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When he finally finds her…
When I found myself without a family and home, I ran away from authorities, and found shelter in a Mafia place. Yeah, well… Since a teen, after my family has been assassinated…. No one from my past has awareness over my person since then. I’m alone in this world.
But it seems someone has been after me all these years without ever seeing or knowing him….
I dream about her since then; day dreaming and night dreams. I’m haunted by her… I’m always thinking where she is… Is she alive? Will she ever come back to me? Will I ever find her? Will she ever come home?
My baby… What happened to you all these years? How did you manage to survive with no help, no money, with nothing, on your own? Where have you been? Why haven’t I seen you so far?
Genres of the book
Billionaire Romance, Curvy Girl Romance, Mafia Romance, Dark Mafia Romance, Possessive Alpha Males, Strong Female Lead, Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy, Action, Comedy, Suspense, Mystery, Thriller, with a HEA.
*This book contains language and mature themes. Suitable for +18 audience because of that.
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Chapter 1 – A Gun Under The Moonlight…


“You stop right there!” Motherfucker! Oh! I’ll so bust your ass!

It’s one in the morning and I’m running to catch a fucking drug dealer under the moonlight. He says nothing, just running his legs out, taking streets and jumping over fences when he has advantage of such obstacles, to get rid of me.

I’m Vanessa McKourtney, a curvy girl, and working as a secret agent since I was 19. I’m 21 now. Yeah, I’m an orphan…

My parents were murdered five years ago, random killing by a serial killer. I was on a school trip, and when I came back home…. I’m sorry…. I’m still having tears and my heart breaks whenever I remember that…

When I came back home, the living room was a bloodbath where my father was cut into pieces… And drops of blood all the way upstairs, where my mom was murdered, in the bathroom, same manner… I went into shock and screamed my lungs out, for my world…had been killed…in the split of a second.

I had the most amazing parents. They loved me more than their lives. They always pampered me, raised me to be the best in everything, taught me the bad and the good, wanted me to be the diamond of their lives and mine.

No, we were not rich people. Simple workers, my mom and dad. Struggling for each penny they had, yet we never had something missing as the happiness of our family was more than one needed. The rest would have worked out and lacked nothing at the end of the day.

But all that, was taken from me, in one fucking night. The killer was some satanic covenant member, and mom and dad were his new sacrifices for the Lord of Darkness, in exchange for riches, powers and whatever nonsense these shitheads think they get through killing innocent people. And no, to this day, the killer hasn’t been caught. I’m still searching for him… And when he’ll land in my hands… When he will… Oh, yeah! I’ll…serve justice for all his victims, including my parents.

How I landed in this secret agent stuff? Well, I first remained on the streets as all we had, like the house, cars and the rest, were obtained from loans. Having no jobs and people to work in the family to earn money, you can imagine it all went down the drain and the banks seized everything, leaving me homeless.

Other family members? Nah. Mom and dad were, let’s say, the black sheep of my dad’s family, because they married each other… Classic story… My grandparents were the least impressed when they were announced mom and dad died like that and I was left without a family to raise me and send me to school, where I had perfect scores by the way. Yeah, I was and am a smart kid.

My mom was an orphan, worked her butt off to have a bachelor’s degree in marketing, and she was working as a salesperson. Dad on the other hand, was from a rich family, with social status, in the food industry. He was the eldest of three brothers and was supposed to lead the business when my granddad would step down. Dad was a Harvard boy. Yeah, smart guy.

The thing is that when he married mom, his family did everything that stood in their powers to shut all doors for him in the business world. When the money he had went zero, he accepted a shitty job in a lawyer’s office. Well, it happens like that, when you don’t listen to your oh-so-rich parents.

No, I have never seen or talked to my dad’s parents, and never will, no matter what. Even if they would crawl on their knees in front of me for forgiveness. Judge me all you want, I’m not a bad bitch, but you shouldn’t do that to your son and his family, especially when such tragedy strikes. Heartless people.

Going back to how I landed in this. When I found myself without a family and home, I ran away from authorities, and found shelter in a Mafia place. Yeah, well…

Since fifteen I’m a black belt in martial arts, though I’m curvy. No, I’m not fat-fat. I have the right meat in the right places, and I do own muscles. Yet, I don’t have a flat, muscled abdomen. No, sir. I have some belly out, not much, but it’s a bit there. Men find me hot and fuckable… Women? Who the fuck cares? Of course, not being skinny, they find me fat as I’m not a fucking model, right? Ha-ha! Whatever…

So, I found shelter in a Mafia place as the little money I had left back then got stolen from me by some Mafia dudes who were in their having fun state, late at night, on an empty street. And they wanted to rape me, too. Well, you guys know how that goes. They were in their twenties, neat in their fucking expensive suits, and thought I was some bitch in distress, easy prey, for a late night snack.

