• April 24, 2021

Horoscope 25 April – 1 May 2021

A little talk before going in the horoscope predictions

This horoscope is created through tarot cards and/or oracle cards by the reader. It’s a general reading, so take only what resonates with you. It’s valid for Sun, Moon, and Rising of each zodiac sign. Tarot gives guidance, but it doesn’t provide a set in stone course of events. Energies and decisions might shift determining a change in events.

Also, tarot is a form of entertainment, so if you need professional advice in health, finances, and any other such areas, please, seek experts in those respective fields.

The tarot reader takes no responsibility for your further actions. Therefore, use tarot as a friendly advice to reflect upon and see if you can use it in your favor. No one knows your situation better than yourself, so you’ll be the one to decide if the information given is of help for you or not.

This horoscope contains general predictions, job and business predictions, and love for couples and singles predictions for each zodiac sign.

Besides reading your Sun sign, read your Rising and Moon signs as well, for a bigger and more detailed picture over what’s coming your way.

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Having all this said upfront, let’s go to the predictions for each zodiac sign, shall we? 🙂

Horoscope Aries 25 April – 1 May 2021

The card is Financial & Material Changes.

Oh…. This means that you might face a loss or a decrease in money matters. Could be downgrading a job position, could be less profit in your business or issues arising on financial aspects. Therefore, make sure you perform a budget check before deciding any purchases, investments or just overspending because you think you’re certain on that promotion or salary raise.

On the other side of the coin, you might spiritually consider yourself abandoned, left alone, ghosted by people around you, especially the ones you love and trust. You may feel weak and misunderstood. Stop going down that path, stand up, have faith in yourself and move further. Nothing is impossible for you as long as you don’t give up and you push further.

In your love life, there might be quarrels because of financial problems leading to a cold and full of tension atmosphere. Try to be diplomatic and not backlash your partner when in the heat of the moment. Things always work out when you act as a team to solve the problems and not go against each other in pointing out who’s the guilty one and who’s the one earning and the other not so much. Remember, if the other doesn’t have an income, it doesn’t mean he or she is not providing and cutting expenses in other ways to help the household and the couple.

For the ones who are single, it’s not the right time to expect a new love prospect. You’ll be more focused on income and less on your personal life. Also, some of you might not be ready just yet to jump into a new relationship because of a previous one, one that holds abandonment issues and broken trust. Take this period to heal and make peace with the past.

All in all, don’t worry. It’s just a period and things will improve. Just focus on resolving the problems at hand as best as you can. For sure you’re walking down the path with better opportunities on all sides. After a storm, the sun always shines bright. Smile and man up. You’ve got this. Love you.

Horoscope Taurus 25 April – 1 May 2021

The card is Destiny.

Oh wow! This is a great card for you, Taurus! You should expect some unexpected income, overcoming obstacles you’ve been struggling with, promotions or salary raise at work and many more such goodies!

You may land a new, better job, or your business may take off to success! Some of you changing the 9-5 job to becoming your own boss will lead to your true life purpose, bringing you more stability and satisfaction.

In business matters, you’ll have some new opportunities to either stand out or to land a big project or client. You may also consider expanding your business to new related areas or tap into something entirely different. Either way, it’s a destiny path for you and good things should happen. Finally!

In the love department, for those of you with a partner, you may consider upgrading your relationship as you consider you’re with the right person for you. The one and only. Things should work well in the couple, and if you previously faced some problems, now it’s the stepping outside of that and moving to harmony, love and understanding for many of you.

Those of you who are single, you might meet your soulmate! It’s a good time to mingle around and be social as much as you can during this pandemic. You never know where the one for you lurks and awaits! The wheel of destiny is bringing the time of losing your single card. 🙂

All in all, you’ll have surprises this period, Taurus. And mostly the good ones with a ‘Yay!’ tag on your lips.

Horoscope Gemini 25 April – 1 May 2021

The card is Authority.

