• May 6, 2021

Billionaire’s Baby Maid (Chapters 1-3) FREE READING 😉😇❤😘🙌


When he wants to revenge on his next maid…

I’m working in here for the last month. Mrs. Alexander said that every week he would change the maid with complaints, so, he seems he’s finally pleased with my work.

I start every day, during the week, at 9 am and leave at 7 pm. Yeah, it’s a long day. But I get two paychecks, so, I don’t complain. Can’t say I don’t reach home tired…

“So, this is my Chef, huh?”


A raspy, male voice, with a bit of domination, asks me at my back, making me startle, have a halt in breathing and heartbeats, and jerk my head at him with popped eyes….

Genres of the book: Billionaire Romance, Curvy Girl Romance, Mafia Romance, Dark Mafia Romance, Possessive Alpha Males, Strong Female Lead, Enemies to Lovers, Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy, Action, Comedy, Suspense, Mystery, Thriller, with a HEA.

*This book contains language and mature themes. Suitable for +18 audience because of that.

Billionaire’s Baby Maid, by Andra-Cristiana Stan, Romania. Copyright © May 2021. All Rights Reserved

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This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

Chapter 1 – Good To Be A Rich Person


I’ve hit rock bottom. I took college in Business Administration on a scholarship and completed it. I should find work with it, right? Wrong. No one wants to hire a fresh out of college person…. They are all asking for references, experience, and all the shazam….

My family? I technically have one. But practically? No. Mom is at her fifth husband, living a toxic relationship, with not so much money to be able to share with me as help until I would be able to live on my own feet and give it back. And mom is one to focus more on her than on me.

I’m from her first husband and she has three more kids after me, with different fathers. Mom would rather pay for a nose or boobs job to conserve her body for a next husband than help her kids…. Yep. I don’t judge her though. We all have the right to decide what we do with our lives. She was an orphan….

Dad? I haven’t seen his ass for the last ten years. No contact with him whatsoever. So, no. The other stepfathers? Don’t get me started. So, no help from those either. If I would sleep with them, the story would be a different one on the money aspect. But, fuck no.

So, I’m living in the worst neighborhood in New York City, in a rental where you wouldn’t even place a fucking dog but a person. But hey! When you don’t have money, you take the fucking one room with everything in it to have a fucking roof over your head.

When you would want to go to sleep, there’s either shooting, people fucking like wild animals in the forest and you get the noise through the thin walls, not really knowing if there’s fucking or murder involved, or a drug deal going wrong screaming. It’s a nice place…. Isn’t it? Not to mention the smell in the entire place…. Imagine all there is to make you puke at first scent….

But I’m keeping my tiny little studio clean. I’ve recently renovated it watching DIY videos and when you enter in it, you wouldn’t say it’s part of the entire picture the building provides. When you work yourself, you save the handwork money. And the materials to do so, you can find cheap places to buy from. All done.

Because my mom put me do all the housework and out of housework wherever we lived when I was with her, I know how to clean, how to cook, how to do laundry, how to everything house connected. Man and woman housework. I even know how to work a car to give it a push and put it back on the road if that car can be saved like that. Yep. I’m the man for everything….

Mom has never placed her manicured nails in anything. I don’t judge her though. She’s my mom and I love her. She’s one who chose using her body to make money through getting husbands. Asshole husbands, but anyway…. I can’t do that. I prefer hard work to make my penny.

And the perks of being able to do all that is that my older neighbor, Mrs. Xavier, helped me nail a job to get me through this rough period. She’s a regular to my house for coffee and a chat.

Mrs. Xavier is in her forties, a petite, chubby woman, with Asian origins. She’s such a nice lady and speaks English perfectly. Whenever I’m home and she’s at work, she calls me to look after her four kids. No, not to babysit, but to check up on them from time to time. The youngest is fourteen and the oldest seventeen. 

I’m 23, by the way, and a curvy girl. A hot one in body shape. But I always wear loose clothes on me, in the darkest shades, to cover myself. And yeah, I’m still a virgin. I hate men…. Why? Mom is a perfect role model on why I hate men. Lesbian? No. I’m straight, just that sex is not my thing. I don’t trust men. They just want the prize and when they fucking get bored, they move on and leave the woman behind with the kids. Yep. No, thanks. I’m better on my own. Less suffering and all that shit.

Anyways, because I know how to clean, do laundry, and cook at perfection, Mrs. Xavier took me to her company, where she works as a maid for rich people, and introduced me to her boss, Mrs. Alexander.

She praised me to Mrs. Alexander, and I got a test same day I stepped in for the interview at Mrs. Alexander’s house. She was in awe for my cooking skills and for how I do the rest of jobs.

When I told her I have a degree in Business Administration, and that I didn’t get a job with it, she was sad for me. But she patted my back and said to look at this job as a transition one as she has the sixth sense something big is coming my way, and that she would be in tears to have to let me go when the time comes. I brushed it off with a smile. Nothing big can happen to me. I know that. I’m cursed since a kid.

So, I’m hired to clean the humongous penthouse of a young billionaire, William Colbert. And because Mrs. Alexander loved my cooking, she got me two jobs for same penthouse. I’m the Chef as well.

