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When her best friend is the tool of fate…
“Move. And wipe that smirk and look off your face before I do it for you, mister. You’re not allowed to do that. Move. Now.”
He’s asking for trouble.
He’s REALLY asking for it.
“And why wouldn’t I be allowed to do that? This is my hotel. That’s my pool. I’m standing on my territory. You’re in here. So, of course, I’m allowed. I own everything around and on it, you included.”
“And you’re in hot pants right now, aren’t you?”
My hands move towards his chest, like wanting to touch him, while I’m smiling, fake smiling.
“We do need to do something about that then.”
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Chapter 1 – And You’re In Hot Pants Right Now, Aren’t You?


Oh, God…. This feels so fucking good…. Mmmm…. The touch on my skin…. The wetness…. The warmth…. God…. The way it envelops my body…. The thrills…. I fucking love it…. And I can’t have enough…. It feels like a sin from how good it feels…. My body, heart, and soul need more of it…. And more…. I would never, ever, stop this…. That penetrating all this is to my body…. The world has stopped around me…. And all that matters is this right here…. My rapturing in euphoria world…. Damn…. It’s like I’m shaking off all the troubles in the world and I’m filled with a sinful bliss…. Don’t stop…. Keep going…. I’m starving for this…. It’s been two hours I think, and I still can’t feel satiated…. It’s the forbidden love under the moonlight…. Oh yes…. Fuck yes…. Fuck…. More…. Yes…. The movement of my body…. God! I love it…. Though I’m sore in body, I still can’t halt this pleasure…. No…. I just can’t…. It’s worth it…. But tomorrow morning, I’ll be aching in the office because of this madness…. I don’t give a single fuck though…. Keep going…. Yes…. That’s it, baby…. You so fucking deserve it…. Push it further…. Oh yes…. God! I’m already aching…. Never mind…. It’s divine…. Mmmm…. Oh yes! God! I’m done…. I’m out…. Oh man…. This is the best I’ve ever had…. No fucking joke….

With my heart beating in my throat, echoing in my brains, my body numb in pains because of all the laps I’ve done underwater in the large and deep swimming pool of a private and most expensive hotel in Los Angeles, I decide to stop. Ha-ha! Don’t be naughty, guys…. I was just swimming. Ha-ha!

Yeah, my mind is wild when underwater. I love water and swimming. It’s probably a bit after midnight and there’s a full and bright moon, lighting the sky like in fairytales. There’s an ocean of stars, twinkling, and it’s like a true forbidden love between me and all this…. I needed it so fucking much.

My best friend, Lorelai Stevenson, who’s 29 and a hot babe like you see on magazines and drool over, has just won her divorce case against her rich husband of four years. He’s a fucking millionaire.

Well, he’s a womanizer, and their marriage was arranged for business purposes. The womanizer part didn’t stop during marriage, and he cheated on her though having his wife in bed whom he said he loved against the arranged marriage….

I told her that wasn’t the case, with him loving her, and advised her to not go through with the marriage, but she didn’t listen at the time. He’s a hunk and one gorgeous guy, wanted by many out there. She fell in love and you know how that goes…. She believed in a happily ever after…. He cheated on her since the day they married. And he’s a total jerk.

Yes, I’m a lawyer, one of the famous ones out there among high level people. If you have rights and you’re on the hurt side, you call me, and I’ll deal with the rest.

I’m two years older than her and I don’t believe in love. No, sir. Never. I don’t trust fuckers. And believe it or not, I’m still a virgin, exactly because I don’t give a fuck on fake love and promises. I’m so damn cold in emotions that even the most perfect and hot male out there can’t fuck me. Oh! And there are so many wanting that, and even proposing to me. No, I’m not a declared virgin. That’s private. No one knows.

I’m a curvy girl, not fat, still in the hot terms of being a curvy one. My height is average, and I have all the curves sculpted on me to drive insane any sane and insane man out there, without doing anything. And to be honest, I kind of hate that because I don’t like the attention and the feel of being a piece of meat, with those dirty eyes unclothing me, though I always dress suits with pants and I never wear more than a decent cleavage. Yes, the suits do embrace my body as I never fancy a loose outfit. I’m a fucking lawyer….

I possess some rare baby blue eyes, with my hair a dark honey, wavy and thick, a bit down my shoulders. I’m told I have a baby face, meaning I exude innocence and youth against my age. Nobody believes I’m 31. At most, 21.

But I’m quite a bad bitch if a man chooses to cross limits with me. Not in the sexual way, obviously. Yet I have a bad temper and react by instinct to put the fucker at his place. No one has the right to lay even a finger on me. I value myself so damn much that even the touch of a stare on me feels a sin and awakens the warrior inside me. Oh yeah….

Lorelai is always criticizing me on this and calls me a lunatic cat destined to live single all my life. In return, I smirk, tell her to fuck off, and wink. Ha-ha! I love my single life…. No fucking drama, cheating, public scandals and all that. My heart is ice and I love it that way. No suffering. I’m in my bubble of happiness on that. Fuck yes….

Going back to my magical night right here in the swimming pool. She gave me an extra commission by booking two nights in this resort-like hotel as she knows how tired and demented my life is as a lawyer with so many hard cases on my shoulders.

She actually forced me to come here, during working days, out of any holiday, as she said it’s going to be private, peaceful and that I have a pool all by myself to enjoy my hobby of swimming without anyone bugging me. She knows the owner, somehow.

On this side of the hotel, though out in the space, nobody will come, except for the staff when they need to do their job or if I call them for anything. There’s another, bigger pool, but that is used by other people coming here in the hotel.

I went against at first as I did have work to do, but she pouted and said she’s forcing me to go now, during the week, just because it will be more private, with less people in there, and she really wanted me to take two days off and enjoy off time like this. Indeed, I haven’t taken a vacay in three years…. I’m working to become a partner in the law firm. So, I gave in in the end….

First day and night here were amazing, and I’m already half relaxed. This is the last night, fully charging my batteries. I would swim all naked if I could. But I can’t do that…. I’m wearing a one-piece black swimsuit, with my full breasts a bit exposed, but still in decency limits.

