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When she goes into mission in an elite high school…
The class I’m in includes billionaire kids…. The top of the school. And it’s said there’s one Alpha in there, Alpha in the entire school, Dylan Davidson. The high school is his and so many other businesses….
However, he’s a bad boy and a player. I’ll for sure be a target of his entourage and his after the mess outside.
“My answer, Ashton…. I’m not giving up….”
“If you don’t back off and start the test as a good boy, my car will be your last concern, buddy.”
“Is that so, Ashton?” He’s in same whisper, but in a heavy, Alpha tone now.
I feel he’s leaning his face at my right ear as I’m on the exterior and the girl is at the window, so the moment I consider right, the back of my right hand slaps his face in a low noise
“Yes, it is. Back off or it won’t be just that. I’m here to study, not for chit-chat.”
He’s silent, but I think he’s shaking his right leg under the desk. And his breathing is with heaviness.
Next time, behave, brat….
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Chapter 1 – You Damn Brat…


“Sir! But I’m not suitable for a high school mission! I’m above in levels for such a mission! Take another for what I care! I’m not going!” I’m in my superior’s office, raging in my all for the stupid mission I’m assigned to!

I’m standing in front of his desk exposing my lunatic stare and disturbed grimace, raking my hair with my fingers from my right hand, and the other one is fisted on the left side of my waist.

He’s got to be kidding me!

Yeah, I’m panting in despair….

He’s chewing from his inner cheek with a bad omen stare at me, and with the calm before the storm….

He’s not kidding…. SHIT!

“ASHTON! SIT DOWN! NOW!” He’s just slammed the files on his desk to emphasize who’s the boss, but we’re in a lock of rabid stares right now.

Of course I’m not sitting. I’m known for my rebel attitude because I’m one of the best agents worldwide and this mission is a low problem one as a level for one like me!


I’m fuming under my nostrils at him, crossing my arms, frowning my bad dog stare at him, twisting my lips in a growl.

He sighs in defeat, with a roll of eyes.

Ah! Now we’re talking…. Ha-ha!

No, I’m still like that in front of him.

He fetches his pack of cigarettes as his brains are already smoking, takes one out, throws the pack back on his desk, grabs the lighter, lights it, throws the lighter the same way on the desk, takes a smoke, and sighs again in frustration. All this has been done with same attitude and all from my part and without losing eye contact between each other.

“It seems bananas, Ashton, but it’s not. You’re needed for it.”

I’m bobbing my head.

“Yes, you are.” He’s playing the words with movement of his head at me, flashing a cruel smile, with a motion of his eyebrows to drive me insane!


“NO!” I rebel in my all at him.

“YES, YOU ARE!” He rebels against me!

After half an hour of treaties between me and him, meaning I trashed some chairs inside of his office, launched some files around from his desk, and we almost collided in a physical manner like two mad dogs, flaring under the nostrils against each other, I took the damn mission….

Well, he’s Greg Higgins, 34, built like a bull, but a freaking hot one, with glamorous emerald eyes, face of a front cover magazine male, raven-hued hair styled in a neat way. He’s my boss for the last five years.

No, I’m not having a crush on him or any of that. Honestly. He just pisses me off whenever we meet each other. But him being my boss, I need to submit to orders. Most of the times, that doesn’t happen though. I’m my own boss…. I’ve gained that through my hard work since I’ve stepped in to become what I am.

I know why he assigned it to me. I’m untouchable, I’m agile, I’m whatever it is needed for any mission to conquer success in any circumstances, and my physical appearance fits a damn teen against my age.

I’m twenty-four, and my full name is Rebecca Ashton. I’m of average height for a woman, curvy built, but not in the fat side of being curvy as I’m a toned one in muscles, but I do have a bit of fat on my body giving a perfect nymph allure. I’m all natural and with a face of an angel. No, I’m not cocky, that’s what I’ve been told many times. I don’t care though.

And yes, I can pass even as a 17-year-old one from my face and appearance. That innocent I am. Well, from what I’m doing as a job, if you’re a bad guy, only innocence I don’t serve….

My hair is wavy going a bit down my shoulders, chestnut color, and I usually wear it in a messy bun with some rebel strands. My eyes? Some jade ones…. Yeah, they’re said to be hypnotic…. Whatever.

And yes, I’m a virgin though a freaking rebel in my all. Nobody knows I’m a virgin though. I’ve kept it a secret as it’s none of anyone’s business. And I’ve kept my private life in the shadows for colleagues of mine to stay away from me, but that doesn’t keep them at bay though…. Anyways, enough about me.

The mission is to become a transfer student in one of the best private high schools filled with millionaire and billionaire kids in America, in last senior year. This particular high school seems to be targeted by Mafia to draw some of the kids on their side for different purposes and play with their parents’ money and status. Drugs and other such things are involved, and there’s the rumor that they’ve infiltrated people of theirs inside to better reach the kids, instigating them to rave parties and all that, as money and private locations are never a problem for rich kids like those in that high school are. These kids are considered elite in the States and have high scores at academics, against their rebel behavior.

I’m filed in there on my own name, with my former high school files, covered under scholarship on high grades, as yes, I was a damn nerd when it came to education, though a rebel. Yeah, well…. Anyhow, I must maintain a low level in there, coming from a poor family, acting like a scared cat if it’s necessary, and all that shit…. And yeah, I’m nineteen again…. Oh boy….

There’s no uniform. Regular clothes, but they should be from famous brands…. Well, because of the persona I need to act, I’ll wear a pair of skinny black jeans, some ankle black boots, a black blouse over my bottom, one larger than my figure, and top it all that with a leather jacket, elbow length within waist, one in the trends.

