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When her precious breaks down and he’s there….
In the middle of the night, my staff calls me to announce that my ‘precious’ has broken down, making me jump out of the bed and storm to the mini club I’m owner to.
When I reach there, my ‘precious’ coffee machine, expensive as a car, is not responding to my attempts, and I surrender in heartbreak for how much it will cost me to fix it.
Out of nowhere, the saving card comes, under the form of a 29-year-old, oceanic blue-eyed billionaire, towering and buffed, with a ravishing beauty, Alessio Adrille.
“May I have a look at it?”
I’m still with my head down, in same position as before, containing crying, when a husky, sexy, strong male voice asks.
“Don’t worry. You can’t do anything to it. I know it by heart. It’s a piece inside that’s broken. It can’t be fixed, just changed. But thank you.” I’m shaking my head, looking down, contemplating on how much this will cost.
No, I don’t see him as I’m with my eyes closed and can’t bring myself to see someone in this heated money moment of mine.
He chuckles.
“Well, then. If I can fix it and make it work like new, would you have a drink with me?”
And from this point on, I, Samantha Lance, 31, curvy, frozen in feelings in general, find myself with a hot and sexy ass stalker, who is soon to find out about my other life as Cobra Lance, and I of his big mafia boss.
But…. Is it love at first sight for both of us? Is my heart responding to him for the first time ever? The more I want to reject, the more…. But…. I don’t know anymore…. Everything is happening so damn fast, making me decide things I’ve never done before…. Yet, the pull to him is undeniable….
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Billionaire Romance, Curvy Girl Romance, Mafia Romance, Dark Mafia Romance, Possessive Alpha Males, Strong Female Lead, Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy, Action, Comedy, Suspense, Mystery, Thriller, with a HEA.
*This book contains language and mature themes. Suitable for +18 audience because of that.
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This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

Chapter 1 – Precious Is Down, Help Is On


My phone is buzzing, pulling me out of my deep and tormented sleep.


I’m with the pillow over my head, still not taking the call as I need to adjust to my surroundings first. My heart is pounding.

The phone is buzzing again.

“Phone…. Yeah, phone, Sam. The damn phone!”

I throw my pillow aside, ruffle my hair, and sit on the side of my bed shaking my head.


I’m taking the phone and with my left eye closed, because of the light from the display in the darkness of my room, I see it’s three in the morning and Brenda is calling.

“Are you serious? What could possibly be wrong at this hour?!”

My heart is on trembles because I do need sleep. The phone is buzzing again because of my delay in answering.

I finally take the call.

“Boss? I-I’m sorry to call you this late…. But….” She’s stumbling over speaking, with a low, then loud, then low again voice, piercing my head, and I’m shutting my eyes.

I sigh.

“Just say it, Brenda. Don’t worry.” I try to be comforting in voice to not make her feel she’s done something wrong. But my sleeping voice is present, though I’m clearing my throat.

“One of the coffee machines is broken. And we don’t know what to do. And it’s the main one…. The new one.”

My eyes fly wide open and I’m so awake right now, with a halt in breathing. My heart is rocking my brains out!


“I’m coming!” I jump out of bed, tripping a bit, undressing my night black satin pants and blouse, throwing them in the room while almost running.

In a dash, I grab a pair of black leggings, a black crop top, a bottom length black blazer knotting the cordon of it around my waist tight, throw a simple black cap over my messy hair as I don’t have time to brush it, grab a pair of black flat shoes and my car keys, and storm out of my house. I usually wear suits and all that because I’m a businesswoman, but that’s not necessary right now.


I have a stunt parking in front of one of my mini clubs which serve booze, coffee, donuts, muffins, sandwiches and the sort around the clock. No, I’m not that rich, don’t get confused. It’s a family business I inherited in bankruptcy, and for the last four years, I’m fighting to get it on profit.

But we do have the best quality out there because of yours truly, and it’s taking off as we do have customers from all social levels, especially because we are open around the clock, and the locations are in central areas.

Shit…. Please…. Be it only a fixable thing…. I know the manual by heart….

I hurricane down the car and start running to the entrance.