Well, on one side, you may meet or face people in authority. Meaning, to deal with a boss or with people in charge, having power to officially do things for or against you. So, be very cautious of your actions and words to tap into the favorable side of things for you.

You may meet people with a lot of influence and resources who may help you, but they will be blunt and kind of conservative in dealing with things. Don’t worry, if you have the right words, wear honesty and a good reputation, you’re in the cards for awesome opportunities.

With this card, you tune in with the power of an emperor within. You could appear cold in emotions to people, but you’re achieving great things, hence you’re not emotionally available. You’re in the works of creating your own empire.

In job and business, you’re knowledgeable and ready to level up. You may think of expanding your business or stepping up for a promotion.

In love matters, one of the partners may want to dominate the couple. Be it with good or bad intentions. However, learn the balance and understand that some things need to be consensual after a talk setting a common ground of action. Even if your wants are with good intentions, when imposing yourself, it becomes toxic for your partner, exploding arguments. So, balance.

For those of you single, especially for you ladies, someone of high status is coming your way! And this person is a stable and with serious intentions one. But yes, it’s a person with a domineering personality who may not express feelings easily. Could seem arrogant and cocky at first, but beneath that, once you get to know the person, you’ll find a loyal heart and full of love, ready for commitment. Well, if you prove yourself as the authentic you with no messing around. The person is not tolerant to fakeness or playing your cards on them. Just be honest and true to your words and actions.

All in all, balance and being true is the essence for you this period to have goodies coming your way. 🙂

Horoscope Cancer 25 April – 1 May 2021

The card is Trapped in Fear.

Oh… Why, Cancer? What’s happening? You’re in the dungeon of negative thoughts, not knowing the exit from all that. Okay…. Listen. No matter how bad you think your situation is, whatever you’re facing keeping you like that, there’s always a way out. Instead of keeping yourself chained in the prison of fears, fueling them further, you need to step up and break the blindfolds. You can overcome the situation if you confront your fears and do something about it. Stop living in your head, haunted by the negative possibilities running in there, and break free.

Speak to people you trust, ask for help in any form you need. There will be someone who will lend a hand and give you what you need, one way or another.

In job and business, you may feel or experience a block of some sort, giving you anxiety of what’s next. And because of that anxiety, you’re not able to see what to do to solve it. Again, stop being consumed by fear and get ready to analyze the situation, ask people with experience for advice and working it out. Chances are you’ll have success in the given situation, but you need to stop fearing and get into the action. Remember, my dear one, no problem is without solution. Sometimes it is harder to resolve, yet not impossible. All you have to do is to not give up. Don’t crumble into a corner and wait for the apocalypse of what you fear. Fight it and come out a winner.

In love matters. Well, some of you are in a relationship where you feel trapped and don’t experience your expectations. Others of you might be in a toxic relationship and you don’t know how to get out because of different circumstances. Like I said before, ask for help, confront your fears, and do something about it for your own good if it’s too much and you can’t handle it anymore.

However, sometimes, you might think about things which aren’t necessarily like you see them. So, a talk with your partner in a calm and diplomatic manner, where both of you are ready to listen and be open to each other, might clear your fears or misunderstandings.

For those of you single. Some of you fear to start a new relationship because you don’t want history to repeat itself. My dear one…. History repeats itself if you haven’t learned the lessons from the previous relationship. You should know by now the red flags and spot them in seconds on the new person lurking around you. And a piece of advice? Start with the getting to know each other first and then jumping in the bed, not the other way around. You’re a sign ruled by emotions and you get lost in them, causing you difficulties sometimes. Therefore, use your reason first, heart second, make an objective analysis between them, and take the decision based on what both mind and heart agree upon.

For others of you, you’re fearing you’re going to remain single forever and this consumes you. Come on! Are you for real? Stop losing time in that kind of thinking processes, embark in investing in yourself, your career, your life, your business, keep yourself focused to be the best version of yourself, and the right person will see how bright you shine, and will make a move towards you. Love and respect yourself first and others will come along, doing the same, alright? Alright. Chin up. You rock. 🙂

All in all, it’s just a period of going through this. Face your fears, tune in your inner strength, and show the world you’re a freaking Phoenix. You can do it! I know you can. Trust me. Love you.

