• May 11, 2021

Billionaire’s Baby Hacker (Chapters 1-3) FREE READING 😉😇❤😘🙌


When his dad forces marriage on them…
“I don’t believe in love….” I’m looking over the insane contract in front of me with my heart filled with betrayal….

I have no choice…. My mom will be left on the streets. So will I…. Thanks, dad. You’ve sold your only child before dying….

“So, I’ll sign it.”

I’m not taking it like this. It IS like this. In my 28 years of life, this is the harshest thing I’ve ever done….

“Jesus! What have I done?! WHY?! WHY?! From my dad’s funerals to this shit?! This is why I had to come back?!”

Hmm… She’s the real deal… She’s not faking it. In fact, she’s so damn annoyed by all this. And she’s not giving any sign of being impressed by me. She does want to finish this fast. That’s a first. Ha-ha!

It’s only dad’s fault! He married me to her! Yeah…. I think it’s the marriage bug thingy…. The feeling of ownership through papers… Yeah…. It must be…. WHO THE FUCK AM I KIDDING?! SHE’S AT FAULT! SHE’S DRIVING ME INSANE!

Genres of the book: Billionaire Romance, Curvy Girl Romance, Mafia Romance, Dark Mafia Romance, Possessive Alpha Males, Strong Female Lead, Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy, Action, Comedy, Suspense, Mystery, Thriller, with a HEA.

*This book contains language and mature themes. Suitable for +18 audience because of that.

Billionaire’s Baby Hacker, by Andra-Cristiana Stan, Romania. Copyright © May 2021. All Rights Reserved

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This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

Chapter 1 – I’ll Never Accept Your Son!


“I don’t believe in love….” I’m looking over the insane contract in front of me with my heart filled with betrayal…. My head is under a war. But I’m keeping a poker exterior. I’m going to go through this. I’m with the pen in my right hand prepared to sign it. Yet my soul feels empty.

I have no choice…. My mom will be left on the streets. So will I…. Thanks, dad. You’ve sold your only child before dying….

“So, I’ll sign it.”

My hand flies over the pages to sign them with light speed to not change my mind.

“You and your son shall not expect anything from me. This is only on paper. I agree to all of it, and I’m glad he’s against. We have same thinking over this, though we haven’t met yet.”

“Kara…. Don’t take it like this.” The voice of a billionaire father hits my heart a second time, yet I don’t tilt my eyes at him.

I’m in my businesswoman persona. For me, this is business. A painful one. I’m trading myself. To save my family’s good-for-nothing business and my sick mother.

I’m not taking it like this. It IS like this. In my 28 years of life, this is the harshest thing I’ve ever done….

I’m signing the pages of a lengthy and soul binding contract per life, without a way out. But I’m fine. I’ve never waited for love or considered it. However, the same goes for this madness over here….

“I don’t know what was so interesting about me, Mr. Gridhall. I’m just a plain one, not even near being a model in appearances, and for sure nowhere to enter in your son’s checklist for such a thing. This is a curse for both of us. And between me and him…. He’s got more to lose because of this contract. He’s got it all and could have it all, if it wasn’t for this. There. I’ve signed it.” I hand over the legalized contract which has just gone into effect.

I’m doomed….

He has a silent laugh on his lips and when our stares lock, a kind of a vicious sparkle flashes in his green eyes. I’m keeping my crazy smile and stare at him.

“Oh no. You’re wrong, my dear. You’re perfect for him.”

Yeah, yeah….

“He’s got to understand some things. And my duty as a father is to do what he’s avoiding to.”

You don’t say….

I stand up and cut him off speaking. I straighten my posture with my chin up at him and deliver same vicious stare with a smirk on my lips.

“I don’t want to know, Mr. Gale Gridhall. I’ll be today at your son’s house, as instructed, to take the role that contract states. But everything will be under my terms. Nothing real will ever be between us. I can’t fake my personality. Therefore, tell your son to stay as far away as possible from me. Only in public I will fake my responsibilities.”

A broad smile blossoms on his face and a raise of brows to which I turn my back and walk away from his humongous billionaire office.

But before I reach the door to open it and get out….

“Oh! I know things will get real between you guys. In due time. I know my son, Miss Valentine. Once he’ll get to know you…. He won’t be able to stay away from….”

Before he’s able to finish it, I slam the door at my back and go through his secretary’s office to get the fuck out of here!