When I reach the door, it opens with someone coming out and I grab the frame to squeeze myself in once the towering person with an intoxicating to my senses male perfume is out. I practically brush the person to get inside, but without turning around and running inside I say, “Sorry!” Yeah, I’m a curvy person. Anyhow.

The place is quite crowded for this hour. Not all tables and spots, but it swells my heart to see this and it puts an innocent smile on my lips.

I’m still running between tables to reach the bar and see my precious. That should be the new, expensive, and damaging to my pockets, coffee machine. The staff when sees me, with a probably sadistic grimace right now as I can’t help it when I spot the precious, become some statues, stopping in plain action. Even the ones serving customers.

I’m taking my cap off, throw it aside to one of my staff, and begin checking it.

“No, no, no….” I’m panting, with my head down, hands on the counter, in front of the machine.

The ones serving customers are serving, but Brenda shyly approaches me.

“How bad is it, Sam?”

I’m taking deep breaths with my heart punching my chest. I feel like crying.

Service for this type of machine is as expensive as the machine itself. I bought it because it delivers the best coffee out there and customers are happy. Happy customers return. And they will always pay more for a coffee if it means high quality. You know.

“Hell bad.”

She releases a low moan of fright.

I bond well with my staff in all my business. We’re like family. And they know that when something like this happens, it hits the business. And they love their jobs because of the family feeling, high salary, and bonuses throughout the year.

“May I have a look at it?”

I’m still with my head down, in the same position as before, containing crying, when a husky, sexy, strong male voice asks.

“Don’t worry. You can’t do anything to it. I know it by heart. It’s a piece inside that’s broken. It can’t be fixed, just changed. But thank you.” I’m shaking my head, looking down, contemplating on how much this will cost.

No, I don’t see him as I’m with my eyes closed and I can’t bring myself to see someone in this heated money moment of mine.

He chuckles.

“Well, then. If I can fix it and make it work like new, would you have a drink with me?”

I’m bobbing my head, thinking that the range of price for the piece would cost around thousands or more, and that for the first time in my entire life I would accept such a proposal.

I’ve never accepted a man offering me a drink because for me that equals to let’s have a one-night stand. And I’m not the damn type for that. I’m a serious, devoted to her career woman.

I twist my head, step back, without visual contact with the guy, jerk my hands to my precious, and reply with a grimace of failure.

“Have fun with it. Just one drink and that’s all, buddy. And the thank you after it’s fixed, of course.”

When I step aside for the guy to come in and look at it, crossing my arms and my eyes focusing on the coffee machine, my nostrils pick up that intoxicating male perfume from earlier. I see he’s wearing a dark cherry suit of fine material and he’s built like a God. But my eyes are glued to the machine, nonetheless.

No, I haven’t seen his face as my sight is at the level of his chest facing the coffee machine. I don’t care anyways. My baby precious is the most important. Trust me. My heart is shaking because of it. No man in this world could win over that in front of me.

Chapter 2 – I Need Leverage On You, Baby


After meeting an old friend of mine who loves trying new places to eat at night after clubbing when he gets hungry, I excuse myself to go, as it’s half past three in the morning. The place is cozy, with tasteful design inside out, and the quality of everything served is at high levels. I did like spending over two hours in this Gielle Mansion place. Not my usual type though. I only go to my clubs and everything I own.

While getting out through the main door to go to my limo where my escort cars and men are waiting for me, a ravishing beauty with golden locks of hair fluttering at her back, wearing all black including the cap on her head, barges to get inside.

When my left arm gets touched by her side of the body, an electricity bolt inflames my being till my heart, and I find myself turning around to see her more with her running and saying she’s sorry without a glance at me.

By instinct, without even being able to think anymore, I follow her inside to see her dash to the bar, frustrated to her core.

I’m walking, entranced by her, witnessing the entire scene, with her changing colors on her cherubic bare face and those bright green eyes which are caught in flames, for the coffee machine is not working.

She tries everything and the staff is casting worried looks at her while she’s in a bothered breathing, moving her chest to my fantasies….

I’m stunned by her image and her everything. I’ve never seen something so pure, magnetic, and perfect.

