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When she gets kidnapped and up for auction…
“Next part of our gathering here tonight is an auction, gentlemen!”
Auction, huh? I wonder what the fuck it is this time around…. Oh man…. I would kill all of you tonight….
I’m Lorenzo Madiglani, 29, big mafia head over thirteen of the most powerful mafia families worldwide.
“We’re auctioning some beautiful! Young! Virgin girls!”
Prepare for war tomorrow, fucker.
“Whoa! The war between the biggest bosses in the place! This is sizzling! Bring the last one!”
And they are bringing her after some delay compared to the other girls. The sound of chains and a rumble is filling the air, halting all the men from emitting a sound, all eyeballs trapped on the stage to see her coming in.
She’s so damn beautiful….
I’ll take you away from here.
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Chapter 1 – You Know I Never Lose…


“Next part of our gathering here tonight is an auction, gentlemen!” One of Jafa’s men announces with a wicked grin and looks with a meaning at him. Jafa smirks and nods at him, grabbing his champagne glass for a sip.

Auction, huh? I wonder what the fuck it is this time around…. Oh man…. I would kill all of you tonight….

I’m Lorenzo Madiglani, 29, big mafia head over thirteen of the most powerful mafia families worldwide. Yes, I’m a billionaire, like many from here, but my billions are unlimited. In public, I’m a businessman and featured as such in top magazines around the world. And I’m not only praised for my businesses and money. I’m also acknowledged as being one hot, sexy ass because of my facial features, and towering and buffed built. Everyone is at my feet from the women’s side at the sight of me.

But yeah, I’m single. Being in a serious relationship has no meaning for me. No woman has attracted me that much to see her twice, if you know what I mean, but to make her my woman or fucking wife. No way. Mom nags me to get married though…. She wants grandkids…. Anyways. Her dreams are on hold from my part for at least another decade or so. Ha-ha! Yeah, well….

I mean, the woman to bear my child and next heir must be special as fuck inside out for me to even consider her. Oh yeah…. Judge me all you want. That’s how I am. I need to have the best of the best in all I own because, without considering me cocky, I am the fucking best of the best in this world, so I expect the same in return.

We’re here in a mansion, more like of a palace, for the yearly gathering of all 43 mafia families around the world, in the attempt to maintain a sort of a treaty. Yes, rivals and allies are present at this luxurious event. And this year, the one in line to organize and hold it was Jafa Gio. My main rival. He’s 34, but his balls are under mine, nonetheless. However, that doesn’t keep him in behaving. We’re itching each other all the fucking time. But at this type of events, we need to let aside all differences and get along. For one night, at least…. Oh yeah….

We’re all festive in outfits and this is the ballroom of the mansion. All heads are at their own table with their closest people on the chairs. Meaning their right and left hands in business are at the table with them. No, no woman is present at such a gathering, no matter if the head has a wife or official woman. Only men and sons at the right age are allowed to participate.

So, this ballroom holds the most 43 dangerous men around the world and their men and sons. Dirty and bad mafia, and my own dirty, deadly, bad mafia. Yeah, I’m main fucker from here. The deadliest if pissed.

The heads are of different ages, ranging from 26 to 58. But all are well-built, seasoned in all the shit out there, reputable opponents, looking younger than their real age, well-kept, assassins in seconds.

I lean my back on my chair and gulp my champagne glass, keeping a poker face. I’m at my table with my right hand, Gabe, and left hand, Syla.

Jafa’s men bring auction cards to the tables and the lights on the stage turn on for everyone to see the highlight of the night. The music lowers in volume. All men got some smug smiles on their lips with their attention on the stage and on Jafa’s man speaking.

“This year!” He pauses, looking around with a sneaky smile, and Jafa laughs under his lips, raising his refilled champagne glass in the air at his table. “We’re auctioning some beautiful! Young! Virgin girls!”

What the fuck did you say?! He fucking wants war with me tonight…. He knows me…. Son of a fucking bitch…. Oh…. I’ll fucking behave tonight, but…. Oh, fuck yes. Prepare for war tomorrow, fucker.

I’m with same poker face, but a smirk creeps on my face. I’m with my eyes on the stage as they’re bringing first girl with a black cloth on her head.

“She’s drugged by the way she’s walking, boss….” Gabe whispers at my right while more than half of the room is applauding and getting heated up for the auction.

I can fucking see that…. This fucker has no fucking limits in pissing me off…. Drink your champagne, fucker, while you still have a fucking mouth to do it with.

“Now we’re talking! Jafa! Yeah, man!” One of the heads from his side….


The thirteen heads under me, one by one, send looks at me as they know our rules and how we stand in such things like kidnaping girls and all the shit. They see I’m calm, and they smirk with an unnoticeable nod at me. My eyes are on the stage at that poor girl.

My men know they’ll have to win the auction over each fucking girl, no matter the price, and then secretly send them back home to their families. This is to prevent a war tonight with all heads. We’ve already signed a new treaty for another year, so we don’t want a bloodbath from first night…. We want it from second day…. Ha-ha! Oh….

They bring the girls, one by one, to be auctioned. Each girl is dolled up and dressed in some appropriate for her figure dress, to expose her assets. All girls are underage. No girl is said to be more than eighteen. Oh yes, Jafa’s man presents them in detail, from name, origins, age and all the shit it’s known for the girl. And he starts the price for actions according to how much value the girl is considered to have in their eyes. Lowest has been one million dollars.

The girls are drugged, not really understanding what’s happening around them. Some are laughing, some are in the trance the drugs induce them in. But they are behaving and not going against the ones holding them or others.

