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When she’s a depressed but divine Black Scorp…
To tell you guys about me…. Hmmm…. Well, I’m Dana Kalendale, curvy, 32, former someone big shot, present relic and hermit because of a tragic event from two years ago happening to my entire family, landing me into a huge depression and all that. In the shadows, I’m known under Black Scorp, and feared at international level because of my persona.
But Black Scorp got the biggest hit of her life two years ago with her family being assassinated…. I saw it livestreamed while I was on the other side of the globe in a mission…. That was their way to eliminate Black Scorp as that’s my code and Angel name. They couldn’t take me off the scene otherwise but to hit my heart and soul with my entire family and I to not be able to prevent that from happening.
And they succeeded, as Black Scorp is out in depression, drown in dark thoughts and physical pains, blaming herself for everything, mourning her pain day in and day out, isolated from the world as much as possible for the last two years. Even as Dana Kalendale, I’m nothing anymore…. Just a breathing and walking relic.
Yet, my new best friend, Renata, lures me out from my self-imposed “cave” in my house to celebrate her first paycheck in a big company she’s working for over lunch. Because last month I’ve promised her I’ll go with her, I can’t back off and I’m downstairs, calling her to come down to eat wherever she wants.
While in front of the main entrance of the company, talking to her over the phone and sipping from my hot coffee, I turn around and bump into a gorgeous, hot billionaire, 29-year-old Brandon Bash, spilling the coffee on his entire front, who also happens to be a big mafia head. He rages for the event, calling me names, and then shoves me in his limo saying that I’m hired.
“You’re taken!”
“You’re not kidnapped, you’re hired for two months. There’s a difference. I’ll pay you one million dollars to be my f*cking fake fiancée.”
“Are you gay or something?” He does look perfect…. But he’s the perfect manly man, Alpha type.
And I’m taken out of my hermit mode to play the fake fiancée with the sexy hotness, but will I? However, my past comes over me because he’s playing all this with media scooping over the fake relationship as being real… Yet, his persona seems to not be a random one sent to me….
Could he be the one and only for me? I do feel a soothing wave installing over my pain a tad while with him…. Who knows? I for sure don’t. He has the clarity of it before I do though….
I’m a dangerous and depressed one, and it’s hard for me to focus on my reality and feelings, trapped in my mind for what happened two years ago….
But, at some levels, I decide to go with the flow. Let’s see what happens, right? I’ve got nothing to lose anymore anyways….
Genres of the book
Billionaire Romance, Curvy Girl Romance, Mafia Romance, Dark Mafia Romance, Possessive Alpha Males, Strong Female Lead, Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy, Action, Comedy, Suspense, Mystery, Thriller, with the touch of the paranormal, with a HEA.
*This book contains language and mature themes. Suitable for +18 audience because of that.
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Chapter 1 – Who Said I’m For Hire, Buddy?!


“I’m waiting downstairs, Renata.” I’m in front of some humongous company, the kind only billionaires have, here on Wall Street. 

I’m in a sloppy and baggy black outfit making me way fatter than I really am, consisting in a pair of trainers, a hoodie, a blazer, a pair of snickers, and a fucking cap over my unrully honey, wavy, long hair. I’m with no makeup, as I never wear anyways.

There’s no fucking difference between me and a homeless person at this moment in appearance from how unkept I am. Well, the difference is that I’m clean…. And that I’m not actually poor….

I’m a depressed bitch for the last two years, reason why I don’t give a fuck on anything anymore. Why? My entire family got killed because of me. Executed by Mafia fuckers. My mom, my dad, my two sisters, and my sister’s husband. I saw their live execution…. 

Anyhow, since then, I don’t function anymore. I’m a cold one in general with a strong ass mind and heart, as I’ve been someone important. But that moment fucked me without return…. Because I couldn’t protect them…. They died because of what I do…. Well, what I did. It was a massive revenge on me. And the culprits haven’t been traceable since then. No, my family’s killers haven’t paid for their deeds. 

I’ve shut down my life and I’m living with a deep depression from day to day. The only thing keeping me away from shooting my brains out is that those fuckers are still out there…. I’m in a permanent dark night of the soul…. My everything is a bleeding wound, an eternal pain.

Renata Shret is a new friend of mine for the last two years, becoming my best friend now because I’ve detached myself from everyone else when I moved here from Los Angeles. She’s my age, 32, and we’ve met each other through depression group therapy where I was forced to go.