I’m all alone in here, with no one around, in the serenity of a smashing in thrills to my heart night. I’m happy I’ve accepted her gift to me. It’s worth it not working for two days, though tomorrow I have a pile of files on my desk for sure…. Anyways….

So, all this time, while swimming, I’ve been tranced and loving it, and I’m now reaching the end of the pool, underwater like a dolphin, and when I grab the hems of the stairs to get out, I yank myself from under the water, with my eyes shut, head tilt at my back, gasping a bit for air, enthralled over what I’ve done, staying like this for a few, sustaining myself on the hems of the stainless steel stairs.

God! That was so amazing….

My chest is heaving from the effort and all my muscles and flesh are aching, but it’s fucking Heaven.

However, a thick with desire, sexy male voice snaps me out of it, and the voice is coming from before me, on the side of the pool.



I pop my eyes to discover a man, towering, buffed, dressed in a three-piece dark grey suit, like walking down a movie with the hottest male lead out there, young at face, looking down at me with a smirk and blue stars playing in lust in his eyes.

He’s with raven-hue, short, wavy hair, and has the face of an angel. Yeah, he’s got a Greek God built and with a handsomeness you only read in novels. But I don’t give a fuck. His hands are shoved into his pants and has an almighty stance. The fucker seems a very expensive fucker.

From shock of this happening, pissed to my core, I yank myself out of the water and I’m now out, one inch distance from him as he hasn’t moved, staring into his eyes, taking my own lion stance, with dripping water from my hair and body.

He’s keeping my stare and he’s in a fucking trance or something. I mimic his smirk and stare at him, with my chin up.

You son of a bitch…. Breathtaking, huh? Who the fuck allowed you to come here? I told the staff I’m coming here.

I see with the corner of my eye behind him four men, like bodyguards something, with their stares to the ground.

He has an escort…. A big guy with big balls, huh? Sorry to break it to you, but you’re messing with the wrong bitch, fucker.

He widens his smirk at me seeing me like this, and now my face drops in a raging lion and a lunatic stare.

“Move. And wipe that smirk and look off your face before I do it for you, mister. You’re not allowed to do that. Move. Now.”

He doesn’t want to move even one muscle, blocking my way to go and grab my robe to get the fuck out of here.

He’s asking for trouble.

He twists his head at me with a wild stare wandering down my body and up again. I feel like a fucking whore.

He’s REALLY asking for it.

“And why wouldn’t I be allowed to do that? This is my hotel. That’s my pool. I’m standing on my territory. You’re in here. So, of course, I’m allowed. I own everything around and on it, you included.”

Oh really…. You own me, huh? Okay, okay.

I’m keeping my wrathful breathing inside and show a controlled one. My stare narrows on him and a wicked smile shapes on my lips at him.

“You don’t say…. So, to my understanding, you consider owning me. Is that right?” I motion my head at him per my words. He winks with a devilish smile.

Good to know….

I inch the distance between us eyeing him deep. The rage of my heart is immeasurable.

“And you’re in hot pants right now, aren’t you?”

He smirks, not escaping my stare with his tortured in wants to touch me one, but he’s keeping his hands in his pockets, heaving his chest.

You motherfucker…. We’ll solve it in a second.

My hands move towards his chest, like wanting to touch him, while I’m smiling, fake smiling.

“We do need to do something about that then.”

In the flash of a second, my hands grab the sides of his suit jacket and I yank him with all my might, sending him in the fucking pool. It wasn’t easy to do so, but because he’s in a turned on state, fantasizing about me, I had leverage.

I look down at him in the pool with a vicious smirk while he’s shaking his head to spread the water from his hair. He’s not shocked, he’s laughing.

I have a gangster way off speaking, stare and grimace at him.

“Cool off, bitch. And never let me see your face again. You own shit.” I give him my back and grab my robe from the ground, dressing with it while walking with angry steps to the hotel. “Unbelievable….”

I shake my head in disbelief and irritation, not taking another glance at my back. Yes, his men have never taken their stares up to see. He probably instructed them that or whatever. Who the fuck cares anyways?

Well, I told you guys I’m a total bad bitch when I get crossed over. And the fuck I use my diplomatic, lawyer side. No. Such assholes don’t get the meaning of such an approach when in that kind of heats or when they consider themselves kings of the world.

I hear him getting out of the pool, laughing like a fucking lunatic, while I walk inside the hotel with a slam of door at my back. I’m confident and in full strengths to not be afraid of a clash with him against his frame and men, but I do hurry my steps a bit to reach the fucking elevator and go upstairs to my room and lock myself in there.

I’m in a fucking swimsuit and a tiny, thin robe on me. And that’s about all. I didn’t lose time in shoving my feet in the flip-flops I had back there. I’m barefoot.

This son of a bitch! Who the fuck he thinks he is, huh?! You own the fucking hotel, not me, fucker! The audacity he fucking has! UGH!

My skin is getting goosebumps and my spine cold shivers because I’m wet and couldn’t use a towel first when coming out of the fucking water. This is what always happens to me when I get out of the pool when it’s fucking cold outside. And because I did all that at night, the air is a bit cold.

I’m embracing myself with my arms after I push the button for the elevator to come. My lower lip is already acting because of how cold I am. The water drops on my body and in my hair? They feel like fucking ice. I didn’t have this earlier because of the anger of hearing that fucker and then seeing him like that. Now, I’m on the fucking routine…. Yep.

I step inside the elevator and push my level with speed. I’m trembling at this point and the doors are shutting. Though I’m with my stare down, rubbing the sides of my body with my hands to get a bit of warmth, I somehow see the towering silhouette of that fucker coming after me. But the doors close just in time. No, I haven’t had eye contact or anything with him. I know his fucking outfit and he’s the only one who has a drenched suit. Ha-ha! Oh! I know I’m crazy.

No, he hasn’t said anything, just walking after me, to get inside the elevator. Bad luck on that. Ha-ha!

