Books | Billionaire's Baby Snake Series by Andra-Cristiana Stan

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Books | Billionaire's Baby Snake Series by Andra-Cristiana Stan
Books | Billionaire’s Baby Snake Series by Andra-Cristiana Stan
When his name is Hunter….
My father is in an advanced state of leukemia and I’ve been taking care of him for the last four years. I dropped my entire CEO career, sold my company, and isolated myself with him to be there for him and his needs. I can’t lose my dad….
However, all the money I had, which weren’t pennies, are reaching red line, and my dad needs his treatment and surgery which cost a lot, and I have no other ways of paying but taking a job after four years of complete retirement from the working field on all sides.
At 34, a curvy, former brilliant CEO in the public eyes and a rare and important person in the shadows under the name of Saint, I, Lacey Holtrey, need to get my ass back to work to save my dad.
My best friend, Brenda, secures for me a job interview at one of the most reputable movie companies having as head a young billionaire and big mafia boss, 26-year-old Hunter Markle, with the looks of an Adonis and the built of a Greek God.
Upon my interview there for the job position as the assistant/secretary of CEO Hunter Markle, things play another way, and from a normal job position, he requires a 24h assistant job from me right before I want to walk away from his office. The damn money I need for my dad take the best of my pride of not working under a younger than me and with not that innocent looks at me boss, so I accept it. But soon enough, my entire past from the shadows comes back like a hurricane….
“I’ve changed my mind, Miss Holtrey. The more I get to know you, the more value I find. Hence, the new salary. Plus, you will take a lot of work as I’m a busy man and lead an empire. You’ll see that the amount of work and time I will get from you, will equal the 100k.” It’s a Devil’s pact I’m signing here. And his name is Hunter. Suitable for the real him. He does air a hunter. Lacey? Dad…. You can protect yourself from harm.
Hmm… Yes, my name is Hunter. And yes, whatever I want, I hunt it down and take it. However, it has never happened to me to do so with women…. Ha-ha! I’m usually the one hunted down by them and the one refusing as I’m one picky bastard.
Yet, the moment I hear Baby Snake’s voice over a phone call with her best friend, Brenda, it’s all it takes for my heart to be shot down and to do the unthinkable since that moment on, as I’ve NEVER done it before. Oh no, I’ve never been in love. I’m one cold motherfucker in general….
Till Baby Snake, that is. Ha-ha! Yeah, she’s got her eyes and her everything like a baby snake who captures you in her hypnotic spell, and damn if you can get out of it….
But all I’m doing is because I’m in love for real with her and I know she’s my one and only baby…. But damn if she’s gonna break before me! She calls me KID! And she’s a tiny Baby Snake before the one I am! Oh… Baby? Hunter is hunting down your love, and the HELL you’re not gonna be mine! Watch the KID! HELL YEAH! Oh…. Saint is mine all the way, love…. No matter what I’ll have to do for it! And Baby Snake is such a bad, bad, bad, bad one…. And I love it….
Genres of the book
Billionaire Romance, Curvy Girl Romance, Mafia Romance, Dark Mafia Romance, Possessive Alpha Males, Strong Female Lead, Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy, Action, Comedy, Suspense, Mystery, Thriller, with the touch of the paranormal, with a HEA.
*This book contains language and mature themes. Suitable for +18 audience because of that.
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Chapter 1 – I Need Money


My palms are sweaty, and my chest is heaving. I’m at a job interview in one of the biggest entertainment companies in Los Angeles, Markle Diamond Productions. The job position? Assistant to the big boss. Secretary something.

I’m thirty-four, and because of some family problems, meaning I had to take care of my only living parent, my dad, I’ve been away from the working field for the last four years. No, he’s not well, and the money I own in my bank accounts are approaching the red line.

My dad is battling leukemia and the treatment is astronomical. When we first found out about his condition, it was already in advanced stages. His new surgery is due in six months, and I need to work out the amount for it; a breakthrough treatment that is supposed to cure him, that costs around 150k dollars as a first budget.

I don’t know what to believe anymore, but I love him more than myself and I’ll do anything that stands in my powers to hit opportunities and try them out for him to have a chance on life.

Cure? At least for him to live longer and not suffer that much. I’m fine with that. He thinks the same. Yet, he’s at peace with either outcome. He has pleaded me several times to stop sacrificing myself for him, as he doesn’t want to ruin my life. He has lived his, he says. I can’t do that.

So, if I get this job, I’ll be able to contract a loan or something to start paying the surgery and treatment. And the hell I won’t nail it. No one has more drive than I have for my dad to acquire this position. Besides the upcoming surgery and treatment, I also have overdue treatment and hospital fees of around 80k dollars. Yeah, life is good….

No, my dad is not at home any longer. I’ve enrolled him in a hospital stay. His condition requires that for the stage he has. It’s a private hospital focused on such cases, and you can imagine how expensive all this is. On the other side, him being under hospital care, I can better find a job and tend to it while regularly visiting him there. Like daily.

The candidates are coming out from their interviews with either pale or green faces. All women, with outstanding beauty and body, fit to the entertainment industry. I’m not that fit. No, I’m not ugly, but I’m a curvy girl. I can’t compete with these girls in terms of physical appearance. They are like walking down from a magazine or a movie.

Last one coming out….

“I can’t believe him!” She puffs and sends me a weird look as I’m last in line for the interview. “Well, if I didn’t get the job, you certainly won’t, fatty. Hmph!” And she walks out her heels, making angry sounds on the floor to the elevator.

Fatty? I’m not fat. Ha-ha! But yes, I’m not skinny like the model you are. Anyways. I’m here for the secretary position, not to appear in a movie. I should probably look for more job interviews though…. She might be right.

I release a sigh and intend to fish out my phone from my purse, but the woman calling in the interviewees has just called my name. 

Oh boy…. Here we go. Whatever happens, happens.

“Miss Lacey Holtrey? You may come in. Mr. Markle is expecting you.” She’s showcasing a devilish grin at me. Yeah, she’s a devastating beauty herself, wearing a black office dress and high black heels. 

I’m doomed….

“Yes, thank you.” I stand up with my heart in my throat after I give her a genuine smile. 

Man! All other candidates came out under five minutes. I guess I’ll break that record. Ha-ha!

I fetch my purse and walk in my dignified way. I used to be someone in the business world four years ago. I’m now at the bottom of the jungle, though…. But I don’t regret it. I did it for my loved one. My dad is my everything. Whatever else can be rebuilt.

She shows me the way to the CEO’s office. The entire building is that of billionaires, and the corridor and office is nothing less. Imagine the widest and all equipped with the top notch, and you have the clear picture of what is like.

“I won’t approve that movie, Kevin. Because it will be a flop.” The CEO is with his back at us, standing behind his black leather chair, looking outside the window, with his left hand in his pocket.

He’s a God-like built male, wearing a dark grey suit tailored to his muscular body, and possessing an Alpha voice. Well, he looks like a real Alpha in his all.