The moment when she surrenders in the fight with the coffee machine and her co-worker something asks how bad it is and she answers it’s hell bad, my stare notices that the coffee machine is produced by one of my companies. That stamps a smirk to my face, as I have leverage on approaching her.

Though I speak to her, she doesn’t tilt her baby eyes at me, feeling betrayed by the machine and probably for what’s next for her being broken.

It’s not broken, but only I know how to fix it without changing a piece in it. It has an internal trigger for when it gets overheated, and to prevent damaging the entire machine, it halts and gives the impression of not being functional anymore.

And no, in the manual it’s not mentioned that, because you have to know how to do it, otherwise it would affect pieces in it. And how I always love to know first-hand products my companies sell…. I happen to know all about it. He, he, he….

Triumph flows in me when she finally accepts a drink with me if I fix it. In two minutes, we’ll have it.

However, how seriously she has planted the conditions on just the drink and that’s it rocks my body and heart, to be honest.

I’m looking at her, walking to the machine, but her eyes conjure the machine and not a tad my person. That makes me smile as no woman had that reaction to me. They usually eat me with their eyes and don’t spare a chance on losing my sight until I’m out of sight. Not bragging, it’s the truth.

I open the machine and search for the compartment in the back where the trigger is. I switch back the two small pieces with care, rotate another small piece with same care, and then take my hand out of the machine and close it.

She’s blinking at the machine.

“That’s it?”

I’m smiling at her. She’s adorable.

“Why don’t you give it a try? See if it’s good to go.”

We just now have first lock of stares which is burning my body.

She’s having no damn reaction to see me, just delivering another set of blinking with those long lashes and incredulity in stare, keeping her arms crossed.

“Are you serious?”

I nod at her with a smirk and step aside for her to test it.

“You better not make fun of me, buddy. I’m on the edge already.”

Yeah, all the female staff is fucking me with their eyes and smiles already, just her is not part of the group.

I would never make fun of you, baby. But I would make you mine. And I will.

She’s testing it, and when the coffee starts brewing, she’s jumping in giggles to destroy the control I have over myself. I’m hanging in there, but I would grab her and kiss her and…yeah.

“Oh my God! Oh my God! It worked! Oh! My heart! I can finally breathe now!”

And she turns at me with such explosion of happiness in her eyes and a smile to die for. I’m knocked out inside. Fuck….

“How did you do it? Thank you! Thank you!” She’s with her left hand on her heart and catching her breath, waiting for me to tell her.

Not happening, love. A secret. I need leverage on you, baby.

I’m smiling at her, and my eyes are speaking a million words of what’s my want with her. I know, but I can’t control.

“How about that drink?”

She pouts and frowns at me.

I’m a second away to kiss those lips and feel her curves in my arms and on me and…yeah.

She throws her chin at me, dissatisfied with my reply.

“Fine. What do you want to drink?”

I’m smirking, inching her face with my eyes, landing on her lips, while she launches another smile at the coffee machine. That coffee machine is worth more in her eyes than I do. Ha-ha!

“Whatever is fine.”

She moves her twinkling stare from the machine at me and raises her brows.

“Are you sure?”

I nod.

“Alright. Brenda? Bring it to the table in the back.” She looks at her while speaking.

She’s got no damn want on me. But I won’t give up. She’s mine and I think, for the first time in my twenty-nine years of life, I fell in love. She’s the one for me.

“Yes, Sam! Coming right up!”

She turns around and walks away.

“Follow me, buddy. I’ll make you tell me how you did it…. Ha-ha!”

I chuckle and follow her mesmerizing ass and scan her entire back. Damn!

Can’t wait to see how you’ll make me tell you, baby. Oh yeah…. But I do know what would make me tell you…. He, he, he….


“So, you’re working here?” I’m having whisky on the rocks and she’s having a Diet Pepsi.

That Brenda served me before and that was my order while with my buddy.

She’s normal, like with a normal customer, not showing specific signs of being impressed by me. She looks me straight in the eyes without shying or other…reactions. She’s confident in herself and airs such sweetness without her want. I’m hypnotized by her, controlling to not appear like a creep, sexually obsessed guy. Though I’m howling inside and in a boiling blood and thumping heart and…all.