Ugh! So fucking cold! And that fucker doesn’t want to give up! Oh! Just try it, asshole. That was nothing. He fucking ruined all the Zen I’ve collected till his presence…. Lorelai…. Why do I have the feeling you have something to do with this? You were too eager to send me here…. THAT FUCKING BITCH! OH YEAH?! YOU’RE FUCKED, LORELAI! JUST WAIT FOR IT! YOU’RE DONE!

Chapter 2 – That Woman… Hmmm…


“My girl is the best out there, Marcus. She fucking knew from the get-go the bastard would do that to me. She has this radar in her when it comes to men. She warned me it’s not like I’m seeing….” Lorelai is sipping from her cocktail, upset over the betrayal of her husband.

We’re childhood friends and our families know each other and in best terms since forever. I’m a billionaire though, and she’s levels down me, but she’s doing well in life at her level when it comes to financial stability, with or without that douchebag of a husband she has, running a divorce from him.

She’s speaking about her best friend, who’s now representing her against her husband. Sonya Thompson. Best divorce lawyer out there, without a lost case for her clients, no matter if she represents the wife or husband, as Lorelai is telling me.

But it’s only one catch as Lorelai told me, she only takes a client if it’s the victim of the marriage. If it’s the other way around, she doesn’t. She loathes representing the cheater or the one doing the nasty part one way or another. She has personal detectives, digging out the truth about the one asking her to represent in court, before taking the case. And if the client is valid in her terms, she fucking smashes in court the other side, leaving the fucker or the bitch with nothing.

We’re in one of my clubs, and I find myself so invested in that Sonya without my want, though I’m sad for seeing Lorelai heartbroken as she really loved him and hoped he would lose the bitches and love her back as he should.

No, I’ve never fucked Lorelai, though we had a time when she went all over me, like all women do. I’m not that kind of guy. I never touch or fuck my female friends or female business partners. Or employees. No. Well, don’t think I don’t fuck though. But that’s a different thing from all that. I separate that in life. Never business mixed with pleasure.

I’m called a player as I do have scandals in the media. However, most aren’t true. I have paparazzi after me all the time, and if one sees me here with Lorelai and takes a shot on this, tomorrow I hit the headlines I’ve fucked her tonight. Yeah, well.

The real women I do fuck never hit the headlines as I do it in privacy from all that. Yes, I do have an intense sex life as I need to get laid as any man out there. But I’m the type of one night only and never the same woman, with no feelings attached, as I do tell them upfront. And the woman I fuck? She has to have that something in her to draw me in.

Not any woman can fuck me. Oh no. I hate the women who act like bitches and I’m a real man who loves to be the one unwrapping the woman from clothes and not the other way around. And yes, the flashy, short clothes, plastic hot babes? No. I like real women and those who make me want to see what’s underneath those clothes. Well, anyways….

I’m a businessman and have my time filled with work. You don’t make billions from 9 to 5. So, the prospect of getting married? Nah…. I don’t fancy the idea, though my mom bugs me all the time with it as I’m turning 28 next month and she wants grandkids…. I always tell her there’s no woman out there to make me want her that bad to marry her. None has moved me to that extent. My heart has never fluttered in warmth for any. It’s just sex. And none is wife material in my eyes.

If I’ll ever marry? That woman has to fucking totally knock me down in my all. I don’t know either the meaning of totally knock me down, but I’ll know when such a woman would ever come in sight. I’m one to have honed instincts on everything, reason for my billions on one hand.

I gulp the remainder of my whisky and put the glass on the table, leaning my back on my chair, taking off my tie.

That woman…. Hmmm…. Only words about her and my mind gets occupied by her. My heart has a fucking tickle….

“Tell me more about your friend. Haven’t heard you speaking about her so far. Since when are you best friends?”

Lorelai smirks and her eyes sparkle.

Come on. Tell. I want to know more.

I keep a poker face, ready to listen.

“Why? Interested? Sorry, Marcus. She’s off limits, sexy.”

I raise a brow at her.

Off limits? How come?

She shakes her head with a smile and grabs her cigarettes from the table to have one.

“Alright. It’s nothing wrong in telling you.” She’s lighting it, takes in the smoke, releases it with her green eyes shut, and moans a bit. A low moan.

No, I have no reaction over that. Lorelai will never be one to turn me on whatever she would do. Even if I were aching to fuck someone, she would never be the choice.

Why? Well, she’s…a total slut. I love her as a friend, but never as a woman, though she’s a hot babe. No, I know from other male friends whom she fucked in the past. Girls talk and boys do talk too. You know how that goes. And no, I’ve never asked about her as I have no interest in such things, but they bragged when between friends when somehow at a level of alcohol in the system. And no, she hasn’t cheated on her husband. At least, she was a good girl on that.

She goes with her back on her chair, crossing her legs, smoking.

“I would love to be like her. That girl is such a bad ass.”

My eyebrows go up.

Don’t tell me she’s like you…. It would be the first time my instincts fail on me.

She motions her head, laughing.

“Not in that sense, Marcus. I know her since college. She did Business School and Law School. I know her from Business School. But she chose the lawyer path. She loves it more than any other job out there. And she banks a lot from it to be honest. We were classmates, but not speaking to each other. At one point, one bitch came to me during break and wanted to fight me on some fucker she thought I fucked, claiming he was her boyfriend, making a fucking scene in the campus, with some fuckers backing her up to give me a lesson. You know I chicken out in fights and stuff….”

I nod. Yeah, she can fuck a man out, but she’s frail in fighting even a woman. She would get a KO even from a fucking slap. I know her my whole life.

She sighs, sipping from her cocktail.

“One of the fuckers with her made the step at her command to deal with me, and the guy was a hunk, smirking, ready to fucking bully me, a woman. I was frozen on the spot, shutting my eyes to at least no see what was coming to me, having that bitch’s laughter of satisfaction down my ears, my heart in disruptions and my breathing fucking me.” She shakes her head remembering that. She was scared.