Her depression is due to her husband leaving her for her best friend. She’s got two kids and she used to be a housewife. For the last two years, she’s working, and for the last month, she’s got a new job in this fucking company with a better paycheck.

Anyhow, we’ve been supporting each other as much as we can. She’s doing it more to me than vice-versa, as my depression is greater than hers. Let’s say she’s got way more levels of improvement and cure than I have.

She does have her baby kids as a strong motivator to work and be there for them. I opened her eyes on that…. And she understood that she needed to get her shit together and live for her babies and not cry after that son of a bitch anymore. For me, it’s not that easy to get over it, as you guys may understand….

However, she made me promise I’ll have lunch with her today when she gets her first paycheck from here. I told her I’m not a good company as I’m more of a hermit, inside my home’s cave…. Ha-ha!

Well, I mean I almost never go outside except for exceptional situations like buying something I can’t buy through online stores or such. I just stay in and cry my soul out at family movies or sleep…. And other such…things. Nothing to be proud of, to be honest….

“You’re here?! Aww! I’m coming right up! She came!”

I roll my eyes under a pair of fake glasses with thick, black frames, sipping from my hot black coffee I picked on my way here. I’ve got a hangover since last night…. Yeah, well….

She’s all giddy, though.

“Yeah, yeah…. Let’s not go somewhere fancy. I’m not dressed the part…. Oh fuck….”

I turn around and bump into some towering and ripped in muscles businessman by his exquisite Armani black suit, spilling the fucking coffee on him. He’s got a number of bodyguards behind him and a limo waiting for him as I see with the corners of my eyes. I don’t see his face…. 

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me right now!”

We’re in front of the main entrance of the company….

“Oh! I’m so sorry! I didn’t see you!” I’m searching my pocket for a napkin or something while he’s opening his suit jacket and one of his men comes to I don’t know what.

I don’t realize Renata is still on the phone and I shove it in my pocket.


I startle at his Alpha, manly voice and tilt my eyes from his stained suit jacket and shirt to his face.

God, he’s so damn pissed…. An Angry God. He’s so damn handsome and those rare green eyes are fucking pinning me in flames of revenge. Let’s calm down, sexy. I didn’t mean this to happen.

He’s like the hottest and most gorgeous male out there. Perfection at its top. He’s got a rebel but neat, sexy ass dark blonde hair. And he looks no more than 27 or so. 

Oh, no, I’m not getting the feels for him or anything, just expressing to you guys how this sexy fucker is. I’m a fucking virgin still, as I’ve never been one to have time or want for getting a personal life. 

And when I said this outfit is making me look way fatter than I really am, I wasn’t referring to being fat-fat. I am curvy, but the kind with the right proportions to drive men crazy as fuck.

“Look, buddy, I said I’m sorry. I didn’t do it on purpose. I didn’t hear you com….” I’m looking straight into his narrowed, beast eyes, but he stops my speaking.

My eyebrows go up and he’s scanning me from head to toes and back with some detective eyes. 

“Sloppy, fat, stupid, without class.” He’s about to burst, I think. His chest is heaving….

Wow! He’s got some nerve, this fucker….

His eyes return into my goggled ones as I’m one inch distance to fucking snap at him.

“You’re taken! Get in the fucking car!”

What?! What do you think you’re doing?!

He fucking grabs me and stuffs me in the fucking limo.

“What the fuck are you doing?!” He gets inside and the door shuts.

“You’re hired!” He’s cleaning his clothes with a handkerchief and I’m breathing in both despair and rage at him.

“Hired?! Who said I’m for hire, buddy?!”

The limo is going with us and he’s got a huge escort in front and in the back of the limo. He must be someone important. My fucking heart is in trembles because of my overall state even before this.

“By the way you look, you sure don’t have a job. I’m doing you a favor.”

My breathing halts for a second or two with my popped eyes at him.

I do know I look like a fucking jobless person! But that doesn’t necessary mean I need to get fucking hired for anything! This motherfucker!

“I beg your pardon? Stop the fucking car! This is kidnapping! If you need a cleaning for those damn clothes, I can do that for you because of my mistake! I’ll pay for the fucking cleaning services!”

He snaps those damn eyes at me.

