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She runs from mafia, but her boss buys her…
“Larissa! Come here!” My boss, my out of this world in hotness and handsomeness boss, is calling me from his office, in his heavy and sexy voice.
What did I do this time?! He always finds fault in everything I do!
Find another secretary to do that to. See if they raise to the bar I’ve set as your secretary. Sweet, sweet, sweet revenge is finally here….
It’s nine in the morning and I can’t wait to see my wicked, little devil. That should be my secretary….
What’s the meaning of this?
Let’s see if you’re in here…. Oh! If this is what I’m thinking of? OH MAN!
Oh yeah, baby. Found! Punished! And mine per life! This little, wicked, rebel Devil…. Oh! No escape from the burning beast now, love…. I’m coming…. Prepare your all, honey. It will be with fireworks. Trust your man here. God, I love her…
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Billionaire Romance, Curvy Girl Romance, Mafia Romance, Dark Mafia Romance, Possessive Alpha Males, Strong Female Lead, Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy, Action, Comedy, Suspense, Mystery, Thriller, with a HEA.
*This book contains language and mature themes. Suitable for +18 audience because of that.
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Chapter 1 – How Did The Bastard Get Inside?!


“Larissa! Come here!” My boss, my out of this world in hotness and handsomeness boss, is calling me from his office, in his heavy and sexy voice.

What did I do this time?! Oh fuck…. He always finds fault in everything I do!

I stand up and hurry to his office to see what the beast has to say now….

And I open his door and step inside to find him loosening his tie, now taking it off and launching it on his wide, oak desk, heaving his chest, and staring down on this morning’s files I gave him.

Yes, he’s a billionaire, 29, some towering bull, sculpted to perfection, looking like a fucking Adonis, angelic in his all, and I’m so damn tortured…. But yes, he’s a fucking playboy…. All women want him. I mean, all women crave for this guy…. Well, I can’t fucking blame them….

When a new magazine cover features him with a scandal or business interview, they sell the hell out of stocks. That craved he is…. Robert Ranton. Oh God….

I’m his secretary for the last six months, and we don’t quite get along since first day my ass landed in his office. Nothing from what I do satisfies him, though I’m the total nerd since forever and I’ve got all references and academics to be a fucking CEO but a secretary. He’s a fucking bad boy and never misses a chance to bully me.

I’m Larissa Johnson, 33, full of debts after my late mom who decided to get drunk and provoke a deadly car crash to escape the business bankruptcy and loan shark than fighting along with me. I’m a curvy one, always dressed like a nerd in double the size pants suits than my figure, and some fake glasses to not be spotted by the loan shark back in Miami. I’m in New York City since I’ve landed this awesome job which pays well.

But I don’t know how long I’m gonna be able to keep up with it, because of Mister Big and Hot Shot over here…. He’s making my life a living hell and my heart is in conflict….

“Yes, sir?” I take my straight stance, waiting for the yelling.

I’m going to resign today…. I think I’m also falling in love with this piece of SHIT, and I don’t want to join the crazy fangirl club he has around the fucking world.

He’s not a piece of shit, but you know what I mean when it comes to the relationship between a devil boss and his employee….

He tilts those growling, piercing, deep blue eyes at me, flaring under his nostrils. His hair is rebel but neat, raven-hued, and he’s dressed in a black three-piece suit with a dark grey, satin shirt hugging his muscles.

“What’s this, Larissa? I said I want the full planning for the whole year, not only for this month. This branch needs to be launched next week.” He leans his back on his chair and pins my stare with his.

I push the dark framed glasses on my nose.

“It’s done, sir. You said this morning you want to see this month’s planning. Hence, I gave you that. I’ll bring the other one right now.” I throw my fuck-you smile and turn on my shoes to fetch the other file, cursing him under my lips in silence.

He’s got, as always, the you-drive-me-crazy-I-can’t-catch-you-with-something glare and grimace.

“Bring it fast! I don’t have all day!” He shouts at my back, as he usually does, in defeat.

Oh…. I’m totally resigning today…. I can’t stand him any longer…. Fuck you, sexy. Ha-ha!