Horoscope Leo 25 April – 1 May 2021

The card is Heart Chakra.

Well, my dear one, this period you will be loving, open to emotions, and ready to do everything in a passionate way. However, watch out to not overdo it because your heart may give you some problems in a health way. So, no matter how dedicated you are in work or activities, have some limits for the sake of your heart, will you? Okay.

In job and business. You’re ready to take out the world, putting your heart into doing everything. You’re driven, you have purpose, you like it and you score it. However, watch out where you put your trust in, especially in people close to you. Why? You love them so much and you trust them so much that you might not see what’s going on in the backstage. Nobody says to drop into paranoia, but here we talk about business and job, where emotions don’t quite bring optimum results. Therefore, be reserved and tune down your emotions to be able to spot if something or someone isn’t how you’re set to believe. This prevention will help you achieve better success and remove dangers.

In love matters. Love is in the air! You get dizzied by how much you love and need your partner. For those of you who had a fall out of love in a way, your heart is burning again, rediscovering your partner.

Others of you…. You might find yourself falling in love with someone out of your established couple. Now…. I have a question for you. Would you like your partner to do that to you? I’m sure not. Therefore, before jumping in a new love affair, behind your partner’s back, make sure it’s not a temporary fire for the new person, consider your couple’s everything, and if you think the new person is truly the one for you and not the one you’re with, end things first with your current partner in a closure and clean manner, and then proceed with the one.

Don’t hurt your partner. You may not realize at first when in the heat of passion for the new love, but by hopping into the affair without thinking, you may determine heavy emotional damage on the current partner. And it’s not right for anyone to experience that. Your partner will be hurt anyway if you decide to go with the new one, but at least you don’t add on it and you act the right way, which will be appreciated at some point by your partner.

For those of you single. Well, well…. We’re ready to fall in love! And you will this period. Someone will grab your heart and it will fire it up. And how you are a Leo, that fire will be blazing! Passion and euphoria is on its way and it will come from the heart. But…. Don’t let your feelings overwhelm you and lose your mind if you’re looking for something serious. Take a level down and use your mind as well, just to be sure, okay? Okay. 🙂

All in all, this period should be one where you’ll feel, you’ll act, and you’ll attract. Great, right? 🙂

Horoscope Virgo 25 April – 1 May 2021

The card is Material & Spiritual Prosperity.

Oh yeah! Now we’re talking, baby! You’re scoring perfect opportunities both financially and in personal life! What could we ask for more, right?! Well, we could, if we’re greedy…. Ha-ha!

In job and business. If you’ve been praying for that promotion, that salary raise, that new job, the success of your business, that new greedy contract you so needed, it’s coming, honey. One way or another, things are shaping up to meet your wants and needs. And you receive that financial security like an air of conquer.

You may feel the need to invest, to expand your business, to upgrade the level of budget for something, to acquire assets, to further build yourself as a person and business or career wise. And the cards are in your favor this period. You’re ready and you have at hand what it takes for all that. But! Don’t let the ocean of conquer overtake you and become a reckless spender. Do your math first, as you’re a Virgo, and then proceed with confidence. Looking good!

In love matters. Well, the couple is expanding in material and financial security, allowing for love and relaxation to install, bringing harmony and peace. You shouldn’t experience problems with your partner this period. It’s a great time to do something special for both of you and enhance the love and stability in your souls. You now have the opportunity to do so. 🙂 I’m so happy for you.

For those of you single. You’re achieving great things and you’re more focused on the material and income streams rather than love. However, you’re opening up to the idea of a new relationship and you might find someone to love and be loved back. The new person might be one with high financial means and could shower you with expensive gifts or take you to more high level places. Anyhow, you’ll float in happiness and your soul will feel like home.

