• May 13, 2021

Billionaire’s Baby Killer (Chapters 1-3) FREE READING 😉😇❤😘🙌


When he hates all his life his soon-to-be wife…

Rachel! Weren’t you announced over today’s event? Come home! Now! It’s tragic and important at the same time!” And she hangs up the call.

What?! What is this brat saying?!

“Alright! You need to…marry…him.” She backs off her head with each word for the pauses.

What? I don’t think I’ve heard it right. She needs to marry him?

“Now. You tell me what’s the meaning of this. We’re adults, so I expect more sense coming out of your mouth. Why is my sister saying I must marry you? And why are there consequences if I don’t? I’ll leave aside the twisted scenario and I’m listening.”

He bites his lower lip staring into my eyes in a confrontation.

Genres of the book: Billionaire Romance, Curvy Girl Romance, Mafia Romance, Dark Mafia Romance, Possessive Alpha Males, Strong Female Lead, Enemies to Lovers, Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy, Action, Comedy, Suspense, Mystery, Thriller, with a HEA.

*This book contains language and mature themes. Suitable for +18 audience because of that.

Billionaire’s Baby Killer, by Andra-Cristiana Stan, Romania. Copyright © May 2021. All Rights Reserved

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This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

Chapter 1 – What Is This Brat Saying?!


“See you guys next time!” I wave at my two best friends Bianca and Helen while I’m taking the elevator to walk out from a girls’ meeting.

Bianca is about to marry and she’s having cold feet. She’s fine now…. Until midnight, probably….

“Bye, Rachel! You’re lucky you don’t have someone to worry about!” Bianca grins at me with a foxy stare, waving back, and the elevator’s doors are closing. I’ve rolled my eyes at her and puffed.

Yes, I’m a career woman at thirty-three. Marriage or relationships aren’t a concern of mine.

The elevator is going to the lobby with me in Bianca’s building and my phone starts ringing.

Who’s calling me at eight in the evening? Hope is not work related…. I’m fed up with problems.

I fish out my phone from my purse. It’s my little sister calling. I puff one more time, getting out of the elevator, strolling to the exit while the security is greeting me again. I smile at the security guard and take the call.

“Yes, Katherine. What did you do now?”

She’s nineteen….

“Sis! Where are you?! You should have been here an hour ago!” She’s in a concerned voice and she’s barking at me, making me distance the phone from my ear and sigh.

I’m walking to where I’ve parked my sports BMW car.

“Kat? I don’t know what you’re talking about. And lower the voice. I already have a headache.”

I open my car and throw my purse in the back. I’m rubbing my left temple because of the pulsating pain I have in my brain. I haven’t eaten today, and I had a turmoil in meetings. I’m a Marketing Manager specialized in social media.

She goes silent and I know she’s giving her bitchy roll of eyes as I never get her. The clash between generations. She’s like my daughter most of the times.

I get inside the car with a grumpy stomach and start the engine, driving away with my apartment’s destination.

“Rachel! Weren’t you announced over today’s event? Come home! Now! It’s tragic and important at the same time!” And she hangs up the call.

What?! What is this brat saying?!

The headache I had is now exploding my brains pit, my heart is taking some punches, and my spine is thrilled in shivers. I try calling back, but she has closed the phone.

“UGH! YOU BRAT! You throw the bomb and then go low?! Typical! What event?! What is she saying?! Tragic and important?!”

Of course I’m taking a U-turn to head to my parents’ home now because of the little devil!

“If you did something bad like you usually do and call me there to cover you in front of mom and dad? Your little ass is dead! Watch me! Man!”

My breathing is taking my state and I’m driving home with light speed. In my mind all types of scenarios are rolling. I recall she wanted a tattoo on her left thigh and mom opposed. If she did that and she’s calling me to advocate for her on that? She’s got it coming.

No, I’m not calling mom or dad. If she did something wrong and I call them to find out, she’s grounded. So yeah, I have to be a good big sis. For the brat. But that doesn’t include our rumble…. Oh yeah!

While I’m driving from New York City to our home, which is fifty minutes away from here, a storm is forming, and thunders are battling the sky.

“Great! Tragic and important! Go figure! Thank you, God! Thank you for highlighting the tragic part! What the fuck did she do this time?!”

I’m halfway home and my breathing is labored as I’m running her phone call in my mind. She was barking, concerned, and sincere, and I think I’m going to kill my little sister. Yeah.

The storm is like a fiery dragon and the rain is smashing on my car. The road is like a fucking mirror under the dark night. I try calling her again, yet I receive her voice mail with the same stupid message:

“I’m doing my nails. Leave a message. I might call you back.”

And then she has a bitchy laughter for the closing part.

“UGH!” I end the call. “Please, God. Don’t…. I hope she hasn’t had sex with someone and got pregnant.”

That is considered tragic by my parents. I have no event mentioned to be a part of.

I get sweaty as I’m worrying for what’s next. She’s a typical rebel, nothing like I was and am. She’s into all sorts of going against my strict parents. She had her first boyfriend at fourteen. That landed her in the hospital for a virginity checkup by my dad when he found out. He’s the type to allow us to be and do whatever we want in life after twenty-one. I can’t say it’s a bad thing to have such parents when you are someone like me who doesn’t party and all that. But for someone like my sister? It’s Hell on Earth.

On the road, at about fifteen minutes from home, I have a black limousine, the most expensive one, in front of my car which is going with a speed for a Sunday drive. This drives me crazy as I’ve got issues with tragic and important at home.

“Can you go slower than that?! What the fuck is a limousine doing out here?! Hellooo! It’s not New York City! You don’t need to show off here! Are you out for a funeral or something?!”

The problem is that the storm gives a low vision on the road and cars are coming from the other side, so it’s difficult to get past it the usual way. I’m stuck in the ass of a fucking limousine!

My blood is pumping my veins and I think I’m a beetroot at face because of this! I’m exercising control through breathing, but the cursing wave gets out of my fucking mouth, nonetheless, covered by the loud music in my car, to be able to not honk the limousine or flash my lights at it. I would fucking beat the shit out of that driver right now! Or the fucking owner!

“Son of a bitch! Look at how slow he’s driving! What the fuck are you doing?! Why are you delaying?! SPEED THE FUCK UP! GOD! GIVE ME STRENGHT! I HAD A HELL DAY TODAY, BIANCA TOPPED IT, AND KAT GAVE ME THE FINAL BLOW! YOU REALLY DIDN’T HAVE TO ADD ON THAT! JESUS!”