All day we keep it in same manner, except for the moments when he’s away with private business meetings. Those are the moments when I fucking breathe…. Well, he has a hoard of businesses at his level and offices everywhere in the States and around the world, but here are the headquarters where he mainly comes. When he’s out to other offices, I throw a silent party in this office…. Ha-ha!

No, he’s single. He doesn’t do girlfriends or such. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have scandals with some hot babes every other day…. Oh yeah….

It’s seven at night and I’m finally done for the day. The lunatic is not coming back and I’m off the fucking hook. I fish out my phone from my suit jacket.

Let’s see how we are with the bank account. I need to be sure I have enough to start something on my own or I’ll fucking go to the mental house with the bratty balls of a boss.

I’m checking my account and I’m with a total amount of 200k dollars for the last six months working in here under the hot devil…. I’ve got an evil witch smile, stare, and laughter at my phone and lay my back on my chair, crossing my legs, swinging my chair.

I’ll fuck you now, sexy. Find another secretary to do that to. See if they raise to the bar I’ve set as your secretary. Sweet, sweet, sweet revenge is finally here…. God, he’s so damn hot…. He’ll be missed for my heart and eyes, but no more…. We’ll get over with in all sanity I still possess.

I click send on the email to the Human Resources having attached my scanned resignation, and I now stand up and stroll in victory to his office to place it on his desk for him to find the good news tomorrow morning…. The bad ass leaves the scene, for the hotness to have fewer yelling urges. Ha-ha!

Take that, sexy. I bet you haven’t seen that coming. Well, I’m sure I won’t be missed by you.

After that, I fetch and bag all my personal stuff, send a blowing kiss in the fucking office, and fly my ass out of here to the subway which will take me several streets to a private parking lot where my black Audi sports car awaits. I’m going to drive out of New York City to another near city to change my location and be out of reach. I already have a new phone number and all that. And I’ll change back to my regular outfit, that of a gangster CEO as I am for the last four years since my mom died like that…. I’m a hot babe against my not skinny appearance.


That was three days ago. I’m in Philadelphia and out of reach from the office there. The only way for them to contact me for further explanations is by email. They can’t track me by my bank account as I’ve transferred my money to an untraceable bank account. Yeah, I’m a badass…. I had to become as such because of the mafia chasing me, and I always need to change places and jobs for them to not find me. Well, you kind of need to learn stuff when in such predicament….

What I wrote in the fucking resignation? That I have urgent family problems conflicting with my work there and I can’t keep my job anymore. I sprouted some other blah-blah and that’s fucking all. I haven’t done anything wrong; all my work has been processed per my pay, and I’m out.

And yes, my email is flooded with new emails from the devil boss and his staff for why I’ve done it like that and haven’t talked to them first. I have my emails sent from that email they have to another one, untraceable, from where I do open the emails to read them. But I haven’t read more than two emails from the over one hundred…. The bratty balls is on fire…. Ha-ha! His stellar secretary is missed…. Well, fuck you, sexy…. Enough is enough. And I would have changed that workplace soon anyways.

I don’t go out during the day to not draw attention on me. I do go out, but briefly. However, at night, I go to a near to my new rented apartment gym to work out a bit. During the day, I mostly sleep, read, and work on my online business to launch it next week.

It’s eleven at night and I’m walking down the street from the gym. I’m dressed in some black leggings, black snickers, a black crop top, a black leather jacket within my waist, black gloves with cut fingers, a black leather cap over my golden, wavy locks of hair, and in my left hand I have my black sports bag with all my outfit and stuff for the gym.

God…. I’m fucking aching in my all…. I need a hot bath, some hot tea, with a tad of whisky, and then some divine sleep to moan in pains…. Yup.

Yeah, I’ve had one of my lunatic intense workouts. I need to be in shape if a clash with those mafia bastards occurs. I always send them amounts of money to ease the fucking debt I have on my fucking head, but they’re not satisfied, obviously. And my ass is tracked by them. Last time, I had to deal with some ten fuckers for my fucking escape. I’ve got no problem with fighting, but still…. It’s not something I enjoy doing.

And I’m finally up to my apartment, exhausted, searching for the keys in my bag which the fuck they want to reveal themselves for I to fucking unlock the damn door!