SON OF A BITCH! I’LL NEVER ACCEPT YOUR SON! NO MATTER WHAT! HE’S JUST A SPOILED BRAT FOR SURE! WITH A HOT APPEARANCE AND A PLAYBOY ATTITUDE! SCANDAL MAGAZINES SCREAM OVER HIS NIGHT LIFE! But he’s good at making billions…. I give him that…. He’s an intelligent creature on that aspect and not only a fine God built and ravishing male features. Hope he’ll be intelligent enough to stay the fuck away from me. I care less if he continues his playboy life outside. He can do whatever, just not involve me in anything. Yeah.

I reach to my sports car outside and get in it, slamming the door, and banging the steering wheel with my forehead.

“Jesus! What have I done?! WHY?! WHY?! From my dad’s funerals to this shit?! This is why I had to come back?!”

I’m crying and breathing in both frustration and pain. I’m wearing a dark grey suit with pants, a black satin shirt and a black blazer on me. The clothes are embracing my figure which is a curvy one. No, I’m not curvy in the sense of bulging fat, as I do possess the right shapes overall. But who the fuck cares? I don’t. I’ve never cared. I’m not set to impress anyone. Never did.

I have my minimum stuff with me in the trunk to go to the son’s house and become his legal wife. I’ll go there as he’s already signed the contract and he’s expecting me…. I’ll drive there, present myself, have someone show me where I’ll be sleeping and stuff, and then walk out to attend my company’s business, which is a heavy legacy from my dear-oh-dad.

Why have I signed it? Well, my mom suffers from dementia. And she is enrolled in a private hospital to be properly taken care of under doctors’ watch. That costs a lot. I want her to benefit from best treatment.

I was out of country with a Masters’ degree on Business Administration for the last two years. Business was going well. That was until I was called for my father having a stroke.

Before reaching the States to see him and deal with the situation, he died, breaking my heart and collapsing on the hospital’s corridor when the doctor gave me the news. Then, our lawyer informed me over our company’s situation and that I need to marry to keep it going or I’ll enter in a major debt with bankruptcy screaming at the door. A debt that will hunt me per life.

I read all documents, assessed the lawyer’s words, saw what my father did in these past two years I’ve been abroad with studies, and the imminent marriage contract with the son of a billionaire, a billionaire himself.

I’ve got no details on why the son would need it as he’s perfectly fine to find a wife and marry to his heart’s desire from how he is. I just know he’s against this contract marriage from his dad. I didn’t want to know more. If I didn’t sign the contract, all that me and my mom own would go to Gale Gridhall and we would be left with some insane debts on my and mom’s names.

The contract husband? He’s Sebastian Gridhall, 26, the most wanted bachelor alive. He’s got millions of fangirls around the world, though he’s a businessman and not some actor, singer or all that. But he’s praised as if he is. Oh yeah…. And I’m the wifey…. Shit.

My car stops at the mammoth gate of his large estate to be checked by security. They identify me and with a warm smile, they open the gates for me to drive inside, giving directions.

I drive with speed as my blood is boiling and I want to finish this fast. Yeah, I gave a fake smile to the ones opening the gates. I have nothing against them, but I’m not in my best persona right now.

Okay, Kara. Let’s do this shit. Meet the guy, keep it under business terms, and walk out. I don’t need to know anything. Not my fucking concern. I need to visit mom after this…. Mommy….

A string of cry smashes me, but I clear my throat and undergo a cold persona. I can’t take all this to heart or I’ll fucking pass out. I need to be strong and deal with everything every step of the way. Once we clear things up, each of us can go their own way. Right? Whatever.

I park in front of the main entrance of an astronomical mansion, to which I don’t want to know the price tag and get down the car, without taking my things from the trunk. I’ll get them later.

I’m greeted by a butler something and showed inside to where Master is.

Master, huh? Ha-ha! You’ve got to be fucking joking right now….

Well, guys, I’m a crazy one in general. And this, especially this situation, is driving me crazier than usual. No, I’m not medically crazy. I’ve got a strong attitude. A blessing and a curse at the same time.

“Master?” He opens the door to a study. Well, a mammoth office.

I’m behind the guy who’s looking between a bodyguard and butler, with a straight stance, hands in my pants’ pockets, smirking at his back, with my head leaned at my right.

That’s so funny…. Ha-ha!

I don’t know why, but it is. To me right now, it is. I can hear the clacking over a keyboard. It now stops.

Oh! This will be outstanding….


He’s irritated…. I don’t blame the guy though. Don’t worry, kid. We’ll finish it in a sec. Have no worries.