For others of you, you are finally able to let go of the past, make peace with it, and give green light to the idea of a new relationship. You are healed, you’ve learned your lessons, and you’ve regained the trust to move forward and open the new chapter of your life. Aww! Proud of you….

All in all, prosperity is the word of this period for you, in all forms, especially where you needed the most.

Horoscope Libra 25 April – 1 May 2021

The card is Spiritual Strength.

We’re getting our power back, Libra. And it’s the greatest one as it comes from within. You may feel the need to meditate, pray, go to church, reconnect with the divine. By doing so, you’re charging and ascending your spiritual strength.

In job and business matters. There are commitments to make from your part, or coming your way. Expect the hand of destiny to set into motion and bring you solid opportunities. However, there are some rules. You need to keep the traditional route of doing things, as accepted by society and norms. To walk the set in stone path, as the others before have paved it in the industry you’re in. In other words, to do it by the book.

Whatever your concerns are, seek professional advice and let them help you. Now it’s not the time to test things out and then see if we need an expert.

You may need or meet a mentor of some sort who will raise your level one way or another. This person will push you to a type of breakthrough at some point in your career or business.

In the love department. If you’re not married yet, a proposal may come. Both of you feel ready for the big step, and to be honest, it was about time for it to happen, right? Well, my dear, it was, because now it is the right divine moment for it.

Commitment is the essence, so expect to be more committed to your partner and receive the same.

You might realize that your partner is indeed your soulmate, and against all differences you have discovered or had among the two of you, you accept that he or she is truly the one for you.

For those of you single. Oh, well…. 🙂 Fate is bringing down your alley the one for you! Many of you will experience a great spiritual connection with someone, making you realize he or she is your soulmate. Things will get serious, in the sense you’ll walk down the aisle at some point with this person. That’s great!

Others of you are using this period to heal your heart and soul and you’re achieving it. And along the way, someone will creep into your mind and heart, increasing the recovery process, and make you fall in love because of it…. Ha-ha! Unexpected or considered, right? Yeah, well….

All in all, we’re growing, we’re healing, we’re achieving this period. So happy for you.

Horoscope Scorpio 25 April – 1 May 2021

The card is The Waiting Game.

Things are thrown in a pause this period. You’re waiting for something to happen for a while now, and I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you’ll have to wait some more for some things to come into fruition.

In job and business matters. There’s a stagnant air surrounding you, driving you nuts. Things are not moving according to your plans, needs, and wants. You’ve put in the effort, you’ve done your part, and now, the waiting is eating your brains out. You want the end game, the result, the prize, and you want it now. Now, now, my dear Scorpio…. You’ve planted the seed, right? Does it bloom into a mesmerizing, rare flower over the night, just because you’ve been so fast, so invested, so careful to plant it? No. Unfortunately. But hey! It’s the waiting game, not the losing game with the loser tag stamped to your forehead! So, chill out and stop overthinking it, will you?!

You’ll say ‘alright’ and ask me ‘what now then?’. Aren’t you a honey bee? Ha-ha! I’ll tell you what now. During this waiting game we’re playing right now with fire boiling down our veins because of it, we need to analyze again the situation at hand, see things from a different perspective than we’ve done so far, so the other way around, find the clue we’ve been missing all along but which was sitting right under our nose, and use it as a key to end the waiting game and send us further. Don’t ask me what that clue is, as I don’t know, but once you’ll find it, you’ll know it, and you’ll voice – at least in your head – ‘AHA!’.

However, even with that clue and ‘aha’ moment, in some cases, you’ll need to accept a sort of compromise, a middle ground, a win-win solution for both sides to make it work. But it will be a sacrifice you’ll come to embrace, and at some point, you’ll consider it a great move for having done so.

Everything is a work in progress, a process in steps, and we need to walk through to reach our desired target, outcome. Patience and not losing our minds is the essence here.