Well, I’ve never met him, nor I wish to meet him. I didn’t even search for his name online to get info. I just don’t care. The job pays well, and soon enough I may be able to start an online business of some sorts and get myself a real rented apartment.

I’m working in here for the last month. Mrs. Alexander said that every week he would change the maid with complaints, so, he seems he’s finally pleased with my work.

I start every day, during the week, at 9 am and leave at 7 pm. Yeah, it’s a long day. But I get two paychecks, so, I don’t complain. Can’t say I don’t reach home tired….

The guy is a clean-freak, I guess. Every day I clean the entire house, change the sheets, send the suits and shirts he wears to a special laundry service as they are custom made of finest material, do myself the laundry for the rest, and then start cooking on the menu he wants for dinner when he comes home.

You don’t want to know the dishes he asks me to cook…. Gosh…. Masterchef level. And it’s never same dish…. I’m tortured on that aspect. I hit YouTube to see how to cook that! I believe Mrs. Alexander might have inserted a little lie to him on my Chef references to get that job for me as well….

I’m not upset though and haven’t confronted her about it. The money, as I said, is royalty. He sends me on the home tablet in the kitchen the menu for each night to be prepared at lunch time, every day.

When I see the notification icon on it at lunch time, I have fucking shivers down my spine for what’s his next want as dinner…. However, I’m a person who loves a challenge and nails it on the first attempt, so, after massive nerves and concentration to perform as a cook at that level, he seems pleased with the food and it does taste delicious and heavenly as I do check it before.

His only requests were to never touch his desk drawers in his office room, never look on his files if there’s one on the desk, never open his laptop, and never open a door or something locked. Which I obey. Not my business anyways.

However, the guy has such a big library with awesome books on so many genres, fiction and nonfiction. So, while cleaning, sometimes, I do it reading a book at the same time if I can. The ones on business and finances are stunning. I take mental notes while reading to help me with my own want of starting my own business.

His books? So fucking expensive…. I couldn’t put my hands on such a book if I were to buy it. Whenever I finish faster the cleaning part and have time for a well-deserved break, I go and read a book in the fucking blink of an eye. I read fast. I finished all my studies with perfect scores…. Yeah, well….

William? I don’t know his age, but from the pictures in the house I’ve seen, he’s young. His looks? Well, he’s the perfect man. One look at him and you fall in love on the spot. Not me though. The guy is God-like built and has such stunning features with some mesmerizing jade eyes, and a messy but neat raven-hue hair.

With those looks, he’s for sure the sexiest and hottest bachelor out there. I’ve seen the cover of some high-level magazines in his house featuring him as that when he had a business interview. I haven’t read those magazines or touched them while cleaning as I don’t want or need to know about him. But without my want, I saw and read the cover.

I’m cooking his dinner. Luckily, it’s one he requested me about two weeks ago and I know how to cook it without my buddy YouTube. It’s 5 pm and I have music on to relax while cooking. I have it pretty loud as I’m the only one in here. Nobody comes in since I’ve started working here.

I’m at the stove, stirring in the wok, tasting from time to time, adding herbs and such.

Mmm…. It tastes like Heaven…. Good to be a rich person. Not everyone can afford this type of ingredients but to eat this. I’m fortunate to be the cook and put the tip of my tongue on it…. Hmm…. It’s better than last time….

“So, this is my Chef, huh?”


A raspy, male voice, with a bit of domination, asks me at my back, making me startle, have a halt in breathing and heartbeats, and jerk my head at him with popped eyes….

You’ve got to be fucking kidding me right now! What the fuck is he doing here?!

Chapter 2 – She’s Gone…


My new maid…. Finally, I’ve got one sane, clean, not sneaky, not a thief one, not one to wait for me in the attempt to fuck me. And because I had a roller-coaster of bad specimens, though having high qualifications and references for it, I took the problem into my own hands, which I don’t do as I have staff for this, and once she landed in my house, I made a fucking Hell schedule for her with fucking hidden cameras all over the penthouse and asked my people for a full background check on her.

Yeah, I have never thought I’ll get fucking obsessed in spotting even a tiny fucking mistake on a fucking maid! But to my own fucking defense, I had a parade of fucking bitches. Lucky me, right? Fuck no.

And the new maid? Oh man! From being a fucking obsessed one, becoming a monster at that point to revenge on the next one, she fucking drives me crazy in ways I haven’t thought possible a woman can make me! I know, right? Yeah…. I told you guys I had a background check on her through my own people and I saw she has never worked before as a maid or as a fucking chef.

When I saw her picture and then on the cameras first day she came in, I was dead set on the thought she came in like the others to fucking seduce me! She’s smoking hot…. But she started doing her job like a pro without grimacing or sneaking around. And she’s fast, too.

The moment I sent the menu for dinner first day at lunch time, it was a hilarious moment for me. Why? I knew she wasn’t a fucking Chef! Ha-ha! And what I ate at lunch I sent her the name of the dish to cook it for me…. Ha-ha! The face she had on the tablet was priceless and how she ruffled her long, wavy, dark honey hair in frustration, with those popped baby blue eyes, and how those natural rosy lips moved in cursing, made me snort in laughter. But at the same time, the attraction to her hit me….