Oh! Where the fuck are they?! Are you for real?! Car keys…. I need my damn apartment keys! Not you! There…. Finally…. Oh…. That fucking Robert fucked my brains in six months with him….

I’m with a furious grimace at the door, shaking my head, and opening the damn thing.

And now he’s sending emails…. Fuck you, brat….

I step inside, throw my fucking bag aside, and turn around to slam the fucking door.

“Can’t believe it…. Only bad stuff…. Fucking shit….” I’m locking the door, chewing from my cheek in frustration, and behind me at some distance, in the darkness of my apartment….

“Can’t believe it as well…. Only bad stuff…. Fuck yes….” Robert’s husky, bad boy, sexy voice is making steps at my back and I’m with my right hand on the locker, halted in my everything, with popped eyes.

What the fuck?! How did the bastard get inside?! How did he find me?! And why the fuck is he here?! Are you kidding me right now?!

My heart is rocking my body and my breathing is erratic…. I don’t turn around. I’m in same halt, facing the door.

“And the punishment for all these six months and all you’ve done with your leaving like that…. Starts now, baby Larissa.”

What the fuck is he saying?! Are you a fucking lunatic for real?!

Chapter 2 – This Little, Wicked, Rebel Devil…


I’m entering in my company with my usual escort after me. It’s nine in the morning and I can’t wait to see my wicked, little devil. That should be my secretary…. Oh…. She’s fucking me constantly…. I’m going crazy…. But she’s not fucking me per se. Oh no….

Six fucking months ago, I ordered my fucking staff to hire me the ugliest, nerdiest, and most efficient secretary to avoid being harassed by my former secretaries with their crush and drooling all over me and not only, and not do what they need to fucking do per their job description and pay.

No, I never fuck my people. If I need a bitch to fuck, I have oceans after and all around me…. And I’m one who never fucks one who doesn’t enter into certain criteria. I don’t like whores for example. You know, all innocent type who are in fact trashed through a river of dicks behind the scenes. And another example, I don’t like a woman to be the one to hit on me. She loses value before me by doing that. And there are many other things under my criteria. To be a natural one in looks and pick my interested to discover you is a major plus.

And how the head of my Human Resources is a woman, a total bitch but efficient in her all, Samantha Cole, 42, and a hot one with plastic surgery, she hired Larissa Johnson upon seeing her. She considered her ugly, nerdy, and most efficient from her resume and references. Well, nerdy and efficient she fucking is, more than her resume and references. But ugly? Yeah…. For women, she’s considered nowhere near as a fucking rival, because they don’t see behind appearances and what real value is for an Alpha man. And if you’re one like me? Well….

First morning when she was sent into my office to take on the job as my secretary and we collided in stares…. Let’s say my heart has always been cold and then an explosion occurred. Underneath all that covering up and all nerdy attitude, she’s a fucking masterpiece…. And war between us started…. I couldn’t accept I was blossoming feelings for her, that fast. I mean, I asked for a secretary to avoid bitches around me and have fucking peace at work, and here I was falling in love and attracted in some ravaging heats with the new one….

Obviously, I acted my grumpy and angry boss before her, avoiding revealing my inner all to her. I know…. I said I couldn’t accept my reactions and feelings upon seeing her and after…. But she retaliated the same, in a submitted employee though, but with some devilish and all smiles and stares whenever she could fuck me that I wasn’t right with my accusations on her. Well, I needed reasons to have her before me…. Ha-ha!

And yes, she’s been nothing from my former secretaries. She’s kept professional distance and never showed she has something in her for me. She can’t fucking wait for my ass to splash the horizon elsewhere than staying in the fucking office and be on her nerves…. Ha-ha! She’s fucking delicious…. Under those googles she has as glasses, the wrath and rebellion those jade eyes send to me on silent are…. Oh man….

First four months, I was tortured back and forth inside, attempting to talk myself out of it and not engage in anything with her. I trapped myself in moving on with the life I had before her, forcing myself to ignore what was lurking inside of me for her. I couldn’t get clarity if it was a temporary thing that I was experiencing or not. She was my fucking employee, not a woman out there I had met. I said I never do the fuck with my employees. I’m an ethical one.

