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When she’s a former star…
“Hmm…. Yes, you’re perfect.”
What? I don’t know what you’re seeing, dude. I’m far from perfect to any kind of scenario you’re rolling in your mind right now. Trust me. He’s grating my nerves….
I’m blinking in a frown, chewing from my left cheek.
“I beg your pardon?”
He widens a sexy smile, motioning his head with those locks of dark honey wavy hair. It’s short, the hair, but it’s wavy and ravishing. Yeah, he’s featured on the cover of many top magazines as the sexiest man alive. Last one was last week. With a full interview and all that.
“I need you, Gia.”
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Chapter 1 – He’s…Out Of His Damn Mind


“Here is today’s work, sir.” I walk in my boss’s office, avoiding his sight, place the files on his desk, and turn around to go back to my office.

My boss? He’s the CEO of Banter Empire. The big boss of it for the last three years when his dad stepped down and he took the ropes of it. Banter Empire comprises in all industries. I mean all industries….

Daniel Banter is twenty-six, the carved to perfection Alpha male, with the looks of a heartthrob, punishing every woman’s heart who has the misfortune to cross his path. Yeah, he’s a billionaire playboy.

I’m working as his personal assistant/secretary for the last two months, and all scandal magazines have a morning hot issue with him. Yeah, he nails all the headlines…. Still, many aren’t quite true. But anyways…. I don’t care what the male side of my boss does. I really don’t give a damn on that. Not my problem or business. No, his business suffers not over his bad boy headlines. On the contrary, I might say.

I’m strolling to the door and I’m approaching it. Yet, he clears his throat, and his morning husky voice stops my footsteps.

“Gia? A word, please.”

Damn…. I have so many things to do….

I sigh in silence, slam my face with a fake smile, and turn around at him.

“Yes, sir?”

I take my hands at my back, twist my head, and look at him through my quite thick glasses. No, they’re fake glasses. I have a reason to wear them.

No, not because of him. I don’t stan him, or have a crush, or whatever else on that line. I’m immune to all that angelic, God-like, harmonious creation with those devouring baby blue eyes which are so fixated on me right now.

What are you staring at? I’m older than you. Show some respect. I’m 32 and a former hockey player, kid. You know? Hockey? Rough? Blood? Kicks? That kind of stuff? Huh? No? Okay….

His lips twerk into a bad news to me style, and his glare is in a slow motion over my person, starting from my head, going down, down, down, down, going up again, up, up, up, my head, deep lock of stares to my left eyebrow tilted at him. He leans his back on his majestic leather chair, and crosses his right leg over the other, resting his arms on the sides of the chair, growing a smirk.

“Hmm…. Yes, you’re perfect.”

What? I don’t know what you’re seeing, dude. I’m far from perfect to any kind of scenario you’re rolling in your mind right now. Trust me. He’s grating my nerves….

I’m blinking in a frown, chewing from my left cheek.

“I beg your pardon?”

He widens a sexy smile, motioning his head with those locks of dark honey wavy hair. It’s short, the hair, but it’s wavy and ravishing. Yeah, he’s featured on the cover of many top magazines as the sexiest man alive. Last one was last week. With a full interview and all that.

“I need you, Gia.”

He’s fucked in the brains. Are you on drugs or something? But he doesn’t do that…. It’s eight in the morning and he’s foraging my brains first thing…. Man….

“Is there something I’ve missed doing, sir?”

Just give me the damn thing and off I go. I have lots of work to do myself.

I’m in a straight stance, serious attitude, waiting for the boss to order and resume my loaded agenda for the day.

“No. I need you for the holidays. The whole week. My parents’ holiday house for the season. Christmas and New Year’s Eve. As…my fake fiancée.”

I’m in a pause, in a frown, a wolf stare, blinking, and a pursed smile at him. My heart wants to kill him, my brain is rolling possible scenarios, and my hands are squeezing each other at my back to contain all that.

He’s…out of his damn mind.

“I don’t think I’ve heard it right, sir. Can you repeat that?”

He chuckles and deepens the lock of stares we have. Mine is turning lunatic at him.

“You’ve heard it, Gia. I promise it’s only for the holidays. I need a serious person to take mom off my back with her entire marriage thingy. I’ll pay you accordingly for the change of program. I trust you, and you’re the only one I can arrange this with. Please understand me. It’s only a week, we pretend the fake scenario, and after New Year’s Eve, we go back to our normal routine and I’ll deal with the aftermath. I need a break for the holidays at least.”

He’s so fucking calm, like he’s sending me to bring him a mug of fake coffee something, and not ordering me such a…fake madness.

I think I’ll hit the headlines. Secretary-beat-the-shit-out-of-her-towering-sturdy-sexy-ass-boss-CEO-of-Banter-Empire. Yeah….

