Billionaire's Baby Eternal by Andra-Cristiana Stan

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Billionaire's Baby Eternal by Andra-Cristiana Stan
Billionaire’s Baby Eternal by Andra-Cristiana Stan
When he’s a real Demon, and she’s a real Angel…
Derek Stephano. He’s one of the youngest billionaires at 28, and the most wanted bachelor worldwide. He’s…. Perfection at its purest? No…. Go beyond that, and you still won’t nail it on how perfect and sexy this damn Devil is…. 
And I’m his secretary, personal assistant for the last two months…. Yeah. Lucky me, right? Nope. He’s terrorizing me without limits. He wants perfection. You give him perfection, he wants PERFECTION! Jesus! 
I can’t work under him any longer….
“Did you send in your resignation, Ms. Slayton?”
“Yes, sir. It’s on Human Resources’s email.”
“Good. I was going to fire you anyways, Ms. Slayton, for torturing me all this time….”
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Billionaire Romance, Curvy Girl Romance, Mafia Romance, Dark Mafia Romance, Possessive Alpha Males, Strong Female Lead, Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy, Action, Comedy, Suspense, Mystery, Thriller, Angels, Demons, Paranormal Romance, Supernatural, with a HEA.
*This book contains language and mature themes. Suitable for +18 audience because of that.
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Chapter 1 – I Can’t Work Under Him Any Longer…


I’m trapped in a wild dream with my out of this world boss…. Derek Stephano. He’s one of the youngest billionaires at 28, and the most wanted bachelor worldwide. He’s… Perfection at its purest? No…. Go beyond that, and you still won’t nail it on how perfect and sexy this damn Devil is…. 

His storm on ocean eyes are pinning me, his grip on my left thigh is burning me, and his lips wandering on my body are igniting some unknown sensations in me. 

I’m pushing him and using my last drop of reason to halt this, but he only goes crazier on me, capturing my mouth with his, thrusting his tongue to taste me and dancing mine in such erotism, that you can’t but surrender at some point…. 

I don’t know how and why I’m tortured with such vivid dreams. Honestly. I’m 31, single, and virgin by choice. I’m a tough girl, detached from feelings since forever. No one leaves an impression on me, no matter how hot and God-like that man is. And him? He’s a fucking Devil! 

Oh yes. He’s a mix of alpha, roaring lion, raging bull, and an iced marble. An exquisite iced marble, that is…. Well, he’s not an aggressive man, don’t get confused. He’s silent as fuck, with some wolf stares, but if someone steps on his fucking tail? You’re fucked without return, buddy. Ha-ha! No wonder the fucker is a multi-billionaire with a wide range of businesses at international level….

His towering and buffed frame is imposing, but the angelic face with that rebel but neat raven-hue hair and oceanic eyes are the Devil’s trap. Yeah, he’s a fucking heartthrob. No fucking woman can resist the Angel covering the lurking Devil. Trust me. No matter your preferences as a woman, once your eyes land on this Devil, your soul is fucking sold to him.

He’s got a hoard of followers on his official social media like he’s a fucking Super Idol or something. I don’t think real famous idols can beat his fucking ass on social media.

Once his PR launches something on social media about his businesses or events he has participated at, they fucking go viral in seconds! HE’S THE FUCKING DEVIL, I TELL YOU!

And I’m his secretary, personal assistant for the last two months…. Yeah. Lucky me, right? Nope. He’s terrorizing me without limits. He wants perfection. You give him perfection, he wants PERFECTION! Jesus! 

You don’t want to know how many times I’ve killed him in my mind, how many times I’ve run him over with my car, how many times I’ve launched him on the window from the 70th floor where his office is at, and many other such lovely scenarios…. Oh yeah, babe.

And I don’t know why I have this pull to him, like a magnetic field of attraction you can’t go against. I’m probably getting as stupid as his hoards of stupid women…. Fuck.

No, around him, and all the time actually, I’m in my iced and professional attitude. I never break under the spell of the Devil. But then again, since the first week working under him, I’m flooded with the dreams, sending me into insanity as I can’t stop them. 

Like, really, I’m not thinking about him that way. I’m not fantasizing about him. I don’t wish to be with him. I can’t understand the phenomena. And yes, my heart is…. Responding to him in my dreams. But in reality it wants to murder him. Ha-ha! Cool combo, right? Ha-ha! 

And yes, he’s in the scandal magazines as well, whenever paparazzi spot him with the lady of the night. Some hot babes, as perfect as the Devil. But it’s never the same one. He’s not a one woman’s man. No, sir. He’s the Devil.