I’m taking deep breaths…. I’m with my eyes on the ass of the limousine like an eagle on its fucking prey!

“There’s a crossroad! Go right! Let me go my left! TAKE THE FUCKING RIGHT! TAKE IT! GO AWAY! SHIT! It’s going on the left….”

I sigh in defeat and my brains are splashed in the car. And the night has just begun…. Yeah.

So, I follow the fucking limo all the way to my street. We’ve got a small white villa here. Spacious enough for two parents and two daughters. There are two floors and an open attic. My little devil has occupied the open attic for the last five years for her privacy. A beautiful garden surrounds my house with fruit trees and all that. It’s beautiful out here and the area is somehow quiet.

“What the fuck is going on?” I google my eyes at my house.

There are a lot of cars, all brand, expensive ones, like Mercedes, Maserati, and another limo, similar to the one that is in front of me which is leisurely parking along the others.

My parents aren’t rich people. I mean, yeah, we’re not poor, but we don’t hang out with such people. This is strange. Yes, I have an expensive car myself, but it’s worked and paid by yours truly. I’m still paying loans for it for the next five years.

She got pregnant with some rich kid? Fuck…. If there aren’t any gun shots, it means dad is still in the thinking process. Shit….

I park in the majestic ass of the fucking limo as there’s no place left to park my car. I’m a fucking ticking bomb with both the limo driver and what’s inside the house.

A hunky bodyguard something gets down from the passenger’s seat of the limo to open the door for the person in the back. I’m stopping the engine to my car, but my eyes are glued on him like a rabid beast ready to engage in a fucking bloodbath, cursing under my lips, for the fifteen minutes of torment. No, the rain and storm have just ceased.

I get down from my car with only my keys and phone, slam the door, and walk to my gate, eyeing the bodyguard who’s keeping the door open, but the person is not getting down.

You son of a bitch! Who the fuck is he to drive like that on the fucking road and now to block my fucking gate for me to have no fucking place to park my car?!

I’m with my long curly dark blonde hair in a messy bun, dressed in a pants suit tailored to my body, and with some flat leather shoes. Oh, and a light blue shirt with first button loose tucked in my pants.

I’m opening the buttons to my suit jacket as I’m on fire. I have the stare of a killer and the grimace of a devil, walking with angry steps, chewing from my left cheek, flaming under my nostrils.

The bodyguard notices me and raises his eyebrows, and this is the moment when the person steps down from the fucking limo. I don’t see him from how inflamed I am. I just see a God-like figure, towering, in an Armani suit or something, neat from head to toes, with short dark honey hair in a messy but sexy style.

He’s buttoning his suit jacket and sighs when I’m next to him, facing the bodyguard. He looks at the bodyguard and then at me. I don’t see his face as I’m on killer mode.

I cross my arms, and twist my head at him, with my left eyebrow up.

“Mister? Two things. One. Why the fuck did you have your limo drive so slow on the road?! And two. Why the fuck did you park in front of my house?!”

No, I think I’ll kill this guy.

His deep green eyes sparkle and take a scan over my being from head to toes and back, slowly. I’m contracting my jawline.

“Hello? Up here.” I motion my right hand at him to look at my head.

He says nothing, but a smirk is conjuring on his lips. He’s indeed perfection in beauty and everything for a man, capturing your heart and soul as a woman at first sight. Not me though.

I roll my eyes in rage and puff.

“Fine! It doesn’t matter anymore! Make way!” I walk with hurried steps to my gate, leaving him and his man behind.

“Fucking moron with your fucking limousine and your fucking driver…. Gosh!” I spat while walking and opening the gate which, surprise, it’s not locked.

It’s fine that the gate it’s not locked as I forgot my keys in the car, but anyways. It’s always locked. Well, there’s all these cars around, lights on, so yeah.

While approaching the main entrance’s door, my heart is thumping in my chest for the reason I’m here. I don’t know what’s that wrong to be tragic and I don’t know what I shall do to be at my sister’s side in all this.

My hand rests on the door’s handle for a few seconds to regroup myself and I take a deep breath.

Whatever it is, dad is first to start the killing. I need to place myself between Kat and him. Yep. At least she’ll have time to take a hike….

And I open the door to have my sister revealed before my eyes, pacing on the hallway, dressed in short black pants, a dark green top tank and a pair of sneakers, with her hair in a ponytail. The door to the living room is shut and there are murmurs in there from different people. She’s a curvy girl like me, the type with the right curves in the right places. Her eyes are baby blue like mine and her hair is raven-hue.

When she turns to meet my puzzled and ignorant stare, she widens her eyes with panic and has a halt in breathing, rushing her steps to me.

What the fuck did you do, Kat?!

I don’t shut the door behind me as I’m just one step in the house, and I’m too tensed up in my all.

“Kat? What did you do this time?” I’m breathing in torments, staring into her exclamation marks of eyes, speaking on a low volume to be able to get what’s happening first from her.

She grabs my left hand with both her hands.

“Sis?” She’s panting. “I-I…. I didn’t do…. It’s about….” She has no coherent speaking and now she stops, with her lips growing a gap, tilting her stare behind me.

“Kat! What’s all this about? Why are you acting like this?” No, I don’t look behind.

I’m concerned about her reaction because she never, like never, has a problem voicing herself. This leads me to the worst scenario possible. She’s probably slept with someone and she’s pregnant. She had dad and mom find out and now it’s war time. And I’m here to sacrifice myself for her life probably…. Which I will in front of mom and dad. I won’t let her suffer as I know my dad’s ways, and I love the brat with all my heart.

I yank her by her hands on mine.


She’s still looking behind me and now her eyes come back into mine.

“I’m speaking to you!” I’m still in a low voice all this time. “You called me because something tragic and important is happening! I drove all the way here! Tell me what that is! Did you sleep with someone? Are you pregnant? Why are all those cars parked outside and why all those people inside? Tell me something! I can’t protect you in front of dad if I don’t know what that is! Start speaking, Kat! I know nothing of an event for tonight! You just called me, told me of tragic and important, and event, and then you hung up on me! I know any of it, Kat! Stop driving me crazy and say something!”

“Sis? It’s because of the gorgeous, hot, all sturdy, and most expensive guy behind you.”

My eyes pop at her and she’s all wet for the guy behind me.

She’s pregnant with a rich kid…. Dad is going to kill us all….

And I hear a chuckle behind me.

Without letting go of her, I turn my slaying swords of eyes behind me to find the moron with the limo staring at us with a full smirk and gaming sparkles in his damned eyes.