“Not happening. Anything else, sir?” I’m crossing my arms, having a straight stare at him, irritation screaming through my pores. He’s smiling from ear to ear, with a blast of fireworks in his playing-my-nerves blue ocean.

Don’t push it. Tomorrow morning you won’t hit the news as you usually do. It will be a shocker for the public….

“Gia…. Come on. You can ask me anything you want in exchange. I’ll grant you anything. Just save me on this.”

I turn around and storm out the door with a slam behind me. Yeah, he’s serious, not playing. Hence the gravity of the situation.

The hell I’ll do that. You can even fire me, and I won’t do it! That’s not job related! UGH!

Of course, at the end of the day my bags are packed and I’m with him to Aspen in his private jet. I have no means of supporting myself at the moment other than this job at Banter Empire, which pays pretty damn well.

I’m out of my mind, too….

I’m with sunglasses on my nose – though it’s nine in the evening –, with a fluffy black coat on me over my bottom, arms crossed, sitting across the jet from him, ogling on the side window, to avoid his sight.

You so annoy me and bring out the Punishing Star….

Yeah, I’m a former hockey player star with quite impressive achievements. Hence the fake glasses. I dropped the hockey career because of a bad injury at my right ankle when I was 27.

After the recovery period, I couldn’t go back. Something changed in me. Hockey had been my life, but since then, the feelings were faint. I enrolled in university courses, obtained a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, took some other courses to have as many certificates as possible, and when my money ran out, I applied to this job. He chose me among 1431 candidates, if you can believe that. Anyhow.

I make myself comfortable on the seat, with my arms and legs crossed, and go for a nap or sleep. I’m tired after the awesome day.

And yes, I also have a minor heart condition after my hockey accident. Whenever I stress out myself, or remember the accident on the ice, my heart jams some painful notes.

Let’s go to sleep…. I need it. He’ll wake me up, or someone else, when we arrive there. I can’t believe I’m going to do this…. Jesus… Fake fiancée… Hmph! From all the bimbos he could choose, he opted for me. I could have been in my bed, in the comfort of my home, and sleep to my heart’s desire right now…. Shit….

Chapter 2 – I’ll Show You PUNISHING STAR!


“Gia?” She’s fallen asleep that fast?

She’s seated as far away as possible from me, like across the jet, wearing shades instead of her nerdy glasses. Ha-ha! She’s so damn cute. I think she kind of hates me in general. Not sure on that, but she’s quite blunt on everything and she never gets intimidated by my person. And I always irritate her in a way or another…. He, he, he….

How I made her accept the fake fiancée thingy? One week off after the faking period and paid. I knew she wants to go to LA to visit her parents. She hasn’t seen them for over a year since she permanently moved to New York. Yeah, I accidentally overheard one of her convos with her mom on the phone in her office.

Why do I need a fake fiancée show? I don’t…. Ha-ha! Gia is my main target in the first place…. No, don’t take it the wrong way. It’s not for my so appraised playboy persona, which by the way I’m not quite like that, but there’s something else behind it.

Okay. Let me tell you a story of one eleven-year-old boy…. Ha-ha! So, this boy had a car accident with his dad. It was actually a planned attack to kill both his dad and him. The fortune was on their side and none of them died, but both needed extensive medical care for quite a while. Well, the dad needed no more than a week, while the boy needed some good weeks.

The accident took place during winter season, so the boy would stay and read, play games, and watch movies and…winter sports games as in nationals and whatever else at the time.

Rolling through the televised sports matches, he came across a hockey live transmission where there were the junior nationals for…girls. At first, his male ego, as yeah, he had a male ego since a child, wanted to go past and search some male performers in sports.

However, before using the remote and change the channel, the game ignited between the teams as one team member was cornered like in fucking rugby by around six members of the other team.

The crowd was revolted and the ones commenting the transmission were screaming that, “The Punishing Star is under attack! Come on! Penalize them!”.

The boy figured out the Punishing Star was the one put down and cornered in the boards having the puck. The ones attacking were like animals to get it from her and some blood was present…. Not a lot of blood but drops of it on the ice. The girl being under the attack wouldn’t scream or say anything, just guarding the puck, face down, while the others were relentlessly trying to get it from under her, not considering their rough behavior. All this was happening in seconds, don’t think it was minutes.

Next thing, like a loud lion roar noise paralyzed the entire crowd and commenters, and the girl jumped on her feet like by magic, with the attackers taking a step back by instinct, her hockey cross was now on the puck, and she took out her helmet throwing it aside with rage, revealing such a jade-eyes beauty with an angelic position of her golden locks, running nose on blood, and with a rabid stare at the others, lion stance at them, leaning her head aside and roaring….