“Oh yeah? This type of material doesn’t get clean from coffee. So, drop it. You’re not kidnapped, you’re hired for two months. There’s a difference. I’ll pay you one million dollars to be my fucking fake fiancée. A sloppy, out of the norms one. Will you take that offer? Huh?” He’s so damn confident on his person, like he’s some fucking emperor. But yes, that stops my everything, only my left eyebrow goes up and I’m blinking.

“Fake…. By the way you look, you don’t need such a thing. You can take whoever you want, sloppy, fat, skinny, barbie, stupid, smart, without making it out a revenge on someone who accidentally spilled coffee on you.”

He’s studying my eyes behind my thick glasses.

“Don’t you know who I am?”

I blink twice.

“Nope. Are you gay or something?” He does look perfect…. But he’s the perfect manly man, Alpha type.

He snorts into laughter.

“No, I’m not gay. Ha-ha! First time hearing that…. Ha-ha! But that’s perfect if you don’t know me. You’re hired.”

I narrow my killer stare at him.

“Then? Why do you need me to pose into fakeness to that degree?”

He’s twisting his lips, thinking, looking straight before him.

“Because my real fiancée has cheated on me and I need a new one fast.”

I’m baffled at him.

“And your real one was like me?”

I wander my eyes over him and shake my head.

“I don’t think so. Something is fishy here. Why doing it like this? If she cheated on someone like you, she doesn’t deserve you in the first place. Just take a period of healing and whatever and then start anew. Don’t make a revenge out of it by choosing a random, sloppy one, and whatever, to make a point. Honestly, man, by the way I am right now, both mentally and physically, you’ll make a laughingstock out of yourself. I don’t give a fuck on any of that. I don’t have anything to lose in that scenario. But you do. Even if I would say yes to that fake position, you don’t know what you get into with one like me at this moment.”

He’s again investigating my eyes while I’m speaking and I shake my head, leaning my back on the seat, crossing my arms with a sigh, looking out the window on my side.

Well, he seems serious, but I think he’s not doing it out of a broken heart by his eyes. There’s something else important to him. What the heck? I don’t give a fuck. I’ll help him if he wants that. Maybe I can get my mind out of my fucking depression for a while…. He seems like a nice guy all in all. I’ve read him even with my fucking hangover…. I’m out of my damn mind for these past two years…. Jesus….

Chapter 2 – I’m Itched To Negotiate


“You don’t need to know the details on that. Two months. One million dollars. You keep looking like that. I’ll take you to buy more outfits like this and whatever. You’ll be living with me in my main house. Separate bedrooms. Whatever you want and need granted. You only need to sometimes have outings from the house and sometimes with me for the paparazzi to spot you and connect you with me. I’ll give you a ring. No feelings attached and no sex. What’s your answer?”

He’s so damn serious, making business with me.

I’m chewing from my left cheek, still looking out the window.

I’m itched to negotiate. If he refuses, it means I’m out of my mind accepting all this shit like it’s something normal to happen in real life. My fucking depression has no fucking limits on me…. Look at what I’m doing right now…. From what I’ve been and what I’ve become…. No, I’ll soon shoot my brains out for sure…. Maybe all this will keep me away from it.

“Three million. You don’t ask me questions about my person, I do the same. Whatever I do, you keep away and leave me space. For the outings with or without you, you need to tell me days before. Don’t expect me to be all smiley and whatever for the pictures and such. Minimal touching for that part. No kiss involved. I don’t take orders. Prepare yourself for a total mess when I get drunk. Don’t worry, I won’t hit on you or anything. I’m lucid when I’m drunk, but I do other stuff. You better stay away from me when I do that. I don’t tolerate people around me, especially when under alcohol. I also smoke, so be prepared for that as well if you hate smokers. I can’t change myself for any money or a person. All the other things you’ve mentioned remain the same. Take it or leave it.”

I’m in my business tone of voice.

And the answer comes without delay.


I’m blinking with a sigh.


I remember Renata and fish out the phone.

Fuck…. She’s heard it all…. 

I end the call. No, she won’t tell anyone. If she heard me agreeing, she’s going to wait for my call for further convo on this.

I place the phone back into my blazer’s pocket.

“What’s your name?” He’s in his businessman tone of voice.

I’m sighing again.

“Dana. Dana Kalendale. What’s yours?”

“Brandon Bash. You really don’t know me, do you?”

“Nope.” I’m rubbing my temples. I’ve got a massive headache.

“How old are you?”

I chuckle.