This is usually my outfit to be honest except for the large blouse, and I’ve told my boss I’ll keep my own style as I won’t go that low as to wear some dresses or skirts or whatever.

The car I’m given is a hermit. Yeah, to fit my poor status. I’ve got a last-minute sports BMW model on my name though…. In reality, I’m a rich one from what I’m doing as a job, but hey! The mission…. And no, I’m without makeup on my face. I never use it.

It’s my first day of high school, and first day of mission. It’s the beginning of the school year. I’ve got the black school bag with shoved books and whatever in it, and I’ve just entered the premises to find a parking spot for my awesome car….

Let’s see if this damn thing reaches the parking lot…. Jesus…. Ha-ha!

Yeah, the car is one which is almost giving its last breath with each roll of tires. But I do have some booming music inside, the one I like. It’s playing ‘Let You Love Me’ from Rita Ora. Well, yeah….

The Victory Royal High School is a humongous one in everything inside and around it, with everything of high level. Luxury, yeah. They have Chefs to cook for them in the canteen and all that.

In the parking lot there are only expensive and limited editions of SUVs and sports cars. Well, what would you expect, right? And I’m sinning inside with my hermit…. Ha-ha!

After three car farts, I stop the car in the spot reserved for me. Brilliant…. I’m laughing like crazy in the car because of how it sounded….

Man! This car is ancient! Where did they find it? Ha-ha! Hope it’s not dead though…. I do need it when I’ll finish classes…. Yep. Ha-ha! So damn crazy….

I grab the bag from the back seat and prepare to get down the car without realizing there’s a crowd outside, staring at my car, with some entertained faces, waiting for me to show my face.

Fucking high school…. And rich kids…. Oh! I’ll make your life a living Hell if you guys don’t behave…. Don’t provoke the demon, kids…. You guys don’t know real life.

I step down the car, ignorant of what’s around me, slam the damn door, and…activate the alarm on it. I’m so damn laughing inside….

Yeah, the car is a wreak, but it does have an alarm on it…. Ha-ha!

This is so freaking funny!

I’m serious at face and in stance though, undergoing my poor persona, avoiding eye contact with them, throwing the bag on my left shoulder, turning around to stroll to the main entrance, but a heavy male voice with a laughing tone….

“Did that thing just die?”

Let’s hope not, kid….

The others snort into laughter and there are murmurs all around me….

Oh yeah….

I ignore them, with a sneaky smirk on my face, straightening my stance, walking like a badass, with my chin up, like I’m the richest person in here. That confident I am against my hermit. Ha-ha! No, I’ve looked at no face. I don’t know who said that.

I’m inching to the stairs and take them with some hysterical laughing and mockery behind me and at my sides as I’m walking through them, with the ones from my front making way for me to go inside.

I’ll so show you badass, kids… Oh! It’s so on…. Mommy and daddy are not here…. And they wouldn’t even dare in front of me….

I follow routine, taking in the surroundings, assessing the perimeter with each step I make, and go to where I’ll be led by a teacher to be sent in my class. What can I say? I’m ecstatic for this mission.

The class I’m in includes billionaire kids…. The top of the school. And it’s said there’s one Alpha in there, Alpha in the entire school, Dylan Davidson. The high school is his and so many other businesses….

He’s 19, and already leading his family’s business since one year ago when his parents were assassinated with a hit in their private jet. His uncle, Rick Davidson, from his father’s side, is his right hand to deal with things while he’s with studies until he goes to the office or at home to go through whatever needs his decision and signature on.

Dylan sometimes takes days off from school to run business when he must, and he’s always keeping up with his family’s businesses and school. Big burden on that kid’s shoulders to be honest. But he’s considered fierce and a true Alpha man in his all against his age.

However, he’s a bad boy and a player. I’ll for sure be a target of his entourage and his after the mess outside. These kids don’t get along with outsiders such as myself. Poor outsiders. I have no problem with that though. I can deal with it. I’ll play the poor in all, but not in personality and all that. They’ve got it coming if they dare something.

His looks? Well, from the pictures I’ve been showed, he’s in a Greek God built, gorgeous at face, reason he’s apparently featuring the covers of magazines with different scandals as he’s got legions of paparazzi on his back wherever he goes, with a messy but sexy dark honey hair, and some smashing to a woman’s heart dark blue eyes. Yeah, that kid is sculpted to perfection. No wonder he’s got women and girls at his feet and the entire mass media.

I meet the Principal who exhibits such enthusiasm over my files and person and orders the class master to take me to class, after providing me with the usual school itinerary, classes and all that.

The class master is a young one, Mr. Henry Gill. By his looks he’s around thirty something.  He teaches English classes to my class. And first class is with him. Yeah, he’s a hot male as well, with green eyes, brown hair, some tailored made, dark green suit with a vest, white shirt, and a tie to match. He’s like stepping down from a business magazine and not a teacher.

“So? How do you find our high school, Miss Ashton?” He’s walking next to me with the class book and grade book in his left hand, flashing a cheeky smile at me.

Watch it, pal. I’m not a stupid teen….

Yeah, he’s having a not quite appropriate stare at me, with a flicker of want in there…. I fake a smile but keep my serious persona, inching with him to the class where there’s laughter and I think I’m the hot topic.

He’s ignoring the class noise, staring at me, waiting for my answer which comes without delay.

“Interesting, Mr. Gill. Nothing from my former one.”

But it did get me into Harvard…. Ha-ha!

He stops my walking with his hand on my right arm, making me face him, and I’m looking at it with a narrowed stare, wanting to punch him for touching me, but I need to contain myself….