“Want a piece of me?! Here! No helmet! Come and get me now! I’ve behaved enough! I’ll show you PUNISHING STAR!”

And the invitation was taken, the boy was eye-glued on the screen not escaping her sight, and the Punishing Star unleashed, putting them down, and scoring goal after goal, winning the nationals without her helmet the remainder of the game. She was panting and exhausted, and under pains for sure, but she didn’t complain or stop one bit. She had such strategies and teamwork that even at male hockey you wouldn’t see that. She was the star of her team.

The crowd was euphoric, and her name was the main one on everyone’s lips. She was a phenomenon indeed as the boy just couldn’t switch the channel, watching even the final interview with her where she was asked how could she endure it and deliver such a win, and she said….

“Well, I don’t take no for an answer not even from my own body. My team needs me, and I need them. We are one. And we came here to win, not just have fun. Still, I thank the other team for the hard level of game. It was good practice for me, but also a lesson for them. Never underestimate your opponent. If you’re only one person under an ambush, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a comeback and win. You just need to want it and push yourself forward. The rest is victory. Thank you.”

She then skated away, waving at the hysterical crowd and being applauded by everyone, though she was pale, sweating, and with a labored breathing, but she kept such a sweet smile, heart melting, at everyone.

The boy was under an unknown spell and started searching online all he could about her team and her, becoming obsessed. He found lots of videos with her and her team, backstage transmissions, and he became a heated-up fan.

She was seventeen, a hockey player since five-years-old, and the pride of LA at this sport for her category. Lots of commercial companies sought her for contracts, but she refused them all on the reason she was playing for the game, not for the money. She stated that what she was earning as a hockey player was enough for her.

Yeah, the biggest contract offer in her career was no less than twenty million. She refused on same explanation. All her career she was the same, no matter how old she got, and money should have been seen as a necessity. She still refused all the way.

This boy grew older with her, watching her games, watching her transmissions with training, team events and all that was arranged by the club, on their YouTube channel and read whatever was being released about her, and he even went to her live games in the crowd to see her playing, whenever he could. Though he was now not a boy any longer but a teen and then a man, he still loved to watch her and be there for her as a top fan.

When the boy was twenty-one, he went to what nobody knew would be her last performance. It was in Russia. Yeah, he flew all the way to Russia from New York, just to see her play.

She was twenty-seven now. The game was between USA’s women national hockey team, which had her as leading star, and Russia’s women national hockey team, which had Amfisa The Destroyer as their leading star. That game? Bloodbath…. Hockey is a rough game, no matter the gender playing. Don’t think women play it differently than men.

Anyway, the Russian team? Do you know, or can you imagine, a pack of bloody werewolves howling and ready to attack? That was their looks and attitude at the USA’s team.

At center, at the beginning of the game, there was Punishing Star and Amfisa The Destroyer. Nobody knows what Amfisa The Destroyer told Punishing Star before the start was given, yet, whatever it was, the entire game was an apocalyptical war.

The Russian team was not playing, it was hunting. They would kick out of the game team players of Punishing Star, hurting them, without caring they were getting penalized for it.

The now 21-year-old boy had his heart in his throat for the Punishing Star as she was severely hit but she wouldn’t get out of the game. Amfisa The Destroyer was set on destroying her and win the game.

The score was tight, and the Russian team was on top. Though players from both sides were eliminated due to either being hit or being the ones crossing the rules, there were enough players from both teams for the game to continue. Of course, all the goals for USA were scored by her. She was their main player.

Approaching the end of the game, as always, she was cornered by the bloody hunters, but she managed to score the win. When the final whistle was given, the boy kind of breathed in relief as she was hurt, barely keeping herself standing on ice, but there wouldn’t be further collisions with the Russian team.

The crowd, including the boy, was standing and cheering for the USA’s win against the Russians, and Punishing Star turned around at her team and saw one of her teammates under danger at some distance from her.

Amfisa The Destroyer and some other three players of her team were targeting that woman, skating like monsters with their hockey crosses tight in their hands, ready to smash her. Punishing Star threw her own hockey cross away and began skating to protect her teammate who was trembling and fell on her bottom on the ice because of what was coming towards her.

People were screaming at the Russian players to stop, but none was stopping; even two officials were kicked out by other Russian players. It looked like a revenge something.

Anyhow, when Punishing Star reached the premises before the destroying team do their work, she put herself in front of them, covering her other player, screaming at her teammate.

“Becky! RUN! NOW!” She said it throwing her gloves aside.

Her teammate did that in a freaked out mode, being fished out by other USA players, and when the destroyers collided with the Punishing Star…the boy was now having his heart in his mouth as that was no longer a hockey game but a fucking bloody street fight on fucking ice.