He’s the typical CEO we get to read about in Billionaire Romance books. Ha-ha! And he seems young, too. Wonder why those babes came out like that. They should have fit your style and appearance. The last one was right. I don’t fit in here. Not that I have a low self-esteem, but I’m a normal person. Anyways. We’ll see. I’m confident in my person and I do have all that it takes for this job. My CV is with high credentials for a CEO but for a secretary job. I don’t have time to pursue higher job positions….

The blonde babe next to me is waiting for him to finish his phone call and introduce me.

I’m looking around in his office with my eyes. 

I was once an important person, too. Not at this level, but it was a significant one…. Yeah…. 

I’m not sweaty anymore and my heartbeats decrease to normal rates. I’m getting back in the game of who I used to be. A smile corners my mouth staring at the floor.

“Alright. Send me the other project to have a look over it. Budget is never a problem, Kevin. I need blockbusters, not flops. I can budget even one billion per movie if it’s a gem. Fine, we’ll meet in my club tonight with the guys. Yeah. Bye.” And he ends the call, turning around at us, scanning me from head to toes and back.

I’m in a black suit pants embracing my figure, a cream blouse tucked in my pants, black leather stilettos, and my chestnut, wavy hair, which is over my shoulders in length, is in a ponytail. I’m dressed like a businesswoman, to tell you in short. 

And he’s like an Adonis at face, with big green eyes, perfect porcelain skin, and that messy dark blond hair tops his neat and sexy appearance. Well, tailored for those romance books. I might start writing as a job as I found a real character in real life to get inspiration from. Not me as female lead, as I’m not the type to enter in such a relationship, but I can use the blondie at my right. Ha-ha! Anyways.

Chapter 2 – Don’t Take The Offer


Mr. Markle? Miss Lacey Holtrey is last candidate for today.”

He’s still focused on me with those sparkling eyes of his, silence reigning the room. 

Oh man. Do I have something on me? Look at him. Ha-ha! He’s so young.

“Yes. Take a seat, Miss Holtrey.”

I take a seat, and he does the same on his chair, signaling the blondie to leave us alone with his stare.

He places his phone on the desk and leans on his chair, having my file in front of him. He’s in a serious grimace, only his eyes give away a sort of excitement.

“Thank you, Mr. Markle.”

He looks over my CV and then back at me, twisting his head.

I’m crossing my legs, waiting for the follow up. I’m in my professional smile.

“Miss Holtrey. I see here you have an impressive CV. Why this job?” 

Because I need money. Simple as that.

I’m going to be blunt with this guy. It kind of amuses me to work under him, as he’s so young compared to my ID and it somehow becomes territorial to me for a younger person to be my boss. I’m sorry, I don’t want to be a bitch, but it’s just me at this moment looking at him.

I sigh and take my serious persona.

“Because I need money, and fast, I had to lower my target for a job, Mr. Markle. The pay offered does help me, and in return I can be the one needed for the position. I need no further training as I am aware of everything that must be done. I worked in Marketing before, owning an advertising company. So, this company being in the entertainment industry, is similar in a way as concept. I understand all terms related to it. Therefore, I can easily adapt. But yes, the salary is the one which motivated me to apply for the job. It’s quite above the norm in the market for similar jobs. Matching even the salary of a Manager in other companies.”

Our stares are locked and he’s studying my eyes, confronting me in a way, but I don’t even blink. I’m an experienced one, against my four years of break.

A smirk grows in the corner of his mouth. He’s like a lion on that chair at me. I fake a smile. 

Just call it an end and I’ll find another job. Though I do need the money. 

I’m relaxed in my all. I have no emotion, no nothing.

“I do value honesty, Miss Holtrey. May I ask why you need money and fast?” 

Aren’t we nosy? 

I smirk back at him and lean my head to my right a bit.

“Thank you, Mr. Markle. And no, that’s private.”

Of course I’m not going to use my father’s condition to get the job with the emotional appeal.

He’s penetrating me with his stare, and I return it. We’re in another battle of stares.

He’s bobbing his head, smirking, narrowing his mischievous green glare at me.

I maintain my professional attitude with the fake smile.

“Private…. This job sometimes requires traveling and late hours, participating to events and such. Do you have any personal commitments as in children or a personal relationship that grounds you to a fixed working environment, Miss Holtrey?” 

More than nosy…. 

“I see you are not married, but I certainly don’t want to be told when I need my assistant that she has such commitments as an excuse. The pay is high to cover all these requests, as in your time with me whenever I need, at any hour I need, to do your job.” 

Oh yeah? Well, for that kind of requests, that means double the offer, mister. I’ll walk away. This job is perfect for the ones that you’ve rejected, not for me. And I don’t like your stare at me or your now raspy voice, kid.

I laugh under my lips, spiking his left eyebrow and smirk. I stand up taking the ham of my purse with my left hand.

“No commitments, Mr. Markle. But for that, the offer is halfway. Thank you for your time, but I believe I shouldn’t have lowered my job target. You are right. Oh! I do have a question though if you don’t mind me asking. Why were the other girls rejected?”

He’s burning me with his Alpha stare. Well, that’s what he wants. I’m natural and unaffected, waiting to satisfy my curiosity. I don’t give a damn on my rude behavior.

“Because I’m not hiring whores, Miss Holtrey. I want and need a reliable assistant. Not a bed partner.”

I flash him a genuine smile.

“Well, that’s admirable of you, Mr. Markle. You are a good CEO. Thank you for your answer and I wish you to find the assistant you need and deserve. Have a good day.”

I nod and turn around to walk to the exit, jobless, but yeah.

It’s not suitable for me. I can’t stay a day without my dad, and the look in this kid’s eyes at me…. I don’t want to have a boss who’s sending lust upon my sight, as this is what’s in his stare at me. I might be thirty-four, but I’m not into that stuff.

When I’m with my hand on the handle to open the door and get out….

“Fine. I’ll double the salary then. You’re hired, Miss Holtrey.”

I stop.

Don’t take the offer…. But I need money and time is ticking…. Lacey? Dad needs treatment, not your pride. Pride doesn’t make you money…. Shit.

I don’t turn around, but I do have a lion stance, facing the door, with my hand still on the handle. If I see his face when he’ll answer my question, I’ll refuse it for sure. My heart is rebelling in my chest as I do need money.

“Why double it and why me, Mr. Markle?”


Don’t provoke my pride. I need an answer I can work with to save my dad. Just say something decent for me to cope with.

“Your experience, bluntness, and lack of whorish attitude, Miss Holtrey. Money isn’t a problem for me as long as I receive what I’m paying for. As a matter of fact…. I’ll make it four times the initial salary, to buy your entire time. And that means you will have to stay in my guest house to be at a call distance when I might need you for business at night. Entertainment business is around the clock, with various issues to solve in the middle of the night. You’ll also receive a car. Brand new. And all that you would need to accommodate to the job.” 

What’s he saying? Around the clock?! Move into his guest house?! That’s not a job for an assistant! It’s…. Shit. Four times the salary? It was ten grands, now four times becomes forty grands a month. I can pay dad’s bills in two months, and if I have a place to stay with everything paid, I can sell my house and pay for dad’s new surgery and treatment. It’s such a risky plan, Lace…. But it’s dad….