The heads married don’t participate in the auction, as they do have morals, for the most part that is. The heated-up competition is between the young ones and sons of heads.

Six girls have been brought so far and my men act as the others, buying them at some peppered prices as the others are not giving up. Lowest final price has been 12 million dollars, and the highest 50 million.

The men under me who won his girl, send them with their men out of here and into their custody, in safety.

Jafa, all this time, as it takes some time with all this, hurls rabid glances at me as six of my men have won all six girls, and none from his has purchased one. The tension between us is fucking the air, but we’re holding our horses, playing along, being nice guys along with the others.

Don’t fuck with my balls, fucker. You know I never lose….

But I’m unchanged, smiling, relaxed on my chair, having whisky on the rocks now, owning the place, as the big boss I am.

“Boss! We’ve reached to last one! At least this one let her be ours! Not fair! Ha-ha!” The one speaking on the stage is addressing Jafa and Jafa snorts into laughter.

“Bring her here! That one is mine. I’ll personally auction for her.” He winks at me, and I smirk at him. “It will be between me and Lorenzo for sure. The last is the best. Always! Ha-ha!” His emerald eyes storm at me and a vicious smile spreads on his lips.

I remain silent but nod, with a hurricane in my dark, deep blue eyes at him.

“Whoa! The war between the biggest bosses in the place! This is sizzling! Bring the last one!” His man is hyped on the game between our balls, and all the others are manifesting along, getting ready to compete to win the last girl.

And they are bringing her after some delay compared to the other girls. The sound of chains and a rumble is filling the air, halting all the men from emitting a sound, all eyeballs trapped on the stage to see her coming in.

What the fuck?

She’s not wearing some fancy dress like the others. She’s a curvy one, so hot compared to the other six, with a pair of black jeans hugging her to waist level, a pair of black ankle length boots, a white, satin, loose blouse on her ripped in places, revealing her black bra and her to die for cleavage, the black cloth is on her head like the others, and she’s handcuffed at her back, with chains between legs to not be able to have freedom of movement, and chains on handcuffs at her back. Yeah, she’s rioting…. And I’m with my eyes arrested on her like I’ve never been on a woman, with my heart at war for that happening to her but also warming up at her, and my breathing is moving my chest in deep cuts. I haven’t even seen her face yet….

“Let me go!” There are four men with her, sturdy ones, and she’s in a strong and threatening voice, rioting in their gasp, while they’re forcing her to walk further.

“This one is a rebel as you can all see! Ha-ha! She tried to escape four times! We don’t have a name for her….” The one holding the auction is presenting her, staring at her while the other ones with her are sending her on her knees by the chains and with their hands as she’s like a fucking wild horse between them.

My heart is hammering my chest and I’m almost standing up to fucking take her and kill Jafa….

“Ha-ha! Motherfuckers….” She’s shaking her head with the cloth still on.

Her head is lowered, and her bra is breathing with heaviness, dizzying me…. I don’t fucking know what’s happening to me…. Never had this in my entire life…. And I’m heating up at some insane levels. I can’t fucking think anymore, I’m just ogling at her like the rest of the room.

“You should have been under the drugs’ effect, baby….” The one on the stage is speaking to her, in awe she’s still lively and going against the others from how she was brought in.

“Four doses, boss. She’s still not having it….” One of the four is telling him, keeping tight the chains as she’s again moving her body to shake them off, though she’s still on her knees.

“Me…. On my fucking knees…. Son of a fucking bitch…. Take this off my fucking face! Now!”

The one speaking turns at us and continues his presentation.

“Our doctor couldn’t approach her for a full assessment. But she’s certified as being no more than 18. From his point of view, she’s a virgin. If she isn’t as he deems her to be, a full refund will be in place.”

“Ha-ha! I’m thirteen, fucker…. Ha-ha! And the doctor is certified as being a fucking virgin after he went through my fucking hands…. Ha-ha! Well, whose fault is it you motherfuckers drugged the crazy me…. Ha-ha! Ah…. Shit….” She’s again shaking her head and losing her balance, but two of them are holding her. Silence in the room.  I’m fucking boiling inside….

“Yeah, baby…. He was fucked indeed….” He’s again staring at her. “Do you still have amnesia, sweetie?”


I’m furrowing my brows, clenching my jawline at refusal. Hell is pouring down my veins….

“Still having it, fucker. Still having it…. But your boss? Whoever that fucker is? I’m sure he’s gonna die tonight by my fucking hands. That’s certain, sweetie. Ha-ha!”

“Take it off.” He orders one of the men to reveal her face, and he does it.

Jafa snorts into laughter at her words, and others as well. My men and I keep our poker faces and silence.

I’ll be fucked…. She’s so damn beautiful…. Fuck….

When he takes off the cloth from her head, her golden, wavy locks of hair fall in a rebel manner, and she’s with her head lowered, squeezing her eyes, shaking her head, and taking deep breaths. She’s heavily drugged and she’s fighting what’s inside of her….

“Oh…. Fucking lights….” Yeah, the lights are bright on the stage, and she can’t creep her eyes.

But she’s like surrounded by an angel aura. I’ve never seen such a cherubic girl, so alluring, so innocent in looks, so fucking perfect in her all…. I’m fucked…. And she doesn’t look more than eighteen indeed…. I’m so fucked…. What’s happening inside of me is so fucking dangerous, and it’s never happened to me. Fuck….

“Not even your name, baby? At least that you should remember.”

