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Billionaire Alpha’s Baby Mate (Chapters 1-4) FREE READING 😉😇❤😘🙌


When the Moon Goddess sends his mate to break the spell…

I’m sent on a mission once again…. Infiltrated as a damn maid in a billionaire’s humongous household! Me?! A maid?! UGH! But I have no choice.

My superior considers me, Jasdelle Valbolt, 27, top special agent with some special abilities, curvy, the “man” for this case.

I see a white husky dog but looking more like a wolf, which seems an important member of the house, lazing around.

When the infamous, hot, ravishing, buffed, towering, 29, billionaire Astrid Serapho, hits home in the evening, I’m called to serve his dinner from the kitchen. He IS my mission.

He’s got quite an awkward relationship with his dog, Angelos. Angelos seems important to him, but at the same time, both the dog and Astrid can’t stand each other and ‘growling’ is involved.

I have to find out why there are so many strange disappearing people around the hot billionaire who starts hitting on me, and to sniff around what type of mafia-like activities he’s dealing. But the dog, Angelos, becomes sort of my shadow and we kind of bond till one night, when I get a total shock from him, on my bed….

Not to mention the fact that I find myself from a normal world where there’s no supernatural beings into a world of werewolves, and what I believed to be a young, hot billionaire, is in fact an over 100 years old Alpha evil twin as real lifespan.

And Angelos? I’m his mate?! What the hell is happening here?! But the bond is present, though I’m not a werewolf…

I do have other *special* abilities, besides being a legit badass and cold-hearted assassin, as that’s my professional job. I’ve been sent on the mission because I can deal with the worst, and the worst of all worse is hitting me with a disruptive view on life, landing me in a war between a true Alpha King and his evil doppelganger, and at the same time, love blossoms in me for the first time… But it could be the mate bond, right? I have no damn clue in all this! Werewolves?! God!

Genres of the book: Billionaire Romance, curvy girl romance, mafia romance, dark mafia romance, possessive alpha males, contemporary romance, romantic comedy, action, comedy, suspense, mystery, thriller, werewolves, witches, demons, angels, supernatural, with a HEA.

*This book contains language and mature themes. Suitable for +18 audience because of that.

Billionaire Alpha’s Baby Mate, by Andra-Cristiana Stan, Romania. Copyright © October 2021. All Rights Reserved

No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system without the written permission of the author.

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

Chapter 1 – Nemesis And New Assignment


“Oh! She’s at it again! This damn BITCH! The hell you’ll get the spot! It’s mine! I came here first!” I’m shouting in my black sports car, a new Aston Martin I gifted myself last week, to my nemesis, Brina Sandoz, who’s a total hot babe but such a bad bitch.

There’s only one parking spot left in front of the agency, and whenever we clash, there’s the who’s Alpha race to get the damn spot! I ALWAYS WIN! Well, we clash on many things. She’s frustrated because I’m top special agent in the agency and she’s not. She’s good at her job, but not brilliant as yours truly. She’s the doll, barbie doll type with a bit, a tiny bit of curves on her, and yes, she’s given to plastic surgery all over. Her boobs are…. Quite a view but toned down enough to not become an issue for when she’s undergoing agent missions, if you know what I mean. No, she’s a sexy ass, not the botched type, obviously.

Me? I’m all natural, in curves and all that, same age as her, 27, an orphan since forever, never knew my origins. I’m a caramel hair, porcelain skin, and possess quite a pair of jade eyes. I’m not a tall one but not petite either. My hair is cascading till my shoulders, but I rarely let it loose.

Since a young kid, I’ve been with ‘special’ genes, and at the age of 13 I landed in the agency for a hellish training to become what I am. I loved it. Between foster homes and orphanages to having a ‘real family’ with the ones recruiting me in the agency was a lottery winning for me, like for the platinum prize. And soon enough, absorbing all there is out there with ease and innate talents, I raised to the top, receiving only top, dangerous, complex missions worldwide.

I’m paid heavenly, yes. Not an easy life, don’t get me wrong, but it’s a fine pass for me after being a seasoned one. You become accustomed to all the shit involved and you do make a difference in the world for the better. And yes, I always, well, mostly always, go alone on missions. That skilled I am. My code name is Black Panther. Ha-ha! I fancy black, yes…. Ha-ha!

I’m dressed in an all-black leather-like suit embracing my body and a pair of flat shoes same color. I have a black cap on my head, leather-like, and a pair of black shades to match my badass outfit. Well, I am a badass in truth….

We’re having our cars at opposite sides in the parking lot, roaring the engines on the spot against each other, and she’s now flashing me the middle finger in the air through the side window of her car. I can see she has a red nail polish though we’ve got a certain distance, quite a distance, between the cars.

I’m possessing a demonic stare at her, bobbing my head, breathing in disruptions as I’m fed up with her meanie ass for the last ten years. Yep, she has been my bully since forever. We loath each other. I didn’t start it. She did. I just ignored her whenever it was possible. But sometimes…. You can’t hold your horses that much.