The boy ran down the rows to reach the place where everyone was hyped on putting down the fight, but it was growing into a bigger one, having his entire being under death feeling as the Punishing Star was being hit with hockey crosses, punches, and somehow nobody could reach there to help her as her other teammates were being hit by other players to keep them at bay, and he was now yelling her real name with fright in his voice for the outcome.


And yeah, he had his bodyguards after him as he was an important person worldwide now. His eyes were on the scene with Gia fighting them all, sending one on the ice, being attacked by another, and ongoing like this, being hurt in return, blood splashing in the air.

When he finally was at the bottom of the arena, she was fighting the last one, the ultimate destroyer, Amfisa, who hit with thirst her chest, then her right ankle, laughing like a demon, with Gia pushing herself to not fall down, and at the third attempt of hit, Gia grabbed her hockey cross, yanked her by it, and punched her in the face so hard that when Amfisa touched the ice, she stayed there.

But soon after, Gia started coughing blood, fell on the ice on her back and started convulsing…. The boy’s bodyguards made his way to the ice to take her from there and called the doctors to assist her.

She was with a lost stare, trembling, running nose on blood and spitting blood, not recognizing anything around her, just saying to him….

“Please…. Tell…. Mom…. I’m…. Sorry…. Love…. Her….” She was wording with tears down her red cheeks, not looking at him, just her left hand on his chest, pleading that to him, before passing out, breaking his heart, with his eyes playing in tears and taking her in his arms to give her to the doctors who were coming with a stretcher on the ice.

Yeah, that boy was me, and no, I didn’t fall with her on the ice though I was in my regular shoes, just that I was afraid she would die.

I ordered for her to be taken to the best hospital and I went with her there. Those were the longest hours of my life until the doctors came back and told me she was fine and out of critical condition.

They said that because she was an athlete with a lot of training, her body and heart coped with the injuries and didn’t put her life in danger in the end. However, she would remain with a minor heart condition for which she would need to take pills for an extended period of time, and her ankle would also need time to heal as it was affected. They were amazed for how bad she was hurt and still fighting to not die until they had finished operating her. Yeah, she had surgery for it….

Anyway, my men halted transmissions of any kind when I stepped in, and I covered my interference with her situation in front of everyone, including her. I spoke to her club’s manager to never divulge info about me to anyone, especially to her, and I helped her from the shadows to be transferred to the best hospital in LA, in a VVIP area to recover, with everything paid by me but the club would take credit for it as I wanted. I knew her way of rejecting things regarding money and such, so I did it like that as she wouldn’t refuse her club’s assistance.

I would have my people check up on her and send me either pictures, video, and all that during her hospital stay, to know how she was. I also talked to her doctors for her medical state, telling me she was having a fast recovery as they had never seen.

My heart was feeling blessed that my star was going back to her usual self and nothing was hindering her, except for the actual trauma of events. Though, the doctors said she wasn’t having the post traumatic syndrome and her mental state was also in a perfect state. They mentioned she was a tough patient with nothing putting her down, chaining a smile on my lips. Ha-ha!

Yeah, she was and is adorable in her all, though she’s indeed a tough, strong woman. Not by appearance though. In appearance she’s a curvy hot little angel. If you see her smiling or pouting, you just go crazy…. And when she casts those delicious jade eyes at you in a sparkled frown of annoyance, you drop dead in howls…. Ha-ha!

During that time, I had to go on multiple business trips around the world as I was taking over my family’s business, so I was on the go all the time. When I wanted to finally meet her face to face and approach her, they said that she had signed her hospital release on her own, sent in her resignation at her club from everything halting her hockey career, and retired at home at her parents for a while.

Media was crazy and shocked because of it, so was I. I needed to see her. She was my long-time vice. She refused interviews, was chased by paparazzi and all that madness as she had been a star for USA.

The only thing she did say, in a press release from her club, was that she considered it was enough and now she was at the age when she had to step further in her life’s evolution aside from hockey. That she was happy her last game brought the win to USA as she had always done. She thanked her fans, USA citizens, her club, her teammates, for always being there for her and her team and to continue to support her team as she was not the only one playing and delivering the wins. Without her team, none of that would have been accomplished.

I was devastated to be honest…. Not for her not playing though, but I couldn’t see her anymore….

She went low, covering her footsteps, changing places where she stayed, until no one could manage a trace on her any longer. Well, I had the means to trace her if I wanted, but no matter how pained I was in my heart, soul, and mind for not seeing her, I respected her privacy, working on my business, and from time to time watching her former games and all that to keep her vivid in my mind.

I didn’t know why, but my mind and heart would always scream after her, to have a glimpse at her, craving to see her again, and regretting not letting her know I was there…. Yeah, she had become a special person for me without realizing, and from a boy fan, in time, it became something else that I didn’t understand at first, for a long time actually.