Take your hand off me, dude….

“Listen, Miss Ashton.”

I move my wanting to trash someone stare at him but maintain a straight face and the fake smile.

I can listen without your hand on my arm, too….

He’s having same stare and smile at me as before.

“Don’t let yourself intimidated by them. They’re used to be the kings and queens of the world and act the part in their all.”

Thanks for the protective speech. Now, remove the hand, dude.

I curb a smirk at him.

“If any problems occur, you can let me know and I’ll deal with them.”

Not necessary, pal.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Gill. I’m a tough cookie myself. But thank you for your kindness.”

I would so punch you right now….

He widens his smile with a spark in his eyes, and takes his hand off my arm, resuming our walk inside. Yeah, I have a smiley voice to pretend my persona.

I do hope I’m wrong with him and he’s not going to push things with me…. I would so remodel his face…. Yep.

And we’re inside the class with some twenty-two kids, among which there are twelve girls. The girls are like some models or actresses, dressed in some short dresses and some of them have jackets on, with high heels and all that. Makeup on their faces done by professionals. The boys are either in a casual attire or suits.

If you were to enter in here, you would see only hot male specimens that you wouldn’t think exist at this level, and some sexy ass female specimens, which again, you wouldn’t think exist at this level.

There’s one girl who’s a shy one by her looks as she’s kind of curled on her seat with her hands hugging each other on her knees, head down, flashing some red cheeks.

Someone embarrassed her with something….

She’s dressed in same manner with the other girls, but in a more appropriate way.

Everyone is now seated, and all eyes are on me and Gill as he has cleared his throat. I’m with the bag in front of me, holding it with both my hands, facing the class, staring at the girl who’s still with her head down, a bit fidgety.

What did they do to you? I thought I was the reason for their laughter…. Hmm… Don’t worry, kid. While I’m here, you’re under my wing.

“We’re having a transfer student joining us for our last year, Miss Rebecca Ashton. She has remarkable results and she was chosen for our scholarship this year. I expect for all of you to make her transfer as easy as possible.”

That girl has silent tears down her cheeks.

Yeah, Gill is presenting me to the class, they are quiet, and I’m with my worried stare at her by instinct. There are two free spots in the class. One next to her and one with some boys in the back.

“You may take a seat, Miss Ashton.”

I wait no more and in a normal walk, I go to her place and sit there after I nod at him without registering anything around me. There are some murmurs, but I ban them.

She’s keeping inside an outburst of cry…. These brat kids….

“Alright. As always, first things first. We’re going to have a test for what you had to read during the summer break.”

I tilt my eyes at him in surprise after I’ve settled on my place and took out my book, notebook and pen on my desk.

Shit…. Test from first day? What about? What did they have to read? I’m so fucked….

He’s with the back at the class, writing something on the whiteboard. There’s a lot of sighing in the class and everyone is preparing a sheet of paper and pens for the test. The girl next to me does the same. They seem to behave in front of Gill as none has said something to me or laughed, but the girls have some mocking stares at both me and the girl next to me who’s like a robot, preparing her stuff for the test.

Behind me there’s a change of places. I’m with a sheet of paper in front of me and the pen in my right hand, moving from right to left at Gills to see what he is writing as subject. He’s with a wide back as he’s a muscled one and I only see pieces of the questions for the moment as he’s not saying anything.

And same voice from the parking lot is whispering at my back with me not reacting.

“I didn’t get my answer, Ashton. Did the car die?” He’s in a smirking voice.

Great Gatsby? What did he write on the whiteboard? Shit…. I need to remember all that? Scarlet Letter…. Make the parallel between them? What the actual fuck? I’m fucked….

The kid is blowing at the back of my neck with a hot breath, irritating me as I need to recall those two novels and make an essay on it with the parallel between them somehow and whatever he’s writing on the whiteboard.


There are silent male chuckles at us to not draw attention from Gills and the girl next to me is looking behind me with some frail smile, as if she’s crushing on the kid behind me.

My heart is getting some spasms as I’m forcing my mind to remember the plots in detail and characters and to start writing. But the kid is continuing his blowing and calling of me.

“My answer, Ashton…. I’m not giving up….”

I’m beginning to write for first question as I’ve finally seen it while Gill is still rolling with the questions on the whiteboard, and I answer the kid behind in a low, threatening voice.

“If you don’t back off and start the test as a good boy, my car will be your last concern, buddy.”

Everyone is in silence at my answer and all eyes are on the kid behind me. No, Gill is preoccupied at the whiteboard to fill it with questions to my soon loss of sanity as there are so many novels and questions on them…. Well, kids, they own some adult voices and all, but in front of me, they’re all kids. Spoiled, bratty, kids. Yeah, well….

“Is that so, Ashton?”

He’s not giving up…. And there’s so much to answer for the damn test!

He’s in same whisper, but in a heavy, Alpha tone now.

I feel he’s leaning his face at my right ear as I’m on the exterior and the girl is at the window, so the moment I consider right, the back of my right hand slaps his face in a low noise with Gill not reacting to turn around. I don’t turn around at all and continue answering the questions on my paper.

You damn brat…. Who knows what you guys did to this girl…. But she seems to have a crush on you… Yet she’s smiling for me slapping you….

Yeah, I’m seeing her with the corner of my left eye all this time, writing with light speed to answer the questions and not ruin my nerd image as I’m recalling the right answers. Well, let’s hope I do…. It’s like all this was ages ago for me as you don’t go after criminals and start explaining ‘Great Gatsby’ to them or any such novels. I don’t know why they have this for this last year. Whatever….

“Yes, it is. Back off or it won’t be just that. I’m here to study, not for chit-chat.” I’m in a straight, low voice.

