• May 26, 2021

Billionaire’s Baby Storm (Chapters 1-3) FREE READING 😉😇❤😘🙌


When her best friend steals her credit card…

“No! Erica! What are you doing?! Shit….” My secretary and best friend, Erica Joseph, has just uploaded my dating profile on a new app she says it’s amazing.

“Don’t worry, miss high-level pants…. I haven’t given pictures of you. It’s your Persian, fluffy, sweet, white cat, Bogus. He’s cute, isn’t he? But the profile is for female and your username is SandyStorm. You’re a hurricane storm as a matter of fact, but I kept it as a harmless storm….” She sticks her tongue at me.

BadBoyBill, huh? Oh! You’ve just met BadGirlKiller. Ha-ha!

BadBoyBill: You’re awfully chatty. Ha-ha!

SandyStorm: Of course. It’s two in the morning.

BadBoyBill: And why aren’t you sleeping then?

I’ll so kill Erica first thing in the morning….

I now thank your friend for stealing your credit card and doing this for me to find out about you….  

I’m twisting my lips and I recall she hasn’t checked my profile to see who she’s talking with. Well, I only have random stuff. The only true hint about me is my username.

Hard nut to crack, huh? I’ll so crack her…. Watch me.

My username is not named like that randomly. I’m a bad boy billionaire. What I want, I get, beautiful monster…. Mmm….

Genres of the book: Billionaire Romance, Curvy Girl Romance, Mafia Romance, Dark Mafia Romance, Possessive Alpha Males, Strong Female Lead, Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy, Action, Comedy, Suspense, Mystery, Thriller, with a HEA.

*This book contains language and mature themes. Suitable for +18 audience because of that.

Billionaire’s Baby Storm, by Andra-Cristiana Stan, Romania. Copyright © May 2021. All Rights Reserved

No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system without the written permission of the author.

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

Chapter 1 – My Majestic Profile…


“No! Erica! What are you doing?! Shit….” My secretary and best friend, Erica Joseph, has just uploaded my dating profile on a new app she says it’s amazing.

She grins at me like a fox while I’m fuming my all at her, crossing my arms.

“There, there, Miss CEO. You need some dating adventures…. You can’t remain single and virgin for the rest of your life, can you?”

I puff and roll my eyes. “Of course I can! Doing it for the last 30 years! Nothing good comes with fuckers! Look at everyone around! All our friends! They’re single, some with kids, heartbroken, but with a long dating experience and failed marriage. What good comes out of it? Huh?” I spike my left eyebrow at her, and she pouts.

“Well, if you put it like that, you’re right. But!” She lifts her index finger at me with a twist of her head and a flush of sparkles in her big brown eyes.

I hate her when she does this…. Without even consulting me! And the fucking app is a non-deleting profile for three fucking months! Jesus!

“Do I even want to hear it?” I motion my head per my words and for sure I own a killer stare.

The corners of her mouth go up and I know she’s in her trickster mind. I know her since kids….

“Experience. It’s virtual, baby. Nothing face-to-face. It’s only texting and your profile pictures and the person’s.”

You uploaded my pictures?! What?! What?! Let me see! Jesus!

I interrupt her verbal train and storm on her laptop at her desk, over her, to check what the bitch has uploaded as MY pictures!

“I can’t believe you, Erica! Where are my pictures? Which ones?” I’m scrolling on her screen to see.

She snorts into laughter.

“Don’t worry, miss high-level pants…. I haven’t given pictures of you. It’s your Persian, fluffy, sweet, white cat, Bogus. He’s cute, isn’t he? But the profile is for female and your username is SandyStorm. You’re a hurricane storm as a matter of fact, but I kept it as a harmless storm….” She sticks her tongue at me.

Yes, she’s uploaded my baby cat whom I love with all my heart. He’s the only sweet thing in my life…. And reliable. I have an “aww!” face at his pictures.

Yes, I come from a divorce between parents. To be more precise, their attempt at makeup sex delivered me. The mending of their relationship failed, but here I am….

My dad died when I was ten, though I never met him in person, just from pictures and my mom’s stories about him. And my mom died when I was 18, leaving me in a huge mess from all corners. No, nobody came to the rescue from the families. I was on my own.

And I was on my own and built a small company of internet businesses, making me live a relaxed life at some levels, yet putting in the work of thirty people to succeed. Erica joined me afterwards when she finished college. I did college and work at the same time. No one put food on my table or paid the bills or whatever. It was either me, or just go homeless and die on the streets, or worse things to happen to me and then die. Anyways. I’m a success story per se. But I did suffer a lot and have been a fucking loner….

