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When she leaves as a weak little princess and returns as a deadly queen…
I’ve just landed back home to Italy from the States at my father’s call, the big head of Gianto famiglia. We’re one of the strongest families and I’m the princess of the famiglia.
The rebel.
Always playing with fire.
Never listening to orders.
Forever meeting my father’s wrath because of it.
Never giving a fuck on that, though.
I’m Arrabelle Gianto, 23, curvy, and a deadly Mafia Queen.
You see, my father wanted a son. No, let me correct that. My father wanted sons. But my mother had me and three years later, she died in a car accident.
Well, in the underworld, there’s no actual accident, but a planned attack. Which was a success for them. Not even today, we don’t know which of the main rival families did it. Starlos, Wratzo, or Marini.
And it seems I’m sold in marriage to one of the Marini brothers by my dear-oh-dad….
“The rumors back in the States are she’s kind of a rebel. She’s known to dump her escort and make her daddy wait. She’s the only one who dares do that against Giacomo and to still breathe after.”
The rebel he refers to is my soon-to-be bride. Not by choice. I don’t know or want to know anything about her. 
“If she were my daughter, not even a fucking breath would she take without permission from me. But things will change once she’ll become my wife.”
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Billionaire Romance, Curvy Girl Romance, Mafia Romance, Dark Mafia Romance, Possessive Alpha Males, Strong Female Lead, Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy, Action, Comedy, Suspense, Mystery, Thriller, with a HEA.
*This book contains language and mature themes. Suitable for +18 audience because of that.
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Chapter 1 – They’re Hunting Me Down


Thunders crash and rain bolts the ground while I speed with my Aston Martin black sports car, pursued by some heavy mafia men in black cars. They are like a pack behind me, under the midnight’s darkness.

I’ve just landed back home to Italy from the States at my father’s call, the big head of Gianto famiglia. We’re one of the strongest families and I’m the princess of the famiglia.

The rebel.

Always playing with fire.

Never listening to orders.

Forever meeting my father’s wrath because of it.

Never giving a fuck on that, though.

My father, Giacomo Gianto, is one cruel, dark, deadly, mob head. Even to me, his daughter.

His only daughter. His only child. His Angel and Demon daughter, as he calls me.

But the ones pursuing me aren’t my dad’s men, but some of the rival families for sure.

You see, my father wanted a son. No, let me correct that. My father wanted sons. But my mother had me and three years later, she died in a car accident. Well, in the underworld, there’s no actual accident, but a planned attack. Which was a success for them. Not even today, when I’m 23, we don’t know which of the main rival families did it. Starlos, Wratzo, or Marini.

Because of lack of evidence, we couldn’t put our finger on the real culprit. And to start a war against all three would be suicide at some levels, no matter how big we are.

My dad, against his dark and cruel persona, loved my mother so much that he didn’t remarry. He thought that would be a sin and dirt on my mother’s name. Hey, give the man some credit for having some light in him, right? Because on all the other sides, he’s a plain devil. But yeah, he has women. So, that light in him rests to that extent only.

But I can’t blame him as I know men have needs, and mafia men? Oh boy, those needs? Ha-ha! Yeah. They’re sex driven. And if you don’t possess their heart? You don’t quite want to be the woman they fuck, to put it simple. You’re a toy they play with, in a dominant manner, a rough game. And then they dump you. Sooner or later.

Well, I don’t personally know of that as one order only I’ve kept and been keeping: to be a virgin. But to all the girls and women I’ve heard of, they had some not so pleasant experiences, and the stories on that are from there.

Of course, some women favor and crave for that kind of sexual game, which is not really a game because these fuckers are some mentally fucked ones. Being a mafia doesn’t come with being sane. They are sane, but because of the nature of their lives, that sanity loops into hardcore shit. Only the strongest keep that ounce of sanity to cover their scars.

“You really don’t give up, do you? Motherfuckers….” I spat in the car, steering the wheel in a dangerous drift along the mountain road, speeding to detach myself from them.

They’re hunting me down now they’ve sniffed my odor back in Italy. I’ve been sent away to the States, in New York City, by dad when I was ten. With a covered identity and all, living under one of my uncles’ guardianship, Don Rada, from my mother’s side, for safekeeping.