My phone’s morning alarm snaps me out of the dream. My eyes pop, my heart is beating everywhere, my chest is heaving, and I’m fucking sweating from the fight in the dream to escape the fucking Devil!

“Oh God…. I can’t work under him any longer….” I remove the covers from me, throwing them aside, panting. “I can’t…. This fucking Devil! Maybe if I resign, all this will fucking stop! Yeah…. God…. He’s fucking killing me! But I need the salary….” 

With a defeated grimace, almost crying, I inch to the bathroom to take a shower and get ready for work. And it’s a Monday…. 

I dress with my usual attire, a black suit covering my curves, as yes, I’m a curvy one. Not on the fat side, on the hot side. But I wear loose clothes to make cover and not attract unwanted attention from men. I also wear some fake glasses with some thick, black frames.

I throw my long, wavy, dark honey hair in a messy but neat bun. I apply only a neutral foundation on my face, a touch of perfume, grab a pair of flat, black leather shoes, fetch my black bag and dark grey blazer, and storm out of my bedroom.

“Baby? Ready for work?” My mom is in the kitchen, preparing breakfast. 

She’s a beautiful woman even at her age. She’s my heart and soul along with my baby sister. Dad? No. The bastard took off years ago, leaving the family with a painful amount of debts. I’m battling the debts…. 

Mom is with high blood sugar levels, a diabetic, insulin dependent, and with a heart condition. She’s fucked healthwise. I took over everything. And yes, there’s my younger sister, Kendra. A fucking brat…. She’s 17. She’s on boyfriends…. She’s at that age, yes. I didn’t have it at her age or now. I simply don’t give a fuck on boyfriends or any of that. 

“Yeah, mom.” I grab a toast and take a bite standing. “Let’s go, Kendra. I’ll be late for work. Kendra!” She’s with her headsets on, eating like she has all the time in the world, texting someone with a giggle. 

Mom is laughing. “She’s probably texting Jon, baby…. Oh! I hate those glasses on you, sweetie. And all this…” She’s taking my blazer aside to see my outfit, twisting her lips, shaking her head. 

I’m blinking at her. “It’s fine, mom. The little brat exhausts all the money on her princess outfits to make dudes like Jon happy. Kendra!” 

I take off her headsets and she jerks her emerald eyes at me. She’s wearing a deux piece pink suit with a skirt and a pair of shoes to match. Flat shoes. Yeah, she’s at an elite high school as her big sis loves her so damn much and cares for both her education and appearance. Yes, she’s a pampered little princess. I wasn’t. I only know how to work. But I’m happy I can do it for her, at least. She’s my baby girl. A pain in the ass one, but anyways.

“What?! Oh…. I’m ready, sis. Wow! These new glasses double your eyes, sis! Ugh! You look so damn ugly with them!” She’s standing up, fetching her school bag, grimacing at me.

Yeah, yeah…. Ugly is good. I keep Devils away, especially the ones after my ass for debts. 

I throw my chin at her, kissing my mom’s cheek who goes silent and gloomy at me. “It’s late, babe. Come on. Bye, mom. Don’t forget your doctor’s appointment at two! Text me when you reach there and when you get out. I’ll call you back.” I’m out the door with Kendra after me, puffing.

“Bye, babies! Take care! Oh! I’ll be fine! Don’t worry about me!” She’s shouting from the kitchen.

“You’re ugly! I can’t stand that! Sis! Bye, mom! Why are you doing this, sis? I mean….” I cut her off, opening the front door of our small house here in New York.

“Because I’m ugly, I want to be ugly, I love to be ugly, I don’t want to be a princess, and all that. Out.” I point with my head for her to step outside and stroll to the car, with a genuine smile.

She drums her feet on the floor and makes the matching noises like a bratty kid, and after another “Ugh!”, she walks out the door.

Thank you. 

We’re in my car. A ten-year-old black Audi sports car. She’s with her arms crossed and I’m driving to her high school first.


“Yeah?” I’m taking a shortcut at quite a speed. I need to be earlier in the office today because of a board meeting first thing in the morning.

“Why don’t you change your outfit? I mean, you work for that…. Oh man… That piece of art of a boss.” She’s gesturing with her hands for the “piece of art”, going pale at face. “And you’re so, so, so beautiful and hot, sis. I mean, you two would make the perfect couple…. If only he would see you for you and….” 

I snort into laughter. 

She’s crazy…. Ha-ha! 

“Why?! I’m serious, sis! He’s got you under his nose and you do this! I’m confident about my big sis! You’ve got so many men after you! But he’s the one I want as my bro-in-law! You get me Derek! You’re 31! I need my bro-in-law! Mom is talking about setting you on a blind date tonight! Did you know that? Huh?!” She’s worked up at my right and I stop laughing at the blind date part, moving my stare at her while taking a turn. No, I’m an ace at driving.

