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When she makes a promise years in the past…
I promised…. Can’t go back on my word now….
“Your blind date is expecting you in one of the private rooms upstairs.”
“I’m sorry to keep you waiting, Miss Riley.”
No worries…. Just place your ass on the armchair and let’s get over with it.
“No worries, Mr. Gilbert.”
I think he’s playing with me….
“Why don’t you want to give a chance?”
He’s crazy and a playboy….
Genres of the book
Billionaire Romance, Curvy Girl Romance, Mafia Romance, Dark Mafia Romance, Possessive Alpha Males, Strong Female Lead, Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy, Action, Comedy, Suspense, Mystery, Thriller, with a HEA.
*This book contains language and mature themes. Suitable for +18 audience because of that.
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Chapter 1 – Why Have I Agreed To This?



I shouldn’t be here….


I have no choice….

“Excuse me, Miss?”

I promised…. Can’t go back on my word now….

The bouncer in front of me is trying hard to draw my attention and I’m keeping a line behind me.

I stutter.

“Y-Yes? Oh… Ha-ha! I’m sorry… You were saying, mister…?”

I’m with my hand on my black framed glasses to adjust them and see the guy’s name on his suit jacket.

“P-Pablo. Right.”

He gives me a look all over, like staring at a freak or something, not that I’m not, but still, you don’t feel comfortable when you get that look. Ha-ha!

I swallow my saliva as he’s one towering guy and with muscles and all that, and he’s kind of intimidating. Ha-ha!

Shouldn’t have been here….

With a silly smile on my face, adjusting my glasses at his face a millionth time, I tilt my stare at him, narrowing it a bit to gasp his face as I can’t really see through these glasses…. I push them on my nose and release a stupid squeal with a twist of my head like a lunatic.

Oh, I’m making such an impression from the entrance…. Couldn’t be better….

I’m wearing an old black suit with pants that make me fatter than I really am, my long curly black hair is rolled in a messy bun held by an antique silver hair pin, I have some flat black shoes, worn to the fullest, but still holding together, no jewelry, just an ancient silver watch on my left wrist that has its own mind when it decides to show the real time, a black purse, same old air on it like the rest of my appearance, and oh, yeah, a baggy white shirt that gives the final sloppy look that I own right now. And I’m kind of sweaty… Never mind…

“Can we get her out or inside and move the rows further?! We don’t have all night, dude!” Some guy in the back is revolting for my sloppiness….

I release a frustrated laughter at the bouncer to a VVIP club where I’m supposed to have a blind date with a hot billionaire, which by the way, isn’t by choice. I would have preferred being anywhere else than here, at 9 pm, on a Tuesday night. His grandma is guilty for what I’m going through right now. Yes….

Pablo scans me again from head to toes and back, while I’m keeping my silly smile and shy attitude.

“Miss? Who are you meeting with?”

What? Oh… The name… Shit… The name…

“Umm…. Yes…. I’m meeting with Mr. Gilbert.”

Her family name is Gilbert…. Forgot the guy’s name…. Oh, boy…. Just say I can’t go in and I’m fine with it…. I’ll tell her I wasn’t let in and I’m off the hook…. Yeah…. It works for me….

I’m smiling for my thinking processes and Pablo gives me a weird look all over, kind of mocking.

Jesus…. Yeah, I know…. I don’t quite match the people in there…. Say it and let’s get over with it….

“Mr. Andrew Gilbert?” He wanders his eyes another time over my being and I’m kind of fidgety, adjusting my glasses again, nodding, with same shitty smile on my face.

Probably… Uh-yeah…

“Y-Yes, yes…. Mr. Andrew Gilbert is expecting me inside.”

Say no way and I’m off here….

“Strange…. Okay. Let me check inside for the meeting. Can you give me your name, Miss?”

My name? I know that….

I smile, moving my head at him like a stupid person. Yeah, well….

“O-Of course! I’m Miss Kassandra Riley. He should know my name.” I’m like a mental challenged person.

“Come on! Can’t you just decide whether you kick her in or out?!” Same guy in the back, a level up in annoyance as you can imagine.