Yeah, he’s got an Alpha male voice with that sexy touch.

“Madam is here.” The butler’s voice is in happy notes. Silence at the other end. Yeah, I’m on the corridor, with the butler towering over me.

The Devil is here…. Yeah…. Ha-ha! Shit….

Sebastian sighs and slams some files on his desk something.

“Let her in.” On a grave voice, he gives the order.

Jesus…. Why the fuck did I have to be in this? Yeah….

And I step inside the office to meet the hubby, who’s splashed on his black leather chair at his office, looking at me from head to toes, like a beast, with his glamorous jade eyes, messy but neat wavy black hair, wearing a dark blue shirt, no tie, and very happy to see me.

The feeling is mutual, kid. Have no doubts. Ha-ha!

Chapter 2 – She’s Got An Alpha Attitude…


I’m in my in-house office, working on an important project to keep my mind out of my father’s move of marrying me. I need to welcome my wife. Why did he marry me? Well, I don’t want to marry. Ever. He thought that I was joking. He found out I’m not.

How did he manage to force my hand and marry whom he wanted? My mom died when I was eight. The only thing left from her is her holiday house which contains all her memories. I usually go there a few times a year to feel close to her. I’ve missed my mom all my life, and when something stirs up memories of her, I go there to reconnect with her in my own way. I haven’t had the love of a mother, just my dad. I can’t say he hasn’t loved me, but it’s not the same. You need both parents in your life for your heart, soul, and mind.

Anyways, he threatened me that if I don’t marry Kara, he’ll burn down my mom’s place. He knows that’s the only thing he could get me with. Sounds childish, but it did hit me. I’m a real man in all, and I should not be affected by such things, yet, when he launched it on me…. Well, it gave me a blow I didn’t know it was even possible. I’m 26 for God’s sake and I shouldn’t be that affected. I’m not someone to be affected by anything, no matter how harsh or cruel it is. I’m someone feared and respected by others. However, this seems to be my Achille’s heel….

I then analyzed the situation, concluded that I wouldn’t want to marry, but a contract marriage, with no feelings and anything involved, will be tolerable. I’m a cold guy. I’m not one for the feelings as I don’t have time for that. And to be on the truth side, I haven’t met someone to take my breath away for heart matters. Yes, I have scandals in media, but those are only a one-time thing. I’ve never had something serious with any woman.

Kara? I didn’t even want to look at the picture of her my dad had. I don’t care. My blood is boiling in rage for all this, and now I’m doubting my actions. But it’s a done act. And my insane dad won’t burn down my mom’s house. Yes, he would do it. Trust me.

To be completely honest with you guys, before my dad came to me with this madness, I dreamed of my mother, at her favorite house, in the garden, reading, and she whispered to me to keep her safe. And second morning, my dad came with the contract marriage with Kara, threatening me with my mom’s house, and a random dream matched a reality. I think that’s the real reason for me accepting it. That house is on my dad’s name. He can do whatever to it, and I have no right. Crazy, huh? Yes, it is.



I stop writing on my laptop and look at him.

She came, right? Fuck….


Why are you so happy, moron? It’s not my want this marriage.

My right hand, Blake, has showed her in the house. He’s like he’s seen some heavenly paintings by his face. I’m so fucking pissed off that I don’t care. I close my files and slam them aside.

“Madam is here.”

Madam, huh? Madam…. And I said I would never fucking marry…. I would kill dad right now…. And this fucker is so fucking smiley. Are you mocking me right now? HUH?!

I lean my back on my chair, cross my leg over the other, and gather myself to not be a fucker with Kara, which in my opinion is a fucking gold digger. But anyways. I don’t know the specifics regarding her, as I didn’t care enough to look. From where I’m standing, this is a paper marriage, and she shouldn’t expect me to be a real one with her in any fucking way.

“Let her in.”

I so hate all this…. Let’s see Madam…. She’s smirking. Ha-ha! Well, don’t hope for things…. Not bad at all….

Yeah, without my want, my eyes lower on her to assess her. I now understand why Blake has been like that. To be frank, I expected for her to show up in a cocktail dress something to show her possessions like all other women do. But she’s wearing a professional attire and has the posture of a professional in front of me. And her baby blue eyes are fixated into mine like declaring a war.