From the kid behind, I’m perceiving such heat that is burning my back. He’s silent, but I think he’s shaking his right leg under the desk. And his breathing is with heaviness.

Next time, behave, brat….

Some boys are with some shocked eyes behind me and at me. I’m seeing them with the corner of my right eye while I’m concentrated on my paper.

Gill finally turns around and lands with his eyes on me and behind me, but I’m writing as many others do, just the one behind me seems not to. Gill’s eyebrows go up and places the marker he’s used to write on his desk, addressing to the one behind me.

“Mr. Davidson?”

Don’t tell me HE is the one behind me…. Well, I don’t give a damn to be honest. He needs to learn boundaries.

I’m writing…. Ignoring everything around me, but hearing.

“Yes, Mr. Gill?” He’s in a relaxed, king of the world voice, with a string of smile in there. A bad boy manner.

“I don’t remember you ever change your seat.” He’s in a genuinely surprised voice.

He wanted a slap to get back to his senses, so he changed his seat for that…. He can go back to his seat now…. He’s all set. Ha-ha! You spoiled kid…. Well, he did have a tragedy in his family, and I should be sorry for him, but his behavior annoys me…. Yeah.

“I’m trying to accommodate our new classmate, Mr. Gill. It’s my high school after all, and I should be the one doing it, right? It’s about having manners.” He’s in a mocking tone and Gill goes silent for a moment. I’m writing against time….

Let’s remember this one…. Hmmm…. Oh! Yeah…. Ha-ha! I’m still with the master skills! He, he, he….

“Miss Ashton?”

Yeah, this is the right answer….

Gill is calling my name. I’m absorbed in answering the questions to not forget about something I’ve got the thread to in the back of my mind.

“Miss Ashton?” He’s playing my name to capture my attention.

Hmmm…. I don’t remember about this…. Shit….

“Miss Ashton?” He’s next to me now with his hands at his back, looking at my paper and I’m with the pen on my lips, thinking. I’m titling my in-trance-of-thinking stare at him.

“Huh? Oh! Sorry, Mr. Gill.”

He’s smiling over my paper and takes it to read my answers.

Shit…. Just don’t make fun of me in front of the brats at least….

He’s twisting his head, with a devilish smile in the corner of his lips….

I’m fucked….

He turns his twinkling eyes into my whatever-it-goes-it-goes stare and has a smiley face, returning my paper in front of me and taking his hand at his back, in a straight stance. I’m waiting for whatever is about to come out of his mouth in a relaxed manner but showing a serious face at him.

“I don’t think I’ve seen a better answer to those questions than yours, Miss Ashton. And it’s not praising, it’s the truth. Well done. Continue.”

Really? Eh…. He, he, he…. I haven’t lost my touch it seems…. Ha-ha!

And I’m continuing without second thoughts, ignoring everything around me, but the heat behind me is increasing….

Davidson is ruffling some sheets of paper, slamming something on the desk, bending at the girl next to me to grab her pen from her hand making her release a low squeal, and he groans in annoyance, probably beginning to write his test.

Damn brat….

At the end of the class, which yes, it has been a full test with no other stuff in it, Gill asks me to see him in his office. I pack my things and with no further ado or checking my surroundings, I throw my bag on my left shoulder and follow his footsteps outside. The burning heat behind me has just stood up with a loud screech of his chair. I ignore everyone and I’m out the door.

Gill’s office is similar to a millionaire CEO with a full library, everything in expensive wood, some paintings, famous ones, on the walls, and a wide window which gives the sight to a mesmerizing red rose garden in the back of the building.

Wow! Even teachers live in luxury here…. Nice…. And he’s only an English teacher…. I must have chosen a wrong job…. I need to do all crazy stuff for my millions…. Yep. And he just reads books…. Yeah, well….

“I love the view as well.”


Yeah, I’m looking over the window as I’ve never seen such red roses and so many in one place. I travel the world, but never for sightseeing. I don’t stop to take in the surroundings, and it seems I’ve been walking to the window to better see the roses from the fourth level of the building where his office is at.

I move my stare at him as his voice snaps me out of my trance with the roses. And his voice is a bit raspy….

“Sorry, Mr. Gill. It’s just a spell-binding garden as I don’t know when I walked here.” I straighten myself in front of him, and regain my normal state from the roses, and I’m waiting for why he has asked me to see him in private.

Say it fast and off we go.

He’s studying my eyes and I’m blinking at him with my eyebrows up. We’re facing each other and he’s with his hands at his back.

Can’t you say it, and me go? Don’t push it, pal. I’m really at my limit with this entire mission to begin with. I’m not known to behave…. For too long.

“You said you wanted a word with me, Mr. Gill. I do need to go to my next class in a few minutes, if you don’t mind.” I’m in my relaxed self, normal voice, and the fake smile.

No, he doesn’t intimidate me with his anything. None has the ability to impress me or stir an emotion of some kind in me. I’m just covering my annoyance. Yes, I’m keeping his stare, which is the same as before the class at me.

“Well, Miss Ashton, I came to your desk to tell you that you don’t need to take the test as you’ve just transferred. But you did impressive.”

And don’t tell me you’re so wet in your pants, and everything, for the results of a student the way you are with me right now?

“Thank you, Mr. Gill. I’m an avid reader in my free time and take seriously my education.” I’m not lying, as this was the truth when I was a teen and then at university.

I’ve got a horny teacher and an irritating bad boy brat on my back since day one…. Way to go, Ashton…. Boss is dead tonight…. Well, my ‘Uncle’. He’s my guardian now…. That bastard!