“Anyways, before his fucking hand collided with my face, things were in a pause. I though I collapsed and maybe that was why. I dared mustering courage to open my eyes and his wrist was caught in the air by Sonya, in a strong grip, battling in stares with him. I had a halt in breathing. No man stepped in for me, but a fucking woman. One who had no relationship with me. And he was big compared to us. But the stare she had in her eyes at him? Whoa! Marcus! I had chills down my spine in fright for the fucker now! If you can fucking believe that! And she hissed between her teeth at him, ‘Since when are you a fucking bitch to enter between a bitch fight, huh?!’. Yeah, she has a gangster attitude when pissed. Ha-ha!”

I’m smirking and into that Sonya more than before.

“And she dressed like a gangster girl back then. She does it now, too. But when off her lawyer routine. She’s so damn hot and bad. If I would ever fuck a woman, that would be her. Ha-ha!”


“Well, I wouldn’t reach to fuck her as I would get a fucking beating and a ban for eternity from her, but anyways. The fucker got angry at her interference and words, took more his Alpha in front of her, and wanted to switch from me to her in the giving a lesson part. That was the moment when the real lesson began. When his other hand flew to her face, she kicked his abdomen like a fucking pro, twisted his fucking arm she had in her hand, and turned him around fast, kicking his back, sending him on the ground, flat on his face. Ha-ha! The show gained more audience around us and none was interfering, not even the other fuckers with that bitch, as everyone was in awe. The moron stood up in rage, and they started the real fight.” She has moved her hands to show me how Sonya beat that guy and she’s so hyped in that past event, with her eyes wet, playing stars, enjoying this part.

Real fight? That motherfucker….

“No! He couldn’t fucking touch my girl! Ha-ha! She was so fucking fast in hitting him with punches and kicks that he had no fucking chance to launch a strike on her! She kicked his ass until he fucking passed out! Ha-ha! The others, seeing that, were itching to revenge the fucker, but she held them with her mad stare there, growling at them, ‘You dare, and you join his ass. I have no problem in fighting all of you at once. Choose and choose carefully. It’s bad enough you do this to a girl for a bitch. I can see this one hasn’t done what is accused of. Between women fighting, a man is not fucking allowed to raise his hand on either of them. You may step in in bring peace among them or putting off the argument by separating them, but never to hurt either of them. Only a frustrated man with no real balls acts over a woman like this. Now, get your shit out of here and take this asshole along with you.’ And they fucking did it as she ordered! Ha-ha!” She motions her head in amazement, beaming, with a flicker in her eyes.

Well, I would love to meet that Sonya…. He, he, he….

“Yeah, Marcus. She’s something.”

I’m hyped in the story and waiting for more. I need more. I want more.

She’s with her stare lost on the table, and now tilts her eyes at me with a smile.

“Of course you like the story. Ha-ha! She’s the real deal. Well, we bonded since then. I thanked her and offered her lunch which she refused. She said she doesn’t need it as she would have done it for anyone in that situation. She doesn’t like injustice. I followed her a lot until we finally got it off. She preferred being a loner, but I cracked her bad bitch heart and became best friends. You haven’t heard me speaking about her so far as she’s always on work and never allowing herself free time on hanging out. I have all the time in the world, yet she has little to none. She’s working on becoming a partner in her firm and taking in way more cases than before, sleeping less and less, worrying me. If I weren’t her best friend, she would refuse a new case when I started the divorce, that busy she is. She worries me with so much work and no free time. But she likes it that way….”


I fetch the whisky bottle and pour in my glass, avoiding eye contact with her, keeping my poker face, but I’m getting so fucking hot from that Sonya that even my heart is beating differently.

“Why did you say she’s off limits? Because she can beat a guy like a pro?” I chuckle, sipping from my glass, resuming with my back on the chair, narrowing my stare at her.

She giggles.

“One of the reasons, sexy. The other is that she doesn’t fucking want men. She prefers her single life. I don’t recall when was her last date to be honest. Never seen her on one, but when I push questions on her on that, she sometimes barks a ‘I’ve had one last week’ something and changes the subject. Truth be told, she doesn’t trust men, and being a divorce lawyer, seeing all that first-hand, I believe that’s the reason of her rejections. And she’s one who doesn’t believe in love and all that. She’s a lunatic cat. Ha-ha! She fucks me off when I call her that. Ha-ha!”

I have a devilish smile on my lips, and I get challenged on Sonya. I don’t even know or care how she looks like, but the fuck I don’t want her.

“Oh? Don’t tell me you want one like her, Marcus? Ouch! I said I loved to be like her as I would have fucked you long ago…. Ha-ha!” She laughs with her head titled at her back, but true to her words.

I laugh too.

“I want to meet her. How can we arrange that?”

She snorts into a hysterical laughter and my left eyebrow goes up, with a smile on my lips.

I’m fucking honest here and I want her like air itself. Why?

“No matter what we would arrange, she would never fall for it, Marcus. Honestly. Look, I haven’t told you about her to stir you up. She’s off limits, sexy. Not my limits, hers. She would fucking kill my ass if I would dare do that to her and she would break her friendship with me. No matter how much I love your ass, hers is above yours before me.” She’s serious.

“Let’s change the subject. Let’s go back to my pitiful life with the bastard fucking my heart and never fucking me but others. Well, lately not fucking me…. Yeah….” She goes back to her heartbroken mode, cutting me off on my Sonya.

I’m chewing from my cheek in frustration…. I’m on fucking fire….

No way. I need my Sonya.

“Leave that fucker aside. You’ll find another. Tell me how I can get her to meet me. I’ll ruin Gilbert for you on his businesses as punishment for you. Now, give me what I need.”

Yeah, I’m in my commanding nature. I’m a domineering one and she’ll find another fucker. She didn’t love him per se, she loved his fucking dick. So, that’s that. She fucking knew his nature beforehand. That fucker fucks whatever he has at hand and he’s a dirty bastard in his all. If I were in her place, I would shed no tear after such fucker.

She pouts.

“You kill me, you know that? I’m suffering here and you go on your wants now. We were supposed to comfort me….” She sips from her cocktail and I sigh in frustration.

Man…. Gilbert is a fucking lost case. Now, give me what I want. My Sonya is not a lost case. Ever. I want her so bad that I’m fucking aching already. Fuck…. I don’t even fucking know her and I’m acting like this…. It never fucking happened to me…. Hmmm….