I’m smiling at Pablo who’s just sent a murdering look to the one in the back, calling in through his earpiece.

Shit…. He’s calling…. I just want to go home to my cat tonight…. Yeah….

I’m waiting, fidgeting my hands on the hem of my purse, keeping it in front of me.

“George? Is boss meeting some Kassandra Riley tonight? She’s with me at the main entrance.”

I don’t know what the other guy is saying to him as he chuckles and gives me another weird look.

Oh, yeah….

“No, she’s not. Okay, I’ll wait.”

Probably asking if I’m hot… Yes, he’s right. I’m not. Ha-ha!

I’m blinking at him and all smiley. Same silly doll. Ha-ha!

After a minute or so….

“Yes? Really? All right. I’ll let her in. Where? Okay. Okay.”

He now speaks to me, kind of amused.

“Your blind date is expecting you in one of the private rooms upstairs. One of our hostesses will attend you and show you there. She’s waiting for you inside.”

I release a grandma laughter and I’m sure my cheeks get some red color.

I’m so hot and I need some air…. Why have I agreed to this?

“Thank you, Pablo. You’re a kind man.” I move my head to my words at him and I’m certain he believes I’m some sort of a nutcase by now. But I’m fine with it.

He chuckles again and lets me pass.

And the guy from behind….

“Finally! What took you so long, dude?!”

And Pablo….

“You’re out! Billy?! Take him out of the line! Now!”

I’m inside now.

Well, I said Pablo is a kind man…. Ha-ha! I love that guy…. He, he, he….

A very hot babe, dressed in such a short club turquoise dress, on some dangerous black heels, with a goddess golden hair fluttering at her back, and half a smile at my sight, approaches me.

She has such beautiful eyes…. Emerald…. Like my mom’s…. I took my dad’s grizzly eyes…. Yeah, well….

She’s doing same scanning on me like oh-dear-Pablo and blinks several times at me, faking a smile.

Yeah…. Can’t blame your reaction, dear….

“Miss Riley?”

I nod at her, in same silliness.

“Y-Yes. I’m Miss Riley.” She wants to laugh but contains it.

“Alright. Let’s take you upstairs then….” She’s showing me the way and I’m following her swinging bottom….

That ass is a fake as her boobs…. But she’s a beauty and well-matched to this out of this world club….

I’m maneuvering my glasses to take in the surroundings. What you think luxury is in a club? Go beyond that. Let your imagination loose and you still can’t reach the real picture.

No wonder he’s a billionaire…. It shows….

I trip on some stairs, but I manage to not fall, just giggle like a stupid and when she looks behind at me, I take a serious grimace and clear my throat. She’s laughing under her lips, not bothering to ask me if I’m alright.

I’m fine…. Thanks for asking…. Jeez…. It’s like I drank alcohol…. Ha-ha! Alright, Kass. Let’s get over the blind date show and hit home…. I need to rest…. In five minutes tops, he will show me the door and we’re done…. I’ve dressed ‘good’ enough for that…. There’s no chance he’ll stand me for more than five minutes. He, he, he…. Sorry, Mrs. Gilbert. No matter how much I love you, I’m not into dating and things like that. And I’m not going to marry your grandson. 

No, I haven’t seen his picture or bothered to search him out over the internet. I don’t even remember his name. I don’t even know his age. Mrs. Gilbert is a sneaky one. I’ll tell you some other time about how I met her.

I’m Kassandra Riley, by the way, working some odd-jobs per say, but it’s nothing you would imagine or believe at the term of odd-jobs. Actually, by day, I’m a librarian. Yes, yes. And I’m at the golden age of 34. Yes…. I don’t show my age though. That’s a plus for me.

At origins, under these sloppy clothes, I’m curvy, and if you dress me up, I’m a hot babe. But, for such occasions, I’m keeping my librarian persona. Yes, yes. Ha-ha! I’m single as I’ve been all my life. Not that I can’t hook up guys as they are all over me when I’m in my real persona, but I stay away from them. Yes, yes. The stupid librarian with a grandma vibe works best for me during the day…. He, he, he….