“Is this the father of the child, Kat? He’s not your age, Kat. He’s in his late twenties by the looks of him.” I’m fucking boiling at him and he’s laughing under his lips, shaking his head.

“What?! Sis! I’m not pregnant! Well, I wouldn’t have minded with one like him though…. Ha-ha!”

I turn my beast eyes at her.

“What did you say?! Watch your mouth, Kat!”

She gulps her saliva and looks back at me as she’s been drooling over the moron.

“So, you’re not pregnant. That’s good. Then what’s the issue here? I don’t get it. Why is the moron behind me the reason for tragic, important, event thingy? Huh? I’ve got a headache in full explosion right now, Kat. Stop playing and spill the beans.” I motion my hand at my back to point at him while mentioning him.

My heart is booming my chest and I can’t shake the feeling of something really bad happening, though I’m relieved she’s not pregnant and that’s not the issue.

Her panicked eyes return and has another halt in breathing.

“Umm…. It’s…. Umm…. I mean….”


“Alright! You need to…marry…him.” She backs off her head with each word for the pauses.

I’m the one now in a halt of everything, frowning in shock, twist my head, and I’m now blinking.

What? I don’t think I’ve heard it right. She needs to marry him?

Silence at my back.

“What did you say? You need to marry him? Why do you need to marry him?” Yeah, I’m not in touch with reason on this.

She snorts into laughter.

“No, silly! You need to marry him. But I’m available….” She winks at him and beams, undergoing her sexy rebel attitude.

I’m out of comprehending for a few seconds and just stare at her like before.

“Sis?” She becomes serious and leans her head at her right at me as I’m blocked.

And I come back.

“What did you say?! Me?! What’s that supposed to mean?! Are you kidding me right now? Stop playing games, Kat. Tell me. What’s between you and him? Why my presence is important?”

She has her bitchy roll of eyes and retracts her hands from mine, crossing her arms.

“You better go inside and speak to dad and him and his parents, and whatever else, sis. I did my part in calling you here. It’s bad because it’s…. You must marry him, or…. There are consequences if not.” She’s again in her panicked sparkles.

I sigh, lower my head, shut my eyes, and try to keep calm. Nothing of what she’s saying makes sense.

Alright. I’ll ask the moron.

I open my eyes at Kat.

“Go inside then. Come on. Stop drooling and go inside this instance!”

Yeah, she’s all over him with her eyes.

“Alright! Jesus!” She goes with a last smirk and glance at the moron.

I shake my head at her and take a deep breath to confront the fucker.

My fuming face and stare turns at him and we’re facing each other. He’s in same smirk and with a blast of fireworks in his eyes at me.

“Now. You tell me what’s the meaning of this. We’re adults, so I expect more sense coming out of your mouth. Why is my sister saying I must marry you? And why are there consequences if I don’t? I’ll leave aside the twisted scenario and I’m listening.”

Yeah, the one opening the door to his limo is behind him.

He bites his lower lip staring into my eyes in a confrontation. I have no fucking emotion or intimidation. I’m a fucking bull. 

I would so beat the hell out of you.

“Hmm…. They haven’t told you.”

My left eyebrow spikes and my eyes are a mad dog. His voice is deep, manly, sexy, husky.

“Tell me what? Can you please move to the important part? I’m at the end of patience here and you’ve already killed my brains with your fucking limo on the road to have an ounce of reason before violence.” My chest is heaving because of how messed up I am inside with all the day I had, and now with the bomb of the night.

His eyes take in my face and a devilish smile corners his mouth.

“You were sold to my family since birth, Rachel. For when the son of my family would be born and of age to marry. I didn’t want to marry you as well, but I’m coerced to do so. I’ve postponed it for some years until I got a deadline. For tonight. Reason I’m here. If you don’t marry, all your family’s assets are gone as they are my family’s. Your job, your everything goes out the window. Same with your parents.”

My lips tremble in a smile as I’m containing an outburst of laughter. He’s serious though. And I have the outburst of laughter.

“Oh man! Best joke of the fucking year! Ha-ha!”

Well, yeah. Everything I’ve ever achieved is on my own efforts. There’s nothing my parents did to help me more than paying for my studies and all that. My apartment, I’ve worked for it and paid it myself. My car, the same. My job, I found it myself. All my jobs. Nothing came to me without work and sacrifices of my own. And my parents knew nothing before I landed the respective job and signed the contract. The same for everything else. They had no involvement in my fucking life once I went on my own at twenty-one and moved in my first rental, paid with my own worked money. I have asked nothing from my parents as a start-up help.

And for marriage before this joke? I’ve never wanted a relationship and I’ve never even dated because I’ve been focused to do something with my life and have all that I want through my own efforts. I did have lots of suitors and still have, but I’ve rejected them all. My parents have never interdicted me to marry or have a boyfriend or whatever.

They did ask me from time to time why I never present them someone or if I’m with someone. And I explained them what I explained to you just now. They sighed in relief and at one point when I asked them why their constant question when they already know the answer along the years, they brushed it off with the ‘we thought that you don’t want to maybe because you’re a lesbian and are hiding it from us’.

I stood there perplexed for what my ears heard as justification from them. I told them with a not so calm attitude that I’m not and how could they think that of me, their daughter. If I were, I wouldn’t have covered it, no matter their views. But I’m not, honestly. I only know to work my ass out and rarely have time to go out with my female friends because of how busy my career life is. My best nights are when I hit home earlier and hug the fucking bed to sleep.

“It’s not a joke, Rachel….” My dad’s voice is almost a whisper behind me.

I’m staring into the moron’s eyes with a raise of my eyebrows, moving my eyes left and right, becoming serious. My heart is punching my ribcage and I have icy shivers down my spine at dad’s voice. He never jokes and he’s always a straightforward man. But the tone of his voice is apologetic, and remorse is present.

I’m with a ragged breathing and the moron is in same smirk and excitement in his deep green eyes. The house is spinning with me, but I’m standing. I can’t comprehend all this nonsense. I’m fucking thirty-three for God’s sake! You can’t do this to me or force me! I’m a fucking adult!

What did he say? No. He couldn’t have said that. This is staged or something. It’s stupid to do this even as a fucking prank but to be real about it!

Chapter 2 – I’m Out Of Marriage In A Second


“Come on, man! That’s a hot woman! Ha-ha!”

I’m in one of my clubs with my best friends Jordan and Drew, in a private room. Jordan is showing me a girl who caught his eye downstairs on the dance floor. She’s moving her almost naked body on the music surrounded by other girls, making a show. Jordan is the one speaking.

That’s a fucking bimbo. She’s hot, flashy, and that’s all. No substance in her.