“32, sexy.”

There’s a pause at my right but I don’t bother to look, leaning the back of my head on my seat and shutting my eyes.

“You don’t look 32.” He’s not joking and I smirk.

“Why? Do I look older?”

“No. You look like 25.”

I snort into laughter, still with my eyes shut.

Well, at origins, I pass as 20. He’s a smart guy with a keen eye.

“Thanks for the compliment.”

“It wasn’t. I’m never a flattering guy. I speak my mind.”

“I’ve seen that.”

“And I never apologize for it.”

“Same here.”

“I’ve seen no wedding ring on you. If you have a boyfriend or something, you call him and break up with him. Any kids?”

I snort into another laughter.

“Ha-ha! No, sexy. No man, no kids. You’re okay on that. I wouldn’t accept helping you if I had any of that. I’m alone in this world. No problems from my part during these two months. The biggest problem you’ll have is yours truly. But I’m sure you won’t stay much around me, so you’re kind of safe on that as well.”

“No, I won’t. I’ve got a busy agenda. But I will run a legal background check on you, Dana. Whatever I find there, our agreement won’t end, but I want to know who I have in my house.”

I shrug my shoulders.

You won’t find much. The other part is classified and you won’t get access to it. You won’t reach it to find out who I really am.

“Be my guest. I have nothing to hide. The worst part, I’ve already told you about. So, no lie. Oh, you’ll find that I’m a heavily depressed bitch. But not on the maniacal side…. I’m more self-destructive than maniacal. Anyways…. And I don’t take pills for it as treatment, just therapy sessions. I ended those last month with zero improvement.”

“Why no pill treatment?” He’s genuinely interested.

“I said no questions, sexy.” I’m with my eyes shut all this time and my arms crossed.

He’s in a serious tone of voice, but somehow, it is soothing to my brains. Strange…. Maybe I haven’t made a bad decision after all. I never make a bad one….

“I wasn’t asking why you’ve got depression to be a personal question. I asked why no pills if you’re under severe depression.”

I sigh.

“They don’t work on me. End of answer.”

“But alcohol works?” He’s got a mocking tone.

“I said the end of the answer, buddy.” I’m in a straight voice.

“Satisfy my curiosity about that, please.” He’s genuinely interested.

“No, it doesn’t work on that. Change the subject, please.”


“May I ask where we’re going?”

“I’ll drop you at my house. My man has already called the media for the scoop.”

I bob my head.

“Right. Fast motherfucker.”

“Ha-ha! I’ll assign a limo with an escort wherever you want to go, but you need to inform me f….”

I cut him off.

“No need. I prefer indoors. I’ll just have Renata, my friend I was waiting for downstairs, to come over sometimes. I won’t ask you permission for that and I don’t go outside to meet her. For today I promised her I would come to have lunch with her for her first paycheck there. She made sure to book me a month before to not change my mind about going out. I never break a promise. It’s hard to promise, but I always keep it once I make one. And don’t worry, she won’t stay much. She’s got two kids. And she’s always the one to say to come and see me. I can’t refuse her. She’s a special soul to me.”

My headache is growing and I need a fucking bed to twerk on it in pains…. Come to think of it, all this happening is kind of good. I go back into the house and I’m able to be lazy around. I fucking hate going out…. Yeah, I’m crazy. Don’t mind me…. 

“Alright.” I can feel his burning stare on me, but I don’t open my eyes. His voice is softening, becoming more friendly than a businessman’s.

The rest of the journey till his fucking house we go silent. I’m getting hot because of my state and my head is a fucking bomb. I don’t show it outside, but I might be a bit pale. 

If I’m scared? No. I’m not. He’s no kidnapper or someone to become violent with a woman. He’s used for things to be done his way, by his wants. He’s the ultimate boss by his attitude. 

But yes, you guys don’t do what I’ve done. You’re not who I am. And I’m not talking about depression here when I say that you’re not who I am…. Well, what I used to be…. I’m a fucking relic now…. Anyways.

We enter the premises of a gigantic mansion with a massive gate, heavily guarded.

Who the fuck is this fucker? Who needs that?

I sigh at the sight of everything, shaking my head, avoiding his sight all this time.

“What’s the matter, Dana?” He’s taking off his tie and asking me with a smirk and a twinkle in his damned eyes.

My left eyebrow is up.

“How many families live in there, sexy?” I’m sincerely asking.