None of the rival families should know my looks now to whack me and hit dad with me. However, even if they found out my appearance, they for sure don’t know what I’ve grown to be. Not even my dad knows. But, let’s say, he has a sort of a son now. I have a pussy but with some hardcore balls hanging.

Don Rada is my mom’s younger brother. His heart broke upon the news of my mother’s death. And without my dad knowing, having the liberty and privacy with me, he did what not many heads do with the daughters of the families. He trained me as a son in the shadows. He pledged to himself that if his sister died like that, being unable to protect herself, he would make sure to do everything that her daughter will have her own balls to fight the underground when in need.

So, my dad’s words, without knowing how much he’s right on it, are valid. I’m an Angel in appearance, and a Demon beneath. Well, a curvy Angel. But a sharp Demon. Yeah, well. Don’t fuck with me as you will get fucked. And it has nothing to do with sex.

In this speedy race with the fuckers inching my car, I reach a not so desired territory. Marini famiglia. And how I seem to be so fucking lucky tonight, the gates of their vast dominion, where a mansion like a castle lays, are opening with cars in an escort driving out and if I don’t break the car, I’ll have a crash with the fucking middle car which is the fucking limousine!

“Of all the moments in time, now you had to come out?! You fucking Marini snakes!”

But the moment I break the car, the fuckers following me will get down the cars in a shooting at me manner.

My face hardens and my brows furrow.

“Fine! You all need to know who’s Gianto anyways now that I’m back. The little princess to hunt and kill is not that fucking little to hunt and definitely not to kill.”

The tires of my car squeal against the wet road an inch distance from the fucking side of the limo. Cars behind me do the same. The Marini escort blocks both ways on the road.

I lower my right hand under my seat and grab guns and ammo. I have a showdown first night I landed….

Let’s kill the fuckers in the back and show the Marini fuckers who to not mess with. I don’t give a single fuck on Mathyas Marini being the biggest head of them all.

I arm myself, covering with my black leather jacket the guns at my back, and step down the fucking car….

It will be a blast and a fucking yell from my dad. Anyways….

Chapter 2 – Who’s That Angel?


“Boss?” Giancarlo, my right hand, calls me from the front seat of my limo. Luca, my other hand, is driving. We’ve just got into the cars to go to Gianto family.

I’m scrolling through my emails on my phone and don’t raise my eyes at him.


“Arrabelle has landed per her father’s orders, but she didn’t reach home yet. She had someone prepare a sneakout car for her. Gianto men have lost her.”

I twist my lips and tilt my narrowed stare at him.

“They have lost her…. What do you mean they have lost her? She’s a fucking woman. How can you lose her?”

He shrugs his shoulders.

“The rumors back in the States are she’s kind of a rebel. She’s known to dump her escort and make her daddy wait. She’s the only one who dares do that against Giacomo and to still breathe after.”

The rebel he refers to is my soon-to-be bride. Not by choice. I don’t know or want to know anything about her. But because of alliances and other shit, I have my dad’s last wish on his death bed, five years ago, to marry the Gianto’s daughter. I couldn’t refuse. Personally, I didn’t want to marry, reason why I have postponed this as much as I was able to.

Gianto is in a major collapse for the last three years, and last month I threw him the proposal. To marry his daughter to me and have a merger between main companies our families own, having me as a major shareholder, and on the mafia side, when he’ll step down, I’ll lead both families under Gianto-Marini. His advantage in all this? I have paid him one billion dollars to cover his debts and acquire his daughter.

Money is no problem to me. I’m 30 and a billionaire. The most wanted bachelor out there. And the eldest son of the Marini family. I have four younger brothers: Christian, Sony, Alessio, and the youngest, Baron. They are a pain in the ass because they all have an Alpha nature, but family is the most important to us all.

I shake my head and return my eyes on my phone.

“If she were my daughter, not even a fucking breath would she take without permission from me. But things will change once she’ll become my wife.”

The gates are opening, and the cars are pulling out on the road.

“Boss, she’s lived in the States since she was ten and….” Giancarlo is trying to explain why she’s like that but stops as from our left, a black sports car is cutting with speed the torrential rain, and the limo I’m in is blocking its way.