I sip from my whisky on the rocks glass and stroll back to my seat on the sofa.

“Yeah, she is. No more than a one fuck though. Not even that for me. But she’s on your like.”

We’re all billionaires, coming from excessive rich families for generations way back. We’re men you see on the covers of magazines. Both businessmen and hottest males with a lot of media attention and scandals.

Jordan Grayson is twenty-six and the son of Grayson Empire Real Estates. He’s towering, buffed, has emerald eyes and a dirty blond, wavy hair, styled in trends for our level. He has just taken over the main chair in his empire. He’s wearing a dark grey three-piece suit, a light grey shirt, a tie to match his outfit, and a pair of black leather shoes.

Drew Michaels is twenty-seven and the son of High-Tech Misha Empire. He’s the same as Jordan, but with jade eyes, raven-hue hair and wearing a dark cherry suit with a white shirt and a tie to match. He’s taken the main chair in his family’s business since last year.

I’m Alexander Braxer and I’m twenty-eight. I’m the son of Braxer Industries. I’ve taken the business from my dad five years ago. We’re the richest and deadliest out there. I’m towering and ripped in muscles, with green eyes, dark blonde hair, wearing a three-piece black suit, white shirt, a dark grey tie and black leather shoes.

Another thing all three of us have in common is that we’re mafia bosses with me being the head over them all. Our families are in a strong bond for generations. And us three are like brothers, but I’m their boss in the underground.

Both Drew and Jordan take seats on the sofa across mine and grab their glasses of whisky. Jordan is grinning at me for what I said. Drew is looking at him shaking his head with a smile.

“You and your picky tastes, Alex.” Jordan spats at me drinking from his glass.

Well, I have high standards. I’m fed up with women without a backbone. I like women to make me chase them, not the other way around.

I smirk at him.

“I’m a main player, Jordan. I dislike women offering themselves on a plate. Where’s the fun in that?” I’m crossing my legs, sitting on the sofa like the emperor I am.

I have plenty of women. Never the same one. I’m highly active in my sexual life as I’m a man who needs it. Like Jordan and Drew. But I never like flashy and brothel-like women. I’m one attracted to real women with substance in them. Yet, I never engage feelings as I’ve never felt it. It’s strictly sex. And all the women I fucked or fuck, know this. I’m a player, but not one to serve fake promises to get what I want. No woman has ever fucking refused me. One glance at me and they are at my fucking feet without questions asked. But I choose those women who at least put an act to cover the impact I have on them at first sight.

Jordan bobs his head with same bratty grin.

“I don’t know, man. You better make the most of your bachelor life. Among us, you’re the one forced to marry a woman you don’t want. A woman chosen even before you were born.”

I look aside in anger, clenching my jawline, for the reminder of that. I sigh and sip some whisky.

“Shut the fuck up, Jordan.”

Drew pushes his arm to not stir me up.

“What did I say? It’s the truth, Drew. I’m not trying to upset him. We all know since last week his dad has mentioned about that woman and how his single life is closing. I was just saying to enjoy life before being tied down to an unknown woman whom he might not even like for fuck’s sake.”

“He didn’t want to know her. He refused to see her pictures and all. Because he doesn’t want her. And you start with your manifestations, Jordan. You know it’s a trigger for him. Let him enjoy his single life without mentioning that.” Drew is annoyed on Jordan and Jordan sighs in defeat, pouring himself another whisky.

Yes, I’ve never wanted to know about her. I was supposed to marry her once I took over five years ago. I went against my dad and told him to give me a break for some years to deal with the business problems and the underground. I know her name is Rachel Verliant and that she’s five years older than me. She has a little sister, fourteen years younger than her. I also know Rachel is now a Marketing Manager at one of the biggest Marketing companies on the market, but I didn’t allow to know more.

Without my want, since I was sixteen, I fucking hate her. That’s when I was told I’ll marry the one they want me to. I can do whatever I want in life, but the woman to marry must be the one my parents choose. It was the same for my dad and the ones before him.

No, my dad and mom are in a happy marriage and their chosen one, though with a rocky beginning, was the right one. They love each other like crazy even today.

But first-born son who takes over in our family is bound to marry like this. I have a younger sister; she’s twenty-one. She can marry whoever she wants. Of course, not whoever, but she’s not obliged to marry a set person like I am.

Why I hate her? I don’t hate her for her as a person. But I’m not one to impose me things and I to follow. I’m a fucking Alpha man who can’t stand that. I’m feared by everyone and no one dares to cross me in any way. Who does dare, ends up in a bad situation or even in grave, depending on the situation.

However, I can’t go against my own dad and the rules I must obey on this. So, I hate her, no matter who she is. And at her 33, I’m sure she’s a fucking trashed woman or whatever. My dad and mom had one year between them and he did marry her at 23 as they were set. Yes, it’s my fault I didn’t want to marry at 23 and let more years to pass. It’s not her fault she followed her own life as I did.

No, she’s not obliged to follow a monk life as I wasn’t. However, I’m sure my folks have been watching her from the shadows all her life. There’s no step she has made and they don’t know about it. My dad especially. They are fond of her every time they bring her up in a discussion we have and that’s the moment I stand up and go without saying a word back. Rude of me, I know, but you might understand my feelings. I’m just on repellent mode when it comes to her. It’s instinctive. I can’t fucking help it.

It’s not like I have another woman in mind for marriage. I just don’t want that. To live with someone you don’t fucking want or have chosen yourself, it’s the biggest hurdle one can have. It feels like a fucking punishment. She’ll for sure think she won the fucking lottery with me once she sees me and she’ll be all over me. I have nothing missing or what a woman wouldn’t want. Anyways….

I might come up like a bragging one and thinking highly of myself, but I’m speaking the truth and how I feel about this when it comes to my person. I’m sure I won’t even like her like Jordan said. I haven’t seen a woman in my entire life to make me want her as my woman for a serious relationship without the marriage part, but one forced upon me, if you know what I mean.

Women nowadays are only on the money, status, and hotness of a man. Obviously, if you have only money and status, it’s all set for them. Being a hot male is a welcomed bonus. You can do whatever you want to them if first two. There’s no ‘no’ involved and they love you and want to please you with light speed.

Before I want to move my stare on Jordan and Drew, my phone is ringing. I twist my lips fishing it out from my suit jacket.


“Yes, dad?”


He’s in his bossy voice…. Don’t tell me something I don’t want to hear, dad. You take your bossy voice when it’s connected to Rachel.

“Where are you?”