He chuckles.

“Only me and now you. And the staff, but they’re hosted in another building.”

“So, this is how you show off your balls, huh? Living in luxury and all that. Nice.” I throw my chin at him with a disgusted look. 

Well, people don’t have what to eat or to send kids to school and they need to buy a small country and call it their main house. However, who am I to judge, right?

“Well, I’ve worked for every penny I have. There’s nothing wrong in living this kind of lifestyle if you can.” He’s airing his emperor status with a devilish smile. Those green eyes get darker shades at me.

“Whatever. It’s not my business anyways.” I say it with a whatever voice, looking back at my window.

Yeah, there are paparazzi on the street here before we drove through the gates. He hasn’t lied. I don’t realize what I’ve gotten myself into, but with how I look, no one will recognize me from my past.

Only the ones closest to me would be able to, and those will keep their mouths shut. So, I don’t care that I’ll probably be all over the internet with Mr. Hot Shot. I still don’t understand why I am accepting this. But my instincts never guide me into something bad for me. Probably there’s a reason why…. Who the fuck knows? I’ll go with the flow on this and see later.

The fuck am I doing over a spilled coffee on a random fucker…. I must be…. Yeah. And by his eyes, attitude, physical strength, and all that Alpha, he must be a big Mafia Boss against his age. I don’t go well with Mafia people…. But this one has that something in him. I don’t see him as a bad fucker, no matter what he is in the underground. Well, if he stays within boundaries with me for these two months? We’ll get along just fine. I’ll have him send the three million to kids with cancer for their treatment. Santa Mary Hospital. Yeah…. I’m doing it for that then. Poor babies….

Chapter 3 – Well, Didn’t You Have His Other Fiancée?


The limo parks in front of the entrance, and the one from the passenger’s seat gets down and opens the door for Brandon while I’m still with my arms crossed and a growling face at all this. 

My heart is taking some painful raptures along with my head, but I’m covering myself. I do need a fucking bed like yesterday. Next step for what I’m having is massive pains in all my body’s muscles….

I said it’s better I’ve chosen to help this sexy asshole. I’m sure he’ll be gone soon enough and I can claim a fucking bedroom. I’m not picky at all. As long as it has a fucking bed and there’s a door for privacy, I’m all good. Well, I told him I’m a difficult case…. He doesn’t even know how difficult. Ha-ha! Anyways.

He gets down the car and extends his hand to help me out.

I slap his hand and get down the car.

“Move. Don’t play gentleman with me, sexy. There’s no need. I give a fuck on the paparazzi if you’re doing it for that.” I’m staring at the entrance with him ogling at me, but I don’t know how.

I throw my chin at the entrance, shoving my hands in my pants under my blazer.

“Show me in the house, give me a fucking bedroom, and disappear. I need to sleep fast. Whatever needs discussion, it can wait till tonight whenever you return.”

“We need to have lunch first. I go after that. Come on. Let’s get inside.”

I dart my insane look into his investigator one.

His eyes are between playing stars and some storms.

My body’s muscles start aching, making me contract my jawline. My chest is breathing in torments a bit to control.

He points with his head at the door, staring into my eyes.

Just fuck me…. I need a fucking bed…. I need to fucking sleep and avoid having that before my mind’s eyes again….

“Fine. Make it quick then.” I spat and inch to the main door with him at my side.

His man, whom I guess is his fucking right hand, is opening the door for us.

“Do you want to share with me what’s going on with you right now?” We’re walking on the wide marbled stairs.

“I said no questions, Brandon. Just make it quick and let me have a bedroom for myself.” I’m talking between my teeth to hold in the pains surging in my muscles.

I’m walking with a straight back and chin up. I’m getting so damn hot…. Yeah, well, I’m a bitch with heavy problems.

He says nothing, but he’s itching for more questions by his breathing and eyes.

His staff welcomes us inside and he tells a mid-fifties maid or something to show me to the dining room and order for lunch. He excuses himself to go and change his clothes. 

His house is top-notch in everything. He’s got rare pieces of art from sculptures, paintings, you name it. The sexy motherfucker has fine tastes till the tiniest detail. It’s like you enter into a fucking imperial palace inside out, that fine tastes he’s got. I don’t even want to guess the prices for everything.

From the entrance till the dining room, I’m following the kind, plump woman dressed in a serious suit uniform with a skirt over her knees a bit. I take in the surroundings with the corners of my eyes to spot any cameras or whatever I can. It’s by instinct…. 

