• May 7, 2021

Billionaire’s Baby Angel (Chapters 1-5) FREE READING 😉😇❤😘🙌


When she’s a descendant from a divine bloodline…


Landing back home to my dad from abroad upon finishing my PhD studies should have been the happiest moment of my life, right? Nah…. A punishing to my soul and heart news hits me right from my father’s lips. I need to marry Frederik Shawn tomorrow morning, a 31 hot billionaire and dangerous mafia head, to settle a 40 million debt my and my dad’s companies have to him as an investor.

I, Mona Sandler, 26, curvy, genius, businesswoman, rebel, badass, with a life in the shadows even my own dad knows nothing about, break before this crushing to my all settlement between Frederik and my dad to prevent the entire collapse of our companies. However, he’s going to have me on papers only and I’ll make his life a living hell. The name I possess in the shadows is Pandora Angel….

He wants me? He doesn’t know what he’s asking for…. But…. When I meet him for the signing of the marriage contract in his own office, something in me responds to him. Yet, I’m on revenge mode, and I’m not going to surrender to the crawling feelings he summons in me. To pay debts back? Okay. To be his real wife? HELL NO!


Oh? You guys want me to reply to what she has said above? Alrighty then. She’s mine. Forever. No matter the war she’ll have against me. She’s taken, no matter the means. She’s my baby. MY Pandora Angel. And I love her…MADLY! But she’ll torture me SO bad…. And I won’t lower my game either. Game on for REAL LOVE! Liked that, honey? Huh? Oh! You’re so mine, love….

Prepare for lunatic and true love, retaliation, comedy, action, mafia, contemporary romance, business world, rivals, with the touch of the paranormal!

*This book contains language and mature themes. Suitable for +18 audience because of that.

Billionaire’s Baby Angel, by Andra-Cristiana Stan, Romania. Copyright © May 2021. All Rights Reserved

No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system without the written permission of the author.

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

Chapter 1 – Don’t Unpack Your Bags


I don’t want to do this, dad! What do you mean I need to marry that Mafia?! Why?!”

I’ve just landed home from Europe upon finishing my studies, and my dad is telling me to not unpack my bags as I’m going to marry some fucker tomorrow!

My heart is everywhere and I’m lunatic at him to hear that. He’s so damn calm with some gloomy brown eyes, but with a heavy and ordering tone of voice.

“It’s settled, Mona. You’re the only daughter I have. If you don’t marry Frederik Shawn tomorrow morning, we can as well go on the streets tonight. I have a 40 million debt to him for our companies, baby. Business is not going well and he’s not giving me any delays.” He’s drinking whisky on the sofa and I’m standing before him, in the living room.

I’m baffled. I didn’t know about that. I now see he’s worn out and at his limit with solutions. I’ve been out of the States for the last four years for studies and nothing lacked for me. I had no news for things going south back home.

I’m raking my hair with my hands, shaking my head, breathing with difficulty.

“Why didn’t you tell me, dad? And how in hell have you two reached to this kind of settlement? To marry him for our debts? That’s crazy, dad! I don’t even know him! I just know his fucking name, that he’s a billionaire businessman, and that he’s a mafia head, one of the biggest out there! And you want me to marry someone like that?!”

He’s gulping whisky and now slams the glass on the table, leaning his back on the sofa in surrender. His gaze is down, and he sighs.

“My hands are tied, Mona. He found out about you when you called me last month. He knew I had a daughter but just as casual info. Because of your car accident back then, having you miles away in hospital, I had to take the call with you in front of him. When we finished our conversation, he started questioning me about you, being somehow concerned. I didn’t think much of it, and I told him about you in general and what happened to you. We then resumed our former discussion about his investment and that things are bad on that line, with such a high investment, with me having other loans and investors doing the same with my business because I’m on a red line for two years now, just dragging to not declare bankruptcy. He left on me thinking on a last solution to deal with this in an amicable manner, and not have him send me in official bankruptcy and take all my assets to compensate some of the investment. Of course, I had and have no solution as we don’t have money in those amounts.”

He’s tilting his sad eyes at me and my heart breaks.

“We have a total of 200 million accumulated debts to everyone, baby. And cash only around three million in all the companies. Real estate industry is flopping, and I have no means to earn money as I used to, baby. It’s not that I don’t work or do my best, but the economy is not helping. Transactions are not as they used to be, and the amounts are less and less as income.”

He grabs the whisky bottle and pours himself another shot in his glass. I’m going crazy inside and I’m in a state of shock, unable to breathe right, as this is so bad.

“I can’t bring in more investors to cope with the losses and do business because we’re not feasible anymore as companies. No one invests in a red line company.”

He drinks the glass in one shot and leans back on the sofa with the empty glass in his hand, gazing in the room with a lost stare.

“So, by the end of second day, he called me. He said he did a background check on you, and he wants you as his wife to drop his claims on the investment, interest, and penalties for the previous delays. He will also deal with everything we have as debts and will further invest in our companies as we’ll become family. That’s the good offer. If I refuse, he’ll end us financially speaking and we’ll end on the streets. He gave me two days to decide and sent me all documents for me to analyze. The documents are the marriage contract with all he offers and takes responsibility in doing, also between you and him, and the legal actions on the other side if I decide to refuse. That’s the bad offer. I did analyze them and for us, it’s apocalyptical. I didn’t tell you until now because I didn’t want to pressure you. I wanted you to focus on finishing your studies and come back home safe. But now, I have no way to not tell you. I accepted it as I won’t let you suffer on the streets with me and have the rug pulled from under your feet because I flopped in business. He’s not a bad guy at core against him being Mafia and all he is. The age difference is not big, only five years.”

I’m going crazy in my mind glued with my stare to my crushed to his core dad.

“He’s 31. His looks are featured in all magazines and he’s one of the biggest and prosperous businessmen against his young age. What does concern me is that being Mafia, he does have a load of dangers around him. But I know his dad, and Frederik took the mafia position from him. If his dad reached an old age and still going, with a wife, same one since his youth, beside him, it does bring some comfort to my heart you won’t be affected by that side of his. His parents are with a solid marriage and his mom seems a happy woman with his dad. I don’t know, baby…. I’m trying to see the light in the darkness, or I’ll go fucking crazy…. And I managed to delay him in claiming you until you would come back home. He said that the next morning you’ll go to him, sign the marriage contract, and become his legal wife and all included. That’s tomorrow morning. He knew when you’d come back home even before I told him…. I’ve already signed the connected contracts to the marriage contract as a guarantee and settlement. If you won’t do your part, everything will blow and we’re…in a bad, very bad, situation. For the last month, because of his involvement with you now, he blocked the other parties in executing us for the debts we have with them. But tomorrow morning, if you don’t do your part, we need to pack our bags and leave all premises we own. It’s in the contracts signed by me. One way or another, we were in same situation. Sooner or later. Now, you decide if we pack our bags, or you want a further good life in financial aspects, as I’m not certain for the actual life considering the circumstances between you two….”