I sip from my glass and frown in silence for a few seconds. Jordan and Drew are quiet, looking at me.

“Vorexa Club.”

“I’m sending you address where to come, Alex.”

I’m contracting with my chest heaving. My heart goes crazy as I know what that means.

“Tonight, we seal the deal, son. No more. She’s having a lot of vultures around her and one might get to her. She’s sworn to us, and I won’t allow her to choose someone else because my son wants more time. She’s thirty-three, Alex. My understanding for you as a father has reached its limit. I have all the papers ready for you two to sign and get married.”

Fucking let her choose someone else, dad.

My jawline is at twitching point.

“Dad? If she wants someone else, why don’t we drop the stupid rule and let her do it. We’re not in same times as before. It would be a great moment to change this from my generation on. Why force me and her when we don’t want each other? I don’t want her, dad.”

Both Jordan and Drew widen their eyes at me for she wants someone else. And dad starts yelling….


“Alexander Baxer! You do what you’re supposed to do! It’s your duty in front of me as your father and as the head you are! She doesn’t want someone else! I said she has men around her, wanting her! I won’t allow her think about her age and give a chance to another! One of her best friends is marrying in four days! She might have a review on her life and want to make a family of her own! She’s already having all she wants! A family of her own is the only thing missing! She’s MY daughter-in-law! The daughter-in-law of Baxer family, Alexander! And I’ll hear or accept nothing else!”

I’m chewing from my left cheek, raging inside at refusal, but I’m keeping my calm.

“What if she refuses, dad? Maybe she doesn’t want me. What then?”

He doesn’t delay his answer.

“She will! If not, all her family and her assets are out the window! They go on the streets and fuck their lives! I’ll shut down all their jobs and connections! Do you think I don’t have it covered on her side as well, son? You fucking know your dad, Alex.”

Well, let her refuse me and I’ll make sure to return the favor behind your back to her. Hmm…. Sounds good.

I smirk at that thought, and then twist my lips.

But chances are she will want me…. Fuck….

“All they had since her birth is Baxer. She’s sold to our family. And yes, son. She will refuse you.” I tilt my eyebrows in surprise. “But she won’t be able to go against in the end. Your dad made sure of it.”

I smirk again as I might get my want played and have her refuse me.

Hmm…. She would make me like her to take the exit from my life. I will be free then.

“Alright, dad. Send me address.”

“I expect you here the soonest, son. You’ll make me the happiest father tonight.” He’s having his smile for sure. He hangs up.

“Jesus, man. Is it tonight?”

I slam the glass on the table and stand up, shoving the phone in my jacket, looking at Drew with a genuine smile.

“Yes. The night when I might get out of this old rule. If she refuses me, I can get out of it. She’ll get ruined by dad, but I’ll make sure to solve it for her and her family after tonight.” I turn my back at them and I’m walking to the door. They’re jaw dropped. “It’s not her fault in all this after all….” I step out of the room having my men follow me on the corridor.

My heart is getting a relief and I feel so much better now.

I’m in my limo without my usual cars escort after me, driving to where my dad sent me address. Though I had the relief and feeling better state, I now have my mind haunted by my dad’s words of her refusing me. I’m in the car with my right hand, Walt, who is on the passenger’s seat and my left hand, Vance, who’s driving. They’re the top under me and always with me wherever I go.

There’s a fucking storm and with each thunder my heart riots. I don’t understand why. I’m with a lost stare on the floor, processing all these years since I know she’s the one I must marry, the bomb tonight with our legal marriage signing, and what my dad said about her. I’m dead set to get rid of her on the marriage part and help her for the consequences of her potential refusal as I’m a man of honor who doesn’t let people suffer because of me if innocent.

However, the exact refusal my dad said about her as a certain reaction, somehow traps me into thinking about her. I’ve ordered Vance to not rush the car to have more time till I reach there. It’s not a short trip anyway, but I want it longer to be able to understand what bugs me with all this, though it’s something I want with all my heart.

Maybe he said that to pick my interest in her? He knows me too well. He’s probably playing with me to give her a chance…. But he was sincere. I know him. Maybe he told her how to act before me? She knows for sure she’s bound to marry me and probably knows I’m postponing it.

“Boss?” Walt calls me and I delay tilting my stare at him.

“Yeah?” I sigh, looking on the window on my side, seeing the lightnings web the sky.

“If you need me to show you her picture or any info about her, I have it all on my phone. She’s like an ang….”

I wave him off with my left hand to shut up.

“I don’t want to know anything. I’ll see her there. There’s nothing at her that would make me want her.” I’m with my eyes on the window.

Don’t fucking want to know anything. She needs out of my life. I fucking hate her for years. Nothing would change my feelings.

“Alex…. Why are you so hateful of her? You don’t even know her, man.”

I move my wrathful eyes at Walt, and he sighs in frustration, staring at me.

“You made me shut up and not mention her all these years. But tonight it’s the night when you’re about to see her and have her as your wife. I’m allowed to speak of her now.”

I narrow my stare at him, clenching my jawline. But I’m silent.

“Trust me when I say to you that you’ll completely change your mind when you’ll lay your eyes on her. She’s suitable to you from all aspects. Why do you think your dad accepted your delay? Because she kept herself between limits in life, making your dad give you time. If you were to ask me, she’s a fucking rarity these days against her age. Not that she looks her age, but you know what I mean. She’s not the typical woman of today.”

From a serious grimace and stare, his eyes sparkle and a smug smile flashes on his lips. I’m the same as before at him.

“No one ever opposed you on anything, Alex. They don’t dare. But wait for her to have you before her eyes. Can’t wait to see her in action with you. Ha-ha! Oh man….”

He turns back on his seat, shaking his head, making me frown for I don’t understand what he refers to.

“I’ve seen recordings with her when your dad received them, and he was laughing like crazy. Ha-ha! No fucking man dares to stand before her when she gets mad. And if you cross the line with her? Fucking Christ…. Ha-ha! She’s a perfect Angel in her all, but if you summon the Demon in her? Better watch out. I don’t worry about you, Alex, because you’re the one you are, but she’s not easy to handle and never submits to something. She’s righteous and does everything she needs to do till bleeding of her soul, but if something isn’t right, she’s a fucking punisher. Well, I said she’s suitable to you…. You guys are the same in essence. Her only weak spot is her family as it’s only natural. The rest? She’s unbreakable. Prepare yourself for the biggest refusal of your entire life, Alex. I’m fucking sure she won’t get swayed by you. She had many before and none impressed her. Your dad is keeping tabs on each fucker refused. Ha-ha! His biggest fear was the son of Matreo family, Yuri. That happened two weeks ago.”