“Get the fuck out of here…. I said I can’t fucking remember anything.” After another shake of her golden head, she finally opens some deep baby blue eyes, shooting my heart on the fucking spot. Even her voice is so damn sexy….

She’s looking around, narrowing her stare as she can’t see.

“So many fuckers here…. Who’s your boss among all these, moron? I need to see the fucker….”

He ignores her and turns at us with a sigh.

I’m with my eyes hugging her from head down and back…. The fire in me is immeasurable and for her, and because of her, for the first time in my fucking life, I won’t send her home to her family…. I know…. But she’s mine…. I can’t help it. I’m fucking serious, and not only my body wants her, my fucking heart, mind, and soul crave for her. She’s…. Yeah, best of the best, a match to the best of the best I am. I’m not going to do this because I’m some fucker or bad gangster…. No….

“She’s having amnesia since we found her in a subway back in New York, and she couldn’t say anything about her past or background. But she’s a rebel, feisty one as you can see. No one really manages to touch her….” He grins at us.

I’m bull staring at him and going back with my stare at her as she’s again forcing the handcuffs at her back.

“Jesus…. Fuck…. Stop keeping me tight, fuckers! You’re getting me fucking dizzy! And that’s bad for you all! I don’t need to own a fucking name to fuck you in punches like the others!”

Don’t worry, baby. It will soon end, and I’ll take you away from here. I’m not the bad guy.

“So, we’re gonna start the auction for her at 50 million as boss has decided.”

And no second later, one of the heads….

“60 million. She’s all worth it and more….” He beams at her, and she jerks her hurricane eyes to where the voice comes from the audience.

“What? Wait a second, pal….” She turns her delicious rabid stare at the fucker on the stage.

“What, honey?” He smirks at her, and like hypnotized, he answers.

Oh! I’ll start the war tonight….

“You’re auctioning me, moron?”


“For what?”

“For who pays the most, baby.”

“For what?”

“To have you.”

“For what?”

There’s a loud laughter in the room as she’s so fucking yummy in her all seriousness and that criminal stare, moving her head as she doesn’t seem to understand.

“As a woman, baby.”

“I’m not a woman, baby. So, for what?”

“I know you aren’t yet. But you’ll be.”

“For what?”

“70 million!” Another bids…

“Will you shut the fuck up whoever said 70 million?! Listen, you motherfuckers! It’s my person we’re talking about here! And if I’m the one to be auctioned?! I’ve got rights, fuckers! Now. The starting point of the auction is 100 billion dollars. Let’s correctly evaluate my person here. Alright?” She’s speaking looking around, with some fiery eyes, breathing her chest out, annoyed by all this, and now standing up from her knees, shaking her head again, and the ones holding her backing off a bit, but still tight on her to not let her freedom.

Silence in the room and many heads are so fucking turned on at her. I can’t say I’m not among them…. I’m fucking suffocating from the fire consuming me. My fucking heart is howling at her, so is the rest of me inside…. She’s like a heavenly deer, a fucking white unicorn, surrounded by a pack of Hell hounds, ready to devour her. However, she’s not scared, intimidated, or anything on that line. She’s confronting us. And she’s got some abilities to stand up like that from how chained she is and from the position she’s been.

She’s smirking around at us, throwing her chin.

“Too much, huh? Ha-ha! Well, morons, you want me? You need to fucking pay like buying the fucking Empress. I’m not selling myself lower than that. And this price is only to win the auction. It doesn’t include to touch or have me, fuckers. That’s another fish food. Once I have these off me?” She winks, shaking the chains on her. “You’re dead.” She shrugs her shoulders with her breasts moving because of it.

Just fuck me, baby…. Oh, I said you’re mine…. Fuck yes, baby love.

I’m smirking at her, gulping my whisky on the rocks, and Jafa….

“100 billion dollars, babe. You deserve it. I know you do.”

“101 billion dollars.” That’s the 70 million fucker, keeping up the bid.

She’s laughing under her enthralling, natural, rosy lips you would kiss without limit….

“110 billion dollars.” Another one.

“111 billion.” Jafa.

That’s enough. Let’s go, baby. I need to take you out of here. Now.

I stand up.

“200 billion. End of this. She’s mine. Gabe will wire the money right now.” I’m walking to the stage, having my full of wants stare into her irritated and full of killings one.

She’s breathing her chest out, looking straight into my eyes. I’m fucked in my all inside and can’t wait to get out of here with her and be alone.

“You’re the boss to this fucker?” She’s asking with a throw of chin at me.

I chuckle.

“No. The one who said first 100 billion.”

Jafa is already standing and he’s for sure with some beast eyes at me. But he doesn’t have more than what I’ve offered. He needs to behave to avoid war. Plus, he’s the one putting her on auction. Yes, if their side wins the auction, the money goes on our side. If our side wins the auction, the money goes on their side. The amounts talked in here are real and payable without a fault. I don’t fucking care about any money. She’s the one I want for me now. She’s priceless before me.

“Unchain her. Now.” I’m in a lock of stares with her, one penetrating to the soul and bones. She’s like a rabid animal in stare at me, clenching her jawline, flaring under her nostrils.

“Mr. Madiglani? She’s hard to control without…. Are you sure?” One of the fuckers says and I nod with my stare resting in hers.

She’s in a bloody war in her stare at me.

“Unchain me. I’ll take pleasure in it. The fucker did pay 200 billion. He’ll die in orgasms. Guaranteed. I won’t disappoint….” She motions her eyebrows at me, and my heart is rocking my body under the infernal heat I possess for her.

