• December 28, 2021

Author’s Bookshop: Red Moon Love

You can visit the shop I have on PayHip if you want to peruse it and make the purchase from there. Here’s the link to it: LOVESTORIESTAROTCOM

Here’s Andra-Cristiana Stan’s personal bookshop which hosts and will host all her novels and not only!

What does this mean?

It means that besides all the other platforms like Amazon, Apple, Google Play and the others, you have an added option to purchase her products, directly from the author, and by doing so, you’ll be showered with a wide range of discounts applied on the set price of each product as it is on all other platforms.

The platform used for this personal shop of the author is PayHip. All purchases done through this store are all secured by the platform no matter if you’re doing the purchase from lovestoriestarot.com or from the store we have on PayHip.
Lovestoriestarot.com retains no payment processing, all is done through PayHip. All your data is secured and protected by PayHip.
Though each product mentioned here on lovestoriestarot.com will contain a note point in the product description, I must underlined it here as well:

– all products are ONLY digital (ebook)
– there’s no refund once a purchase is made.

Another thing I want to mention is the discounts, referral and sharing (which bring you discounts as well for you!)
– once you want to buy a product, you’ll have the opportunity to receive discounts for other books, and you’ll be given the discounts for each book you can add to cart and profit from that discount for each other product you choose. Discounts are as high as 30% off the base price, so, awesome, right?!
– referral discount: You’ll find at the top page of each product a 27% off the base price if you refer the book to a friend and if this friend makes the purchase, both of you will benefit a 27% off the base price on that book!
– share. You can share the product page on social media through the product page (you’ll find it at the bottom of the product page) and you will benefit a 30% off the base price of the book!

So, as I said, by buying through my personal shop you’ll profit from more discounts, not to mention that once you have a product in your cart to buy, you’ll be given a number of other discounted products to add and enjoy reading more books with a lower total price than by buying the same book or books from other platforms.

However, the choice is yours from where you want to buy my novels. This is just another way to have access to my books. For other ways to buy my books, you can check out the Romance Books section of my website and check out each book which has all platforms where you can pick from where you want to purchase it or them. 🙂

Love you!

Your true friend always,

Andra-Cristiana Stan


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