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When he comes out of the blue…

I’m entering an exclusive VVIP club, Savvy Luxe. I want to get fucking wasted. Never done this before…. But I’m going to do it now. Why? My fiancée, Will Sharet, 31, a big shot and hot lawyer, cheated on me and we broke up, having the wedding this weekend. Yup.

“It’s your fault, Sabrina! You never let me touch you! And stop being that cocky all the time! What are you?! Huh?! A fucking queen?! Look at you and look at her!”

“And here I was blaming myself that I don’t even let him to kiss me….”

“Alright. Let’s go, baby….”

He’s scooping me in his arms and I’m shaking my head, trying to gather my person to be lively and move against him, but I can’t. However, I manage to crack my eyes, and through my blurry vision, I see him a bit. He’s different.

It’s Will, but not.

Does alcohol do this out of a person’s sight and senses? I’m seeing Will but not?

Genres of the book: Billionaire Romance, Curvy Girl Romance, Mafia Romance, Dark Mafia Romance, Possessive Alpha Males, Strong Female Lead, Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy, Action, Comedy, Suspense, Mystery, Thriller, with a HEA.

*This book contains language and mature themes. Suitable for +18 audience because of that.

Billionaire’s Queen, by Andra-Cristiana Stan, Romania. Copyright © May 2021. All Rights Reserved

No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system without the written permission of the author.

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

Chapter 1 – I Don’t Want To Go With You!


I’m entering an exclusive VVIP club, Savvy Luxe. I want to get fucking wasted. Never done this before…. But I’m going to do it now. Why? My fiancée, Will Sharet, 31, a big shot and hot lawyer, cheated on me and we broke up, having the wedding this weekend. Yup.

Reason for cheating me? I didn’t fuck him. I’m a virgin. Sabrina Lachey, 28, daughter of some businessman in real estate who arranged the marriage between me and the fucker. Dad said he’s a good catch and good for business. Great son-in-law. He is a good catch. He fucks all the babes. That good of a catch the fucker is. Well, he is a catch, but I fucking hate him. Dad forced me to marry him, and I couldn’t go against.

I’m the Financial Manager in our company. Today I had a meeting with some clients in a restaurant. Will was supposed to be in another city with some business. Fate is a bitch, and I landed where he was dating, in some hot kisses, that fucking whore. No, the bitch is a perfect babe, don’t get confused. I understand in a way a man regarding that fucking bitch. And to be completely honest with you all, I wasn’t jealous, but the betrayal and lack of respect to my own person, the one who marries the bastard, went over the roof, like a bomb in my head. No, I don’t love him. Never did.

So, I left my clients at the table, on excuse I was going to the toilet, and went to their table which was far away from ours, in a sort of a private area. The fucker needed privacy as he was supposed to marry this weekend to this stupid, meaning me.

While they were in a steamy kissing, I cleared my throat. The bitch was wearing such a short yellow, last trends dress, with such a generous cleavage, and the typical whore makeup on her baby face. I was dressed, like now, in my office black pants suit, hugging my curves, and my hair in a ponytail. I’m a fucking businesswoman. Oh, and I do wear stilettos.

They halted the kissing and when he tilted his fucker eyes at me, they popped. I was smiling from ear to ear. The bitch asked him who the fuck I was. I waited for him to inform her, as I did wear one of the biggest diamond rings on my hand for engagement. He couldn’t speak. Just fucked to his core I was there, witnessing that.

I didn’t say anything, decided in my mind that that was a sign from above to avoid getting married to such a fucking bastard who would cheat on me even after marriage, and I took off my ring and threw it on him, turned around, and started walking away.

However, though he was the one breaking the promise of being together by fucking that bitch and others for sure, he stood up with a loud noise of the chair and yelled at my back, making me stop but without turning around.

“It’s your fault, Sabrina! You never let me touch you! And stop being that cocky all the time! What are you?! Huh?! A fucking queen?! Look at you and look at her!”

Yeah, I was a decent, respectable, serious one. Not a whore, showing her all, with a bitchy attitude, sucking everyone around for money. I’m referring here at the bitch with him, not in general. Not all women who prefer such a dressing style as the bitch are whores.

“Good you found out and we’re off! I don’t even know anymore why the fuck I chose you to marry in the first place! And yes! All these four months, she’s not the only one! I need real women! Not a fucking saint!”