Oh, baby…. I’m sure you won’t disappoint. You’re mine. Forever. Mom will be so damn happy…. She won’t wait for another decade or so…. Ha-ha!

And they are unchaining her and she’s waiting to be freed, without moving her deep baby blue eyes from mine. Her lips form a malevolent smile, and her eyes withhold some crazy sparks….

Can’t wait to get out of here with you…. Baby! Fuck! Ha-ha!

Chapter 2 – Not Only You Fuckers Are Dangerous


I’m having amnesia since these fuckers found me in that subway…. I blacked out and I couldn’t go against getting kidnapped, as I was too fucking drained in energy and whatever the fuck had happened to me previous to that.

No, I know nothing of my past. I know I’m in these guys’ custody for the last three days or so. But when they’ve sent me on my knees on the stage, I reminisced my name and my age. I’m Nicolette and I’m 31. But other than that? No. Actually, I’m always called Nicole for short. But no more than this when it comes to memories.

However, whoever the fuck I am in reality it is instilled in me, and I run on automatic. I have sharp instincts, keen eyes and hearing, trained fighting moves, and a high intelligence with an on-spot analysis of whatever.

Yeah, they’ve drugged me, harshly, in the attempt to submit me to their wants. It seems nothing works on me to please their desires on that. But that doesn’t mean I’m not fucked inside…. Oh, I am.

My heart is a fucking wrestling monster, my head is a bombastic pain, my blood is rebelling in fire down my veins, and my strength is on the lower side. I’m good, aren’t I? Ha-ha! Oh! And yeah, my vision is playful, and I can’t clearly see, but I see better now. My breathing is taking all that, obviously. But I’m so damn fine….

It appears that my system is fighting the drugs I’ve been given, like eliminating them, shutting down their effects. I don’t know how to fucking explain this, but that’s the feeling. And I’m among all this.

If I’m afraid of something? No. Not even a second have I been scared or afraid. But I’m afraid and scared for some other girls, as I heard them these days. We were kept in different rooms. Locked up, yeah. And I’ve refused food or water since I came back to my senses in their custody. I didn’t want more poison in my intake of whatever, if you know what I mean.

So, yeah, I’m pretty fucked inside because of different reasons, as you can understand. But that doesn’t mean I’m not a bad bitch when it comes to these guys. I don’t know, don’t fuck with me or touch me. You’ll get it back, and it’s no pleasure in that for the receiver…. Muhahaha! Yeah, I think I’m a lunatic one in reality…. It doesn’t fucking matter, though.

There are around 210 fuckers in this room…. I see no girls or women…. Three exits in the back…. We should be on the lobby level by this room, but I’m not sure…. They brought me with an elevator…. And the elevator went down…. So, it should be first levels of the building…. I see some of them are armed…. They are all wearing some expensive, last trends suits. These fuckers are some important ones. And they seem with facial traits from different parts of the world…. Some of them.

“200 billion. End of this. She’s mine. Gabe will wire the money right now.” An Alpha type of voice says, walking to the stage from the back of the room, capturing my attention and sight.

I can’t see with clarity, but the fucker looks young, one towering hunk, dressed in an all-black suit with a white shirt. But I can see those flashing storms in his blue eyes looking straight into my full of hormones to kill someone ones.

200 billion, huh? You guys have some heavy money to trade such amounts on this stuff…. People don’t have what to eat and such…. Oh man…. I think I’ll kill all of you tonight…. I don’t know how, but I’m sure we’ll have a ‘fun’ show on that…. Well, if I won’t pass out before that from how dizzy I fucking am. But before passing out? OH YEAH, BABY! GAME FUCKING ON!

He’s approaching me and I’m held by some four assholes by the sides of my shoulders and by chains aside. Yeah, they had a hardcore time to chain me before this…. Ha-ha! These four fuckers are the ones getting me out of the room. The ones chaining me are knocked out back in the room by yours truly…. Anyways….

He’s one gorgeous motherfucker, with a rebel dark honey hair in waves, framing his otherworldly face.

Well, too bad of that face and all you own as body, fucker. I’ll crash it soon enough….

The pain in my head is pressing my sight, and my blood is charging my veins. I’m in deep cuts as breathing to contain my state and not kiss the floor, especially now when I’ve been bought by this fucker.

I’m confronting his stare which is full of anticipation to use what he has bought. I throw my chin at him.

“You’re the boss to this fucker?”

He chuckles, facing me now. I don’t feel him as a bad fucker to be honest, as there’s something in his eyes showing me that. However, the ones around, when he has stepped up, they’ve all shut up and they seem to fear him at some degrees. Like he’s the big one from here, something.

“No. The one who said first 100 billion.”

Such a sexy motherfucker in his all. Hmm…. You’re a gangster. But I see your eyes…. You’ve helped the girls, haven’t you? Okay…. I’ll spare you for that. God…. I’m losing my vision. I need to hold myself and not fucking pass out…. We can do this. Yes, we can, Nicole. We’re the fucking man of them all, aren’t we? Ha-ha! Oh shit….

All I’m having inside is a ticking bomb to send me down the floor…. But I’m holding it. As much as I’m able to, at least.

“Unchain her. Now.” He orders the fuckers around me.

I’m contracting my jawline, breathing with heaviness to hold my horses from passing out, in a deep lock of lunatic stares between me and him. My heart is beating sideways…. I’m so fucked inside….

“Mr. Madiglani? She’s hard to control without…. Are you sure?”

Oh, I am hard to control indeed…. These guys aren’t lying to you, sexy…. Ha-ha! He’s a heavy and trained one from his stare.