“What did you say? Blind date? No fucking way.”

Chapter 2 – He’s Not Rebelling Today…


She throws her chin at me with a devilish grin.

“Yep. And I heard he’s a rich dude, very interested in you. Mom seemingly showed him a picture of you when you didn’t wear all…this.” She’s waving her right hand at me in disgust and I puff in awe. 

“Not going. I don’t quite understand how she goes around with these blind dates. She never stops….” I’m shaking my head, baffled that my mom is still wanting to marry me.

Well, I do understand her concept. She wants me to find love and have support from a husband as everything is on my shoulders. But that’s not going to happen. I don’t have trust in any guy out there to be a proper man for that. I believe in my own person to deal with all the shit. I would never betray myself, right?

“I think you will. She’s in love with this one. She’ll throw the high blood pressure again if you don’t go and probably fake a faint. She did it in the past…. You can’t play with that, sis. If she gets red cheeks, you’re screwed. Just saying….” She’s grinning at me with a wink and I’m fucked. 

No, she won’t. SHE’S KILLING ME!

“Heard he’s the manager or something of the entire line of hospitals. He’s a big ass one. Young and….” She’s looking over her phone, scrolling on her social media. “In burning balls after my sis. Ha-ha!”

“Kendra! Language!”

“Whatever, sis…. You’ll see. Mark my words. You’re gonna have a hot date tonight. Ha-ha! Uh! He posted another one on Instagram! Look, sis! Derek!” She’s showing me her phone, sucked at face for the fucking Devil!

“Take that off my face! Ugh! Oh….” I’m boiling, driving like a hurricane, while she’s kissing her phone and her bro-in-law….

I’m fucking cursed…. She’s gonna have her blood pressure up once I say no…. FUCK ME!

I drop her at school and after a vengeful laughter I’m doomed on a blind date tonight, she runs her legs away from the car with a slammed door to my face. This brat…. She takes pleasure in my pain…. Oh yeah.

Yes, my mom does that. She never tells me before, meaning in time. She drops the bomb and I need to be there in a few hours. If I say no, she stresses out and her blood pressure goes up to fucking kill me! Yep, she’s an emotional manipulator sometimes…. She means well,  I know, but still! I don’t wanna! 

I storm into the office, on time, cursing under my lips, strolling to my desk. No, the Devil isn’t here for sure. I’ve got thirty more minutes till His Royal Highness makes an appearance.

“Can’t believe this…. Another one…. She just can’t fucking stay way from that…. Jesus.” I place my blazer on one of the chairs from my desk, briefly taking off the glasses as I get fucking dizzy from them, especially now when my blood is boiling down my veins.

“Stay away from what, Ms. Slayton?” The Devil’s manly, husky, sexy voice drops at my back, startling me as I haven’t fucking heard him stepping inside! 

I dart my stare at him with my right hand on my heart as it stung me.

“Jesus! Sir! Oh God….” I massage my heart, looking aside, shaking my head, catching my breath. I don’t even realize I’m without my fucking glasses. No, no one has seen me without them. 

He’s fucking torturing me in my dreams and almost killing me in real life…. God…. My fucking heart….

He’s in a devilish smile with some twinkling oceans at me. The Devil is dressed in a black three-piece suit, a white shirt and a tie to match all that. He’s like walking down from a business magazine as always.

“First time scaring you, Ms. Slayton. Ha-ha!” He’s making steps at my back while I’m grabbing my glasses to put them on.

Fucking date! Oh, that brat had to give a perfect start to my day! And mom will perfect it later with her crisis…. And I’m supposed to be 31, an adult, with rights and all that! Shit…. 

“I didn’t hear you coming inside, sir. And I was without my glasses. Good morning, sir. I’ll be ready in a few minutes for the morning briefing.” I’m keeping my calm and whatever, grabbing files from my desk, ignoring his sight as I usually do, and now going past him to go to the Financial department for the last reports. 

“You didn’t answer my question, Ms. ….” I shut the door behind me.

I need to figure out how to do it without raising her blood pressure…. Oh! Shut the fuck up! Answer to your question…. It’s not work related. I’m gonna fucking quit this job. I’m fucked from all corners. I can’t fucking sleep ‘cause I have this fucker in my dreams, he torments me in reality as well, I have loan sharks after me, my sis fucks my brains, mom wants me to have a dating life leading to marriage, and a lot more shit. Awesome, Susan. You’re the lucky winner, babe.

I gather all the important stuff for the board meeting, and return to the office to give him a briefing for today. 