Little did they know the rage I was possessing for all that had happened to me and that I was a fucking deadly piece of meat in my all. I behaved and politely asked them to give my money back, owning a killer stare, my signature one by the way, and they were just mocking me. The moment when they started touching me, well, tried, that is when I dropped behaving and beat the shit out of them. They were big guys, all muscles and fucking skilled. However, don’t fuck with one like me, who had mental issues after my parent’s tragic end, and nothing to lose anymore.

The thing is that their boss happened to see everything and when I almost snapped one guy’s neck in my madness, he yelled at me to stop, came to me, and apologized for his men. He served them with some heavy slaps and asked me the reason for me being there and where should he send me back home. I was iced in all my emotions, like a cold killer, and told him, first time ever, without thinking, all that had happened to me until that moment.

He took a like on me and offered me a job. To work for him. He saw my fighting skills, my sexy and angelic appearance, and said I was perfect to be at his side. And I accepted. Again, don’t judge me, guys. I had nothing to lose anymore and had no other choice. The guy was in his thirties. A towering, ripped in muscles, handsome as fuck, mafia playboy. Oh, and filthy rich.

He gave me a place to stay, job agenda, and a salary of some 50k dollars per month. I had only one condition for all that. No sexual favors or jobs. The rest was on. He was reluctant at first as he did have a specific look at me, but he then gave in, with a smirk.

I began working for him… Gang fights for territory and all the included shit. I became his right hand within a year. I learned on my own sword fight, guns, everything. I had thirst. I had revenge. I had a target. The target? To catch and kill my parents’ criminal. Yeah, he did try, many times, in subtle ways, to fuck me, yet, he had no chance with me. I beat him, too, when he went overboard, the only time he did that while drunk, in his club, at around three in the morning. I was there as backup. Among all this job thingy, I did continue my studies and doing it still. Wonder if I took drugs or had sex? The answer is no for both. I’m a bad bitch, but not that bad.

Two years ago, a boss from the agency I’m working for right now, somehow heard about me, and on my way home, at around four in the morning, he approached me with some other agents, to bust me. They showed me all they had on file about me. It was a lengthy file…

They arrested me. I didn’t go against the arrest as though I was a Mafia and a genuine killer, I have always been a righteous one. Never killed innocent people, on the contrary, always protected and saved them, though I had some headaches because of this with my Mafia people as I needed to trash them to shut their mouths up.

When they took me to the agency, they gave me two options. Either go to jail for some twenty years, or work for them as a full secret agent. If you were in my place, what would your choice be? Yeah. I took second option. The boss asked me all about my story and I confessed about everything, not leaving anything out. He smiled. The only thing I left out was me still being a virgin. And today? I’m their top secret agent. Yes. In one fucking year, I reached the level. I’m a boss now, too, in the agency, that deadly and valuable I am. The Mafia boss? These guys made it appear I was killed… Yeah, well… You can’t have it all… I’m royally paid as a top agent, way more than my mafia salary.

I’m running after this fucker who wasn’t my mission. I had a girls’ night out with some other agents, friends, and because I was tired, I excused myself to go home. When I went outside to go to my car, in the parking lot, he was dealing with some rich young Barbie, meaning he was persuading her to buy drugs from him. She was drunk to the point she was barely standing, with one hand on the top of her expensive Bentley to sustain herself, all laughing and hitting on the guy as she became horny upon seeing him. Yeah, he’s not an ugly motherfucker. He’s quite a stud.

I yelled at him in my gangster manner and flashed him my badge, moment when…he started running the other way after a “Oh! Fuck!”. And here I am, all tired after a week of fucking missions that drained out my energy, having some unwanted adrenaline at fucking one in the morning. Sweet, right?! Well, being how I am, I couldn’t close an eye. I just can’t. It’s instinctive.

We’re running for the last twenty minutes or so.

This fucker has quick legs and skills! Oh! Man! When I’ll fucking catch you?! I’ll first beat the shit out of you! Then arrest your fucking ass! Son of a bitch!

I’m dressed in a pair of black skinny jeans, the ones in a leggings type, ankle length black boots with some small chains aside, golden ones, a black top with a bit of a cleavage that embraces my body, over my bottom, a leather jacket within my waist, elbow length, and a pair of black gloves, with cut fingers. My hair is loose, with rebel locks, waving like angels have, in a dirty blonde. I possess some hypnotic green-blue eyes, yet they are always set in a lunatic stare. You know why… No, no makeup. I don’t give a shit on that. And I’m not tall, I’m average height. But I can trash with bare hands towering, all muscles guys, no matter their strength. So far, no male has won against me. I’m a fucking strong bitch all over.

We’re approaching the back of some VVIP club, where there are some guys, like bodyguards something. One of the guys has just got down from a black Aston Martin, with an earpiece in his left ear. There are around eight of them.