We’re so fucked, dad…. FUCK!

Chapter 2 – No More Delays. However…


I’m in Gill Sandler’s office, at his company, talking about my investment. I’ve extended the return of it for almost two years. He managed to pay back half of the set monthly instalments, and this is getting out of hand.

Gill Sandler has been and is a worthy businessman with no problems so far, before these two years. I can’t blame him on one hand as there are problems in the market, yet I conduct business, and I can’t act otherwise than a cold businessman.

Sandler rolled business with my dad, previously, and they know each other closely. Therefore, dad told me to give him a slack and wait for him to have a better business as he will return the money as contracted. They know each other since their youth as business partners. So, I’ve done that. For two years. However, I don’t run a charity and I can’t extend more. You don’t make billions with losses.

My dad has told me along the years Sandler’s story with his wife dying before time and that he has a daughter, younger than me. How he suffered and hasn’t remarried, staying even now faithful to his wife. He does have other women as he’s a man, but nothing serious or in the public eyes.

Dad has always been fond of his daughter, Mona. No, I don’t know her and I have never seen her. But my dad said she’s always been a little genius and angel, going around the world to study since a young age. She’s been to China, Japan, England, India, Russia, and Germany with scholarships as she has always won with her studies, being an A-list student. Yeah, she’s been more out of the States than inside. Yet, though I did have an attraction to such a girl, I didn’t give much importance at the time as I had my own business to tend to.

Years passed and dad would tell me from time to time about her whenever I would hit home from one of my business trips and mom would call me to have dinner at their place as yes, I’m the only son. But no, he and mom would never tell me about her in getting me marry her or something like that.

My dad would speak to her dad and ask him about Mona. Her dad would tell him her latest conquests and how proud he is of her and how lucky as a dad to have such a daughter compared to other dads having daughters nowadays.

Mom and dad were always interested in her as they wanted to have a daughter as well and one like her. Mona seems to have never troubled her dad with problems, though my dad says she’s a rebel, too. When he would say the rebel part, he wouldn’t give the details of it, just smirked and shook his head in disbelief, entertained by the fact.

Anyhow, I’ve had her on my mind at times, but never went the mile to actually learn more about her, focusing on my duties and taking over my family business on all sides, which has consumed all my time and life.

For my mafia side, to become the head of it, as my dad, I’ve trained since a young age, around seven, and had a deadly training, with a later deadlier experience to become what I am. The most feared and deadliest one.

For my business side, I went through higher education to best schools and universities in the States and, like little genius, finished them with perfect scores. But yes, I’m a bad boy and not a one-woman’s man. I can’t be as I’m cold in feelings. I’m not a beast or a bad man with women, but you know what I mean. Just getting laid and that’s all. Never same woman. None has ever made me want more. They lack substance.

“Frederick, please, just give me more time. I’m trying to switch on another field to make profits, but I need more time.” Sandler is at his limit with everything and has a tired expression but keeping himself with a poker and businessman face and attitude, like he always is. 

I’ve already seen your companies’ financials. It’s bad, Gill. It’s end line, unfortunately.

I’m on the sofa in his office and he’s on the armchair. I’m sipping some whisky on the rocks.

“Gill, as a person, I understand. As a businessman, it’s bad. Two years, I’ve been lenient to you because of our families knowing each other since long and you never breaking your contractual duties. And you are the only one I’ve done this with because my father vouched for you.” I get interrupted as his phone is ringing and at the sound of it, he goes pale in an instant, like he knows who’s calling.

“I’m sorry, Frederick. I need to take this. It’s my daughter from England. She recently had a car accident…. Yes, baby?” 

Mona…. Car accident? Well, dad said she’s a rebel, too…. Ha-ha! Hope she’s fine though…. 

I go silent and listen to them, sipping some whisky. He doesn’t have the phone on speaker, but I have a sharp hearing and I can decipher her replies and hear her voice.

“Daddy? I’m fine, don’t worry. Malika is not very well though.” 

Such a sexy voice…. 

Gill sighs in relief.

“But they said it’s nothing bad, just that she’s going to stay in the hospital for a couple more days. Her dad said the car is a mess and he freaked out, thanking God we didn’t have the injuries the car presented. They’ve arrested the drunk driver.” I think she’s smoking.

“I thank God as well, baby. I would die to lose you like I did your mom…. What did the doctors say about you blacking out upon the impact?” 


I tilt my eyebrows and my heart gets a clench hearing all that. Never had such a reaction to someone or something. Only for my mom and dad I would have it.

“Eh…. I’ve been tired lately, dad. We had the Russian company as a study case and assistance for my PhD and spent nights without sleeping.”

Gill shakes his head and shuts his eyes, brushing his face with his left hand.

“They said I’m a bit low in calcium and having a start of anemia and that’s why. They gave me treatment for it and scheduled me for next checkup. I’m fine. Your daughter is strong, dad. The injuries are already healing. I have nothing bad, really. I didn’t have shock during the impact. If I were the one driving, I would have prevented the motherfucker to hit our car. Malika is not with my instincts, and she loses herself. I managed to grab the steering wheel and avoid, partially, the bad part of the accident when I saw the car losing control and coming toward us from my side, but instead of keeping her foot on the acceleration pedal, she hit the break…. I didn’t want to drive that day because I was sleepy, and she was better than me as she had a day off. I wish I was driving…. The detective was all a praise when I woke up and told him what had happened. Ha-ha! He said I prevented a worse accident with my intervention. Yeah, I didn’t lie to him…. I can’t fucking lie in general…. See, dad? You always worry over my car races, but it pays off…. Ha-ha! My guilty pleasure…. Anyways, how are things back there? Have you been good? Hope you’re on your diet and meds, all a good guy. Once I land in the States, we’re going for a full checkup, dad. I’ll see if you lie to me or not.”

Gill chuckles. She’s in a playful voice and a bit bossy. 

Hmm…. Now I get why dad is so fond of her…. Car races…. The rebel side…. Ha-ha! 

I’m smiling.

“I’ve been good, baby.” His voice betrays him in front of her though as she becomes serious.



“What’s the matter? I said I’m fine. You know your daughter.”

“Yes, I know.”

“Is there something going on?”

“No, just worried about you. I hate you not sleeping and being miles away for the last four years. And now the accident….” He’s partially lying as he seems he hasn’t told her about the problems with the companies.

“Dad? Don’t lie to me. What’s wrong? Is everything okay with business? Tell me. You had health problems? Something is off and I know you’re not telling me the truth. Whatever it is, you tell me, dad.” 

She’s not stupid indeed….

The more I listen to her, the more my heart reacts and gets a warm wave enveloping it. I’m also concerned about her health state after that accident. Strange as fuck….