No, there’s been no actual cat fight between us, but the mockery has been present. She always finds faults in me, labeling me as fat and such other pleasantries, which I don’t care and never give her satisfaction of a reply or to see me frustrated or affected because I’m not, honestly, but in this kind of situations as we’re having right now, I just can’t let go. Oh, fuck yes. My balls get such an itch to show my Alpha blood that you couldn’t believe possible.

“Oh yeah? Fuck me, huh? You bad soul! Sniff my balls, bitch! THAT SPOT IS MINE!” We’re roaring our cars louder, and agents are gathering to see the lunatics in plain show.

Oh! She’s always doing such things to attract an audience for her PERFECT ass, huh?! Loser tag will crown you again, Brina. Watch my balls, bitch. I never fucking lose on anything….

“The war has a rerun, guys! I bet on Jas! Who’s keeping the bets?! Ha-ha! Jas! Don’t make me lose money!” That’s Darin’s voice, one of the men under me. And there’s a turmoil of laughter and betting like at a fucking horse racing!

I give a fuck on your money, Darin. The bitch is going down, nonetheless.

In the split of a second, both our cars fly in the fucking parking lot for each to win the damn spot for the car, with the guys whistling and cheerleading like some whackos and not like some sane agents. My car rides the race and turns at fucking perfect angle, landing in an astounding fit to the parking spot with a break, and I burst into a crazy laughter for my win while Brina breaks the car at my back in a deafening squeal of tires, honking like a demented for her failure.

“And that’s how the fat ass always wins, bitch! Ha-ha! Oh, shut up! Stop honking and accept you’re under my fucking balls as always! I SAW THE PARKING SPOT FIRST! YOU CAME AFTER! Oh…. She’s driving me crazy…. Can’t wait for the two weeks vacay I’m about to sign with boss. The farthest from her the better. I’m fed up with everything and everyone.” I’m yelling all that in the car and now turning off the engine to get down. Yeah, she’s blocking the back of my car with hers, honking in desperation. She’s a long ride gal in everything when losing and getting mad, especially if it’s against my ass.

I slam the door to my car and activate the alarm on it, not casting any look to the honking to the sky bitch and stroll to the main entrance, playing the car keys in my left hand, having my back straight and gaze low, gaining silence around me from the guys who are making room for me to pass.

“Jas?” Darin is calling me at my back.

“Nope. I’m on vacay. I answer to no one. No one has seen my ass. Got it?!” I step inside without turning at them while speaking.

“Yes, boss!” They all answer and Brina has stopped the honking and I hear the slam of her car’s door.


Eat shit, bitch. It was mine and I took it fair and square. Stop annoying my already flipped nerves.

I ignore her with the guys laughing at her reaction and probably red cheeks, and in a matter of minutes, my ass lands in my boss’s office to sign the two weeks leave as discussed.

“Hey, boss.” I shut the door at my back. Nate Krick is my boss and former guardian since thirteen. He’s like a father figure to me, but more my boss, obviously. We’re close outside the agency, yes.

He’s towering, quite a hunk, a handsome hunk, in his mid-forties. He found and recruited me back then and I’m under his hand ever since, as I said. He’s in a black suit and silver-grey shirt without a tie this time. He usually wears one as he’s one neat motherfucker, eligible for sexy ass male business magazines. One deadly weapon he is, but I’ve become more than him because of my special genes. Way more. But he’s my boss ongoing. I need no boss duties. It fucking sucks, to be honest.

“Jas? Hey. Take a seat.” He’s hanging up a call with a sigh. I tilt my left eyebrow at him, chewing from my left cheek as I’m sensing I’m about to get hit with something. My guts never fail in letting me know over such things.

“Why am I having a bad feeling looking at you, sir?” I take a seat before him and he lays his back on the chair with a strange look into his dark green eyes at me, grabbing his whisky glass and sipping from it, locking our stares in an intense one.

It’s a new mission…. Don’t tell me it’s a new mission…. I don’t want a new mission…. I’m fucking tired! I need time off! I need fun with my fucking cat at home! I DON’T WANT A NEW MISSION! NO!

“Whatever you’re thinking? It’s true to all that.” He says gesturing with his glass at me per his words.

“What?!” My eyes go wide and I’m panting in frustration!

“I’m sorry, Jas. It’s a special one, needing you. And fast. Here. Take a look and you’ll understand.” He sends a thick file on my side of his desk and my eyes are cursing the damn file.

I tilt my raging eyes at him.

“Send Brina. She craves for an opportunity to overshine me. She’s best fit to whatever the case is. Give her a shot to prove it to you she can handle a hard case like me. You’re not giving her enough credit, sir. She’s a badass, never giving up even in front of failure, she’s unnerved by anything, and she has never lost a case she had. It’s time for her rising star. I vote for her with all my heart. Honestly. I need a vacay.”

I’m sincere in all I’m saying, leaving aside the beef between me and the bitch. I truly want her in the fucking mission instead of my ass. She’ll be fine with whatever. I have no worry of the case being over her capabilities. She’ll manage.

Nate stares at me in silence, listening to my plead for both me and Brina, and when I finish, he bursts into laughter to my increased frustration.

“If I send Brina in this mission, with the hot male target we’re having, she’s bound to fuck him instead of dealing with the fucking mission. Ha-ha!” He’s slapping his desk, fucking amused for real over his words about Brina while I’m in a frown and fucking blinking at him.

