go to my office and do as told. I’m sure I’ll hit the headlines tomorrow as Secretary-Murdered-First-Day-Billionaire-Boss. I’ll be viral online for sure…. UGH!

Well, I fetch my things and without waiting for the bastard Devil, I dash outside, take the fucking elevator, and go to wait for him downstairs.

Oh, when I went out the office door, a number of bodyguards, I haven’t seen before, were there. I guess it’s his personal security…. Gary has it as well, but they never come upstairs, unless he calls them for something.

I’m waiting at the reception with my arms crossed, dressed in my coat, and with my glasses back on my face, having my back at the elevators. I don’t want to see him. He drives me crazy with each fucking second and all memories back in high school are whooshing before my eyes, rioting my heart to fucking kill the bastard. But as always, I can’t. Well, not that I could do something painful to that fucking bull of a man anyways. I fucking hate him so bad….

“Ms. Swarez?” A deep, husky male voice calls my name and I turn my stare to where it comes from.

It’s a businessman, client to our company, a millionaire himself, well-built, handsome, wearing a dashing dark blue suit and white shirt.

He’s Daren Hampton, who’s always on my back for a fucking date…. He’s in his mid-thirties, and I’ve heard he’s a potential Mafia guy. Nothing sure though. Not that I fucking care. I have no business with anyone. I just need for all fuckers to leave me alone.

Oh fuck…. Just the fucker I needed to see today in all the drama I’m already in.

I take my protocolar smile while he’s decreasing the distance between us with a smile and some craving emerald eyes, having four of his men behind him.

“Hello, Mr. Hampton.” I’m with my lion stance, business stare, and a confident tone of voice as it’s my signature one.

“Beautiful as always, Ms. Swarez.” He’s facing me with a short distance between us.

“You’re kind, Mr. Hampton. Here with another business deal?”

He twists his head with a smug smile.

“No, I’m honest, Ms. Swarez. Yes. Extending one of the main contracts.”

I bob my head at that last part, serious and unintimidated in my all. Yes, he’s a sexy ass as well. I don’t fucking care. I just need him off my back.

“Well, I won’t keep you any longer, Mr. Hampton.”

I can feel two burning eyes on my back, but I don’t bother to look why I’m having this feeling.

“Wish you a great day, sir.”

“Not so fast, Ms. Swarez. You’re always avoiding me. I was hoping we can have that private meeting soon. How about tonight?”

I refrain a burst in laughter.

Two years and he still doesn’t give up. This fucking bastard…. You won’t fuck me, dude. Nobody will. Get the fuck out of here.

“Well, Mr. Hampton, the answer is the same, I’m afraid. But thank you. You should go upstairs. I don’t want to be the reason of you being late.”

His eyes are waving in some playing stars at me, provoked I, again, refuse him with a smile on my lips. If he could, he would grab me right now. That’s his usual reaction every time I reject his offer.

“You’re always playing me, Ms. Swarez. But this time I won’t accept the refusal. I’ll send a car to take you tonight and we’ll have dinner.” He’s smirking and confronting me.

I smirk back at him.


Chapter 3 – It’s Payday, Buddy!


“I’m sorry, Mr. Hampton. I’m on a diet. I don’t eat dinner. I’m sure you’ll have whom to take for a dinner. And I’m not available for any outside company meeting, sir. You better go to your contract meeting. Thank you.”

Before he can reply, an Alpha, husky voice behind me….


Fucking Devil….

I turn around.

“Yes, sir?” I’m in a war of stares with fucking Mason, but I’m in a submission one before my boss. FUCKING BRAT DEVIL!

He’s now eyeing Daren.

“Mr. Mares? Didn’t know you’ve associated in business with this company.” But he doesn’t walk away from me. He seems to know Mason fucker.

Brat Devil returns his burning stare at me, like threatening me for something.

Oh, I would so slaughter him…. Fuck off, Devil.

“I’ve bought it, Daren. It’s added to my empire. And that’s my secretary as of this morning. You have her as off limits, buddy.”

He moves his Alpha, Devil fucker, bad boy stare at Daren.

