• December 4, 2021

Game On (Billionaire’s Baby Angel Book 1)


Landing back home to my dad from abroad upon finishing my PhD studies should have been the happiest moment of my life, right? Nah…. A punishing to my soul and heart news hits me right from my father’s lips. I need to marry Frederik Shawn tomorrow morning, a 31 hot billionaire and dangerous mafia head, to settle a 40 million debt my and my dad’s companies have to him as an investor.

I, Mona Sandler, 26, curvy, genius, businesswoman, rebel, badass, with a life in the shadows even my own dad knows nothing about, break before this crushing to my all settlement between Frederik and my dad to prevent the entire collapse of our companies. However, he’s going to have me on papers only and I’ll make his life a living hell. The name I possess in the shadows is Pandora Angel….

He wants me? He doesn’t know what he’s asking for…. But…. When I meet him for the signing of the marriage contract in his own office, something in me responds to him. Yet, I’m on revenge mode, and I’m not going to surrender to the crawling feelings he summons in me. To pay debts back? Okay. To be his real wife? HELL NO!


Oh? You guys want me to reply to what she has said above? Alrighty then. She’s mine. Forever. No matter the war she’ll have against me. She’s taken, no matter the means. She’s my baby. MY Pandora Angel. And I love her…MADLY! But she’ll torture me SO bad…. And I won’t lower my game either. Game on for REAL LOVE! Liked that, honey? Huh? Oh! You’re so mine, love….

Prepare for lunatic and true love, retaliation, comedy, action, mafia, contemporary romance, business world, rivals, with the touch of the paranormal!

Game On is the first book in the Billionaire’s Baby Angel series.

Book’s Tagline: When she’s a descendant from a divine bloodline…

*This book contains language and mature themes.

(This book is available on all Amazon marketplaces in ebook, hardcover, and soon paperback formats.)

Other options for you for the ebook format are:

👉 Apple Books

👉 Rakuten Kobo (but it’s available on all Kobo’s marketplaces)

👉 Barnes&Noble

👉 Tolino

👉 Google Play

👉 For coming soon availability on more channels such as Scribd and Overdrive and more, you can check it out through Books2Read where all links to Apple and such are there and more to appear once the publishing process there is done. You’ll be directed to this book’s page with a list of platforms where you can choose from.

Alrighty then! Hope you’ll enjoy my new published book!

Love you!

Your true friend always,

Andra-Cristiana Stan


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[…] This book is already published and available for purchase! Check out the post for it to see what options there are for you to buy it from if you want to further read it! Game On (Billionaire’s Baby Angel Book 1) […]


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