In love matters. Same. Stagnant environment. You want for things to progress in a way with your partner and desire to skip some steps because you’re eager for more. You want it now, and you want it all! Well, we all do…. But some things do need patience and grooming to have a solid and long-lasting relationship. Tune down your rush of adrenaline to be the conqueror of all things at this moment to not ruin it. Find ways to go around and be subtle in pushing things further. Don’t let your possessive side rule you. Give it space and time to happen naturally. It’s the best. Alright? Good.

For those of you who are single, you’re pending in que for someone to finally come your way! Like really?! Why isn’t he or she coming already?! I’m ready, I’m here, I’m waiting, and NOTHING! Yes, yes…. I understand your point of view. But I do have a question for you, my dear Scorpio. You want a someone, anyone, or the one and only?

‘Cause for good things to happen and right ones to come, the waiting makes it all worth it in the end. In this case, you are the seed. So you need to nurture it, to make yourself better in all areas. Use this time to show love and respect towards yourself. And when he or she finally comes, you have with what to show off, sort to speak. No, really now, focus on growing your person, enhancing yourself, and you’ll attract the right person in due time, one who will deserve you. But I love your spirit, as you’re go-getters. Yet now, you need to…wait some. Love you though.

All in all, though the waiting game is smashing our nuts and brains, rest assured that the positive outcome will come at the end of it, at the end of the torture. Keep sane, find the middle ground, and you’ll have it, baby. 🙂

Horoscope Sagittarius 25 April – 1 May 2021

The card is Transformation.

This period we’ll end chapters and start new ones. The transformation process means we have learned what we needed to and we’re ascending to the next step. Closure in some areas is coming our way which will enable us to move forward without looking back.

In job and business. Well, at job there might be some changing in boss hierarchy, changing teams, resigning, or getting laid off. Something comes to an end, one way or another. But don’t worry. It’s something that must occur to make room for a new door, a better one to come your way. It’s a rebirth for you, pursuing a next level in your career path.

Some of you might even change the domain you’re working in, going for something entirely new, but ready to take and master it.

Others of you might put an end to working under a boss and feel ready to start your own business, which is a tremendous transformation for your life.

Those of you having a business, some partnerships might come to an end, a contract giving stability to your company may expire. However, don’t drown yourself into the thought that you’ll gonna get ruined now because of it. As I said before, whatever comes to an end now, it’s meant to end, for better opportunities to come. Don’t go against change, it will serve you in the end.

On the other side, this period you may need to drastically change some things in your company to improve its efficiency. It could mean to reduce the number of employees, cut expenses, revise your policy, rethink your strategies, revamp your business to meet the needs in the market.

Old ways and practices come to an end. So out with the old and in with the new. Welcome novelty and tune into creativity to sprout profits. You might shift the objective or industry your business has in target. But all this is for a positive outcome in the end. So, my dear Sagittarius, be smart as you are, get the bullseye in target and shoot for a new, more successful way of doing business. You’ve got this. 🙂

In the love department. Well… For those of you who had problems in your relationship and dragging it along? Yeah…. It’s end game unfortunately. There’s nothing you can do any longer. But whatever goes, know that what ends comes to serve you and not work against you. Prepare for a new, more satisfying chapter.

For those of you who have been having a good relationship so far, the way you’ve been together is going to change. You’ll either move in together, get engaged or get married. The next step is going to happen as it’s time. That’s good, right? 🙂

For my single babies. It’s transformation for you, too, yes! You’re not going to be single anymore! 🙂 Something will change because you’ve transformed yourself in a way or another, and you’re unlocking the door to new prospects. You’ve become the butterfly, and you’re a catch! So watch out around you as eyes are burning on you. Ha-ha! But it’s true.

Some of you are finally walking out from past pains that were blocking you to move forward. You’re finally ready to close that chapter, as you’ve healed, and you can now see the bright future ahead again.

All in all, what ends is for the better, and all’s well that ends well. Love you and have faith in yourself that you’re guided on your true path in life.

Horoscope Capricorn 25 April – 1 May 2021

The card is Mental Conflict.

Jesus…. Okay. This period you’re in a tough, negative train of thoughts regarding someone or something. You want to do something, but you can’t perform it because of exterior circumstances, hence the mental conflict.