However, I’m a curvy girl. With an hourglass shape. I’m pretty hot. But I’m not on the model style of a barbie, that’s for sure. Yet, I have no complex. I’m who I am and all’s good for me. I do work out to keep fit and healthy, but not on a routine basis as work keeps me busy most of the times. Diet is my main focus, as that I can keep it on a constant line. I’m too busy sometimes to even eat for a whole day. No, don’t think I lose weight by doing that…. I’m the same. I just get fucked with dizziness and I have a mild anemia from it…. Anyways.

“Girl? Just give it a try and have some fun texting with whoever hits your profile and attempts in getting to know you. You can turn off calls and videocalls if you’re not comfortable for a direct meeting to cover your identity. And I promise this platform is only with real and respectable people. Not those like Tinder and shit. It’s pretty selective to be a user on this platform.”

She’s reporting to me with seriousness, like making a pitch for a product. I’m looking at her with a sigh, crossing my arms.  

I so know I’m gonna regret this….

“I had to use your real identity and card because they wouldn’t accept you otherwise because of how picky they are for keeping it at high-level, but before other users your identity is sealed and only what you want to reveal is allowed. Only coming from you.”

WHAT?! You used my identity and card?! For this?! You’re crazy!  

My eyes pop at her and I’m flaring under my nostrils, but I keep silent. I don’t even want more confirmation to prevent myself from killing her….

She smirks.

“And I’ve heard the one behind this platform is a fucking handsome billionaire with lots of businesses, investing in this at the request of one friend who’s the CEO of the company on this project. God…. I would love to fuck a handsome billionaire….”

That’s the cue for me to turn on my heels, and with angry steps to aim my office, and slam the fucking door behind me….

“Sarah! Come on! I was just fantasizing…. But the info is true! You fucking monk of a girl…. Hope you get fucked by one of these hotties…. Ha-ha!”

I ignore her but mimicking her words in a mocking manner from my desk, and resume my work till late in the day…. Well, till midnight to be more precise, when I finally decide to take my ass off work and hit home to Bogus….

When I reach home to my small penthouse, one equipped with as much luxury as I afford, upon opening the door, Bogus comes in his sweet meows to welcome me. I’m so damn exhausted that even bending to scoop him into my arms seems something unreachable…. But he recharges me with a bliss and tingle I can’t describe in words. Though he’s a meanie sometimes…. Like a bad boy…. Ha-ha!

“My baby…. Were you a good boy today? Or we need to change the curtains in my bedroom again?” I kiss his little head and he brushes his nose on me.

You bad, bad, bad boy…. I might kill you if you keep clawing things around…. Ha-ha! You adorable babe….

After some play with Bogus, I remember something about a file and go into my office here and open the laptop with a hot mug of cherry tea. My phone is at my left on the desk. Bogus is playing with a toy mouse under my desk asking for more attention from me. I pet his head and begin another work.

It’s already two in the morning and my eyes are drifting, my heart is at extremes, and my breathing is tired. I lean back on my chair, sipping from my now cold tea.

God…. I’m a fucking workaholic…. And I need to wake up at seven…. I have a meeting at nine.  And….

My train of thoughts is halted by a notification buzz on my phone. My eyebrows spike and my lips twist.

Who the fuck is sending notifications at two in the morning?

I fetch my phone with a deep sigh and look on its display.

You’ve got a private message? What the fuck? Private message? What the fuck is this? I don’t have any app to send me such….

When I open the message and see which app is popping me such notifications….

“Erica! You didn’t! When did you install it on my fucking phone?! You little bitch with your fucking dating ideas! UGH! I don’t need this! God!” I’m a hurricane on my chair and slam the mug on my desk, breathing like a hungry wolf to wipe out Erica.

“Oh yeah? Who’s the fucker messaging me? You need a pussy to fuck, huh? Well, I’ll give you the fuck of your pathetic life!” I open the message.

No, I don’t fucking know what she wrote on my profile as, again, I didn’t want to slaughter her on the spot. But it doesn’t matter what she wrote there. It’s incognito my person. I know she hasn’t lied about that. She knows I would have a major snap on her.

And the message is from one BadBoyBill. 

BadBoyBill, huh? Oh! You’ve just met BadGirlKiller. Ha-ha! Let’s read what the fucker wants. This is interesting for a late night, crazy fun. My type of crazy fun. Ha-ha!

BadBoyBill: Nice profile. The cat is adorable. And Bogus is such a kitten name….

I’m blinking at the phone with a pissed off stare.

SandyStorm: Thanks. He is. It is.

The bullets of writing pop after a pause.

Son of a bitch…. Why the fuck am I even replying? I shouldn’t. It’s not my fucking person to do such thing…. But it’s fun to torture a fucker…. Ha-ha! He’ll give up on me eventually when he won’t get what he wants. So it’s fucking harmless. Ha-ha!