“That, or I’ll destroy you, buddy. Let’s go, Rachel. We’re late.” He wraps his arm around my waist and guides me out before I can rebel at his action on me.

I don’t know the grimace Daren has over this as I’ve been facing Brat Devil, but he’s reigned by silence, and when this brat said my and off limits, his breathing ragged.

I’m enveloped in this beast’s hot body temperature, he’s fucking blazing, and I’m trying to unglue myself from him and rebel in an unnoticeable manner to the staff and everyone around, with no success. But I do whisper through my teeth with rage.

This son of a bitch! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?! LET GO! FUCK!

“Take your hand off me, sir. Now.”

“Shut up, Rachel, or I go back and kill that fucker.” He’s in his ultimate bad boy persona, true to his fucking words, guiding me out of the building with his men following us, keeping me tight on him, while my heart is everywhere for the audacity he fucking has!

My blood is boiling down my veins and I’m piercing him with a bloody stare.


“Kill the fucker and let go of me. I don’t care. Now.”

He meets my wrathful eyes with his turbulent, darker blue ones.

“Oh yeah?” His chest is heaving and his touch on me is pure fire.

“Yes.” I spat.

“Don’t provoke me, baby.”


“Don’t provoke me, Mares. We do have a history together indeed. Don’t summon the monster in me. It’s there and it has never left me, Devil.”

I don’t realize when he takes me in the fucking limo as I’m like a wolf ready to fucking attack!

He smirks, getting inside the car and someone is shutting the door.

I’m breathing in killings at him, clenching the purse in my left hand.

“Oh yeah, baby. I’m the Devil. You know that first-hand. But you don’t know the entirety of….”

He stops speaking as my fucking purse is banging his fucking head with thirst, while the limo is driving away with the window between us and the front seats shut.

“You fucking devil! You brat! No change! Same old bastard! Take it! I’ll kill you! You come back in my life after! 12 YEARS! OH! YOU’RE OUT! I DON’T CARE! OUT! You call me baby! You touch me! You fucking son of a bitch! FUCK YOU! AND FUCK YOUR EVERYTHING!”

Yeah! I’m smacking him with my purse all this time without breaks, while the DEVIL is fucking laughing with appetite, attempting to take a hold of my purse or hand!

“She’s crazy like always! Ha-ha!”



“Honey! Wait! Ha-ha!”

I’m with my right hand gripping his fucking tie, as yes, he has put himself together again before coming down as it seems, and with my left hand I’m a fury in banging him with my purse.

I’m breathing in eruption and he’s among my attack, taking it, but at the same time wanting to halt it.

“I don’t wait! I’ve waited for twelve years! I even forgot about it! But you needed to come back and torture me again! As my fucking boss now! And drop calling me baby or honey! Don’t make me fucking destroy you, Devil! Big Bad Wolf now, huh?! OH! SON OF A BITCH!”

I’ve briefly stopped assaulting him with my purse to yell at him, keeping his tie tight in my right hand at his fucking neck, going lunatic in stare and grimace at his smirking face and blast of blue fireworks in his eyes at me, both with a labored breathing, and at my last shout, I resume smacking him with it.

“Man! She’s delicious! Ha-ha! Baby! Let me explain! I wasn’t….”

My phone rings with a specific one and I halt everything, like, my left wrist is in his hand and my right hand is still on his fucking tie, rolled over my hand for a proper grip and pull. I’m in a lock of stares with him, breathing my chest out.


Yes, I have a specific ring for Nora’s phone number, and another one for Joshua. So, I always know when one of them is calling.

“What’s the matter?” He’s studying my eyes and face.

“Let go!” I shake off his hand on my wrist and let go of his fucking tie, searching in my coat’s pocket my phone and fetch it in seconds, returning on my seat, sending my purse on my side.

“Yes, sweetie?” I’m trying to cover my heavy breathing and be as calm as possible, banning the Devil’s sight as he chuckles.

“Ms. Swarez?” A woman’s voice comes from the other end, in a serious tone, and my heart twists and accelerates its heartbeats, with my eyes going left and right, not understanding why there’s a woman calling me from my baby sister’s phone.