“Unchain me. I’ll take pleasure in it. The fucker did pay 200 billion. He’ll die in orgasms. Guaranteed. I won’t disappoint….” I motion my eyebrows at him, and my heart is twisting, letting me know I have a short amount of time till I pass out.

I have waves of coldness down my spine, but my blood is boiling down my veins, balancing me to be ready for next step, when they’re gonna free the lunatic bitch.

He’s smirking at me, with tornadoes of hot desires in his eyes, and I’m exposing my bad omen smile, as I’ll so fuck the four fuckers bringing me here in chains and sending me down my fucking knees. I know for sure no one has EVER made me go on my knees or lower MY fucking head….

Unchain your death, fuckers. It’s so coming….

I’m arrested with my stare in his and they’re taking off the chains between my ankles and handcuffs from my wrists at my back.

Let’s rock and roll, fuckers! Hope you’ll have FUN!

The moment my right wrist is released and both my legs, in the split of a second, I use the chains hanging on my arms to roll them around the necks of two of them at my sides, like a fucking whip, twice the roll, and when I pull them down by the chains, their fucking necks fucking snap.

I said don’t fuck with me…. I’ve got tools now, pal…. And you’ve got no fucking drug guns to shoot at me with. Muhahaha!

There’s a hard noise of chairs as the fuckers have jumped on their feet because of the lunatic me. The one who bought me doesn’t do or says anything, while I’m putting down the other two in punches and kicks, grabbing a gun from one of them, and shooting them in the heads like a fucking pro. In seconds all this is running.

I’m breathing like it’s no air, as this is fucking my already fucked state from the drugs. I’m with my back at the audience, with my right hand with the gun pointed at the head of the last one shot to death by me. Silence all around me.

Oh yeah. Not only you fuckers are dangerous. Surprise, surprise. Ha-ha!

“Now. Where’s the baby and his 100 billion dollars boss?” I’m straightening my back, lowering the gun.

“Only these have some scores to strengthen with me. The rest have no importance to me. You’re all forgiven for whatever tonight. But these two? Hmm…. It will be fucking delicious…. It’s fucking personal to me because of the obvious circumstances. Keep your mafia code the rest of you and back off. Oh. And Mardiglani fucker? Disappear from my back or sight, buddy. I don’t want to make you a victim as well. Somehow, I have eliminated you from my killing list of the night. But if you don’t puff away from my sight and my eyes catch the sight of you, I can’t guarantee I won’t shoot you as well.”

The baby fucker makes a fucking move, but my gun from my right hand flies into my left one, and I shoot him along with someone at my back. He goes down after bullets from both guns.

“Jafa? I’ve paid 200 billion for her. She’s my woman now. If you don’t fucking sit down on that fucking chair and call back your men, I’ll fucking slaughter you. You’re crossing it with me now.”

I turn around, getting dizzier with the movement, and I see the 200 billion one with a gun in his left hand as the auction fucker, the baby calling me one, has been at our left, and his face is at his right, looking like an enraged bull at Jafa fucker.

They’re in a battle of bloody Alpha stares, with heaving chests, and the entire room is ready for whatever goes down: war or a peaceful retreat.

And I’m kind of losing my balance. My energy is not low, it’s almost none. From this entire room, somehow, I trust Mardiglani fucker. Not completely. At some 20% levels. Of course, he paid 200 billion for me, so he must secure his purchase. He’s got further interests with me, but I’ve read his eyes and soul, and he’s not a fucker against his whatever status here and wherever. At least that’s what my guts are telling me…. I don’t fucking know anymore….

No, all this time I don’t care if I get shot to death. I’m on the bring-it-on mindset. I don’t know, it’s just what I have installed in me. I’m concerned on losing my conscience though…. I’m at my final limit inside….

They are speaking more, with Jafa threatening him with something, but backing off as some others in the back are keeping him in check before Lorenzo something. I guess Lorenzo is the 200 billion fucker.

I’m losing my hearing in all this, so I can’t comprehend completely what’s going on, but though the spirits are heated up because of Jafa and this Lorenzo, there’s no physical engagement on anything yet.

I’m also losing my tactile senses and my breathing is erratic, so is my vision. I’m seeing not double, but triple. My heart is sporting a massacre in my chest. My gun hits the floor….

Oh shit…. And I haven’t even last to kill the boss who did this to me…. Fuck….

My body is in a complete shut down and I’m blacking out without ability to fight it anymore.

I don’t know what’s happening around me any longer as I can’t fucking hear, but I do feel I haven’t hit the floor as someone catches me. That’s all I can perceive before total detach from everything….

I’m in the pits of darkness. But a deep, male voice….

“Nicole! No! DON’T DO IT! IT’S A TRAP! NIC….”

I’m again dreaming about this. After that male voice booming in my left ear, I find myself on a dark alley, between some skyscraper buildings, and he gets cut off from my left ear.

Something stings me at the back of my head, like a needle, out of nowhere, though I’m alone in here. I perceive no one.

I’m aware I have nothing on me. Like, no ID, no money, no nothing. I’m wearing same clothes as I have now on me, just the added black leather jacket, and I’m heavily armed.

I don’t go down because of what hit me at the back of my head, but the bitterness in my mouth, on my tongue, and the poison like reaction my brain has, is weakening me at high levels.

A black SUV, with some blinding me lights, roars from the other side of the alley in full speed towards me.