There are opposing factors keeping you in tension, draining your energy and making you think you’re unable to get over it. Also, you’re overthinking some things to the level of going insane.

Hey! Slow down, take a deep-deep breath, take a step back, and scan the situation with calm and clarity. Shut down your emotions if you think it’s needed, and work with what you can actually do. It doesn’t matter if it’s only one percent allowance in what you can act upon to solve some of the problem. Do that. You’ll see that through taking baby steps, you’ll walk further in the maze of the conflict, and you’ll tick wins on your list, propelling you further to the heart of the matter, to score the big win, the resolve of the issue.

In job and business matters. Well…. It’s gonna be a pain in the ass period. I’m sorry…. Arguments with superiors, backlash, inefficiency issues, threats, co-workers going against you, business partners having their own interests or decisions clashing with yours, and you’re in the middle of all that like a sacrificial lamb, not knowing how to deal with everything and make it right again.

How to deal with everything? Want my advice? Okay. Keep your mouth shut, listen to what everyone is saying to you – good and bad -, answer only with what you know and are sure of in a diplomatic and professional manner, and require time for a quick assessment and plan of action. You might have the instinct to retaliate when all that is bombed on you, so hold it in and don’t produce more damage on your own.

Keep calm, be serious, approach the problem from all corners, find the thread with which you can start working on, and don’t stop till you make it. Adding conflict to conflict is never going to bring positive results. On the contrary. Okay? Okay. You’re meant to solve it. Just have faith in yourself. I have trust and faith you’ll be a mastermind and you’ll achieve the desired result, one way or another.

In love matters. Well, because we have all that tension at work or in business, you may explode at home on your partner out of the blue, without a real reason coming from your partner. Again, slow down and don’t do at home what you kept in at work or in business. Your partner is not guilty of those problems and doesn’t deserve that kind of treatment from you. I know you wouldn’t do it intentionally, but you’ll have the itch to snap because of the accumulated tension within.

Your partner should be there to support you and give you the safe environment to recharge with positive energy and love, but don’t make your partner become your sacrificial lamb as you’ve been at work or in business when he or she hasn’t done anything to provoke your wrath, okay? Right.

Keep balance and separate personal life from job or business. When at home, leave behind whatever is wrong, and enjoy the moments with your partner to regain sanity. Yes, you can consult your partner and ask for advice to reflect upon, but resume to that and don’t seek for conflict at home as well. You really don’t need that.

If you need space when at home, just explain to your partner what’s going on and why you need that. Make sure to mention that your tensed attitude has nothing to do with him or her, and that you need the space to think it through. I’m sure they’ll understand and give you what you need when you proceed like that. But don’t be snappy when talking, try to keep calm, alright? 🙂

For those of you single. Some of you are in the negative thinking processes that you don’t feel good enough to have someone in your life because no one, or not the ones within your wants, comes your way. Listen. Stop arresting yourself in such dark mentality. You’re good enough! If they haven’t come yet, it means the higher, divine powers are saving you from something bad. It’s not the time yet for that to happen. The right one for you will come, but you need to shift your focus on other things in your life and work on that, using your energy on constructive stuff.

When the time is right, you’ll be surprised, positively, that someone you’ve craved for is finally showing itself. And that’s awesome, right? But yeah…. You still need some waiting. Don’t despair though, alright?

Others of you, who are caught in the job or business tension, you’re just not emotionally available for a new something with someone. Which is alright. Solve what’s important for the moment and you’ll have time for personal life in the next period once you’ve calmed down the storm at hand.

All in all, the hurricane is unleashing, that’s true, but you can defeat it with a calm attitude. Keep in mind my advice and see how you can make use of it for best results. Love you and I’m sure you’ll work it out eventually. And! I’m proud of you for having strength to go though it and come out a winner, baby! Yeah! 🙂 That’s the sweetest revenge when having that. You solve the goddamn thing like a master! 🙂

Horoscope Aquarius 25 April – 1 May 2021

The card is Power.