What the fuck?

“Fucking shit! Luca!” Giancarlo yells at him to do something.

That car came out of nowhere and it seems other cars are chasing it.

There’s no time for a fast turn because we have the escort with us, and that car is in full speed. I’m not scared. Nobody knew I’ll step out of the house at this hour if I’m home, so it’s not a planned attack.

The car breaks in a deafening sound with its front almost in the other door of the limo in the back seat.

The one driving is fucking skilled to stop the car like this at that speed.

I shove my phone in my suit jacket and have my enraged eyes on the respective car.

Though I admire the ability of the driver to avoid a deadly accident, my Alpha balls are provoked for the audacity of crossing my territory like that and in front of my fucking gate. However, I understand there’s something going on with the other cars on this one. Whoever is in this car is a target for the hunters in the back. And it’s a high target as the car is no less than a fucking black Aston Martin sport car, latest model.

“Who the fuck is in the back and who the fuck is in this car?” Giancarlo shouts, getting ready to step down the car with my other men.

The other cars have stopped and from them get down masked men with guns in their hands, waiting for the person in the first car to step down.

And before Giancarlo gets down the car in the fucking rain, from the fucking car, a woman with wavy locks of dark honey hair with her hands up, steps down the car. I’m tranced in her image, like blocked on her, having my heart skip a beat.

A woman? Who’s that Angel? And what do those fuckers have with her?

She’s in a pair of black leather pants embracing those carved to perfection legs, a pair of ankle length black boots with silver chains, a black top on her neck, a black leather blazer till her thighs opened in front, and in her hands, there are black gloves with cut fingers. She’s curvy like a fucking goddess with a gaze that could kill. The vibe she sends is that of an inborn killer covered with an angelic beauty.

“Boss! That’s Arrabelle! Fuck!” Giancarlo jumps down the car.

“What?!” But I can’t take my eyes off her.

When she turns at the others….

Is she for real?!

In seconds, she takes guns from her back and shoots all the others to the ground. Ten men are dead. They didn’t have time to react.

I’m out of the car and looking at her with my men having their guns in their hands, all staring at her back, rain drenching us all.

“Fucking shitheads….” She murmurs and fast places her guns at her back, with a lion stance.

She’s average height, but her stance is imposing and makes you submit in front of her. Not me though….

We’re all reigned by silence as you’re not given to see this in a woman. I’m like that, but I’m fucking Mathyas Marini.

“I’ll be damned….” Giancarlo breathes out.

Well, it may seem all this has taken time since we were aimed by her car till now, but really, it has been no more than a minute or two.

My chest is heaving and I’m in same trance on her, not accepting that that’s the one I’m about to marry.

I refused knowing anything about her. Giancarlo has brought me files with her, pictures, and other things like that. I didn’t want to even glance at them, sending him back. For me it was a duty and an oath to my dad to marry her. Nothing more, nothing less. She would become my wife on papers, and the fuck I cared more than playing with her in bed for the next heir.

But now? Hmmm…. I’m astounded and hooked on Arrabelle Gianto like I’ve never fucking been on a fucking woman.

She turns around to get back in her car.

She gasps our persons staring at her and throws her chin at us.

“Don’t worry, fuckers. It’s no territory breach. Someone wanted a late-night rave party with me. Gianto and Marini are still on good terms.” She looks at me with some piercing baby blue eyes filled with hatred now as I’m standing at the door for the back seat of the limo.

“For now, Marini.” She slips in the car and slams the door.

For now, huh?

I smirk and twist my head as she runs the car in reverse and then has a squeal of tires to turn the car around and speed the other way.

“Boss? She’s way more than a rebel…. Does Giacomo know this about her? He’s not the type to raise a daughter like this….” Giancarlo shoves his gun back on him, watching her car disappearing on the road.

I don’t think so. But the fuck she hasn’t given me a hard…. Yeah…. Well, baby, now I want to know everything about you. And you, love, will have the surprise of your life tonight…. Marini is your husband.

Chapter 3 – He’s So Damn Pissed This Time


I don’t know which of the five brothers was in that fucking limo. I don’t care, to be frank. Marini is my enemy because of my mom. I’m not sure of their involvement back then, but I never let go of the possibility.