He’s got heavy security…. Lots of bodyguards, hidden cameras, hmm…. Well, at his level it’s a must. From how much staff he has and exquisite everything…. Yeah.

“Here, Ms. Kalendale. Take a seat.” The kind lady shows me a chair at the long table with a smile. Even the fucking table is a piece of art. 

I smile back at her. 

“Thank you, Mrs. Jath.” I take a seat where she’s pointed me at.

“You’re welcome. You’re so beautiful, Ms. Kalendale.” She’s genuine when saying that.

I’ve had better days….

“Thank you, Mrs. Jath.”

“You’re welcome. What would you like to eat?”

“Umm…. Anything is fine. I’m not a picky one.”

I can’t eat anyways…. I would throw up.

She’s all smiley, with some sparks in her emerald eyes. 

“Then, I’ll surprise you with a speciality from the Chef. I’m sure you’ll love it!”

She makes me smile again. She’s like a ray of sunshine.

“Aww! It’s not necessary. Whatever is fine. Thank you so much.”

“Oh! Nonsense! It’s been a long time since we have a guest and such a beautiful and innocent and angelic one! You’re so perfect!”

I’m blinking at her from behind my glasses, but she’s sincere. She can’t take her eyes off me, smiling from ear to ear.

Well, didn’t you have his other fiancée? You know, the real one? I’m not that great in my current state…. I’m sure you’ll change your mind once I’ll pick up my routine with my depression and all…. Ha-ha!

“Mr. Bash is so lucky to have you! Aww! I’ll be right back.” She dashes to the kitchen probably, all giddy.

Poor Mr. Bash is not lucky at all to have me even for two fucking months. But anyhow…. I don’t give a fuck.

I splash with my back on the chair, shutting my eyes, breathing in cuts to regain control over my body and last till lunch is over…. 

At some point, from my back….

“Well, all my female staff simply love the lady of the house. I don’t understand how you’ve done that in such short notice.”

Brandon’s now raspy voice opens my eyes and I hide my breathing while he steps on the other side of the table.

He’s changed into another three piece suit from the Armani brand, custom made, but a dark blue one this time, with a light grey shirt and tie to match. He’s a neat motherfucker…. 

His eyes are searching for mine while taking a seat. He’s in an interested in my person stare.

I sigh and straighten my pose on the chair.

“They just have manners, sexy. I’m sure they do the same with each and every female coming here. Question. Do you send footage from inside as well for a scoop?”

He smirks with a twinkle in his eyes and shakes his head.

“No. Why?”

“That’s good then. I’m so damn hot and I can’t stand all these on me anymore.”

I’m taking my cap off, sending it on the chair next to me, the glasses are next to land on the table to my right. I then undress my blazer and launch it over my cap on the same chair, unzip my hoodie and do the same as with my blazer. I remain in a black top to my neck without sleeves, embracing my torso, and I’m now rolling my hair in a messy bun. 

There’s silence while I’m doing all this. I really can’t have them on me anymore because of my fucking pains and how my body temperature is rising. Yeah, he’ll now see the real me, but I don’t give a fuck. I just need to survive till the bedroom part, and then go to sleep in fucking agony…. 

“God….” I’m airing myself with my right hand, shutting my eyes. I don’t give a fuck on anything, no. “Well, talk whatever you need and off we go, Brandon. I need that fucking bed like air itself. I give you only five minutes to eat and whatever, having me here with you.”

They’re serving the food while Mr. Hot Shot is silent. I’m with my eyes shut.

“Here, Ms. Kalendale! Oh? Are you okay?”

I can’t open my eyes but I smile by reflex at her voice.

“I’m fine, Mrs. Jath. Can you bring me some cold water, please?”


I hear her shoes in a dash and I giggle as she’s so damn sweet!

I’m having one of my crises inside, this is what is happening to me right now. I feel how my blood is burning my veins. My heart is hectic. My brain is conjuring painful memories and it’s contracting in some piercing needles, but Mrs. Jath’s persona is helping me control a tad what’s about to come. 

That’s why, no matter how rude I may sound to Brandon as it’s his house and we’re practically two strangers, I need that fucking bed…. I’m grateful for the mess with the coffee and him now as it’s not good for me to have this in public, and there’s no bed in fast reach there, is it?

