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When your enemy is your chosen one…
“You’re not going to close this shop! I don’t care who you guys are! Get out of my shop! Now! It’s not for sale!” I’m standing in front of several Mafia studs, all dressed in some expensive suits, wanting for me to sign a contract to sell my family’s shop for their fucking area project of building a mall or something!
UH! Man…. Ha-ha! She’s got such an angry and sexy voice, this little devil….
“Show me where the bastard is!”
You don’t say…. Bastard, huh? Ha-ha!
“You’re big boss of these fuckers?”
“I suppose I am, Miss Kallard.”
Interesting little devil Kallard….
“You take your dirty hands off my shop and me right now! Understood?! IT’S NOT FOR SALE!”
Those baby eyes with such wrath in them…. And those pursed little devil lips….
I know what the third option will be. Oh yes…. You’ll marry that little devil Kallard ass to me. Just like that.
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Billionaire Romance, Curvy Girl Romance, Mafia Romance, Dark Mafia Romance, Possessive Alpha Males, Strong Female Lead, Enemies to Lovers, Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy, Action, Comedy, Suspense, Mystery, Supernatural, Paranormal Romance, Thriller, with a HEA.
*This book contains language and mature themes. Suitable for +18 audience because of that.
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Chapter 1 – You Have To Sell It


“You’re not going to close this shop! I don’t care who you guys are! Get out of my shop! Now! It’s not for sale!” I’m standing in front of several Mafia studs, all dressed in some expensive suits, wanting for me to sign a contract to sell my family’s shop for their fucking area project of building a mall or something!

This shop is the only thing I’m left with as a family token. My parents died a few years ago when I was seventeen. I fought with everyone to keep this shop with everything in it open for customers.

It’s a shop with tradition. It’s in my family for generations and it’s my legacy to keep it further. The only Kallard left to maintain it and pass it to the next generation. Well, if I’ll ever give an heir.

The shop hosts different traditional food items, local authors books as it has a publishing house as well, coffee, and many other things. I don’t get rich by all this, but it’s a place I call home. The warmth of everyone involved in this side of New York City, it’s family to all of us. And there’s something else involved, for the people….

I’m now 23 and enrolled in the last year of Business Administration bachelor’s degree. I’ve battled a lot on my own these years since I’ve been left alone in this world. It wasn’t easy at all. But I had people around who helped me and were there for me, precisely because I’m a Kallard. However, Gianto Mafia wants my fucking shop for its land! It’s their sixth time coming here, and my staff called me from my classes to deal with this.

Rage is pouring down my veins and my heart is beating in blood for the audacity they have with all this!

The one holding the papers for me to sign is chewing from his inner left cheek, bobbing his head, with some wolf stare at me in those brown eyes of his.

“You have to sell it. Big boss will give you any amount you demand. No limit. Name the price and it’s yours. Everyone around you signed it. You’re the only one left, Miss Kallard. You know we would never stop coming here until you sign it.”

I’m crossing my arms, display a vicious smile, twist my head, and burn him with my crazy stare. I’m a curvy one, dressed like a gangster girl with some skinny black jeans, a black top tee embracing my torso, a black leather jacket within my waist, some black stilettos, and I have my dark honey, long and wavy hair pulled in a messy bun. I’m an average height one, with hot curves, and fucking fearless in everything.

My motto? Don’t fuck with me if you don’t want to get it back. When you’re on your own, a lone wolf? You fucking learn to be the rabid Alpha one. You have no other way to survive, especially as a woman.

“I’ll give you a new answer, Mr. Thompson.” His brows spike with a smirk. All are young, between mid-twenties and late thirties. I have a straight and mighty stance, the Kallard powerful one, lion of the jungle. “Tell your big boss, whoever he is, to go and fuck himself along with all of you. This shop is Kallard territory and not Gianto. My balls are covering this land, not your big boss. Not even for one fucking billion dollars, I won’t sell it. Alright? Now. GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE IF YOU DON’T WANT ME TO TRASH ALL OF YOU OUT THAT DOOR!”

My staff has just held their breaths hearing and seeing me like this. They know that no one fucks with Gianto Mafia and lives after. Well, flash news, Kallard has balls.

He curbs his lips at me with a flicker of anger in his eyes, but stays silent, extending his hand with the papers to the one at his left, fetching his phone from his suit jacket. I puff, shaking my head in disbelief.