The goddess in front of me has just stopped in front of a door on a long hallway that has a dim light, opening it and showing me inside. I trip another time and air same stupid, shy laughter.

“I’m sorry…. I’m a librarian….”

She smiles with another fake one.

Oh, boy…. I need a drink…. At home…. Not here….

“It shows, Miss Riley.”

I flash her a wink with a giggle and go inside where it’s an empty room, meaning there’s no one in here.

Perfect…. I need to wait some more….

“He’ll be here as soon as possible. Can I bring you something to drink while waiting?”

Whisky? Nah…. I need to keep it low….

“Thank you, dear. Umm…. W-Water? And a bit of ice in it would do wonders to me.” I’m smiling with my entire face.

She nods, containing another laughter and she leaves, closing the door behind her.

My phone has just buzzed in a message while I take a seat on an armchair. I shove my hand in my jacket and take it out.

Hmm…. Who is it? Emily….

Chapter 2 – I’m Sorry To Keep You Waiting


She’s my best friend who knows about this entire crazy arrangement.


I crazy laugh reading this.

Well, yeah, I’m in my librarian dress code….

I take my glasses OFF as I’m alone in here and I can’t be seen, place them on the table, cross my legs, lean back and text her back, with a devilish smile on my lips.

‘Don’t know yet. He isn’t here. Oh, I’ll so screw things tonight! You know me…. Why bother threatening me? You can try, yet you’ve never succeeded to put me down, baby…. Wanna hit a drinking night with me at my place tonight in…. I don’t know…. One hour? Don’t scream at me….’

And I press send. No, I have no makeup and when I wear my glasses my eyes look double the size. Ha-ha!

The door opens and I suavely take the glasses and wear them back with my right hand on the side of them to properly see. It’s the goddess with my water.

“Here you go. If there’s anything, you just press the button on the table.” She points at it.

“Thank you, dear. You’re so kind and so beautiful. You should be a model or an actress. I feel you’re wasting yourself in here. But then again, what does a librarian like me knows….”

She’s touched for my appraisal and genuinely smiles at me.

Yes…. She’s stupid…. At least she’s having beauty to go through life….

“I do want to be an actress! How did you know?” She takes a seat next to me. I’m sipping from my water. Her eyes sparkle and she’s in the mood of a girls’ talk.

Oh boy….

“Well, you do look like one, dear. Look at you. You’re perfect for the big screen. Did you take some acting classes?”

She’s wet with happiness…. Dear you….

“No…. I haven’t. You’re so sweet, Miss Riley! Thank you for brightening my night!”

No problem….

I’m playing with my glasses again to see her better. She’s around 21 from her looks.

“You should, darling. Oh! Thank you. You’re welcome. What’s your name, dear?”

My phone is buzzing on the table and she looks at it. I wave my hand in my silly manner and grimace.

“Don’t worry. It’s probably about some books.”

She takes a lost stare on the floor.

What’s the matter? Something bothering you?

“I had some arguments with my manager earlier. She says I’m too slow and don’t get things the first time. She warned me that I could get fired next time. I did swap some orders to the tables….”

She sighs and she’s affected for her job.

“It’s a nice job and pays very well. This club is among the few which don’t trade you as an escort for the clients. It’s exactly the work that you are hired to do, nothing fishy under it. My name. I’m sorry, Miss Riley.”

She tilts her eyes at me with the return of happiness in them. I genuinely smile at her.

“I’m Jessica Hunt.” She extends her hand. “Nice to meet you, Miss Riley.”

She’s now flushed with a guilty grimace. I shake her hand.

“I’m sorry for earlier. I was a bit rude to you.”

I laugh under my lips and wave off her comment with my hand.

“Nice to meet you, too, Jessica. Oh, don’t worry. You did nothing wrong. I really don’t match with this entire picture over here. You were right, darling.”

She shakes her head.

“No, I was and I’m deeply sorry. You’re a nice lady. Well, girl. Why do you wear those glasses? When I just saw you without them, you look my age.”

I have a hysterical laughter upon her last comment.