Chapter 3 – It’s A Devil’s Pact


I still don’t turn around, haunted by my personal situation with money and dad. My mouth is dry, and my brain is under attack.

“How long is the contract valid, Mr. Markle?”

“Permanent.” He answers without delay with a husky voice. 

Jesus…. What am I getting into? But I have no better option, and I don’t know what loan I can get even if I go with another job, and dad’s condition is galloping. He said he doesn’t want a bed partner, so maybe I shouldn’t think about him hitting on me or something. He said guest house, not his house. I’m not his type for sure. But he changed his stare and voice at me…. LACEY! YOU NEED THE DAMN MONEY! AND HE’S A FUCKING KID! Shit….

“What if I want to resign at some point? What if I need to see my friends? I do have a personal life in some areas. I can’t be arrested in one place twenty-four hours a day.”

Silence. My heart is banging my throat. 

I shouldn’t have applied to this job…. It might save me with dad, or it might go in a wrong way….

“Three months notice, if you would want to resign.” 


“You can see your friends and have a private life when I don’t need you. I’ll make sure to notify you in due time as much as I can to be able to set meetings with your friends or have outings. I’m not trapping you in a prison. And I’ll give you free access to all of my clubs to enjoy time with your friends.” 

Why is he so generous?! What does he want with me?! It’s not normal in any way! What should I do? Something is totally off with all this, but…. Man! Alright. I’m a tough one and this guy doesn’t know the real me. If he tries something, he’s got it coming. Money is important now.

My eyes are for sure threatening at this point. I sigh and let go of the door’s handle, turning around at the kid, with my left eyebrow up, cocking my head at him, in a straight stance.

He’s with a devilish smile and a fired-up stare at me, like a king on his damn chair. 

If only I wasn’t in need of money, kid. If only….

“Mr. Markle, aren’t you way too generous with me?” I’m moving my head at him per my words.

“No. I expect efficiency and quality work from you, so it’s only natural to pay accordingly. A manager in this company makes around one-two million dollars per month for what they deliver. What I’m giving to you is nothing compared to that.”

Yeah, his green eyes are twinkling stars narrowed at me. He’s undergoing a serious grimace and he’s true to his words.

He’s smirking again while I’m with a cold inquisition stare at him.

“Yet, I would want you to satisfy my curiosity and tell me for what you need the money fast, Miss Holtrey.” 

To party in champagne all day, all night.

“It’s private.” I reply in a dry tone without delay.

He tilts his eyebrows. He airs the confidence of a Lord over the universe. 

I already hate you. Yeah…. And I hate myself more for I’m going to accept this madness….

“Stubborn.” He’s laughing under his lips. “Fine. So, what do you say, Miss Holtrey? Do we have a deal?”

We’re having another lock of stares, penetrating each other. There’s an Alpha battle, and I’m raising to the level of not being defeated.

I’m contracting my jawline, and my brain and heart are alarming me to not accept, but my daughter duty compels me to as I know I’ve got no other option. 

I’ll so regret this…. I’m sure.

“Under the following conditions, Mr. Markle.”

He’s got a surprised stare at me, but the smirk reigns his lips, having all this time his chest pumped in conquer.

Well, he’s indeed made of muscles and towering. He’s got the allure of the ultimate businessman mixed with the handsomeness of the most successful actor in the entire industry. If he would play in a movie? Blockbuster is a kid’s play. Women would pay no matter the cinema ticket just to see him on screen.

No, don’t get me wrong, I’m immune to all that. I was just contouring his image for you guys to get how he is. I now understand the type of women coming to the interview. They came for him and not for the actual job.

“I stick only to reasonable tasks which fall under the assistant of a CEO job. I won’t develop on this as we are both adults and we understand the meaning of this. I don’t want to appear full of myself, but I like to be blunt about it. If I happen to have some urgencies as any other human, I expect you to understand. I require a Saturday or a Sunday a week to have it free, all twenty-four hours of it. For my moving into your guest house, I expect to not share it with other people as I value my privacy. At least a private perimeter in it would suffice for me to have my personal comfort without interference.”

He bobs his head with a broad smile on his face and sparkles in his eyes. 

I feel like I’m sinning or something. I just can’t shake off this feeling. And my instincts never lie to me.

He presses a button on his desk phone and a woman’s voice answers.

“Yes, Mr. Markle?”

He’s not taking his eyes off mine.

“Bring in the contract. The one where we can add points on it. I found my assistant.” And he ends the call with a smug smile.

I’m an iceberg in my all at him.

“Deal, Miss Holtrey. You are going to start from today, in the sense I will provide you with a car and a driver to move to my place and bring your personal belongings as you need. You have there anything you would want, but for whatever you consider you should take with you from your own place.”

He opens a drawer from his desk and takes out a platinum credit card which he throws in front of him.

“This is for clothes, shoes, protocol, and the suit. It’s unlimited, but you do need to provide the accountant with all the receipts.”

The blondie walks in with a lengthy contract and hands it to him, bows her head and walks out without looking at me. But she’s annoyed and rigid.

“Take a seat and read it through, Miss Holtrey.” He’s writing something on the contract. 

I’m doomed. Well, we shall see in what way….

I sigh and take a seat, with a heavy chest as this is something I’ve never done. Trading my life for money like this, is against my principles.

But the important thing is dad, so, I’ll do whatever stands in my abilities to provide him with best care and prolong his life as much as I can. I can’t lose him…. I would lose my heart and soul if that were to happen. What I would never do is to trade my body for money. I would trade my brain, my sleep, and whatever else, but no sex or stuff like that.

“Here. Read it and sign it, Miss Holtrey.”

I take the contract and start reading it with my heart buzzing my chest. I avoid his sight.

He’s in his Alpha triumph.

Well, the contract is concrete and sealing the soul. There’s the confidentially aspect, tens of pages with responsibilities which don’t scare me, except for ‘and whatever else is required at any hour’.

He has added what we’ve talked about, and the salary, to my surprise, but I don’t react in grimace at him, is 100k dollars per month and all the other benefits like house, car, gas, utilities, clothes, shoes, food, medical care, and whatever you can think of are separate to the salary with unlimited price tag.

One would think God hit her or him with infinite fortune, but this type of offers is not rare, it’s a fantasy. And yes, the contract is permanent, as in per lifetime, with the possibility of resignation with a three months’ prior notice.

I tilt my eyes at him to find him studying me like hypnotized.

“Mr. Markle? We discussed forty thousand per month and not the amount stated in the contract.” I’m in my professional attitude and stare.

He’s in his wicked smile at me, swinging his chair a bit.

“I’ve changed my mind, Miss Holtrey. The more I get to know you, the more value I find. Hence, the new salary. Plus, you will take a lot of work as I’m a busy man and lead an empire. You’ll see that the amount of work and time I will get from you, will equal the 100k.” 

It’s a Devil’s pact I’m signing here. And his name is Hunter. Suitable for the real him. He does air a hunter. Lacey? Dad…. You can protect yourself from harm.

I return my stare on the contract and take the pen he gave me to fill out my personal info and sign it. 