So, being a virgin is a plague. Not receiving the due respect. A whore is above a real woman with real values. Great. Good to know. Son of a fucking bitch…. I’m a virgin by choice, because I value myself! Not because I’m afraid of a fucking dick! YOU MOTHERFUCKER!

“You look nothing from what I want!”

Yes, all the restaurant was hearing all his words. I didn’t lose the smile on my face all this time and my chin was up.

And I turned around, to face him.

“Yes. I am a queen. Yes. I am cocky. Yes. I’m a saint. Yes. It’s my fault. Reason why I gave you the ring back, Will. Did I say something to you? No. Why? Because you don’t deserve the queen’s attention. You can now freely do whatever you want, without the burden of lying to me. It’s your right. Thank you for today. You showed me once more why I chose to be a saint. To not dirty myself with you and your whores. And yes, I look at myself. I also don’t understand what you saw at me that much to make my dad force me into marrying you this weekend, Will. You were the one proposing that, buddy. Not me. And you are right. You deserve one like her. You two look great together. Same type. Me and you? Never. Have a nice life, Will. I know I will.”

He was between rage and remorse. I turned around and walked away, with my cocky attitude and smile. No, he’s wealthier than us. He didn’t want to marry me for money. The fuck I understand.

Anyways, I fucked the meeting with the clients on a new date next week and drove around New York City for some hours to clear my head, thinking of the consequences of all this from my part. My dad called me. Will called me. Ongoing. I answered no one. I received messages. I read none.

At some point, I called my best friend who’s landing tomorrow in New York City for the wedding, Gina, to tell me where I can have some fun on my own in utmost privacy. She recommended me this club.

And here I am, in a private room, having ten bottles of whisky and a load of ice, water, orange juice, and a load of cigarettes, all alone. I’m already at half a bottle of whisky, smoking. Gina called the club to let me in on her membership here. She’s a fashion designer and the one who designed my wedding dress….

Each time my phone calls and I see flashing Will’s number, I have a snort in laughter. I think I’m already a bit drunk…. But it doesn’t matter. My heart is kind of lunatic and my brain is squeezing, but I’m so fine.

Why the fuck are you calling me, huh? To call me names some more? To put the blame on me? You fucking son of a bitch….

I’m gulping whisky and slam the glass on the table, taking off my suit jacket as I’m getting so fucking hot. And I start speaking out loud at this point, not only in my thoughts, lighting another cigarette, loosening my hair.

“Look how I look, huh? Ha-ha! Oh yeah…. I’m the ugliest bitch out there, right? Fucking bastard….”

He’s calling again.

“You have such will, fucker. I wonder why you are calling the stupid and the cocky queen whom you so lowered in front of an entire restaurant, praising the bitch you were with. If I’m so fucking worthless in front of you, why do you fucking call me?”

There’s music in here and as I said, I’m all alone. I decide to satisfy my curiosity and take the call on speaker, loosening buttons on my shirt at my neck. I’m getting so fucking hot from my nerves and from the alcohol. But I’m lucid. I say nothing, just take the call.



I snort into laughter, pouring another shot of whisky in my glass.

“Wrong number, fucker. There’s no baby here. Tell dad to stop calling me and you as well. I’m trying to have some fun here, and you two are disturbing that. Don’t worry. I’ll solve the other shit as soon as possible, if you called for that. The fucking queen will find ways to deal with that crap as well.”

I end the call and drink the glass in one shot.

“Oh yeah…. The nerve this fucker has…. Listen to him. Baby. Ha-ha! Isn’t that fucking bitch better than me? Why fucking my phone and not fucking her? Huh? Get the fuck out of here….”

He’s calling again. I burst into another teary laughter with my head at my back, leaning my back on the sofa, with the glass in my left hand.

“Oh God…. I feel so free and so queen right now…. These four months…. Oh God….”

I’m shutting my eyes, with a breathing in cuts, and my heart rocking my body.

“And here I was blaming myself that I don’t even let him to kiss me…. I was so fucking right not to do it…. You don’t deserve any of my firsts…. Fucking son of a bitch…. You think you’re all that…. Fuck you and your soul…. STOP FUCKING CALLING! DO YOU THINK I’M SOME FUCKING STUPID?! There….”

I shut down my entire phone. No, I don’t answer. But the audacity he has is killing my sanity.