She took a deep breath and went for YouTube to see how to ‘cook the damn thing’, per her words. Yeah, I have audio-video streaming from the house on my phone. After some videos of the same dish, she settled on one she thought was best choice and representation and cooked it. I was eye-glued on my phone to watch her during it, and the result looked even better than what I had eaten at my VVIP restaurant. I don’t know why….

When I came home and tasted it to find fault in it, the ‘damn thing’ was mouthwatering and better than my lunch…. If you can believe this little crazy thing of Grace Sutherland…. Yeah, she’s younger than me. I’m 27.

Why am I saying she’s crazy? Well, she sometimes vacuums the floors and everything thoroughly and reading from my library different kind of books. Ha-ha! I know she has high education and the circumstances she got the job. I became a fucking stalker since her….

I need to see her all the time. Whenever I have free time from work, I pull out my phone and watch her do whatever she’s doing at that moment. I even tested her with money. I left, several times, a lot of cash in big bills in my suit’s pockets or a credit card or both. I wanted to see if she would steal them. She didn’t. Not even a fucking bill. She always searches my clothes to see if there are things left in them, and when she does find something, she leaves them on the kitchen’s island with a note like:

‘Sir, I found ten bills of 100 and this credit card in your pants today. Please make sure to check your pockets next time as I could have sent them to the laundry service without retrieving them. Thank you in advance for understanding.’

And I did it again…. Ha-ha!

Anyhow, for the last month, Grace has conquered me in such ways no woman could or can. She’s fucking perfection and innocence in her all. And what she stirs up in me…. To put it simple, I can’t fuck another woman as I’m having her before my mind’s eyes. For the last month, I haven’t fucked…. Never happened to me as I do get laid often…. I’m all equipped and with high levels of sexual need. I have women all over me as I’m the biggest catch out there in my all. Never been in love and never had a girlfriend or fiancée or been married. I don’t do that. No feelings attached. I never fuck a woman twice.

The burning heats, blood whooshing down my veins, thumping heart and throbbing all are so fucking torturous because of Grace…. And she never does something to provoke me with. She doesn’t even know she’s with cameras on her all day long. She wears loose black clothes on her, casual ones, while doing her job, and she then takes a fucking shower and changes into some similar clothes, with a leather jacket and a cap to go. But under those clothes…. MAN! Yeah, I’ve refrained watching her while changing clothes and showering…. I said at least not do that…. Which is a fucking pain to NOT do it…. But I can see her yummy curves under those clothes every time she moves or bends for something…. I would fuck her with urgency…. And my fucking heart loves her the same…. Yep.

Today I said I can’t take it anymore. She’s got her chains on me and I need to start doing something about it. It’s high time. I don’t want any other woman but her. It’s not that I can’t fuck another woman physically, but I can’t do it as I want her and only her. She’s the only one I perceive as a woman now. The rest are just some faces out there. Yeah…. Never thought the one for me I’ll find it in my own house…. But that’s the fucking case….

It’s 5 pm when I reach home after I’ve worked everything with light speed to be able to come home earlier and see my Grace face to face for the first time….

I walk like a fucking cat, but normally, to not be heard. I can’t be heard either way as she’s having music on in the kitchen.

When I enter the kitchen area, she’s with her back at me, cooking, the smell hits me, but my eyes wander on her entire back getting me fucking dizzy…. My heart is beating against time, my fucking body is in fucking flames, my manhood is fucked, and my fucking tie is suffocating me….

I make steps to the island while she’s not hearing me, unbutton my suit jacket, and address her with a smirk and a heated-up, hungry stare for sure.

Damn, baby…. I want you so bad….

“So this is my Chef, huh?”

She’s startled! Ha-ha! My baby hotness….

She turns around a bit freaked out for my presence here. Yeah, no one is in the house with her in general, so she wasn’t expecting me. Well, no one is in the house in general…. I am in the house with her with the cameras…. He, he, he….

“Ummm, yes, sir. I’m sorry…. I wasn’t expecting someone and I….” She goes to turn off the music on her phone while I take my suit jacket off and throw it on a chair. She avoids looking at me.

Don’t be sorry…. I’m sorry I haven’t done this earlier…. I just wanted to be sure it’s what I thought it was happening to me…. Man….

I’m with my eyes fucking her already as I can’t fucking help it. She doesn’t have a flinch of emotion at me, like not seeing who I am and how I am.

“Was a bit taken aback. Sorry.”

She goes back to the stove with her back at me. No, she’s like she normally is when alone. I said she has no anxiety or anything at me. Her eyes are iced, and her body doesn’t give away sings of intimidation at me.


I take off my tie and take a seat at the island on the other side of it, with some starving eyes at her back, landing on that grabbable ass….

Fuck…. I need to fucking control….

“For someone who isn’t a former cook, you have some skills….” Yeah, I’m teasing her for her real references.

She stops doing what she’s doing there and turns her eyes at me with question marks, briefly, and then goes back to her cooking. I’m smirking, pouring myself some whisky in the glass.

I need to make conversation, baby…. If I don’t, I might pounce on you from all I’m having inside for you….

“Well, sir, my employer tested me before sending me here. But yes, I was a bit shocked when I saw the actual demands on cooking. I don’t have practice on such dishes, but I do have the will to make it happen. Hope it raises to your tasting buds. If not, I won’t mind if you would change me with another. I will completely understand.”