They want to kill me, huh? Me, huh? Ha-ha! Come and get me, fuckers. No one fucks with me. No matter what you put in me, you’ll still die tonight. Call me no Black Demon anymore if I won’t fuck you till your last fucking breath….

And the car is approaching to smash me, while I don’t move a muscle, in a pose straight like a fucking lion, with my thirsty to fuck stare focused on the driver’s seat area, and my signature lunatic smirk….

One…. Two…. Three….

My heart is taking bombs from the substance they’ve put in me, and my chest is breathing in rage.

When the car is at half distance from me, I pull out my guns from my back and start shooting at the car in specific spots, with the driver being one of them. Because of this, as I’m a fucking pro, the fucking car explodes in some parts and flips in the air, going above my head and landing at my back. I don’t move, just place the guns in a swift move at my back and straighten my back again with my chin up and the lunatic smile on my lips.

I said don’t fuck with the Black Demon, babe. She’s fucking lunatic…. Death never scares her…. So, I’ve been betrayed, huh?

And again, from the other side of the alley, guns are charging at me. A load of them, while the car behind me explodes some more, without moving or hurting me.

And I’m pulled out from the dream now, with my heart racing, my mouth bitter and dry. I’m still passed out, meaning I have no energy to do anything, but I’m not dreaming anymore.

Black Demon? What the fuck is that? Jesus…. I’m sure I’m not some fucking monster or something. What the fuck was all that about? I’m certain it’s a past memory. Betrayed? WHO THE FUCK AM I?!

Chapter 3 – What The Hell Is Happening?!


Someone is caressing my face and kissing my forehead, with a burning touch and breath. I’m still out and not feeling too well. But I’m at lower degrees of sickness inside.

Who the fuck dares touching me like this?! Fuck…. Where the fuck am I? Have I dreamt of that fucking auction? But it was real…. No, I haven’t dreamt of it. I was bought by the 200 billion fucker. I’m now in HIS fucking custody…. Way to go, Nicole…. What the fuck is happening with all this? I need to come back to my fucking memories. Fast. But I must first come back to my senses as this guy is fucking irritating me! STOP TOUCHING ME! I give a fuck on what you paid! I haven’t put myself for sale!

“We found no trace of drugs in her blood. She’s clean, sir. But she’s having some special…. Hmm…. What I’m seeing here, her DNA is quite special. We’ve run all tests twice, so there’s no error.” A male voice says. Probably a doctor.

“Then why isn’t she coming back? It’s been 24 hours, doctor.” He’s still with his hand caressing my face. His voice contains genuine worry.

Because I’m fucked, that’s why. I think it’s from what I’d had that night, and not from the drugs the auction fuckers gave me. That’s bananas for me. Mmm…. I’m feeling a positive energy coming from him while caressing my face…. I don’t feel like killing him for the moment. Ha-ha! Oh man…. I’m in some shit with all this, and who knows what bigger shit is from my past. At least the current shit is manageable. When I wake up, I’ll deal with this. The memories and the past event are the real problems for me.

“She should come back the soonest. We’ve given her treatment for what we found as problems. At second row of tests, we’ve seen how her blood has fast mutations in regeneration. She’s like having her own software inside. Never seen this…. Well, I’ve seen this, but….” He pauses.

But? Am I a fucking demon or Mutant X or something? Jesus Christ….

Lorenzo takes my right hand in his and squeezes it.

“Speak. I don’t care what it is. You need to solve it and she must be recovering her health.”

Yeah, I don’t care what it is either. I need info, buddy. Say. I’m listening. At least I’m able to hear at this point.

“No, she’s healthy. She’s on low blood pressure levels, hence her state. It doesn’t go up for the moment as her body is fighting whatever it is wrong in her. We haven’t spotted problems though….” It seems I’m plugged to monitors, because the doctor stops speaking as the monitors go crazy in beeps.

What the fuck is happening?

“What’s wrong? She seems fine….” Lorenzo is caressing again my face, burning hotter than before, and fucked with worry for me. I feel fine though, nothing from what is going on with the monitors.

I hear steps of the doctor going to where the beeps are coming, and some other people barge in. It seems it’s an emergency situation because of the rush.

“Unplug her! Now! Ah! It fucking burned me….” Another male voice.

Lorenzo is in fast moves on me and takes off whatever is on me.

“What the fuck is happening?!” Lorenzo is freaking out, checking me out.

My heart is pumping my blood in some apocalyptical waves down my veins, rocking my body. More people are coming in. And at some point, the ceiling lights, I think, explode, with an earthquake taking place.

Fuck! Something big is happening to me and these people are in danger around me!

My body contracts in pains to my suffocation, and my breathing is that of a raging bull without reason.

“Baby! Greg! What the fuck is happening?!”

He’s cupping my face and there’s another explosion in the room, with all doctors moving around, some coming to my bed.

“I don’t know! It’s not normal! Shit!”


“Only this room is having this!” Another one is panicked.

Between my out of breath state, heart whistling, brain aching, body contracting at refusal like in full cramps, I forcefully open my eyes, and my right hand grabs Lorenzo’s shirt, and with my last strengths….

“GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE! NOW! ALL OF YOU! OUT! SHUT THE DOOR! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!” His dark blue eyes in some ravenous storms match mine, but I scream in pain as a thunder-like energy hits my body from the inside, and I grip his shirt harder, shutting my eyes.

More explosions from whatever is with electrical energy in the room are in place.

“I’M FINE! Get out! Danger for your lives! NOOOOW!”


“Out! Shut the door! Now!” Lorenzo spats at the others.


“Now I said!”

Fucking get out as well! I don’t fucking know what’s happening to me!