Dad attempted to tell me she’s a rare beauty in her all, but I didn’t want to listen to it as it didn’t matter. I have beauties all around me. I have legions of splendid women tailing me wherever I go, and it kind of gets boring. They only see me as a pure perfection and money and status. Whatever I would ask of them, they’ll do it without second thoughts, just to have my person with them. No, I’ve never done bad stuff with them, but just saying for you guys to understand what is like. They have no backbone. And of course I’m not interested in them.

“Well, Mr. Master Sebastian.”

She’s patronizing me…. Ha-ha!

She’s keeping her hands in her pockets, like an Alpha over me. She’s in front of my desk. I’m keeping a poker face, but I can’t say I’m not taken into her at some levels. She’s got a bold attitude.

This is getting interesting….

“I won’t keep you long from,” she’s motioning her right hand at my laptop and desk, “your work. I’m Kara Valentine. Your contract wife. I’m sorry, I don’t want to be rude or something, but I want to finish this fast. Such as yourself, I do have my own agenda for the day to follow. Your father told me you are against this. I’m glad. So am I. I don’t care to know you, or see you, or whatever else, except for public outings per contract. I don’t need money, or anything else from you. I’ve got my own. Separate bedrooms. In separate wings if possible. I don’t care about your private life and you don’t care about mine. I promise I won’t affect your image in any way. That’s a given. If we have less to no interaction, that’s perfect. You don’t invade my space, and I don’t invade yours. I think all this is only fair in the present situation.”

Hmm… She’s the real deal… She’s not faking it. In fact, she’s so damn annoyed by all this. And she’s not giving any sign of being impressed by me. She does want to finish this fast. That’s a first. Ha-ha!

My heart is increasing its beats and my chest is getting warmed. I don’t know why. She’s in a straight voice, like conducting business. We have a strong visual contact and she’s confronting me. There’s no change on her face or in her body language to give me a sign of being intimidated by me. She’s like a teacher with her pupils. Giving instructions with no emotions attached.

Yeah, Blake has left us alone. I’m with a devilish smile in the corner of my lips as this is a fucking challenge for me. Ha-ha! I’m crazy, I know.

Well, alright. Let’s see if you are real with this or not. I love a challenge. He, he, he….

She’s having her chin up at me, with a bit of a condescending stare.

“Alright. Agreed. I….” I can’t say further as she has just turned her back with a flutter of her milk chocolate hair at me, walking to the door….

“Great! I’ll have your staff take me to where I’ll stay and leave my stuff there. I have business to attend to. Have a nice day, Master.” And she slams the door to my fucking face.

I’m staring at the door and blinking.

No, she didn’t just do that…. But she did. She’s not in the office anymore. Are you for real? Well, that was fast indeed…. Ha-ha! Hmmm….

I fetch my phone from my desk and make a call, rolling in my mind the entire scene since she stepped in till she has left. I’m so fucking smirking right now and full of bad intentions. Ha-ha!

“Yes, sir?”

“Kara Valentine, my wife. Give me everything on her. I need it yesterday.” And I hang up the call.

Let’s get to know my wife. I’m interested. Man…. No fucking person has ever done that to me. Male or female. He, he, he…. She’s got an Alpha attitude…. I love that…. And how she looks…. I don’t fucking know what’s happening to me….

I remain in my office and resume my work, waiting for the required info. I’ll give her space for now, but soon enough, we’ll have another talk, as I can’t help it.

In half an hour, I receive all intel about her since birth till present. And Blake announces me that she’s gone after she left her suitcase in her bedroom. Yeah, I’ve texted Blake to give her the room in front of mine…. MUHAHAHA!

I wonder where baby blue eyes has left…. She said business agenda….

I text my people to tail her and send me info of her whereabouts during the rest of the day, and I start reading her file.

Hmmm…. Not bad at all…. She’s got a lot of academic achievements. And she’s just finished another one before her dad’s death…. That’s unfortunate…. But I see he’s the reason my dad forced her to marry me…. My dad is a perfect snake. Well, not that I didn’t know him…. It seems he has tagged her dad in a trap with all the business. He must have known he wouldn’t be able to pay…. Their company is losing hard money since last year. It’s a hot mess there. If dad pulls out his investment, they’re screwed. Her mom is with a…health condition under special care. Kara has just inherited all the debts and screwed company. I don’t know what she’ll be able to do to correct everything. It’s on the bankruptcy line.