I won’t change anything at my baby…. She’s perfect…. Fuck….

She’s normally speaking, with no bend in her voice, like in front of a boss. Not lying on anything that comes out of that kissable mouth of hers.

I sip some whisky.

“It exceeds my tasting buds….”

I can’t wait to taste my baby….

“Glad to hear that, sir. If you’re waiting for it, I’m afraid it will take some half an hour or so until ready. I didn’t know you would come earlier to have it done in time.”

Yeah, the entire dish has the meat in the marinara and then in the oven and then with what she’s doing in the wok. I saw her preparing it before, and how I’m so into her, I watched it and memorized it without wanting…. Because she’s the one doing it, that’s why….

Fuck…. I’m burning….

I take off my vest and send it on the chair next to me, loosening my buttons on my shirt at my neck.

“No worries. I’ll wait.”

She nods, adding some spices in the wok, not looking at me.

“So, Grace, how did you end up working here?”

Don’t stop, baby….

She’s in a pause over there, still with her back at me. She resumes now.

“With all due respect, sir, I think that’s under privacy terms.”

You don’t say…. Well, it is, but not anymore….

“Call me Will, Grace. I’m just curious.”

She’s boiling at my voice telling her to call me Will. Ha-ha! She’s controlling, but she’s pissed off. My baby crazy…. I’m like a wolf in stare on her, needing my supper….

“I can’t call you like that, sir.” She’s in a bossy speech, fucking me on repeat….

You’ll so call my name when I’ll fuck you, love….

“And I can’t satisfy your curiosity, I’m afraid.”

You will, baby. You have no fucking escape from me from now on…. You’re mine…. Mmm…. Yes….

I motion my head in disbelief, smiling at her back. She’s like no other. It’s like it’s not me behind her but a regular guy in a fucking restaurant and she’s the one cooking. I fucking love her…. Anticipation of how she’ll react at my sight has been killing me. But I was right, I wouldn’t impress her. She’s unbreakable. In general. Not with me, not for long. I want her and she’s mine.

“To be honest with you, I had a long line of bad maids and you were first to run a full background check on, apart from the files your agency gave me when they sent you in. I was fed up with…such maids.”

She’s listening but not looking at me, checking the meat in the marinara. I’m with my eyes glued to her to see her and to spot a sign of emotion. She has no emotion and owns a poker face.

You bad baby…. He, he, he….

She’s a serious and respectable one. I haven’t found anything wrong in her life official and personal. She doesn’t bend her will in front of nothing. Yeah….

“I was told you changed maids every week. For the extra background check, I suppose you were right to do so. You do have a lot of valuables in here and not all people are good ones.”

Not only the valuables, baby…. I came in to find some in my fucking bed, waiting in fucking nothing on them for me…. I taught them some flying lessons out the main door…. I can’t fucking stand that. And I personally changed the fucking sheets. Yep.

I’m gulping whisky.

“Which is why I was asking you how come you ended up working here like this. I saw you have education to work in an office and not do all this.”

She’s back at the stove and chuckles. No, she avoids my sight. I’m smirking at her chuckle and oh God, the control I’m enforcing to not grab and kiss her is slaying my being….

Don’t chuckle, love…. I’m at my fucking limit… I love everything about you…. Never happened to me before….

“Well, sir, because of the economic crisis, the number of jobs is low. They always ask for former experience on the same position, and, well, you are a businessman, and you know how that goes for employment. It wasn’t that tough to obtain this kind of job. I was just asked to give tests on my abilities to do what I’m required to perform and when they concluded I’m up for it, they hired me. Some think these jobs are a lowly thing to do when having a diploma, but I say it’s a normal thing and nothing wrong with it to make an honest living in the meanwhile. It’s not a sign of weakness or that you’re a lowly being. There are way lower jobs to earn money than this and not that honest. So, this is why I ended up doing this, sir.”

And I’m so thankful you opted for this so that I can find my baby…. And now I’m thankful for having those bitches before you so that I focus my attention on you to hunt a fault in you and take revenge…. Oh yeah… It brought my baby in my life, from the least expected corner….

She’s doing her thing in the kitchen not having visual contact with me, talking to me, with same poker face and iced stare.

I’ve been with my elbows on the island and I now cross my arms and lean my back on the chair, taking in her back a millionth time….

“So, what was or is your dream job? Before accepting doing this.”

She shakes her head, tasting with that mouth from the wok which I want to ravage….

God…. Baby? I’m almost ripping my fucking shirt off…. That much burning I’m owning…. Fuck….

No, she’s not doing anything out the ordinary, just tasting it like any other normal cook.

“More salt…. Yeah….” She’s whispering…. Yeah, she does that all the time when cooking. “Dream job? Eh…. There’s no such thing. Nowadays it’s what you can get, not what you would want. That’s impossible and one should know it from the get-go. Money to make is important. So, no dream job. Just one to fall under my diploma. Didn’t get that either…. Perfect….” She has added salt and tastes it again and I’m almost pouncing on her. She’s relaxed and on her thing there. I’m consumed by fucking flames…. Her body movements, her clothes waving on her, her hair, her everything, send bombs in me….