What? She won’t do that…. Or would she? You’ve lost me, buddy. What do you mean she would fuck him? Jesus Christ…. I don’t think he’s drunk. We don’t get drunk.

“Sir? I don’t think I understand. She wouldn’t do that. I’m sure you’re confusing something here. It’s a mission not a blind date and she’s aware of the protocol and such. I’m certain she would go with the mission and not her personal…interests. Just give her a shot. I vouch for her on this.”

He’s smiling at me and at my innocence and now throws his chin at me.

“Open the file and see his picture. I want to see your reaction.”

I sigh while he’s picking up his desk phone and asks to be sent to Brina’s phone.

“Fine.” I fetch the file and open it, receiving the picture of a guy with some hot all in body and face and eyes and all that.

Prince Charming is a fucking ugly kid compared to this guy here. He’s got some piercing emerald eyes, dressed in a dark grey suit, with a raven-hue hair in waves but short, ripped in muscles like a bull, but on the alluring side of muscles. Well, he looks like a billionaire guy, dream of all women out there, unreachable to the ‘peasant’ and ‘ordinary’ women.

I sigh again as none of that makes me have something. I’m looking at the picture as I’m looking at a mug of coffee. That mug of coffee would be way more attractive to me to grab it. Ha-ha! Yeah, I’m not someone with feels or instincts on such things. I’m a baby angel when it comes to all that, never wanting something. Just my job, my fluffy cat and vacay. Oh yes.

However, by instinct, I peruse the file to see what’s the mission about. I’m already having the file in my hands, so why not. I feel I’m going to be the one sent…. He never changes his mind. I know that.

“Come to my office. Now.” He orders Brina while I’m reading the case files.

Astrid Serapho, billionaire, 29, clean as fuck in all his businesses but something is fishy and concerning about him and his people. People get to disappear out of nowhere and are never found. Some did get found with massive animal scratches on them, but no connection to the billionaire could be identified to be prosecuted. Dead bodies, yes. No one came back alive. Men and women.

There’s also something paranormal-like around this, but nothing certain or believable. Rumors of people of dark night rituals and stuff. No real link to that as well. Everything is perfectly covered. He’s an only child and he’s the perfect replica of his grandad and dad. Both other males are dead. His grandpa died soon after his dad’s birth, and his dad died at Astrid’s birth. Strange… No mommy for either. They couldn’t find who the moms were along the way for the babies. It has been kept in secrecy. No public, official recordings or inside info on this. Well, at their billionaire level, they can hide such things and the father to take the kid and raise him if it’s out of wedlock and such. But there’s a concerning pattern here with all this.

Weird, mafia-like movements are present around Serapho empire, but nothing pinned down.

“Yes, sir?” Brina has just stepped inside the office. I’m with my eyes perusing the files with an unusual speed, signature to my person.

“Come here, Brina. Jas? Show her the picture, please.” My fingers go to the first page to extract the picture while my eyes are reading further, and I pass the fucking picture to Brina at my back without looking at her.

“Here.” She snaps the picture out of my hand, and I get it back to turn the page in the file. Silence at my back and in front of me. I’m reading.

“Who’s this, boss?” She’s got that melted bitch voice. I roll my eyes, shaking my head and reading further.

He fucking said she would do that…. I give her more credit than she fucking deserves. I was sincere in wanting to give her a shot to stardom. She fucking blows it on her own.

“Your future husband, Brina.” Nate says in such a serious tone of voice and I’m containing a laughter, focusing on the damn file as it’s a complex as fuck one.

“W-What?” She fucking believes it. “Sir?” She’s in a kitty voice.

Oh, God. I would have never believed this about her. I knew she’s a bitch, but not to this extent. Really? Jesus….

“Return the picture on the desk, Brina. You’re dismissed.” He’s still in his serious voice and I’m approaching the end of the file.

“Y-Yes, sir. Excuse me.” She places the picture on the desk, and I can feel her bitchy stare at me.

I said you’re a fucking loser and you don’t want to accept it, Bri. You fucked a shot to leveling-up your game, stupid. And because of this, I’m fucked with a new mission…. UGH!

She’s out the office and I finish the file and throw it on the desk. Nate is smirking at me, pointing with his head at the door for Brina’s reaction. I puff at him.

“Alright. I get it why me. It’s a fucking fortress out there and the complications around the case are high. What now?”

“You’re hired as a maid, darling. Find all about it and eliminate all is needed. Arrests only for the less guilty. But I need strong evidence for each elimination. No help with you and we have no one inside. You’ll be on your own all the time with no outside communication till everything of importance is done. Here’s the plane tickets and the list of things you would need to prepare. Your flight is at ten tonight, and you’re expected at the interview tomorrow morning when you’ll start as your first day. Be careful as I have the feeling this case is like you have never had before, Jas.”

He smiles at me for first sentence and then becomes the serious boss and my brain doesn’t register much after the maid thingy.

What?! Me?! A fucking maid?! Are you fucking crazy?!