“The cocky saint queen needs silence around her…. Ha-ha! Just music….” I’m splashed with my back on the sofa, sitting, and shut my eyes, letting myself enveloped by the alcohol, music, and that I’m alone. And soon enough, I black out in a sleeping state.

I’ve been so tired lately with the wedding and everything, company, not wanting to really marry the bastard, and all that shit. No, he’s perfect in his all, towering, buffed, all neat and sexy, and has some amazing green eyes. But I have and had nothing for him. None of that impressed me.

But because I was supposed to marry him, and seeing myself rejecting him all the time, I started blaming myself and feeling guilty at some point. I was preparing myself mentally for the wedding night. I was between that guilt that he’s going to be my husband and I’m not wanting of him, and that I couldn’t do it.

No, he’s not the only one who was after me, but this one dad forced upon me. I rejected many before him. Yeah, he’s right. I’m a fucking queen. But what’s wrong with that? Huh? Each woman should be the queen of her life. I mean, you as my husband should be respecting me at that level, right? Well, future husband, who’s now trashed out of my life. There’s no fucking going back, no matter how much both dad and he are calling. This was my way out of this mess. A bigger mess will follow, but whatever…. I can take that better than this fucker in my life.

“I’m sorry, baby…. Forgive me….”

What the fuck is happening?

It’s Will’s voice, but not really. It’s more husky, manly, I don’t know, different. And the pain and remorse in his voice is poignant. Never heard him like this. I’m in a sort of a drunk state and can’t open my eyes, but I feel he’s having me in his arms, caressing my face, kissing my forehead. I’m still in that room as the music is the same.

I’m moving my left hand, with frail strengths, disgusted by him being here, having my heart beating my body.

“Get…the fuck out of here….” I’m pushing his hard torso, receiving the lunatic heartbeats he owns and the overly heated body temperature.

You make me sick…. Son of a bitch…. Oh, my head…. I had too much whisky…. And I’m so fucking hot….

I sense that if I open my eyes, the room will spin with me, so I don’t open them. I don’t fucking want to see him anyways.

“We were done in the first place. Now I’m celebrating freeing myself from you…. Not even dad can force me at this point to marry you…. Four months of not wanting all that shit…. Finally got an end before even marrying you. Don’t be sorry…. It’s what I wanted. Now, get the fuck out and let me be. Stop touching me, Will! Shit….”

I don’t have the ability to control my body to fucking slap him. I’m fucking drunk, but I’m having clarity of things.

“Alright. Let’s go, baby….”


He’s scooping me in his arms and I’m shaking my head, trying to gather my person to be lively and move against him, but I can’t. However, I manage to crack my eyes, and through my blurry vision, I see him a bit. He’s different.

What the fuck? Am I too fucking drunk and hallucinating?

He’s walking with me out of the room and there are some men, like bodyguards something, coming in.

“Take her belongings.”

Who the fuck are you?!

It’s Will, but not. He’s dressed differently than he was today, in a black suit and shirt, more buffed, his hair from raven-hue and short cut is a dirty blond and a wavy short, messy but neat and sexy, and when he turns his eyes at me, he’s got same amazing green eyes but with some dark blue in them. Same traits as Will at face, but so different as I’ve described. He’s more towering, more handsome, more God-like, and even his scent is different. It’s like I see Will with otherworldly enhancements.

Does alcohol do this out of a person’s sight and senses? I’m seeing Will but not? What the fuck is going on here?

And no, Will never has bodyguards after him.

“Fucker?” I cup his face with my right hand and blink a few times to better see him.

He’s smirking and has some heated-up storms in his eyes at me. He’s out the room with me, walking down the corridor.

“What happened to you?” I’m frowning, forcing myself to come back to reality and see him clearly, having cut breaths from my state. “Are you wearing contact lenses? And how did you get bigger? And did you dye your hair and changed your hairstyle? Changed your clothes? What the fuck is happening here? I know I drank a lot, but still. I see you so different…. And now I see two of you…. Shit….”

I think I’ve just passed out as my heart has been smashing my chest, and waves of different, conflicting sensations are rapturing me….

Fuck…. And this son of a bitch is taking me to I don’t know where…. Jesus….

Chapter 2 – What Did The Bastard Do?


“Boss? Watch this.” My right hand and most trusted man, Giorgio, comes in my room to show me something on his phone while I’m taking off my suit jacket.

I’m in one of my hotels, in New York City. I’ve just landed back from a business trip and I have a business deal in this hotel tonight. I’m a Mafia businessman, billionaire.