Chapter 2 – I’ll Show You Badass And Rebel…


“Well, Miss Ashton, I came to your desk to tell you that you don’t need to take the test as you’ve just transferred. But you did impressive.”

And you’re so damn hyped on her because she did impressive, huh? Son of a bitch…. Like I didn’t see the spark in your eyes at her…. Ashton is mine, sucker. And after that slap? She needs some hardcore punishments…. And you’re on my list of punishments as well for hitting on a student in my fucking high school.

“Thank you, Mr. Gill. I’m an avid reader in my free time and take seriously my education.”

Don’t you dare get smiley in voice at him! Oh! You’ll see so much punishment, Ashton…. Watch me….

I’m posted in front of his office’s door, listening to their convo with the door cracked a bit to be able to.

Yeah, I’m so provoked by this little and offensive Ashton. Since the moment she has stepped down from that out of breath car in her almighty all till now. That slap? Let’s say none, ever, male or female, has ever delivered it to me. She’s so fucking marked by yours truly.

Well, I’m a bad boy and fights and all that for me are small change. I’m fucking trained to be a deadly asset since I was five. None has the ability to fuck me, no matter the army I need to face. I am 19, but I’m worse than a trained General in his late forties. But yes, this side of my life is kept in the shadows.

In the limelight, I’m a billionaire, now orphan, kid, with responsibilities in over 200 businesses. I’m taught in everything since a young age. I deal with Seniors as the Alpha I’ve been brought up to be. They don’t see my age when doing business, as they can’t walk over me. My uncle Rick is only a pawn and my right hand to deal with the small stuff. I’m my late father’s son and I’m already surpassing him with my all. He would be proud…. Like my mom…. Anyways.

And yes, I look at face as my age, for the youth part, but in body I’m like Gill, towering and buffed. It comes from the intensive training and all I had and have on that side. I’m a fucking bull. Ha-ha!

But this little, cheeky Ashton doesn’t give a damn on all that and she’s challenging me as I can see…. We’ll see to that. Mmm…. Oh yes….

Yeah, she’s one hot, sexy little thing, with some hellish balls to go against me, and her jade eyes are so yummy. She’s got the gaze of a fighter and a winner on top of that. She’s got no string of weakness in her and doesn’t give a fuck she’s not on same level with the entire set of people here. I’ll have my people run a background check on her and see her real life and social status. If Gill said she did impressive, she’s indeed a nerdy one. Well, she wouldn’t have been accepted here if she wasn’t.

We do accept super brainy kids on scholarship, regardless of their social status. But they do need to prove it. It takes some months for the process of that scholarship to be approved. Yet the life of that accepted kid in here? Well, let’s say some, if not all, of my peers don’t go well with the low-level people. They have issues.

I don’t have issues with that, against my bad boy Alpha nature. I do know real life as I’ve been taught. So, I never really look down on someone below my status, but yes, I do act like a brat and bad boy, to see what that person is made of. If you don’t break in front of me and prove you’re of strong essence? You’re upgrading in my circle at some point.

“Gill is acting strange, Dylan. Never seen him like that with a female student. He never takes interest or shows protection, no matter the issues.” Sasha whispers at my back.

Both my best friends since we were kids, Sasha Walton and Martin Cavanaugh, are behind me. We’re mostly inseparable, like brothers. And in same class, yes.

Sasha is of Russian origins and Martin is a pure American breed. Both their parents are billionaires, but they’re not at my level and family’s. They’re same age as me, 19. Our families have always been in tight relationships, like an extended family. They all are loyal to my family and to me. Both their dads are under me in businesses, yeah. I took it all from my dad, and they are under my orders. Yeah, well.

Sasha and Martin are my built and handsome as well, with Sasha having green-blue eyes and a dark chocolate hair, and Martin with some emerald eyes and a Swedish blonde hair. They both sport some trendy haircuts and dressed like me in suits.

I’m silent, like them now, all three listening to the convo inside. No, his office is in an L-shape and the door isn’t in sight for one of them to notice it’s a bit open. And his secretary is out of office at the Principal.

“Your uncle had a long talk with me last night and he told me about the loss of your parents, Miss Ashton.”

What? She has lost her parents as well…. I know the pain on that….

I sigh and shake my head as my heart remembers when the news of my parents’ assassination hit in a full death of my soul….

“And he said you’ve got some anger management issues because of that and to be understanding, because you’re acting based on your pain. He told me I won’t have problems with you with your studies, but you have trouble in accommodating with the change of guardianship as he wasn’t present in your life, and with this entire change of schools in your last year.”

Silence from her.

She’s hit with it…. I’m sorry for your loss….

“Miss Ashton?” He’s in a worried voice.

She clears her throat.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Gill. Don’t worry. I’m fine. As I said earlier, I’m a tough cookie. Nothing puts me down. The anger management issues are indeed a coping system, but again, don’t worry, I’m never a bully. So, you shouldn’t expect such behavior from me. But yes, when I’m provoked and someone crosses boundaries with me or someone innocent gets bullied, I do react by instinct. But I’ve never killed someone. Ha-ha! Thank you again for your support, sir. May I go to class now? I’m going to be late for it. Mr. Gill?”

Yeah, she’s in a relaxed and nothing is wrong with her voice, and Henry is now reigned by silence.

“Yes. You may go now, Miss Ashton. Don’t forget that you can always come to me if something bothers you.”

“Thank you, sir. Nothing will bother me. Don’t worry. I’m chilled in everything there is out there…. Have a great day, Mr. Gill.” She’s approaching the door and I shut it and take my boys and walk to the other side having our backs at the place.

Chilled in everything out there, huh? I wonder….