The contract marriage only solved for dad to not back off and take all their assets being the major investor. She refused more money from him as help? She’s crazy…. How can you solve that without more money? She’s got a lot on her head and shoulders. Their clients haven’t paid for stocks…. Some are in bankruptcy themselves. And they also have bank loans with overdue payments. The entire company needs a severe revamp and cut off in salaries and staff as a first step. And they have a big staff for such a company. Some 357 employees. Man! So many families depending on this company. I hate when such things happen, and people get affected…. As a company, you need to focus on its activity and profits, as a human you have a heartbreak for the people in it….

Chapter 3 – It’s Only Dad’s Fault!


Well, I’m not working on my stuff anymore as I’m now hooked in this situation with my mind being stamped with her image, like it’s haunting me. I spend some time over everything, going through her company’s financial sheets as I’ve got them as well.

I receive from my people a text telling me she went to her mom first and spent an hour there. She then went straight to her company and hasn’t come out since two hours ago. They’ve got info she’s having a major meeting with the main staff. I’m sure she’s between major headaches right now. It’s not easy what she’s dealing with, especially when you don’t have backup.

It’s midnight and she’s still back at the company. I’m in the living room alone, waiting for her to come back. I’m having some whisky on the rocks, sitting on an armchair, thinking about her without my want. All day, this is what my brain has been taken into: her. Never happened to me before. Yeah, she’s one that leaves you with a strong impression. You get an impact.

My phone is buzzing, and I grab it from the coffee table.

“Yeah?” I gulp some whisky.

“Sir? She’s moving. She’s strolling to her car with someone carrying a pile of files. She doesn’t look well.”

Of course she’s not looking well…. With that shit happening….

“We found out some of the meetings contents.”


“She’s going to work on a new product using the materials left on stock, with some kind of upgrade to reinsert it on the market. She said no staff will get fired and no paycheck cuts. But they’ll have to work along with her overtime for the company’s comeback. They’ve all agreed as it seems. She took all company’s websites and online shops for inspection with the team and gave orders on what to keep and what to take out. Anyhow, she’s bull fighting this. And….”


“Speak.” I place my glass on the table and stand up with my left hand in my pocket, walking to the window, looking outside.

“Your father came here at around eight. But she didn’t see him in. She banned his access to her on excuse she’s in the meeting. She doesn’t like him at all. He waited for half an hour and he then left with his men.”

Yeah, well…. Of course she doesn’t like him. He forced her to marry me for the company.

“She’s driving away. We’re tailing her now. Don’t lose her, Stan! Man!”

What the fuck is happening?!

They’re roaring the car and my heart is doing the same.

“Sorry, sir…. She’s a…fast driver. It’s kind of hard to tail her car and keep yourself low. I think she’s taking the route back to your house. Yeah. We’re taking the main road. We’ll call you back if there’s a change of route. By the way she’s driving…in half an hour she should be there.”

I end the call.

I pour myself another glass of whisky and sit down on same armchair. I sigh and sip some whisky, leaning my back on the armchair, looking in the room without target.

I don’t know why, but she’s stirring some things in me. Feelings I’ve never had. And I don’t quite know how to explain it as it’s…. It’s too fast for feelings, don’t you think? I mean, I don’t know her and…. I’ve just met her. And I didn’t even have more than exactly three words with her.

So, yeah, it’s kind of strange as she’s occupying my mind and heart without my ability to go against. Though I tried. And it fucking bugs me. Why her? Yeah, she’s a flawless beauty. And a natural one as she’s been with her bare face. In her birth beauty. And she’s smoking hot…. But still…. I’m not one to be like this. And the weirdest thing is that…my entire being is responding to her, meaning heart included, not only my male instincts. And she’s my wife…. The one for whom I had a huge fight with my dad. Yeah, for some half an hour we screamed at each other and spirits were on burning of hell notes.

Then I signed the contract…. And on my supplement of the contract, he transferred ownership over my mom’s house. It’s mine now. He remained with his cheeky smile on his lips, and I went out like a bull on fire from his house. Yeah…. I’ve got my mom’s house, but the marriage is a lifetime one. That’s the bargain. Sign it and die with it. And now, after, I don’t know, one minute with her, something is changing in me. But I do take it as a challenge as I can’t stand someone do that to me. However, with her is different…. It’s like she has poisoned me with something from first bite and I can’t shake it off.

I’m looking at my watch and it’s one in the morning.

What is she doing? They should have called me if she was to change route….

My heart is pounding and worry envelopes my being, though I have nothing with her, just that she’s my legal wife…. I grab the phone and by the time I want to call my men, they’re calling me.

Don’t fucking tell me bad stuff….


“Sir? I’m sorry I haven’t called yet, but we had to find a way to hear.”