The Devil is in his office, speaking over the phone with some buddy of his while I place some files on his desk. He turns his dark storms at me with a smug smile.

“I’ll call you later, David.” He ends the call.

“Here’s the file for the lunch meeting, sir. The Marketing department said they need more budget for the new campaign. Here are the reports on that. The Financial department wants a separate meeting with you for the new product launch. Here’s the new proposal. The Russian company sent in the contract for you to give approval. Here’s that one. Grinda Cosmetics are asking if you can see them at four today for the renewal of contract in our malls. Brek Constructions are changing the materials as you’ve demanded for the East Coast hotels chain. They are sending in the papers this afternoon. Three lands are up for auction from the seven you want. The auction is this Friday at ten in the morning. I’ve already booked your place. The Hendricks are filing a lawsuit against our company. Our legal department is prepared and assuring a win for us. However, I’ve seen the legal documents. The law firm representing them plays dirty. Their head is a former Law school classmate of mine…. Anyhow. I’m sure we’ll win.” 

I slip that about Brent Saunders, without my want, pushing the glasses on my nose. He’s a dirty player and former suitor of mine. He’s fucking Mafia through and through. I don’t realize when I say that to Derek.

No, I’m just presenting the files without looking at him, and I just now straighten myself before his office with a lock of stares. I’m relaxed and confronting his stare like always, confident in my person, again, as always. Ha-ha! I said I’m not intimidated by the Devil, no matter how tortured I am by him at night once I close my fucking eyes, yearning to rest, but not having that luck….

He’s with his back on the chair, with his arms on the sides of it like a fucking emperor, pinning me with the turbulent oceans, staying silent, having a smirk in the corner of his lips at me.

He’s not rebelling today…. Hmmm…. Strange. Maybe I’m finally getting lucky with him and can breathe in peace. 

“You didn’t answer my question, Ms. Slayton. I want my answer.” 

I’m blinking with my left brow up.

What? What question? What’s this fucker talking about?

“I’m sorry, sir? What question?”

He’s narrowing those Devil eyes, not shaking off that smirk. 

“Stay away from what, Ms. Slayton? As an answer, I got a slammed door to my face. I need the real answer now.” He’s in his bossy attitude, with suspicion lurking in his damned eyes.

I refrain from chuckling.

He never leaves something out of his knowledge…. This fucking snake and my mouth when it delivered my thoughts…. Mind your own business, bastard.

“Nothing, sir. It’s a personal matter. Not related to work. I’m sorry for slamming the door to your face. It was unintentional. I was just rushing to be on time with the files before the board meeting.” I’m in a calm attitude and serious grimace.

He tilts his left eyebrow at me, enforcing his investigator stare deep into my eyes.

“Personal matter…. How personal, Ms. Slayton?”

What the fuck is wrong with him? Are you kidding me right now? Jesus….

“Nothing worthy to share with you, sir. If there’s nothing else, I’ll be waiting in my office till the board meeting.” My phone is buzzing and I fish it out from my pants’ pocket.

Mom? That was fast….

I reject the call and look back at the Devil who’s a bit of a beast in his eyes at me.

Definitely something wrong with the fucker…. What the fuck does he think I did this time? I’m never guilty for any of it…. But anyways.

“Answer the call, Ms. Slayton.” Yes, my phone is ringing again. 

“It’s nothing important, sir. Do you need anything till the meeting? If not, I’ll be in my office.” He’s loosening his tie with his hungry beast eyes not escaping my sight, inching my face. His chest is a bit heaving, and he’s chewing from his left cheek.

The Devil is going crazy. I haven’t seen him like this before. What’s his problem?

“Answer the call, Ms. Slayton. I want to know who’s calling you.”

I raise my brows at him, puzzled.

He’s…lunatic. But this is a first. He’s never done this before. What the fuck is happening? 

My phone is in my right hand, ringing.

“I beg your pardon, sir?”

He’s taking off his tie and throws it on his desk aside, pinning me with the stare he has at me in my dreams.

“You’ve heard me, Ms. Slayton. I want to know who’s calling you. Answer the phone.”

I smile and shake my head as I’m baffled. 

“I don’t need to obey that order, sir. It’s not work related. I’ll be in my office if there’s nothing else. Please excuse me.” I nod and turn around, walking to the door, amazed at what has just happened.

He’s out of his damn mind. Listen to him…. To answer the call for him to know who’s calling me. Ha-ha! Maybe he’s short on what to bully me with. Ha-ha! Bastard…. Oh! I can’t fucking stand him….

I go to my desk and text mom I can’t answer right now because I’m in a meeting, and then shove my phone in my suit jacket this time. He’s in his office and we have some twenty minutes till the board meeting. I begin working on some files on my computer.