When she came at the interview for my assistant position, with those thick black-framed glasses, sexy ass dark blue suit with pants embracing her mesmerizing, to die for, body, and her golden hair in a ponytail, academically bulletproofed, I was staring at her, being so familiar with her, but not knowing from where I actually knew her.

Yet, when her blunt attitude, but in a professional way, surfaced, her voice was going through my ears, her facial features though her glasses were giving the vibe of a slightly different persona, the match made a boom in my brains.

Before my eyes it was none other than MY STAR! After five fucking years, she was right in front of me! And she was clueless of who I was…. Obviously…. No, I kept a businessman face and attitude all the time, not giving hints I recognized the former hockey star or my star, and I hired her.

And no, I didn’t hire her based on our special bond, but because she is truly a fit for the position with her CV compared to other gazillion candidates. But yeah…. I can’t say I wouldn’t have hired her if that weren’t the case…. To have her with me…. FUCK YES! He, he, he….

And she hasn’t changed at all physically or in any other way since seventeen till now. When you look at her, she’s the same. Just that she’s wearing those goggles on her face and she’s professionally made in the business world. Ha-ha!

Yeah, since day one at work, she’s been working as none other, very serious, solving problems faster than anyone, sending me suggestions on different projects after meetings with a detailed input to help my working time, turning back managers from my office to correct different things before meeting with me if she spots something is not properly done and so on. She’s the hound at my door in front of others, and the departments’ efficiency has been raised since she’s my assistant. Ha-ha!

And no one knows her origins. They think she’s kind of a hidden ace in the company as she’s upgraded on everything business related, having the mind of an experienced CEO and not just an assistant. This little Punishing Star…. He, he, he…. Well, she’s older than me by six years, but physically I’m towering over her in my all. The little boy is not little anymore…. Oh yeah.

Anyhow, having her around me this close, closer than close, I’ve got to see her real persona more than ever, and slowly, that I didn’t understand at first thing, concluded in clarity for me after fifteen years of knowing her from which five years of not knowing anything about her.

First thing that happened, since first second I landed my eyes on her at the interview, I can’t see, in any way, other women. It was and has been just her. Second thing that happened, my mind is hovering around her all the fucking time. When I’m not with her, I’m rewinding in my mind moments with her from that day and I have difficulty to sleep at nights…. It’s a fucking torture for my entire being around the clock, to be frank.

Whenever I hit the headlines with someone, which happens daily, my heart is under piercing needles as I know she’ll see it and would think it was true and have a bad opinion on me. I haven’t fucked a woman for the last two months….

All of my scandals for the last two months are with either female friends or business partners, or with family friends that I had to meet one way or another. She’s unfazed by this though, not changing her attitude in any way towards me. I’m just her boss….

I have oceans of women after me, but she’s…not one of them. Not even once have I caught her looking at me in a way to give me a hint of taking a like on me or the sort. Which is frustrating…. So fucking frustrating. Frustrating not because I’m a fucking narcissist, because I’m not, but she’s THE WOMAN I FUCKING LOVE AND WANT!

Chapter 3 – I’ll F*cking Kill Him…


Yeah, that’s the clarity I’ve been hit with…. I’m in love with her…. The real kind of love…. For the last five years, I’ve been enveloped in a void, to which I haven’t put much thought into, considering it’s normal for a man like me, at my level, and from how I’ve been raised, to not develop feelings and such for women that easy. Never been with a woman twice in my entire life. Never felt doing so.

When she came back into my life, I understood why that void. I have been in love with her since that Russia game…. And I think I’ve been in love with her since I first saw her as a boy, but that love transformed into a man and woman type in time. Yeah….

Anyways, my mom and dad are updated on this since a month ago, like on everything from start to present moments regarding her and how I position myself in this. My mom came several times to my office to personally see her and have a chat, on the excuse she came earlier, and I was out.

She fell in love with Gia the same as I did. She said that she’s such a warm soul and a baby doll and she felt she can talk about anything with her as she has that something in her that captures you to do so. They chatted a lot on various things.

Well, I was surprised hearing that from mom because she’s never like that with me. With me she’s on the job and that’s about all. She never launches a conversation on a topic other than what’s at hand as work. And even then, she’s strict and wraps it fast. I’m jealous on mom if you can fucking believe this…. Yeah, yeah, I am….

Mom calls her all the time on pretext to be nosy about me, asking about updates on me, hinting at the daily headlines with me, and Gia says that she doesn’t know the nature of my relationship with them as it’s not her business, so she can’t tell, updating mom only on my schedule and if I’m in the office or not. On any other subject, she’s talking with mom way more, but on me it’s lesser than less.