But since two months ago, clarity fucking hit me and I have no way out of it…. I can’t fuck another woman as I have her before my eyes and it’s not her, I can’t fucking sleep and function, I’m in starvation after her, and she drives me fucking crazy every single day! No, I could fuck another if I would want to as I’m a fucking stud with all down there, but my heart and everything don’t let me do it. It’s like fucking sinning. Like I’m already her husband and I’m fucking cheating or something. Plus, no woman is a woman before my fucking eyes anymore. It’s just her.

Since that moment on, I’ve started running background checks on her and I’ve found out all about her. Well yes, she’s the woman of my life now, and I need to know all about her. Yes, she’s the one and only for me. Found, punished, fucked, and mine per life. This little, jade eyes devil who’s older than me but young as a shining diamond…. She’s a natural beauty, with an authentic innocence, but such a fucking badass in her all….

The life she has behind all her covering? Yeah, I know all about it. I know the real her in her all now. Masked and unmasked. And for what she has as burdens for the last four years? Let’s say she has a new owner now…. Since last night, I’ve sealed her life to me with a pay of 100 million dollars to that Mafia head after her. Her debts from her mom’s business were 21 million. I threw the 100 million offer for her life to him, and he took it as I’m a bigger mafia head than that fucker is. She’s a free bird from that, but not from me….

Mmm…. Sweet revenge on little lunatic…. Six fucking months of tortures end today as I’m going to reveal my everything before her and I can’t fucking wait to see her reaction, then grab her, pack her in my limo, and go straight home with my baby devil. Oh…. I can’t wait to fuck my baby…. I’m fucking aching….

I’m in the elevator, with a smug smile on my lips, and a hunger and hangover for her in my eyes, waiting for the damn doors to open to my level and face my baby badass.

Well, love, we’re fucking today. Hardcore, honey. You’re mine. Taken and sealed per eternity to me. God…. I can’t wait to see her and run my hands on her and taste that bad baby mouth of hers…. Today is the day and from now on.

My heart is running places, my head is euphoric, my other head is waiting for its prize, and my all is contracted for the long pains. Fuck yes….

Where the fuck is my baby?

I’m wandering my eyes in her office as it’s first to reach to mine. Her desk is all neat, with missing stuff of hers, files placed aside with labels having instructions on them, the computer is shut down, everything of my baby’s missing. My heart is under total revolt. My breathing is a raging bull….

What’s the meaning of this?

I open drawers of her desk to see if she has something inside and I’m going nuts there’s nothing in here.

Oh! Fuck no!

I take off my fucking tie as I can’t fucking breathe anymore and inch in fury in my office to see if she’s in there. She’s sometimes in my office to place files and such.

You’re fucking me again, huh?  Let’s see if you’re in here…. Oh! If this is what I’m thinking of? OH MAN! I’ll fuck you senseless!

I step into my office and it’s fucking war time. She’s not in here as well. She never comes late and she’s always ready with everything the moment I come in.

And I find a piece of paper reigning my desk along with the files with work for today…. I grab it with some wolf on supper stare and read it. And with each word before my eyes, I’m charging into a fucking beast….

Resignation…. Family problems…. You fucked me for the last time, huh? You wanted to be on top, huh? You’re thinking it’s the final blow of our war, huh? OH! I’LL SO FUCK YOU, HONEY!

I take out my phone with my entire body washed in fucking lava and my heart thumping my chest between love and want for her and the punishments I’m gonna deliver to her once she’s before me!

Her phone is out of service….  War, honey. Real war now. Oh, fuck yes…. Once I find you…. We’ll have it on, love. JESUS! SHE’S FUCKING KILLING ME!

And for two fucking days, I hunt her down, searching her place where’s she’s no more with contracted rent ended and paid. Her bank account is on zero and closed, her emails get no tracking of her opening them to get IP address of her location, and there’s no fucking trace of her! I’M GOING SO MAD AND SO PAINED AS NEVER BEFORE! SHE FUCKED ME GOOD THIS TIME! I’M A FUCKING ANIMAL!

But I’m with my underground people searching for her along with a hoard of detectives and all that. I’m not that mafia fucker, as I said, and I’ll find her in no time. She’s playing a heavy and dangerous war with me right now without her being aware.