I need to fucking quit this job…. He’s a different crazy now. 

I receive the buzz of a text message and take my phone out to see what’s about. 


I frown with a sigh and open the text message.

“Alright, baby. I’m sorry. I forgot to tell you something. I know you said no blind dates and I’ve kept away for the last two months. But this one is really, really, really a favorite, baby. I want you to give it a try. He’s amazing…. David Beluga is his name and he’s the heir of Beluga Corporate. His mom is my doctor! And us moms have set the date for you two. She’s in love with you and I’m in love with her son! He already knows about you and he wants a blind date with you! Yay! It’s tonight at eight! He’s waiting for you at the Royal Beluga Hotel, one of his, for dinner! Honey! You sent me to that private hospital! It’s a sign! I’m so happy! Both me and my blood pressure! Call me as soon as you can! Mommy is on cloud nine! He’s so handsome! Aww! My babies!”

With each word I read, my eyes widen and my mouth drops.

What the fuck? David Beluga? He’s Devil’s best friend…. DON’T MENTION YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE AS A THREAT TO ME, MOM! I’M NOT GOING!

Chapter 3 – You’re Changing Tactics In Torturing Me, Right?!


Yes, David is the one who Devil was speaking with over the phone when I entered his office.

“Ms. Slayton?” Derek is across my desk, standing and whatever, with his bad omen voice.

“Yes, sir?” I stand up, meeting his growling stare.

Oh! What the fuck is wrong with you?! You’re changing tactics in torturing me, right?! Not going to the date! And I’m quitting this job today! I’ve had enough! I need a fucking break from everything!

My heart is rebelling, but I’m keeping calm. I’m so damn exhausted with everything. I haven’t had a break, a vacay, for the last ten years or so. Nope, not even a fucking weekend. I work all the time. Not only here. No. I have a side job as well. I need to make money to pay on all sides! 

“Let’s go.” His hawk eyes are on me. I’m with a poker face.

“Yes, sir.” I fetch the files, shoving the phone in my suit jacket.

We go to the damn meeting which lasts for around two hours. I have my phone on silent. All the meeting, Derek is like absent, though he’s hearing what is spoken. His tie is back on, yes. 

He’s like processing something in his mind, not related to the subjects at hand. Whenever he needs to word his decision on something, he does it with a bit of delay. Uncharacteristic of him. As I said, something has radically changed in him. 

He has never acted like that with me and he has never been like this during a meeting. He’s silent in general, allowing people to speak and such, but he’s always inquisitive and there’s always one or two board members fired. Oh yeah…. He’s a pure Devil. 

The people here are breathing a tad seeing him like this, as you never know who gets fired, but the change in his attitude is relaxing them. 

The meeting is inching to the end and he closes the file before him, twisting his lips, casting his eyes over everyone at the wide table. I’m behind him, on his left side, on a chair near the wall.

He’s gonna fire someone. And here I thought he’s absent…. Damn.

“Duncan. Jofrey. Fired. I want perfection, not good enough. I’m paying you millions per year expecting perfection, not good enough. Because of your negligence, the company has a lawsuit with Hendricks. If the lawsuit is lost, the company is facing a billion dollars as penalties. I’m not going to lose the case, but you’ve put me through that because of a tiny detail. You’re not hired to dirty my image. You’re hired to keep it intact and flourish it. Dismissed.” He’s standing up and I’m doing the same to gather his files and everything from the table.

Duncan and Jofrey are practically shooting themselves and the rest are standing up with respect for his departure.

He halts with his deep stare into mine, like searching my soul, while I’m waiting for him to pass to grab the damn files.

“Ms. Slayton?”

“Yes, sir?”

“Clear my agenda for the day and grab your things. I have a land seeing and you’re going with me. I’m waiting for you downstairs.” He’s in his bad creature stare, inching my face with it.

What? Land seeing? Why should I go with you? He never takes me for land seeing…. I have a bad, bad feeling about this. Fuck…. 

“Yes, sir.” I go past him and take the stuff while he’s going out with his right hand, Jason.

Jason? He’s his bodyguard and his man for everything. He’s 29, towering and ripped in muscles like Derek. Handsome as well, but not at Devil’s level. Jason knows everything going on around Derek. He never leaves his side. Yes, he’s armed and dangerous.

Well, Derek has an army of people protecting him. He’s always in a limo with an escort of several cars. I don’t think the fucking President of America has this heavy security around him. However, I’ve heard rumors of how deadly a weapon the Devil is himself. It appears that his muscles aren’t just for show and looking good for the media and women. Yeah, well. 