Chapter 2 – Black Orchid Scent


After a ‘small’ fight with my boss upon the being a maid thingy as it’s not my style to get that low to proceed with things, we settle on my ass going into mission with a hurricane of cursing from my part and a statue of a senseless boss before me. No, he doesn’t care. I’m to be a fucking maid for real, for how long it takes to get what I need and decide who’s to die and who’s to get prosecuted for a second stage.

I hit home to send my baby cat, blue-eyed fluffy beauty to my neighbor who’s a sweet granny, owner of five cats, all buddies with my Smoochie baby. I tell her I don’t really know when I’ll be back from my work trip, and she understands as she knows my routine with departures. I leave her packed with cat food for all the cats and a credit card with enough money for whatever she and the cats would need. Yeah, I’m bonded with Mrs. Igor like she’s family. I know her for the last seven years since I’m living in same building with her. No, she’s not poor, but I always gift her with things like a good “niece” I am. She has no one left, I have no one since forever, and we get along well.  

And my ass gets packed and shoved in the regular plane to fly from San Francisco to another state in the USA where I’m going to be a fucking…maid to an infamous, playboy billionaire. Well, I’m not going to be the only one as the bastard has a huge staff. But it seems one more person is needed for his vast estate bordered on the east side by a lake and a forest, but planted in a city, with the normal privacy such people have around their homes.

I normally go into mission by a private jet through our regular, private, under radar air lines, but because of my new ‘job’ and identity of Denise Varkof, 21, poor, in need of a place to stay and work to earn money with skilled cleaning abilities but without a high school degree at least, I must undergo a regular flight in the economy class. Oh boy…. Oh, I have nothing against posing as poor and such or taking an economy flight. I was just saying the change for what I am in fact and what I’m pretending to be.

Upon landing, dressed in a baggy black suit, kind of shabby to get into the picture, with my hair rolled in a bun, luggage at hand, and ‘careless’ looking around in the airport where the waiting area is, I find a man having my name written on a paper. He’s towering, sturdy, with some biker outfit, quite handsome, young, and a rave party in his black hair but all neat and dashing. I approach him, ‘tripping’ with my luggage. Ha-ha! I’m stupid and careless but hot as hell at cleaning, man. Muhahaha!

“Uh! That’s my name! Hi! I’m Denise Varkof!” I’m waving my hand at him like a total retard and push the thick glasses back on my nose. Ha-ha! Yeah, forgot to tell you guys about the fake glasses. I need to appear ugly and stupid to not raise suspicions around me.

He runs his eyes over me. “I see. Hmm…” He returns his eyes into mine while I’m with a goofy smile for landing to my job and able to earn money. I think he’s inhaling my scent in a hidden way. I don’t know, it’s lowkey what he’s doing, but that’s what I’m picking up on.

That’s strange as fuck, dude. Am I mistaken? I don’t think so….

He smiles now.

“You’re good to go then.”

That wasn’t weird at all.

“You’re sweet.”


“Black orchid perfume. Nice one.”

What? I didn’t put on any black orchid perfume. It was another and has no orchid in it. Is he some crazy fucker?

He winks at me, grabs my luggage, and throws his head to follow him. I’m blinking for real now at his back.

Well, the weird shit has started the moment I set foot in the fucking airport. Let’s follow the sexy, crazy ass to wherever we’re meant to go. He seems a harmless sexy ass. Crazy, but not quite demented on dark stuff. First assessment, that is. Hmmm…. We’ll see.

“You’ve got quite a lot in here. Small but damn heavy! Ha-ha!” He’s referring to my luggage.

Yeah, man. I have all equipment I need in there. Untraceable by airport security, unable to be sniffed by K9. I’m a fucking pro and we know how to cover our shit, dude.

“Oh, yes. That’s all I got in life and coming with me. Small stuff, but damn heavy. Ha-ha! Thank you for helping me with it, by the way. Ah… Your name is? I didn’t get it, sorry.”

He turns his head at me while going through the exit of the airport.

“I was just joking. It’s not heavy for me. It is for you though.” He grins. “I’m Donovan Kart. At your service. Ha-ha! Let’s go. The car is in front.” He shows me the way to the car.

“Nice to meet you, Donovan, and thank you for your help.” I smile, a fake one, but it comes out as genuine before him.

“You’re cute, Denise. Likewise. Don’t worry about it.”

Hmm…. He seems genuine. He is genuine as he’s been having eye contact with me all this time, not giving any sign of underlaying things. Well, one is vouched as innocent so far. We’ll see how innocent, but for now we’re good.

We get on a black SUV, Mercedes one, brand new by the looks of it, and we hit the road in silence for a while. I’m taking in the city route and all that stuff, thinking of my baby cat and urge of having a vacay with her, cursing Nate again for sending my ass in this mission, but I sense Donovan’s sneaky looks at me.

“So, Denise, how come have you landed in this job?”

My boss shot my ass to come here because of a horny bitch by the name of Bri who could have allowed me a two weeks’ vacay.

I turn a sweet and innocent stare at him.

“Oh, I’m good at cleaning, I found the ad, and here I am.” He tilts his left eyebrow and his eyes lower to my hands.

“You’re good at keeping your hands like a lady as well. That’s rare but nice.” I’m blinking at him, and he raises his eyes into mine with a cheeky smirk.