“Umm…. Yeah.” Yeah, she has hesitated for a second.

“Can I have your name?”

“Sure. Samantha, but everyone calls me Sam. How about you, buddy?” She’s sipping from her drink and I want to be that drink and have my lips on hers.

“Alessio Adrille.” Yeah, I’m giving her my full name to see if it rings a bell in her angelic head.

She’s unfazed.

“Nice to meet you, Alessio. But you didn’t have to give me your full name. Though I appreciate your honesty. You seem a nice guy. Thanks again for helping me back there when I thought I’ll have the darkest times ahead.”

“Glad I was of help. Nice to meet you, too, Samantha. But it would be better if you would give me your full name as well.” Yeah, I need info. She’s mine.

She chuckles and leans her back on the chair to fuck me some more, crosses her legs and arms, and has the sexiest smile ever.

I’m fucking melting…. I have some whisky to chill a bit as she’s bombing my body under such heats. My heart is on dangerous jams. I’m smirking.

“Alright. Samantha Lance. Seems fair, buddy. You’re right. Now. How about the machine? How did you do it?”

I’m laughing, adoring her. She doesn’t give up indeed.

“Ha-ha! Yeah, right. Tell me, Alessio. Please.” She has just mimicked my laughter in play.

I’m under war to not…grab her.

“Well, for that, it won’t be only one drink, Samantha. The pledge was to just fix it for a drink, not to tell you how do to it included.” I wink at her, and she moves those magnetic lips in a pout again. Fuck….

“Fine. You’re right. Thank you anyways. You already did a lot, so I’m fine with just that.” She backs off from her want of knowing just like that, and drinks from her Pepsi.

No, she’s on me being a customer/friend, and nothing more. I’m stunned she’s not giving any sign of taking a like on me. Well, she’s not disliking me per se, but I’m trying to find more than that. I’m almost crawling at her feet and she’s like talking to that Brenda. Ha-ha! I said she’s the one for me. She’s perfect in her all.

“Giving up, huh?” I chuckle.

“Of course, buddy. Even the drink was a compromise for me.”

I raise my brows at her with a smile.

She’s laughing under her lips, twisting her head at me.

“Oh? What do you mean?”

“If that machine wasn’t worth the price of a car, I wouldn’t accept your proposal. And no matter my urge of finding out how you did it for future reference, I can’t compromise on more than that drink, buddy. I won’t be greedy on knowledge, and I’ll remain satisfied you saved the night for me.”

She amazes me with each moment we spend together. She’s real in her all. And she’s now looking at my glass with a mischievous smile and glowing eyes.

“Well, thank you so much again, Alessio.”

She moves that deep stare into my eyes, making me want to pounce on her. My entire body is pounding.

“You were kind to step in and help. But your drink is up, and I don’t want to be rude, yet it’s late and I need to go home now. I’m getting up early for work, buddy.”

She’s standing up.

“Hope you won’t take it personal. And I’m sure you need to wake up early as well. Good night, buddy.” She flashes me a smile and a wink, turns her back at me, and walks away.

I’m hit in my all. No fucking woman on earth would do that to me.

What the fuck has just happened? Ha-ha! Oh man! She fucked me just like that! Ha-ha! Don’t worry, love. We’ll see each other again tomorrow. Wait for me. I’m taking it very personal as I’ve just found my one and only.

I’m shaking my head in disbelief, watching her going to the exit, and she’s now out. I’m with a smirk and a predator stare.

Yeah…. That’s my woman forever.

Brenda gave me just one shot of whisky in my glass, and from how heated up I am, of course my drink ran out quickly as I needed it to control my actions on my baby. And she followed her condition on only one drink.

I could tell her she hasn’t finished her drink and stay some more, but she moved so fast, though for me it was in slow motion from what I’m having inside, that I couldn’t say something, just watch her moves and those talking lips and bask into her baby eyes.

Chapter 3 – He’s Stalking Me


Once I get out from there, I take my phone out of my blazer and fast text Brenda not to tell him I’m the owner, just that I’m an employee, if he asks.

And a second text with:

Don’t give him any details about me. Avoid as much as possible.

She texts back with a like emoticon. That means in her words got it.