“No, baby. Everything is fine as you know it. I’m happy nothing bad happened to you. I was going to take the jet tonight and come to you….” He’s clearing his throat. He’s avoiding my sight all this time, focused on her.

“Come on, dad. I said you don’t need to do that. Nothing will take me out of existence and let you out of adrenaline! Ha-ha!”

He smiles.

“By the way, the Russian CEO?” She’s drinking something and pauses.

“What about?”

“Well, Malika knows about my car races. While working on the project in the company, she was reminiscing of my last year’s car race and laughing on how I dealt with the last car in the race to win it. He heard it and asked me about it. I told him vaguely as it’s…in the underground. He said his son is a car racing monster and he would love to see me racing against him. And we did it, last weekend…. I can never say no to that…. Guilty, dad. Sorry I haven’t told you though….”

He’s contracting his jawline, but he remains silent. His eyes darken. 

The rebel daughter…. But she tells him at least…. Ha-ha! 

“And, my perfect score is maintained, dad. The sucker is a great racer, but he smelled my balls. Ha-ha! Okay, dad. I have to go now. I have the meeting with the team and they’re coming to the restaurant near the hospital. Call you later. Love you. Bye.” She rushes the last part and ends the call before Gill has opportunity to reply to her.

He motions his head, chewing from his left cheek.

“You always kill me…. Car race…. Last weekend…. Car accident…. When you’ll come home…. Yeah.”

He’s saying this while placing his phone in his suit jacket and when he tilts his eyes and sees me, he comes back to reality I’ve been here this entire time.

“Oh, sorry, Frederik. I always have my mind out when she’s calling me. Especially after what happened two days ago…. She’s my only daughter and family.”

We have a deep lock of stares and I’m studying his eyes, rolling in my head all my dad has told me about Mona and what I’ve just heard. My heart is aching for her, and I now realize her voice, though strong and not giving signs of weakness, was a bit off. She might be covering her state in front of her dad to not make him worry about her.

“Don’t worry, Gill. I understand. Tell me what happened and about her.” I fake knowledge of their conversation, as in her replies.

After one look at me with surprise, he starts telling me about her, info I already knew in general from dad, and about the car accident. She called him the moment she came back to her senses and told him to not worry as she’s fine, but she was involved in a car accident, and she wasn’t the one driving. It was her best friend, Malika.

He contacted the hospital to validate her words, though she never lies to him, no matter how bad it is, and they confirmed she’s fine and that she’s responding well after the accident, just that they’d run more tests to make sure the blackout she experienced is not a problem because of the accident with internal bleeding. Tests came out well and she’s safe on that, just the low calcium and start of anemia are present.

He continues in telling me he hasn’t told her about the financial problems as he’s keeping things covered in front of her. He’ll deal with them, though she’s half in shares and one of the major stockholders. But he’s the Chairman and it’s his duty to solve this as both leader and father. And then, he comes back in asking me for another delay.

Hmm…. Delay. I can’t give you another delay. But…. Something has changed indeed…. And you need to thank your daughter for that. It’s not like I wouldn’t give you a delay, but the situation you’re in will only further your losses and not your comeback. You’re refusing to accept that. I understand you’re not a quitter, but let’s face reality. I need to see some things first…. Yep. It’s time to learn more about baby Mona. Only then I can make you an offer to solve your problems. We’ll see.

I stand up and button my suit jacket.

“I can’t give you more delays, Gill. I’ve already done it and the results are worse. Think of a way to give the investment back and fast. I’m sorry, but this is end line for me. I’ll call you soon to tell me. I’m glad your daughter is well though. She seems a good and loving daughter. I’ll see myself out.” I say this in a cold, businessman tone, which is my signature one, and walk out of his office, not letting him say more. 

Chapter 3 – Baby Angel


When I’m in my limo, I order my right hand, Randy, to give me all there is on Mona Sandler and prepare the jet to England to go and see her live. I won’t approach her, but I need to see the rebel baby.

My heart needs to be sure she’s indeed well after that accident. I don’t know why I’m doing all this as it’s out of my character, but I don’t go against it. My heart has never dictated me such things, so, I need to follow its orders regarding her.

By the time I reach England, I have everything about Mona on my phone. Since the day she was born till present moment. Yes, I have everything, including her racing records in the underground. She’s a lunatic…. Ha-ha! The more I read about her, the more my heart burns and so is my body. The moment her pictures come before my eyes…. 

Damn…. Dad was right…. She’s like a baby angel…. Not only super smart but smoking hot as well…. She’s a curvy Angel…. Mmm…. Can’t wait to see her live…. She was adorable as a kid…. And now, she’s…. Man!

I’m smirking over her pictures, and I’m so damn taken in her like I’ve never been for a woman. Not even ten percent have I been so hyped on a woman like I’m on baby Mona. My heart was never given, though this baby Mona has captured it just like that, without even seeing her at first. So damn strange all this happening to me, but the fuck I care. She’s mine.

When I land in England, my men tell Randy she’s in a local, normal restaurant, with some of her friends, discussing on their project, second meeting with them. She’s staying in the proximity of the hospital to go and check on Malika.

My heart is pounding all the drive there. Again, never happened to me before. I have a thousand thoughts at the same time, trying to figure out I’m not just temporarily like this regarding her. I don’t want to make a mistake as I know how cold I am. I wouldn’t want to be like this, do what I have in mind, and then have the clarity it was just a passing feeling and hurt her.

I would never want to emotionally hurt a woman. I know what impact I have on women. They instantly fall in love with the man I am even before I would have sex with them. And I always tell them before sex that it’s only a one-time thing and not expect more from me as I’m not that type of guy and don’t do relationships. I never lie.

I enter the restaurant, alone. My men are outside in the cars. I already know her face and it won’t be hard to spot her. Besides, I already have details of where she is.

The moment the women in the restaurant take notice of me, the murmurs stop and they all drool on me. It’s normality for me.

I ignore everyone and take a seat at one of the tables close to hers, having the waitress giving me the menu and waiting for the order. She’s bending her cleavage at me, but my eyes are on baby Mona.

The only woman in the entire restaurant who doesn’t notice my presence here, is rebel Mona who’s surrounded by guys at the table, smoking, and reading some papers. 

You baby Mona…. No look to see why the entire restaurant had a halt in everything…. Mmm…. 

My heart halts at her image and my eyes hunger over her like hypnotized. I give a random order, not taking my eyes off my baby….

“Brad? This is not good, moron.” She slams the file on his head, and he whimpers. She’s with a bad girl look at him.

“Come on, love! I did my best on that!” 

Love?! I’ll fuck you so good your own mother won’t recognize you, fucker! 

She’s murdering him with her eyes and slams the files several times on his head.