“What’s happening with you, Dana?” He’s in a husky voice, but concerned.

“Nothing. But I do need you to make it fast, if you don’t mind. I promise I’ll be able to speak over whatever by evening.” I’m the same before him.

“Here, Ms. Kalendale! Oh, you’re pale….”

I open my eyes and she’s pouring Evian water in my glass.

“Thank you.” I grab it and gulp it all as I’m perched. 

“You’re welcome. But why?” She’s a bit freaked out to see me like this. “Could it be because…. Are we…. Are we going to have an heir? Is Ms. Kalendale pregnant? Aww! I’m so happy!” She’s clapping her hands and I spill a bit of water hearing that while she’s asking Mr. Hot Shot.

What? No! Ha-ha! Me? Pregnant? Ha-ha!

Chapter 4 – I F*cking Quit!


“Oh! Here, Ms. Kalendale.” She’s handing me a napkin.

Brandon is ogling at me with some piercing darker green eyes.

“Thank you. No. I’m not pregnant. I’m just having some health issues, Mrs. Jath. What made you think that?” I’m cleaning myself from the water, looking into her disappointed eyes.

She’s pouting.

“Well, you’re having specific symptoms. I’m sorry for assuming that, but it would have been a joy hearing such a news! I can’t wait for when that will happen! I’ve been Mr. Brandon’s nanny. I just can’t wait to see a little Brandon again! Aww! And from you two? Oh! A baby angel!”

I’m blinking at her with half a smile as she’s radiating and true to her words.

Well, that won’t happen. We’re in a fake thingy over here and it shall remain like that. You’re cute though. Ha-ha! I guess he didn’t tell them we’re fake. Only his close men know as it seems. The ones who were at the scene and with us in the car. Yep. But why would she assume I could be pregnant with him? Since when did he break up with his former girl? I don’t care though…. I’ve got bigger problems right now….

“Eat something, Ms. Kalendale.” She’s pointing at the fancy dish before me.

I look at it and swallow as I feel like throwing up….

“What’s wrong? You don’t like it?”

“Umm…. No, it looks delicious. I’ll eat in a second….”

“You need to eat something. You’re going pale.” She’s encouraging me to eat.

I’m with my eyes on the dish, swallowing my flooding saliva again. 

Yeah, from the pains I’m holding in and the heat consuming me inside…. 

“Dana?” Brandon’s husky voice makes me tilt my dizzy stare at him.

“Yeah? I’m fine. I just need some rest.” I see he’s having whisky on the rocks. 

I need that…. It would lower my pains and the hell I’m having inside. Oh God…. No…. Not now…. No…. Shit…. NO!

And what I feared happening is happening….

Before my mind’s eyes, I see again how my family has been decapitated one by one, with the remaining ones screaming their lungs out, all tied up on their knees, till the last one gets the final blow, while I’m watching the live transmission, unable to do anything to help them, TO SAVE THEM!

I don’t know when I shut my eyes and my right hand has the empty glass of water shattering into pieces under my hard squeeze when my baby sister is last to die…. 

“Dana!” Brandon jumps on his feet by the noise of his chair, worried, probably coming to me.

“Oh my God! You’re bleeding!” Mrs. Jath is doing something towards me and I snap, still with my eyes shut, breathing in torments, holding in the roar of a pained lion in heart and soul….

“Don’t touch it! Don’t touch it…. I’m fine…. It will heal…. I’m sorry….”

My chest is in cut breaths and I open my eyes on my right hand, seeing the pieces of glass on the table and some in my hand, piercing my skin. I don’t feel physical pain. No, I’m not a masochist.

“I said don’t touch it!”

Brandon almost grabs my hand to see and aid me, but I jerk it aside from him.

“I’m fine.” I’m speaking through my teeth. My pain is where I told you guys, but of course, they can’t understand that. Who would, right?

“What do you mean you’re fine?!”

My hand isn’t shaking.

He’s standing at my right with real pain to see my hand like that, and Mrs. Jath is at my left, crying in silence I think. Yeah, I’m such a normal one, right? Ha-ha! Jesus…. 

I take out the three pieces of glass stuck in my palm, shaking my head.

“I said I’m fine. It will heal. It’s just a small cut. I’ll be fine in a few. Mrs. Jath?”

“Y-Yeah? Oh God….”