Why dangerous? I’ll fuck her on the spot when I’ll find her. I’m out of control, with two fucking months of not being fucked, and now this. I’m not sorry at all…. She’s my fucking woman with or without her acceptance. She’ll accept me in the end. I fucking know it. She’s not an obsession to me, she’s the fucking love and woman of my life. An obsession is a little kid compared to what I have for her with loving her the way I do and will always do. I’m not mistaken. I’m sure of it.

And information comes….  She’s in Philadelphia, staying low. Once I have address, I hop in one of the cars with my men in an escort with other cars, and fly over there at maximum speed….

Oh yeah, baby. Found! Punished! Fucked! And mine per life! This little, wicked, rebel Devil…. Oh! No fucking escape from the burning beast now, love…. I’m fucking coming…. Prepare your all, honey. It will be with fireworks. Trust your man here. God, I love her….

Chapter 3 – Punishments, Huh?!


“And the punishment for all these six months and all you’ve done with your leaving like that…. Starts now, baby Larissa.”

What the fuck is he saying?! Are you a fucking lunatic for real?!

I still don’t turn around, but my breathing goes south, and I’m unsure how to fucking react to all this. I mean, I don’t get why is he here! And punishment?! What the fuck does he mean with that?! I’ve heard no fucking boss to do something like this for an out of the blue resignation! And let’s leave aside what I said about falling in love with the hot beast. I fucking kill him in my mind most of the times!

Plus, I would never fuck him if we’re at it; I’m a fucking virgin against my age. I don’t want that with no one. My mom had dad who was an authentic piece of shit. He got her fucking pregnant and when they needed to get married, he fucking eloped from the church with mom’s best friend. And how karma is a bad bitch, the plane he used with the bitch to elope crashed, and they both died. Well, with the other people on board…. Yeah, a tragedy….

So, no, I never met my dad. But I know him from my mom’s stories about him and his pictures. I’m the replica of my dad as facial features and eyes. He was a gorgeous man. My mom was also a beauty.

After that, my mom had different fuckers along the years, and all broke her heart, but she never got married because of the trauma she had with dad. Last fucker she had, is the dad of the current mafia fucker after me…. Yeah, mom got involved in mafia businesses after what had happened with dad. She created an empire per se. And I was raised between different mafia people. The heavy type of mafia people….

No, she wasn’t a badass…. She was a fucking whore…. But one who was paid handsomely for it and was used to deal with different businesses for different mafia people on high levels. Yeah, I don’t take pride on what she did and how she lived her life, but I can’t judge my mom. Good or bad, she was my mom. And she had always kept me away from bad stuff. As much as she could, that is.

She needed to send me to boarding schools outside the States, to keep me away from the madness here when I reached fourteen. Why? Well, I was a target as fresh meat before the mafia fuckers. Though she was a high-class whore, she had always raised me with values and morals, and all that shit. She said she had no choice for her life, but she’d make sure I will. No, she never gave me details about it.

Therefore, since fourteen till eighteen, I was sent in Europe with studies, and I took in self-defense classes. From there, I dived in to properly learn different styles of fighting as I knew I needed that. In mafia entourage, as a woman, you have two choices. You either fuck with them, and become their bitch, or you fuck them to keep them at bay and understand you’re no bitch to them. So, I’m in the second category. Ha-ha!

And when I came back home, I applied self-defense to those who didn’t keep boundaries. Cheers to that! Muhahaha! Oh…. Yeah…. A girl gotta do what a girl gotta do, right? Ha-ha! Yeah, I’m lunatic at origins…. But yes, I didn’t stop only at those years of learning. No. I furthered it and I’m quite the badass when it’s needed. And yeah, not only that fucker is after me for the 21 million. I have more on me. But this one is the most dangerous as I do have a fucking huge debt to him, because of my mom who flopped in her last business….

I told her she shouldn’t proceed with it as it was a fail from the get-go. She didn’t listen. I found out after I learned about her deadly car accident. Yes, I was a shareholder in the companies we had together, and I worked my soul out for everything. But in this particular business, she was the one totally managing it, with me having from less to no interference, as I did have a load of shit on me with the other ones.