What? Hear? What do you mean?

I’m silent.

“She’s stopped midway home and met on the side of the road with another car. A guy. They’re still talking. We believe he’s a detective. He’s a young one, well-built, and is familiar with her. They seem pretty close.”


I’m frowning, but I’m keeping silent to listen.

“She has given him the pile of files and asked him to do a private research over them. He brought some coffee and she’s smoking and talking to him. They’re standing between cars. There hasn’t been a physical approach of any kind, but the guy is looking at her…more than a friend let’s say. She’s normal with him. From her part, there’s the just friends approach so far. She’s kind of angry about something. Let me put you the audio from now.”

Hmm…. Hope she’s not involved with that guy…. I’m already angry….

Guy: “Come on, Kara. You should have told me.”

Tell you what?!

Kara with an annoyed tone of voice: “Tell you what, Antonio?!”

Antonio …. He’s dead.

“I’m sorry…. I’m having too much lately. In less than a week, I’m having all the shit on me. Dad dying, mom locked up in the hospital because of another attempt of suicide, the company, and the rest of the shit. I didn’t have time for anything. I couldn’t even fucking sleep. Dad constantly lied to me that all is well. When I come back, I find dad dead, and doctors from my mom’s side telling me she’s been at her fucking third attempt of suicide…. And I was completely clueless. Then, I take all the fucking legal route with burying dad, lying to my mom he’s fine when she asked me about him as he has been missing two days of visit before I landed, going to the company with more legal things, and I fucking wonder how I’m still standing. Someone has fucked the company from inside. I need you to check on all those people and give me the complete files on them. I don’t care how much it will cost. I’ll give you the money. If what I’m thinking happened, I’ll kill the person with my bare hands. Because of that person, my dad died, and the company is screwed. To be honest, I give a fuck on the company, but it destroyed my family. My heart is fucking bleeding…. I regret going abroad…. If I was still here, I would have figured things were going wrong, and maybe I could have done something about it.”

She’s on a low voice for the last part and I think she’s holding a cry. And it affects me to hear her like that….

What person?

Antonio : “Don’t think like that. It’s not your fault, Kara. Maybe he just wanted to protect you and let you have peace of mind with your studies. Until he just collapsed. And don’t worry about the money. I don’t need it. You know that. I’ll find out all you want, and we’ll deal with this together.”


I’m fucking boiling right now as the guy has the voice of a lover and not just a friend. I’m walking in the living room from side to side like a fucking lion in a fucking cage.

Kara: “No. You do your job, and you’ll get paid, Antonio . I’m asking for your professional services, not for a friend.”

Friend…. I do hope so. I don’t like the guy…. Well, yeah! SHE’S MY WIFE NOW!

“Don’t look at me like that, dude.”


No, she’s having same voice she had with me.

Antonio : “You’re a meanie as always, love.”


He’s just chuckled and he’s having THE lover boy bend of voice.

Kara: “Fuck you, Antonio . Alright. See you next time. Bye.” She slams the door to her car after that.

Oh! When you’ll come home…. WHEN YOU’LL COME HOME! OH YEAH!

Antonio : “Not even a kiss?!” She drives away and he’s laughing with some pleasure.


“One of these days, Kara….”

One of these days WHAT?!

“You’ll be mine, love….” I hear his car’s door and he’s driving away, too.

SHE’S MY WIFE! FUCK! I’ll so kill him…. FUCK YES!

“Sir? We’re tailing her from a distance. Don’t worry. She’s not into him by the way she looked at him and her body language. We’ll run intel on him and give you update on that. But yeah, the guy is into her more than friends…. He even stated that.”

I end the call.

I’m breathing like a fucking bull and I’m sure I have the stare of an arena-on-blood one right now, ready to kill the fucking lot of toreadors.

Why the fuck am I reacting like this?! It’s only dad’s fault! He married me to her! Yeah…. I think it’s the marriage bug thingy…. The feeling of ownership through papers… Yeah…. It must be…. WHO THE FUCK AM I KIDDING?! SHE’S AT FAULT! SHE’S DRIVING ME INSANE! Fuck…. I’m going mental…. So uncharacteristic of me…. I generally don’t give a fuck…. But with her?! This little thing, after only THREE FUCKING WORDS FROM MY PART, is fucking my brains and all. Yep…. And she’s MY wife…. Nice…. We need to have THE talk. She’s not allowed to see anyone. NO FUCKING LOVER! And that’s decided. OH YEAH!

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