“I love cosmetics and such whenever I have the time and money for it. I use gloves, so I’m safe.” He chuckles. “Are you this nice with everyone, Donovan?”

I might smack you right now, right here. I’m in my sweet, idiotic smile….

“You seem to be an exception, Denise. You’re sweet.”

I’m sweet…. He said same thing when he ‘sniffed’ me. What the fuck is wrong with him? I have nothing appealing on me from how I’m dressed and groomed. But he’s genuine with his words. I can see that.

“Ah, thank you, Donovan. You’re kind.”

Not that innocent though. Watch it, dude. I might whack you till destination. You’ve got fucking Black Panther in the car with you. Black orchid…. The fuck is all that about?

I move my stare on the dark road ahead and avoid chatting with him till we reach the destination at around four in the morning.

The black with golden gates open to an estate hosting a fucking mansion with a vast terrain. It’s like a mini city out here as length from what I can gasp through darkness. There are lights and such, but in a dim one, keeping cover to eventual happenings. It’s both alluring and sort of sinister, but maybe it’s just the grumpy me and the darkness covering stuff.

Donovan is going through the driveway, taking a turn around the big mansion which is like a fucking castle if you were to ask me, that wide and imposing it is, and we’re approaching a smaller set of buildings. I feel Donovan tensing up the moment we drive by the lake, and he snaps his sight on his side window, in the depths of the wood with thick trees, with a bright moon shedding light.

“Umm…. Denise?” He turns his eyes back on the alley ahead.

“Yes?” I fake rubbing my right eye under my glasses for tiredness, but I’m assessing the perimeter and his persona, ready for whatever might thunder.

“Word of advice, if I may?” I nod but he’s focused on driving ahead, disturbed by something.

“Of course.”

“You’re new staff. You won’t be getting a warm welcoming. Don’t take it personal. All are against new faces and unknown individuals at first. Avoid direct eye contact with as many of them as possible and stay low, doing your job. Don’t ask questions and never speak unasked. Orders are to be executed and not questioned. And most of all, avoid big boss. With your scent…. He’s gonna be fucking attracted to her even before seeing her….”

What? That wasn’t weird at all, right? What the fuck is he saying?! My scent? The fuck I can understand….

Chapter 3 – Serah Migakial Arritha… What?!


Well, I just nod at his words and undergo an attitude in total submission and ignorance. I receive a smile in return, and I can feel he would ruffle my hair for not questioning him?! What the fuck, man? Well, I said I needed a fucking vacay. Look at what my brain and senses are perceiving…. But no matter how exhausted I am, my instincts never signal wrong things. Oh yes. Weird as fuck these people, no wonder those rumors around them.

He parks the car before one of those smaller buildings and gets down the car, with me doing the same. He shuts the door at his back and takes in the surroundings with his gaze, keeping it covered before me for doing this, but he can’t escape my keen eye upon things.

He’s preoccupied about something, a bit nervous, like something to not threaten my person? He’s with his wide back at me and I’m on the other side of the car, closing the door of it.

Don’t worry, dude. Whatever the fuck you’re sensing? I’m not the one in danger over here but the thing or person you’re sensing. Muhahaha! I need no fucking protection. Others need protection from my ass if there’s evil involved. Oh, fuck yeah…. Black Panther is a fucking bloody cat, fanging everyone in need for corrections or a death penalty. I’m so fucking tired, and I so hate Bri’s ass like never before…. I WANT MY SLEEP WITH MY SMOOCHIE! Fuck….

While he’s doing that in seconds, as it’s not taking much, my eyes get compelled to look at the sky and see the moon with a kind of reddish aura shadowing it and the sky around it. It wasn’t like this earlier….

And before I know it, while staring at the moon, a thunder-like feeling crosses my heart and mind, halting my breathing and widening my eyes – no, there’s no such real thing outside of me – , and a woman-like voice, a doubled and unhuman one is speaking to my mind in an unknown language….

‘Jasdelleah…. Balleak Orchahied…. Serah Migakial Arritha…. Aegoles Prohtagus…. Blessah Warriah Sachusa….’ And now she speaks in English with same voice. ‘It’s time…. Use it…. It’s in you…. Since birth…. You’ve been…preparing…. All training…. Not for what you thought…. It’s for my…son…. You’ve got…great powers…. Summoning in you for years…. Wake up to what you’re destined…to be. Black Panther…. It’s your soul animal, my daughter…. But you’re not a panther…. You’re more magical and blessed than that…. Unleash it. You’re ready…. Blood needs to be spilled once again…. Under your hand…. Order must be restored…. Look for the sky at night…. Whenever you need me…. Urrah Warriah….’

She’s been speaking to me like from miles away and I can’t comprehend any of it, especially the words in that ancient language? Jesus Christ….

Time seems to have stopped while I had that voice surging to my brain, and once she finishes with the two words in that language, I find myself as before this, looking at Donovan’s back who’s now turning around with a smile, but covering something he has ‘sniffed’ by the looks of him.