“Okay. What would comfort you?”

She tilts her full of hope eyes at me.

No, you don’t.

“Can you hold me at least?” She bats her eyelashes at me, and I bull stare at her.

“You know the answer to that. What else?”

She’s in a deep pout, twisting her lips, sighing.

Just fucking choose something and it’s yours…. My Sonya is all I want right now….

No, I’m not a jerk to her, but I don’t do that stuff, with fucking no one but her. Only my own mother would get me hold her. She’s my fucking mom.

“I don’t know…. I lack nothing to ask for something that would make me feel better. And you would really put me at war with Sonya on this.” She takes another cigarette, disappointed, and afraid to upset Sonya.

I’m at my fucking limit….

For fuck’s sake! Just tell me! I’m off limits for you, but whatever else you want is fucking yours! Now, give me my Sonya!

Chapter 3 – I’m All Knocked Down…


No, I’m sort of normal outside. I don’t want to make her feel worse than she is after that fucker, but even to my own astonishment, I want Sonya. Just like that. I can’t help it.

“I’ll invest in your new business twenty million dollars. Take that and tell me now.”

She sighs, unmoved.

She’s asking me for that for the last five months, but the business she wants to develop is not a good deal. I give a fuck now and give her the fucking money free of charge. I want my Sonya.

“I won’t sell my best friend to you, Marcus. I really care and love her as if she’s my own sister. If it was for another situation in you breaking in giving me that investment, I would have taken it. But not for her. I’m sorry. And she doesn’t do one night stands and all that, Marcus. So, just give up on that. I’m sincere with you. It’s not that she wouldn’t be suitable for you, but you would never be suitable for her and any other man from how I know her. And if this want of yours is for your temporary want of her, as I said, just give up. It won’t work anyways. Trust me. No matter how perfect you are in your all, she would never give in even for a fucking date.”

She drinks in one shot her cocktail, true to her words. I fucking know her ass. She would never be able to fool me. And she’s now suffering for Sonya at that last part, with her eyes on the table.

Just arrange me a meeting with her and she’ll break. I know it. Come on. I’ll make her surrender to me. I’m fucking Marcus Reginald. What I want, I always have. No exceptions. Ever.

“Just tell me how I can have a meeting with her, Lorelai. She’ll favor me. You know me.”

She chuckles.

I’m fucking serious.

“I know both of you so well, Marcus. Trust me. Okay. If you want to try, so be it. She would need some different adrenaline in her life and keep her mind out of her work for a while. She’ll be furious, but it’s a change though. Ha-ha! I’ll think about it and will tell you. I don’t need that investment. If you would be able to make her happy, that would comfort me. Never seen you like this. Ha-ha! I need to prepare my ass for getting fucked by her. Ha-ha!”

I have the smirk of conquer on my lips.

She’s between states. She’s already regretting in accepting. No, not because she would fuck me, don’t get confused. She’s sure Sonya would have a disruption against her.

“Never been like this indeed. I don’t know why, but…. Yeah. And you’ve never been like this, too.”

She grins and sends smoke to me.

Yeah, she’s at her fourth cigarette. She’s full of vices. Only drugs she doesn’t do. No, she’s a good girl at heart. Reason why we’ve remained friends along the years.

I grin back at her and she’s laughing under her cherry lipstick.

“Really. You’ve never sided with a woman like this, as if she’s your sister.” I’m gulping from my whisky, studying her.

I’m in such a rebellion inside to see and have Sonya as you can’t fucking believe it could be possible. I’m consumed by this. I’m covering before Lorelai though. As much as I can that is.

She puffs.

“You’re such a brat all the time and selfish, Lorelai. Hence the surprise on Sonya.”

She genuinely smiles.

“Yeah. You’re right on that. But Sonya is different, Marcus. She deserves it. She’s a pure soul in her all. No matter how bitchy I can be in life, I would never be able to be so with her. You just can’t. She’s never swayed by money, she’s always on the right side of things, she has such stunning judgment, and incorruptible in everything. She’s one you can rely on to put things back in order in the blink of an eye. And she always has your back even before you can be aware of. She’s a true friend and sister like there aren’t nowadays. She’s a rarity all over, and I can’t lose that, Marcus. I love Gilbert, but I can live without him. I can’t live without Sonya. To know she would hate me on something? It would send me into depression without return. That much I respect and love her. She’s a role model to me. One I’ll never be able to reach, but definitely one to follow.”

She has a devilishly grin now and I’m in a trance of thinking at my Sonya.

“You’ve asked me before what made it possible to change myself a bit from what you knew me. I’ll tell you now. Sonya did. She has that power to change someone without imposing it. You can’t help it but upgrade yourself on the positive. When I stopped getting drunk, it was her.”

I smile with a surprised stare at her.

Yeah, she would throw parties and get flat drunk. And suddenly, she threw parties, and never getting drunk again. But I’ve never seen Sonya at such parties when I managed to attend. She would have presented her to me. I know most of her friends. When I did observe that and asked her how come she was still sober, she just winked at me and had a mischievous smile, without commenting on it. I let it go as the important part was that she wasn’t getting drunk any longer and affecting her life.

“Yeah…. Last time I got drunk; I woke up in bed with one I would have never fucked….” She has a disgusted stare and makes the sound of it.