I lean back on my chair with a wicked smile and Bogus hops on my lap to take a nap under my caressing hand.

“My baby bad boy….” I pet him. I’m referring to Bogus, yes. Not to the other BadBoyBill.

BadBoyBill: You’re awfully chatty. Ha-ha!

SandyStorm: Of course. It’s two in the morning.

BadBoyBill: And why aren’t you sleeping then?

SandyStorm: I was about to, but I saw an unwelcomed message on my phone. My crazy friend made this profile, installed the app on my phone, don’t know when, and I can’t delete my profile for the next three months. I’ll kill her. But anyways, I got mad and entered to see what’s the message about. Don’t message this profile again as I’m not by choice on it, so it’s a waste of time from your part. I can’t delete my profile for three months, but I’ll delete the app on my phone. Through your message, I found out I have it on my phone.

Yeah, I’m a serious and sincere person in general, so I come around and consider the fact that the other users are not at fault for my forced profile there and trying to approach me…. I so hate myself sometimes….

BadBoyBill: Why deleting the app? Why not making use of it? You don’t know what interesting people you might find on it. It’s a dating app, yes, but it’s also to grow friendships, make connections. Maybe it was fate through your friend for something. And if your profile yells the truth about you, you’re such an interesting gal….

What? My profile? I didn’t read it, just scrolled for the pictures and saw she activated it…. What the fuck did she say about me?

I frown and move my eyes left and right caught in thinking.

SandyStorm: I don’t know what she wrote there. Wait a bit.

BadBoyBill: Ha-ha! I know…. Okay.

Where the fuck is the profile tab or something? This app is driving me crazy…. It’s sophisticated, but I can’t find my way around it…. Hmm…. You know, huh? Son of a bitch…. But let’s not judge people before knowing what my bitch wrote there…. I so know Erica’s sassiness… UGH! Here we are…. My majestic profile…. My bad boy sweetie…. Aww!

My Bogus has five pictures…. I so love him. He’s purring on me….

BadBoyBill has a picture with a rain of golden, shinning coins as a profile one. I see it in the chat. But I don’t check his profile as I’m not interested, for real.

I see on my stats that I have 2000 profile views and 1200 follows.

What the fuck is that? Let’s read the fucking profile….

And my profile has the following as highlights:

‘Hey! I’m SandyStorm. I’m straight. I’m single. I love Bogus. The only man I allow in my life. Though I’m speaking as SandyStorm, I’m actually her friend. I stole her card and made her this profile.’

My jaw drops with each line I read….

‘But she’ll soon find out about my evil deeds on her…. Muhahaha! So, resuming SandyStorm. I’m 30, against love, against relationships, I have no interest in anything other than my adorable cat. I call him Bad Boy sometimes because he’s clawing everything and scratching me sometimes to give him attention. Even at home I work like a nutcase. But I so love him…. Now. If you hit on my profile and want to speak to me, there are some rules as follows:

  1. Don’t do it.
  2. If you do it, expect to be repelled.
  3. I don’t know what kind of attitude I will have because I’m between sleepy, crazy, and against everything.
  4. I’m bossy and I always have to have the last word in everything.
  5. I take no shit from anyone.
  6. If you respect me, I do the same in return.
  7. No sex talk or I’ll murder you through the app. I might create a hologram of my self and strangle you on the spot for it. And I mean it.
  8. Don’t try to impress or intimidate me as I’ll fuck you in the worst way, but not sex wise.
  9. If you think you have balls and an Alpha, don’t try it on me. I’m worse than you. Though a female.
  10. No matter what you would say will make me date you, even if I would have my majestic ass reply to you for some lines. Tiny, short, lines….
  11. Read the above again, go fuck yourself, and stay away from my profile. Cheers!

And this is me at a glance. All is true. Beware of the monster. And coming back to me as a friend of hers…. I can tell you she’s a…. BEAUTIFUL MONSTER! But you will never crack her heart or anything…. Yeah…. But please try and give me some satisfaction here as SandyStorm needs a wakeup call…. Sorry, guys. I can’t deliver her pictures, or I would really die by her hands…. Good luck to the ones who’ll have enough balls to make a move…. She’s… Yeah….’

IS THIS BITCH FOR REAL?! Jesus Christ! But she didn’t lie with anything…. Fuck….

I take a deep-deep breath and go back to BadBoyBill.

She’s so damn crazy….  And you call yourself my fucking best friend, huh? Sheesh….

SandyStorm: Yeah….

The writing bullets pop. I’m petting Bogus and his tail is wiggling….

BadBoyBill: So?

SandyStorm: So? What so?

BadBoyBill: Real, huh?

I chuckle.