I’m an old one…. Ha-ha! But thanks for the compliment….

“No, really! How old are you, if you don’t mind my question? You got me curious now!” She’s smiling and waiting for me to confess my age.

“Oh, darling. How old do you think I am?”

She takes a thinking pose, now fetches my glasses to look under them.

She’s so funny…. I like her…. She’s like me and Emily.

“Hmm…. With glasses you look around 40. Without glasses? 19?”

I burst into laughter, all teary.

“Am I wrong? But you look so young without these….” She stares at my glasses in her right hand in disgust. “Monsters…. Can’t you wear some contact lens? You’re so beautiful. Honestly. Not lying.” She’s inching my face with her eyes.

I’m still laughing with appetite.

God…. I haven’t laughed like this in ages…. Thank you….

“I’m 34, Jessica.”

Her entire face forms several ‘o’ hearing this and her left hand instantly covers her mouth.


I’m taking my glasses from her hand, she’s in shock.

“I…can’t…believe…that….” She finally murmurs the words.

She grabs my right arm with excitement on her face.

“What did you do to be 34 and look this young?!”

Wow! I didn’t know I look ‘that’ young…. Ha-ha!

I laugh under my lips, motioning my head at her.

“Well, I applied some books on my face from time to time…. Ha-ha! I’m kidding. Nothing. I did nothing, darling. It’s probably the genes. My late mother was like me. I’m taking it from her, I guess.”

She believes for a second the books treatment…. Then she joins my laughter.

“You’re so funny! Oh…. I’m sorry for your mother….”

I shake my head and briefly close my eyes.

“Don’t worry. It was long ago. I was ten.”

She purses her lips for my loss.

“And you’re meeting Mr. Andrew Gilbert for a blind date?” She’s back to her exciting persona, curious.

“Yes, unfortunately.”

She raises her brows at me.

“Unfortunately?! He’s the most wanted bachelor out there!”

I go to my laughing mode with a throw of head at my back.

“Why? Miss Riley! He is…. He’s a dream guy….” She’s wet, as in all wet, thinking about him. “He’s 28, billionaire, with unmatched looks, towering, ripped in muscles, with a pair of smashing the heart blue eyes….” She’s using her right hand in the air to portray him to me. I’m laughing under my lips at her, the least interested. She’s living the moment though…. “He’s…. Yeah….”

I think she’s with him in the bed right now running some wild scenes…. Ha-ha!

“Are you alright, darling?”

She’s in that story…. Lost in the room…. Living it…. Ha-ha! I pat her back. She snaps out of it.

Welcome back…. Hope it was good…. Ha-ha! Oh…. These youngsters…. Ha-ha!

“Oh! I’m sorry…. Well, you’ll see him.” She’s embarrassed. “He’s a cold guy though. He’s strict and all that. But it’s normal for one at his level….”

She’s in love with him…. Poor thing….

“Don’t worry, dear. I don’t care how he is. It’s his business. All this is only a one-time thing, none of us wanted, which will end in a few.”

Her face brightens at my words, like the threat was removed something, as if I’m even a threat compared to her. But she’s sincere in all she says. I flash her a friendly smile.

“Shoot! I forgot about my orders again! I’m sorry, Miss Riley!” She’s standing in a hurry with the tray in her hands, all panicked. “I need to go! But I’ll see you later before you go! So nice to meet you! Really!” She hits the door with her back.

She’s slow alright….

“Ha-ha! Oops! Talk later!” And she’s out the door with me waving at her and laughing under my lips.

I grab my phone, motioning my head in disbelief.

“Poor thing…. She’s in love with the bastard…. Oh, well…. Let’s text Emily while waiting…. Can’t wait to finish this and bomb my ass home….”

And I first check Em’s message which is a novel….

Not texting you back…. Not even reading your text…. I’ll drink by myself and plunge on the couch, with some movie to lull me to sleep…. Yeah…. Good plan….

And the door opens while I’m still with my eyes that are crowned by my glasses….

“I’m sorry to keep you waiting, Miss Riley.”

No worries…. Just place your ass on the armchair and let’s get over with it.