While walking to the office to drop the files and clear his fucking agenda, my heart is drumming my chest, alarming me of something. 

David must have told him something…. Mom said in the text he knows me…. But still, why should he react like this? I don’t fucking know when David’s mom told him about the blind date. Fucking Devil was normal on Friday. Well, the normal I know…. I don’t know why I am putting things together like this…. It’s not like the brat is interested in me or something. But from his behavior since this morning, coming in the office earlier, and…. Not like him…. 

I’m entering the office, chewing from my left cheek. 

He’s up to something and I’m his target. That’s for sure. Well, it’s not like he can do something to one like me…. But…. Fuck! How can I get out of the ‘land seeing’? 

I take out my phone and call the Devil, placing the files on my desk. 

“Yes, Ms. Slayton?” The husky voice answers….

“Sir? I’m sorry, but I’ve just got a call from home. My mother is not feeling well and I need to go there.” 

It’s first time I’m doing this, and I don’t give a fuck on the job now to be honest. He can do whatever. I don’t want complications, especially with one like him. The trap is too dangerous for me. Dreaming is one thing, having that in reality is a whole other thing. I’m not going to be anyone’s bitch, that’s for sure. Maybe I’m wrong with all this, but I’m not one to let things unfold to be sure.

He’s silent, but I can hear his heavy breathing, and again, I experience that pull to him. It’s a pull from my heart and stomach and I’m contracting my jawline as I’m fucking tormented I can’t explain why I’m having this. I’ve never had it in my entire life.

“Ms. Slayton?”

“Yes, sir?”

“If I call your mother right now, what is she going to tell me?”

What?! Am I a fucking kid in school or something?! You’re my boss! Fucking fire me or something!

I keep it in my serious nature as before, but my eyes pop at his words. Like, what the fuck is this bastard saying?!



“I quit.”

“Ha-ha! Is that what she would say to me, Ms. Slayton?”

“No, her daughter.”

“Mmm…. Reason for it, Ms. Slayton?”

“I found a better job for my lifestyle. I was going to tell you this week, but now seems like a perfect moment. I’m sorry for my out of the blue notification on that, sir. I’ll hand in my resignation or I’ll just announce the Human Resources you’ve fired me today with the others. Thank you, sir.” I end the call and sit at my desk to write the fucking resignation. 

I can’t take all this anymore. Things are going in the wrong way. No, I haven’t heard rumors of him having affairs with his employees. But don’t you guys find it strange? I mean, what the fuck? And if you look at me with how I’m dressed and the way I’m presenting myself, I’m far from attractive and all that. I don’t get what his game is with all this. And the fuck I’m staying to figure it out. No way.

After I write my resignation stating personal situations conflicting with my job here, I sign it, scan it, and send it to Human Resources. I proceed with clearing his agenda and taking my stuff to fucking go. Yes, he’s called me several times after that, but I’m not answering. 

I think I’m the first employee to resign. No, you can’t be tempted to resign from the Devil. My salary is half a million per year. I do have outstanding academics and experience. You don’t get that salary or a job in his fucking companies, especially at his headquarters, without proper credentials and torturous job interviews. Not to mention the hellish work you have to perform to provide perfection and not good enough. But hey, for that salary, you do it. The Devil is hella generous, right? Right.

The moment I stand up with my purse in my right hand, the main door opens revealing a heaving angel with a devil gaze at me.

Oh fuck…. I’m not mistaken at all…. I’m a fucking target in that sense….

I stop in my tracks, staring into his hurricane dark blue eyes, studying his stare while he’s shutting the door at his back.

“Did you send in your resignation, Ms. Slayton?” We’re in a lock of demented stares. 

I’m contracting my jawline, clenching the hem of my purse with my right hand. My heart is both yearning for him and wanting to kill the fucker. But I’m going to free myself of all this, and hopefully the fucking dreams will stop as well. I need to rest in the few hours I reach my bed to sleep.

“Yes, sir. It’s on Human Resources’s email. I’ve cleared your agenda and all files are on my desk. I’m sorry for my actions, but I need to change the job because of personal reasons, and I can’t delay it any longer. Have a good day, sir.” I’m telling him all this without emotions, looking straight into his eyes, while he’s making steps towards me. 

At the final sentence, I nod and stroll to get past him and get my fucking ass out of here. I’m not going to be scribbled on his fucking list and get myself trapped for good in the Devil’s cage. I’m resisting the temptation with all my might. I’m iced and reigned by reason. 

“Good. I was going to fire you anyways, Ms. Slayton, for torturing me all this time….”

What the fuck are you doing?!