These guys are expecting some rich guy to take him… Or some rich gal… They seem expensive bodyguards from their built and suits. Three more cars are coming… It must be a hotshot…

Chapter 2 – You Can’t Kill, But You Can Fight…


And indeed, a towering guy, ripped in muscles, looking like a fucking Angel at face, in his twenties, with a raven-hued hair in waves, a bit upset about something, staring at the ground while walking like an Alpha, wearing a tailored expensive dark grey three-piece suit and a black shirt, is aiming the Aston Martin.

And the guy who brought his car… “Boss?”

Yet, my fucking target finds perfect moment to get his gun out and start shooting at them, going to the boss whom he grabs and takes him hostage, pointing his gun at his head and yelling at me. The rich guy doesn’t seem scared, but when he sees me, he just stays there like that, under threat, studying me and listening. Some bodyguards are shot, the rest are with their guns out, but seeing the boss not doing or saying anything, they’re reigned by silence.


“You go away! If not! I’ll kill this motherfucker, bitch!” He’s kind of trembling, with a ragged breathing, eyeing the others, keeping his hostage tight from his neck.

Oh? Yeah? Okay…

I’m also on low energy, but I don’t give signs outside. My breathing is regulated as I’m trained, yet my heart is smashing my chest and I do have a headache as I’ve been shot two days ago and I was supposed to recover. Yeah, well… Nothing in life is fair or goes per your wants. The motherfucker owns some mesmerizing green eyes which sparkle at my sight, with a faint smirk in the corner of his mouth.

Really? You’re with a fucking gun pointed at your fucking head and you’re smirking?! Some crazy motherfucker…

I take my calm, gangster persona, fetch the pack of cigarettes from my jacket, have one, put my cigarettes back in my pocket, get my fucking lighter, and light the fucking cigarette, putting the lighter back in my jacket, all this, taking my time, owning the place, like nothing out of the ordinary is happening, and send smoke in their direction. I’m at a distance from them. My stare at them is that of an authentic psychopath. Yeah, well…

“Kill the motherfucker. I’m here for you, not to protect his ass. He has people to protect him. Come on. I don’t have all night, fucker.” I’m all serious, motioning my hand at him to all that I speak, eyeing him. I don’t see anything around me, just him. I see his sweat on his forehead and temples, the way his lips have a faint shivering.

The fucker hasn’t killed so far… He can’t do it…

His eyes are googling at me, the hand he has the gun in starts shaking some, and I’m walking like a gangsta at them, with my left hand in my pants’ pocket, smoking. He can’t speak, just watching me and backing off with the rich fucker who I don’t know what he sees at me that impressive. Anyways.

Don’t worry, fucker… He won’t kill you… This fucker doesn’t have such balls…

“So? What are we waiting for, druggy? Two options, dude. Shoot him first and I fuck you, let him go and I fuck you. Ten seconds to decide as of now.” I’m walking…

The rich guy widens his smirk at me and has his left eyebrow up.

Oh! Shut the fuck up, son of a bitch… I fucking hate your kind…

I’m focusing my crazy stare on the drug dealer who’s like he’s going to have a heart attack as he wants to press the trigger, yet he can’t.

“Ten. Nine. Eight. Shoot the motherfucker. Come on. Seven. Six. Five. Four. Three. Two. No? Half two. One!” I throw my cigarette aside and I grab the rich guy by his suit jacket with such force and pull him away, sending him at my back and now kick the fucker’s gun on the ground, while he’s blocked, but now backing off.

“SHIT!” Oh, yeah… Double shit… Ha-ha! He’s disarmed, but he instantly contracts, his face flushes with anger and his eyes blaze in a pissed off manner at me.

Oh? Okay… Let’s fight… You can’t kill, but you can fight… Fine by me, sucker…

I’m in my gangster smirk at him, and flash him a wink, penetrating him with my lunatic stare.

“You wanna have a fair way out, dude? Fine. Let’s fuck.” I undress my jacket and throw it aside. I’m hot, guys, after that fucking long run. In a few seconds your ass is out and busted… But I’m one to give chances… To understand the kind of balls I own, fucker… “Come on. Give me your best shot. No gun involved. Just you and me. I need no ladies first as I’m no fucking lady. I’m a pure blooded bitch, kid.” He has a devilish smile at me and when I say ‘kid’…

“Oh! I’ll so put some sense in that cocky brain of yours, whore…” You don’t say… And his punch flies at my face, I dodge, and now grab him by his T-shirt, fuck an iron fist on his left cheek, making him dizzy, push him, and I turn in the air with a high kick on the left side of his head, sending him on the ground.

“FUCK!” I said there’s going to be fucking involved, fucker… I’m moving around him, not seeing anything around us. I’m deadly calm, on the mission to give him a lesson, pain him, and then bust his ass.

“You were saying? The whore has some balls, right? Come on, fucker… Stand up. After the fucking run, then threatening a civilian with a gun, not to mention your previous drug dealing attempt and ruining my peaceful night, I need to release some angst, fucker.” He has just spit some blood and he’s standing up, all dizzy. Yeah, well… You do have ‘some’ balls…

“You fucking bitch…” Yeah, yeah… I agree… No offence taken…

I’m laughing under my lips at him, with my eyes like a fucking bloody creature on its prey. I give him space and time to be on his feet, yet, before he makes a move, I serve him with three punches. One on his left cheek, one on the other, and the last one in his guts. Three seconds. He’s out.