Yes, he’s having a strong, manly and sexy voice. No wonder Jessica is in wet panties. It doesn’t work on me though. I’m the same as before.

I stand up and take my silly persona, extending my hand.

“No worries, Mr. Gilbert.”

Yeah, he’s like she said and more. They would make such a perfect couple in appearances.

He’s having a chocolate messy hair, but neat at the same time. He’s indeed a perfect man. He’s checking me out, in a diplomatic manner, and gives me a smirk, keeping my hand into his while I’m staring at our hands, waiting for him to let go.

“Well, my grandma knows how to pick them.”

She sure does.

I snort into laughter. He’s staring into my eyes with those rare blue eyes of his.

“I know, Mr. Gilbert. She’s a funny one on some aspects, but a lovely old lady.”

Let go of my hand.

Chapter 3 – I Think He’s Playing With Me…


“Mr. Gilbert? Umm…. Your hand. Could you…. Thanks.”

“I’m sorry.”

No worries.

“Please, take a seat.”

I would rather go home…. Fine.

I smile and take a seat while he’s raking his eyes all over me, taking a seat as well, like a lion on that armchair in front of me. He’s in an all-black suit, neat, and deadly for all the women out there. I just want to walk away from here.

“No problem. So, how is this going to go?”

He’s staring at me.

Oh, boy…. I just want a fast exit. That’s all I’m asking for…. And I complete my promise….

I’m crossing my legs and intertwin my hands on my knee, smiling.

Let’s…finish…. It’s late for the librarian…. She wants to sleep with a meowing cat around her….

“Shouldn’t we introduce ourselves?”

He goes for the entire shit? Jeez….

He’s smirking.

“Well, what do you want to know, Mr. Gilbert?”

I’m doomed…. He’s going to take some time with all this…. It’s clearly a fail between us…. Why bother, kid? Shit….

“Everything that you can tell me about you. My grandma always fails in informing me for the dates she forces upon me….”

Yeah…. She did the same to me….

I take my normal self, serious one, but smiling, take off my glasses and place them on the table.

“Mr. Gilbert. Let’s go straight to the outcome of the night.”

His eyes are playing stars at me. I ignore as I can’t stand all this anymore. I really don’t want to be here.

“Look. You don’t want to be here, I don’t want to be here. I don’t want to get to know you, you don’t want to get to know me. We both promised to meet under your grandmother’s wants. We did that. Even if she has detectives to check up on things, no one can’t say we haven’t. What we discuss in here has no relevance whatsoever. So, let’s settle on same type of story to serve your grandma with and go our separate ways. Or, say whatever you want to her tomorrow or whenever you decided to tell her, and I’ll confirm everything to her. No matter what you would want to say to her, feel free to do it. I take no offence. I think it’s best to not continue this nonsense more just for the sake of it. I’m sure you have better things to do as I do. Do we have a deal?” I twist my head at him at the last part with a professional smile.

He’s silent, with his eyes on me, like scanning my soul, smirking.

And Jessica has just come in with his drink. Whisky. She’s intimidated at his sight. He doesn’t look at her, arresting me with his eyes.

Please, Jessica…. Help…. The bastard doesn’t want to finish this….

She says nothing, serving him with his drink and I’m sighing in frustration.

“Can I bring you something else, Miss Riley?”

Some gas and matches? I would go for a rave party…. Ha-ha!

I smile at her and she smiles back.

“No, darling. I’m fine. Thank you.”

She nods and walks away.

Can’t you take me with you? Shit…. I really didn’t need this…. What is he waiting for?

“Well, now you’ve got me interested, Miss Riley.”

WHAT?! He’s kidding me right now, right?

He’s having some whisky and I’m looking at him stupefied, with my head a bit aside, and a bad teacher grimace. He’s still smirking and indeed looks interested.

I wore this entire outfit to be a repellent, to make me fat, to have double eyes, screwing with my vision, and you’ve got interested? He’s fucked in the brains….

“Interested? In what, if you don’t mind me asking?”