Even mom is frustrated she can’t get her say something about me from her perspective. Therefore, to move things further with my punishing star who’s now punishing me, I’ve decided the fake fiancée scenario with mom and dad as I told them she’s going to be my wife and I need to do something out of the office to get her. Yeah, they both want her as their daughter-in-law as they have been digging out about her aside from what I told them, and they’re embracing her wholeheartedly.

Going back to present times, my Punishing Star’s mouth goes in a small gap and her head is falling in a slow motion on her left side. And I’m now on the seat in front of her, facing each other. He, he, he….

I’m resting my right cheek in my fist, watching over her, smiling, and thrilled we’re going on another level of relationship. The fuck I won’t make her mine this week. I’m so bad about this. I’ll use everything. Watch me.

She did fall asleep…. She’s tired…. Let’s remove those shades….

I’m removing her shades in cat moves to not let her feel it. Yeah, the googles are in her purse. Ha-ha! She’s in a deep sleep as her chest is moving the like. My eyes are inching her face while she’s out in dreams. My heart is pumping my chest and I would take her in my arms and kiss those lips without stopping…. Even my breathing is taking my heated-up state. In my mind I’m already doing it….

Her ringing phone snaps me out of my wild dreams. But I’m with her shades in my left hand and I’m leaned with my back on the seat, staring at her, with some craving beast eyes.

The fuck I care you’re going to yell at me for the shades…. He, he, he….

I’m smirking at her while she’s moving her head a bit and her right hand is searching for her phone in her coat’s pocket, without opening her eyes, just swallowing her saliva and clearing her throat.

“Who the…fuck is calling?” No, she’s with her eyes shut. “Yeah? Hey, Becky….”

It must be that hockey player…. Baby? Don’t stretch like that…. Fuck….

She’s stretching, still with her eyes closed, yawning, resting her head on the seat. I’m on some sexual jams inside that you can’t fucking understand…. She’s smiling for whatever Becky is telling her.

“Is that right? Ha-ha! Oh boy…. No, not in LA these holidays….”

Don’t pout, baby…. I’m seconds away to jump on you….

“But I’ll be there the week after. Yeah…. He can say whatever. I don’t give a damn. Not doing it.”

He? Who’s he? Doing what?

I’m tensing up, chewing from my left cheek, crossing my arms. No, she’s not seeing me. She’s sighing.

“Look. I know, he’s alright, but not interested.”

I’ll fucking kill him….

I’m bull staring at her and at the phone. She’s in a relaxed pose, true to her words, but I’m still going crazy inside….

“I’m fine…. Just the usual stuff. Don’t tell mom that. I hate you, Becks….” She has now opened her eyes in a roll and got a glimpse on me in front of her, making her startle, but not saying anything, just slamming her hand on her heart. She’s now cursing me under her lips….

Yeah, yeah…. I’m here…. Ha-ha! My baby….

She’s with her punishing stare at me. I’m laughing on silent.

“No, Becks. Can I call you later? I’m not cutting you off.” She’s sighing again, with another roll of eyes at Becks, motioning her hand at me to go away. I’m shaking my head at her.

Not happening…. I’m with my baby and I’ll stay right here. He, he, he….

I’m making myself comfortable on my seat, eating her with my eyes. She’s clenching her jawline at me, breathing in anger, casting those stormy jade eyes in a warning manner. I’m smirking, confronting her stare with my intoxicated with her one.

Let see what happens if I don’t want to, honey…. He, he, he…. Fuck!

She has just kicked my leg….

“Damn kid….” Yeah, she’s talking to me…. 


Of course I don’t care she’s kicked me. The fuck I’m going. She’s in a rabid stare at me, twisting her honey lips.

Oh yeah…. See if I can control myself, baby…. Please continue….

“No. I’m on a business trip for work and I’m on the plane with some bratty kid who knows no manners.”  She’s again motioning her hand at me to take a leave.

I’m motioning my head that I won’t.

“I know I love kids, but this one is so out of line, Becks. You should see him.”

I bet she would so love me…. Ha-ha!

“I pity his mom. He’s hopeless.”

She’s moving her lips in curses at me and I’m laughing on silent. She sees her shades in my hand and fetches them.

“He even steals things, Becks. Stop siding with kids now you’re a mom, Becks. Not all kids are good.”

Ha-ha! I’m a thief! She’s adorable when she gets angry….

She stands up, flashes a bad omen stare at me, “UGH!”, and goes to another seat, to put distance between us. I’m fucking laughing in tears….

“Oh no, Becks. I’ll never be a mom. Not made for that. I love kids from distance. Thank you very much. I wouldn’t be able to take all that kids throw their parents way. I don’t know how my mom considers I was as a child, but I sure didn’t make too much trouble. Kids these days are way out of line. Whatever…. Shut up, Becks. That was different.”