He’s so fucking entertained telling me this and not lying as I know him. I’m silent and listening to him, having my heart riot some more. I don’t know why, but Yuri is on my hit list as of now.

“The fucker is obsessed with her and stalked her, binding contracts with the company she works for to have her close to him. And how your dad has her everything and everywhere tapped, he saw her with Yuri in her office when he requested a private meeting with her on the project at hand as she’s the manager. Yuri lost his fucking mind with her and grabbed her for a kiss and whatever the fucker had in mind, but he couldn’t perform his intentions. In three fucking moves, Yuri kissed the floor. Against how the fucker is like you in built, he fucking hit the floor! Ha-ha! He was splashed with his back on the floor and she walked to him, crossing her arms, looking down at him, and told him that next time she kills him if that’s to repeat. She said that from then on, he’ll speak only with the staff under her, and when the current project meets deadline, to not fucking request a new contract with the company or he’s fucking dead, no matter who he is. He can make any contract with the company, but not with what would oblige her to assist him as a client. She then walked to the fucking door, got out, and slammed it behind her. Man! And she has a stare that could literally kill you when she’s in such a state.”

Vance is parking the car and the storm is off for the last minute or so. I’m not thinking of anything, just taking in all this Walt is telling me. But I’m in a conflict inside now. A part of me is leaning to go through with what my dad wants me to do; the other part is in same old rejection.

Walt is stepping down the car and I’m now lost in thinking.

She sure is something. Yuri is one like me and Jordan and Drew. How the fuck could she put him down like that? And for Yuri to lose his mind like that with a woman? Nah…. He would never do that. To impress him like that she must have something rare indeed. What the fuck am I thinking? The fuck I want her. Let Yuri or whoever have her. I won’t have myself forced to marry someone. No fucking way.

I realize Walt has opened my door to get down and I step down, closing my fucking suit jacket, to go and see this marriage shit eliminated from my life, releasing a sigh. But I hear no Walt speaking as he would after that convo in the car and look at him.

What the fuck is wrong with you? Where are you look….

I can’t finish my thought as I turn my stare where he’s looking. He’s in a trance with his eyebrows up. And when I have in sight the object of his stare….  

Just fuck me….

Two baby blue eyes are piercing me with such rage, and the owner of them is like a fucking angel in her all. She crosses her arms, twists her head, and her left eyebrow spikes at me. I’ve never fucking seen something more beautiful than this woman.

I’m out of marriage in a second. You’re mine, baby.

Chapter 3 – We’ll Have An Adventurous Marriage For Sure, Love…


Yeah, I’m hit straight to my heart with her. There’s no conflict in me anymore. Rachel is out. I want this angel. I’ve never had such an inner reaction to any woman in my entire life.



“Two things.”

Whatever you want is yours.

“One. Why the fuck did you have your limo drive so slow on the road?!”


“And two. Why the fuck did you park in front of my house?!”

Your house? You mean you’re….

I can’t help it and my eyes lower from her enthralling eyes with long lashes to her hypnotizing to kiss lips, to her moving chest, to her divine hips, down to her legs and I’m so fucking mesmerized by her though she’s fully clothed, in an office attire, but she’s so damn perfect. And she’s a natural beauty. She’s wearing no makeup. She doesn’t fucking need it.

Her eyes have only fury at me and no string of other emotion at my sight. My stare goes back up to see her again.

I hated the wrong person all these years…. This is the woman I’ve been holding a grudge on? Sorry, dad…. I was stupid. I should have known you wouldn’t get so worked up if she wasn’t perfect in her all….


Even her voice melts you….

“Up here.”  She moves her hand at me to look her in the eyes as I’m indeed in a very sexual assessment over her. 

I look back into her irritated baby blue spears and I can’t say anything. To have the clarity this is Rachel, my wife, the wife I’ve avoided and hated for so long, smashes my being. And she doesn’t put an act in front of me. I see it in her eyes. She has no idea who I am. From her stare since we locked eyes first time till now, she’s hungry to kill me for the slow drive on the road of my limo and parking in front of her house, and for wandering my eyes on her from head to toes and back. Ha-ha!

Oh, baby…. You’re mine. And you really don’t have a way out. I now love the old rule to marry like this that I so loathed.

I have an instant reset in my body and I’m getting heated up, with my heart, for the first time in my life, experiencing warmth and flutters. Yeah, I think it’s what they call love at first sight. I don’t know. Probably that’s the case. I just know she’s indeed the one for me and I don’t want any other woman. But I do know that I’ll have to apologize before mom and dad for all the years of being rude to them and rejecting any topic on Rachel.

I’m in a smirk at her and she rolls her delicious, daggering, ice cold eyes at me and puffs. I would fucking grab her on the spot, shove her in the limo and go to my house for the wedding night. This is how changed I am regarding her….


Yeah. It’s more than fine, love.

“It doesn’t matter anymore!”

Oh, it so matters, baby.

“Make way!” She pushes Walt as he’s a bit blocking the sidewalk and storms to the gate having my eyes taking in her back and that ass….

Mmm…. Let’s sign the papers, baby. Then we go home. Oh yeah….

“Fucking moron with your fucking limousine and your fucking driver…. Gosh!”

Ha-ha! Well, I was a moron all these years. You’re right on that. Five years of not being together is a lot….

She’s a fury rolling, opening the gate and closing it behind, without another look at us since she left us behind. I’m shaking my head at her attitude with a wide smile.  

All the burdens of being married like this lift from my chest. I’m so wanting of her as I’ve never thought possible for a woman in general. She’s exactly what a man like me would want for the one and only of his life. Walt was right to be so hyped on her while telling me about her. She captures you at first sight. There’s innocence, nobility, and substance in her eyes. She’s unbreakable like he said. She wasn’t impressed by me or fearing to act like that in front of one like me as I’m imposing and intimidating against my hot exterior.

She’s inside her estate, hurrying her steps to the house. I’m following her with my stare, and my legs move after her with Walt shutting the door of the limo and coming after me.

“What did I say, Alex? Do you believe me now?” He whispers at my back.

Yeah, I’m the moron.

I smirk and nod, but I don’t reply. He chuckles at my back.

“Good. Now the real battle begins. I’m sure she won’t agree with any of it.”

She won’t escape me. Don’t worry.

“She’s the kind to undergo the war rather than surrendering.”

And I never lose a war. She won’t be an exception. Dad is out. I’m taking the situation in my hands now. I’m going to acquire my baby.