“Can you bring me a piece of paper and a pen? I need to write some things on it for you or someone to buy for me.” I’m removing the last piece of glass after slapping hard Brandon’s hand which wants to grab mine, without looking at him.

“S-Sure! I’ll bring the aid kit!” Yeah, she’s been frozen. Well, it’s no ordinary thing to see that at someone…. 

She’s in another dash, making me smile again. 

I grab a table handkerchief and roll it on my hand in a tight manner.

“What’s happening, Dana? What’s all this about? Your eyes darkened and then this happened. Tell me and I’ll solve it. I’m serious. And that’s not a fucking small cut!” Yeah, he is serious.

I’m consumed by what’s happened in my mind and body again, and I’m clenching my jaw to undergo in silence the pain burning my heart, body, soul, and mind, avoiding his sight.

“Well, sexy, I said no questions asked. I appreciate your concern, coming from a stranger.”

I’m squeezing my hand with the handkerchief on the table with my eyes on it.

“That’s my problem. Short answer to calm you down, it’s about my depression.” I sigh deep. “We all have our demons. Let’s say mine are fucking me greater than others.”

“I said I’ll….” He stops as Mrs. Jath is running her shoes out through the door.

“Here, sweetie! Let me clean it….” She places the aid kit with the paper and pen on the table at my left.

“There’s no need, Mrs. Jath. It’s healed now.”

I’m unwrapping the bandage and my palm’s wounds are closed with a clear skin, just a bit of dried blood is still on it.

“See? All good.”

She pops her eyes and her jaw drops at my palm.

“What? H-How? I mean, that’s great! But…. I….” She’s puzzled, but happy, wandering her eyes on my palm.

Brandon’s heavy breathing is at my right, he doesn’t say anything.

I grab the paper and pen and start writing what I need her to bring me. I write down what type of clothes, size, what type of whisky and how many bottles, a variety of snacks, daily routine necessities, a new charger for my phone, a laptop and which one, blank journals and pens and some other small stuff.

“Here, Mrs. Jath. And use this card to buy them.”

I take out from my pants’ pocket two credit cards and give her one.

“Please, if you can, I would need them by the time I wake up at around eight in the evening. That card doesn’t need a signature or any of that, so you can use it for any purchase. And buy something nice for you as well. It doesn’t matter the cost. It’s on me. Thank you.”

I smile at her playing in tears eyes and stand up, turning to Brandon who’s contracting his jaw at twitching point with some heavy storms in there at me.

“Well, sexy, I need to sleep now. Show me my room and I expect to not be disturbed till the mentioned hour, if you don’t mind. I’m sure you’re having a busy agenda for the day whereas I can laze around without a problem.”

I wink at him and pick up my stuff from the table and chair and start walking to the exit.

“Come on, buddy. I’m on shutdown mode. My sleeping time is closing in.”

I’m almost passing out if I don’t get the bed…. My self-control for appearances’ sake is over limits already.

“Dana!” He’s shouting from the dining room while I’m walking on the wide and long corridor, trying with my last strengths to appear normal in my all.

“Brandon! Move your ass and do as I say! Now!”

He’s already with hurried steps after me.

I snap again as I can’t hold myself together any longer, and who the fuck knows where the fucking room for me is in this enormous house. 

Well, I’m a good fiancée, right? Ha-ha! But yeah, that’s me in general…. I’m one who does give orders. I never take them, though.

Yeah, he’s probably analyzing things in his mind and I don’t know what else is happening with him as there’s a shift in him regarding me. Not that I give a fuck…. 

“What are you doing?!”

He storms my things from my hands and then takes me by my left hand and drags me after him. He’s got a burning hand on my now cold one and grips it for me to not slide it out.

“I’m showing you the room, honey.”

I’m rioting my hand in his, with some growling eyes at it and at his back, walking.

“And can’t you do it without fucking touching me and grabbing my things?! I can perfectly carry them and follow you there!”

“Shut up!”

My eyes pop in rage at him.

“What did you say?!”

“Exactly what you heard!”

“This son of a bitch is telling me to fucking shut up?! Do you have a death wish or something?! Let me go!”

He’s dragging me on the stairs. Well, not dragging, but you know what I mean.

“You said no questions asked! So, don’t ask questions! Just do as I say!”

“Are you bossing me around right now?!”


Oh! Because I’m hired, right?! You motherfucker! I fucking quit!

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Chapter 5 – You’re Asking For It!
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