Well, yeah! Don’t think I’m stupid, guys. Because of the perfume, I know he came back inside though he was obviously leaving. And after the whole thing, I realized he came back to hit on me.

While talking to him, I saw that dirty look and what was rolling in his mind with me. I don’t do that. No, he seems a good guy in general, and has the air of a gentleman with the touch of a Mafia guy something. I don’t know.

He’s a dream guy and has the deepest blue eyes I’ve ever seen. Yeah, he’s carved to perfection. And he’s a very expensive guy. But, yeah, I can’t play what I’m not, so I had to take my leave and not give him hopes on things that won’t happen between us.

I’m a girl who loves prevention better than cure. Meaning, not going to do something to break my heart and have regrets. He’s obviously a playboy. I’m not judging, though I seem like it, yet I better cut things off before it’s too late for me. A man like that wouldn’t regard a serious relationship. And I’m not a play girl. So, yeah.

I have hurried steps to my car, which yes, it’s a dark blue sports car, get inside and leave like the wind to avoid further interactions with anyone, and head back home to sleep some more.


My alarm goes off at seven in the morning, waking me up from a frustrating dream. The entire time since taking my leave till now, Alessio’s perfume and image have been haunting me without my want and constant ban from my part.

I dreamed of him stalking me and then grabbing me and kissing me and I was between wanting and going against. My heart is a pounding alarm and I’m sweating some. Frustrating? Well, yeah! I would never want a man! Hello! Don’t think that if I’m a curvy girl I’m hungry for attention. Nope. I do have plenty of attention even without asking or doing something.

The thing is that when you gain confidence over yourself, own yourself, focus on yourself and self-worth, people get attracted to you. And I’m constantly working on myself to gain the best version of my person. I’m on a diet, I do workout whenever I have free time – not extreme workout though -, I always read self-improvement books and everything that can help me as a person and businesswoman, and all that. I invest in my person, to sum it up.

I’m shaking my head, sitting on the side of my bed.

“UGH! That’s crazy. I’m thankful he has saved me from losing heavy money. Let’s stick to that, Sam. Yeah….”

I have loans, and every penny counts, if you know what I mean. And the bills and everything I must pay each month go for miles…. It’s tough to be in the business world, on your own. I’m happy I do have great people as employees and they go with me through thick and thin, reason why business is going well lately.

After a quick shower, change of clothes to my usual suits embracing my curves and showing the businesswoman in me without revealing my cleavage and stuff, I have a quick breakfast, grab my stuff and go on my set three-days business trip to Los Angeles.

I’m going there from Miami because there’s a new place with coffee beans rumored to give a rich aroma and the quality is flawless. If things go well, I might sign a contract with them. Things go well meaning if it’s in my budget range….

I land in LA, go to the company, have first trial of their products, they present me their offer and service, and I take my leave on a second meeting tomorrow for final approach and decision.

The coffee is outstanding, mouthwatering. The aroma maddens your senses. They’re not rumored for nothing, but they are pricey.  You can’t blame them for it though.

Checking-in the hotel goes smooth and it’s already seven in the evening as I did go for a drive with my rental car to see places while I’m here.

I drop my luggage in the room and grab my purse, laptop, and files with the company, and storm out to have dinner in the hotel’s restaurant. If Alessio still comes to mind? Yeah…. It did a few times. I can’t shake it off as it seems. And I’m cursing myself for it. First time ever having such an occurrence as I’m not one to think of men. He’s the first one to leave a slight impression on me.

The restaurant is a fine one as the hotel is. I’m taken to a more private area as I’ve requested, and I crawl on the chair, placing my things on another chair and on the table.

I give my order for a Greek salad, orange juice, black coffee, and a Diet Pepsi, though my stomach is growling in despair, and then I take my phone to check my emails and messages from my company.

My head is pounding because I’m on a diet and I did have lots of stressing things lately. I ignore it, sigh, and scroll through my phone, disregarding my surroundings, as I usually do.

“Samantha?” A familiar male voice captures my ears with my name. It’s a sexy, husky, heavy one.