Baby? I’m a sane one in general, but since you? I’m fucking lunatic…. Honestly….

We talk some more about such things. She keeps herself under non-personal stuff to give as info and I’m a fucking maniac at this point inside, but I know I need to fucking control and take things slowly with her. I love that she’s the whole package. She’s intelligent, looks like a fucking goddess, she’s reserved and serious, professional, and not letting herself impressed by me. 

When she finishes cooking, she serves me dinner, and before I say something after her ‘Bon appetite, sir’ and smashing me with her cherry blossoms scent I pick up from her, she goes to clean the kitchen. She served me dinner in the dining-room.

She’s not coming back, and I can’t fucking eat.

It’s kind of a long time since she went in the kitchen…. She would at least tell me when she leaves, wouldn’t she? I don’t think so….

I stand up from the table and go see where’s she at. I fucking need her…. I can’t stay without her anymore…. And all this taking it slow and not creeping her out is fucking me….

The kitchen is spotless. Everything is put back in order, and by instinct I glance at my watch….

It’s 7 pm. She’s gone…. NO FUCKING WORD TO ME YOU GO?! FUCK!

Well, what did I expect from her? She’s keeping the job rules…. FUCK ME! But I’ll take measures from now on…. Oh yes…. She’ll see me breakfast, lunch, and dinner! I won’t go to work before my breakfast, I’ll come back for my lunch, and I’ll come back again for my dinner! FUCKING WATCH ME! Man…. I’m going crazy…. She’s fucking killing me….

I fetch my phone and call her agency for the added tasks with the extra pay….

Can’t wait to wake up tomorrow morning and smell breakfast from my baby…. He, he, he…. Damn! I want her so much….

Chapter 3 – Something Is Definitely Off With Him…


I’m in the subway to go home. I didn’t even take a shower or changed my clothes. Fuck no. I didn’t know how to get myself out of there faster. The guy is towering and ripped in muscles and for sure he was there for something else than have his dinner and chat with his cook and maid.

I avoided visual contact with him to not make him misunderstand and take me for a wanting of stuff one. As I’m not. I don’t know what’s happening, but it sure is happening something. And the fuck I’m the bitch to do that. No way.

His voice was husky all the time and the fucking heat he emanated was burning to even where I was. I felt his eyes on me all the time. I can’t go back there again. Nope. I mean, what if he does something to me? I can’t fight that mountain of a man! Yeah, he’s all a fucking woman would want and never refuse! But I’m not like that! The fuck I’ll let some billionaire trash me!

I better prevent things before something big occurs and I have no way out. Yeah, he kept himself at a decent distance from me and all that, but my guts tell me otherwise.

When I heard he did a background check on me, it shocked me, but then again, I understood. It’s not something out of the ordinary at his level to do. However, the interest he showed in me is not that normal.

My heart is racing, and I need to shake off the bad feelings I’m having. Yeah, at some point I feared inside he might do something to me, but he didn’t. Not kill me or anything, but on the other type of things…. I may be a virgin, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know how to recognize things. His voice, his presence, his all were like hyped on me, though I haven’t directly looked at him even for a fucking second.

No matter how heavenly paid this job is, I’ll pass it now. I don’t know. Even my stomach has a sort of a feeling that I don’t fucking know to decipher. I acted normal all the way as I’m one who can do that and cover whatever sort of feeling I’m having. So, he couldn’t see my anxiety of my fright of his further actions on me. At some point, I thought that I’ll use the fucking wok to send him on the floor if he would try something…. Yep. Thank God he controlled himself and I could walk away at 7 pm sharp. Oh yeah.

Tomorrow is the day when my first paycheck lands into my bank account, so I’ll have what to live on until I’ll start my own business or find another job. I’m done with this one.

My phone is ringing while walking down the street to my building. It’s dark and there is some screaming somewhere, but I’m cool, strong, and focused to reach home, as I always do.

Mrs. Alexander?

I take the call.


“Hey, Gracie!”

She’s so damn excited…. What happened?

“Hi, Mrs. Alexander.” I’m smiling hearing her like that. My heart is thumping in my chest and I can’t wait to get home and crash on my bed.

“Sweetie! Good news!”

I have some bad ones to give to you…. Wanted to call you in the morning, first thing….

I keep my normal and smiling voice at her.

“Oh? What about, Mrs. Alexander?”

“He wants you to cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner! So, extra!”


I stop in my tracks with my eyes googled and my breathing is chaotic, but I’m covering for her to not hear it.

“We already talked about the money part and he said he won’t impose you a different working program. So, you come in at same hour, but first make breakfast. He said he doesn’t mind what he’ll have as he trusts your cooking skills.”

I’m fucking jaw dropped….

“For lunch and dinner, the same. He’s paying 50% more from your current paycheck and the 9-7 will stay the same. He said he’ll change some things for you regarding housework to be able to deal with the extra job, but he’ll talk to you tomorrow at breakfast about this. So, honey, you have a salary increase of 50%! Isn’t that great, Gracie? You’ll be able to earn faster for your desired business! I’m so happy for you!”