I have a smirk on my face.

She opens the door and shuts it at her back, strolling to the other side. But she does murmur something….

“I’ll so punch you one of these days if you continue with that fucking stare at me…. And my Uncle? Oh! I’ll fucking kill him tonight….”

Me and my boys turn our heads at her words and she’s distancing to the other side of the hallway, walking like a badass, now taking the stairs in a running manner.

“I’ll be damn, Dylan. Never seen one like this one.” Martin crosses his arms, beaming.

“I think I love her, Dylan….” Sasha. “Ouch!” I slap the back of his head with a bull stare at him.

“She’s mine, fucker. But I’ll have some punishments to deliver before that….” I smirk, looking at the stairs where she’s no more.

She’s marked and taken. She’s special…. And we have similar stories and personalities…. Yeah…. I’ll see her entire person once I’ll have her files in my hands.

I fish out my phone and text my uncle….

‘Rebecca Ashton. New transfer student. All files on her. Need them when I reach home. And give a go to the business I had for five today. I read it and signed it. You go and make the deal. I’m busy today.’

And he texts back while I’m with the boys walking to my class.

‘Okay, son. What’s with the Ashton girl? Never heard of you getting interested in a girl from there…. Alright. I’ll have it. Talk later on the girl when at home.’

Yeah, never. But she fucking slapped me…. Ha-ha!

Next three classes we have in different rooms, so I don’t get to see her. But I have boys which share same classes with her there and they keep me posted. It seems that Rona, the queen of the high school, has set her bitchy eyes on her and she’s acting on her.

Rona Gavarez is the daughter of the Gavarez Group. They have business in media all over the world. She’s the queen as she’s considered the hottest girl in this high school and the fantasy of all boys. Yeah, I’m the most popular and handsome and all that, and she’s my counterpart in here. That fucking crazy bitch….

No, I’ve never got involved with no girl from here. I fuck in other places, and never to show who I was with. It’s never the same girl. I don’t do girlfriends. Never did.

Rona is like a Victoria Secret model, a hot element, with assets, some green eyes and long, curly red hair. But as personality, she’s an authentic bitch and the bad side of being a queen. She loathes poor people, and she harasses all girls under her. Even her best friends, Gabrielle and Jennifer, get her bad side, many times. And yes, she’s forever trying to become my woman and future wife. Her and her family clan. No fucking way for that to ever happen.

Yet, I never interfere in her games or whatever she does with others. It’s her own business. I just react when she oversteps limits when it comes to me. She’s so damn clingy…. I fucking hate being touched and approached like that by any girl or woman out there. If I want you, I’ll be the one to approach you, not the other way around. If you do that, you’re not worthy of my fucking attention. Oh yeah, I’m one with high, very high standards.

And yes, Rona’s family was close to mine, and still is, but I kind of cut them off at some lengths because of her and her parents’ want to merge in business as an official couple once we reach 21. Contracted marriage, yes. Well, who the fuck doesn’t want me as their son-in-law? All business owners with a daughter at their door. I’m fucking hunted from all corners for that. Oh yes, against being 19, the marriage proposals are flooding since I turned 18. And since my parents’ deaths, when I took in my hands everything and they’ve all seen I’m fiercer and more prolific than even my dad was, that flooding is fucking tripled….

I text back Valentine, another buddy of mine and classmate, who’s in same class with her now.

Me: “What is that bitch doing to her?”

Valentine: “Her usual bullying. She mocked her on her car and that she’s a gold digger coming here. Same old. And that you’re hers. You know….”

I twist my lips and frown on my phone. No, I can do whatever I want during a class. They know that I’m with distributive attention for the class and that if I’m on my phone it means I’m conducting business. They’re all my fucking employees and I have the legal right to fire anyone I fucking want….

Me: “And how did Ashton react?”

Valentine: “She didn’t answer. She just sat on her chair, plugged her headsets with music, and started reading from a book. Ha-ha! The title of the book is ‘Anger Management Tips’! All bolded and in red color! Ha-ha!”

She’s smart indeed…. Oh man…. This little Ashton…. Ha-ha! Mmm….

I grin at my phone and I picture Rona’s bitchy, fuming, and loser grimace. Ha-ha!

Before I reply to him, my phone receives a text message from my uncle, and I open it.

Rick: “Son? Read this. She’s an agent, infiltrated in there.”

I tilt my eyebrows and blink twice.

What? An agent? But she’s a fucking teen….

I continue reading the message.

Rick: “I took further the background check from the high school’s files and found out. She’s 24, one of the best agents worldwide from her agency. She’s active since before turning 19, when her folks died. Her dad was an agent, a respected one. His peers took her in as she had been previously trained. She’s having no other family members. Her now Uncle is in fact her direct boss from there. She’s there because of the mafia threats you know of and she’s assigned to get the lead of the head doing business, whack him, and halt the danger around the students. And I contacted her boss just now to tell me what’s the meaning of all this, and he said she’s needed in there because of what they have as a case. They didn’t want to tell us because they’ve been suspecting even me as being involved. He said she’s a rebel and she’ll get to the bottom of it, and for me to not interfere if I don’t want a full search and legal consequences. You have her full intel in your email. Lengthy file as an agent, son…. And she’s so damn hot, son…. Ha-ha!”

24? But she doesn’t look like 24…. And she’s…. I mean…. What the fuck? Ashton is not ‘little’? She’s older than me? You have never killed, huh? Oh…. This little Ashton…. We’ll see….

I’m fuming over my phone for the audacity that little Ashton has to lie her way inside of my proprieties and to be what she is, and I’m so damn heating up right now! My heart is in punches! And the punishment?! OH BOY! I’LL BE MERCILESS!