I tilt my brows and eyes into the direction the voice comes from and, to my baffled mind and racing heart, I see none other than Alessio sexy walking to my table with a damaging smirk and sunny ocean stare on me.

I keep myself cool but surprised to see him here.

You’ve got to be kidding me right now….

“Yes? Alessio?” I flash him with a friendly smile.

He’s a heartthrob with that black suit and dark blue shirt and messy raven-hued hair but so sexy.

What were the odds? He’s stalking me. He’s got the means for it for sure.

“She remembers my name. May I have a seat?”

I’m blinking and sigh.

Well, I should say no. But he did save me last night. I shouldn’t be rude to the guy. Though I’m certain he just wants to hop into my bed as his stare is saying right now.

“Alright. Take a seat, please.” I’m my normal self though my heart is under trials.

No, I’m not one to break under the spell of a guy like him. But he does have an effect over me. The good thing is that I’m not showing it outside.

He takes a seat in front of me, not escaping my sight with those lustful blue stars of his and the smirk reigning on his lips.

“Thank you. Just an employee, huh?”

Yeah, he stalked me.

“Just a coincidence you’re here, huh?” I’m chewing from my cheek, bobbing my head at him, confronting his stare, serving him with my detective smile. I’m not stupid, guys.

He’s laughing with appetite and his eyes are on a blast of fireworks.

I’m placing my phone at my right on the table.

“You’re something. You want the truth or the undercover truth?”

I’m shaking my head in disbelief and laugh under my lips.

“I know the truth, buddy. The question is, what are you expecting from me? And on that, I want the truth, yes. I value honesty.”

“What can I give you, sir?” The waiter has brought my order and asking him.

“Same as the lady and a whisky on the rocks.” He’s not taking his eyes off me.

I’m sipping from my orange juice as my mouth is dry since I came in the restaurant.

“Yes, sir.” He goes with a smile, looking at us both first. No, it’s a genuine smile.

“What I’m expecting from you…. Hmm…. What do you think I’m expecting from you?”

I laugh under my lips.

He’s leaning his back on the chair with his right hand on the table, having dancing stars in his eyes at me.

“I don’t want to jump to conclusions, buddy. I prefer the truth coming from your mouth. It’s fair that way.”

“I want you, Samantha. The truth.”

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Chapter 16 – Lying To My Face…
Chapter 17 – Mamma Mia!
Chapter 18 – Cobra Lance
Chapter 19 – Mafia To Mafia, Son Of A Bitch
Chapter 20 – You Don’t F*cking Give Up…
Chapter 21 – This Time, You’re So F*cked
Chapter 22 – Lust Kind Of Love, Or Love Kind Of Love?
Chapter 23 – I’m Proving It To You
Chapter 24 – You Cute Son Of A Bitch…
Chapter 25 – Search It, Search It, Buddy
Chapter 26 – Kidnap Her If You Must
Chapter 27 – We’re Living Some F*cked-Up Times…
Chapter 28 – Sick Bastard
Chapter 29 – It’s Devastating To My Heart And Soul
Chapter 30 – This Baby Bad Boy
Chapter 31 – You Sneaky Little Bastard…
Chapter 32 – I’ll Whack Them Both!
Chapter 33 – F*cking Bitch…
Chapter 34 – You’re Killing Me Like A F*cking Master…
Chapter 35 – My Baby Loves Me…
Chapter 36 – What The F*ck?
Chapter 37 – Poor Baby Boy!
Chapter 38 – When He Says “Whack”, The Hell He Can’t
Chapter 39 – Keep Talking. I Want To Know
Chapter 40 – If He’s Your F*cking Big Boss, Want Me To Believe He’s A F*cking Lamb?!
Chapter 41 – No Matter What I Must Endure, I Always Come Out A Winner And The Other Party Is Sent To Its F*cking Grave
Chapter 42 – If I Shoot Your Eyes Right Now, Will You Like The Bullets Approaching, Buddy?
Chapter 43 – Don’t We Have Balls, Baby Boy?
Chapter 44 – You Whacked Another One
Chapter 45 – It’s…Pure Bleeding Of Your Heart And Soul In An Eternal Rerun
Chapter 46 – He’s F*cking Affected For Me, Huh?
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