“What! Did! I! Tell! You! On! Calling! Me! Love?! Keep your fucking balls in check, Brad. Don’t make me kill you. Bad time on that after what I had. Redo this.” She throws the files on him. “You’re one year under me, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know how to approach it. Stop walking on my nerves.” She’s sipping from her coffee, and I would so kiss those lips….

She’s a natural beauty and dresses normally. She’s in a pair of black skinny jeans, a black top on her neck embracing her torso, a thin leather jacket, a bit long on her, with elbow-length sleeves, and a pair of black stilettos. She has her hair in a messy bun, and she wears no jewelry, just a golden watch on her left wrist. And she has some delicious dimples…. And those jade eyes…. Oh man! She’s carved to perfection…. 

Damn, baby…. She’s not seeing me…. 

I’m smirking at her and for sure owning some animal stares on her.

I’m having my order and I sip from my whisky, not escaping her sight.

“Okay, okay…. I’m sorry.” Brad fucker takes a serious stance and drops the lover boy act.

She “Hmph!” at him. 

Oh, baby…. I make no mistake with you. You’re mine, baby. Forever.

“Mona?” Another one is showing her some papers.


“This right here is what we proposed as change. We need your approval on this.” She takes it.

“Did you check the trade market?”

“Yes. It’s all there.”

Brad is tranced on her, and I might kill the fucker. The others are hyped on her as well but keeping boundaries. Brad is not under boundaries. 

Son of a bitch…. Cross the line and I might end you, fucker. That’s my soon-to-be wife!

“Hmm….” She’s reading with speed the papers. “Yes. It’s okay. If this goes accordingly, the Russian company will have a boom on the stock market. And it will go accordingly after we’ve worked so hard on it. Did you speak with the brokers yesterday, Kevin?” She’s asking another, giving back the papers to the other one.

“Yep. They’re preparing the action for tomorrow. They’ll list the new branch and expecting the boom.”

“Okay. Send them the change. Alright, guys. I’m going. Call me if anything. I’ll be with Malika in the hospital overnight and I’ll study next week’s files. I have them in the car.” She’s packing her stuff in her purse. “Oh! Brad?”

“Yes, lo….” 


He stops as she’s having a bad omen stare at him, standing up with the hem of her purse in her left hand.

“Continue and you’re dead, Brad.” They have a deep lock of stares, and he grins at her but stays silent. “Check with the CEO the statute of the company one more time and see if everything is in place. For the other branch. And wipe off that grin on your face before I do it for you, moron. Better use your main brain on the important stuff and let the other breathe some.”

The others chuckle at this, and I smirk. Brad is breathing with heaviness, wanting to say something but stops as she walks away.

She strolls past me, without even glancing at me, sighing, and looking tired now. I pick up her faint jasmine scent from her perfume, intoxicating my senses and ravaging my being in torments. Her stance is that of a noble woman and her beauty is a match to that. 

Oh yes, baby…. We’re so on, love. I’ll call your dad and tell him my offer and decision. His daughter shall be my wife. I’ll deal with everything else.

She’s out of the restaurant, but before I stand up to go after her and see her more, the other guys are speaking to Brad who’s leaned back on his chair, all tensed up, with some battles in his dark brown eyes. No, he’s a hunk himself and not ugly at all. They’re all dressed in a suit like me and seem at least millionaires by their clothes.

“Man…. You always piss her off, Brad.” 

And me. 

I relax on my chair, gulp from my whisky, and listen to them. Brad is rolling his glass of red wine in his hand, staring on the table.

“She refused you countless times. I don’t know how much you can still handle it. From how I see it, she will never accept you. Or another….” This is Kevin guy speaking. 

Hmm…. So, you did ask her….

He drinks his glass in one shot and slams the glass on the table.

“I’ll never give up. I fucking love her. When I heard about the accident, I almost had a heart attack because of her. I don’t even know when I went in the car and drove there to see how she is.” 

Give up. She’s mine.

My heart has another clench being reminded by her accident, but it comforts me she’s looking well and not having visible injuries. She just looks tired. 

My baby Mona…. And she doesn’t know about her dad’s mess yet….

He pours himself another glass of wine and sips from it.

“I’m waiting for this month to pass and her to finish her PhD. I’ll have another talk with her. I’ll go back to the States in two months, and I’ll officially approach her. I will not lose her. I already bought the ring to propose to her. That serious I am with her.” 


I’m bull staring at him. He’s gloomy and sincere. He’s hurting because of my baby. I can see that.

Kevin guy shakes his head.

“I don’t know, man. Prepare yourself for a total rejection. It’s been four years and she hasn’t accepted you or anyone else. She’s just into what she’s doing here and nothing more. I don’t know if she’ll change her views once back to the States. Malika says she’s always been like this, and they know each other since teens.” 

Things will change when she’ll be back to the States. She’ll become my wife, next morning. Yep.

After this, I stand up, pay my order, and get out.

Once I’m in the limo, I tell Randy to give me all on that Brad fucker. Then, I go after my baby to see she’s safe to the hospital. Some of my men are already tailing her. She’s in a black BMW sports car.

At the hospital, I send my men to live stream to me what’s going on in there and see her some more. I’m aching to go and grab her, feel her in my arms, kiss her and have her, but I’ll refrain for the moment. I’ll wait….

Meanwhile, I have the identity of Brad. He’s Brad Loren, son of Loren Estates in Los Angeles. Millionaire and about to take over the business upon completing his PhD. He’s a prodigy as my baby is, finishing his studies in record time and having a range of academical achievements. Same age as my baby, 26. He’s also a black belt in taekwondo. However, he’s nowhere my level.

And, he has media scandals with women. A bad boy himself. Well, he’s sincere in feelings with my baby. I give him that. And I know from personal experience that media scandals are not like that in reality.

Whatever the scoop, it’s never at the level reality has it. Media always tends to present things in the worst light possible. For example, not all women I appear with in scandal magazines have I fucked. So, it is the same with him.

I don’t find him as a bad guy in general, but because it’s about my Mona, I won’t let anything come between us. She’s not a passing feeling for me, she’s the feeling of my life. I’m sure of it at this point.

My men send me footage from inside the hospital till the room that has Malika, and baby Mona doesn’t step outside after that.

I get a call from one of my mafia businesses and I’m needed back in the States. Yeah, I’m undertaking some new territories in the country and outside the country and there’s war on that with other mafias. Nothing out of the ordinary for the one I am.

I leave England ordering men to guard and protect my baby from the shadows and send me footage with her and her everyday itinerary. I announce them she’s soon to be their Madam and that if anything happens to her, they’re dead.

In the jet back home, I order my lawyers to prepare the marriage contract and all the contracts to make the deal with her dad for the investment. I also order them to start buying the debts from the other companies and banks Sandler has with them, but to do it quietly and Gill to not take notice of this.