SandyStorm: Yep. And she’s right. I’ll kill her. I kept myself in check today when I caught her activating the profile on her laptop and she confessed about stealing my card and delivering my info, seeing it’s a mandatory three months. I looked at what pictures she uploaded but haven’t read the profile she wrote. Now, after I found out she somehow had time to sneak in on my phone for the app and reading what she said on the profile, I’ll fucking murder her. Anyways. Thank you for your message, shedding light on the last aspects about her, and I wish you a good night, buddy. Don’t message me again. Bye.

I don’t wait for a reply, though the bullets are popping again, and I log out from the app and proceed in deleting it from my phone. I know I’ll have the messages still delivered to my profile on the platform, but at least I won’t be served with them. I’ll have her delete the profile at the end of these three months.

Well, I wrap up on my desk, go and wash my mug, go take a shower, change my clothes, and hit the bed. BadBoyBill was kind of cute for reading that profile and deciding to have the balls to make a move…. Ha-ha!

I’ll so kill Erica first thing in the morning….

Chapter 2 – Can’t Wait For Our First Time In Everything…


“Hey man!” One of my best friends, Drake Gianno, walks inside the private room I’m in. Yes, I’m in one of my clubs here in New York City.

I’m Andrew Andres, a billionaire. I’m 28 and the most wanted bachelor. A bad boy and mafia. But I’m all clean, though dangerous as fuck if you step on my fucking tail. Hmm…. I have billions of dollars invested in all industries worldwide. And yes, I’m towering, ripped in muscles, a heartthrob angel in appearance, but a devil inside. You’ll always see me in neat and custom-made three-piece suits to match my level. I’m wearing a dark cherry one with a white shirt and a tie to match.

“Hey bro.” We have a handshake, and he crashes on the sofa opposite to my armchair.

He’s served with whisky on the rocks, and I sip from mine, crossing my legs and leaning on my back.

No, I’m not a one-woman man. I never fuck the same. I never involve feelings. And they all know beforehand. I’m not a player though I play the game.

“The dating app is going great, Andrew! I told you it’s a good investment. It’s classy, only with high-level people, and they fucking love it!”

I know it brings profit, reason why I gave you 100 million for it.

He’s grinning at me.

We have many business projects together, but I only invest in what brings profits as in real profits. I have honed skills on everything and yes, I do have the Midas touch.

I smirk.

“How many users so far?”

It’s on the market for the last six months and Drake is the CEO on this. The project has rocketed since its launch. And it’s an upfront pay app. No free anything.

He shakes his head beaming.

“One million. All over the world. All people have good education background with respectable lives. We don’t accept only rich people, but they do need to have some substance. Yes, they do have some kinks some of them, but it’s in the consensual limits, so it’s good. So far so good.”

He halts speaking as his phone is ringing. I smile and look on the window giving the downstairs club where people are dancing and there are some women showing off their bodies….

Oh, you whores…. Yeah…. Rock your body. See if you get a real relationship like that…. Only a fuck buddy. For a night. No fucking real and serious women left….

I shake my head and gulp the remainder of my whisky.

“Yes? What profile? She stole what? What do you mean?” He’s concerned about something.

Yeah, the staff on the dating platform always run in depth checks to keep it safe and under law regulations. It’s not for nothing I’ve invested 100 million in such a fucking app. It’s one with luxury and utmost privacy and security.

I study him and wait for him to end the call and share with me what happened.

“Send me the profile. It got a lot of hits? 1200 follows? Alright, alright. Send me the infamous profile of the woman.”

What? Ha-ha! Even on our app whores pop…. Ha-ha!

I motion my head, laughing under my lips.

“Can you fucking believe this, Andrew?”

“What happened?”

“A woman’s profile got registered. Paid the fee. And it got popularity. But it’s made by her friend who confesses stealing her credit card and building her profile, creating it with some…. I don’t know….” He’s smirking now and a buzz of message comes on his phone. “Let’s see the profile….” He opens it and reads it.

Creating it with some what?

He reads it, making him laugh out loud, striking curiosity in me. He stands up and shows it to me. I take his phone and read it myself.

What…the…fuck? Ha-ha! Bad boy, huh? I wonder who the beautiful monster is…. I’m stirred up only by reading her profile…. Oh, I have a bucket of balls, baby…. Alright. Let’s see who’s SandyStorm first. She’s gonna receive messages.

“Drake?” I hand him his phone.

“Yeah? I’ll refund the money to the real user and will solve it. I don’t want us to be legally charged for something along with the presumed friend. Maybe it just says like that to attract attention. It’s indeed a striking profile as contents, though lacks pictures of a person.”

I wave my hand at him.