I’m with a dizziness enveloping my head and my heart is on rocking mode for some reason. Not of fright or any of that. It’s like a side effect over what has just happened. I’m sure I wasn’t hallucinating or any of that. It was real as fuck. My blood experiences a sort of poisonous boil down my veins, but I look normal and nothing happening to me outside. I return Donovan’s smile, but in my now signature goofy one.

What the fuck was that, man? Who was that woman’s voice? Her son? I’m her daughter? What powers? Magical and blessed? Soul animal? Urrah Warriah? Oh…. I SAID I NEEDED A FUCKING VACAY! LOOK AT WHAT HAPPENS TO THE CRAZY ME AS NOVELTY WHEN EXHAUSTED! UGH! I need to finish all this case fast and take a hike for a fucking month! Yeah. Sounds like a gooood plan. Man…. FUCKING BRINA!

“I’ll take you inside to your room, Denise. Everyone is sleeping at this hour but us. Ha-ha!” He’s strolling to grab my luggage, and I nod at him and sneak a look to the moon to see it’s normal now, nothing like a few seconds ago. I’m going crazy…. Oh yes…. That’s certain. FUCK!

He walks before me inside the building, which is drowned in darkness, sign everyone is indeed sleeping. There are some lights on along the way, same dim type to not disturb but enough to find your way on the hallway and stairs.

We’re going up the stairs and Donovan is continuously in sort of an alert mode but covering before the ‘naïve’ me. I stay silent and obedient in walking on his footsteps till we reach the second floor with a long corridor full of rooms on both sides, similar to a hotel, and he stops midway, opening the door to a room on the right side.

“Here we go, Denise. This is your room from now on. Come on.” He signals me with his head and a smirk to get inside after him as he’s stepping in the room with my luggage, placing it on a chair. “Well, you’ve got everything you would need in here. The bed is there, bathroom is in there, you have a small kitchen in there if you need privacy and don’t want to eat with the others in the main canteen for employees, TV with cable, Wi-Fi, laptop there just for you, a desk, shelves, wardrobes, and whatever else should be in a small apartment.”

He’s pointing at things for me while speaking, and indeed it looks like a small apartment with quite a level of luxury for a small employee on a maid position. Even the fucking bed is a double one.

It looks like a place for a fucking secretary and not a fucking maid to live in. Hmm…. The billionaire does spoil his people at some levels, huh? Strange as fuck, man…. Not that I’m not happy with all this to stay in, but just saying, dude. Or am I already on the list with disappearing soon people? Ha-ha! Could be…. The last happy ‘meal’ before kissing death kind of thing, huh? Ha-ha! Oh…. I’m having the feeling all this will go so wrong and bloody, man…. And I’m never on the losing side.

I’m looking around with a happy smile for the windfall of blessings on the poor Denise while he’s showing me things with his right hand.

“It looks so nice! Thank you so much! I never thought it would be like this! I’ve never had a place like this to stay in! I’m so happy to have landed this job!” I now meet his eyes who are in some twinkles at me and he’s smirking. It’s all genuine on him, no hidden bad intentions with it, just the male things.

“Glad you’re happy with it, Denise.” He snaps his stare on the wide double window again and becomes serious. I’ve heard or seen nothing, so I don’t know why he keeps doing that. “Umm…. Just a suggestion, Denise. You better not open that window during the night.”

He turns his same eyes and smirk at me.

“It gets chilly here at night, you know. We don’t want you sick because of it. Keep it locked at night.” He moves his stare to the room’s door behind me.

“And…. Also make sure to lock the main door once you retreat from work. Some of the staff have the bad habit of barging in without notice, and it’s not always pleasant to have that, especially if you’re in one of your…private moments, right?” He wanted to check me out at that pause, but he refrained at the right moment.

He’s definitely afraid of something reaching to me. He took a like on me and he’s trying to prevent stuff as best as he can, huh? Hmm…. So, the rumors are kind of true. How true? We shall see from now on.

“Noted. Thank you, Donovan. I’ll do it as advised.” We have a lock of stares. Mine is saying, ‘You can go now, I manage it from here.’ And his is not wanting to go, like infatuated with me but in his concerned persona for whatever he has sensed outside as well.

He snaps out of it.

“Oh. Alright then.” He’s scratching the back of his head, looking aside for a second. “Umm…. I’ll leave you alone now. You can sleep till nine because you’ve just landed. At ten, you need to go to the second building on the left and present yourself to the head of the staff, Mrs. Grithal. She’ll take you in and all that for the job. She might be a cruel and cold person, but you’ll get used to it. Just do what I said to you in the car, and everything should be alright with you as a new employee around here.” He flashes me with another smile and starts walking to the door with me turning around to shut the door behind him once he’s gone.

“Thank you again for everything, Donovan. You’ve been of tremendous help to me to ease my coming here. I appreciate it.” I’m with my hand on the door’s handle, goofy smile plastered to my face, waiting to shut the door to his ass, but genuine to my words for him as he seems a nice guy and friend after all. He doesn’t seem to be a villain so far, so he’s got a pass in front of me from the others.

“Oh, don’t mention it. See you around then. Good night, Denise.” He’s in his smug smile and wet, hot eyes at me.

