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When she always runs away from love…
I’m Alexa Shawn, 32, virgin, a curvy girl and lawyer by profession. I’m never one to want a relationship with someone. Actually, I’m banning all males around me and only focusing on my work.
However, my best friend, Vivian, drags me to an exclusive club to have a girls’ night out. She wants to force me to date someone, but that won’t happen as I’m not in for that.
In the club, a sexy, hot, amazing guy in his all approaches me and wants to sit at my table to get to know each other….
From this point on…. The very next day…. I get kidnapped by the billionaire, younger than me, 28-year-old Riley Kovac, right from my office during day time! I’ve been a runaway girl from men all my life!
But something about him…. I don’t know…. I’ve never been impressed by beauty or wealth, so that’s not what I see in him…. Could he be the one for me? I’m a runaway and he knows before I do, but he’s not going to let me go…. Have I fallen in love for the first time in my life? I don’t know…..
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Billionaire Romance, Curvy Girl Romance, Mafia Romance, Dark Mafia Romance, Possessive Alpha Males, Strong Female Lead, Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy, Action, Comedy, Suspense, Mystery, Thriller, with a HEA.
*This book contains language and mature themes. Suitable for +18 audience because of that.
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Chapter 1 – Dragged To The Exclusive Club…


“Alexa! Stop dragging! I won’t take no for an answer! It’s girls’ night tonight, and this time you have no way out of it! Move your princess butt and let’s go!” That’s Vivian, my best friend, nagging me from my living-room.

I avoid going out to clubs. It’s…not the place for one like me. I’m a virgin and I don’t like being grabbed or hit on by some sex-driven studs. That’s her thing. I have nothing against it, but I’m not the type.

I’m roaming through my walk-in closet for a decent but clubby outfit. I’m sweating to be honest….

“I’m coming! Haven’t found something to my liking! Jesus!” When I turn around, she’s behind me, scaring the shit out of me…. My heart is trembling in my throat. “How did you not make a sound?! I’m…. Oh….” I’m catching my breath, massaging my heart.

She’s grinning with her dancing eyebrows at me, with a stare to kill me.

“Here to help, honey. If I don’t do it, we won’t reach the place!” She pushes me aside and takes inventory of my clothes.

I’m in a pout.

“Nope…. Nope…. Nope…. Nope…. Alexa! Only granny’s clothes?!” She’s with two suits of mine in her hands, shaking them to my face.

I’m puzzled….

“Those are not granny’s clothes, Viv. Those are my work clothes.” I told you guys I do decent style of clothes….

“You’re a lawyer! I get it! But these are not club clothes! And all you’ve got in here is LAWYER! Meaning, GRANNY CLOTHES when it comes to clubbing, babe.”

My eyes pop at her shaky head, flaring nostrils, googled eyes in a frown and pursed lips. I’m fidgety.

“Umm…. You know I don’t quite do clubbing?” I manage to come up with something to prevent a hurricane of nagging.

I’m 32 and partner in the law firm. To me, there has always been books, study, cases, and all the shazam involved. Never a party girl, never with much free time. You don’t get partner if you don’t invest everything in achieving that. Panda eyes are something common for me during a hard case. There’s no break for me until everything is done and cleared.

Boyfriends? Who has time for that? Never had. Vivian is at her millionth boyfriend and has wide experience in everything life has to offer. Her words, not mine.

I shrug my shoulders at her and she deadpans at me. The usual reaction between us. We’re friends since high school.

“You never learn, girl. You need a boyfriend! Life is passing by! It’s not only about work! When is the last time you talked to a man?” She’s inquiring my eyes with her frustrated stare.

I smile and give a fast answer.

“All day today, Viv.” I’m recollecting how many there were to her eruption.

“I WASN’T TALKING ABOUT MEN FROM WORK!” She halts my train of thinking and I pout again.

Actually, I don’t want to upset her, but I don’t want a boyfriend. I’m totally fine the way I am. I do have a lot of those men hitting on me and asking for a date even in my granny clothes.

I’m a curvy girl, but that doesn’t mean I’m lacking suitors. I just don’t have time for that. To be honest, I want the one not anyone. And the one is impossible to find nowadays when all of them just want to get into your panties and move on. I don’t like or want that. Nope. I want substance and durability, not a temporary thing. No, she doesn’t know I’m still a virgin. She would kill me for it…. Yep.

