• June 7, 2021

Inspiring Stories – Underground Indie Author – Larry Yoakum III

In this Motivation-Inspiration section of my website, I want to bring to you different stories about real people and their journey in life and profession. But not only.

I’m someone who believes we can learn from others and support them at the same time. Their hard work, dedication, sacrifices need to be rewarded and acknowledged, right? It’s their right after all. 🙂

Therefore, I’m presenting you one of my writer friends, Larry Yoakum III, who’s an author, and I’m going to let him speak for himself, and share with you a bit of his writer and author journey. 🙂

Author Larry Yoakum III

Where to begin?  Well, I was born in Wichita, KS in 1975 and grew up in the very small town just to the north called Valley Center.  I didn’t have a lot of friends growing up, but the few I had were great. 

When I was a kid, I used to create very crudely done short comic books for my own amusement.  I also started playing dungeons and dragons, creating my own game world I called Targoth, based off a reoccurring dream I’ve had since I was 7 years old.

I got my first taste of actually writing creatively in my senior year of high school.  I took a computer class and was done with my assignments before anyone else so I started writing little one page short stories to kill time.

After I graduated I joined the U.S. Air Force and served 4 years.  During that time, I started going to the base library and writing short stories in the genres of horror, paranormal, sci-fi, and fantasy. 

I also started developing a story in my mind about my old game world of Targoth, and the reoccurring dreams continued, but they upgraded as I got older.  Now instead of goblins and elves, they were full of noble knights battling interstellar vampires.

I had the story for my Targothian Trilogy in my head basically all my life, but never thought I’d be able to do it justice in a book, so I stuck to writing short stories.

Years later, in 2008 in fact, I found a vanity publishing company called Publish America.  It seemed great at first.  I actually published two short story books with them, all of the stories the ones I had written in my time in the military.

However, sales were hard to come by and I was stuck in a seven-year contract with each book, so I waited until the publishing rights reverted back to me.  In that time, I started working on outlines for full length books.

I felt down quite a bit about it, fearing I’d never find a way to publish anything on my own.  Every publisher turned me down.  No one was interested.

During that period of waiting for my publishing rights to return, I created my own website, free with ads.  Luckily for me, one of those ads was CreateSpace.

I found my way to publish.  I felt great again and began working even harder on my books.  Once my two Publish America books went out of print, I republished them under my own indie banner as Yoakum’s Compendium of Bizarre and Original Stories.  Not only did this consist of all the stories from my first two books, I added in several new ones as well.

With my self-publishing independently, I still don’t have the sales I would like that would allow me to quit my day job and write full time, but I am fine with that.  I have all the say in my stories.  I have all the rights.  I’d rather have full control over my work anyway.

Though there are times that I feel down and out, I remind myself that I write because I must.  I have stories to tell.  I have a literary universe to expand.

All my books exist within a shared reality and all tie in together.  Sometimes a main character from one book will make a cameo appearance in another.  My literary universe (which I’ve nicknamed the Yoakumverse) is a mixture of sci-fi, fantasy, the supernatural, the paranormal, and science fiction.  In my books, angels and aliens are not mutually exclusive. 

I’m even blessed enough to have been invited to submit stories in multi-author collections, and even in those, my stories are all in the Yoakumverse continuity. 

Besides writing, I am also the founding member of a veterans group called Knights of Targoth Order of Veterans, which exists in my books as a semi-fictional version of itself. 

Another thing of interest, I am a legally ordained minister through the Universal Life Church, and that was actually inspired by an episode of the Simpsons where Homer got ordained online.

I am currently living in Dallas, Tx, with the love of my life, Allison. 

Instead of listing all my social media links and everything else, I would like to invite you to go to my personal website larryyoakum3.webs.com and there you will find links to my FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Amazon author page, Barnes and Noble Nook, and my YouTube video blog.

On my site you can check out my bookshelf, which has descriptions to all my books (currently I have 11 published), among other cool things.

Some of the books in particular I’d like to tell you about is my Targothian Trilogy.

This is the story born of my strange dreams of childhood and my fantasy game world.  I feel very close to the protagonist, Sargas.  The book starts out with the protagonist being unnamed, but eventually he takes the name Sargas after his ancestor’s brave deeds.

Book 1- Sargas, Book 2 – Crimson Death, Book 3 – The Circle Closes

Though this is a trilogy, I am actually working on more stories to expand on that aspect of my creation.  Allies and Enemies will be short stories telling the origins of all the friends and foes Sargas runs across in his adventures. 

I thank you for reading about me and invite you to pay a visit to the Yoakumverse. It has been a fun journey from being a nerd kid playing DND and having weird dreams to being a 46 year old man who is still hard at work on expanding his literary creations. 

And he is indeed a hard worker. 🙂

Let’s have a glance at one of his YouTube videos, on his YouTube channel, where he’s presenting his books, and meet him in person!

You’re welcomed to subscribe to his channel and show support. 🙂

But let us not stop here. I’m going to make it easier for you and help you peruse a bit his books, to get the taste of what he’s writing. 🙂

You can see the FREE PREVIEW of each book on Amazon. You can also share it on your social media if you know of friends who would enjoy such books.

My website holds no affiliate links. If you choose to purchase something, I appreciate you for supporting the author of the book/books, as this is my end goal, to support people who deserve receiving it.

But anyhow, if Larry made an impression on you with his books, I invite you to access his website where you’ll be greeted with more of him, and you’ll have all links to his social media, and other platforms such as Amazon hosting all of his books for sale. 🙂

Hope that for those of you who needed inspiration on becoming a writer, an author, an indie, this post served you and gave you that nudge to gain more confidence in yourself, and join the Writing Community, as it’s one welcoming you with a warm heart! 🙂

Thank you, Larry, for joining me in this post! And also for sharing your story and work with us! Love your books and how you’re juggling with your paid job and pushing forward your creative endeavors! My respects, my friend! ❤

Love you!

Your true friend always,

Andra-Cristiana Stan


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