Ha-ha! So curious on what that different was. Becks sure knows her…. They know each other since the beginning.

I’m taking a seat in front of her, crossing my leg on the other, twisting my head at her, smirking, sitting like a king in my private jet. She’s blinking at me in annoyance, with some twinkling in anger eyes, breathing to match her state.

“Becks? How do you punish a kid who’s set on not having a proper behavior? Is killing allowed? Stop laughing. I’m fucking serious. How old is he? Let’s think….”

She’s scanning me with murdering eyes and I’m containing a laughter.

Tell her 26. I’m so fucking curious what she would say as punishment. Ha-ha!

“Around eight.”

Eight? Ha-ha! 26. 2+6=8. Ha-ha! She’s so damn crazy…. Why don’t you take a picture and send it to her for a proper evaluation over the bratty kid? The eight-year-old one, baby…. Ha-ha!

She’s bobbing her head at me with same killer stare, crossing her legs.

Man! Can’t wait for our time together for an entire week, sexy….

“Tell him I’ll throw him out of the plane?”


“While his mom is not around? His mom is not around.”

She’s motioning her brows at me and I can see in her eyes she’s imagining that as she’s having a wicked smile to match. I’m shaking my head, laughing under my lips.

“Well, baby, tell her I’m 26 and I’m too big for such a launch out of the plane. Maybe she’s having other solutions for that. Ouch! Ha-ha!” Yeah, she’s kicked me again on my leg. Ha-ha!

“No, Becks. He’s eight. He’s impersonating an older one. I told you he’s a bratty kid. He’s taking me as a joke, and I might kill the brat.” She’s cutting me into pieces with her eyes, cursing me. “Yeah, he’s quite talented to transform his voice like that. He might not reach his prime if he doesn’t behave by the end of the flight.”

I might fuck you by the end of the flight, baby…. We’re almost there…. Trust the bratty kid as he’s bratty all the way…. He, he, he….

I’m biting my lower lip at her, focusing my turned-on stare at her, sitting as before on my seat.

“Stop laughing, Becks. I’m so damn serious. He’s eating my fucking liver. And my patience has long reached its limits. Oh? What did she say?”

She’s becoming worried, moving her stare on the window.

I didn’t even start eating you, sexy…. He, he, he….

“When? You don’t say….” She’s motioning her head, concerned, with a thinking stare, chewing from her left cheek, looking on the floor.

What happened, baby?

“Yeah…. She’s stupid. I told her then it wasn’t the case. She just can’t shake it off.”

I’m becoming serious as she seems affected by whatever they’re talking about and my heart is jumping in worry.

“I know…. What do you want me to do? I told her I have nothing to do with that bastard. Never had and never will.”

What? What are you guys talking about? What bastard?!

Yeah, I’m again tensing up. She’s sighing, twisting her head, looking on the window. I’m boiling on mute.

“She what?!”

She’s on an outburst motioning her left hand per her words, spitting flames with her eyes.

“She almost killed you back then and she’s threatening you again?! Jesus Christ! Using you again against me? Alright! Give me her fucking phone number! I put her down last time, this time I’ll fucking murder her! Enough playing on fucking nonsense! I’m not at fault for her delusion! And for sure she won’t use you again! I can’t fucking calm down, Becks! Last time she somehow knew you were pregnant! And did that to take a false revenge on me! Enough! In five years, she still doesn’t understand!”

What? Who the fuck is this about? Five years?

I’m trying to assess the situation, but I can’t comprehend. She’s lunatic in her all, breathing in rage, now rubbing her heart.

Calm down, baby…. Nothing is worth your health…. My baby….

My own heart is aching seeing her this disturbed. She’s listening to Becks over the phone, shaking her head, contracting her jawline.

“Send me her phone number. NOW!” And she ends the call. “This fucking bitch! Banter?” She’s with those flaming eyes on me now….

“Yeah?” Don’t scream at me, please….

“Take your all and move to another seat. Now! Don’t let me see you. During this period, we’re not boss and employee because of the fake thingy, so don’t expect me to submit to anything as I would at job. In these conditions, I’m the elder one and the one deserving respect and last word. Now, take your ass, and move away! NOW!”

Yeah, she’s motioning her hand at me per her words, with some stormy eyes, and she’s just received a text message which she’s opening.

“Oh yeah. Let’s call the bitch….”

Of course I’m not moving my ass elsewhere….

Not happening, baby. This ass stays right here. Get used to it. I’ve stayed away too long. Cope with it…. My pissed off baby….