Watch it, pal. I might trash the fucking hallway with you. Don’t look at the tiny me compared to you. You’ll get so fucked if you don’t behave, man. Go now. I still have half an hour or so to sneak out and do a quick search around. Don’t bite from that timeframe, buddy. I’m already tired and with flipped nerves, and grumpy and all that.

“Sure. Good night, Donovan. See you around then.” And I shut the door to a not moving Donovan, staring at me, and now having the door instead of me, and I lock the door as advised.

I so fucking hate this fucking mission…. All weird stuff happening in less than a few hours…. I miss Smoochie…. I hate Bri…. I have a headache…. And a horny bastard behind that door…. Oh, I’m so good and all set, right? Oh! And a cruel and cold Mrs. Grithal waiting for me at ten. Let’s not forget about that…. Fucking shit…. Let’s change clothes and jump from the fucking window outside to do a perimeter search in the power of the night to morning. I hate my life sometimes…. UGH!

Chapter 4 – A Howling Wolf?


I fish out my phone from my suit jacket and start operating on it to jam all potential hidden cameras in this room. Now I’m using an app that will flip scenes inside the room with me getting undressed till my fucking underwear, meaning black thongs and bra, sending my fucking clothes on the chair over my suitcase, and now how I turn off the lights, loosen my hair, grabbing the covers from the bed, getting in the bed, covering myself, shutting my eyes, and off to a ‘fake’ sleep.

The delay with all these actions will give me time to fucking change myself in my badass black outfit with a cap and face mask, grab my gear and prepare to see how I’ll fucking jump through that fucking window from the second floor of the fucking building.

Yes, the app will perfectly blend my person to this room and will give the impression that all that is happening in here is real and not a program operated switch.

I now enter in another app on my phone and scan the walls to see if there really are hidden cameras, people in other rooms, if fucking Donovan has left, and things like that. I do it fast, and in a matter of a minute or two, I have the entire small apartment scanned and with incoming reports over the scan while I take the fucking glasses off and throw them on the fucking bed.

“Hmm…. Soundproofed walls. Five live streaming hidden cameras with sound. Motherfuckers….” I’m taking off my suit jacket as I’m getting hot from anger. Plus, I do need to undress for the change of clothes. “Rooms left and right empty. Across is empty. Under my room, empty.” I launch my suit jacket on the bed the same, not taking my eyes off my phone. “But there are some people in next rows of rooms. Not many. Donovan is gone. Good boy, man. You know how to fucking behave. You’ve got an added bonus, buddy. You’re not on the whacking list so far. Ha-ha!”

While assessing the reports on my phone from the scan, fucking Bri’s face flashes with an incoming call, and I twist my lips with a frown.

“The bitch is itchy to fuck, huh? She’s pissed on the car spot and for losing the hot dude mission, huh? Oh…. I would beat the shit out of her bitch ass.” I answer it. “Say. And fast.”

Her breathing is her signature bitchy one and delays for a few seconds. I would grab her fucking neck through the phone right now. Yeah, well…. Don’t blame me. I’ve tolerated her fucking ass for far too long already. Give me some credit here….

“How’s it?” I tilt my left brow.

“Called to fuck with my brains, Bri?”

“No, bitch. I’m curious. Did you see him yet?” She’s fucking serious.

Is this bitch for real now?

I’m shaking my head with a silent growl on my lips.

“I’ve got work to do. Don’t call me again. Don’t worry. I’ll send your husband’s ass all dead to you if he turns out guilty. You can marry and fuck him as much as you want after I’m finished with him. It will be my wedding present to you, Bri babe. Bye.”

I end the call and block her fucking number as she won’t stop from calling. She’s a honking and calling to the fucking sky bitch once turned on over something. I need peace and quiet around me from such people at least.

“Oh…. Nate was fucking right with her. Unbelievable…. Really?! Jesus Christ, Bri…. She wasn’t fucking with me, she was real. I know her fucking ass so damn well. But this? Fuck no. I guess she’s already pulled data from the system on the fucker and drooling over him.” I snort into a demented laughter as I’m picturing her doing all that and so real while doing it for her hubby. Man! “Oh…. I’m crazy, but she’s beyond that. Hmm…. 4:26. I need to fucking change fast….”

I send the phone on the bed and undress in quick moves, throw the clothing items one by one on the fucking bed, and then go to my suitcase to unzip it and fetch my assassin clothes during the night, as I told you guys about.

Oh! All I have is in some special packs, well covered, and if someone would open my suitcase, it wouldn’t be able to see or reach them. Why? They look like the walls of the suitcase, and there’s a hidden, special place on each of them that opens only with my fingerprint. Oh yeah…. I told you guys we’re fucking pros with pro everything. Haven’t lied.

I tie my hair in a ponytail and shove the black cap on my head having the ponytail stuffed under it. I then put on the fucking mask. I grab two guns and ammo and shove them at my back under my black leather jacket till my waist, a bit lower than that, to cover the guns. I place some small daggers in my black leather ankle length boots. Next on the list is to grab my same material and color gloves with cut fingers and put them on.

“Right.” I look on my phone. “4:29. Fast babe as always. Muhahaha!”

I plant my phone in my right jacket’s pocket having it on dark mode as I’ll need it further and grab a silver bottle spray and spray myself from head to toes on my clothes and everything.