I open the attachment with all her intel and start reading with some bull stares and a heaving chest, to discover what MY angel goddess really is…. Oh yes, I said she’s mine. But I’m more challenged than before against her. OH! FUCK YES! IT’S FUCKING WAR!

Let’s see who my baby agent is…. Hmmm…. Oh really? I’ll show you badass and rebel…. You haven’t met me yet…. But you will…. Oh! War, honey…. War…. Sweet war…. I’ll be damn…. She’s special indeed…. Look at this…. She’s got same fucking training as I’ve had and she’s able to deal with fuckers as I do…. But I do more than that, baby. I’m the fucker I am…. War! Muhahaha!

Chapter 3 – But I Have Such A Bad Feeling About This…


I’m all updated on my baby agent now. She’s a fucking millionaire in reality and indeed has some heavy balls in her all. Even her car is one latest model. This little Ashton of mine….

No, Sasha and Martin don’t know anything on this side about her, though they’ve asked me what’s wrong when I was reading her files during class. I’m keeping it a secret. And I texted my uncle to tell her boss that both me and my uncle don’t know about her cover and that she’s safe in here on that. That we won’t interfere in their business here. I won’t interfere my ass…. But that’s another story. I want to see her balls as high as possible to gasp for myself her true side.

My uncle replied that he took care of that and her boss said that in hell he wouldn’t have told her or, my ass would be constantly sent to the wall or on the ground by her. Ha-ha! She has no double standards for who I am, he said, and I would be fucked. He needs her to contain herself, knowing I’m not aware of things. I so fucking smirked on that. Ha-ha! Oh…. Sweet war….

Gill? I’ll let him manifest to be sure if it’s what I’m thinking or not. I’m not a fucker and I never fire someone or punish just because I have the power to do it. I’ll see when the time comes what’s all this about. But I’m sure he’s into her…. As a woman…. I’ll so fuck him when the time comes.

I enter in the canteen, which is like a VVIP restaurant, with Sasha and Martin at my sides. I already know she’s in here. I always have my intel….

Where’s my little Ashton? Rona’s voice…. She must be all over my baby agent…. The bitch never gives up….

I groan a bit and walk to the side of the canteen from where Rona’s voice is splashing the horizon….

“You just stay there and say nothing? I’m talking to you!”

“Damn…. She’s hysterical as never before, Dylan.” Sasha’s disturbed voice from my right.

“She’s challenged as she wants a scandal and she’s not getting it.” Martin chuckles.

We’re now having the sight of the scene. My little Ashton is munching from a green apple, with her headsets on, with her back on the chair, leg crossed on the other, reading from her book. Ha-ha! She’s alone at that table, and Rona with her other two bitches are standing, all growling at her that they don’t get a retaliation or full submission.

But my baby goddess now speaks upon turning the page, without looking at them. The entire crowd is silent and with eyes on the scandal.

“Move your bottom from here, Gavarez. I don’t give a single damn on you, your friends, or your precious Davidson. Stop considering me a rival, babe. He’s so ugly and just a brat before me. You can have him all you want. Now, stop polluting the air around me. End of talk.”

I’m ugly and just a brat before you, huh? Oh…. War, baby…. War…. She can have me all she wants, huh? Wait for your punishments, baby agent. I’m so bad. You’ll see how bad I am, honey.

I’m shoving my hands in my pockets, with my head a bit at my right, and with some hawk eyes at her, inching her face and her all with my stare. Martin and Sasha chuckle at her words about me.

“She has some nerve, Dylan. Ha-ha! God, I love her….” Sasha. I contain slapping his head again….

I’ll kill you later…. I’ve got main issues with my bratty Ashton right now.

“What did you say?! He’s ugly and a brat?!” Rona is now revolted as she has offended her precious. “How dare you?! I don’t consider you a rival! Look at you! How can you be a rival compared to me?!” She’s gesturing at my baby in her anger euphoria.

Oh, that fucking bitch has no fucking limits…. Look at you, huh? Man…. I’ll kill her as well…. Later.

My baby agent shuts her book, places it on the table, pops her headsets from her ears, and now finally tilts her eyes at Rona.

“It’s show time now, Dylan. Ha-ha! Man…. She’s got some criminal eyes at Rona….” Martin.

“Very true, Gavarez. That’s why I’m wondering, really squeezing my brain to understand, why acting like this? If I’m not a rival, why wasting your time? Don’t you need to polish your nails or something? Maybe eat a leaf of salad? Stop getting angry, honey. It’s bad for your face. You get wrinkles from that, love. So I’ve read somewhere….” She’s packing her stuff in her bag and stands up to go. She’s shaking her head with a genuine smile.

Oh, baby…. So mine….

Rona is at kettle point.

“You! How dare you?! Don’t you walk away from me! I’m not done with you! I’ll MAKE YOUR LIFE A LIVING HELL!”

“My fucking life is already a living Hell…. You don’t want to taste it, babe.” She’s walking away and speaks in a low voice with a smirk.

Sweet war…. Come, baby…. Come here, baby agent….

I’m with my Alpha stare at her and my entire body is on fire. She’s approaching my spot with her eyes lowered to the floor to ignore everyone. Rona is still shouting at her back from that table, calling her names now. But everyone is ignoring Rona as they see little Ashton approaching me and they’re halting their breaths because of it.

And how I am towering and Martin and Sasha at my sides, we’re blocking the way for her to pass to the exit. She stops in her tracks with a sigh. I’m chewing from my left cheek and she’s bobbing her head still with a lowered stare to the floor.