“Alright, Miss Kallard. I’ll inform big boss about what your new answer is. This is one of his main projects in the area and personally deals with.”

I’m smiling.

“Inform him. All of it.”

He’s making the call, I’m calm. So fucking calm.

“Boss? I’m with Miss Kallard. No, boss. She has a new answer with a personal touch regarding you.”

He’s in a malicious smirk at me, staring into my eyes like a threaten. I confront him and mirror his all. I’m not fucking scared.

“She says to inform you word for word as she has expressed it. And I’ll quote. Go and fuck yourself along with all of us. This shop is Kallard territory and not Gianto. My balls are covering this land, not you. Not even for one fucking billion dollars, I won’t sell it. Alright? Now. Get the fuck out of here if you don’t want me to trash all of you out that door. This last one, she yelled it with the grimace of the words as in she means it, boss.”

I nod in agreement as he has reproduced my words perfectly without a miss. I smirk with my blue eyes dancing in satisfaction. Oh yeah. I’m a crazy ass bitch. When I’m stirred up, that is.

He’s listening to whatever he’s told. I don’t hear yelling or such. He maintains same smirk as before at me.

“Okay, boss. I’ll deliver the message.” He cocks his head while saying that, not losing my stare all this time.

We’re in a battle of stares. He ends the call. I’m waiting with a throw of my chin at him to deliver the message. I know I’m in a master war with the head of Gianto Mafia now, but I don’t care. This is MY shop.

“He requires a meeting with you, Miss Kallard. In private. Tonight. At eight. He’ll send a car to pick you up from here and take you to where you’ll meet and talk.”

I snort into laughter, shaking my head. My staff watches this with a mortified all.

“My answer was final, Mr. Thompson. There’s nothing to meet and talk about. That was end line from my part.” I’m the same as before at him, all strong and powerful. The rabid Alpha Kallard.

He’s smiling, a genuine one.

“He doesn’t take no for an answer, Miss Kallard. You better be ready at eight, and here tonight, to be picked up by the car. If not, there are other ways for you to come to the meeting and reaching there on time, Miss Kallard. We’ll take our leave now.”

Chapter 2 – She’s So Damn Pissed Off…


“This little Kallard….” I’m motioning my head, with a smug smile at my right hand, Crane Thompson, sipping whisky on the rocks, waiting in a private room in one of my VVIP clubs for Mandy Kallard to arrive. I sit on a brown leathered sofa like the king in the kingdom I own. Yeah.

I’m a billionaire, 29, and the head of Gianto Mafia. I run all types of businesses. In appearance? I’m towering, buffed, owning the title of the sexiest and most handsome man alive on all the top magazines. As a name, I’m known as Adrien Giaro, a billionaire with scandals in media. I always wear the most expensive and the finest material three-piece suits.

Yeah, I’m one with paparazzi after me as they can’t wait to take a snap with one of the women I have. None I appear with in media have I fucked. The ones I fuck are out of media premises. Ha-ha! But no, I’m not a one woman’s man. I fuck once and move on. I don’t have a feel for more. I’m cold down my veins and my heart has never fluttered to involve myself romantically with no one. I had a tough life at origins and made my own way up.

I’m not feared for nothing as the head of Gianto Mafia. I’m deadly under the what-all-women-want exterior wrap. I’m not ripped in muscles for image but for the force and fighting skills I own. No one stands before me.

But it seems I have one little Kallard who wants to fuck with me. Ha-ha! No, I don’t know her. Just what Crane told me about her. A little devil with an angelic exterior, fearless, with some imposing baby blue eyes, one that you would fuck in your wildest dreams, venomous mouth but so alluring to kiss, and some delicious curves to grab and not let go. Can’t say it didn’t turn me on hearing his description of her. And that she’s 23, a college student in her last year, and very attached to her family’s everything as her parents died several years ago.

I never do such meetings, but little devil Kallard seems to be an exception. She fucking stirred up my balls with her balls. Ha-ha! I only meet high-end business partners.

But Crane’s complaints and his description of her pushed the Alpha in me to have little devil before me and see how she reacts. Yeah, I want that land to build a VVIP mall and club. And I’ll have it. Once I’m done with little devil Kallard…. Ha-ha! Yeah….

“She has beaten some of the boys coming to fetch her here, boss….”

My eyebrows go up at Crane as he’s reading a text message. He’s blinking with a smirk.