The bed is shaking with me, things are falling on the floor, the others are walking out and the door shuts, leaving only me and Lorenzo in here.

My hand doesn’t let go of his shirt no matter how much I’m trying to, and he’s having no intention to leave the room. His chest is heaving, and I feel his gonging heartbeats. But he’s not scared, he’s just not understanding what’s happening to help me.

“You! Get out! Now! I don’t know! What’s happening to me!” I’m in deep cuts of breathing, like my soul is wavering inside my body, with my heart being the only item holding it inside.

My back is arching because of the unbearable pains, and my jawline contracts. My eyes are shut since then, as I’m attempting to control whatever is happening inside of me.

“I’m going anywhere! Look at me and breathe!” He gets hold of my face with both of his hands and turns my head at him while I’m whimpering between my teeth, breathing like a fish on dry land.

I pop my eyes into his without intention and I see him like in a bluish aura. The room stops shaking, but some explosions still manifest. The windows have just shattered into pieces….

I’m trapped into his eyes, breathing my chest out, clenching my teeth, with my body whooshed by lava inside, and my heart choking in blood.

“Breathe, baby. Come on.”

I feel fire around us, and both of us move our stares at my left to notice how a lightening of bluish fire is surrounding the bed, like in a fucking circle of fire, a bluish one, blazing at some high heights, almost hitting the ceiling.

Oh fuck…. I’m a fucking demon…. No…. I can’t be that…. Oh God….

Tears are snaking down my cheeks for this revelation, as it’s not a dream anymore, it’s not a misunderstanding anymore, it’s fucking real, right?

“Tell me it’s not what I’m seeing…. Tell me I’m crazy…. That I’m drugged or something! FUUCK!” The entire amount of fire gathers and hurricanes in my heart, like a truck smashes me.


He’s holding me on the bed by my shoulders as I’m convulsing. He doesn’t seem affected by what’s happening. I haven’t hurt him or whatever the fuck is manifesting is touching him, like he’s immune to it.

No, he’s got balls, real balls, to not go like a scaredy cat, because this is fucking scary for anyone out there, male or female. I’m not scared by anything as he isn’t. I’m just fucked to my core I might be a fucking demon…. And I’m in fucking massive pains because of what’s going through and in me….

He’s shouting something at me, but my hearing is deafened by like a heavy trumpet sound, which is not stopping. My blood is twisting with speed down my veins. My heart is hitting my ribcage. And I’m screaming like a fucking animal in the claws of death, like being torn by a hoard of beasts at the same time in a bloodbath…. Of course, this is the feeling, there’s no such thing in here….

Between all this, over the fucking trumpet sound, different male voices penetrate in my head, like from miles away, yelling at me….

‘Black Demon! Empress! Hear us! We know you’re not dead! Help us! Now! The veil is being forced! They want to break it! We need your strength to hold it! They want to send a legion out among humans! We can’t keep them at bay anymore! NICOLE! NOW! FOLLOW YOUR INSTINCTS! WHAT YOU’RE FEELING IS THE WAR IN HERE! DO SOMETHING! I BEG OF YOU! WAKE UP AND FIGHT IT!’

“OH! I’M GOING CRAZY! SHIT! GET OFF ME! NOW!” I force a standing up with Lorenzo helping me.

I’m breathing like a Hell beast, with my head spinning because of all this, my body in flames inside, pains in my flesh, and I push aside Lorenzo, walking to the middle of the room with my last strength, following my instincts as I have no memory of anything, and I don’t comprehend any of what I’ve just been yelled at by the voices in my head. But I feel it’s real and my inside is on automatic for whatever I need to do. My blood and heart know what I have as duty to do…. If that makes any sense…. Fucking shit….

“Keep distance from me, Lorenzo! Don’t come or touch me! I’m fucking crazy as it seems!”

I’m facing the windows which reveal a full moon in the darkness of the night, and a cold wind is leaning the trees on the sides.

“And don’t speak! I don’t hear you anyways! I’ve got trumpets and voices in my fucking head!”

I extend my right hand at the pieces of glass from the window and one sharp one tilts in the air, flying straight into my hand. I’m pierced inside like by spears, but I’m containing screams now. Somehow. Lorenzo is standing by the bed where I’ve left him, dressed in a dark grey suit and a light grey shirt. He’s surrounded by that bluish aura, but I don’t think someone else or him could see it.

My lunatic stare fixates in the moon’s shining light, and while speaking, I cut my left palm in a diagonal, standing straight like a lion, with my chin up, breathing with rage and heaviness….

“Vardelo! Shagaf! Moonah veiloto!”

Thunders hit the sky at each of my word.

“Dameoinum! Ordum! Warak!”

A hellish storm conquers the darkness.

“Emparass Blackah Demoneum Bahkat!”

A lightening hits the blood on my palm, and the storm emanates screaming sounds. The walls are humming. My breathing is deeper. My heart is twisting, rebelling, choking in blood.


My blood combined with the lightening turns into a bright, bluish fire in my hand, and I turn my palm down, hitting the floor with it, quaking hard the room, with the moon’s light charging it, and I’m again screaming like a fucking animal in the pits of death, daggered in my entire body at once, but maintaining my pose of a lion, pushing with my entire energy the fire in the floor, like a channeling, sending it in…Hell. To secure the portals. For no demon to cross on Earth for those who dare to do so….

“Burn, fuckers! You don’t fuck with me! SHIIIIT!” I’m pushing it further as I’m receiving retaliation, and I’m feeling like swords, poisonous swords are sent into me.