After some more cussing at my clothes, making an entire show out of it, we settle to a pair of dark grey jeans, a black crop top, a dark grey blazer and a pair of black stilettos, all of which I don’t remember when I bought them or how she has found them. I hope I’ll fit in all that.


“Alexa! Come here!” I’m sitting at a table, a more private one, to avoid the flooding bar with people and stuff. She’s there, buying some cocktails.

Before leaving my house, we had a fight for I didn’t want to wear makeup and I won on that, but she styled my hair to have it loose with a club touch. She ran through my hair with so many stuff…. I usually make a bun out of it or wear it in a ponytail.

She’s wearing a flashy yellow dress above her knees, and with a generous cleavage, having her long red hair hugging her back in curls. She’s a hot babe and I’m sure I’ll drive back home alone while she’ll have a one night stand.

Oh. She’s in her alluring smile at that guy and she’s calling me there for his friend. No way. I can’t hear you because of the loud music…. Ha! 

I’m faking scrolling through my phone. But she knows me, and she’ll throw a tantrum…. 

Let’s read some case files if we’re at it.

“May I sit?” A man’s voice is asking. It’s a powerful one, husky and dangerous.

I’m not raising my eyes from my phone.

“Nope. It’s taken. Sorry.”

“Of course you may sit!” Shit. She’s here and allowing the guy to sit….

I’m sighing in frustration.

“Don’t mind her. She’s…tired after work.” She’s right, but she’s mocking me right now.

My eyes take notice of the guy from his legs up. Custom made shoes, custom made pants, three piece suit, expensive all, tie, ravishing face, buffed, towering, young, marvelous green eyes, dirty blond hair in a messy way but neat, smirk on his lips and one night stand stamped in his stare at me. He’s a to die for man, probably a Forbes list one, but not happening.

“Well, Miss, may I?” He’s asking me again and I’m with a probably crazy stare at him.

Viv is grimacing at me to let the man sit!. And she’s now showing me at her neck that she would kill me. He can’t see her as he’s facing me and ogling at me.

May I die? Ha-ha! Oh, Viv…. 

I wave my hand at the seat in front of me and he takes a seat with a grin. 

Don’t put your hopes up, pal. It’s just a compromise for the killer at your right….

“Here’s your cocktail, Alexa. I’ll be at the bar.” She squeals, turns her heels, and off she goes back to that guy with her cocktail. And that’s the girls’ night I’ve been dragged here for…. On a Thursday.

“So, Alexa, what work made you so tired?”

A waiter is coming with a tray having ice, a glass, and a bottle of Jack, serving this guy who’s like an Alpha in front of me, wandering his eyes over me, trying to be decent about it, but the playboy in him is imprinted in his stare at me.

I shove my phone in my jacket and relax on my chair, crossing my legs and sipping from my cocktail. It’s alcohol free. I need to drive.

“Law cases. I’m a lawyer. Criminal one.” I fake a smile and confront his stare.

I have no problem discussing with any kind of man. I don’t get intimidated. It’s always the other way around.

His eyebrows go up and he twists his head at me with a genuine smile.

“You look too young for that, but I’ll take your word for it.” I don’t show my age, yes. Good genes. Ha-ha!

I have an outburst in laughter at his line. He sips from his glass and he’s searching my soul with those sparkling green eyes of his.

“Too young? How young do you think I am? That should be interesting.”

“You were allowed in the club. Twenty-one. That if you don’t have a fake ID.” He’s leaning his back on the chair and staring at my face with a grin of suspicion.

“But my club requires a membership and proper documents. No fake ID. Twenty-one. Haven’t checked you to be sure.”

Yes, this club is on membership, and that membership is on Vivian’s name. She’s same age as me and yes, I was required to show my ID at entrance. It happens to me all the time in such places….

I chuckle.

“Twenty-one it is then. Ha-ha! How about you and what’s your name?” I’m trying to make convo for Viv is with detective stares and grimaces at me, combined with criminal ones if I send the guy away.

“I’m twenty-eight and my name is Riley Kovac. This is one of my clubs. I’m a businessman. Pleasured to meet you, Alexa.”