She’s paused at the door after she opens it and steps inside, I’m almost there. She’s in a low tone of voice but shaken.

“Kat? What did you do this time?”

Kat? Who’s Kat? Oh, Katherine. Her baby sister. Ha-ha!

I’m already behind my baby, staring at her and her sister is in an indecipherable line of speaking. Rachel is like a mother coming to her daughter, breathing in distress.

“Sis? I-I…. I didn’t do…. It’s about….” Kat grasps the sight of me and like all girls and women do at my sight, she goes crazy wet and absorbed into my person.

Knock it off, kid.

But I’m smirking because of my baby.

“Kat! What’s all this about? Why are you acting like this?” Rachel ignores her staring at me, visibly puzzled of what’s going on. The kid can’t take her eyes off me. She’s already imagining things with me by her stare.

Oh man…. This one is nothing like Rachel. She’s like the rest of them.

My baby yanks her to bring her back to her senses.

“Kat! I’m speaking to you!” The kid finally lowers her eyes from me to Rachel. “You called me because something tragic and important is happening!”

Tragic and important? Ha-ha! Well, important it is. Tragic? No.

“I drove all the way here! Tell me what that is!”

It’s because of the one behind you. She doesn’t know…. I mean…. Doesn’t she know about me?

“Did you sleep with someone?”

What? Ha-ha! Maybe she did, who knows?

“Are you pregnant?”

Baby? It’s not about her…. She doesn’t fucking have a clue about me. I think she doesn’t even know about my existence and marriage promise by how she’s acting.

Why are all those cars parked outside and why all those people inside? Tell me something! I can’t protect you in front of dad if I don’t know what that is! Start speaking, Kat! I know nothing of an event for tonight! You just called me, told me of tragic and important, and event, and then you hung up on me! I know any of it, Kat! Stop driving me crazy and say something!”

So she doesn’t know about any of it. I was the only tormented one all these years. Thanks, dad. Ha-ha! She thinks her sister did something stupid and called her here for help. She didn’t keep herself between limits all her life because of knowing she’s bound to marry me and fearing for the consequences of her actions before my dad and then me. That’s her on her own. God, I fucking love her…. But why wasn’t she informed? She should have been told at sixteen. I was born then and already eleven. They should have shown her pictures and tell her about me along the years. Hmm….

“Sis? It’s because of the gorgeous, hot, all sturdy, and most expensive guy behind you.” The kid looks up at me again, undergoing some sexual reactions in her eyes and smile.

Oh man….

I chuckle because of how she describes me, which is true, but I chuckle because of the difference between Rachel and her sister when it comes to me. Rachel doesn’t give a fuck on all that and had not even one percent from Kat’s attitude at me.

Though Rachel and Katherine share same baby blue eyes, there’s nothing in Katherine’s eyes to share with her sister. There’s nothing noble, innocent, unbreakable. They do have similar facial features, but again, my baby has that noble allure. Not a brothel beauty. Katherine has that kind of brothel beauty. And if you look and compare between sisters? You would say Rachel is the younger one in appearance, though she’s 33 and the kid I think 19 or something.

I have to say this to you guys. If the one to marry would have been Katherine or one like her, no matter the age, I would totally refuse it without a chance of second thoughts or conflict inside. Rachel on the other hand…. Even when I didn’t know she’s my Rachel, I would have married her from the limo outside. Yeah.

Two piercing baby blue eyes turn at me.

Damn, baby…. Those eyes on fire you have but iced at the same time…. Mmm….

“Is this the father of the child, Kat? He’s not your age, Kat. He’s in his late twenties by the looks of him.”

What? Ha-ha! I would never fuck one like her, or her age, baby. 

I’m laughing, motioning my head as Rachel is dead set all this is around her baby sister and not her. I have certainty she knows shit about me. I think that if her sister would say yes, I’ll have a baby blue eyes real killer on me. Ha-ha!

“What?! Sis! I’m not pregnant! Well, I wouldn’t have minded with one like him though…. Ha-ha!” This triggers Rachel and the mother on bad things turns at Kat.

Keep dreaming, kid. You better learn from your sister on how to be as a woman.

“What did you say?! Watch your mouth, Kat! So, you’re not pregnant. That’s good. Then what’s the issue here? I don’t get it. Why is the moron behind me the reason for tragic, important, event thingy? Huh? I’ve got a headache in full explosion right now, Kat. Stop playing and spill the beans.” Rachel is out of her mind at her sister and she’s on her pointing at the moron.

I’ll show you how not a moron I am, baby. Wait to sign the papers and become legally mine, love.

But yes, Rachel is a bit pale at face, being afraid for her sister in front of their dad. No, I don’t know their dad or mom, or any of her family. I said I didn’t want to know anything about them.

Her sister becomes serious and concerned on how to tell Rachel, having again no reason in her speech. She’s terrified of her sister’s reaction upon the news.

“Umm…. It’s…. Umm…. I mean….”

The younger sister knows all of it. Maybe they told her today. But why my baby wasn’t informed? That’s strange as fuck….


“Alright! You need to…marry…him.”

She’s hit…. She’s fucking blocked. I wish I could see her face.

I’m with a narrowed stare on Rachel as her breathing is in deep cuts and I see how her heart is beating on the side of her baby neck that I would so kiss….

“What did you say? You need to marry him? Why do you need to marry him?”

Denial stage. I’ll fuck dad for not letting her know about all this. She’s older than me and you fucking had years to tell her, dad!

Kat snorts into laughter.

“No, silly! You need to marry him. But I’m available….”

Oh! Shut the fuck up, kid. Baby? I hope she won’t faint…. Her heartbeats are smashing her neck…. Shit…. Fuck you, dad!

My own heart is in a rave of heartbeats and I’m ready to catch her if she goes down as she’s in a pause at her sister.

Kat probably sees something wrong on her face as she’s worried about her and moves her head to look at Rachel.

Baby? Come on….


“What did you say?!”

Thank God she’s fine…. You can scream how much you want. Better than see you passing out.


Finally we get to understanding of what’s happening here, love.

“What’s that supposed to mean?! Are you kidding me right now? Stop playing games, Kat. Tell me. What’s between you and him? Why my presence is important?”

Jesus…. Oh, dad…

I’m so fucking irritated on dad. He has never mentioned me she’s out of knowledge on this. She was supposed to know all of it like I did.

I’m containing my want to wrap my arms around her and take her away…. I can’t do it before the signing of papers. I must wait till then. Yeah, I’m surprised myself on how fast I’m transformed because of my baby…. Never had this urge with any fucking woman and never thought it will be for the woman I so fucking hated. I want to kiss her, feel her, and…many other things.