A three seconds dick… Well… What should have I expected… Ha-ha! Stupid ass… I’m taking out my handcuffs while the fucker is passed out with a running nose on blood. No, I don’t cast a look around. I don’t give a fuck on the others.

“Yes… A fucking bitch…” I’m turning him around to handcuff him. “Heavy motherfucker… Yet no fucking use of those muscles… Not even one hit on me, kid? Lame… So fucking lame…” I’ve handcuffed him. He’s with his face down on the ground, and I’m with my right foot on his ass, fetching my phone from the back pocket of my jeans to call in cars to take him in. No, still not looking at the others, just studying the fucker under my foot. Around me there’s silence. “Kyle?”

“Vanessa? Hi! Still with the girls? What happened?” Yeah, he’s one of my coworkers. He’s thrilled I called him. He likes me. Whatever.

Don’t start with me with that fucker voice… Man! I hate every single male out there… Yeah…

“Hey… No, I’m not with the girls anymore. Some piece of shit crossed paths with me. Send cars to take him in. Take the coordinates from my phone as,” I don’t see a street name… I’m looking around and at the way I am right now, I can’t figure out where I really am as in address, but I see the club’s name, “I don’t know the exact location, but I’m at the back door of Millennium Royal Club something… Some VVIP club.”

“Millennium Royal Club? Going after rich guys, darling? What did he do?”


He’s laughing, but annoyed over the idea. I roll my eyes and shake my head in disbelief.  

“Shut up, fucker… Drug dealing, going against arrest, shot some people, no victims though, as the guys are trained ones, threatening to kill a civilian, hostage stuff… That kind of things.” I’m looking at the still passed out fucker, to see again his face. “He seems around twenty something.”

I see a tattoo at the back of his head and I bend over to check it out. Kyle is already giving orders there to send people here.

“He has a tattoo… Let me see if it’s gang related.”

No, the bodyguards that were shot, aren’t dead. They had bulletproof vests something as they are standing, like nothing happened. He randomly shot at them, like a novice. And he was acting like a scared kid when he was threatening to kill the rich guy. As I said, I saw in his eyes he’s not able to kill. I’m a versed one in everything. I’ll tell you guys some other time more about me.

“Yup. Giancarlos gang. He has the black diamond tattoo.”

Why the fuck is a weasel accepted in that Mafia? He’s too weak for those fuckers’ level… I don’t care though… At least, there’s no real victim here… Thank God for that…

“Alright, Vanessa. They’ll be there in five. See you back at the agency? Are you coming in with the bastard?”

I need to fuck a bed… I’ll write the report tomorrow…

“No… I need some sleep… Tomorrow. I was on my way home when this fucker appeared.”

You guys maybe ask yourselves why am I not speaking with the rich guy and the others? It seems unprofessional, right? Well, he appeared to be familiar with this kind of stuff, he has such bodyguards after him, and because of his stares at me, I’m avoiding the talk until I finish my call with Kyle. The guy seems tough and not in need of counseling. And, I’m out of everything. I just need for my people to come and take this piece of shit and let them deal with everything. I really didn’t need all this tonight… And yeah, he hasn’t said anything so far. His people the same. So, let’s not speak when it isn’t necessary.

Fucking headache… Oh! My brain… And my heart… I need sleep…

“Okay. I’ll call Giulia to check up on you tomorrow morning. I know you’re not in a perfect shape after that mission. Sleeeeep weeeell, darling. Ha-ha! Bye.” THIS FUCKER!

He ends the call as he knows I would have fucked his ear for that last part. Yeah, he is in his sexy voice when he does that. I’m in my angry state and ‘UGH!’ at my phone, then place it back on me, going to take my jacket.

“Alright. Mister…?” I’m dressing up with my jacket and looking at the rich guy who’s standing in front of my like the lion of the jungle, hands in pockets, smirk on, and a flicker of stars in his eyes.

Behave, Vanessa… Let’s finish here and go home… Don’t engage… Hold your horses…

I’m in my professional persona, without feelings, not impressed by the hot Alpha male in front of me, as in never, as I’m not the type.

“Francisco Hendricks.” He answers in a husky, manly, sensual voice.


Chapter 3 – He Wants To Marry You


“My name is Vanessa McKourtney.” I take my badge out and flash it at him long enough to be aware I’m an official, though he already deducted that. “I’m sorry for tonight’s event. When my colleagues will be here, you can press charges for all that happened that included your person and men.” I hurl my eyes at his men. “I see you guys are alright. The good thing tonight was that he messed with people who don’t get affected by such an attack.”

The drug dealer gives signs of waking up at my back. Someone punches him.