Fine, fine, fine. Damn money…. I should give in the resignation as well. In three months, I would be out of here…. Shit.

Chapter 4 – Congratulations For The Job


When I’m on the last page to sign, I stare at it for a few moments with the pen in my right hand. My blood is with a racing speed through my veins. I sign it with dad before my mind’s eyes. I push the contract on the desk and place the pen next to it.


We have another lock of stares, a vibrant one, and he smiles and takes it. 

Yeah…. Good for you to have money. I’m with the loser tag on my forehead, though I’m older than you. 

I know I have a hateful stare and grimace at him, as he has just chuckled.

“Congratulations for the job, Miss Holtrey. Tomorrow is your official first day. Wait outside for the driver to take you to your place, and then to mine. He’ll assist you all the way and we’ll talk later. Your piece of the contract I’ll bring it to you tonight after it will be legalized. Take the credit card and use it. Have it with you all the time. I might ask you to purchase things out of the blue.” 

I don’t need it. Fine. All this has tired me, and I want out of here for as long as I’m still a free bird. Until tomorrow….

“Thank you, Mr. Markle. I won’t use the credit card, but I’ll keep it for your needs. Have a good day.” I stand up, nod at him, and walk out to wait for the driver without looking back.

Yeah, he’s half amused, half lustful in stare. Trust me, I know how to differentiate. I’m frozen on emotions.

In about fifteen minutes, a hunky guy, looking like a Manager or something by the way he’s dressed, comes to me while I’m reading some emails on my phone in the waiting room. He introduces himself as Kurt Bingley and tells me to follow him as he’s going to drive me where I need to, and then to take me to boss’s place as discussed.

And without further ado, I stand up and follow him, in my usual business walk and stance. It’s normality for me. Well, used to be….

We go to my apartment, which is at an hour from the company. I grab a suitcase and throw it on the bed. My brain is on explosions to do this. My apartment is like a penthouse. The only valuable I have left. Family house sold. My Mercedes sports car sold. Everything sold. For my dad’s treatments, to have him with me until now.

This apartment was purchased without a loan. I had the money for it. I paid half a million for it seven years ago. I can easily sell it for 300k, but I’ve got a mortgage on it for last year’s treatments without my dad’s knowledge.

He said he curses me if I sell this apartment, too. He blames himself for eating my life and he doesn’t want me to lose more than I already did. He was against me halting my business and everything to take care of him like I’ve done. But I regret nothing. I don’t have to meet with only his picture…. I’m able to meet him in person. That has no price. Life and your loved ones are priceless, and no sacrifice seems unworthy. I love my dad….

I’m with tears snaking down my cheeks and I randomly fetch clothes, shoes, and whatever I put my hands on, and throw them in the suitcase. My heart is crushing my ribcage. I feel worthless and unable to make money in other ways. I’ve lost contact with many important people as I acted like a hermit with society to be with my dad. I can’t make calls and ask for renewal of services or something. It’s been four years for crying out loud.

The only friend I have left, Brenda Grilock, sent me to today’s interview. She found it and encouraged me to go as her boyfriend is a director there. He’s a big name one. Older than her…. She’s my age and he’s fifty-one.

She told him I’m her cousin, which I’m not, and that I need a well-paid job like yesterday. He found out about this job and gave her the details for me to apply my resume. I told her that he mustn’t intervene for me. I’m always a person who relies on herself to achieve things.

I never like to play dirty, and I never do. Even as a CEO, if someone would recommend me an employee, I gave fair chances and never considered the person related to her or him. I value fair play. If you deserve it, you deserve it. I don’t care who your daddy or mommy is. I care about what’s in front of me. If I see you are a fit, then you are hired. Yeah, well, all this at past tense. I’m not a CEO anymore…. I’m a fucking assistant now….

Brenda is my best friend since teens, so we basically know everything about each other. She’s a babe in her all, but awfully nagging that I don’t have a personal life, and that the biological clock is ticking. I don’t give a damn on my biological clock. Let it suffocate for what I care. Ha-ha!

I zip my suitcase and cast a last look in my apartment. 

I’m going to have Brenda sell you to pay the mortgage and overdue bills. Yeah…. I so loved this apartment…. 

I wipe my tears with the back of my hand and man up, inhaling and exhaling, clearing my throat, and swallowing the next wave of tears. Luckily, I don’t wear makeup. I would look like a horror painting at face with my tears…. Ha-ha!

Let’s go and move in the hunter’s cave of a prison. I won’t be able to see dad daily, and that hurts me…. I’ll call him later to discuss with him. I can’t have a face-to-face talk with him now. He’ll get upset for what I’m doing again…. But he’ll be glad I’m back to working again, and in his opinion resuming my life….

Chapter 5 – What’s His Fate? Dead Or Alive?


I’m in the car, a BMW limousine, with the driver. I don’t have interaction with him and didn’t have. Only minimum conversation for address and where I need to stop, though he’s trying to speak to me and looks at me in the rear mirror from time to time, but I avoid acknowledging him more than necessary.

Our next stop is at a supermarket nearby to buy something, as in groceries and stuff for my dinner. Yeah, I love cooking for dad, and it relaxes me as an activity. I don’t eat much but the process of cooking is soothing.

This guy said I have a kitchen and everything in the house and that I don’t need to buy anything as they will stock the fridge and the storage room with all I want. I refused. I can pay for my own things even without that salary. I’m already uncomfortable with the entire offer to accept to this extent. It’s fucking madness. Who the fuck has ever heard of such a job offer? Whatever…. I’ll take it one step at a time until I see my dad feeling well and having the danger removed with his condition.

My phone buzzes and I fish it out of my jacket. It flashes Brenda’s name. 


I sigh and take the call.

“Yeah, Brent?”

Brent? It’s her rebel male name since we were teens and it stuck. Ha-ha! Yeah, we’re some crazy women. Anyways….

“Lace! How was it? Champagne or we go and trash him in the back of the company under a full moon? Ha-ha! What’s his fate? Dead or alive?”

I snort into laughter with a throw of head at my back, and tears in my eyes, making Kurt look at me with a smirk, but I can’t see him.

“You’re terrible! Ha-ha!” 

Thanks for making me laugh, babe…. I so fucking needed it.

“Now, now, Lace…. Champagne, huh? You little vixen…. I knew he’d choose you.”

I roll my eyes and look on the side window, as we’re approaching the supermarket. 

I wish he didn’t from what I’ve fallen into…. I’m trying to not think that much about it….


“You don’t sound happy, babe. Why? George said it’s a well-paid job. I fucked him an entire night for it….” 

Jesus! I didn’t have to know that! FUCK!

When she says the last part, I instantly close my eyes in repulsion and guilt, motioning my head in disbelief. I know she’s crazy, but…. My heart is again rebelling against my chest.



“You’re joking, right?”



“Why did you do that?”

“He’s my boyfriend?”

“You know what I mean, Brent.”

She’s puffing, and now laughing like a little devil while I’m getting down the car, feeling so dirty, walking to the supermarket.

“Well, to show you what you can get in life doing that, Lace.” She’s serious.