“But they managed to shove her in the car. Ha-ha!” He shakes his head in surprise.  I laugh with a throw of my head at my back, so entertained by the little devil Kallard. “She has balls, boss.” He’s standing before me.

“She didn’t lie then. I wonder what else she has…. Ha-ha!”

Interesting little devil Kallard…. My heart just experienced a flutter….

I gulp the remainder of my whisky and put the glass on the table, leaning my back on the sofa, crossing my leg on the other, kind of hot because of the little devil….

While waiting for her to come, now alone in the room, I can’t help but imagine her, correlating Crane’s story of her and the recent message of how strong she goes against a cruel mafia which is mine. That makes me burn inside and my heart sets in torments for the first time for a woman. No woman dared before her to act like her, and this kind of smashes my manhood on some thrilling vibes.

When a woman sees me, she’s at my feet in the blink of an eye, wanting and behaved, just to gain my attention and become mine. Not that they really gain my attention though. I wonder if she’s among the rest of them or not. I don’t know who she expects she’ll see as being the big boss. But I’m sure it’s nothing from what she’ll really see.

One thing crosses my mind at this point. If she isn’t like the rest of them, I might, and I said I might, consider other things with her and maybe put aside my want of buying that land she has under that shop of hers. It only crosses my mind; I haven’t decided yet….

“Miss Kallard! Please! Shit….”

One of my men shouts outside and before he says ‘shit’, a hard and loud slap noise is heard. I’m laughing under my lips, motioning my head in disbelief of the little devil Kallard, placing my whisky glass on the table, preparing to be face to face with the red demon myself. Ha-ha!

She’s so damn feisty! So interesting….

I’m sitting on the sofa like before, the king in my kingdom, waiting for the little devil queen to negotiate. Ha-ha!

“You son of a bitch! Touch me one more time and you’ll get a total face remodel!”

UH! Man…. Ha-ha! She’s got such an angry and sexy voice this little devil….

“Show me where the bastard is!”

You don’t say…. Bastard, huh? Ha-ha!

I’m laughing on silent while they’re approaching the door.

“I’ll kill him!”

Oh yeah? Whatever you say, love…. I would love to see that…. Let me see the little devil Kallard…. I can’t fucking wait to see her and her reaction at me. For sure she’ll drop her attitude and have a drooling all on me…. Ha-ha!

“Is this the door?!”

“Yes, Miss Kallard.” He’s so fucking submitted to the little devil Kallard! Ha-ha!

“No. Allow me. Step aside, motherfucker. You’re gangsters? I’m as well.”

What is she doing? Ha-ha! She’s so damn pissed off…. Ha-ha! Man! She fucking broke the door with her leg! I’m smoked…. Oh, baby…. I’ll so fuck you…. That’s decided, love.

Chapter 3 – Interesting Little Devil Kallard…


“You’re big boss of these fuckers?”

I’ll be damn…. Man…. Crane hasn’t lied one bit. Not that he fucking dares to lie to me….

My eyes take in her sight from head to toes and back, in a slow manner. I’m in a mix of bad boy and lusting stare at her. She’s flaring under her nostrils with a fury in her eyes I’ve never fucking seen at a woman. This little devil Kallard is the most perfect little angel. I could eat her right now. My heart has had several flutters at her. Still having.

One of my men closes the door behind her to give us privacy. I blossom a smirk at her while she’s in a frown with her chest heaving. No, she’s not drooling over me. If stares could kill, I would be dead. Ha-ha!

“I suppose I am, Miss Kallard.”

Interesting little devil Kallard….

“You son of a bitch!” She comes to me like a little devil on fire, blazing in her baby blue eyes, grabs me by my tie, and wants to punch me, but I catch her punch before my face. I’m so hyped on her. No, I’m with a smirk and the least put off by this. On the contrary….

You little punching devil…. You’re setting my heart on fire, baby…. And not only my heart.

“Take it like a fucking man, Gianto.” She hisses while we’re in a flaming battle of stares. “You don’t get to fuck with me on my land and shop, then disregard my decision of not going to meet with you and send your men after me to grab me from the streets! I’m not indebted to you to send the fuckers after me like some loan sharks! I don’t care who the fuck you are! You take your dirty hands off my shop and me right now! Understood?! IT’S NOT FOR SALE!”

Not for sale, huh? I fuck the land, baby…. I’ve got another interest right now…. He, he, he…. Mmmm….