“No. Make the profile private for other users. To not appear in search results and for the current followers. I have my own testing profile you made for me to check it out for its functionality. I want to chat with the Beautiful Monster. Ha-ha! Send me the link to her profile and give me access to it. I’ll see what’s all this about. It spiked my interest.” I wink at him with a smirk, honest in what I say.

It’s a fucking challenge for me such a woman. And I always fucking win…. Well, not that women are much of a challenge nowadays…. Once they see me? Oh yeah…. At my feet without a fucking word.

He agrees as I’m boss over him and we continue discussing about other businesses and such. He sends me on my phone what I asked of him.

Once I reach home, in my 200 million mansion, I have all personal details of the real user, her profile on the dating app, and direct access to her.

I grab a whisky bottle and glass with ice cubes in it and stroll to my office here to learn about the Beautiful Monster and then hit my balls on her. Ha-ha!

On my way home, I asked my right hand, Gerald, to give me a full intel over Sarah Thompson, the real user. So, I do have all intel on her, including real pictures…. I’m a fucking billionaire, guys. I can find out in seconds anything I want about a person, no matter if it’s day or night. So yeah…. I’ll get to see her real face in a matter of seconds from my phone and laptop.

I get comfortable on my chair and open my laptop, with whisky at hand. And on my phone, I start reading her files.

Hmm…. Interesting persona. She had a tough life when young…. Almost on the streets…. And now she’s rewarded with certificates for different achievements…. She’s a smart one…. Harvard, huh? Well, I said you’re fucking smart…. She has kickboxing and taekwondo skills? Ha-ha! Black belt at taekwondo…. Uh! Pictures from competitions…. Let me see… Which one? Which…. I’ll be damned…. Man!  She’s fucking stunning….

She’s in her taekwondo gear, right before she starts a competition something. It’s since she was around 20. And I have a link to a video from that official competition which I click on without delay, switching from my phone to my fucking laptop to see it in large view.

She’s a fucking angel, a curvy goddess with big blue eyes and honey, medium-length, wavy hair wrapped up in a messy bun. I’m hit in my balls to be honest…. Never seen such a fucking beauty with brains and all. And she’s fucking natural in her all. A natural beauty….

Jesus, baby…. You’ve captured my fucking heart and all my down brains only from this…. I now thank your friend for stealing your credit card and doing this for me to find out about you….  

I’m getting fucking heated up and play the fucking video to see her in action.

No fucking woman has done this out of me. I’ve never loved, and my heart has never responded…. Mmm…. You hit my everything….

I smirk and the video starts. She’s in position with the other opponent, facing each other, and when they have green light, the other bitch jumps on her but…only to be sent on the ground by my baby in the split of a second. Ha-ha!

Damn, baby…. You’re like a fucking warrior Goddess…. She’s relaxed and like gliding with her moves, whereas the other one is already sweating against my baby…. Ha-ha! Mmm…. She’s got such piercing, fiery eyes…. And that small smirk in the corner of those rosy and kissable lips…. Man!

She has different opponents, and she effortlessly puts them down, but now, she has an opposite sex one. A towering, buffed guy who’s in a bad boy attitude against her.

What? But shouldn’t it be for same sex competition? What’s the fucker doing there and how do they allow this?!

Yes, she’s a tiny piece of meat before that fucker against the fact that she’s well-built and not a skinny one. But still!

I breathe like a bull in anger watching it, chewing from my inner left cheek, wanting to kill the fucker along with the official people.

They take their positions and when they have green light, they begin moving around each other in a lock of demonic stares.

Baby? Don’t let me see him touching or hurting you…. I can’t take that and I’m a cruel guy…. But it’s about you and I can’t take that….

The moment he initiates the attack on her, in three moves, she sends him on the ground, all passed out and I halt in both shock and a fire to fuck her consuming me.

I’ll be fucked…. She…. And the guy is towering and ripped in muscles like me…. Like a fucking bull…. And she…. Fuck, baby! The fuck you’re not mine! I’ll make you mine!

The video ends having her as a winner and upgrading her dans and I’m in urges to fuck the Beautiful Monster…. No fucking woman turned me on in such consuming flames, rapturing my body, heart, soul and mind. I have a magnetic field to her….

After I look over her entire files, I grab my phone, gulping my whisky on the rocks to chill a fucking bit as my heart is on rocking mode, and send her a message through the app. It’s two in the morning.

We have a few replies, torturing me further with her replies, seeing that indeed the profile her friend made is no joke as she’s like that, and when I reply to her last message, no check mark for reading the message from me comes. I’m fucked in my all and I want MY BABY!

Man! You’ve got balls, honey, huh? Well…. You haven’t met my balls. My username is not named like that randomly. I’m a bad boy billionaire. What I want, I get, beautiful monster…. Mmm….