I have a twin baby brother. We never get along and we are somehow separated. We do speak from time to time, but he’s always on my back that I’ve succeeded in life more than he did. I took our dad’s legacy when he died years ago because I’m first born and have all it takes for everything. Will failed all the tests to become next Mafia head instead of dad when we were teens. Dad gave us equal chances to prove ourselves. And no, I’m a self-made billionaire. I didn’t take what belongs to him. All my dad left us with, I gave it to Will, and I took it from scratch, becoming all I am today.

Will has cut off all ties with me since dad died when we were 21. He never acknowledges in front of people he has a twin. He claims himself as being an only child. I don’t mind. I respect his wants. But whenever he gets into messed up situations, he does come to his big bro to deal with them. Whenever he needs money, I’m the man for him. I always break and help him out as he’s the only blood I have left in this world. For me, family is everything. For him, not that much.

My left eyebrow goes up, throwing my suit jacket on the bed, loosening my tie. My baby bro is having his wedding this weekend…. With the woman I love…. Anyways.

“What’s the matter?”

He shakes his head, twisting his lips, and gives me his phone.

“I’m sorry, boss. I took it in my hands behind your back. Your fucking brother doesn’t deserve her. Here’s proof. You backed off because he sneaked and went to her dad to take what you wanted. You never have limits in loving your pathetic brother. He’s a fucking disgrace. If only you didn’t have that business back then, and he didn’t know you took interest in her.”

What?! Sabrina? What did the bastard do? Motherfucker….

I’m in a lock of stares with him and he’s like a raging bull at face.

I press play and see my fucking brother yelling at my baby, calling her names, lowering her and praising a fucking whore he’s with. I think I’m a fucking rabid beast in my all right now.


“It’s happening now, boss. It’s live streaming. They’re two blocks from here.”

My heart is beating on killing notes.


I’m out the door with Giorgio after me, throwing his phone back to him, arranging my tie, and he’s giving me my suit jacket to dress with.

“Let’s go there. Call her dad. Will is fucked. Permanently. I made him the fucking lawyer he is. I made him all the fuck he is. I’ll fucking destroy him now.” I’m a fucking bull in flames, walking to the fucking elevator.

“Yes, boss. And you fucking sent him 20 million dollars as a wedding gift….”

I did it for her…. I would have killed him…. But yeah….

To tell you in short. Four months? I couldn’t fuck any woman. Because my heart is hers. These four months have been Hell for me. It’s not because I couldn’t fuck, it’s because I fucking love her. I couldn’t accept a closure, but I was hoping to receive one once I knew they would be married and…punish myself in moving on. And all this because he’s my fucking brother.

If it were any other man, no matter who the fucker was, I would have killed the bastard and took my baby. But I said I couldn’t do this to my fucking brother. I said I couldn’t betray him on the woman he fucking wants to marry and told me how much he fucking loves. And because of all this, I travelled out of the States with business for the last four months to not be in same country with them, and keep myself busy, working myself without breaks, to not think about it as I went fucking crazy. No, I wasn’t invited to the wedding, and for sure she doesn’t know about my existence from him.

When I went to bed, I couldn’t fucking sleep as all the time she came before my eyes, haunting me, making me ache in my all. All the time, day and night, my baby came in my all, burning me, and I kept the moral of being the big bro and not being a dirty asshole to do such a thing to my baby bro. And this is what he fucking does.

No, he loves her as she’s one you cannot not fall in love with as a man. But he’s a fucker. He values having different whores in his bed and main prize at home. I thought that he found the one for him and he would stop. I’m also a man who had many women before my baby. But since I fell in love with her, I see no other woman, not even to satisfy my fucking sexual needs. And he acted like that with her, like he always does in all the areas of his life, because of the frustration he was caught and had no arguments to be on top of the situation. He prefers bullying and spitting venom as a way to feel himself Alpha, and that it was his choice in all the shit he finds himself in. That’s his coping mechanism. I’m not like that. We may be fucking twins, but we’re so fucking different. I’m a real Alpha. My balls are those of a fucking real man. He’s just a bad replica of me.

He wanted to cut me off from his life in his own fucked-up way? I’m cutting him off permanently. From this moment on, I have no fucking brother anymore. I only have my baby as my fucking blood and all family I need. He’s just a fucker whom I’ll destroy once I’m there.