He has twinkling stars in his eyes, smiling, leaned back on his armchair. I’m frustrated…

“In your person, obviously. Can I call you Kassandra?”

No, kid.

He has a raspy voice.

“I’m known by Miss Riley, only the closest people call me Kassandra, Mr. Gilbert.”

He’s having a mischievous smile.

“We’re at a blind date. Isn’t it normal to call each other on our first names?”

Hmm…. Not.

“It depends. This one was forced, not wanted. So, let’s keep it in a formal manner, Mr. Gilbert. I’m not interested in more than this meeting and I would love to shorten it, if you don’t mind. There is nothing that could work between us. I don’t want to be rude, but it’s a fact.”

I think he’s playing with me…. But it’s not necessary. No one wants you, kid. Meaning me. Or he’s revenging through me on his grandma…. Could be…. Still, I want my ass out of here…. Five minutes have long passed….

He crosses his leg over the other, drinking some more whisky, with some…lustful eyes at me?

Kid? Are you for real? He’s so fucked in the brains….

I’m blinking in a frown at him.

“Sometimes forced becomes wanted. And formal turns into informal. I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I’m interested in more. And this is a fact. Why do you think nothing could work between us?”

I’m still blinking and he’s smirking.

He’s playing….

I’m chewing from my inner left cheek. He airs such arrogance and has a dominant personality. Like if he wants something, it doesn’t matter the rest.

I’ve had enough….

“I’m here because of a promise for only to show up. That was end deal, Mr. Gilbert. Nothing can change my initial opinion and want, no matter who’s in front of me. I’m not interested in general to have a relationship. Your grandmother helped me in something, and she didn’t want me to repay her help in another way than with this. So, see, it can’t work. You seem a nice guy, a have-it-all one, and you don’t lack female attention to play with me, too. I’m a really boring person and have my focus on other life aspects. I thank you for showing your interest, yet, let’s put an end to this as it’s only appropriate.”

I cast a look at my watch which is showing the real time for once.

“Well, the time promised is up, and I need to go.”

My phone is buzzing again.

Em? Just leave it….

I bet it’s her. He’s like a predator in eyes at me, biting his lower lip. I stand up and take my phone, rejecting the call.

“Why don’t you want to give a chance?”

He’s crazy and a playboy….

I’m dressing my eyes with the glasses, smile at him with a twist of my head, taking my purse.

“Well, Mr. Gilbert. I’m too old for this. It was nice meeting you and thank you for inviting me in such a club. You have fine tastes for how it looks. Now, excuse me, I took too much of your time.”

Bye-bye. Sayonara. I’m out of here. Mission completed, grandma. I came, I talked, I walked out. This is all I agreed to.

“Have a great evening, Mr. Gilbert, and I hope your grandmother won’t force you again with another blind date.” I nod, flash a goodbye smile, and turn to the exit while he’s somehow in awe at me. I don’t know or need to know what’s his deal. I’m almost at the door.

“I’ll tell grandma that you rejected me and that I’m very upset on her.”

I’m with my hand on the door’s handle. I’m containing a laughter.

Well, she always says you’re a brat.

Yeah, he’s got a playful, husky voice.

“You do that, Mr. Gilbert. But don’t be upset on her. She loves you very much. Wish you all the best.”

I haven’t turned at him, and I go out the door, shutting it behind me.

Finally…. I can go now….

I’m taking my glasses off, place them in my purse, do the same with my hair pin, rake my fingers through my hair to give it a sort of arranged style, walking down the hallway to the stairs, unbutton my suit jacket, do the same with first four buttons on my shirt as I’m so damn hot since I reached here, and I breathe with relief for the first time in hours.

Well…. Let’s go home…. The hell day came to an end….

I decide to take off my jacket as well and put it on my arm. I hear a door opening behind me, but I’m already going down the stairs.

Without my sloppy look, once I reach people on my way, I turn some heads at my sight, and they stop talking. Yeah, I’m a natural beauty. Took it from my mom. I’m in my serious grimace and stare, not looking at people, just making my way out, with a straight, nobiliary stance and walk.

And a man’s voice….

“Who is she? Haven’t seen her before….”