We have an intense lock of stares and I’m playing a smile on my lips.

“Nice to meet you, too. Forbes list by chance?” I’m laughing.

He’s raising his left eyebrow with a devilish smirk.


“Good for you.”

“How are criminals nowadays, Alexa?”

I roll my eyes and puff.

Good guys. I have some from the Forbes list.”

“Oh? Then you’re a killer lawyer. Not everyone gets to represent guys from that list.” He winks at me and I don’t know why, but for the first time ever, I have some tickles in my stomach. Probably the cocktail is guilty for that.

I’m shaking off that feeling and continue with a sort of genuine smile at him.

“Not a killer lawyer, but I do know what I’m doing.”

“Well then, why don’t you give me your card? Maybe I’ll need you.” He’s serious, penetrating me with that intoxicating stare.

My heart is racing and I’m now sure it’s not the cocktail.

Alexa? What’s wrong with you? It’s not first time seeing or speaking with one like him. Why? What’s different about him? 

I’m in a confusion inside, with chills down my spine. These feelings I’m experiencing are not common for me. But his person, somehow, clicks with me, and I need to find a way out. This guy is for sure one to go only for a one time thing and not for the serious part. He’s got everything at his feet. Why would he resume to one woman? I need to back off before it’s too late for me. I can’t do what Viv does.

I’m shaking my head with a fake smile, maintaining eye contact with him.

“All my cases come from the law firm. You need to have access inside to get to me. I’m sorry. I don’t take from outside. I’m sure you are packed with lawyers as a businessman. You should stick with them. I don’t recommend changing lawyers if those you have do their job.” I cast a look at my watch and it’s already ten at night. I need to go.

Tomorrow is a working day. I know Viv will kill me for this, but I can’t stay longer. I’m not going to hook up with this guy no matter how I respond inside to him. I’m in panic to be honest. Not showing the panic though.

“I need to go home now, Riley. I have an early trial tomorrow and it’s my curfew on free time, I’m afraid.” Not lying on the trial part. I’m preparing to stand up.

“Wait. At least give me your firm’s name, Alexa.” He’s not giving up and he’s standing up to flank my way.

“Okay. Gathor Law and Partners.” It’s a lie. I know, I know. Those are our competitors in the market.

Viv has just waved at me, all a smile, walking out with that guy and I’m certain he won’t find me. She’s not here anymore to give details or validate things on me to him. I’m waving at her and delay my departure to make her think I’m with him. I know, guys, I know. I can’t help it though.

He turns his head to see where I’m looking and waving at.

“Your friend seems to have found the guy she wanted.” Yes, the guy is one stud like Riley, but Riley is hotter than that one. Truth be told, Riley can compete and win the hottest man of the year without a problem.

“Of course. Thank you for your company, Riley. I must excuse myself now. Have a good night.” My heart is thumping, and I think I’m sweating a bit. I want out this instant, so, I’m walking past him, with eye contact, while speaking to him, with a lawyer smile.

“Alexa?” He has just grabbed my hand to stop me. His hot touch thunders my being in vibrations, like activating me or something.

“Riley? Please. Let go.” I’m maintaining my calm, but I do have a criminal stare at his lustful, Alpha one.

“Why are you running?” I’m looking at his hand arresting mine and I want it back…. I’m not going to let my guard down. I would want to, but no.

“I’m not running. I told you I have work in the morning. My friend dragged me here for a girls’ night. Now she found the next stage of the night, so I can go home now.”

Of course I’m running. I don’t want to be the next on his list. And I’m not trusting myself to continue spending time with him. I don’t want a painful mistake when I wake up tomorrow. I don’t recognize myself with the entire spectrum of disruptions my body and heart are having at the moment. No one had that impact on me like he does in such a short amount of time. The look in his eyes at me and…. I don’t know….

“You can sue me for this. I don’t care.”

Before I raise my eyes at him from his hand hearing that, I find myself in his arms and he’s cupping my face with his left hand, arresting my mouth now in a wild kiss, stamping me on his hard torso. I could die right now….

I don’t hear music or people around us anymore, just my heart on such high notes, banging my ears. A rush of tickles and hotness invade my being while he’s deepening the kiss and our tongues are clashing, tasting the Jack he had.