The kid has a bratty attitude and lets go of Rachel’s hand, crossing her arms, gaining confidence in herself.

“You better go inside and speak to dad and him and his parents, and whatever else, sis. I did my part in calling you here.” Now she loses her confidence and fear of Rachel’s reaction is back in her. “It’s bad because it’s…. You must marry him, or…. There are consequences if not.”

Yes, there are. The kid isn’t lying.

Rachel has a moment of comprehending all this and probably not yell at Kat, lowering her head.  

Yeah. The only one guilty in all this is dad. He fucked me for years but said nothing on your side.

My heart is twisting for this but it’s also pounding in desire for my baby. My body, heart, soul, and mind have only one owner since I’ve laid my eyes on her. Rachel.

“Go inside then. Come on. Stop drooling and go inside this instance!” My baby lifts her head at her and yells after because the brat is fucking me with her eyes.

Let’s move to the next part, baby. Let’s sign the damned papers and go home. I don’t care of anything but to have you mine. You’ll come to terms with this in due time once you’ll get to know me.

“Alright! Jesus!” Katherine’s steps go per orders.

I’m with my eyes on my baby’s side of the neck to follow her heartbeats. Yeah, they’re visible because of how thumping her heart is. But we have same level of heartbeats, though on different reasons.

Rachel shakes her head because of Kat’s attitude and breathes in to probably calm her senses. And she now turns at me, paler than before, but inflamed, burning me with her crazy stare.

I’ve got to be honest here. I’m under some punishing efforts to not grab her. Though I hate Yuri for doing that to my baby and he’s got it coming from me, I so fucking understand his reaction. She’s got that something in her that drives you fucking nuts, stripping you out of control and reason. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not such a man. I can perfectly control myself. I’m not a fucking teenager. Not even as a fucking teenager have I been like I am now.

I’m in my smug smile and look straight into her eyes to search for a thread of something towards me. But there’s nothing of the type a woman usually has at me. There’s only anger, coldness, and the want to…whack my ass. Ha-ha! I’m so fucking trapped in her….

“Now. You tell me what’s the meaning of this. We’re adults, so I expect more sense coming out of your mouth.”

I would so kiss your mouth without stopping, baby….

“Why is my sister saying I must marry you?” Because you must. “And why are there consequences if I don’t?”

Because there’s pure destruction if you don’t, love. The kind your dad would rather be dead than experience it.

“I’ll leave aside the twisted scenario and I’m listening.”

Oh, baby…. I’d so twist everything right now, give no explanation, take you and undergo the matrimonial bed….

I bite my lower lip, deepening my stare into hers. She does the same into mine. She’s like a warrior ready to jump in a physical fight with me if it’s needed. That much she is impressed by me. Ha-ha! And she’s tiny in front of me. I’m 6.6 feet tall, and she’s around 5.6 feet. To understand how feisty this little devil baby is. And yes, Yuri is my size in my all. But he’s nothing like me on the strength and fighting skills. I’m not head of them all without being the deadliest out there.

“Hmm…. They haven’t told you.” Her left eyebrow tilts and her eyes form some darker blue storms at me.

Just fuck me, baby…. Why don’t we just skip everything and go bonding as husband and wife? I’m all in for that. I would have never believed I’ll be saying this about my unwanted and hated wife. I would have killed anyone mentioning you but to predict this happening to me upon seeing you. It would have been certain death for that person.

My heart is racing, and my entire body is in flames.

“Tell me what? Can you please move to the important part? I’m at the end of patience here and you’ve already killed my brains with your fucking limo on the road to have an ounce of reason before violence.”

I can see that, love.

Her breathing is giving in her words as being true. She’s mastering self-control to keep it in a verbal manner and not get on with the bloody part. All her words are validated in her eyes as well. She’s already killing me with her stare. And I’m enforcing control to not retaliate with my way of getting physical.

I’m studying her face, thrilled of how she is, but still wanting to push her buttons to see her reactions. I’m waiting to see if I’d catch something of her want to me in any way. So far, as I said, it’s none.

Alright, baby. I’ll tell you. I’m sorry to be the one breaking the bad news about your dad to you like this.

“You were sold to my family since birth, Rachel. For when the son of my family would be born and of age to marry. I didn’t want to marry you as well, but I’m coerced to do so. I’ve postponed it for some years until I got a deadline. For tonight. Reason I’m here. If you don’t marry, all your family’s assets are gone as they are my family’s. Your job, your everything goes out the window. Same with your parents.”

She doesn’t buy it…. Laugh, baby…. But it’s true. God…. I need to fucking control and not grab her. She’s fucking me ongoing…. Man! My fucking tie and all my clothes fucking suffocate me…. I need my baby…. Let’s sign those damn papers, honey…. You’ve succeeded in record time to break me like this. No fucking woman affected me like this. Fucking none. 

“Oh man! Best joke of the fucking year! Ha-ha!”

I’m with my eyes like a wolf on prey on her, but I see a towering man, sturdy, in his late fifties, with same eyes as my baby, coming from behind her.

He’s dressed in a dark brown suit, white shirt, and a tie to match. He’s her dad for sure. He’s also got same hair color as my baby. But his eyes are gloomy at her and his voice is faint though deep and manly.

“It’s not a joke, Rachel….”

Baby? Please, don’t fucking pass out….

She’s changing colors at face at her dad’s voice, spiking her eyebrows, investigating my eyes, with her face dropping in seriousness. She buys her dad’s words and it’s now really hitting her. Her eyes are between denying hearing it right and being reality. She’s breathing with difficulty and I’m between the animal to grab my baby and the worried one for her to not go down the floor. Rage is still present in her stare, but there’s a hurricane of emotions going inside of her. Of course, none for me on the positive side.

She’s going to pass out…. Baby?

She’s a bit losing her balance and I make the step to prevent her from going on the floor.

“Rachel?” Fuck….

She fucking slapped me, sending my head aside. She’s got strength. I’m smiling…. Ha-ha! This little baby devil….

“Don’t you dare speak! Or fucking touch me!”

Well, I’m glad you’re not passing out, baby. But none of what you say will happen. I’ll so do all of that as your husband.

“Rachel! What are you doing?!” Her dad is worked up as he knows who I am and what I could do in such a situation.

But she’s my baby, and I allow her to do anything she wants. It’s understandable for her to have such a reaction when she’s clueless for all these years.

We’ll have an adventurous marriage for sure, love…. Ha-ha! We’re both crazy….

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