However, when this business went flat on red line, all other businesses got dragged down like in a fucking domino. Well, this happens…. Why? Because she was shareholder in all other businesses, and we got a ban for her all debts deriving from that business, which wasn’t only the 21 million from the fucker. I had a fucking war with officials and many other such sweet things, but those I put to rest somehow as I gave up on all fucking assets we had had before that hit. Yeah, in one fucking week, I went from rich to rag. On the fucking streets. I lost everything I had worked for all the previous years. As in all.

Luckily, because I’m a lunatic and preventive bitch, as I had been raised in mafia circles, I had some hard cash stashed, and it helped me to walk away from Miami and be on the run from the mafia fuckers. With mafia, if you don’t fucking pay what you owe to them, with fucking penalties and interest, you’re fucking dead. It doesn’t matter if you’re a woman or not. The fucker, the son of the main fucker, who’s now the head, told me to settle this in becoming his woman. I refused, obviously. He tried in kidnapping me with his men to do it to me by force, but I fucked them in self-defense style, and eloped from there.

And no, my Audi sports car isn’t on my real name. I have nothing on my name…. I don’t care to be honest. I’m not one to crave for riches and all that shit and show off. I just need basic things, some guilty pleasures from time to time, and to have fucking peace of mind and real rest for a change. But I don’t have that kind of luck…. I’m fucking cursed since being in my mom’s womb if you were to ask me. But hey, I’m good! Ha-ha! Oh…. Yeah….

Anyways, going back to the bratty balls over here, behind me, he’s making steps to me to do something, and I’m fucking fuming on silent….

I don’t care why, how, when, or whatever made you come here, but if you fucking touch me? Oh yeah….

And he’s wanting to grab me from how I perceive it at my back, moment when I fetch handcuffs from my back and turn around to handcuff his right hand, as that has been the one to touch me first, yank him by it at his back, kick his back to send him on the floor, and in fast moves, I get a hold of his other hand to have him handcuffed with his hands at his back. He’s faced down on the floor, and he snorts into laughter. Oh yeah, I’m a prepared bitch. I’ve got mafia after my ass, honey…. It’s not first time dealing with such things.

“Ha-ha! Oh, baby…. You’re crazy alright….”

Yeah, yeah. Definitely crazy, ‘sir’. You don’t know how fucking crazy….

I turn on the lights and remove my cap, throwing it on the floor aside, strolling to the kitchen area to grab whisky from the fridge as I’m getting hot in madness to make a fucking billionaire salad out of him.

“Punishment for the last six months, huh?” I’m grabbing the bottle from the fridge and slam the door to it to go and fetch a fucking glass to keep my sanity as long as I fucking can.

He’s standing up as I can hear. He’s having my back. Yeah, it’s a small apartment with an open kitchen and such.

“Handcuffs, huh? Well, you’ve got me trapped…. Ha-ha! How come you had them on you, honey?”

Shut the fuck up…. Oh! I would so kill him for the last six months and topping this on that. Honey, huh? He’s fucking dead….

I gulp the shot of whisky, still with my back at him as I’m avoiding seeing him to not jump in killing urges on the hot devil. I slam the glass on the island.

“Well, sir, I’m a kinky one and I never know when I might need to play dirty with fuckers. They sometimes pop out of darkness. And for the punishments, I think I’m the one entitled to that. Between us, I’m the one with the breaking nerves, not you. I was hoping I put an end to that. May I know why the insolence of coming here and doing all this? To my awareness, I was perfectly clear on why I resigned, legally did it, and all the work was perfected upon my leave. For the follow-up, I don’t give a fuck. That’s Human Resources job. And if there’s something else to it, again, I don’t give a fuck. The final answer to anything you came here for is a big, fat ass no.”

I’m with my hands on the fucking kitchen island, with my head lowered, clenching my jawline, as I have such a bad feeling about this…. My heart was already exhausted from the workout. Now it’s running like a fucking dying car. No, it wasn’t easy to put down the mountain beast, but he’s kind of turned on and all that, so I had the surprise element of doing it.

“Well, baby…. First things first….” He’s in a husky voice.