What’s this for? Well, it has some particles and substances in it for different purposes. To not be sniffed by potential dogs around, as this kind of people, no matter their high security and such with cameras and bodyguards, usually have dogs which they set loose at night for an extra security. That’s one purpose.

Second, the particles in it create a sort of cover over my person, to not get spotted on live cameras or infrared devices while wandering around. My body’s temperature isn’t taken on the infrared devices, and the live cameras take me as a light mist or something, which is perfect as it doesn’t shape up my contour, it looks like a sort of cloud or such, like a real mist would be.

And no, it doesn’t affect my health, it has no smell, and it doesn’t stain me. It’s without color, like water, and it dries fast, upon spraying, on me.

Of course, if I bump into real people, they can see me. Ha-ha! It’s only used for what I’ve said, live cameras and infrared devices. To practically cheat them the fuck out while I’m ‘whistling’ around. Ha-ha!

And for the dogs? Yeah, I fucking hate dogs, by the way. I mean, I don’t hate them, I like them, but from afar. I’m more of a cat person, as you can imagine. But I’m referring here on hating dogs while on such missions. You kind of need to run your fucking legs out when you face them or kill them if they attack and have no other way, because this type of dogs are trained to chew you out into fucking pieces if you’re not one of the staff or owner and you’re a stranger, trespassing the property.

No, I haven’t killed a dog so far and I don’t intend to. I tried different ways to lose them or put them to sleep and avoided being a villain on that. However, I love puppies! They’re adorable! And they don’t want to eat you out! They just want play and petting! Ha-ha! With adult dogs though…. That’s another story in some cases, no matter how fucking adorable they appear to be. Ha-ha! Oh God…. Anyways.

I turn off the lights and stroll to the fucking window, without opening it yet, to see outside on how I’ll proceed with my jump.

By my calculations, the sun will start going up from 6:30, so it’s going to still be dark as night till then. But I need to move fast and get it done in under forty minutes, leaving room for unpredictable situations to have time to come back to my room somehow and no one suspect I was the person doing all that outside if I get to have obstacles on the way. You never fucking know what you might face.

Hmm…. There’s no one around here. And fortunately, there are some thick trees around! Oh my, I love it! Thank you, God, for giving me a helping hand here! Ha-ha! Let’s get my ass flying in the damn tree and jump down the ground.

Gosh…. I fucking hate such missions…. I need to enter into fucking ninja mode…. Couldn’t he give me a fucking room on the first floor? I could have jumped from there without a fucking problem…. But no…. We need complexity, because we’re fucking top, and we need to ALWAYS show that, right? Fucking shit…. But Bri would have taken a broom to fly to her hot dude and fuck him like through magic! Muhahaha! She would have fucked the fucking tree because of the motherfucker! Ha-ha! Oh, Jesus, Bri….

Oh, shit…. What the fuck was that? A howling wolf? I fucking hate dogs but wolves…. And why is there a wolf around here? Two wolves’ howls? Three? COME ON, MAN! ARE YOU A FUCKING PACK OR SOMETHING?! THIS IS NOT A CITY AND AREA WITH FUCKING WOLVES!

What the fuck is happening here? And the sound comes from the woods? No…. I’m going fucking crazy alright…. If I’ll fucking find myself chased by a pack of wolves, I’m fucking sorry, but I’ll shoot them down for sure. They’re not dogs to be sympathetic about it. Wolves are wild animals. If there’s an attack on me, I’ll go hunter mode for sure…. FUCK YES! GOD! MORE COMPLICATIONS! UNBELIEVABLE!


Chapter 5 – Oh Man…. Be A Good Doggie?

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Chapter 5 – Oh Man…. Be A Good Doggie?

Table of Contents ( Current – Updating )

Chapter 1-4 (Ch. 1 – Nemesis And New Assignment; Ch. 2 – Black Orchid Scent; Ch. 3 – Serah Migakial Arritha… What?!; Ch. 4 – A Howling Wolf?)

Chapter 5 – Oh Man…. Be A Good Doggie?

Chapter 6 – I’m A Dangerous, Dangerous Being, F*cker

Chapter 7 – It’s Like A F*cking Animal Clawed Me!

Chapter 8 – Please, Do Whatever You Want, Hotness

Chapter 9 – Man! I’m Going Insane!

Chapter 10 – Are You F*cking Crazy, Honey?!

Chapter 11 – Damn Demon Blood…

Chapter 12 – Not F*cking Wolves Again! Man!

Chapter 13 – More Shit Added To The F*ucking Demonic Pie?!

Chapter 14 – What The F*ck, Man?!

Chapter 15 – Oh! I’m Going Nuts For Real, Man!

Chapter 16 – He’s Cute, This Bastard…

Chapter 17 – Jasdelleah Is Here To Serve Justice For The Light And Fuck The Darkness In Pains…

Chapter 18 – Like I Was Living A Thousand Deaths At Once…

Chapter 19 – I Want To Turn Back To My Human Form…

Chapter 20 – It F*cks My Brains And Reason, Man!

Chapter 21 – Why Would All This Happen To Us Both?!

Chapter 22 – Tables Shall Turn Around…

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