Disappointed that I couldn’t speak more with her, I place my phone on the desk and with my arms resting on the sides of the armchair and my head at my back on it, I blink at the ceiling, washed with such incredible heats, aching dick and balls, punching heart and thinking….

I’ll hunt you down and I’ll make you mine…. You’ve passed from being a challenge to being the one and only for me…. Oh yeah, baby…. You’ve been hitting my body and all ongoing…. I love it but I’m under such turmoil…. Never thought this would happen to the cold heart I own and the cruel person I am…. I’m a good guy in general, but deadly to the people who cross me…. It’s only natural when being who I am….

And my phone gets the specific buzz from the app and I grab it to see the message from her. Yeah, only her could send me a message as my profile is private, only for testing purposes. I don’t need dating apps or such. This is an exception however, because it’s her.

SandyStorm: She probably deleted the app…. Sorry, buddy….


I furrow my brows in surprise at the message.

Oh…. Her friend has access to it…. Ha-ha! But it’s good. I’ll have the friend help me get to her…. Fuck yes…. And she’ll cooperate because she wants this for my baby. Ha-ha!

 I smirk and reply.

BadBoyBill: What made you create the profile for her? Tell me more about her. I have serious intentions, not playing.

SandyStorm: Wow! Slow down, bad boy. You don’t know what you’re in for. But hey, okay. Fair enough. I wanted her to have some fun and take her mind away from work for a while. She would never date in real life, but I found it more acceptable for her to just have a talk with people like this, and maybe, who knows, make something out of it. She’s one to enjoy intelligent conversations and she’s open-minded and sociable, but keeping everything under boundaries, like in a friendzone. So, I thought it wouldn’t hurt and maybe she would give in. Though I know she’s a hard nut to crack when it comes to a next level of relationship. There you have zero chances, bad boy. As I stated in her profile.

I’m twisting my lips and I recall she hasn’t checked my profile to see who she’s talking with. Well, I only have random stuff. The only true hint about me is my username.

Hard nut to crack, huh? I’ll so crack her…. Watch me.

I search my phone for some official photos of mine and send her same official info about me through a link for her to see who I really am, and I then text her.

BadBoyBill: This is me. The real me. I want you to do me a favor and have a face-to-face meeting with me to discuss about her. As I said, I’m serious on this and I want Sarah Thompson with the most serious intentions that exist in this world. And thank you for your naughty actions behind her back as you’ve brought her to my attention. Call this number and my assistant will send you address to my main company where I’ll be waiting for you tomorrow morning at nine.

I give her the number she needs to call.

SandyStorm: What?! You’re…. You’re…. Oh my God! I can’t believe it! Wait! I hope you’re not messing with me on this…. Are you for real Andrew Andres? The hottest and most sexy man alive? The most wanted man? The one with so many scandals in the magazines? The one I kind of lick his pictures? That one? Huh? I can’t believe you….

I snort into laughter at her comments.

Lick my pictures, huh? Oh man….

I shake my head in disbelief.

Yeah, I’m that Andrew Andres.

I initiate a videocall, not considering I’m without a shirt on me and wearing only my suit pants, but I need to convince her I’m the real deal.

She takes the call in a heartbeat and screams at me.


I’m laughing at her. She’s a beautiful black woman, curvy herself from what I can see, and her brown hair is unruly. She’s wearing a fluffy pink robe. Yeah, she’s in orgasms at me…. Anyways.

“What’s your name?”

“Huh? Oh! Erica. But hey…. No matter how perfect and all you are and how much I would personally….” She clears her throat and stops saying more on that line. “Sarah will not be impressed by any of…all that…hotness. Or that you’re a billionaire…. Or that you’re the most…in everything.”

Yeah, she’s waved her hand at me, at my image. She’s eye fucking me… Ha-ha! She’s trying to control though.

I tilt my eyebrow.

“And why is that, Erica?”

She sighs and grabs a pack of cigarettes, lighting one.

“Well…. She’s…not like that. She’s…a monk in general. Nothing penetrating her in…anything. You’ll get the cold shower from her. I’m honest here. I guess she has trust issues…. But she never talks about why, in specific details I mean. She just says she’s not interested and then either gives me her back or changes the subject. I know her since we were ten. I think it has to do with the model her parents gave her as how a couple, love and all goes. It was bad for them. Anyways….”

She’s a bit sad speaking about my baby, and now putting off her cigarette.

“I’ll come and meet you as you’re worthy of my help and whatever you need to discuss with me, but, again, honestly, don’t put your hopes up. Alright?”

I nod and she’s in awe at me.

“Alright. I’ll put my hopes up because she’s got no chance to escape me.” I smirk. “Okay, see you tomorrow. Bye.” I end the call.