I hear the break of the handcuffs’ chain at my back, making me widen my eyes as that’s not fucking normal to be able to do. I’m still like that in the kitchen, but shocked inside to acknowledge what has just happened. Those handcuffs are same type police use, just for you to fucking understand they’re not breakable that easy. Well, not that he’s not one with fiber and all that on him, but still….

He’s fucking crazy…. Oh man…. And I’m with the lunatic in same fucking room…. Way to go, Larissa. He’s way crazier than mafia fuckers…. And I’m on the tenth floor here. I can’t make escape on the fucking window like I did in the past…. Fucking shit…. Who the fuck thought I’ll have lunatic like this with and on me? I haven’t…. Jesus….

“And second? Keep your distance, sir.” Yeah, he’s making steps at my back, and I’m in my ready to rumble mode inside, with a dry tone of voice.

Oh! It’s gonna get physical with the mountain beast. And the fuck it will be easy to handle one like him…. He fucking broke the handcuffs….

“Second? In short, you’re mine. I bought your everything from Mathayas the night before I found your resignation on my desk. 100 million was the pay. There’s nothing you can say no to, Larissa.” He’s inching to my back with a ragged breathing.

WHAT?! What the fuck do you mean you paid him 100 million?! What’s his game?! AND WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU MEAN I’M YOURS?! YOU’VE GOT TO BE FUCKING KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW!

Well, I do understand he’s got some heated-up balls at me. This is something I’ve never believed he had for me. And to be frank, it was a positive thing for me, as I’m fucking fed up with Alpha men sniffing around my balls to fuck me. Yeah, Alpha men never back off or keep it to themselves when wanting a woman. They fucking take action and there’s no limit in their way of acquiring that want of theirs. Why? Because they can and they assume responsibility for everything. They don’t care. And if those Alpha men are fucking mafia? Oh man…. No fucking limits at all. Trust me, I know too damn well. I’ve got years and years of dealing with them.

My heart is fucking my chest and my breathing is in deep cuts as I’m getting so damn angry. At his last sentence, I jerk my head at him with such a criminal stare, meeting his animal without reason blue eyes. He’s dressed in his usual suits, but this time he’s in an all-black outfit without a tie and with first buttons on his shirt loosened. And he’s got the handcuffs as bracelets now….

I now realize that all his behavior over these six months has been masking his instincts to me, and because of how Mathayas agreed to make the deal with him just like that, it means he’s a bigger mafia than him. Mathayas would never accept that and would never let go of pursuing me. He would only do that if Robert were over him in his all. And here we’re not talking about money, as he would have refused whatever the amount. Here we’re talking about his own life. Between mafia people, you kneel and lower your head before the one who can literally fuck your life.

“Are you fucking crazy, Ranton?! What’s your deal with me? Huh?!” I push his chest with all my might in anger and send him a few steps back as he has been close to me. I’m fucking unleashing in hysteria. My head is a pulsating pain!

I’m so done with all this madness from all corners. And now I have him added on my list of crazy fuckers fucking with my brains! Fuckers with a challenge on me! To make me kneel before them and submit myself to their sick wants! The fuck that will ever happen! I’m not my mom! I’m fucking Larissa Johnson! I never break! No matter how damn hard or impossible it is! No one fucks with me!

“I have no deal with you! I owe you nothing! I’m not yours! I don’t give a fuck you bought me from that fucker! It’s between you and him! I’m not his to begin with for you fuckers to trade me from one to the other! I’m not a fucking whore to be traded among fuckers for who pays more! That fucking debt was a business deal! I’ve already paid him ten million in four years for the fucking penalties and interest! And I’ll pay him the whole shit of debts as soon as possible! You go and take your fucking money back! I don’t acknowledge you in all this! It’s between me and him! I don’t care who the fuck you are behind what I know of you! When I fucking resigned, we were over as an official relationship inside the company! Other type of relationship is not happening! No one messes with me! Not like this! You’ve got a Nile of women around you! Go and bask in them as you usually do and leave me aside from your challenged balls! The only reason I accepted being your secretary was because of the high salary! Not because of you, fucker! I work for my money in legit ways! Never fucking for money! So don’t come here and tell me I’m yours, because you fucking paid 100 million for me, and that now I have to subject myself to whatever your wants! You can go and fuck yourself for the 100 MILLION! I HAVE NO FUCKING PRICE TO BE USED LIKE THAT! IT’S A FUCK NO TERITORRY FOR EVERYONE!”