“You son of a bitch…”

I turn around and see one of the bodyguards next to him. He’s back to dreamland.

Yeah, he’s a son of a bitch… I can’t fucking stand anymore… My fucking headache… Let’s keep it steady, Vanessa…

I’m getting dizzy, yet holding it in. I’m going for another cigarette to help me concentrate on it and keep calm.

“You seem a bit young for your job, Miss Vanessa. It’s a Miss, right?” The rich fucker asks me at my back, in same sexy, husky voice.

Don’t grate my nerves, fucker… I’m not that kind of bitch…

I don’t turn around, focusing on the drug dealer, smoking.

“It’s Madam. Though I seem a bit young, Mr. Hendricks.” I’m trying to not react in my usual crazy manner as this guy is not a bad guy, but a victim, no matter who the fuck he really is. I don’t give a single fuck on that. I just want to go home…

Keep your balls in your pants and into the decent limits…

“Madam… Quite skilled for a Madam… And what is your husband saying about all this job of yours? It’s quite dangerous… And late at night… If I were him, I would have been pissed…”

He doesn’t say anything… He would be dead if he would have an opinion… MUHAHAHAHA! This motherfucker is hitting on me… Sweet…

I’m smoking, still with my back at him, as if I would see his face… I wouldn’t be able to control anymore. I don’t take well such people and acting like this, like we’re in some bar and on display for hanging out for a bedroom end game.

“We share same field. He understands. Our job comes first.”

Wouldn’t you want to know, huh? Fucking rich people… Royal assholes…

Cars with sirens are coming. He wants to speak more, yet, I begin walking at the first agents that are coming down the car.

“Vanessa? Really? Man! He had it coming if he entered in your X-ray! Ha-ha!” That’s Gary.

He’s 25, a big guy, like the Hendricks fucker, handsome, dressed in a dark blue suit and white shirt. He’s all smiley and lustful at me. Yeah, he wants me to be his girlfriend.

Well, to explain some things, when you’re not an available bitch to accept men, they tend to fly around you like bees on honey to get you. I think it’s a competition something between men, like who conquers first the prize kind of thing. I don’t know.

I’m indeed a sexy ass female, with an innocent, noble beauty, however, all men’s moves around me for dates and sex want disgust me. I have one want in life. To catch my parents’ killer and I don’t know what I’ll have after. That’s the only thing that drags me through life and makes me avoid being killed. The rest is meaningless for me. I have no drive for life as any other girl my age. And from what I’ve seen so far in life, prostitution, how men are and all that shit, I’m so fucking iced and never get stirred up to want a relationship but to love.  When my parents died, they took with them my happiness, my life. I’m doomed per life. Yeah…

Gary? He’s with dark blue eyes, and short dark honey hair. He’s a good guy in general, but, as all men do, he has his attempts on me. Can’t blame him for that though.

Gary? Don’t take it the wrong way, but I need to get rid of this fucker as he’s pushing it. I don’t want to unleash on him in the lunatic way I usually do.

“Yeah, babe.” I’m smiling at him, Hendricks is at my back. He raises his eyebrows at me and smirks.

IT’S A PLAY, FUCKER! I smirk at him, wink and serve him with my crazy stare. The stare that says ‘it’s only for show’. He understands. Good kid…

“You look sleepy, baby…” He glances behind me and I go and kiss his cheek.

If you’ll get this the wrong way, I’ll so fuck you, dude… And Gary fucker embraces me, kissing my neck. I contain a cringe… Don’t push it…

“Yeah… I want to go home for the night…”

I see another agent who’s smiling at us and motioning his head in disbelief as he knows me and that there’s no relationship between us, and I take myself in a subtle manner from Gary, whose hot breath is on my neck, and start briefing him for the case.

“I’ll write the report tomorrow. Okay, babe. I’ll go back to take my car. I need some fresh air. I’ll walk till there. Don’t worry, I’ll be fine. You guys take the case from here with Mr. Hendricks and his men.” Agents are already taking the fucker from the ground.

“Vanessa? I’ll have one of the cars take you there! Come on!” Gary. He’s concerned in voice as he knows the reason I’m so sleepy and tired. I was shot, remember?

I’ve given him my back and I’m walking, aiming the fucking club where my car is. Yeah, yeah… No… I need alone time… I’m done with all the fuckers, you guys included… I’m sorry… I’ll be… fine…

And without looking at the Hendricks dude, lightening another cigarette…

“Good night, Mr. Hendricks. And be more careful next time…” Silence.

Though I think you could have saved yourself without a problem… Whatever… I don’t care… I’m happy there wasn’t blood spilled other than the fucker’s…

“Vanessa! Fine! We’ll see each other at home!” Ha-ha!

He’s probably seen Hendricks fucker looking at me in a not appropriate way, and he has now fully understood my act with him. He’s not a stupid guy.

“Sure, babe! Later!” And I disappear around the corner. No, Hendricks didn’t reply to me. I didn’t need that anyways.