“I was still in a drunk state, but on the conscious side of things. I called her to come and fetch me from there. Luckily, it was a weekend, and she could come in no time. When she did come, got down from her car, and that stare of hers got the sight of me, running it over me from head to toes and back, and then straight to my eyes, it penetrated me. She was like an upset mother with her child doing bad stuff and never correcting her behavior as she should for the best of her. She said nothing, just came to me, took me by my shoulders and shoved me in the car. I couldn’t word a thing. She had such disappointment, looking on the road to drive me home. When I did manage to say I was sorry and thanked her for coming, she replied, ‘Don’t be sorry and don’t thank me. Be sorry for yourself and thank yourself for ruining your goddamn life. From how you look right now, you got drunk and fucked like never before. Thank yourself for being a rich girl with status, but a high-class hooker with no respect. If you like that for yourself, the fuck I have a say in this. It’s your life at the end of the day and I’ll never judge that. But I can’t say I don’t suffer seeing you like this. You can do more with your life and you just fuck that on your own. I’m not saying to be like me. You do you. But this isn’t the real you. You’ll reach an age when you’ll look back on your life and have a review. Don’t think you’ll like this past of yours. Think about when you’ll have a daughter of your own and see her doing what you’re doing right now and consider if you would like that for her or not, and if it wouldn’t break your heart to see yourself powerless to help her get back on track. Don’t reply to me, Lorelai. That’s on you. You need to have a talk with yourself and accept and decide over things. I need no words from you. When you reach home and feel better and lucid enough, take a fucking pen and a pile of paper and draw two columns. First one should be what you’ve achieved on your own without your parents’ money, and second one should be what you consider you’ve done wrong in your life. If the second one is lengthier than the first one, you’ve got a problem and only you can change that for yourself. Next step is to reflect over it and see what you can do to correct that. Baby steps at the beginning and it’s still fine. And don’t do it for anyone. You’d fail on it. Do it because you want that for yourself. Now shut up and get sobber.’ Yes, I wanted to reply to her that I wouldn’t like that for my daughter. She went silent for the rest of the trip, took me home, helped me get down from the car and get inside the house, gave me a smile, ruffled my messy hair, and she walked out, leaving me there to reflect on my person. I took a shower and went to bed to rest. But I couldn’t. So, I did what she said to do. The result was horrible. Pages of bad stuff and only two fucking lines of personal achievements.  That was a breaking point to me as the clarity of my conduit hit me. I called her and she answered. I told her I’m a bad one and I would never love or like such a person. She said to love myself with good and bad, and work on the bad side to balance it on the good side with time. She continued that she loves me like I am, but she would better love the potential I have to become. Then a man’s scream was present, and she excused herself on calling me later to check up on me and hung up the phone call. I was shocked on the man screaming as it was a guttural scream, like the fucker was in pains. I smiled at first, thinking she might fuck the guy, but then again, knowing her, I realized she was probably doing the opposite. Ha-ha! She’s a crazy one, my girl. And I started changing myself by each day. It’s all thanks to her. She’s the best thing that happened to me in life. And no, she avoided the subject on what was with that man. I asked her, but she said it was nothing and then changed the subject. Like she always does. Ha-ha!”

I want to fuck my Sonya so bad….

Yeah, my heart is conquered by her and mind and manhood and whatever else. I’m in fucking turmoil.

Lorelai has been through remorse, motivation, satisfaction, and happiness while speaking and smoking.

I’m insane in my all. If I could, I would go and search for Sonya, grab her, and fuck her with such passion and dedication I’ve never fucking had.

That was one month ago.

When I finished talking to her and left, on her thinking of how to arrange a meeting with her for me, I told my men to give me all info there is on Sonya Thompson. In several hours, everything there is about her, I received. And her pictures…. Man! She’s…. All I could ever want and beyond I would ever dream. But she conquered me even before knowing how she looks like. It wouldn’t have mattered to be honest. I’m a man who loves the essence.

Since second day after that night, I became a fucking stalker, without seeing any other woman. Yeah, I’ve fucked no other woman this past month. I’m so fucked up…. If all this is taking longer, I might break any fucking reason, become a fucking animal, grab her, and fuck her. Oh yeah….

I always have men after her to stream or inform me of her whereabouts. I have men when she’s in court and I see her live while acting as a lawyer. She’s so fucking hot…. And so damn smart….

She never wears outfits like Lorelai. She’s either in a bad gangster girl black one, with either jeans or leggings-like, tops over that mesmerizing ass, embracing her delicious curves, and a blazer or a leather jacket, when she’s in her free time, and in an all pants suit, embracing her body, when she’s in her professional attire. Never seen her revealing skin other than the decent part of it. And oh man! That body? God…. I almost killed several fuckers hitting on her…. Or fucking her with their damned eyes.

When she enters a place, she’s like a fucking star, but she ignores it and on to business or whatever she has to do. She never flirts and she never allows crossing boundaries when it comes to men. With women, she’s whatever, but she never enters a fight or responds on the bitches trying to bully her one way or another. She just ignores them. She’s not one to have a cat fight whatever the reason. She just stands up, throws those baby blue eyes with the message to back off and walks away. She’s delicious…. I’m so fucked….

Never seen such a woman. I’m all knocked down…. And she has that thing in her which turns enemies to friends solely through her behavior and persona. She never lets herself challenged and she never has the ego to prove herself on anything. But you cannot not respect and obey to her.

And yes, I’ve found out many things about her this past month…. Things which weren’t in her official files…. Ha-ha! My Sonya is such a badass…. And I’m fucking madly in love with her. She reigns over me without her knowing it yet. One thing is for sure. Mom is going to be incredibly happy for me to finally get married…. He, he, he….

She’s not a party or club girl, so we couldn’t make her go out and meet me by fake chance or something. Lorelai told me she wouldn’t recommend going directly to her as no fruition would come out of it. She needs to be involved in the process as though Sonya will fuck her soul for it, when she’ll cool down and realize she’s the culprit for it, I might have a chance on her to speak to her. Sonya knows Lorelai will never hurt her and that if she would do this, she’s doing it with good intentions.

Yes, I told Lorelai the evolutions on feelings I’m having and my further intentions. She saw I’m honest and went crazy in happiness for both me and my Sonya. She said we’re her two most favorite people and that we do match on many aspects as the perfect couple. Just that we’re one crazier than the other. I chuckled on that. Ha-ha! But she’s right. I’m a crazy one, Alpha man. And my baby is the mirror of me, just my female version. Ha-ha! I know she’s tough, but I can handle her with zero problems.

Lorelai’s divorce has come to an end today in record time having my Sonya representing her. She’s fifty million dollars richer. Gilbert is a poor ass now…. Ha-ha! The evidence Sonya brought to court was smashing and she fucked the other lawyer.