“Oh yeah! YOU DON’T OBEY TO MY FUCKING ORDERS?! FINE!” I drop the piece of glass from my left hand after I squeeze it to cut this palm as well, and I gather like a whip from the sky, a bluish light whip from the lightnings outside, sending it in the floor with all my might.

The trepidation in the room is at sky levels. The storm outside is a rave party, with thunders slapping the sky with belligerence. The image outside is a perfect reflection of what’s inside of me, the fight I’m having right now to seal the veils and torture the demons, protecting my people there who are already in the war for some time.

I’m screaming in deadly pains, inflicting the bluish fire through the floor from my palms at my sides, having the trumpets breaking my head and hearing, and voices overlapping in my mind.

I need to charge the lightnings in my fucking heart to fight it…. Fucking shit….

“Haerta Moonah! AHORA! Emparass Blackah Demoneum Bahkat!”

Seven lightnings sword my heart at my orders, sending me on my knees, and my fucking palms touch the floor with a load of infernal energy, transferring it to the veils, battling the demons who are pushing forward to escape from there on Earth. They are a legion of powerful ones…. They are sending me their wrath and poisonous swords in my body. No, it’s not visible outside. It’s inside of me. I’m growling in pains, fighting them….

“HOW DARE YOU REBEL AGAINST EMPRESS BLACK DEMON, FUCKERS?! TASTE HER PURE ANGEL BLOOD, MOTHERFUCKERS! FEEL IT! YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED TO CROSS OVER! NOT WHILE I’M STILL BREATHING! BACK OFF! NOW!” I send last thunder of energy in the floor to them, locking the portals, and hearing their demonic screams as I’ve fucked them.

“Ha! Check mate, baby! I said don’t fuck with me…. Whoever the fuck I am…. But I am as it fucking seems…. Fucking shit….”

All outside manifestation halts, and the sky clears, revealing the full moon with shining stars, like nothing happened.

I’m breathing with a bit of relief, though I’m in excruciating pains still. I shake my head twice as my vision is a bit blurry and stand up. All sounds in my head stop.

I look at my palms while their healing, leaving a clear skin. Not even stained with blood…. Not even the floor has blood of mine on it….

“This shit is….” I bob my head, licking my lips a bit as I’m dry inside, and my lips are the same. “Yeah…. Demon? Angel? Who the fuck knows? But I do feel like Hell just ran through me….”

I look down on me and I see I’m in a white satin pajama. I frown in irritation.

“Who the fuck touched me to change me?” I grab the shirt to see if I’m with my bra…. I’m lunatic, I know…. No, my clothes are intact though I had burning lightnings spear me….

“The nurses did, baby.” Lorenzo’s manly, sexy, heavy voice says at my back. No scare or whatever in it. It’s like he’s fucking used to such things. Well, not like he’s used, but you know what I mean. “Are you alright after all that?” He’s walking to me, in a heavy breathing.

I don’t know. But I’m not alright with all this between us since the auction till now. Well, I can’t say you didn’t help me and such…. No bra…. Fuck…. At least I’m in a fucking hospital by the looks of this room. A very expensive hospital.

I’m getting dizzy and I’m out of balance, licking my lips again, and swallowing whatever saliva I have in my mouth….

“Better than before…. I don’t know…. I can’t recall anything from my past…. Just…. Anyways….” He’s embracing me from my back, and I feel his heart as lunatic as mine.

And I don’t have energy to beat the shit out of him….

I sigh as I feel comfort from this. Anyways….

He’s breathing at the right side of my neck, making me shut my eyes, and lean on him with my back. I feel ailment from him. Weird, but anyways….

“Just what, baby?”

“My name and age. Nicolette with Nicole for short. And I’m 31. And there’s also Black Demon. And now the Empress Black Demon, with the Angel touch on it. No more than that. But considering this, my past event dream from where I’ve recalled the Black Demon calling of me, and all that happened since I woke up in those fuckers’ custody, I’m some fucked up shit, not normal at all….”

I’m with some icy feelings down my blood and spine now, and from how damn hot he is, I’m relaxing in his arms, placing my hands on his arms on me, and I’m like going to sleep, though we’re standing. Somehow, I feel safe talking to him about all this and being with him like this….

Well, he does have a bright aura, no matter who the fuck he really is. That’s unmistakable for me and he has full points to stand before one like me. I think he’s the first one to be able to approach me like this and I to not react like the lunatic me…. Yeah, well…. Even my heart is a magnetic field to him. Ha-ha! I’m fucking crazy…. That’s for sure…. Ha-ha!

“Well, you remember some things correctly. I did a background check on you, love. You’re Nicolette Thompson, 31, a brilliant architect with achievements, and a badass special agent, with Black Demon codename. But after we both witnessed what has just happened here, your files, official and not so official, hold no records on this, baby. You’re not married, no kids, no boyfriend, no family, no nothing. You’ve lost your parents years ago.”

What? I don’t recall any of that…. Oh…. I’m so fucked in the brains…. But I need him to recover…. His energy and his everything are helping me…. Yeah….

He’s kissing my neck, tightening me in his arms, and I moan a bit as the pains inside of me are lowering, letting me breathe better. He’s some good drug if you were to ask me now…. Yup.

I’m so sleepy…. I need to sleep…. I can’t stand anymore….

“Baby?” He’s kissing my temple and I’m blacking out….



I’m going down….

I’m out…. Sayonara, sexy…. Ha-ha! Mmmm….

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Chapter 4 – The Black Demon Persona…
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