I’m melting and I’m dizzy and I’m with my hands on his chest in the sane attempt to push him and halt this, but my hands just don’t do it, like they’re not listening to me. I’m immersed in this and I don’t want it to stop, though my reason is screaming at me conflicting my heart filled with warmth for this guy.

His heartbeats are as lunatic as mine and he’s under such burning heat.

I’m losing my breath and I need to get back to reason and fucking get out of here before I’ll totally regret it.

Our foreheads are touching and we’re breathing against each other with me staring at his lips. I’m so tranced and I’m out of my mind, wanting him, but no.

“You were right…. I’m running…. I can’t do this…. I’m sorry….” I’m not able to look into his eyes because if I would, my feet won’t go to the exit and drive away to my home.

I pull myself from his muscular arms with my nostrils inhaling his intoxicating perfume, turn around, and walk away through the crowd with hurried steps. I need the night’s cold air like now. Never, in my life, have I done what has just happened. Never. I’ve lost my mind to allow that to happen….

What the fuck is wrong with you?! Why?!

Chapter 2 – I Need A Criminal Lawyer…


“Jared?” I’m in the office I have here, with Jared, my right hand in all, following my footsteps.

“Yes, boss?” He’s standing in front of my desk while I’m taking a seat, loosening my tie, with a volcano in me ready to erupt.

I’ve never done that in my life. Nor what I’m about to do regarding her. I couldn’t go after her because I would fucking kidnap her and take her straight to my home and have her.

The moment I saw that Angel, glowing, with those bright blue eyes and goddess all, like a magnet I went to her. I happened to see her as I was just coming in the club to meet my buddies and talk business with one of them. I don’t give a damn on that, she’s the center of my universe now. And after that kiss I forced on her? Man! I’m sealed to her per life!

I’m so messed up right now and ravaged that I can’t fucking breathe right. Never, in my life, have I had such a reaction to a woman and my heart to reign over me. I want her like air itself. My heart is whining after her and my body is throbbing in heats and needs. I’ll find her, and I’ll find her now.

“Pull images from there and have her friend and her scanned for identity. Take the memberships and see which one is a member. I want all info now. Alexa is her name. Don’t know the other one. Search for Alexa at Gathor Law and Partners firm, criminal lawyer. Give me everything like yesterday.”

“Yes, boss.”


“This case shouldn’t go to trial! What do you mean? My client has his alibi confirmed, has presented himself and provided cooperation. There’s no legal evidence for what you are saying, Gary.”

Yeah, I’m in the company, at her door. Not the company she lied to me about. It’s Bale and Partners Law firm. This little liar of an Angel. One of my friends happens to be the son of the big boss here, Stevenson Bale.

I’m a billionaire, leading businesses in all industries, so, it’s nothing to me to find information about something or someone in the blink of an eye.

It’s three in the afternoon and Friday. To know how fast everything went for me. I have all information about my stunning baby. She’s 32 and made partner here two years ago. She’s the star of the company, as I’ve heard.

But she didn’t lie about an early trial. I’ve got confirmation on that. Ha-ha!

“You want me to make fun of you in court again? Huh? Gary? Gary! Stop talking nonsense! You’re a prosecutor for crying out loud! Where’s your evidence to prove that? I have the files on my desk, looking at them! There’s none! All you’ve stated is proven from our side as not being true! Oh, shut up! You just want to grab the limelight because he’s rich and has status! Don’t raise your voice at me! GARY! WE WENT TO SAME FUCKING LAW SCHOOL! LOWER THE DAMN VOICE AND STOP GOING AGAINST ME WHENEVER WE HAVE A COMMON CASE! What? You drive me crazy…. His wife was in Hawaii at that time! When did she testify that to you?! Huh?! Oh man…. Gary? She’s an alcoholic with a history of rehab. Her testimony falls flat in court. She’s not a reliable one. And this doesn’t even matter anymore. She was in fucking HAWAII! Fucking some studs on a fucking cruise!”

I can’t see her, but I can hear her. I’m with her secretary in here. Ha-ha! The secretary is almost taking pictures of me. Yeah, my bodyguards are in here with me. Jared and another one. The rest are downstairs with the limo. I always have them around me. One at my level is a target from all corners. Not afraid, or can’t deal with it on my own, but I need some breaks, too.