Gilbert’s lawyer wanted to make use of Lorelai’s past to prove they were equally guilty, and the possibility of both cheating is real, just that Lorelai was smarter on this to cover herself to get the money Gilbert has through divorce.

Yes, Gilbert is, well, was richer than Lorelai’s family and her. Reason why Lorelai’s dad forced the marriage on her for business purposes. Anyway, my Sonya had striking proof of him doing many other things along with cheating and the judge had no other way than favor Lorelai, accepting their demand on the amount of money as being rightful.

And Gilbert landed beaten to a pulp in court today…. Ha-ha! Yeah, that was on my Sonya…. He wanted to bribe the judge to side with him. My Sonya found out. He got beaten up and looking like a whining puppy. Muhahaha!

When the judge asked what happened to him to look like that, he said he had a fight with a fucker coming out of nowhere on no reason. The moment he wanted to go on and say the other was looking worse than him to maintain his man image, my Sonya slayed him with her eyes in a second and he kept his mouth shut. Ha-ha! Yeah, he’s afraid of her now.

Lorelai found the perfect trick to have Sonya on private and I to meet her. She knows my Sonya loves swimming and that she hasn’t had the opportunity to do so for the last three years because of work.

She also knows one of my private, reserved only for VVIP people, resort, in LA. There I have one reserved pool for only the Presidential Suit which is mine. That kind of room is one I have reserved only for me in each such place I own. I never know when I might be there, and I need it free for me all the time.

Last year, Lorelai was in another breakdown with Gilbert and I sent her there to recover and put her mind straight on what to do. The result was to give the fucker another chance. Anyways, so that’s how she knows about that particular resort.

As a bonus on finishing the divorce that fast, Lorelai, on our plan, forced my Sonya to take a two-days leave and go and have some alone fun there, to relax and recover somehow a three years’ marathon on only working without a real break.

My Sonya refused at first, as Lorelai predicted. Lorelai had her phone recording their conversation and streaming it to me to hear it from Sonya’s office. It took a lot of pleads and for sure pouting from Lorelai to convince my baby because it means two days during workdays and her agenda is breathless.

But what did convince my baby was the swimming…. As Lorelai predicted as being the most important part, and the privacy of doing so, how much she wants to, she accepted in the end. Ha-ha! My Sonya has such simple things to make her happy….

From the commission the contract for representing Lorelai was, she took not even a penny, just what the firm demands, but not her part. Two million dollars would have been her share, but she didn’t take it. Lorelai was right she’s not swayed by money and a true friend. She takes the commission from the rest of the clients, but not from Lorelai or people close to her outside the office.

The plan of her two days of rest is next week, Wednesday and Thursday, with Friday morning going straight to her office to work. Lorelai told me to first let her do her thing and then try my move, during last night of her stay there. She said it will favor me to have her with her guard down and a bit in a Zen state as my Sonya calls it.

She still doesn’t give me chances on making her mine, but she said she’s on my side on this. And yes, she said to prepare my ass, skin, and muscles to receive her attitude when the time comes as it is by instinct in my baby. Ha-ha!

Chapter 4 – I Want You So Bad…


Oh! I’m so damn prepared on anything. I don’t give a fuck on any of what she would do to me. She can do it. The problem is another one. I don’t know how much I will be able to control myself around her. I’m a walking fire, not fucked, aching in love for her, and many other things…. The need of having her in my arms, kiss those baby lips, have her, is at such degrees, that I’m on the verge of exploding….

I don’t reach there before Thursday night. I can’t. I’m not sure over my animal instincts, as I’m in animal instincts I never thought exist in me. If I would come earlier, I’m certain I would go straight to her without notice and unleash the loving beast in me, making me a fucking creep and she would be still in her stressed persona as she didn’t have time to relax a tad and take things in a saner manner. I know I will be such a loving beast regardless of when I reach there, but still…. I’ll follow the plan in letting her enjoy first….


I have my men protect the place more than before as she’s now staying in there. And I’m receiving footage with Lorelai constantly calling me to keep me in check, having second thoughts on if she did the right thing with this.


I’m having whisky in my main mansion, watching my baby swimming underwater with that to die for body, all alone, transforming herself in a fucking mermaid per se, loving the place and the water as if it’s her shelter to rest.

Fuck, baby…. You’re so out of this world…. Damn, I love her….

“Yeah? It’s the twentieth call, Lorelai….” I groan, watching my baby on my fucking laptop, wearing a pair of satin dark grey pants, sitting at my desk in my house’s office room.

It’s ten at night. No, since that night, I’m not available to friends or clubs or anything. Only Lorelai has access to me because she’s connected to this. My Sonya is all that’s important to me and my eyes to be stamped on her one way or another. It’s a fucking addiction now…. Yeah, well….

She sighs.

“I know, I’m sorry…. I can’t function because of all this….”

The fuck I’ll be able to not grab her when I’ll be there…. No way. Not possible. I’m in such a fucked state that I can’t control myself….

My heart is punishing my chest and the fire down my veins, body and manhood is a majestic one. My eyes can’t glue themselves off her…. And the way she swims…. Fuck me ongoing….

“Marcus. I know now you love her, but I’m not sure on how she’ll take this. And with how you are right now? Fuck that….”

Yeah, my breathing is taking my state…. I can’t fucking help it.

I gulp some whisky with ice to cool off a bit, but even this doesn’t work anymore….

“Agreed on with me like this. But she’ll be mine, no matter the costs.”

She’s smoking by the sound of it.

“What will you do when she’ll refuse you, Marcus? Chances are high to total on that. What then?”

I only know she’s mine. I’ll see when the time comes. Even I don’t know yet. My baby….

“Stop thinking, Lorelai. It’s a done deal. The end will be only one. She’ll be my wife. What has to be done to achieve that, I’ll do it. I know her now and I’m aware of everything, even of her reactions.”

She’s in a pause, smoking.

My baby is swimming for the last hour. She likes it more at night as she hasn’t been there during the day. She has slept all day and ate only lunch inside her room. And no, she’s swimming without taking breaks. She can stay a lot under water as the pool is wide, professional. A swimmer could perfectly train in it, that wide it is.