I’m aware of baby Mona now after reading her files and seeing her in action. She’ll try to propose me a new plan of returning the investment and ask me for a delay. I need the entire sum of debts against her.

She’s able to make the forty million in a few months as she has high connections in England, Germany and Russia who would jump to help her if she were to ask for it, but 250 million, no.

I’ll trap her to me without a way out. I saw she has a hidden bank account with 10 million dollars. She might use it to negotiate with me, but it won’t work. I’m not after money, I’m after her. 

Chapter 4 – I’ve Missed You Like Crazy


This past month has been hellish for me…. I’m a fucking pained zombie…. I don’t show it outside, but inside I’m so fucked. Tonight, my baby is coming back from England. She finished her PhD magna cum laude and made the Russian CEO boom on the stock market. The new branch is the rising star these weeks.

I can’t sleep at night, I long after her. I’ve visited her five times this past month to keep my fucking sanity in place. From the shadows, obviously. She doesn’t know about anything yet, but her dad will tell her tonight.

Since that day in her dad’s office, I’ve been with no other woman. I only need and want my baby Mona. And I’m in some flaming raptures in my entire body, heart, soul, and mind.

I can’t wait to have her before me tomorrow morning, have her sign the marriage contract, and take her home…. God…. I’m fucking exploding in my all….

I’ve already bought the wedding rings, ordered for the actual wedding, which is set three months from now, and I’m planning everything for my baby bride since that night in England. She deserves the best. And I’ll give her everything.

This month she only knew her work, coffee shops, and her apartment. She hasn’t gone out to clubs or for fun. But she did have two racing events…. I had my men live stream it to me…. Damn!

My heart raced along with her as she’s so fucking lunatic and the car races involve drifting as well…. Yeah…. As her dad said that day in his office, she fucking kills me.

And yes, her perfect scores are maintained. She won both races with me almost suffering two heart attacks for her safety. If it wasn’t about my love in there, I would have no problem or feeling as I’m chilled in everything. I’m a fucking Mafia head. But because it’s her? Yeah, my heart was under trials as she used maximum speed, and the stunts she pulls to win are so fucking dangerous, though she does them like it’s a piece of cake. Oh yeah….

I can’t wait for tomorrow morning to come faster. I’m at home, in my gigantic mansion, checking if everything is in place. I’ve ordered clothes and everything for my baby and a second dressing room as wide as mine in my bedroom which is now going to be our bedroom. I have everything she likes and loves purchased and ready for her to use.

I have my men watch over her and I already tapped Gill’s house to hear and see what’s going to happen tonight when my baby will be informed over everything. I know she won’t take it well.

And…I’m concerned about her health. She has some problems since the accident. Dizziness, and she has passed out three times this past month. I’m going crazy because of this and told my father-in-law to have her informed earlier about the marriage contract and all, but because he doesn’t know what happened to her as she hasn’t told him, he pleaded to let her finish her studies there and when she comes home, then he’ll do it as first plan.

It’s nine in the evening and I’m in my office in my house, with my laptop in front of me, whisky with ice at hand, waiting for my baby to step inside her dad’s house and for him to tell her about the companies, me, and what happens tomorrow morning.

Her dad has sent his limo to pick her up from the airport. He’s a fucking mess in his all for this past month. I know I’m partially guilty for that, but it’s not like I’m the one creating all the debts. I’m guilty for the other part, that of forcing things out to acquire my baby Mona. But I don’t regret anything. She’s the one and only for me. I’m the kind of guy who never delays in taking what’s his. I’m like this in all areas of my life.  

He knows I’m blocking the other creditors from taking action against him. I’m doing it, but not through blocking them, but through becoming the sole creditor as you guys already know. I could have blocked them, but my intentions aren’t to delay him paying me back anymore. It’s to have my baby and to solve everything for him as his son-in-law as I should. 200 million for me? It’s small change. Nothing is more precious than Mona for me. Yeah, she’s priceless to me.

I lay back on my chair and have a taste of whisky as baby Mona has just entered the house with their staff welcoming her and taking her luggage. Yes, I have audio-video streaming from there. I’m the motherfucker I am, and I have the means to do this.

No, my father-in-law has no clue about this. I’ve also kept an eye on him this past month as he’s in a bad state of mind because of everything, not only because of me, and I need to make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid to himself under the pressure.

He’s not a weak guy, but you never know what a dark mind can decide at a breaking point. He’s my family now and I must prevent bad things from happening to him. My baby is already without a mother since forever. I don’t want her to have a hit with her dad as well.

She’s with a tired expression, but when one of the staff tells her that her dad is in the living room, waiting for her, she undergoes a shiny grimace and she’s all smiley, strolling there with a bit of hurried steps.

“Daddy! I’m home!” 

My baby…. 

I’m smiling at her, having another taste of whisky, thinking of tomorrow morning and how she’ll become mine. I’m in lava in my all and at my limit from staying apart from her…. My heart is rioting, and my brain is a volcano as my other brain…. Oh yeah….

He’s drinking whisky, splashed on one of the armchairs, staring down, but when he hears her sweet voice, happy like a child coming back home to her daddy, he stands up smiling, placing the glass on the coffee table, and meets her halfway in a big hug.

“My baby is finally home….” 

Can’t wait to do that tomorrow with my baby as well…. 

“Let me see you.” He’s cupping her face and kisses her forehead.

“I’m fine, dad! No mark on me. What’s the matter, dad? You…don’t look that well….” She backs off her head, holding his right wrist with her hand while he’s cupping her face and has a guilty stare in his eyes. 

Yeah, well…. He’s not well….

“Take a seat, baby. I have not very good news to give to you….” He drops his hands from her face and takes a seat on the sofa.

She owns a puzzled stare at him, blinking, placing her purse on one of the armchairs, standing before him, across the coffee table. She doesn’t want to take a seat.

“Not very good news? What is it? Is it a health problem, daddy? We’ll go to hospital tomorrow. I told you to keep a check on you! You lied, dad!”

He shakes his head and stops her speaking.

“It’s not that, baby. It’s worse.”

Her brows go up and her eyes widen.

“Worse? What could be worse? Dad? Don’t freak me out. If it’s not health related, nothing can be worse. Whatever it is, we can work it out. I’m back home and you’re not alone anymore. Just tell me.”

He’s delaying, avoiding her stare. He’s ashamed for what he’s about to say and can’t face her.

“I’ll solve it, daddy. You know you can rely on me.” 

Well, he will rely on you, but not the way you think…. Her eyes become a killer to whoever upset her dad to be like that…. Ha-ha! My baby Mona….

“Don’t unpack your bags, baby. Tomorrow you need to marry because of some disturbing problems in the companies.” 

Oh, shit…. 

The impact she has on her face is like a truck has hit her in full speed. 

Baby? Calm down…. Please…. Don’t you pass out…. 