Yeah, I’ve become close to Mrs. Alexander and both her and Mrs. Xavier treat me like I’m their own daughter in many aspects. They’re fond of me and I’m the same with them. They both are special people to my heart now.

Yep. Something is definitely off with him…. I can’t do this…. Nope. I need to think about this…. I can’t tell her now…. She’s too happy, and she’ll think I’m ungrateful. There are so many girls who don’t have work and I’m doing this to her…. Shit….

“Umm, yeah, great news, Mrs. Alexander. Thank you so much for the call on this.”

She senses I’m not thrilled….

“Oh? What happened, baby? Are you sick or something? Your voice is not normal…. I’ll call Mrs. Xavier to check up on you if you are sick, honey. You’re probably tired…. I….”

“Oh no, I’m fine, Mrs. Alexander. Just tired, yes…. Actually, I wanted to take a day off tomorrow as my baby brother called me with some personal situation and I was about to call you. That’s why I’m a bit off in voice. Could you please announce my leave for tomorrow, Mrs. Alexander? I’m so sorry it’s in such short notice, but I have no way out of this, and he needs me there. I can’t say no to him. He’s family.”

I’m not totally lying as my younger brother, Mark, who’s 15, called me today because our new stepfather has beaten him, again…. I told him I’ll be able to reach there on Saturday because tomorrow is a Friday and I do need the money first to go to Miami and see him. Mom is out of city with her besties and he’s alone with my other siblings with the bastard. So, I better go there tomorrow and sort things out if the situation with my job has changed after today.

She’s pausing a bit.

I know…. I’m sorry….

“Oh…. Is it Mark again, honey?” Yeah, she knows my story now as Mrs. Xavier does. I sigh.

“Yeah…. The son of a bitch is acting again, and he would never call mom about it. I wanted to land there Saturday but he was crying…. I know it’s bad for the job, but….”

She interrupts me.

“Nonsense! Family comes first! If I could get off work tomorrow, I would come with you and trash that bastard together! To do that to a little boy?!” She sighs in anger….

Yeah, mom loves bastards, bad boys…. Never caring about how her children are treated by the fuckers…. She fucking loves their dicks…. And money. Forgive me, God, for judging my mom, but it’s painful to my heart….

“Alright, sweetie. I’ve already sent you the paycheck to your account. Tomorrow morning you should have it and use it. I’ll talk to Mr. Colbert and tell him you had to take a day off for personal reasons and that you’ll be back on Monday morning to work. Is it okay like this, honey? And do you need me to help you with more money for the situation with your family? You can give it back whenever you can, no problem.”


I clear my throat with tears coming down my cheeks.

My own mother isn’t like Mrs. Xavier and Alexander to me. They have always been there for me with their all. And we’re not blood related. Even my brothers and sister, younger than me, call me for any problem they have as mom is never there for them or to solve their problems. I’m the fucking mom on that aspect…. I said to myself that once I can be on my own two feet and have enough money, I would take them with me and raise them with all they need. Mom would never go against as long as she has more money for herself.

“Thank you so much, Mrs. Alexander. No, I don’t need more money. It’s more than enough my paycheck. Thank you so much for helping and hiring me. And for understanding me with this. You don’t know how much I appreciate it….” I’m holding the knot of crying in my throat.

“Don’t worry, honey. You’re a good child. I wish my daughter was like you…. I’m really rooting for you to start your own business. You deserve the best, baby…. And the way you work and accepted such a job at how intelligent and educated you are, it amazed me. Only the strongest people with a splendid future ahead know how to flex themselves and take all obstacles until they meet with their success in life. I have faith in you that you’ll become a star in whatever you would do. If you haven’t heard from someone lately, I’m going to tell you. I’m proud of you, Gracie. I really am. Mrs. Xavier told me that when you reach home you work on your business to start it off and she sometimes comes in your room to wake you up before she goes to work. She’s concerned for your health, baby…. We both are…. You already put so much work in your paid job and don’t sleep much at night…. So, yeah, we’re proud of you. The moment I saw you, I knew you are meant for greatness. It’s in your eyes, love…. I have this sense in me…. You know it. Alright, sweetie. I’ll let you relax now and prepare yourself for the trip tomorrow.”

Meant for greatness my ass…. But I’m trying…. Maybe this prediction of yours will come true as the others…. Yeah….

I’m all teary on silent with my heart jumping I have such people around me…. It’s hard to be on your own in the world and no one to care about you…. And then you meet such people who are with you more than your own blood…. Yeah….

“Thank you, Mrs. Alexander…. It means so much to me to hear that….” I’m trying to not let her hear I’m crying.

“Love you, Gracie. Call me when you reach there tomorrow to know you landed safe. Alright?”

I’m swallowing the knot in my throat.

“Love you, too, Mrs. Alexander. Yeah, will do. Have a wonderful night. Bye.” I end the call and cry on silent with my eyes shut, a clenched jawline and a fucked breathing….

God…. Why didn’t I have such a mom?

I wipe my tears with the back of my hands, shove my phone in my jacket, and with my bag in my left hand tight, I resume my walk down the street. I’m blank in thinking at this point, focusing to man up and be normal outside. It’s a dangerous hood out here.

“No! Leave me alone! Don’t TOUCH ME!”

What?! JENNA!