“I hope you won’t force her, Marcus. I know you haven’t fucked anyone. You’re at your fucking limit and I don’t want you to lose your mind on her and do something you shouldn’t. You’ve never been such a person, but the way you are now and loving and wanting her, the fuck I have trust in your control at this point. You’re a trained one in fighting and a fucking bull. I worry she might not be able to put you down against her strengths to beat a man, and you to end up in forcing her. You guys aren’t normal in any fucking way, Marcus. I don’t know the scores on this. The only things I’m sure of are that she’ll refuse you, kick your ass, and break her connection to me.”

I’m smirking.

“The painful part for me is on the breaking up from me. Don’t add forcing her to bed on top of that…. Fuck….”

It’s hard for me to admit I would do such a thing, but it’s one scenario that might happen…. I do need to fucking control…. Shit…. I know I would never hurt my baby though. I love her more than everything. Even more than my fucking life. Yeah….

I gulp the remainder of my whisky.

“I love her and that should be enough for you to calm down. It’s between me and her now. She won’t break her friendship with you. I know she won’t. Now, stop calling and do whatever else, Lorelai. Everything will be fine. I promise. Bye.” I end the call.

I’m sincere with her, but Hell is running down my veins…. I fucking love and want her! What do you guys expect from me?! I’ll try to control and be as normal as I can be…. So damn hard though…. All I know is that she’s mine. The rest is secondary.


I’m walking to where she’s swimming with men after me. Yeah, there were some threats around me lately and they’ll stay close, but they’re not allowed to raise their eyes when we reach the pool my baby is in. I’m out of my mind with my baby and need my guard down from that for the face-to-face meeting.

Well, I always have men after me as I’m at the level where this is a must. I run many businesses, and some are dangerous. I have no problem in handling the danger part on my own, but I do need breaks from that.

She’s doing her usual laps and I’m watching her live now…. My heart is a fucking hurricane. I don’t know how my control rate will be when she’ll get out of there…. I’ve been through Hell and back this past month. I’m still in Hell to be frank. More than before…. Oh yes….

I’m on the side of the pool, positioned where the stairs to come out are. I watched her routine last night. She’ll stop in a few minutes…. Two and half hours she did this last night. I couldn’t sleep all night…. Not that I’m getting much sleep for the last month….

When she does come out, sure she’s alone in here, with her eyes shut, with water dripping from her, a satisfied smile on her kissable mouth, moving that pair of driving me insane breasts to take charge over her breathing, and staying for a bit like that, with the face of a serene angel, I’m all knocked out. I’m fucked.

I know I’m speaking and aware of each word we’re exchanging, but my mind and what is burning inside of me….

She’s playing me by mirroring my grimace…. Fuck, baby…. I want you so bad…. That’s it, reveal your real one…. That stare fucks my soul and makes me grab her…. Fucking control, Marcus…. Fuck! I’m unable to control…. She’s too everything to be able to…. I’m already seeing us in bed, baby…. Damn…. Mmm…. I love your moving lips, love…. Not moving…. I’m here now and you have no escape…. I played Lorelai’s plan till now…. I’m now doing things my way…. Man!

The water snaking down her baby skin is driving me insane…. She’s in her gangsta attitude…. I love you so damn much, baby…. I need you like I need the air to breathe…. You’re my oxygen from now on…. What are you doing, baby? She’s tricking me for sure…. I can feel it…. Oh, baby…. I want you so bad…. I’m already in waves of sensations and the urge of having my baby is demanding…. It’s poisonous…. It’s…. What the fuck?! Ha-ha!

Before I can slip my hands on her as she has touched me on my suit jacket, I see myself landing in the fucking pool! Ha-ha! None has ever been able to do such things to me.

She does have force to do that to me as I’m so fucked up that I’m barely fucking standing. I knew she would do something, but with my stare in her baby blue eyes which rapture my being in tickles and fire, I had my guard down, tranced in her, savoring her touch. Brief touch that is….

“Cool off, bitch. And never let me see your face again. You own shit.” She’s looking down on me in the pool with that gangster stare of hers, speaking like one.

Her dad is Mafia…. Oh yes. Ha-ha! That’s why she can fight like that…. She’s like a son to him and not like a daughter. Her mom died when she was a kid and he raised her like a son. He’s a crude man and not very capable of emotions. I know him….

Strange I didn’t know her though…. He has never mentioned her…. He’s kept her hidden. Well, she’s a lawyer and having a different life by day, never involving herself in her dad’s business per se. But she does involve herself on some things….

Oh! Nothing can cool me off, love. Except you, baby Sonya…. You’ll see my face. Forever from now on. I own you. It’s just a time difference from when that is made official. Man! She so fucks me…. I need the real fuck now….

She fetches her robe and dresses with it while I’m smirking and staring at her in awe, inching her body and movements with my hungry eyes. She’s so damn pissed, and she thinks this is over. No fucking way. This is only the beginning.

“Unbelievable….” She avoids eye contact with me, walking out of here in her gangster attitude.

Believe it, baby. It’s so on, love…. FUCK! I’m burning….

I’m eyeing her like a fucking animal while she’s walking away, breathing like a beast.

I’m crazy laughing over all this and swim to get out of the pool, all wet on clothes and everything I have on me. The water hasn’t helped me even a tad to stop the demented Hell rocking my body.

You don’t want to know how many iced showers I took, how much I’ve worked out in the gym and all the attempts to keep myself under control. Nothing can help me anymore. I need my baby.

I’m coming, baby…. That room you’re in? It’s mine, honey…. We’ll make love tonight…. I can’t fucking help it…. I want to for you, but I fucking can’t…. I’m in tremors with a burning fire inside…. I need your love….

I know I sound like a mental house, and you guys can judge me. Even I don’t recognize myself anymore. Never been like this. I swear to God.

All drenched from the pool, running my right hand through my hair to remove the water, I’m strolling after her, motioning my head in disbelief, smirking, breathing like a fucking bull.

Oh! Can’t wait the room, love…. I’m done. It’s action time…. Mad love is on its way to you, honey….

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