Her voice is so damn sexy, like the rest of its owner….

“Miss Alexa Shawn’s office.” Her secretary has just answered a call. “She’s in a meeting…,” I stare at her with a meaning and she nods, gulping her saliva at me, with wet eyes and blushed cheeks, “all day. I-I mean, she’s in meetings all day, without a window. Can I schedule you for Monday, Mr. Ardal?”

I smirk at her with a wink and she’s almost under her desk. Ha-ha!

I talked with Stevenson over the phone and told him my intentions for the day with his star and I persuaded him with some business to let me come in and kidnap my baby lawyer. He said yes without wavering when he heard about half a billion case to his firm. Obviously.

He announced her secretary that I’m coming in and not inform the lawyer about it. She was also told to clear her agenda for the day. My sexy babe will have the surprise of her life.

I’m burning since last night and I’m aching in need of having her with me and in my arms and….my everything. Yes, I’m literally going to kidnap her, shove her in my jet and go to one of my private resorts, only me and her. And my security of course. But they’re not important.

“Fine. You do what you want. I’ll ax you in court. Suit yourself.” I think she has ended the call. “Margaret! Come here, please!”

Margaret stands up to go per calling.

I motion my hand at her to stay there but to answer to her calling.

“Yes, Miss Shawn!”

And I open the door and step inside, shutting it behind me.

My baby is with her desk full of papers, laptop open at her right, with some sexy ass glasses on her nose, a bun made of her hair with rebel strands, a white shirt with sleeves rolled at her elbows, and a chest under that shirt to howl to the fucking moon.

She’s shuffling through some files without raising her baby blue eyes at me.

“Gary is prosecuting Mr. Valentine for that nonsense accident. Trial should be next week. Where’s that paper? Man…. He drives me insane! Can you believe him, Margaret? I swear to God I wish I could make myself invisible, not reveal my fucking identity, go to his fucking office, and trash the room with him until he passes out! That moron…. Here it is. Alright. Note this down.” She’s with burning delicious cheeks.

She takes her glasses off, closing her eyes, rubbing her forehead, leaning her back on the chair.

“Find his wife and request an official statement from her. Get me her rehab records and all connected to that. Call detective Radlog we have on her for the divorce case to give us evidence of her cheating from the day of his accident. That bitch is trying to make money with her fake statement. In her drunk mind, she doesn’t realize she can be prosecuted for perjury. Hungry for fame Gary is out of his mind to sustain that.” She’s yawning. “Bring me a river of coffee and if Viv calls again, tell her I shot myself and she doesn’t have her best friend anymore. I’m in a permanent, doomed vacay this weekend with all these cases over my head.”

I’m walking to her desk while she’s moaning in frustration with her eyes shut, now loosening her first buttons from her shirt blazing my all.

I drag the chair in front of her desk and take a seat, taking my lion stance with my back on the chair, crossing my legs, shoving my hands in my pockets, having my animal in wants stare at her and a smug smile on my lips.

And when she opens her eyes for something is out of place….

“What the! Jesus!” She startles at my sight, widening her eyes at me, breathing in distress. “What are you doing here?!”

“I’m in need of a lawyer. A criminal lawyer one. I told you last night I might need one.”

She throws her glasses on the desk and gathers herself from the shock, moving her eyes into mine, contracting her jawline.

I want to have her right now…. But I’m controlling. I have to. Hot scenes of what is going to happen between us are rolling in my mind and the fuck I can wait. I need my baby….

“Lawyer? What did you do since last night till now? And how did you find me?” She’s with a detective stare on my face, frowning.

I twist my head and motion my eyebrows at her with a trickster smile.

“Well, I haven’t done it yet, Miss Shawn. It’s about what I’m going to do. And that is breaking the criminal law. I plead guilty to that.”

The frown is turning into one of surprise with a gap between her kissable, hot lips.

I want that mouth again and on repeat…. My eyes lower on her neck, on her chest…. I’m throbbing with my heart fired-up.

Chapter 3 – I’m Kidnapping You…


This guy is crazy! How did you find me? Viv couldn’t tell him. She was gone when I went out. Fuck….