I have such disgust inside. Not for her, but for…. Yeah. 

My head is pulsating….

“You know I’m not like that, Brent.” I’m grabbing a shopping cart and place my purse in it, having a faint tremor inside as I’m not fine with what she said she did for me.

If she does it for her, fine, but for me? FUCK NO!

“You’re such a saint…. I know, I know. You’ll die a complete saint, babe. Now with your father for the last four years, all your sacrifices, you’re a complete saint. But I have to try in tempting you, Lace. You’re not a teen anymore. Your dad, sooner or later, will die as it’s normal for any mortal, and what would you be left with? Huh? Understand my point of view as well, Lace. I love you. You’re my sister and it pains me to see you like this.” 

I don’t care about that, babe…. I care about dad. I know you love me. I love you too.

“I know, but I still can’t. The way dad is right now…. I see nothing other than him.” I’m inside the supermarket, picking up some vegetables and fruits with the phone between my cheek and left shoulder.

“Lace? He said the same thing to you. He knows and he feels sorry for what you’ve done for him. I was there when you guys spoke. I’m aware you can’t be like me, but you need changes into your life, babe. I do hope this job will revive your life appetite as you had only sickness and suffering in front of you and inside of you for the last four years, babe. It’s enough on that. I don’t know which daughter does what you’ve done, and you’re not a millionaire, Lace. Last four years, two million dollars for treatments and hospitals. That’s not small change, Lace. I told you that the day when red code hits your bank accounts will come. And here we are, babe. I love your heart and soul, and damn, if I would ever have a child….”

She’s sobbing and my eyes fill with tears as well.

“I pray to God to have one like you. But you can’t erase your life to this extent, Lace. It’s not normal. Okay?”

I’m clearing my throat and contain my tears, placing the fruits and vegetables in the cart.

“Yeah, but I wouldn’t have done it otherwise. I don’t want to have regrets later that I could have made the difference, but I was selfish. I just can’t, babe.”

She sighs.

“I know. You’re a golden soul. I’m proud to have you in my life. Always my role model, though, I never reach your level. But I have you to balance me and I’m pleased with that. Alright. Where do we meet each other for the PARTY! YAY! CHAMPAGNE!” She resumes her lunatic self, making me laugh under my lips and calm down a bit.

I’m at the fish section and I’m eyeing some shrimps.


“Yeah?” She’s drinking something. It’s her white wine hour. Yeah….

“There are some problems…. He made me move into his guest house for a full-time assistant something….”

She has just splashed the drink from her mouth by the noise.

“WHAT?! I don’t think I heard it right. Did you say he made you move into his guest house? Ha-ha!” 

Shut up….

“Crazy, right?” I’ve taken, with a smiley face, a bag of shrimps. They are my favorite. And dad’s. Anyways.

“Tell me you’re doing it. Don’t you dare say no. Yeah! Now you’re talking, babe!” 

You’re so damn happy while I’m full of suspicions!

“I signed the contract, but I’m not okay with all this.”

I have an irritated tone of voice with a roll of eyes, pushing the cart to the tea and coffee section. My last stop. I’ve already grabbed some diet Pepsi and stuff.

“Of course the saint isn’t. UGH! So, should I splash the horizon there, babe? I heard it’s a full moon tonight…. Ha-ha! Oh! By the way, how is he? Do you like him? Is he sexy? Young? Old? Single? Married? Give me something.”

I’m frowning at the phone and “HMPH!” at it, putting it back at my ear.

“Heard that, little vampy. Ha-ha!”

“He’s inexistent to me. It’s a job. And I don’t know for the coming over. I haven’t asked if I can invite friends there. But maybe we can meet later after I settle in. I start tomorrow. I have a clench on my heart for all this. It’s dubious.”

I’m approaching the cashier’s area to pay and go. I’m so tired as if I had an entire day of work and not an interview.

“Yeah, same old Lace. He can be a fucking Angel and you’re still unaffected.” 

Yeah, well…. 

“I don’t worry about the dubious part, babe. No one has ever managed to handle you. You’re too feisty for that. Ha-ha! Hope he won’t create a mess for himself, and I do hope he’s not a regular one, as you do become bloody. Ha-ha! If he’s a strong one, he might have a chance. Don’t hit him too hard, babe. Oh! Forgot! Remember Clinton?”

I’m smirking for what she says about me. Yeah, she’s right. I react harsh in front of threats and when people cross limits. 

Clinton? What about?

“Yeah, why?” I’m paying the products.

“He said to tell you that this time he’s going to win against you. Just give him a chance as he needs his balls back in front of others. MUHAHAHAHA!”

I burst into laughter, heading to the exit with the cart. 

He can’t fucking win against me. Not even now after four years of retirement.

“Well, tell him that his balls are in safekeeping, and he’ll never take them back. It was a done deal.”

I twist my head and smile from ear to ear, approaching the car with Kurt coming to take my cart, but I wave him off it’s fine, motioning to him with my head at the trunk to open it, and he does it. 

I don’t need help. I might seem tiny and fragile outside, but appearances can be misleading, pal. He, he, he….

“I will, babe. I can’t wait for his reaction.”

Kurt is taking the bags that I’m giving to him and places them in the trunk, faking not listening to my convo. 

Did he put you to find info about me, pal? Or it’s just you? Hmmm…. Whatever. As long as you guys behave, we’re good.

“Okay, Brent. I’ll call you later to see each other after I move in. Choose where and send me a text. It’s on me.”

I give Kurt the final bag.


Just champagne for you, no full moon. I do hope it won’t be needed a full moon scene with beatings. Yeah….

“Bye, babe.” I get in the car as Kurt has taken the cart before I could do it.

“Bye, sexy…. Meow! Ha-ha! Love you. Bye.” I’m laughing and she ends the call.

I’m motioning my head in disbelief at how crazy she is. 

Love you too, crazy Brent. Ha-ha! Oh! What would I do without you in my life? The only real friend and sister. Yeah…. My babe. 

I feel like crying in both sadness and happiness, but I refrain. I don’t need questions from Kurt guy who’s itching to talk to me. 

Chapter 6 – Come To The Main House


We reach the location, and he shows me where the guest house is. The entire estate I think is around 200 million dollars. You’re not given to see this in your lifetime. Guest house? It’s a little mansion.

Kurt says it’s all mine and no one will come here, but the stuff for cleaning and such. My apartment is a tiny piece of toy on a playboard.

I focus on installing myself in the room which he says it’s the main bedroom of the house. It’s a king size bed, a walk-in dressing room, a bathroom, and it’s bigger than my entire apartment to be frank.

I finish in placing all my stuff where it should belong, and I’m like in a hotel by the way I’m acting.

I call my dad and have a video call with him, explaining to him the new situation, avoiding the juicy parts to not make him freak out, pretend myself to be happy, and tell him I’ll visit him whenever I can, but one day a week, at weekend, I’ll be there with him. I assure him I have everything covered for the treatment and surgery and the next treatment.

After half an hour or so while talking to him, he gets sleepy, and I understand I need not to push him further, though he always forces himself to stay with me.