He grabs my arm and yanks me on him, taking my glasses off and launching them aside on the floor, cupping my face with his right hand, having his left arm around my waist, pressing me against him, and forcing a kiss on me, with his body on fire. All this happens so damn fast that I have no time of reaction!

My heart is hammering my chest, my brain is an explosion, and I’m pushing his muscled chest to let me go as I’ve dropped my fucking purse during all this! He’s a fucking Devil for real! The rates of his heartbeats are insane. Not that mine are different…. 

I’m torturing you, fucker?! You’re torturing ME! Both in dreams and reality! LOOK AT WHAT YOU’RE DOING TO ME! Stop kissing me!

Like in the dreams, I’m going against it by instinct, and he’s going crazier, not letting go of me, engulfing me in such heat from his body, deepening the kiss through my cursing mumbles till he takes reign over my mouth with his tongue searching mine, kissing me without allowing air to enter between us, taking my fucking breath away….

I’m having chills down my spine and raptures in my entire body, but still going strong against him, with my left hand gripping his hair at the back of his head in the attempt to pull him by it and pump him out of my mouth! No use though…. He’s fucking glued to me with such passion that I’m getting fucking dizzy! No one has fucking kissed me! I would have killed the fucker before reaching a step before me! That bad I am!

Oh God! Please! Be it a fucking dream and not reality! I can’t believe it! Wake up, Susan! Fucking wake up! But it feels so damn real! And I never had an office dream with the FUCKING DEVIL! JESUS! Why me?! I have no fucking air anymore…. Oh God….

As I do in the dream, I cease with my rebellion against him, my left hand relaxes in his hair, and I surrender to the insane kissing, to fucking breathe some or I’ll fucking pass out…. And, like in the dream, he slows down, feasting in my mouth, tightening me on him, while my head is spinning and my stomach is experiencing a swarm of butterflies…. 

Oh, I’m so fucked…. I’ll kill him once he lets go of me…. I’m gonna be the murderer of the Angel Demon suffocating me with kisses…. The hoards of female fans will slaughter me after, but it’s so worth it….

He takes his time kissing me, like he’s been starving to do so for a long time, while my heart is between blessed with its counterpart or something and beating on killing notes per my thoughts. 

The moment when his lips leave mine in a sensual manner, my eyes open in rage into his intoxicated ones, my left hand slips from his hair and my right one rockets in a hard slap on his left cheek breaking the silence in the room, sending his head aside. I have a hard slap, baby….

“You son of a fucking bitch…. You’re playing a little game with David on me, right? Don’t worry, fucker. I haven’t accepted the blind date with him and won’t do it. With anyone. You wanted a reason for my resignation. This is the reason. I sensed you’re going to do this and I wanted to fucking avoid it. Let go of me! Now!” I’m in a heavy tone of voice, catching my breath, ordering him to let go of me, while he’s with his head aside and his chest heaving, burning hotter than before, keeping me in his arms the same.

“There’s no game, Susan. You’re mine since I first saw you.” And the fucker grabs me, sending me on his shoulder, opening the door and walking out with me like this!

“What are you doing?! Are you crazy?! Stephano! Put me down!” His men are grouping on his footsteps with their heads down on the hallway to the elevator and I think some are leading the way. 

“Calm down, baby. We’ll talk soon enough.” He’s in a thick with desire voice and I’m sure he’s in a fucking devilish smile while I’m slapping his back to let go of me. He’s holding me in a strong grip that I can’t run my legs. The fucker has tactics! THIS DEVIL!

“I have nothing to talk to you about! Let me go! Are you for real right now?!” He’s stepping into one of the elevators with me and several of his men.

“Oh yes, baby. I’m so real. We’re going to see that land now. And we’ll have plenty of time to discuss.”

“Stop touching my ass, fucker! Take your hand off my ass or I’ll fucking kill you!” He’s caressing my ass and legs like I’m his most precious! I’LL MURDER THE FUCKER! 

My fucking heart has no room to beat anymore and my fucking blood is burning down my veins in revenge! Both my hands are gripping his suit jacket on his back.

He chuckles.

“Kill me, baby. You’ve been killing me since long ago…. I need my cure now.”

“Your what?! This motherfucker!” I’m punching his back! “Stop disrespecting me like this!” He’s stepping down the elevator with me. “Are you kidnapping me now?! What land to see?! I’m not going anywhere with you! I’ve resigned! Stephano! Stop it!” 

We’re surrounded by his men and he’s walking with me like this to the exit of the building. I can’t see people around, but for sure there are plenty witnessing the scene. JESUS!

“I’m not disrespecting my wife, honey.”