My heart is in some rabid beats, and I experience like punches in it because I’m afraid her health won’t take it well…. I tense up and study her. I already have Randy with doctors and an ambulance nearby their house for intervention if something happens. I do hope it won’t be needed.

“What did you…. Dad? I’m sorry to ask this, but are you drunk, by chance? I prefer you being drunk and hallucinating than what you just said being true.”

“I wish I was drunk, and all this be just a bad dream, baby. But it’s not the case.” He tilts his eyes at her to send her his truth.

She’s jaw dropped and getting paler than before, breathing with difficulty, killing my heart.

“What do you mean? What happened? What’s with the companies? What do you mean I need to marry tomorrow, dad?! The companies are fine! What could have possibly happened to have you like this and tell me that, dad?! I’m a fucking ace, making other companies kick ass on the market, and you tell me our own companies are a fucking mess?! WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME, DAD?! SINCE WHEN IS ALL THIS HAPPENING?!”

He snaps as well.


I know him. He’s like my dad and me. We would never surrender and let things get solved by the women in the family. Women and daughters must be protected, loved, and bathed in everything on the positive side.

But he’s now facing the situation with me, and it eats him alive to do this to her. He knows I’m Mafia, and though I haven’t threatened him with death and all, he understands scenarios of how things would go if he doesn’t play accordingly with me. I would never do that to my father-in-law as I have the ways to get my baby as you guys know. But he doesn’t know that, so he’s afraid of my retaliation on them aside from the investment.

He continues in a calmer tone, looking aside, with a labored breathing. She’s frowning in surprise, not understanding the core of the problems, more like rejecting the possibilities.

“You know my long-time business partner, Alessandro Shawn.” He’s grabbing the whisky bottle and glass and pours himself a shot, gulping it all.

“Yes.” She’s taking a calm attitude as well, ready to listen.

“For the last three years, I’ve switched from him to his son. Things went wrong and he’s now claiming you to marry him with no way out. Which you need to do it tomorrow morning, baby. I tried everything and I can’t do anything to prevent this…. This is what is happening with me and even alcohol doesn’t make reality change….” He can’t look her in the eyes, clenching his jaw, ragged in his all.

She has a moment of utter silence, heaving, with fire in her eyes at him.

“I don’t want to do this, dad! What do you mean I need to marry that Mafia?! Why?!” 

Because the Mafia wants his baby. I love you, not playing the bad guy.

He explains to her, and she continues, going crazy in her all, dead against marrying me. 

Oh, baby…. No matter what you may think of me, you’re sealed to me. 

“Why didn’t you tell me, dad? And how in hell have you two reached to this kind of settlement? To marry him for our debts? That’s crazy, dad! I don’t even know him! I just know his fucking name, that he’s a billionaire businessman, and that he’s a mafia head, one of the biggest out there! And you want me to marry someone like that?!” 

Kind of like that, baby. It was strange even for me to do this, but it happened. I’ll never give up on my love and you will marry me tomorrow. I’ll take everything you’ll ever throw at me because of how I proceeded with this, and I’ll do it with all my love for you. You’ll love me. I know you will. Eventually. Once you’ll calm down and see me for me, you will fall in love with me as I am with you. I have no concern on that.

She’s with a bit or more of disgust referring to me being a mafia as she knows some of my dad. But we’re not the bad kind of mafia. We are cruel and cold, but not for doing shit. And that cruel and cold is never with our loved ones or family as in wife, parents, parents-in-law, brothers or sisters, children. And yes, with women and children in general we never act as a bad mafia. We do rule ourselves on a code of honor, ethics, and morals, and being righteous.

To tell you something somehow funny related to this, my dad, at some levels, did the same with my mom. I never thought of it as they love each other like crazy, but I know their love story and how it began.

However, it seems that I have same fate as dad to fall in love like I did and use some unholy ways of undertaking my baby to become my wife. If you were to tell me this would happen to me as well, or to ever fall in love the way I did, I would have fucking beat the shit out of you for the audacity you had to even imagine such a thing for me to act.

But here I am, doing all this, not being sorry for anything, just concerned for my baby’s state of mind and health until she’ll finally be with me and get to know me.

Dad-in-law gives her the entire explanation about the companies and my person. She’s the least swayed about me and the idea of marrying me, but after she intently looks at him and has the clarity things indeed have no other options, she grabs his glass of whisky, drinks it in one shot, slams the glass on the table, takes a deep breath and releases it, shuts her eyes while doing it, contracting her jawline at twitching point with her dad studying her with a pained glare, and when she opens her eyes….

“Alright, dad. Calm down. I’ll sign it. I’ll fuck him till his fucking grave in blood. But I’ll sign it. You know your daughter and I can’t change myself. He’ll never have me other than on papers. We’re doing business and nothing else. He better be prepared to what he really claimed on me and what he invoked through this. He doesn’t fucking know me…. I’m going to my room. And don’t blame yourself with this, dad. I know you did all that stood in your powers to prevent this. I said I’m here now and will deal with whatever. I’ll do it. I’ll fucking sign it….”

She turns around, grabs her purse, and walks out, leaving Gill crumbling in pain and sorrow, but keeping himself silent.

Oh yeah, baby…. You’ll so fuck me…. Not only on papers. I’m not doing business with you, love. But I understand your reaction. I’m fully prepared to kiss you, have you in the safety of my arms, and love the hell out of you…. Can’t wait for this night to pass faster and our meeting tomorrow to finally have us face to face…. I’m sure I won’t be able to control all the way and I will greet you with a wild kissing…. I’ve missed you like crazy, and I need my tortures to end…. My love….  

Chapter 5 – What’s Your Game?


I couldn’t sleep all night thinking about the plague we’re hit with. I don’t give a fuck on money and a good life as I had till last night. I may be a rich princess having all, but I’m not the type to flaunt it or to live an extravagant life as a must.

However, I know that the companies’ debts will follow us as people as well. I also have shares in the companies, and no matter what job I would take to earn money in legit ways, all that I would have as a salary will go to banks and creditors from the companies involved with us. And I’ll never find a job to earn millions of dollars per month to pay debts. So, it’s a fucking dead end on that side as well.

I told dad I’ll sign it. He’s fucked up and couldn’t speak further because of guilt and lack of options to avoid this.

In front of him, I calmed down and took a manly attitude to make him chill a bit. I’m a strong person and never surrender in front of problems, but this is so damn hard to cope with. It’s fucking 200 million dollars and I have as option to marry a mafia guy to avoid the slaughter…. I had no fucking clue all this was happening while I was out of the country. Dad did cover everything for me to not find out as yes, I would drop everything and come back home….

In Europe, I finished a PhD in Business Administration. Funny thing, right? Yeah. Yes, against my young age, because I’m an intelligent person and have a lot of experience since a child in companies, I managed to finish in record time all the process of studies. The last four years, I’ve been in England to complete my PhD.