The girl screaming is Mrs. Xavier’s 16-year-old daughter who’s cornered by four hunks whom I know they’re Mafia. They’re laughing and playing her to fucking rape her! She’s crying and has her clothes a bit ragged on a side street, covered in darkness and empty. She’s a fucking good kid!

I start running there, not considering they’re four and ripped in muscles and all that and we’re some tiny pieces of meat before them. The fuck I’ll let that child be fucked and whatever else by them!

I have my heart fucking my throat, but outside I’m a bad, calm bitch. I need to thank mom for this. I’ve got practice with my stepdads and all the fuckers she had and not only…. I’m not bad at fighting….

I take a lion stance and throw my chin at them.

“HEY! Knock it off. Now!”

“Gracie! Help me!” She’s messed up and with her mascara running down her cheeks, breathing like a lunatic, held by a grinning motherfucker whose eyes are now on me.

One of them turns around and with a devilish smile checks me out.

“Look what we have here…. More to the party…. What’s up, babe?”

I drop my bag and take my cap off, throw it aside, and I have a murderous look at them. He’s coming to me in a gangster manner, biting his lower lip.

The fuck I won’t beat the shit out of you….

“Let the girl go. Now.” I order through my teeth, clenching my jawline. I know this won’t go without a fight. I think they’re with drugs on board, so no reason is present in them, in already no reason they have.

“And what can you do if we won’t, sexy? Huh? Come here…. Let me see you better….” He’s inching to me with a grin and a threatening, sexual stare. He’s a towering one like the others.

Jenna is crying her lungs out, screaming for help. I’m not scared. I don’t have what I had at William’s place. Maybe I wasn’t scared there…. The fuck I know now….

When he’s at enough distance near me, facing me, snaking his eyes on me, groaning for what he’s seeing at me, out of nowhere, my fucking right punch flies to his fucking face with such thirst that I knock him down the ground. He’s a big guy….

Take that, fucker….

“Shit….” He spits blood on the ground. I’m boiling, staring at him with some beast eyes, breathing like a creature.

The others are in a pause, getting serious, watching this. Even Jenna has stopped screaming, just her accelerated breathing and sobbing can be heard.

“I said to let the girl go. Now!” I start walking with angry steps to the one holding her. I yank her from him, putting her at my back. “Let’s go, baby.”

The fucker from the ground is pissed off and standing up. The others are also not peaceful….

“Gracie…. Please…. Don’t let them do something to us…. I want my mommy….” She’s trembling at my back with her right hand in my left one, crying, frightened. I’m without emotions, watching the fuckers before me who are joining against us. For them, that punch became rough sex from their stares at us….

Fuck…. At least I have her at my back now…. They are in front of me…. She can escape…. I’ll tell her to run and not look back….

I’m same beast in my all at them, narrowing my lunatic stare, prepared for what’s next between them and me.

“Jenna?” I’m in a cold, calm voice.


“Start running home and don’t look back. Now!” I release her hand from mine, but she doesn’t do it and grabs my jacket at my back with shaking hands. 


“I-I can’t leave you here alone!”

The fuckers are grinning and approaching us with no good intentions….

“You better listen to her, kid.” A familiar, heavy male voce says from our left and all of us turn our stares to see who’s the owner.

What. The. Fuck? What are you doing here?

It’s fucking William with some guys after him, six of them. I think they’re bodyguards or something of his. To be honest, William is way bigger and buffed than these Mafia fuckers. I said he’s like a God in built. He’s like a fucking lion with his hands in his pockets, eyeing them with a bull stare.

“That’s my woman, fuckers. You have something with her, you have to deal with me. And no, the ones behind me won’t interfere.”

What?! Your woman?! The fuck you said that! Since when?!

I’m like before outside and silent, but he’s fucking serious. Of course I’m thankful he’s here with these shitheads, but still. Jenna is with trembling hands on me, glued to my back.


One of the Mafia guys takes his gun out to use it, but William seems to have one as well and shoots him before he does it, sending him with a headshot on the ground, on his back. Jenna is screaming with her face on my back. He looks at the others now. He’s so fucking calm. I’m also calm and silent as before, but I can’t say I’m not shocked inside….

“Take your buddy from there and dump him. Tell your fucking boss that Will Shade did it.”


The moment they hear the name, their eyes pop and their lips are departing.

What the fuck does that mean?

“Sorry, boss! We didn’t know! We didn’t recognize you at first!” They’re freaked out.

Who the fuck is this guy?!

“Get the fuck out of here. NOW! And don’t let me hear you do this again or I’ll fuck you all with the boss over you included.”

They do per orders with such speed….

“Yes, boss!”

William throws his gun aside at one of his men without looking at him and moves that stare at me.

“Come here, baby.”


He’s walking towards me and my breathing is angry. My stare at him is lunatic.

“Stop right there.”

He stops, chewing from his left cheek, and his chest having a ragged breathing. He’s penetrating me with that stare of his. Like a fucking Alpha.

I don’t even want to know what business you had around here….

“I don’t want any answers from you. I thank you for this and that’s all. I’ll take my leave with Jenna and the agency will send a replacement for me for my job. I was going to quit anyway, but I’m using this moment to tell you now.”