And another….

“Don’t know…. But she’s something….”

Oh, shut up…. 

I take an ongoing call and answer.

“Yes, Em. I’m heading home, and yes, everything is like before.” I’m halfway to the main entrance, going through people who are dancing, and more men turn at my sight.

God…. I hate when they do that…. I was just hot with all that on me….

“You’re stupid!”

I roll my eyes.


Jessie spots me and gives me a look all over, googling her eyes.

“Kass? YOU’RE 34!” She’s pissed. I distance a bit the phone from my ear and briefly close my eyes, sighing. Yeah, well….

“So? What’s your point?” I’m in front of Jessie as she’s kind of blocking me, all thrilled at me. I’m blinking and smirking at her.


Blah-blah…. Talk to the hand, Em….

“Miss Riley! Whoa! You…. How did…. What happened to…. WOW!”

Yeah, I’ve got a perfect natural cleavage as well.

She’s walking around me and I’m following her with my stare, amused over her shock.

“Jessica? Slow down, darling. You get me dizzy.” I shove my phone in my pants’ pocket which is being banged by Em’s calls. Yeah, she’s in her sugar rush on me right now.

“It’s like I’ve met two different people! In a second you become like the hottest one out there! And you’re…34…. I feel expired looking at you….” She’s serious with all this, freaked out at me, in a good way.

I burst into laughter.

“Jessica, sweetie…. I think you’re seeing things. It’s the normal me. Nothing has changed, darling. It was nice meeting you. Hope you’ll take those acting classes and become an actress. Have a good night and shift.” I wink at her while she’s with her hands over her mouth.

Oh…. These kids….

I flash her a smile and wave at her, heading to the exit.

“G-Good night, Miss Riley! Wow….”

Good night, sweetie…. Wish I was at your age again…. Things were sweeter…. Yes….

I sigh and walk out.

When Pablo sees me, he turns his head twice at me, like being hit who’s actually coming out. I wink at him.

“Good night, Pablo.”

And his voice behind me….

“What the….” A surprised one.

Yeah, my suit jacket is three sizes bigger than my figure, and now they see my real figure as my shirt is in my pants and the pants are at waist level. And the jacket was over the bottom.

I walk down the street until I reach my black Audi sports car. It’s the latest model. I deactivate the alarm, sigh, and throw my stuff on the back seat.

The air of the night is refreshing…. Mmm….

I take off my shirt as well and throw it on the back seat, remaining in a black tank that embraces my body.

I’m so hot…. Good I can take them off now…. Sorry, Mrs. Gilbert. I was rude to your grandson…. But he’ll be just fine…. It wouldn’t have worked anyways. I’m not the type for this. I told you. Haven’t lied to you one bit.

I get in the car, start the engine, music pops at maximum, and I press the acceleration pedal to drive away to my home.

Kitty? Mommy’s coming home…. Hope you haven’t scratched the furniture again…. He, he, he… Oh! I hate it when she does that….

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Chapter 4 – The Bastard Should Have Been Here…

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Chapter 4 – The Bastard Should Have Been Here…
Billionaire’s Baby Liar
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Chapter 4 – The Bastard Should Have Been Here…
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Chapter 6 – Just A Bratty Billionaire
Chapter 7 – You’re Some Kinky Kid, Huh?
Chapter 8 – I Must Be So Damn Valuable To Them…
Chapter 9 – He Did Keep Me Away From His Business…
Chapter 10 – Here’s A ‘Demo’, Boss
Chapter 11 – You’re Already A Dead Man Walking…
Chapter 12 – You’re Sentenced To Death For Everything You Did Wrong!
Chapter 13 – He’s Like A F*cking Man, Not Like A Boy…
Chapter 14 – You Really Are F*cked In The Brains, Aren’t You?
Chapter 15 – He Was Crazy As A Kid, Now He’s Beyond That!
Chapter 16 – No One Can F*cking Put Me Down
Chapter 17 – The Bratty Grandson
Chapter 18 – And You’ll Obey To It!
Chapter 19 – I Can’t Take Bad News About This Anymore…
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