I’m a genius as IQ, but even genius people have no valid solutions when contracts are legally made and have default consequences if you don’t have the capital for it as help. Money is blood in business. No money, no business. And when economy on that specific market is not doing well, you’re fucking screwed in business.

The accident I had last month? I was with my best friend, Malika Stevens, in her car, and she was driving. A drunk man crashed into our car out of nowhere and it was on my side. I had minor injuries, but I blacked out upon the impact. So, the hospital held me for a few days under observation to not have later complications because of it.

Malika was the same, with minor injuries, but a bit more than I was as she was hit as well when our car collided with another. It was a nasty accident, but thankfully, the cars involved took the hit worse than the people in them. There were no casualties or people in critical condition. Thank God for that.

I dragged myself to shower, dress up, and attend breakfast. Dad is in a tomb silence, avoiding my stare, looking like he has just landed from a bloody war he has lost. He’s dressed in one of his usual three-piece suits, a black one with a light blue shirt and a tie to match. He’s athletic and good-looking for his age. He’s in his early fifties.

I’m dressed in a dark grey pants suit with a black blouse embracing my curves and body, with a pair of black stilettos. My dark honey, wavy, shoulder-length hair is loose at my back, but styled on my left side as I generally have it.

Yeah, I’m a curvy girl and possess some hypnotic jade eyes. I’m called an Angel Beauty by boys and men. Don’t know if that’s right or not as I don’t see myself being such a beauty, but anyhow, I don’t give a damn. And I never wear makeup, just a natural foundation on my face. I have a porcelain skin and I’m average in height.

We reach the company building where we’ll meet that fucker for the marriage contract signing. It’s a luxurious skyscraper. Shawn Industries. 

Son of a bitch…. I can’t blame you for claiming your money back as contracted, but to ask me as compensation? Motherfucker…. 

I hurl my eyes on the building, and a knot forms in my throat and on my heart. I would beat the shit out of him, to be honest. Anyways….

Yes, we’re in a Mercedes limousine with a driver. Our property. We’re rich people as well. Well, we were….

I don’t give a fuck, but this is how dad has always lived his life. We’re coming from a line of such people. Generations of wealthy people. Mom was poor but she had substance. Dad fell in love with her and married her after one month since meeting her. They were in bliss until she remained pregnant with me.

She had a toxic pregnancy with me and had difficulty to feel well. When giving birth to me approached, she had a car accident…. The only survivor was me from then…. The driver, the car, mom, were gone…. Dad never married again and he’s in pain since then. But he has been a great dad and loved me, provided me with a happy life, and always told me stories with mom to keep her alive in our life…. Yeah…. I’m the spitting image of my mom…. She was a beautiful woman…. My mom….

From the reception in the lobby, we’re guided to the floor the fucker is waiting for us. We’re in the elevator now and I whisper to dad, staring at the elevator’s doors with the woman taking us there before us.


“Yeah?” He’s in a low voice.

My heart is rumbling in kicks and my blood is boiling. I’m in a lion stance with my chin up, all contracted.

“I’ll go in the room alone. Please, wait outside. I want a private discussion with him.”

The doors are opening and I’m following the woman. I need to at least try avoiding the marriage contract signing.

“Baby? What? Mona….” 

He’s going to talk with the daughter now. I won’t let him fuck my life like this without trying to do something about it. No one fucks with me like this. Debts or no debts. I don’t fucking know what’s his game with me, but for sure I won’t play it the way he wants it. No way.

I undergo my businesswoman persona, a merciless one, and leave dad behind. He doesn’t say more as he knows me, but he’s afraid of my rebel side, the one who never submits or pleases the wants of others, because the fucker is mafia and he’s concerned of his reaction at me. Well, I don’t give a fuck on that.

The woman shows me in his wide office. He’s speaking over the phone with his majestic, black leather chair turned aside. He’s a towering one, ripped in muscles, God-like built, dressed in a navy-blue suit, white shirt, and a tie to match.

The fucker is a neat and ravishing one in looks. No wonder he’s featured in magazines. No, I haven’t googled him to know about him or how he looks like. I don’t fucking care.

His hair is rebel, raven-hue, wavy, but neat and sexy. His entire look is billionaire and angel beauty level. 

Devil wears Angel looks…. Nice combo…. Fucking asshole….

The woman shuts the door behind me and I’m strolling to the chair in front of his office with him tilting his dark green eyes at me, some rare pieces of art with a twinkle in there at my sight, ending the call while I’m sitting on the chair, lean my back on it, cross my leg over the other, take my pack of cigarettes and lighter from my suit jacket, and light one, not saying anything to him, cold in my all.

I’m relaxed and queen of the fucking world before the emperor attitude and all he serves to me right now, turning to face me, and a smirk blossoming in the corner of his perfectly carved lips as his perfectly carved all. 

I would so trash you, motherfucker…. Oh yes…

“Mona….” His voice is husky, manly, and sexy. 

No. No Mona.

“It’s Miss Sandler, Mr. Shawn. We’re here for business. I’ve been informed by Mr. Sandler of how things rolled these years while I wasn’t present in the company, and how things have become.” I’m penetrating him with my lunatic stare, dead serious, and killer in my all at him, but calm.

He twists his head and leans his back on his chair, resting his hands on it like a fucking emperor, as I said.

I’m smoking while his eyes in lust, and whatever else he has in there, are wandering over me in a slow manner, smirking.

“What’s your game with your insane proposal, Mr. Shawn? I don’t get it. Whatever background check you did on me, let me tell you that indeed those are facts about me, however, that’s not entirely me as a person. And my person? You don’t know it. I’m not one to be a puppet or whatever else you might consider. I personally don’t agree in marrying you. So, let’s discuss what other options are there for the debts. I’m back to New York and I’ll work everything out to restore the companies and pay back the debts to everyone. I need you to accept that and give me some months to apply my plan on that and be able to deal with the financial mess. I have ways to solve it, but I need time. I’ll transform the companies from real estate to something else and will make the money in record time. You have seen from the background check who I am as in skills, so you may rest assured I’m not just saying this, Mr. Shawn. But to whatever strategies I have in store for a spectacular comeback, I need time. And you’ll give it to me. I’m not dad and I don’t surrender. He’s from the old generation. I’m from the new one. My balls reign the companies. I’ll assume full responsibility. He signed the connected contracts with you without consulting with me and having my approval on this major decision. I have fifty percent in shares. And to see I’m serious about this and not here to beg for anything but only to do business, if you agree to it, I’ll give you right now ten million dollars as a first instalment for extending the time for me. So, listening to this, what’s your decision, Mr. Shawn?”

Yes, I’m true to my words. I told you guys that for me luxury level isn’t a must. So, for whatever money I had, I put them aside. I’ve never indulged in the riches I had under my ass. Dad doesn’t know about this. But yes, I don’t have 40 or 200 million dollars, unfortunately.