Let’s get the car and go home, baby… I need the bed… Oh, yeah…

I finally reach to my black Chevrolet Camaro, and get in, start the car, turn the music at maximum to keep my mind busy, and off to my penthouse which is about fifteen minutes from here.

It’s playing ‘Bailame’ from Yandel and Shaggy and I move my head and upper body on the music while driving with an insane speed. Yeah, I’m crazy, but I’m safe. I have perfect skills on everything. The headache subdued while walking to the car, leaving me with some that I can deal with, and the music is therapy for me. Crazy night again… Usual stuff for Vanessa… Yeah… And that motherfucker Hendricks… He’s not only a rich guy from his attitude… Anyways… I don’t give a fuck… It’s not my concern… I won’t see him again… Letting the guys to deal with the case, I’ll have my name out of it… I’ll speak with Chief on that tomorrow morning…

When I enter my penthouse, I shut the door, enter passcode to lock it and have the alarm on, take off my jacket, and throw it aside on the floor…

“I’m so fucking tired… Man! My legs are hurting me… Fucking asshole…”

I do the same with my boots, one by one, with my eyes shut at this point, and with my top, until I reach my bedroom. I place my gun, phone and badge on my nightstand, with my eyes closed as I can’t keep them open anymore.

Yeah, I have an expensive place with classic furniture, white walls, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, an open kitchen, a living room, a storing room, a laundry room, a gym room, a room where I have guns and stuff, an office with last minute technology, and a room where I have some game simulators and a pool table. That last room, I rarely use it.

I also have a wide balcony with flowers, like a terrace, with a table and chairs, where I spend my nights, when I have time, reading, or listening to music with headsets on. No, I’m not a socializing person. I prefer alone time. I do go out with friends sometimes, but occasionally.

I crawl on the bed only in my leggings and bra, drag my pillow, hug it, and I’m out…

“So good… Hope I’ll dream of something pleasant for a change…” I fall in a deep sleep.

Yeah, I have insomnia due to nightmares. When you are like me and do what I do, you develop that. Well, nightmares I have since my parents died… I re-live the scenes in my dream and I wake up screaming and all sweaty, trembling, and then start crying till no tears can come out of me, and get a dry mouth… Yeah… What can I say? I have an awesome life…

As usual, I get my parents nightmare…

MOOM! DAAAAD! NOOO! WHY?! Mommy… Daddy… I’m sorry… So much blood… WHY?!

And right after, I dream about Hendricks fucker, same scene that went down before, yet in this dream, he gets shot in the head and drops dead. I start screaming, which is not a normal reaction for me for a stranger as I’m a cold one and feel nothing, but somehow it pains me in the dream to see him dropping dead.

Well, I’m a cold one, yet not that I don’t care about innocent people, but in a dream, for this, to react the same as I do for my parents, for me it’s strange.

By the time I go towards him to help him, all screaming, running, I get pulled out from my nightmare by my ringing phone. And upon opening my eyes, a headache smacks my head…

“OH! FUCK! Shit… STOP! Calling… WHO THE FUCK IS CALLING?! Can’t you see I’m fucked over here?!” The phone is ringing all the way. When it stops, it starts ringing again…

Oh! Not giving up, are you?! Man! It’s like I’m having a fucking hangover…

I search with my hand the phone on my nightstand, having a blurred vision, shaking my head, and take the call without looking on the display.

“WHAT?! WAIT! What time is it?” I have my curtains on and I can’t decipher with what I’m having in my head right now if it’s day or still night outside.

And a male, sexy, husky voice, that sounds familiar but not so much…

“Eight in the morning… Madam Vanessa.”

What the fuck? Who’s this guy? I need no shit right now…

I pause and attempt in focusing my vision on the phone to see the caller. It’s just a number. I don’t have it under a name.

Oh, yeah? Someone wants to fuck with me so early in the morning?! FUCK YOU!

“Listen, fucker. I don’t know who the fuck you are. I don’t have you saved under a name, so we have no connection. Now. Go and fuck yourself, and STOP CALLING ME IF YOU DON’T WANT TO FUCKING DROP DEAD!” Fuck… My head… Jesus…

And I end the call, just like that. Yeah, I’m not a morning person… And I never have people calling me, other than the ones I know or expect a call from.

The fucker was lucky I’m having the headache and had my eyes shut. I think I answered as I remember Giulia was supposed to call. I don’t fucking know. I’m too messed up to be able to comprehend.

I take a pill from my nightstand that I usually take in the morning to keep me under normal parameters and drink from a bottle of water. I always have one on my nightstand. Yeah, I’m fucked in my all. Anyways.

I’m in a sitting position with my feet on the floor, resting my head on my hands, waiting for the pill to kick in and be able to go and take a fucking shower and change.