Yes, I couldn’t sleep all night last night, recalling on repeat what happened. Blaming myself on one hand for letting that happen, and on the other hand that I left and didn’t give a chance to know each other better. But I was pleased in the end that I had left because I’m not an easy woman and I would have regretted if that would lead to losing my virginity to a one night stand. I can’t have that.

“About what you’re going to do? Mr. Kovac.” I’m gaming back into my lawyer persona as he’s serious but devouring me with his eyes and I’m again reliving the kiss from last night, his burning touch and all those sensations which enveloped me and then tortured me all the fucking night.

“I would advise you to first not do it. Second, I’m not your official lawyer and I’m not into confidentiality over what you’re going to tell me. So, be very careful with what you want to confess to me. I’d rather not hear it.”

He spikes his left eyebrow at me with that intoxicated stare glaring into my soul and heart, sending chills down my spine. He’s breaking my reason again.

But I’m steady and firm.

“Oh? You are, Miss Shawn. I signed the contract with Stevenson. You’re my lawyer, and you’re under client confidentiality.”

My jaw is dropping and my eyes pop. He’s killing me.

“What? I’m in a full agenda, Mr. Kovac.” I’m not lying on that.

I’m shaking my head, sigh, take my glasses and put them back on.

He’s smirking with a spark in those hypnotic green eyes.

My heart is throwing a heavy metal party against my chest.

“Alright. If Stevenson ordered me to take your case, then, let’s hear it.” I’m crossing my legs and arms, and, with a lawyer stare and grimace, I’m waiting for whatever this is about.

He chuckles, standing up.

“Well, Miss Shawn. Let me properly explain then.” He’s confronting my stare, walking like an almighty lion to me around my desk, with that mischievous smile.

My heart is launching bombs and my stomach is under a butterflies’ attack.

“I’m pleading guilty to the following. I’m here to kidnap you, fly you to a private place, and spend some amazing time together.”

I’m following him with my perplexed stare and jaw to the floor.

“Kidnap me? What? What are you saying? RILEY!”

He scoops me from my chair and has me bridal style in his arms. With this going so fast, I wrap my hands around his neck to not fall. He’s like a bull in strength, holding me, and now lifting me to have better access to my lips.

I have an erratic breathing, conflicted by this happening, in my own office, after last night.

“Yes. Kidnap you. Planned it all night. I want you. All of you. All mine. And you have nothing to say or do, just obey.” His husky voice and ordering but sweet and loving stare are breaking my reason and when he crashes his lips on mine, I can’t go against it. I’m like possessed to answer to his madness that is a shared madness now.


“Riley! Put me down!”

I’m stepping into the elevator with baby lawyer on my shoulder having her tight on me, with my men after us. That kiss in the office has me on fire.

She’s into me the same as I am into her, but she’s in a confused state from her eyes and reactions on me. She’s with her hands fisted on my suit jacket.

“Riley! You weren’t joking?! And you have men with you?! I’ll sue your ass to prison! Let go! Are you serious? Kidnaping me in broad light from a building packed with lawyers?! RILEY!”

Jared and Hendricks are with their heads down.

I’m smirking, holding her, counting seconds to reach the limo and have another dose of her nectar mouth and feel her divine body.

“Baby? I’ve confessed my crimes even before doing them. You can sue me, I don’t care. I mean it. It’s worth it. If I have you, that’s all I need in this world. You can file a lawsuit per day for the rest of our lives together from now on. But nothing will keep me away from you. Keep that in mind, love.” I’m stepping down from the elevator and I don’t take sight around me.

I told her boss exactly what I’m going to do…. I confessed my love for her before telling him that. Ha-ha! I haven’t lied. I fell in love with her at first sight and after last night, she’s mine forever. She’ll come around soon enough. I know it.

“What? I thought you were joking! You can’t do this! Riley! Let me walk on my own! Stop embarrassing me….” She’s so damn sweet.

Obviously, people are looking at us. I’m aiming the exit.

“Nobody is embarrassing you, my love. Show me one and I’ll send the person to its grave.”

“You bastard…. You’re crazy.”

I’m smirking, caressing her legs, stepping out of the building with Jared opening the doors for me.

“You don’t even know yet, baby.”