He chuckles, locking our stares. There’s an Alpha battle in stares between us, and the fuck if I’m intimidated.


I interrupt him.

“Miss Sandler, Mr. Shawn. We’re not buddies. I demand respect. I’m not your bitch.” I’m with a malevolent smirk at him, burning him with my stare.

Yeah, I’m a lunatic one in general. Genius people are never sane ones….

He’s studying my eyes with crave, smiling from ear to ear.

 I would so whack you right now…. Fuck yes….

 “Whatever your plan, it won’t work. Ten million isn’t enough. I’ve delayed your dad far too much these two years. I’m aware of who you are, but the depth of financial problems is at sky level to be able to solve it in a few months with everyone on your back. You need a high investment upfront to deal with it. It’s 200 million, not two.”

I’m laughing under my lips, and he tilts his left brow at me in a smirk on his lips.

“Aww! You’re worried…. Don’t be, Mr. Shawn. This is nothing for me. I’m here now. If Mr. Sandler were to tell me what was happening, all this shit would have been prevented. Trust me. But being a dad, he wanted me to have peace of mind and focus on what I had at hand to finish, considering he had everything under control until he lost himself along the way. You’re a billionaire, Mr. Shawn. You can give more time for this. It’s not as if your life at this moment or for some more months depend on the 30 million. I know it’s business and there are contracts to be respected with deadlines and all, but I promise I’ll add more to the rest of investment when I’ll give it back, along with interest and penalties per the base contract. Marrying you is not an option for me. I’m not going to give myself to such nonsense. I don’t even like you but marry you. Business partners, yes. Other than that, no.”

He shakes his head in disbelief with some stars playing in his eyes.

“I have already decided and signed my decision with your dad. You’re mine, Mona. And nothing will change that. You’re cornered in debts and whatever plan you have in mind, everyone will release legal actions to take what’s theirs before the official collapse of the companies you own. Time is not on your side as it has already been used. And because I knew you’ll do this….”

His devilish smile sprouts on his face with a twist of his head, and some splashes of sparks in his eyes flash.

“I’ve already bought all the debts and I’m the sole creditor, baby. So, you either have 200 million now with a 25% interest to give or sign the marriage contract now as we had planned.” 


I don’t have a reaction on my face or in body outside, but it fucking hits me. My heart is beating in my mouth.

I put off my cigarette in a glass with water on the desk without escaping his triumphant stare with my lunatic narrowed one, contracting my jawline, breathing in killings.

“You play dirty.”

He cocks his head aside with a boss of the world stare at me.

“I’m a winner, baby. I never let anything escape. If I want you to be my wife, the fuck I’ll do otherwise. I never go back on my decisions. I can show you all the contracts for purchasing the debts if you want. I have nothing to hide. So, what’s going to be? Become my wife or give the money?”

I’m flaring under my nostrils at him. 


“Why me? Huh? Why? You’re playing hundreds of millions for this. Why do you want a woman who doesn’t want you when you can have any other woman out there who would want you?”

He doesn’t delay his answer with a blast of fireworks in his eyes, dead serious.

“Because I want you. It’s that simple.”

I’m struck with dizziness, but I keep myself steady, chewing from my inner left cheek in frustration and controlling myself to not jump on the fucker to fucking trash the office with him.

“You want me…. For what? Drop the wife shit and tell me the essence of wanting me.”

He’s in a wide smirk, tensing up, and his eyes get darker shades of green, forming an animal stare at me. 

I’ll kill you….

“Why don’t I show you to better understand?” He’s standing up and my killer stare is following him.

We’re in a war of stares, and I think I’ll fuck him in blood. I’m calm, but my blood is burning me down my veins for all this.

“Show me what?” I bark at him. “SHAWN!”

He has just grabbed me and forces a kiss on me, pressing me against him, trapping me on him, while I’m rioting to stop this! 



Chapter 6 – I’m Not Your Baby

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Chapter 6 – I’m Not Your Baby

Table of Contents ( Current – Updating )

Chapters 1-5 (Ch.1 – Don’t Unpack Your Bags; Ch.2 – No More Delays. However…; Ch. 3 – Baby Angel; Ch. 4 – I’ve Missed You Like Crazy; Ch. 5 – What’s Your Game?)

Chapter 6 – I’m Not Your Baby

Chapter 7 – If He Loves You That Much…

Chapter 8 – Devil Player

Chapter 9 – You’ll Live A Monk Life

Chapter 10 – Bad Boy F…

Chapter 11 – What Am I Going To Do Now?

Chapter 12 – War!

Chapter 13 – F*cking Devil…

Chapter 14 – Bastard…

Chapter 15 – I Need To Come Back To My Senses

Chapter 16 – Vampy Woman?

Chapter 17 – Give Him Back To Me

Chapter 18 – You Bad Baby Mona

Chapter 19 – You Don’t Give Up, Do You?!

Chapter 20 – Why Did You Have To Come Back?!

Chapter 21 – I Don’t F*cking Care

Chapter 22 – Pandora Angel

Chapter 23 – Don’t Tell Me I Have As Target My Own Husband

Chapter 24 – He So Played Me…

Chapter 25 – She’s A Very Bad Baby

Chapter 26 – I Want One Like This, Too

Chapter 27 – Come Outside, F*cker…

Chapter 28 – You Furious Baby…

Chapter 29 – Don’t Yell…

Chapter 30 – Pandora Babe…

Chapter 31 – I’m So Damn Angry…

Chapter 32 – Like The Devil Player He Is…

Chapter 33 – Who Dies In Here, Dies In Reality As Well

Chapter 34 – Don’t Kill Me, Baby…

Chapter 35 – He’s Impossible!

Chapter 36 – You Baby Bastard…

Chapter 37 – Why The F*ck Am I Having A Bad Feeling On This?!

Chapter 38 – Don’t Take Her Away From Me…

Chapter 39 – That’s Why I’m Called Pandora Angel, F*ckers

Chapter 40 – You’ve Been A Bad, Bad Baby, Huh?

Chapter 41 – My Sexy And Meanie Baby Love…

Chapter 42 – I Wish I Was Single!

Chapter 43 – Don’t You Touch Her!

Chapter 44 – I’m F*cking Freaking Out!

Chapter 45 – You Bad Angel Baby…

Chapter 46 – The Next Successor

Chapter 47 – Pandora Demon

Chapter 48 – You Say Bye-Bye To Life This F*cking Night!

Chapter 49 – Get The F*ck Out Of Here…

->New chapter coming soon<-

Love you!

Your true friend always,

Andra-Cristiana Stan


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3 months ago

Oh I love this story! When are you updating Billionaire Alpha’s Baby Mate? I’m dying for next chapter! PLEASE bebe!🤩🤩🤩😅


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