“Yes. Who’s this? What happened to Nora? What’s the matter? Where’s Nora?” Yeah, I’m in panic, speaking fast.

“Oh, no. Don’t worry, Ms. Swarez. She’s fine.”

She’s fine?! Then why hasn’t she called me and you’re the one calling?!

“What’s the matter?” The Devil bastard asks with a concerned voice, probably seeing the change on my face, but I smack with the back of my hand his chest for him to shut the fuck up.

“I’m Serena Davis, the doctor from the school. She’s in the nursery with me, a bit disturbed because…her lady blood has come for the first time.”


“She said you told her about it, but she’s still crying, saying she doesn’t want to end up like her mommy, and that she wants you to come here and take her home.”

I’m shutting my eyes, rubbing my forehead, clenching my jawline.

Jesus…. She does remember about mom and making the connection…. Shit….

“I did give her something to calm down, but she’s still sobbing, reason why I decided to be the one to call you. She’s speaking between cries, and you can’t really understand at first what she’s saying. I didn’t want you to panic for something terrible happening when it’s not something to be alert about regarding her first period. However, I’m a bit concerned of why she’s saying that her menstrual blood is going to make her end like her mommy. She didn’t give more details on this, but I know you’re her guardian because her mom is…not among us anymore.” She’s in a comforting tone of voice, specific to doctors, and I take a deep breath, as it hits me.

I was more concerned about Joshua having this. Nora has never asked me about what happened to mom or stuff like that. She gave me the impression she’s fine and not retaining many memories. How wrong I was, right? Fuck….

“Yes, thank you for calling me, Mrs. Davis. Well, mom committed suicide five years ago. I wasn’t aware she knew something from the event as I had been careful about her to not see or acknowledge the situation, and she was kind of young to understand back then. It seems….” I stop, as I feel like crying to know she remembers and glanced at the madness back then….

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Billionaire’s Baby Nemesis
– Table Of Contents –
(Chapter 1 – 3) Ch. 1 – My High School Bully?! ; Ch. 2 – He’s Cooking Something For Sure…; Ch. 3 – It’s Payday, Buddy!
Chapter 4 – It’s Not Your Fault, Baby…
Chapter 5 – Stop Lying To My F*cking Sister!
Chapter 6 – You’ve Just Started A Master War With Me, Devil
Chapter 7 – You Manipulative Bastard!
Chapter 8 – She’s Again At War With The Devil…
Chapter 9 – She Will Definitely Kill Us…
Chapter 10 – When You Have A Lunatic One Like Me…
Chapter 11 – Man! She’s So F*cking Me…
Chapter 12 – You Narcissist!
Chapter 13 – Prevention Is Better Than Cure
Chapter 14 – Who’s The F*cker?! 
Chapter 15 – This F*cking Manipulator!
Chapter 16 – I Would F*cking Kill Him!
Chapter 17 – Stop Siding With The Wolf Against Your Own Sister!
Chapter 18 – Watch Me, Devil 
Chapter 19 – I’m Going To Squeeze Your Balls Till Your Brains Will Pop, Baby Wolf…
Chapter 20 – This F*cking Demented…
Chapter 21 – Only What You Want! 
Chapter 22 – You’re Cute, Baby Wolf…
Chapter 23 – Let’s Give A ‘Love Shot’ To My F*cking Heart…
Chapter 24 – You Need To Be A F*cking Beast To Have Winning Chances
Chapter 25 – Don’t Go Overboard, F*cker
Chapter 26 – She Was So Rude To My Sis!
Chapter 27 – Answer The Damn Call And Stop Killing Me!
Chapter 28 – She’s Showing Them Why She’s The Head…
Chapter 29 – Shut Up, Devil
Chapter 30 – Please, Don’t F*ck My Heart!
Chapter 31 – Don’t Think You’ve Won Something On Me, F*cker
Chapter 32 – I’m F*cking Unleashed Now…
Chapter 33 – I Said Hate Not Love!
Chapter 34 – Don’t You F*cking Worry, Buddy…
Chapter 35 – You Pay, Motherf*cker
Chapter 36 – You Shouldn’t Have Stirred Up My Wrath, As This F*cking Happens…
->New chapter coming soon<-

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