I will revenge my mother during my lifetime. It’s an oath between me and Don Rada.

How is that fucker? A charming prince with an unholy beauty for a man, towering, buffed like a bull. His hair is a black pearl, with some rebel locks. The motherfucker is a heartthrob. He’s in a black suit and shirt, the expensive and brand type.

The eldest, Mathyas, is a fucking billionaire. So, of course, they have all the best there is out there.

We are wealthy as well, but over the years, Marini famiglia has rocketed and they are way above us. Mathyas is the one who fortified that for his family, conducting businesses in all industries, eating territory after territory worldwide, and becoming one of the most feared mafia kings at international level.

But I’m not intimidated over his persona or his brothers.

No matter how fearless, deadly, and cruel they are.

They’re never forgiving.

They’re possessive.

They’re kings.
No one dares to cross them.

Flash news.

Gianto family has a son now.

I left as a weak little princess.

I’m back as a deadly queen.

My phone is ringing on me, and I fish it out to answer, driving with speed under the punishing storm, aiming my cousin Angela’s house for a brief visit to avoid dad for a while. Maybe he decides to go to sleep and give me a break for tonight.

“Yeah, Pa Rada?” It’s my uncle.

I call him Pa as I love him as a father. He’s no less as my dad in front of me. For both, I love them with my life.

He’s in a playful voice and makes me smile.

“How’s my Bella and her rebel escape? Did you solve it?”

I take a turn, going down the mountain.

“They didn’t have a chance, Pa. Love the car, by the way. Yes, it’s done. Vitto is no longer breathing. He was my first stop after I’d dumped dad’s men. But I had such a warm welcoming from others….”

His voice gets stressed.

“Others? What do you mean? No one knew you’re gonna go there tonight aside from Giacomo. Is everything okay?”

I snort into laughter as he knows my ass and still worries about me.

“I’m fine, Pa. I shot them to the ground once I stepped down the car. I’m going to Angela for some minutes and then hit home. Hope Pa goes to sleep by then.”

“Go to sleep? After you fucked his men like that? Not a chance, Bella. He’s waiting for the yelling part. Prepare your ears. Can’t blame him though…. He’s stressed out lately and not giving me details of what’s happening to him. We’ve risked tonight with your little escape from his men.” He’s drinking something, concerned about my dad.

They have a good relationship and dad trusts him. If dad hasn’t given him details of what’s happening, something big is in place. I didn’t know about this.

I tilt my left eyebrow and chew from my left cheek.

“What do you think it’s about, Pa?”

“Don’t know, Bella. Could be with territories, could be business related. He’s covering it. If he hasn’t asked for my help, it means it’s above my powers to assist him.”

My heart clenches. Same thing happened with dad before mom died. I have no worry about me as I can handle my ass for survival even without men after me, but I corelate this with the ones after me tonight. He might have a war rolling and working it out of our knowledge to protect us.

Maybe that’s why he called me back? He did send several cars to take me in from our jet at the airport with his second, Dominic.

“Alright, Pa. I’ll see what’s about once I’ll have Pa before me. Call you tomorrow.”

“Okay, Bella. Be careful. Pa loves you. Bye.”

“Love you, too. Bye.”

I end the call and sigh, shoving the phone in my jacket, hitting the gas, roaring the car on the now empty road, thinking of what could be wrong with dad. He’s not a weak one and he has dealt with heavy shit along his life. This is one of the reasons he doesn’t show much humanity in front of people.

After my mom died, his heart froze, and he’s not capable of emotions. Only with me does he show some emotions as I remind him of my mom. I have her eyes, hair, and smile, holding some of her facial features and body shape.

I go and meet Angela at her home. She screams in a hug with me and we spend some forty minutes together with the promise to see each other tomorrow or the soonest.

Angela is the daughter of Valentine, my dad’s second brother. She’s younger than me by two years with the body of a top model. She’s sworn to marry one of the Marini sons. It’s still a mystery which one as the Marini family is yet to decide.

We are close and like sisters, but she’s not like me. She’s a romantic and the true kind of a mafia princess. The one who needs protection and an army of men after her.