She’s puffing.

“I have a full view over how crazy you are! Can you put me down now, please?! I’m getting dizzy…. This crazy…. How did he find me? Oh! You drive me insane! Limo?! Riley! You’re not doing this to me! What’s wrong with you?!”

I’m getting her in the limo with me after her to have no way to escape.

“Nothing wrong, honey. Just madly in love. Come here….”

She’s in a lost stare at me, backing off on the seat to the other side. She’s not scared, just shocked.


I’m taking her right hand and pull her slowly at me. The limo is driving away with the route to my private jet.

“Yes, baby?” I’m having her in my arms, with our chests breathing against each other which has me under electric shortcuts, wanting to rip off both of our clothes and feast on my baby.

I’m taking her glasses off and she briefly shuts her eyes with her baby hands on my shoulders.

“Why are you doing this?”

The back of my fingers is caressing her left cheek, and I’m glaring into those baby blue eyes full of questions and barriers.

“Because I want your heart, your soul, your mind, your body. How about that, baby? Are you going to sue me for this, too?” I’m smirking and feasting on her departed lips, making my way to her mouth which has me under an eternal spell.

She’s my one and only, finally found and arrested for being too perfect and too mine. Well, kidnapped. Ha-ha! What’s mine, I take it without a fucking delay. And baby lawyer is my absolute possession in life.

Chapter 4 – Losing Control, Baby…


So, I’ve been kidnapped by the crazy one and he kissed the hell out of me in the limo seeding a consuming fire in me like I’ve never had. I’m like an ignited in flames torch and I need some coolness on me, or I’ll pass out. He did the same to me in the jet and I’m out of this world, not understanding how this can happen to ME!

I mean, I just met the guy last night! Had no clue this hurricane will devastate me and my life! AND IT’S ONLY VIV’S FAULT!

I have nothing on me. No phone, no ID, no cash, no cards, NO NOTHING! Just my glasses, my shoes, my pants, my blouse – without a bra by the way – and oh, my thongs! I feel so naked right now. No, my blouse has double material – though it’s satin fabric – and my boobs aren’t visible through it, just in form as in any other clothes. I don’t have big ones, but they’re not small either. But yeah, my clothes are hugging my body. There’s nothing loose on me. Just my blouse a tad in the upper part and I have it tucked in my pants.

He has taken me to Bahamas from New York City. He said we’re going to his private resort here, meaning his property, to have privacy and get to know each other without interruptions. He’s such a player! Though he’s sincere in all he says…. I have the ability to read that without fooling myself.

If my own mother would know what her daughter is experiencing with the lunatic right now, she would drop dead – though I’m an adult. Well, it’s out of my character to do such things. Luckily, she’s in Boston and won’t come by to my house.

But if she calls me and I won’t answer for how long I’ll be out of New York City? Her knowing I’m a criminal lawyer and dangers are present around me? I don’t even want to imagine her reaction. Gary will be first to call in that situation. She has him on speed dial. Yeah, he’s her number one on her son-in-law list…. And that list is a long one, but Gary, somehow, always, remains top of it.

Well, mom has always had a thing for men with badges and guns and ripped in muscles and yeah…. She married dad, Chief of New York City’s Police. He’s retired now and in a hunting trip with his brothers for the weekend. I’m coming from a one night stand with him which lead to a solid marriage…. Never ask her about it as she would give you all the details from that night without avoiding the juicy stuff. Oh yeah. My mom….

No matter how crazy this sounds even to me, I have willingly come here. No, he hasn’t used force more than what he did back at the company till the limo. I said I’m out of my mind since last night when it comes to him.

Gary, for example, is comparable to him at some levels, and I’ve never had an ounce of attraction to him more than a killing one for how much he tries to clash with me in court just to see me and interact with me.

He proposed to me with a ring and everything some years back. I politely refused him on excuse I want to first become a partner in a law firm and then I’ll consider my private life. And I did suggest him to not wait for me as I’m not considering a relationship, wanting to dedicate myself to my career.

No, we’ve never been boyfriend and girlfriend, just friends and classmates and then career related with me being a criminal lawyer and him a prosecutor. In short, he wants to bang people into prison, and I bang them out of it. Ha-ha!