I end the call with him smiling and telling me to be careful and that he loves me, and I do the same. Then, I burst into crying as he’s so weak and skinny, nothing from the man he used to be before all this. I cry with my face in the pillow on the bed to not be heard as I can’t stop or control. The pain is too much to handle….

Brent comes and takes me with her car to a club she wants. She’s having an Audi black sports car. Brand new.

I get in and we go there. I haven’t eaten anything today and after my dad’s call, I have no appetite, though my stomach is growling.

Brent attacks me with questions about the boss, she’s in awe over the location, and she’s concerned about my state. Though I’m pretending to be fine in front of her, she knows the hell out of me, and I can’t hide it.

I give her minimum info about the job, no details about the boss as she would never stop asking and hoping crazy stuff, and we hit the club for a while, more for her than for me, as I would sleep to get away from reality. My brain is wobbly, and my entire body is breaking from tiredness.

She gets wild and drunk as she usually does, dancing like a lunatic, and I cast a glance over the time. It’s almost midnight and tomorrow I start working. Plus, I need to go back to the boss’s house.

I attempt in taking her from the dance floor while she’s raping a guy who’s grinning at her, wishing a hot night with her. Another is hitting on me, but I flash him with my killer stare.

No, I haven’t consumed anything but diet Pepsi. I never drink alcohol, but at home, sometimes. It’s rare when I do that and I need to be soaked in pain and depression to have some, but never to get drunk.

The loud music and all the craze in the club make me dizzy. I finally manage to unglue Brent from the guy who’s stuck on her, threatening him that if he doesn’t behave, he won’t be pleased with the outcome.

Seeing my stare and my strong grip on his arm to let her go, he backs off. Yeah, I have a mad look when I want which burns and frightens you if you don’t have real balls to handle the aftermath.

Brent is laughing without reason or air, with her left arm wrapped around my neck to go out.

“He shitted his pants, Lace! Man! My crazy babe! You haven’t lost your touch!” 

Shut up, Brent.

She can’t even walk straight. She’s in a cocktail grey dress on high heels, same color with the dress. I’m changed into a pair of skinny black jeans, a dark purple top, a black trendy jacket tight on my waist with a black double belt over it, and a pair of black with dark grey stilettos. My hair is in a messy bun.

“You almost beat him! Ha-ha! Wow! So good to be back to the old you, Lacey! The badass! The Saint badass!”

We’re out of the club, walking on the street to the car, and she gets the throwing up wave…. 

Shit! No! Fuck…. You never listen….

She’s throwing up and I’m holding her, sighing, and having myself the throwing up sensation, but I control it.

“Oh…. I passed the limit again…. Ha-ha!” She’s throwing up again while I’m closing my eyes and chewing from my inner cheek. 

I know…. I know you have your own suffering. But you shouldn’t revenge on yourself like this…. Oh…. Jesus….

She calms down with the throwing up and when I get her in the car on the passenger’s seat, she instantly falls asleep.

I drive the car to her house and call George Stevenson, her boyfriend, to come outside and help me get her inside. Though he’s older than us, he doesn’t look his age, and he’s fit.

He walks to the car and I’m on her side to wake her up.

“She did it again, huh?”

I bob my head.

“Let’s get her inside, George.”

I avoid eye contact with him or further speaking, and I help him take her in the house as she’s in a drunk state with going against us to let her sleep in the car.

George tells me to take her car and go home. He will send someone to take it back in the morning. I say I’ll call a taxi, but he goes against as it’s late. I accept and drive back to my new home which I loathe, but yeah….

It’s another hour trip back to the hunter’s place and it’s already two in the morning.

My eyes are drifting, but I’m concentrated on the road, with speed, taking as many shortcuts as I can to facilitate a faster reach to destination.

I turn the music out loud in the car to keep me company and not fall asleep.

If it wasn’t for Brent, I wouldn’t have gone out. I’m depressed, hungry, pained, and I don’t know what else. The fuck I know what’s going to happen with this guy and what he wants from me with the entire deluxe job offer. Whatever…. I’ll see upon the roll of events. I hope he won’t dare to provoke me. Please, God. Make him be a good one and resume to the normal boss act. I can’t go back to what I used to be four years ago. Not with dad being like this.

I break in front of the gate and the security opens it after they check out who’s in the car. I drive on the driveway and go to the guest house, parking it aside.

My feet are trembling, and my breathing is labored. My head is aching. I stay inside the car for a while with the engine on and music the same, with my left hand on the steering wheel, squeezing it, reflecting over everything that happened today and what’s next.

I’m trying to take a grip over myself to get down the car and go inside. By the time I want to do this, a car comes in, a limo with other escort cars, and parks in front of the main house, a gigantic mansion. 

It’s the hunter kid, probably. He did say he’ll see Kevin guy in the club.

I ignore what’s behind and stop the engine and turn off the lights but I’m waiting for whoever it is to go inside the main house, as I don’t want interaction with no one.

I’m unable to even speak. My stomach is at war with me, but I ban it. I ban everything around me. I don’t look in the rear mirror, just in front of me. Like I’m a fly in the sky for no one to see.

My phone is ringing. 

Who is it at this hour? Hope it’s not about dad…. Please, be it not about dad.

It’s an unknown number, meaning there’s a number flashing on the display, but without a name.

I’m frowning and I reject the call. All numbers that could call about my dad are already saved in my phone. So, I don’t bother.

I lean my back on the seat and close my eyes with my left hand still on the steering wheel.

Who the fuck is calling to add pain to my brains? 

I reject the call again. 

Just die…. I need no disturbing people at this hour.

It’s calling again, and I get pissed off and take the call.

“Just stop calling! A rejected call is a rejected call! See the fucking hour when you’re calling! People sleep at this hour!”

Before I end the call, a manly, sexy voice….

“And you’re sleeping in the car, Miss Holtrey? I gave an entire house at your disposal. Why the car?” 


I take the phone from my ear and look again on the display and then put it back at my ear.

“What?! Who’s this?! Oh…. Mr. Markle.” 

Son of a bitch…. 

Of course I totally forgot that he could have my number and call me. I’m in physical pains and with a maze in my brains, so, yeah.

“Why don’t you step down the car and come to the main house, Miss Holtrey?” 

What’s he saying? AT THIS HOUR?! MAIN HOUSE?! HE’S INSANE! 

I’m all a frown and fire crosses through me against this kid!

Chapter 7 – Give Me Reason To Kill You


Mr. Markle, why should I come to the main house? It’s late and for sure any work can wait until tomorrow morning. And my work officially starts tomorrow. Get some rest, sir.” 

I would kill you right now. Brent was right. It’s a full moon. Bad omen for you, kid. And I’m not a werewolf, but it still can get bloody.

He chuckles.

“It’s tomorrow, Miss Holtrey. After midnight it’s the new date, so you’re officially my assistant. I’m waiting for your presence inside in the next three minutes.”

And he ends the call after he has spoken in a husky and playful voice to my brain explosion! I’m jaw dropped, with orbits out at the fucking phone.