It’s fucking eight… I need to go to the agency… The fucker did something good though… He woke me up on time… Giulia must be with her boyfriend something… Yeah… That bitch forgets about stuff when with the… Yeah… Whatever… It’s not my concern…

My head has been clenched until now, webbed in pulsating pains, yet the pill fights it and I get a wave of coolness in my head and start breathing.

Sweet… We’re coming back… Great…

However, the phone ringing is now replaced by the doorbell…

No… I think I’ll murder someone first thing in the morning… Okay! I’m coming! Whoever you are! You’re fucked! DON’T CARE!

I stand up, all angry, with a wobbly brain, yet stable on my feet, with a messed up hair, barefoot, leggings and bra only. I’m a fucking pissed bull… Oh! Yeah! I forgot to mention… I’ve grabbed my gun from my nightstand… No matter who that is… He or she has it coming! The bad thing is that, when I’m like this, I don’t have patience to look who it is before opening the door. Stupid, right? For one like me, I should know better. Wrong! The person in danger is never me, but the one PISSING ME OFF! My fucking heart is everywhere…

“I’m coming! I’m coming! Stop banging the damn bell! Fucking shit…” The ringing has stopped, and I’m a Hell bull, opening the door…that has behind it…Hendricks fucker…his men…and…my Chief….


Yeah, I’m with my gun pointed in the air at the first guy in front of me, who’s in his smirking face, hands in pockets and fucker, twinkling eyes at me, straight in stance.

“Chief?” Chief clears his throat seeing me like this, in bra and all that stuff, and moves his stare aside. “Oh…” I cast a look at me. Yeah… Whatever…

No, my gun is still in the air at the main fucker. I tilt my stare back at Hendricks who’s kind of turned on at me, making me so damn angry. His bodyguards have the decency to look elsewhere like Chief. Him? Fuck no! He’s checking me out, like evaluating me, in a slow motion scanning, and I, in my lunatic manner…

“Like what you see, kid? You really want me to shoot you, don’t you? Oh? Wait… Did you call me just now?” The gangster in me is enveloping my being at him. I would shoot him on the spot for his attitude. He has a narrowed stare in my eyes, fireworks blasting in his fucker eyes at me, growing his smirk, bobbing his head.

“Vanessa? Umm… We’re here for an official business. I tried calling you. The boss over here was the one you finally answered to.”

What? Boss?! I don’t understand a word…

Chief is speaking, from behind the fucker. Chief is in his forties, but looks like he’s in his thirties, athletic, a decent guy, and yes, the guy who gave me the two options for getting in this agent business.

“Boss? Since when? Chief? It’s really not the moment for pranks, this early in the morning…” I’m having a lunatic laughter at the entire crew before my eyes. No, I haven’t let anyone in, but I place my gun at my back. “Okay, okay…” I’m rubbing my temples, staring down as the fucking headache has a comeback. “Is this about the case last night? Gary took the lead on that. You should go and talk to him and you’ll have my report later.” I look back at Chief. Hendricks fucker is the same at me.

Fucker? Don’t make me snap… Bad time on that…

“Since last night. Mr. Hendricks has acquired the agency and since an hour ago he owns the agency, all legal.”

And what the fuck, all this, has to do with my fucking ass, to come all the way here?!

I’m blinking at Chief, in my same crazy stare and attitude.

“And where’s my business in all this?” This fucker is driving me crazy! I slice Hendricks with my stare as he’s not changing his attitude and stare at me. “Would you take that look away from me? I haven’t invited all of you here, at this hour, when people like me, do sleep! So! Whatever you see me in, you should have manners and avoid my sight! Don’t piss me off as I don’t respond well, fucker! I really don’t give a shit on who or what you are! Boss or no boss, you learn not to fuck with me! Not like this!” He’s the same, seemingly enjoying my person, and I turn at Chief. “Chief? Come in. The rest are not welcomed.”

I move aside for Chief to come in, which he does and when he’s inside, I slam the fucking door to the motherfucker’s face.

You piece of shit… I now wish the nightmare to have been reality and you dead… Fuck yeah…

I lock the door and aim the bedroom to dress up with a fucking robe something.

“Start reporting, Kevin.” Yeah, I’m now over him in position. I keep some of my stuff secret in front of others.

“Boss? He took the agency last night. Bought it. And he wants…you.”

WHAT?! How could he buy the agency that fast?! Who the fuck is this guy?!

I’m coming out from the bedroom with a robe on me, making a bun out of my hair. I’m taking a cigarette from the coffee table in the living room, light it, and splash myself on the sofa, in a sitting position, motioning Kevin with my hand, aka Chief, to take a seat on one of the armchairs.

“Oh… My head… Who the fuck is he? Why the agency? And what the fuck does he have with me?” I’m rubbing my forehead.

He’s apologetic in stare and face at me, taking a seat. He sighs.