We’re in a lock of stares and I want to go and take my things from the ground and walk away with Jenna, but he stops me with him not moving from my sight.

Son of a bitch…. You were following me…. I knew something was off….

“Vance? Take the kid home in safety. Now.”

The guy who took his gun earlier comes to take Jenna who’s not letting go of me as she’s still in shock.

“Yes, boss.”

“No. She’s going home with me. Move away and let me go. You have no right to do this. I have trust you’re not like those fuckers and have enough reason to do the right thing.”

He fucking smirks at me, shaking his head in disbelief, while I’m fucking fuming.


“No, I’m not like those fuckers. But with the reason thingy is kind of hard for me at this point.”

WHAT?! He’s fucking crazy….

He looks at Jenna now.

“Jenna, right?”

“Y-Yeah….” She’s trembling so bad….

Poor baby….

I’m with my hand at my back on her.  

“Go with Vance. You’re safe with him. He’ll take you home and will stay there until you get inside and lock the door. Don’t mention to anyone what happened here. And next time, make sure to not walk on the streets alone, under darkness.”

“I said move aside and let us go. She’s not going with anyone alone.”

He takes a deep breath.



I’m almost punching him! I’m so fucking close to punch him! I’m barely holding it in!

“Let the kid go home and we’ll have a chat. Please. Jenna is already shaken from before. I won’t let you go home before we talk, but I need her go home in safety and put what happened behind her. Jenna? I promise nothing will happen to Grace, but we need to talk about something which is not for your ears. Alright?”

He basically says for Jenna to not see if he grabs me…. Fuck! Maybe he’s Mafia, too…. A higher one at his level…. Fuck, he’s Mafia alright if those fuckers acted like that at his name and how he fucking shot that guy in the blink of an eye….

“G-Gracie?” Jenna is asking me what to do from behind me. I’m chewing my left cheek in frustration in a lock of stares with William who’s barely controlling to not put his hands on me. His stare is between rage and lust and something more which I can’t figure out.

The fuck I ended up in this situation with him….

“Okay, Jenna. Go home with him. Wash up and calm down. Don’t tell your mom what happened, alright?” I’m facing her, looking into her baby scared and crying eyes, with my hands on her shoulders.

I now kiss her forehead as she’s in my heart like her other siblings are. She wraps her arms around my waist and squeezes me, all shaky.

I know, baby….

“T-Thank you, Gracie…. If you didn’t come….” She breaks into crying on me…. I’m rubbing her back, embracing her.

“It’s okay now…. Everything is fine…. Come on. You’re a big girl now, right?” I smile at her and she curbs her lips in a faint smile, nodding a bit. She’s so shaken up…. No wonder….

Thank God I came in time…. And that William appeared after…. I give him that….

Vance guy takes her, and she looks at me while I nod at her I’m fine.

I’m perfect…. At least this one is not like the others. I know that. But I’m still angry on him…. For other things….

They’re out of sight now.

I’m putting my cap on my head avoiding William’s stare on me as he has had it this whole time.

“Talk and make it fast. Though I don’t understand what we have to talk.” I’m grabbing my bag from the ground. “If it’s about the nonsense you sprouted earlier to those fuckers, I really don’t want to hear it.”

My heart is like at a fucking drifting race and my breathing is suffocating me, but I’m steady outside. I’m always strong in front of dangers, but I get the rebound after that…. When I’m on safe ground. However, a danger is still present, incorporated in William. I don’t fucking understand what he wants with me and what do we have to talk about. I fucking saw him for the first time today. And to whatever he has to say, my answer is no. Nope.

“So, let’s hear whatever else than that and then I can fucking go home.”

I’m looking aside with my arms crossed. I can’t stand to look at him. It’s something in me which would want to beat the shit out him. Oh yeah…. But I don’t want to sound ungrateful for saving me and Jenna with those fuckers, so yeah…. I’ll listen to whatever it is, say no, and take my fucking ass out of here.

“Look at me.”

The fuck I will.

He’s in a deep husky voice. I’m unmoved or having any reaction, just staying with my arms crossed, head aside, looking on the ground, twisting my lips to control, and waiting for this to pass, and go.

“I’m listening. I don’t need to look at you. I said to make it fast. I’m tired, had those fuckers, and I do need to go home pronto.”

He’s pausing, but his breathing is increasing.

Fuck…. Just speak whatever and let me go. I couldn’t wait to get out of your penthouse and I’m now with you before me…. Awesome. I appreciate for the other part with the motherfuckers, but for this right now, no.

“You don’t want to look at me.”

“Nope. As I said, I don’t need….”



Chapter 4 – You Have No F*cking Limits!

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Chapter 4 – You Have No F*cking Limits!

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Chapter 4 – You Have No F*cking Limits!

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Chapter 6 – I Refuse To Get Played!

Chapter 7 – I Know It’s A Juda’s Kiss, Love

Chapter 8 – Search, Baby…. Search

Chapter 9 – Never F*cking Listening To Me…

Chapter 10 – Pause, Little Devil, Pause…

Chapter 11 – Last F*cking Time When You Stain Our Family’s Name!

Chapter 12 – It’s Bad Enough On My Side, But For Them It’s Worse…

Chapter 13 – I’m Going Crazy Without Her…

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