“UNBELIEVABLE! IT’S TOMORROW?! YOU BASTARD! SHIT! MAN! I’LL KILL HIM! This isn’t going to work. No. He’s unreasonable! What could he possibly ask from his assistant at this hour?! What?! JESUS! I NEEDED TO AVOID SHIT AND SHIT STROKE ME IN FULL HIT!”

I’m regulating my breath to calm down and see what he wants from me. But I’ve got the feeling the full moon is for him tonight. Yeah.

I get down the car all furious, with my phone in my left hand, and slam the door. With angry steps and an inflamed grimace, I inch to the main house, cursing him under my lips on silent.

He’s already inside as the limo has sped away, with the other cars.

You fucking brat with your money! If only I wasn’t in this shitty situation! Who would have agreed to your insane proposal?! NOT ME! Damn!

I walk in and look around, with a murderous stare and face for sure, flaming under my nostrils, having my heart rumbling like on an arena for gladiators, and my brain is a pulsating pain, with the veins on my neck clenching, and my stomach is beyond frustrated!

He’s at the bar in the living room.

The entire house is a piece of art, but I don’t give a fuck. He’s standing, pouring some whisky in a glass with his back at me.

I’m evaluating his frame to know where to hit first if it will come to that. I’m on bad things right now.

“Are you drunk, Miss Holtrey?” He’s still with his back at me, gulping from his whisky, opening his suit jacket. He’s in his husky voice, but serious.

I have a werewolf on the rabbit stare at him right now, contracting my jawline, ready to fuck the kid. 


“Sir? You’re drinking whisky and asking me if I’m drunk?” 

Give me reason to kill you. I can’t wait on that. Come on. You son of a bitch…. Drunk, huh?

“Well, I don’t get drunk, Miss Holtrey, but you could.”

He’s turning around with his left hand shoved in his pocket, straight in stance like a fucking lion, narrowing his green on heats stare at me, with the blossom of a smirk on his lips, sipping from his whisky.

I could, huh? I can’t stand you from day one. Oh yeah.

I’m with the same werewolf on the rabbit stare at him, chewing from my inner cheek, with an Alpha stance at him, chin up, and waiting for the reason I was called.

We’re again in a battle of stares.

“I don’t get drunk, Mr. Markle. Now. Reason for my presence here? You know, what couldn’t wait until a normal morning hour. Like in a couple of hours later.”

He’s studying my eyes, I’m confronting him, and he then wanders his eyes on me, in a scanning manner, slow motion one.

I’ll massacre you, kid. Don’t believe it. Try it. I so hate the guy.

“Well? I’m waiting, sir. If you changed your mind, I’ll go, and we shall speak tomorrow.” I turn around to go as I can feel I won’t be able to control myself and I might do something that I’ll later regret. 

Unbelievable! SON OF A BITCH! 

I’m almost walking out of the living room.

“Miss Holtrey?”

I stop walking with a prolonged sigh, closing my eyes. I don’t turn around.


“I’m hungry and I want homemade food. I’m sure you know how to cook, right?”


I’m all tensed but controlling.

“No, I don’t know how to cook, sir. Anything else?” 

The fuck I’ll cook for you! Call your other people hired for that!

“You don’t?”

I can feel he’s either smiling or smirking. Kurt must have told him I stopped to buy food ingredients. That asshole!

I continue lying with all my sincerity, without turning around, as I don’t want to see him and go with the full moon predictions.

“No, sir. Anything else?” I’m breathing in irritation, waiting for the cue to go to my place and sleep undisturbed for a few hours.

I hear the glass being placed on the bar.

“Well, then you have five minutes to learn and cook something for me, Miss Holtrey. I’m hungry.” 


He’s hungry, yet the only stomach howling in the room is mine! I’m boiling….

He’s walking towards me as I hear at my back.

“Let’s go, Miss Holtrey. The boss needs food. He, he, he….” He is walking past me, undressing his suit jacket in a hot manner, to anger me some more.

I’m cursing him under my lips, eyeing him with such hunger that no piece would remain out of him!

“Sir? Cooking isn’t under my job description.” 

Send me to sleep!

“It is, Miss Holtrey. Under the ‘whatever else needed’ tag. It’s included. I want homemade food, made by your hands. I’m certain it will taste heavenly….” He’s inching to the kitchen, probably, with his suit jacket in his left hand, taking off his tie.


“FINE!” I’m following him with my hands balled, all the way to the kitchen.

UNBELIEVABLE! UNBELIEVABLE! Think of dad, Lace…. It’s only cooking. You can cook something in few minutes, put it under his nose, and then shoo yourself away. FINE! FINE! FINE! SHIT! God? Can I poison his food? Huh? No? Fine…. 

Chapter 8 – Hope You Choke With It


In the kitchen, which is like Gordon Ramsey’s kitchen, that wide it is and well-equipped, he takes a seat at the middle island, places his suit jacket and tie on the other chair next to him, and starts unbuttoning his shirt, not escaping my sight with his hungry eyes, exhibiting a mischievous smile, as he’s taking pleasure in my torture like the sadist he appears to be.

If only…. Oh yeah…. I studied three universities and became one of the best in Marketing to cook for a kid at fucking four in the morning….

I ‘Hmph!’ at him, and he chuckles like the brat he is.

“Where’s the apron, sir?”

He’s smirking, twisting his head at me.

“Miss Holtrey, though I’m a complete man with uncountable skills, cooking, unfortunately, isn’t one of them. So, I don’t know where the apron is, or anything related to the kitchen section.”

Fine! Son of a bitch…. Oh! Breathe and start searching for the damned apron and everything else!

I undress my jacket in anger and put it on an empty chair, more like throwing it on it. I place my phone on the counter and I’m now on ignore mode with him, like he doesn’t even exist in the fucking universe.

I open drawers to find what I need.

Apron. Good. One is found. Let’s see what’s in the fridge and think what to cook for the bastard. Something fast to cook. I can’t stand him any longer. And tomorrow I need to tolerate him the entire day. Maybe he’s got meetings where he won’t take me, though from what I was given as a schedule, I’m the entire day with him. SHIT!

I grab vegetables, eggs, ham, and some sweet and sour sauce. I’m on automatic, without thinking on the recipe. I’m experienced on this, and I don’t need to pay attention. I do make delicious food, but I would have never cooked for a guy. Only for dad and Brent.

I have long nails with a blood red color. You wouldn’t think I know how to cook or do house stuff. But there’s nothing I can’t do. After one look over the instructions, I master it without a problem.

I put everything on the island and dress the apron, cursing under my lips, as in my opinion I’m alone in the kitchen.

Hey! When you get older and stay with a sick person in the house for four years, you start speaking out loud without realizing. I never do it in front of dad as he keeps me anchored to reality, but with everyone else, except for Brent of course, I do it as I’m on ignore and I literally don’t perceive anyone around me. It’s not a play, it’s a reality.

“Can’t believe I’m on a low position such as an assistant for business purposes and I have to cook at four in the morning like I’m some cook.” I’m grabbing other stuff from the drawers like a wok, oil, and everything else, in fast moves.