I talk to her dad in my limo and tell him everything and who the fuck I am as in my all. He seems to know my Mafia. He doesn’t know about Will having family. Her dad confesses to me how my baby was acquired by my brother in the first place.

My father-in-law has a gambling addiction and my brother paid two million dollars for it on condition to give him his daughter in marriage. She didn’t want to marry him and doesn’t know about this. He lied to her that it’s for their company as he took money from the company and the company was on the verge of getting bankrupt. This was real from previous covered gambling as investment fails as in papers in the company.

He kept her away from the reality of those investments as they appear in official records because he’s the head of the company and worked it out for her not to notice. Will gave him a total of four million dollars to pay his debts both in gambling and in the company. That’s why Sabrina accepted marrying him. To save the fucking company, but she’s keeping him away from her until wedding day.

She kept minimal dates, all in a business manner. She refused having an engagement party, just accepted the ring for the business deal. If she doesn’t end up marrying him, they need to give him back the money as her dad signed a legal document with him and she knows about that condition.

It seems that Will has two separate contracts with her dad. One for his two million gambling debts, only they know about, and another for the other two million, which my baby knows about. When she threw her engagement ring on him, she did it knowing they’ll have to pay him back the two million for the company. She didn’t care anymore of the consequences of her actions. No worries, I’ll deal with everything.

“Mr. Lachey. I’ll marry your daughter this weekend. Will crossed me with Sabrina, but I stepped aside as he was my brother and respected him being first to come before you. My brother is out of the picture as of now. I’ll deal with him. What he did today regarding her is the last drop I could tolerate. I have no brother anymore. Please, call your daughter and inform her of what I told you earlier and that she’ll marry me. I love her in the real sense, not like my brother. And I was first to notice her. If you don’t cooperate with me, I’ll still take Sabrina, against her will, but I’ll not deal with you as my father-in-law, but as with a stranger. You make the choice between Will and me, but don’t regret later because of your decision. You now know who I am. Call her.” I end the call.

Chapter 3 – Everything Connects Us…


I told him earlier what to tell her in short about me and my brother. I’m aware she’s not going to digest or accept this, but this time, not having a brother anymore, the fuck I won’t do what I would have done if Will wasn’t involved. And that was to make her mine. I’m doing it now.

When I reach inside the restaurant, like a fucking bull I grab my fucking brother and beat the shit out of him, trashing the entire restaurant with him for everything he has done both to me and my baby, telling him my feelings, my opinion, my decisions, and that we’re now family no more. Also, to expect his disruption regarding his entire life. He chose the wrong person to fuck with. Me. I love family with my all and it’s the most precious to me, but if you do this? All that love transforms into a devastating hurricane put off by a fucking volcano. That’s me.

Once I let him pass out on the floor, from the bloody beating I’ve served to him, I fetch his fucking phone and start calling my baby, walking away from the restaurant to go after her. I call her ongoing, but obviously, she doesn’t answer. I don’t use my phone as I tried, but she doesn’t pick up the call.

My men tell me in the limo that they’ve lost her on the road. She’s driving without aim, with speed, using shortcuts, and somewhere along the way, they lost sight of her car. My fucking heart is at war with me because of her.

I know she’s out of her mind because of how she will give back the money and not because of what my brother said to her. Mainly the money is a problem and pain to her as they can’t afford giving it back and the company would take a colossal hit. And I feel so damn guilty I wasn’t a fucking asshole with my brother, and all reached to this, hurting her and me.

I’ve never stepped back for no one and for nothing in my life. Just for my brother I did that, because of my love for him. No more. I love my baby as I’ve never loved in my entire fucking life. Not even my brother didn’t have the love I have for my baby.

I finally find her through my people, driving around New York City the same. She doesn’t have a destination. I’m now in one of the SUVs from my escort to better tail her without her noticing us. We’re doing this for some hours now and it’s dark outside.

What are you doing, baby? Answer the phone. I beg of you….

I’m calling her ongoing. Her dad calls me and tells me she’s not answering to him either. I call her again, but she seems she’s talking to someone.

Maybe she answered her dad….

She’s taking the car on the side of the road for a few minutes and then she turns the car around and takes a route.

Where, love? Don’t worry, baby…. I’m here now. You’ll see I’m nothing like that son of a bitch…. All this happened to bring us together as we were meant to be…. I knew it back then, now I’m Universe sure. I never have bad instincts. You were and are mine. This is proof of it.