“Your what?! He’s fucking crazy! Are you on drugs or something?! Put me down, Devil!” He snorts into laughter and puts me down as we’re outside with the limo and escorting cars waiting for us, and he grabs my face into another suffocating kiss, without time for me to retaliate, but I’m a fuming demon!

“My wife, baby. Let’s go.” He stamps another kiss on my lips with his eyes twinkling in euphoria and I can’t catch my fucking breath, with my eyes in shock at him.

He’s insane! What the fuck is wrong with you?! He must be on drugs! I don’t smell alcohol! 

“You’re out of your damn mind! Stephano! No!” He shoves me in the back of the limo and he’s getting inside as well, with one of his men shutting the door. I’m officially kidnapped by the fucking DEVIL! No, he’s not a drug addict to my knowledge, but his actions are way out of line or reason! And I’m a fucking piece of paper in his goddamn hands! And I’m not some skinny, tiny bitch! Well, he’s towering and ripped in muscles and all that…. BUT STILL!

“No, baby. I’m sane…. Fuck…. Ha-ha!”

“You fucking bastard! You dare do this to me?! I’m going to destroy you!” I’ve jumped on him in slaps, gripping his hair, attacking him like a fucking puma! “Stop the fucking limo or I’ll kill you, Derek!” His fucking tie is in my right hand and I’m in a wild creature stare at him, flaring under my nostrils, dead serious to my words.

“Yeah, baby?” His dark oceans are into my criminal hurricanes. His left arm is wrapped around me, and his right hand has captured my left wrist to prevent me from slapping him further. 

“Fuck yes! Let go of my hand! Stop touching me! Stop the limo! Stop with the madness! Stop calling me baby or honey! I’m none of that to you!” His hungry eyes slip on my lips while I’m yelling at him.

“I don’t know the meaning of stop, baby. I’ve tried it for two months now…. Impossible…. That’s my fucking limit….” And he yanks me on him, arresting my yelling mouth with his, in another breathtaking kiss, while I’m like a wild horse on him to stop this!

I can’t fucking believe this! Mommy! He’s fucking strong and nothing works on him to make him stop!

While basking in my mouth, he lifts me on him like it’s nothing, and I’m fucking straddling him, pushing his chest to no avail. One of his hands is cupping the back of my head and the other my fucking ass, and I’m almost out of air, feeling his everything under me. No, we’ve got privacy as the window between us and the front seats is up. But that doesn’t calm me down, obviously!

“You taste more divine in reality than in the dreams, baby….” He’s with his forehead on mine, tightening me on him. We’re both breathing in cuts and I’m fucking dizzy with my hands resting on his broad shoulders, with my eyes shut, feeling exhausted after all this happening. He’s brushing his lips on mine, leaving soft kisses.

He’s the fucking Devil for sure…. He knows about the dreams…. I said they are too vivid to be only dreams…. And every single night to have them…. I fucking hate him….

“What dreams, Devil?” Yeah, I fake knowledge, surrendering myself in his embrace to regroup myself a tad, not opening my eyes, feeling good like this against my not wanting of all this. Probably the lack of air to my brain has to do with this momentary break from my part. Let’s hope so…. 

He’s kissing the corner of my mouth and my heart is jumpy at the fucker like it knows him for lifetimes…. Great, right? Fucking great…. 

“Who’s playing now, my love?” He’s kissing my cheek in a brushing manner, with his hot breath ravaging my insides, sending tickles down my spine. His scent is driving me insane, hitting me straight into my stomach with those swarms of butterflies. The pull I’m having towards him is killing me….

“I’m not playing, Stephano.” I’m strong in my voice against all that’s happening inside of me. He’s kissing my temple, caressing my back, instilling such serenity in my heart, shattering the ice I’ve always had in it.

“Don’t lie to me, baby…. I know you’ve had them….” He’s whispering in my left ear, kissing it, and my brain is floating. I can’t open my eyes, trapped in the spell this fucker is performing on me. My heart is in a low purr….

“That means nothing, Stephano. What have you been doing to me?” He’s with his lips trailing kisses from my ear to my cheek, to the corner of my mouth, awakening my body and heart under his reign, but I’m not losing control. The fuck I will…. 

“I haven’t done anything, my love…. It’s just to connect us and validate…. But I’ve spotted my love even before all that…. One look at my baby and my heart was set on fire…. Only my baby is always stubborn and in rejection mode…. Not wanting to acknowledge me…. To hurt me once more ….” He’s kissing my lips in a sensual manner, exploding waves of sensations in my heart and body.

Oh fuck…. Saradossa…. Oh God…. I’m…. I’ve been his divine bride for centuries…. He is the fucking Devil…. And I’ve always loved him…. Eventually….

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