“It seems he wanted to merge our agency with his since long ago. Our external debts, helped him to get our agency that fast. He knows our big guy. You know about our budget problems for the last five months… When we got hacked…”

Yeah… The only time when such an agency got hackers and drained all the money from our bank accounts… Laughing stock… Anyways…

“And it’s not a merger anymore, it’s an acquisition. The budget has been restored. We’re good on that. Don’t worry, your name isn’t mentioned in the official papers… He doesn’t know… Yet at least… Though he’s one intelligent guy. He’s fearless and leads one of the biggest agencies.” My fucking heart is suffocating me… Shit… “We’re under him now.” I puff at him, crossing my legs.

“How much?” He looks at me surprised. How much was for the acquisition?

“What? Oh. Some billions…” Fuck… He’s a fucking billionaire…

“And what’s his business with me, Kevin? I haven’t met the fucker before last night. I’m sure Gary informed you over that.”

He nods and sighs, having some pain in his eyes, staring at the floor now, with his hands crossed on his legs.

“Gary is in the hospital…”

WHAT?! What do you mean he’s in the hospital? Why?

“Hospital? What happened? Was he in a mission after that?” He motions his head in a ‘no’.


“Hendricks…” WHAT?! WHY?! I’m getting in my killer mode at this point, putting off the cigarette in the ashtray. “He interrogated him last night about your relationship with him.” The fucker is crazy! WHO THE FUCK DOES HE THINK HE IS?! “When Gary finally confessed it was an act, as he understood that was what you wanted to appear, he then stood up, and started beating him… For he…kissed you on the neck apparently…and hugged you.” I snap….


I’m having a trembling state for the anger I possess, not being able to comprehend what the fuck is happening with that screwed in the brains dickhead waiting at my fucking door! I can’t even see clearly anymore! I had a shitty state even before this!

Oh… My head will fucking explode… Shit… SHIT! MY FUCKING LIFE! REALLY?! OH! I’LL FUCKING KILL YOU!

“Calm down, Vanessa… I know… My hands are tied… And I haven’t told you the worst part yet… I’m sorry…”

CALM DOWN?! YOU FUCKING CALM DOWN! Worst part? What’s more? Just fucking tell me… Give me ‘ammo’ to fucking shoot him in the brains!

I have a killer look at Chief, standing, with my arms crossed, waiting.

“Okay. Take a seat and calm down. Please… You know I care about you. I know your life and I’m sorry for what I’m about to tell you, yet it’s serious and there’s no way out.”

I’m listening. I’ll decide if there’s a way out or not.

He’s loosening his tie. I’m not moving.

“Alright. He wants to marry you.” WHAT?! I burst into a demented, teary laughter, with a throw of head at my back. “If not… Your file… With all you had before… Gets activated and you go to prison.”

No, he’s serious and a bit scared by Hendricks fucker. Chief seems fine, in the sense he wasn’t beaten or something. I’m smacked in the head hearing all that.

Get the fuck out of here… Why me? What’s his business with me?!

I’m speechless, plus having the entire fucked state inside. I’m seeing double at this point.

“I’m so sorry, Vanessa. He gets to decide over things now. He’s got the final say… I don’t want you in prison… Please… Don’t get stubborn… He’s not a bad guy…”


“Not a bad guy?! Then how would you describe him with all this fucking madness?! HUH?!” He’s contracting his jawline and looks aside. Yeah…

“He’s…” He’s standing up. I’m inflamed at refusal, with my arms crossed. “With the deal for you. He has two files.” He’s raising his eyes into mine, affected, yet true to his words. I’m chewing from my inner cheek to not do something stupid. “One. Marriage contract. Two. The forms to arrest you and send you to prison for thirty years. Both are already signed and stamped from his part. It’s now your turn to decide. You’ve got fifteen minutes as of now. His orders…” He’s tightening his tie, arranging it, and going to the exit door.

WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU SAY?! I’m following him with a stupefied stare. And when he’s almost at the door…


Yeah, I’m in a hysterical cry and body language at his back. He’s with his head down, and with his right hand on the door’s handle.


Oh, shit… My heart… I stop yelling as I think I’ll have a heart attack… I’m rubbing my heart and trying to breathe. He doesn’t seem to notice the reason I have stopped yelling. He’s still with his back at me.

“I’m sorry, Vanessa. I have faith in you that you’ll make the right decision for you… I’ll always be there for you… But for this… My hands are tied. I swear to God.”

OH! FUCK! MY HEART! And he opens the door, moment when I attempt in grabbing the sofa to not go down, yet I collapse and I have no contact with reality anymore. I don’t know if I’ve died or what… I just felt like two dogs were ripping my heart out with their sharp teeth, from the sides, and that was all…

Last thing I do hear, is someone, not Chief, calling my name with a booming voice, hurt to his core to see me like that…


Yeah… It’s time to go to mom and dad… It’s best… I’m sorry for not catching your murderer… I’m so sorry I couldn’t do justice for you… I miss you guys so much… I’ve fought enough… I need you guys now… I want mommy and daddy… My life stopped when you were killed… I love you, mom… I love you, dad… Just wait for me… I’m coming….

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