Thankfully, my uncle Valentine wasn’t home tonight as he’s out with business in Barcelona for a week, making it perfect to meet her at this hour without having dad have a heads up from him I’ve been here. But one of his men will notify dad’s men.

And they did, as Dominic is waiting for me outside with my car surrounded by the others. He’s in his rigid face and a mad dog gaze at me.

Dominic is 38, towering, a true Italian stallion in his all, with some emerald eyes to die for, and a messy chestnut hair. He’s handsome and desired by many well-off women and families.

I cock my head and throw him a wicked smile.

“Caught my ass, huh? Getting rusty, Dominic?”

“My car, Bella. Now. Giacomo is about to fucking kill me because of you.” He’s in a cold and ordering voice as always.

I stroll to my car, disregarding his seriousness.

“Now, now, Dominic. I can drive there myself. I’m good now. Had the fresh air I needed before facing Pa.”


I slam the door and lock the car with a devilish laughter, starting the car and roaring it to have the men around it to move aside for me to go. 

I turn the music in the car at maximum, but I can comprehend his yelling.

“Fuck! Home! Don’t you dare not go home with us now! In the cars! Now! Flank her!”

And we go…. I’m flanked by cars and his is behind mine for a fast reach if I do something. Ha-ha!

At three in the morning, here we are, at my family home. It’s an isolated mansion from other properties for acres. There’s a lake on our estate and forest, with a wide vineyard.

The baroque style bathes the house inside out and there’s a lot of history to it. It’s in our family for the last five centuries. We come from dukes in the past, present mob royals. Kind of funny, isn’t it? Ha-ha!

Twenty-four men are flanking me to escort me to dad’s office having Dominic at my right, fuming under his nostrils, avoiding my mocking stare and smile.

We inch the long hallway which has Renaissance paintings hanging on the walls and former Gianto heads portraits. Milk white is the main color in the house with furniture art collectors would pay millions for.

Before reaching the double doors sealing my dad’s office, they fly open upon the incoming steps, revealing an enraged bull, with dark green eyes, towering and ripped in muscles, with a hardened face, and same neat hairstyle on his raven-hue hair.

He’s so damn pissed this time.

I bow my head in front of Pa receiving his signature screaming, piercing my ears, having the men halted behind me.

“Arrabelle Gianto! You fucking kill me! Really?! How many times do you do this to me?! Do you really think of me as a fucking joke?! Have I been too lenient to you?! Is this how Rada raised you?! I’ll fucking kill him! No fucking respect whatsoever! A fucking car, Arrabella?! Who had the audacity to do that?! And you!”

I raise my eyes at dad as he’s now yelling at Dominic who’s a whining puppy before him.

Dad’s neck is with bulging veins and his face is transformed in a bloody killer, more than he usually is.

He makes the step to fuck Dominic, but I put myself between them. I am a responsible one and won’t let an innocent one to take the hit for me. It’s not his fault I made my escape. They weren’t prepared for Arrabelle to come back as a fucking lunatic. A deadly and skilled lunatic.

“Pa! Calm down. He’s not at fault.”

His eyes with a flicker of hell’s flames land on me.

He raises his hand in the air at me, but I confront him with my lunatic stare, not flinching or turning my head aside to avoid it.

I smirk and his hand is still in the air.

“Go ahead, Pa. See if I care. You don’t have a daughter coming home, Pa. Your rebel son is back. Be thankful and welcome me as such. But if you want to show your leadership over me as the head of the Gianto family, I’ll subject myself to that with respect before you. Yet don’t expect me to lower my head to avoid your wrath.”

No, he has never hit me. This time something big is indeed happening and I see he’s worn out.

He lowers his hand, flaring under his nostrils at me, with a narrowed stare, tensing his jawline.

“A son, huh? Well, I need my daughter for what I called you here, Arrabelle.”

I just now glimpse there are some men in his office, but I don’t have the sight of them yet to know who. They’re in suits like my dad is.

Dad is dressed in a dark grey suit and cream shirt with a tie to match. He’s neat as always.

I throw my head at my back and bite my lower lip.

“Oh? And for what would you need your daughter, Papa?”

He has a devilish grin at me.

I don’t like this at all. His face is like my worst punishment is about to come. Why do I want him to slap me instead of what’s next for what I’ve done?

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