“Fucking brats…. Oh, I hate high school…. Step aside.”

And Rona from behind….

“Dylan! She spoke bad of you! Will you allow her to do that?! She doesn’t know her place!”

I’m with my eyes on my baby and she’s twisting her lips in a growl.

Oh…. The rebel baby…. She’s charging…. Ha-ha! She’s so damn delicious…. I want to kiss her….

“I don’t know my place…. Dylan boy. Step aside before I show her how precious you are, honey. Let’s play nice for a change.”

“And if I don’t want to step aside, what’s the show about, Ashton?”

She tilts those burning jade eyes at me, contracting her jawline. She’s controlling to not do something. I can see that. We’re in a lock of stares and I’m in my emperor one with a smirk on my face.

Oh yeah…. You’re marked and taken. Don’t think I’m just a ‘boy’, little Ashton. You really don’t know me, babe.

“Why don’t we calm down, Davidson? She’s a new student here, man.” Ivan Leron, a mafia son, stands up from his table and comes to us.

He’s in a biker outfit, handsome, almost same built as me, with brown eyes, and his black hair styled at his back. He’s a bad boy as well. I’m with my eyes on him since last year. He’s on my suspects list for the mafia business Ashton was sent here. Yeah, he’s one year under us.

I’m still in a lock of lunatic stares with my baby agent.

“Make way, Davidson.” She throws her chin at me with a growl in her eyes.

No string of emotion at my sight and she keeps her stare into mine in war. Oh…. What I’ll do to you…. Mmm….

“Ivan? Go back to your seat if you don’t want me to give you another lesson, man.” I’m still in a war of stares with my yummy baby.

He goes silent, but his raging breathing and rabid stare are on me. He knows his place before me. No, he doesn’t walk away. For he has spoken for her, it means he takes her under his protection. He’s interested in my baby. He never does it for someone. She’s a first.

Her phone rings in her jacket and she sighs in frustration and takes it out to answer.

“Jesus Christ and my fucking life…. Yes? Yes. I see. No. I’ll come outside in a minute. Yeah. Fine.” She’s forcing her exit between me and Sasha and steps away. “I’m still having classes till four.” She’s distancing with angry steps to the main door, and we’re turned around at her.

Oh! This little Ashton is so asking for it….

Ivan walks past me with a mad dog stare, going after her.

“Dylan! You just let her walk away like that! She offended both you and me!” Rona is yelling in the back.

Shut up, bitch.

I’m walking after Ivan and her.


Oh! I can’t stand that annoying voice of hers!

Yes, Sasha and Martin are after me. I’m boiling in my all and I think I’ll beat the shit out of Ivan. It wouldn’t be the first time….

When we reach outside, she’s with a biker, a young one. He’s showing her something on his phone. He’s come here with a last model bike. He’s a bit worried in stare at her while she’s reading on the phone. I’m at the top of the stairs with Martin and Sasha and Ivan is in the middle of the staircase. We’re all watching them.

“What?! When did this happen, Michael? God….” She’s scrolling on the phone.

I furrow my brows as she’s between revolted and pained. He’s apologetic in stare.

What happened?

“Two hours ago…. I’m sorry….”

“Two hours? It’s still time then….” She throws him the phone and then her bag, grabs the helmet from the bike and shoves it on her head, and then hops on the bike, turning on the engine.

What is she doing?! Where are you going?! No, you don’t! What the fuck has happened?!

“Becca! It’s too late now! Even you can’t do anything about it! Becca!” He’s shouting after her, but she’s with the bike in a stunt, driving away in full speed, like a pro biker.

“What is all that about? Man…. I’ve never seen a girl with a bike like that…. She’s something….” Sasha.

The guy calls someone, staring at her how she drives through the gate. I’m fucking fuming….

“She’s going there. I couldn’t stop her…. Send a car for me. She took my bike. Yes, sir. I don’t know. She said she still has classes till four. Yes. I see. Alright. I’ll inform the school for you.” He ends the call and when he turns around, he bumps his eyes into mine and he tilts a brow in surprise. I’m a fucking bull.

“Where did Ashton go, Michael?”

“Mr. Davidson….”

He knows me….

“Say.” I throw my chin at him.

He clears his throat.

“She’s having a family problem and…she always does that. I’m her cousin. Excuse me. I need to go inside and inform the school about her absence for the day.” He nods and inches to the stairs.

Her cousin, huh? She’s going to something dangerous for sure…. Fuck….

Ivan is following Michael with his stare, analyzing the situation. He now moves his fucker stare at me.

“She’s mine, Dylan. Stop playing with her and keep that bitch away from her.” He twists his head with those bull eyes at me. “For her, we’re game on, man. And I won’t lose this time. I’ve got all the motivation I need.” He winks and turns around to go back inside.

You’re so fucked, buddy. But I have something to do first…. Baby Ashton is my priority for the moment.

I ignore the fucker and take out my phone to call my men.

“Come and take me. I’m in front of the main entrance.” I end the call, twisting my lips and narrowing my killer stare at Ivan’s back.

“Let him be, Dylan. He’s just barking like last time. He knows he’s no match to you. Where are you going? Do you have business?” Martin is at my right and asks me.

Yeah. I’ve got business with little Ashton…. She’ll have a surprise…. A hot one…. But I have such a bad feeling about this…. Like something so bad is going to happen with my baby agent…. FUCK! It’s same feeling I had with mom and dad…. JESUS CHRIST! Please…. Be it a wrong feeling…. Don’t go valid. I beg of you…. God? Please, keep her safe…. She’s mine. Don’t take her from me like you did with mom and dad….

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Chapter 4 – I Do Love Her…
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