“I fucking studied my ass off to reach to the point of cooking for a kid because he’s hungry, and he doesn’t want to call for other people who are hired on the position of cooking and serving. Oh yes. I hate his guts!”

I’m slicing the vegetables with speed, one by one, like I’m a ninja.

“He asks me if I’m drunk. Oh, I’m so fucking drunk, kid! To fucking sign that insane contract!”

No, I don’t look at him and I don’t realize I’m thinking out loud. There’s silence around me and I see nothing, just what I’m doing.

“To learn how to cook in five minutes, huh? Do you think it’s like fucking hocus-pocus?!”

I put the wok on the stove and spray olive oil in it.

“He’s hungry. At four in the morning! Oh, I fucking hate him!”

I roll in the kitchen with everything, like I said, on automatic, like through magic indeed as I’m skilled and continue my venting.

“Only if Brent didn’t keep me that late! I wouldn’t cross paths with the brat, and I would be in bed, sleeping now! Yeah…. My fucked life! I shouldn’t have signed it. No. Oh! I’m so fucking angry right now! Damn money…. Me, someone who was making half a million dollars in a month! So low I’ve reached! TO WORK FOR A FUCKING KID! Jesus….”

I’m making a salad, chewing in fury from my inner cheek.

“Can’t believe this…. If someone told me four years ago, I’ll do this, I would have shot the fucker in the fucking head on the spot! But here we are…. Making salad, cooking food, considered drunk, and all the stuff. Sweet life indeed…. And Brent considers me a saint. Well, flash news. I’m such a Devil right now, Brent. I would kill him in pains to gather all the satisfaction for it. FUCK YES! And I wouldn’t charge a penny for it. No, sir. Free of charge in intense orgasms for me. Oh yeah…. Fucking kid….”

I take out a plate and start assembling the food on it to make the dish. Like slamming the plate on the counter.

No, though my stomach is on a fucking rave symphony, the hell I’m hungry. I just want to finish this and get the fuck out of here.

“Three months notice, huh? You’ll have it tomorrow, brat. We’ll take care of that too. You’ll see. Oh yeah…. We’ll totally solve that as well. Watch me.”

I’m seasoning the dish with the sauce and some herbs.

“There. Michelin Chef. Take that. And I hope you choke with it. But it’s heavenly, don’t worry. You’ll choke in pleasures. Muhahaha! Hope you’ve got your legacy assured, kid. You may die now.”

And I just now have the veil taken off my eyes and we have a lock of stares.

I’m fuming and he’s fucked with a smirk crowning his face, shirt completely opened in front revealing his naked chest and abs, his sleeves are rolled to his elbows, and he’s penetrating me with a deep hungry stare.

I “Hmph!” at him and undergo my fake smile, like nothing happened and I’ve said anything the type.

“Here you go, sir. Enjoy. I’m off to my place now.” And I serve him with the plate, the salad, a fork and a knife and napkins, like a fucking lady.

I take off the apron, fold it, and place it in the drawer I found it, walk to the chair I have my jacket on, fetch it, and with hurried and irritated steps, I aim the exit.

He’s like hit by a lightning or something, with a Taurus breathing, contracted and whatever else. I’m out of the kitchen. 

Son of a bitch….

“Miss Holtrey!” 


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Chapter 9 – Aren’t We So Damn Nosy?

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Chapter 9 – Aren’t We So Damn Nosy?
Billionaire’s Baby Snake
– Table Of Contents –
(Chapters 1-8) Ch. 1 – I Need Money; Ch. 2 – Don’t Take The Offer; Ch. 3 – It’s A Devil’s Pact; Ch. 4 – Congratulations For The Job; Ch. 5 – What’s His Fate? Dead Or Alive?; Ch. 6 – Come To The Main House; Ch. 7 – Give Me Reason To Kill You; Ch. 8 – Hope You Choke With It
Chapter 9 – Aren’t We So Damn Nosy?
Chapter 10 – Money For Me Is Never A Problem
Chapter 11 – Don’t Stir The Animal, Baby
Chapter 12 – My Baby Hotness
Chapter 13 – I’m Over Limits Of Limits, Sexy
Chapter 14 – One Million Dollars, Kid?!
Chapter 15 – Don’t Be Crazy For Crying Out Loud!
Chapter 16 – She’s F*cking Crazy!
Chapter 17 – You Little Baby Snake…
Chapter 18 – I’ll Never Come Back!
Chapter 19 – Stop Playing With Fire!
Chapter 20 – Just Stop Already!
Chapter 21 – I’m Too Old For This Shit…
Chapter 22 – Saint
Chapter 23 – Oh, My Baby…
Chapter 24 – You Did What?!
Chapter 25 – Of Course I’m Crazy!
Chapter 26 – I Might Be A Bad Kid, Love…
Chapter 27 – I Haven’t Signed For A ‘Bed Partner’
Chapter 28 – I Could F*cking Die Right Now…
Chapter 29 – We’re In A Conflict Of Interests
Chapter 30 – You Baby Devil…
Chapter 31 – General Saint
Chapter 32 – Shining Star Went Down
Chapter 33 – Can’t Wait For Our Hot Night…
Chapter 34 – Saint. You’re Needed
Chapter 35 – Where Are You, Baby?
Chapter 36 – Bad Cousin?!
Chapter 37 – Just Keep Yourself Safe Until I’m There, Baby…
Chapter 38 – He Wants Me Dead At All Costs…
Chapter 39 – Saint’s Balls Are The Best, F*cker
Chapter 40 – Rave Party
Chapter 41 – Is It The Prophecy?
Chapter 42 – YOU BABY COBRA!
Chapter 43 – Ugh! I’m Not Your Baby!
Chapter 44 – You F*cking Loser…
Chapter 45 – Some Are Happy, Some Are Suffering…
Chapter 46 – I Want To See Him!
Chapter 47 – Saint Isn’t On A Break Anymore, F*cker
Chapter 48 – Bad Blood And My Blood
Chapter 49 – Don’t Worry, Baby Hunter…
Chapter 50 – I’m Sorry…
Chapter 51 – I’m Going To Kill You In Such Pains You’ve Never F*cking Experienced In Your Entire F*cking Existence!
Chapter 52 – Strength And Real Power Of Self Are The Ones Giving You That Ultimate Privilege
Chapter 53 – He’s F*cking Kidnapped And He’s F*cking Laughing!
Chapter 54 – What The F*ck Is This Loco Saying, Bro?!
Chapter 55 – I Told You That You’re Gonna Regret Kidnapping This One, But It Would Be Too Late For That
Chapter 56 – Shutting The Phone To My F*cking Face As He’s Got Man Balls Now As His Daddy…
Chapter 57 – What’s Wrong With Me?!
Chapter 58 – THAT Wasn’t A Mistake
Chapter 60 – You’re F*cked By F*cking General Saint
Chapter 61 – General F*cking Saint Has A Lot Of F*cks To Give
Chapter 62 – Don’t F*ck With Saint Blood, Is All I’m Saying, As A Friendly Advice
Chapter 63 – He Did Right On Not Killing You, Yet Bad In Pushing You Away
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