My heart is gonging my chest at this little devil, and my entire body is washed with a hellish storm in heats. I’ve never responded to a woman like this before. What she makes out of me is pure Hell inside. And to recover from it, I need one thing. Kallard baby….

The moment she wants to yank her fist out of my hand, I send her on the sofa with me on top of her, having our faces one-inch away. She’s tossing and has an attempt to kick my balls, but she doesn’t succeed.

“Well, Kallard, if you want me do all that, I need something in exchange. Something at same level as that land’s worth.”

Those baby eyes with such wrath in them…. And those pursed little devil lips….

“Get off me, gangster! You’re dead meat! I need give you anything! You’ve got no right on my land! It’s mine! Take your filthy all off me! RIGHT NOW! Don’t play with fire! I’ll fucking burn you!”

I’m arresting her hands on the sofa, so she’s got no movement opportunity. Yet, that doesn’t mean she’s not forcing her being against me, to take me off her. She’s a strong little devil…. But she’s got no chance with the big devil…. Ha-ha!

Oh! You’re already burning me, love. Move, baby…. I’m already so into you that this only sends me in craziness…. The dangerous one for you, little devil…. I’m not a rapist, but with you, I might fucking lose my control…. Never happened to me before. Hmmm….

I twist my head at her and stare in the depths of her mesmerizing iceberg eyes, and with a mischievous grin speak to her.

I would so take that mouth of yours….

“I don’t have the right, huh?” She’s spitting fire with her eyes and grimace at me. “Your business is experiencing losses, Kallard.” She’s in a heavy breathing, forcing her wrists against my restraint. “That means it will soon go bankrupt. All those generations keeping it floating is nothing having the economy as it is today. My proposal was fair enough to make you profit and live on high horses. I may be mafia, but I’m never a cheap one. You don’t have debts to me, Kallard. But I’ve bought today all the debts you have to others. So, I have some rights over you and your land. Whatever I want, I always find ways to get it, Miss Kallard.”

She’s with some inflamed, wide eyes at me hearing that. Yeah, I’m sincere in all I’m saying. She provoked me today, so I took measures before our meeting. The papers are on the table, in this room. All legal, all mine.

He, he, he…. The gangster knows how to run business, love…. Not that you don’t know, but I have cash, unlimited amounts, whereas you don’t. You little devil….


I chuckle. She’s a volcano on the brim of eruption.

I did it, baby. Guilty. Ha-ha! Mmm…. She’s like no other…. No goddam emotion at me other than rage and want of killing my ass…. Ha-ha!

“Yeah. The papers to prove that are there.” I point with my head at the table next to us without losing her stare.

She darts her stare at the table having cut breaths leaving her inviting neck exposed to me for a moment….

I need to fucking control…. I might lose it and…. Fuck…. All this movement she has under me and all of her is breaking my sanity, turning me on at some unbelievable degrees….


I smirk at her with a wink while she’s slaying me with the icebergs.

I am, I know….

“All half a million, Kallard. You either accept my proposal with the land and I forget about the debts to me, or…. Two more options. You give me the debts with a thirty percent interest in the next twenty-four hours.” She googles her little devil eyes at me with a halt in breathing. Ha-ha! “That’s one. And the second. We work another option, as I said, worth at same level as that land, and I forget about both land and debts. What is your choice under the new terms, Kallard?”

She would so kill my ass! HA-HA!

With a raging bull beathing moving her hypnotic chest, she forces again my hand on her wrists.

“Get off me! I want to see the fucking papers first! I’ll then decide! OFF ME! NOW!”

Kind of hard, baby…. I’m so fucked up right now in my all…. Man! What this little devil does out of me….

My breathing is ragged, my heart and manhood are on fucking lava, and my main brain is losing reason. I’m fucked.

With difficulty, I let go of her wrists and before I get off her, I receive a colossal slap on my left cheek….

Man! She never fucking loses a chance to bite…. Ha-ha! Yeah, baby…. I know what the third option will be. Oh yes…. You’ll marry that little devil Kallard ass to me. Just like that. He, he, he…. Fuck yes. No one is or will be like this baby devil. I’m fucking sure of it. My instincts never lie to me. We’re on, little biting devil…. Wait for when I’ll bite you…. Mmm…. Yes. The gangster has decided. You’re mine.

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Chapter 4 – You Little Devil!
Billionaire’s Little Devil
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