Hmm…. Baby? Can’t wait for our first time in everything…. Mmm…. I’m coming…. Damn! I’m fucking burning….

Chapter 3 – I Have Such A Bad Feeling About This…


Since that night, which was a week ago or so, without my person knowing why, I keep fucking dreaming of a towering, full-muscled man, with such hot and beautiful all, looking at me with such bright and penetrating dark green eyes, fucking my heart in wants. I don’t clearly see him in my dreams, but I can figure him out.

He’s always without a shirt on him, revealing his abs and pecks and all…. No, I’m not a sucker for such things, really. But this person in the dreams has something in him, a magnetic energy drawing me to him without the possibility to fight against.

He always wants to touch me, to kiss me, and whatever else he has in mind, and I always bar him away, as even in dreams I’m with my guard up and never accept such approach from someone. But the way he makes me feel inside is enrapturing…. Oh God…. I’ve never had this. Not in reality, not in dreams. Really. I’m not the type for such fucking shit.

And the name of that user from the app comes in the dreams…. BadBoyBill. CAN YOU FUCKING BELIEVE THIS SHIT?! I DIDN’T EVEN FUCKING THINK ABOUT HIM SINCE THEN! Jesus…. I’m fucked in the brains…. Probably….

I’m sitting at my desk in my office and Erica storms in with another magazine in her hands, sucked at face, wet in her panties, panting for Andrew Andres…. She’s got an obsession with that fucker…. She’s torturing me with that fucker since next afternoon from that night.

“Sarah! Babe! Look! He’s so….” She’s coming to my desk to show him to me and whatever content that article has about him, and I, as always, ban her with my lifted hand in the air, looking aside on my file with a pair of glasses on my nose.

God…. She’s at it again…. Twenty times a day…. Just fuck the guy if you want and can, and let’s get over with. I’m not fucking interested in a shared craziness. Not on that…. Sheesh!

“Don’t want to see anything. Lick his pictures or whatever. Fangirl over him or whatever. Just don’t drag me into that as you know I’m not one to do so.” I’m now clacking the keyboard on some reports.

No, I haven’t seen him. Ever. I just don’t fucking care about the guy or any guy out there.

She drums her heels on the floor in her bitchy scream. I ignore her and her sight.

“Girl! He’s amazing! Why don’t you even want to LOOK at him and see him?! WHY?! Fine!” She throws the magazine on my desk and strolls her heels in fury that I don’t bend to her desires to lick pictures and fantasize at some fucking dick with her, and she slams the door to my office.

Jesus Christ…. She’s fucking crazy…. You’ve got such pleasures and obsessions, okay. No problem. But don’t force me into it. I don’t fancy that. And you fucking have a boyfriend since a few days ago. Don’t you think he would mind seeing you so obsessed over another man, no matter he’s just an unreachable one? God….

I shake my head in disbelief, fetch the magazine with two fingers, and without looking at it, send it to the bin.

Bye-bye, Andrew Andres. She’s left you with the wrong girl. I don’t lick you. Ha-ha!

I motion my head and laugh under my lips, resuming my work and taking a call from my desk’s phone.

“Yes? Sarah Thompson speaking.” I’m with my left hand hitting the keyboard to further write, with speed, and the phone is in my right hand at my ear, waiting for the other person to speak.

A husky, manly voice, but sexy, replies.

“Hello, Miss Thompson. I’m Andrew Andres from Andres Empire Communications. I want to have a meeting with you for a contract. I’ve seen your work and we welcome your services in a new project we have.”

Andrew Andres? Ha-ha! Whatever….

No, I have no fucking emotion or anything, continuing to write on my laptop and speaking to him in my boss and cold voice.

“And you have our company recommended from?”

“Greg Mulland. He’s an old client of yours.”

Yeah, he is.

“I see. Well, I’ll need you to first send me what we’re talking about. The entire documentation, your expectations and the usual necessities for such projects sent to our email. I’ll take a look over the files, make an offer, and send you an email back as soon as possible. If this first step is in both sides’ agreement, then we will proceed with a meeting for further discussion and signing a contract.”

“My staff has just sent the email with all that to your secretary, Erica something. Miss Thompson? No matter the usual price for such a project, I’ll triple it. I need a fast meeting with you as we have a tight deadline. I want you as I’ve been informed you deliver it fast and with astounding results, not having a miss in your activity so far. My agenda has a free meeting time at six today and I need you then to discuss with you, please. The estimation of this project for you is four million dollars. But because I need you fast and furious on this, I’ll make it 12 million, yet respecting my conditions.”

Four million? 12 million? Is this guy for real? What kind of project do you have, buddy?

I’m the same as before in voice and attitude and reply fast.