We’re entering in the humongous, top-notch villa, and I’m struck with panic in my stomach against the right in the wrong I’m having for him.

I stop on my tracks with him having his arm wrapped around my waist.

“What’s the matter, baby?”

“Riley? We need to talk. Serious talk. This is not me and I don’t want whatever is happening between us right now to become a mistake for my life. I’m losing control and I’m not comfortable with this.”

He’s lacing our fingers together from our hands and pulls me in a slow motion on him, and I’m again losing myself in those deep green eyes that have so much power to my being, ravaging my senses, making me afraid of the latent side of mine on this.

It’s a side of me that has never been awakened and as much as it is thrilling to feel it, to discover it, at the same time it’s dangerous. I’ve never done this before, never considered it against my age, and it’s suffocating me to not do the wrong things with this.

I think I’ve fallen in love with him and maybe that’s why I’m too preventive on this. My heart responds to him, my body responds to him, heck, even my mind responds to him. But players usually use words like him to have what they want and after, you’re the one trapped in the game of stupid to have fallen for it. I’m sorry, but I can’t have that. I better stop before slaying my heart in pains. From how this happened so damn fast, it has chances to fall flat as fast.

And what do I remain with in the end? Just losing my purity and gaining sexual experience? As I said at the beginning, if I’ll ever do it, I want the one and not anyone. No matter how special he is for me and he’s above anyone, it’s still not enough for me, if he’s not the one. And at this moment, the fuck I can evaluate the situation anymore. I don’t know what to spot as signs if he is like he says he is, and I see he is, or not. Bummer, I know.

When it comes to love, it seems you can’t assess things correctly anymore, which is a defiance to one’s higher intelligence. No matter how prepared and experienced with the world and people you are, when it comes to your heart, your person, your senses, your everything, you just fall stupid and can’t judge things any longer. You just hope it’s not an illusion to whirlwind you and then throw you back to a devastating reality. I know I wouldn’t do this to him, but is it the same from him to me? I honestly feel like crying inside because of this, but I’m keeping it buried to not show it outside.

And of course, he doesn’t know yet he would be my first. Not that I had time to discuss this with him on how things have rolled between us, but at the same time, something in me tells me to not confess this to him yet. It would only arouse him more. I mean, one at my age, to have never been touched before? Yeah.

“Why are you running again, Alexa? Tell me what’s happening to you. You can’t reject the connection between us. It’s there. I know it, I can see it, I can feel it. There must be something else making you consider this a possible mistake. From where I’m standing, it’s not a mistake. I’m not confused as I see you are. What makes you uncomfortable and what at me do you not consider serious?” He’s brushing his lips on my cheek, then on my lips, then on my chin while speaking in a husky voice, lighting up the fire in me once again, downing my reason and heightening my senses. This fucking player…. You can’t fight against that; against what effect he has on me.

My breathing is moving my chest on his and I’m contracting my jawline and my body to maintain an ounce of control over the screaming desire he summons in me. The lock of stares we have during this is shattering to my being.

“Disappointment and heartbreak. I prefer cutting everything from the roots rather than experiencing them. Less painful.” I’m in cut breaths, so needy right now. There’s a master war in me and the highlight of it is yet to come….

He’s so tensed and burning on me, with his hands electrifying that fire in me with me squeezing them in pursuit of control.

He’s brushing his blazing lips on my neck up to my earlobe and now whispering to my ear, kissing it softly, vibrating my being down my spine in waves of sensations surrounding and trapping me. I’m his…. And it’s so damn frustrating for one like me…. But I’m his…. There’s no mistake on that.

“You said losing control, baby…. I’ll show you what losing control feels like, my love….”

I can’t keep my eyes open anymore; my feet are weakening.

He’s releasing my hands, brushing my neck in burning kisses, trailing his fingers on the sides of my hips up, and I’m fucking out, not understanding what’s happening to me, yet unable to fight against it. No, we’re alone in here. There’s no one and no one can see inside. At least, that I’m certain of. The rest is…. I don’t know….

When his fingers reach my upper part and he’s teasing my earlobe in a bite and kiss, in the split of a second, he rips off my blouse in front with a thunderbolt of unmet pleasure crossing my being at once. 

Oh, fuck!

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