I’m smiling at her, yet my heart is trembling as she’s changing colors at face and she’s keeping her hand on her heart…. I’m silent to let her calm down, but I’m sure things will aggravate once the one she’s calling will answer…. I do hope it’s not the person my thoughts have been reaching out to as the one from five years in the past….

She’s having a straight voice, with a calm predicting nothing good, and she’s speaking in…Russian.

Fuck me…. That fucking bitch! Are you for real?!

I’m maintaining my own calm to see how all this is going, but that bitch? She’s so going down by my own fucking hand. I sent her to prison for one year that time…. This time? We’ll see…. Nobody touches my baby. NO ONE!

Yeah, it seems baby Gia knows Russian and I do, too. I speak fluently a wide range of languages. At my level and with all I lead, it’s a must.

“Amfisa? This is Gia Lorelai. Heard you wanted to reach me. I’m listening.”

No, baby Gia doesn’t know I know Russian. These two months I didn’t have to use it, so she doesn’t know yet, but she heard me speaking in other languages.

The bitch has a foul mouth over the phone as even I can fucking hear…. My baby is quiet, listening to her, containing her outburst. I’m rebelling inside….

And the bitch is saying the following….

“You fucking bitch thought that if you retire, I’ll be satisfied?! You thought that I won’t get you once I’m out?! You took him from me!”

Took him from you?! Who the fuck did she take?! She’s always been single in the public eyes! Always training and all that! I fucking know as I’ve always been following her! Well, these five years, I don’t know…. But in the past, I do!

“I told you I’ll kill you if he even flies around you! He was my fucking boyfriend!”

My baby is breathing in rage, chewing from her cheek, fisting her left hand on her thigh, squeezing it hard, but still listening to her to spit out her venom.

“And he left me for you! I can’t get past that! And don’t tell me it’s not the truth! He’s flying to fucking New York as we speak to see you! He told me that! You kept contact with him! All these years! That’s why I couldn’t have him back! Always traveling to the fucking States! TO FUCKING MEET YOU! YOU’RE DEAD! THIS TIME! YOU’RE DEAD! DO YOU FUCKING HEAR ME, GIA?! That’s why you’ve never taken sponsored contracts! You’re no fucking saint! He’s been behind you all the fucking time! He kept you in fucking money!”


Baby Gia is shutting her eyes, shaking her head, contracting her jawline.

“You had to take him from me! Do you fucking know HOW I FUCKING FELT when he told me he fucking loves you and NOT ME?!”

Well, now I understand what Amfisa told her before the start of the game back then in Russia and why that turned into a bloodbath…. And why all the Russian team was acting like that. They were all women and backed their leader for an alleged cat fight for a man. And Becky was just a bait to get my baby in the final fight. But who the fuck is this precious man? He seems loaded with money as well. I’m bull staring at the phone….

Baby Gia is still keeping her calm.

“Amfisa? I had and have nothing to do with him. Just comprehend that. I’ve never seen him these years. I’m sorry you’re broken-hearted and I feel your pain, but I swear to God I’m not guilty for all you’re saying to me as I told you back then. It’s not my problem what he feels or believes or wants. I don’t agree to it. Never did. What more do you want me to say to you or do, for you to finally understand?” Yeah, she’s sincere in her grimace, voice and all.

That fucking bitch did that to you five years ago for a fucking man?! SHE ALMOST FUCKING KILLED YOU!

My fucking brain is on fucking explosions and my heart is at war.


Okay. Alright. That’s it. Give me the fucking phone. Nobody does that to my baby love…. Not anymore.

Before my baby says anything as she’s now on the wave of retaliating, I grab the fucking phone and address to the fucking mad woman in Russian. Baby Gia is breathing in irritation at me.

I’m in my Alpha tone of voice, serious to my core, not caring my baby will learn some things about me. I would have told her anyways at some point.

“Listen to me very carefully, Amfisa. I’m Daniel Banter, CEO of Banter Empire. You can Google me if you want to see who I am. One. Gia is my fiancée and the woman I’m marrying to. Two. If you or that fucker come near MY WOMAN, I will fucking kill you both. Last time for what you did you served prison for one year. I’m the one who made sure you go to prison. This time I might send you for good along with your boyfriend or straight out kill you. Three. If you dare do something to my fiancée’s family or friends, you’ll deal with me. I don’t care who that son of a bitch is, but if I consider he’s a threat or doesn’t behave appropriately or continues to serve lies around regarding my woman, don’t worry for his womanizer side, I’ll end him for good. Have I made myself clear?”

Both my baby and the bitch are on silent mode, but my baby is with googled eyes and mouth in gap at my words.

“Have I made myself clear?!”

“Y-Yes. I-I’m sorry…. I didn’t know she was…. And you….”

I end the call.

We’ll see if you dare do something…. Cross my words and you’re both done.

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