“Isn’t it kind of too much of a project at those numbers, Mr. Andres? Our company has never handled such big projects. Not that we wouldn’t deliver the same as for our smaller than that projects, but my question to you is, how can you trust a small company like us with such big numbers? For someone having such projects to offer takes big guys with companies in the industry and not go for the small fish such as my company. So, what’s the catch here, Mr. Andrew Andres?”

Erica has just barged into my office with her phone in the air at me, jumping on her feet like a schoolgirl, wet to her core, mumbling the fucker’s name and pointing at her phone, saying ‘email, new big ass project’.

I roll my eyes at her and her enthusiasm.

Stop getting excited, babe…. There’s something fishy here…. No one chooses small companies if they are a big ass one without a catch. Rich people share with rich people, not with lower classes. Stop fantasizing.

He chuckles.

“There’s a catch, Miss Thompson. You’re right. You’re the only one who can pull off this without a fault. Want me to raise the offer some more to understand you’re the one I desperately need for this? I will. Twenty million. I’ll pay it all upfront and I’ll let you work it. It’s a three months project for the implementation process. And you’ll need to focus only on this as it will take all your time and extra. But the hefty pay will compensate for other clients you have and will need to put on standby for that period. Please, come and meet me today. I gave you the files to have time for a quick assessment before our meeting, and I’ll have the draft of contract ready for our meeting and will send the money instantly to your company’s account upon signing.”

Twenty million from four, then from twelve million…. Is he fucking with me right now? Does he think I’m an alien from another planet and I’d be a sucker for such things?

Well, yeah, guys. Nothing that good is in reality that good. There’s always something bad behind it and it’s usually the small fish taking the hits and apocalypse and not getting rich or something; on the contrary. And I’m never one to be impressed or swayed by the mirage of such amounts of money. I’ve learned to be realistic and be honest. You’re much richer and sane and safe like that. I know what I’m saying. I’m one who raised to the level I am today from my own ashes. So, I know the harsh reality of things. And no, I’m not a fucking millionaire.

He’s confident and in his businessman all, but with that raspy voice.

“I see. Look, Mr. Andres. I can only promise you that I’ll take a look on the files and make my offer under my conditions. Though I’m a company, running business for profits, I’ll never ask more than the actual, correct price. You can offer me even a billion dollars for it. If I conclude that the project is not suitable for my company, I’ll refuse it, nonetheless. And no, I don’t practice putting aside my other clients for a bigger fish. I honor all my projects and all my clients without distinction between how much a project brings my company. I respect the contracts I sign all the way without exception. If I’ll be able to work on your project, I’ll tell you. I already have full agenda. So, thank you for your offer, I do appreciate it, but you’ll have to wait for my email on that as I first told you. Have a good day, Mr. Andres.”

And I end the fucking call to Erica’s display of hurt for turning it down like that. She knows I will not even take a look on the fucking files.

I resume my work.

“Why, Sarah?! It’s a good offer! Look on the files, girl! It’s the real deal! Please! Give it a chance! It’s a huge one for us!  It will pay our banks! And we’ll be able to develop the company! Why refusing such an opportunity?! Greg recommended you! Call him and see for yourself! It’s in the email that Greg recommended you to him! Look! Here! See?” She’s shoving her phone before my eyes.

I see, Erica, I see. But I don’t like it. Something is off. I can feel it. My instincts never lie to me…. And….

I cross my arms and lean my back on the chair, swinging it a bit, assessing her. She’s in a pause and we have a lock of stares.

Another strange thing is that you’ve been fucking my brains with Andrew Andres for the last week like crazy, and now he fucking calls me in person? Or maybe it’s not same Andrew Andres…. Hmmm…. Something is definitely off here…. I can sniff it.

“What? What are you thinking of?” She’s in a panicked self but masking it.

Definitely off….

“Andrew Andres, Erica. Is he the same fucker from the phone with the one you’re pestering me with for the last week? Huh?” I spike my left eyebrow at her with a throw of my chin.

“Well…. It must be…. I don’t know. But I’m a fan of his since last year, Erica, once I first saw him in the magazines. You know I go crazy over hot guys, and he’s…. Way above hot guys. Can’t a girl have some guilty pleasures in her life? You know I always pester you with all the hotness I love….”

You’re trying, I see you’re trying to cover something. Alright. I’m curious over this entire fucking situation.

“Whatever. Print the files and give them to me to see what’s about and if we can take it or not.” And I go back to my laptop but she’s in a bomb of ‘yay’ and crazy dancing.

“We’re getting rich! Oh man! Oh man! Coming right up, babe!” She’s running her heels out the door….

Jesus Christ…. Man…. I have such a bad feeling about this…. Andrew Andres, huh? Fuck…. We’ll see the reality of things soon enough. Nobody can fucking fool me.

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