I’ve been gesturing at him in rage per my words, like a fucking beast ready to kill. Yes! My mom was fucking trashed by all the fuckers she had. In the worst way possible! She kept it a secret, but I knew…. Reason why I’ve never wanted to be with a man and preferred keeping myself a virgin. It’s nothing to lose as being single and virgin. It’s a pure feeling of living compared to that shit! But the fight to keep yourself like that with mafia people all around you? Oh man…. Nightmare. But a sweet nightmare compared to the other option.

I said I don’t judge my mom for her life and for how she chose to end her life like that. Though it fucking pains me to my core for losing her, as I loved her with my all, I get it why she did it with the car accident. She was at her limit with everything…. It was a no more. She knew she wouldn’t be able to find freedom and peace in this life from what she had…. She was too sold to them with her body and life…. Only death, in her opinion, would be the exit…. She never wanted to listen to me and let me help her…. I did help her with some of the fuckers…. Yeah, I killed. I’m not proud of that. But it was a no choice. It was her life or the fucker’s.

When I said I’m a fucking gangster CEO, I haven’t lied. I do have my own fucking mafia…. Oh yes…. A hidden one. Well, don’t fuck with me…. I never surrender and I always find ways…. So far, no one had the force to put me down, no matter the fucker or fuckers. I’m a fucking killing machine…. I need to thank my mom for this life I have in the shadows. I did say I’m fucking cursed since being in my mom’s womb if you were to ask me…. But it has its perks. No one is able to fucking touch me….

However, none was like Robert so far. None has broken handcuffs…. He’s not only a physical mountain; he has training and all that shit. That’s the meaning of his action. Mathayas isn’t able to do that for example, and he’s as towering and buffed like him, with special training and experience for the position he’s occupying in his mafia. You’re not head of a mafia if you aren’t the best and deadliest in it. So, I don’t quite know my chances with him in a direct fight.

But I do know I won’t surrender. Of course I won’t! Stop romanticizing things! These fuckers aren’t capable of love as in true feelings! Their love rests in their fucking balls! And once that is released, they release themselves out of your life. Don’t think this playboy, hot beast is different from the others. I don’t know how the fuck he itched his balls in a challenge with me, because I made sure to cover myself and be as ugly as possible. Plus, I’m not the type he fucks. All those women he appears with in scandal media are some perfect bitches. So, see, I was fucking sure I’ll have no fucking problem with this lunatic. But no! Life fucks me in the tiniest details! As fucking always!

A fucking smirk sprouts on his lips and he narrows that animal on darker shades of blue stare at me, breathing his chest out.


I’m taking off my fucking jacket, in rage, and send it aside, while I’m breathing the same as he does but with different reasons, and my stare is wide as a fucking nutcase at him. He’s watching my moves. All this is fast and furious.

“Son of a fucking bitch! You dare to smirk and look at me like that?! I’LL FUCKING SLAUGHTER YOU FOR SIX MONTHS OF FUCKING BRAIN TORTURE AND NOW THIS!”

My fucking right fist charges to his fucking face, but he chuckles and catches it. My other punch flies to his face in no time and he catches it the same. My fucking right leg goes to his fucking leg, and he doges it. HE’S FUCKING MY BRAINS HARDCORE!

He yanks me by my fists, and I crash on his torso, breathing like a fucking lunatic, pissed off to my core for all this happening!


“I’m not Mathayas, love. You can’t do to me what you do to him….” He’s whispering into my right ear for that last one, now brushing his lips on the side of my neck, and I’m forcing an escape from his grasp, without luck!

My heart has no place to beat anymore…. From wishing for a fucking hot bath, a hot tea with a tad of whisky, and then to moan in pains from the gym, I’VE LANDED INTO THIS! JESUS!

“At least he takes it as a fucking man! Take your lips and hands off me! Now!” I’m rioting on him.

Oh! All those killing scenarios in my mind for the last six months?! I would apply all of them on you right now! LET GO!

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