After a while, she breaks the car in front of…one of my clubs, Savvy Luxe.

Damn, baby…. Everything connects us…. See? My fucking club.

My heart is heated up, so is my entire body. I’m fucking throbbing in my all, smirking, waiting for her to get inside and let her have a bit of time alone, to calm down. Then, I’ll go inside to take my baby.

She’s a curvy goddess, dressed in a suit embracing her body but in a noble manner. She has some ravishing to soul, heart, and manhood jade eyes, and her hair is a dark honey, wavy one like angels have it, shoulder length. She’s pure perfection in her all. Inside out. When she enters in a place, the fucking light follows her. That kind of perfection. A purity in her all. My baby…. I can’t wait to kiss those natural rosy lips and have her pressed against me, in my arms, where she belongs.

She finally answers my call while I’m still in the car outside but says nothing.

“Baby?” My entire body is contracted, and my heart is clenching as I hear her breathing in cuts and I know from my men how much whisky and everything she ordered in there. I know in which room she is in and on which membership she entered in there.

She’s already getting drunk…. Fuck…. My baby….

I’m shutting my eyes, listening to her….

“Wrong number, fucker.”

No, baby….

“There’s no baby here.”

Yes, it is. My baby.

“Tell dad to stop calling me and you as well. I’m trying to have some fun here, and you two are disturbing that. Don’t worry. I’ll solve the other shit as soon as possible if you called for that.”

She’s calm but she’s suffering and drunk already by her breathing….

“The fucking queen will find ways to deal with that crap as well.”

I’ve dealt with everything, love. You’re my queen.

“Baby? She ended the call…. Fuck….” I’m aching hearing her like that. No, she spoke in a normal way, but she’s with a heavy breathing. She didn’t seem crying….

I call her again. The call gets rejected. I call again, yet her voicemail goes through. She shut the phone. I now regret not killing my brother….

“Let her chill a bit, Alex. She doesn’t know about this. She thinks you’re Will. Don’t know how she’ll react about you though….” It’s Giorgio, speaking to me from the front seat, having my other man, Wallace, as a driver in this car.

I’m in the back seat alone, shaking my head, contracting my jawline, breathing like a pained bull, looking on my phone’s display.

She’ll want me. I’m for her and she’s for me. Nothing will ever come between us. Not even her. My baby Queen.

I have flames consuming me. The need to go there is excruciating. I don’t know how she’ll react to me, and I don’t give a fuck to be honest. She can react in whatever way. I love her and she has all rights and possession on me without her knowledge. But she’ll soon find out. I’m going there and will take her to my home here in New York City.

I have a mansion worth some one hundred million dollars as my main house, which was empty till now as it only had me there. Now, she’ll be there. As my wife and everything. My love.

In three days, we’re getting married. All that had Will’s name on it for the wedding, will have my name along hers. I already ordered my staff to deal with that and have the best of the best for the wedding. Everything will change for my baby to have the wedding of the century, like a fucking Empress as she deserves for what she is and for being my wife.

I reach the room and when I have sight of her, she’s sleeping like a baby angel, with her kissable lips a bit departed, owning a ragged breathing, having her hair loose, her shirt open at her neck and a bit of her cleavage, pale at face, holding an empty glass in her hand.

I’m shot in my all at her image. I’m between raging for things turning out like this for her because I put my brother above my wants and love, and for wanting and needing her so bad, like there’s no oxygen in this world without her. And I can finally have my baby…. My heart is monster beating and my body is blazing me.

I’m so sorry, baby…. Forgive me for being a moral one and loving my brother more than myself…. It’s a flaw, the only flaw, I had in life. My brother was my weak spot. But I’m cured from that now. You’re my everything and you’re my weakest spot in front of everyone now. My brother could even die and I feel nothing over that. I love you, Sabrina….  


Chapter 4 – I Can’t Believe You’re Doing This To Me!

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Chapter 4 – I Can’t Believe You’re Doing This To Me!

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Chapter 1-3 (Ch. 1 – I Don’t Want To Go With You!; Ch. 2 – What Did The Bastard Do?; Ch. 3 – Everything Connects Us…)

Chapter 4 – I Can’t Believe You’re Doing This To Me!

Chapter 5 – Oh, This Is Some F*cked Up Shit Happening To Me…

->New chapter coming soon<-

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