Whoa! We’re having the power of the lion! This is the Strength card from the regular tarot cards representing Leo! Yeah, baby! We’re taming the beast! We’re bending fate into our favor! It’s about time for it to happen, right?! Of course it is…. Ha-ha! God… So happy for you, Aquarius, to finally get some good news for a change.

In job and business department. As I said, the power is within our reach this time around. You can negotiate your job position, a new job position, ask for a raise, get hold of different opportunities, take in bigger projects, invest, expand.

Your efficiency is noted and rewarded. You have the power to do whatever you set your mind on and see it through. You will be able to start off your own business or if you already have one, yeah, it will bomb further to process your expectations and manifest them.

You’re skilled in everything you do and you’re the leader of the pack with a sharp mind and drive to make things happen.

Expect new clients, bigger ones than before, golden options in work and business you didn’t have the chance or power to reach to. Things are shaping up to help you grow in your career or business, increasing your income and providing a better financial stability you so wanted and needed.

However, though you will have such force and power, keep yourself humble and don’t get cocky or hop into a shopping or investing spree just because you have the boost in income and better opportunities. Make sure to save up for when you’ll be under weather, and learn moderation in all you do, to secure what you gain this period in your pockets, in career or business, alright? Just to be safe and not be sorry later. 🙂

In love matters. Oh…. 🙂 Passion is on the horizon…. From how things are forming for you in work or business, you now have a different attitude and you can now give your partner more attention, in a possessive and full of want manner. Here, you are the beast and in need to be tamed. Ha-ha!

For you, male Aquarians, expect to be and feel more virile, driving your partner crazy. But in a good way. Most of the times that is…. Ha-ha! And for you girls it will be around there as well. The fire is ignited and passion follows in all its forms.

So, in the couple section, we’re going strong and good. But! Watch out to not exaggerate though. Moderation, baby. Limits, honey. Safe area, darling. If you know what I mean…. Ha-ha! But I’m sincere on this. 🙂 Anyways….

For those of you who are single. Baby? You’re charming, you’re in your power, you attract like a damn magnet! Yay! You’re shining, and you shine so bright like the lion of the jungle to whom everyone wants to reach and have.

You should expect lots of options around you this period and you’ll have the urge to follow the fire within and road to satisfaction. Hey! Slow down a bit. Listen. If you’re seeking for just a fling, a one time thing, go for it, no one judges you. Yet, if you want that one person in your life, you know, the stable and one and only type of person? Yeah…. Keep the fire inside, get to know each other first, test the waters in a safe and non-sexual manner, and let things unfold to see if this person you have the nudge to call it your one and only is indeed your one and only.

I’m not saying it couldn’t be the one and only as you feel, but sexual tension and need of release could interfere with real things. What do I mean with that? You might confuse lust with love. You might see the person like an almighty God or Goddess, perfect for you in all areas, because hey, we have the fire inside this period, and once the intimate act is consumed, all that might wash off, downgrade to a minimum, and conclude you’ve made a terrible mistake. Do we want that? Nope. So watch out, alright? Good. 🙂

All in all, my dear Aquarius, you’re the lion, you’ve got great things coming your way, and the sun is finally shinning for many of you where you need the most in your life. Awesome, baby! 🙂 YEAH! Ha-ha! Love you.

Horoscope Pisces 25 April – 1 May 2021

The card is Patience & Planning.

I feel that, for many of you, what you most desire to accomplish or to have in your life right now, it has high chances to happen in the autumn season, when the leaves fall on the ground from the trees, just before winter season. So keep this in mind.

You’re working on something, craving to get something or someone, and you want it now. However, the breakthrough to that, to be a solid and long lasting thing or person to be with, needs patience and planning for the course of action and implementation for the later success as you want and expect. So, keep yourself in check, and diligently work through the process to make it happen. It’s gonna be yours by the end of this journey you’re having and struggling with. Keep your faith in yourself and keep going, alright? You’re on the right track.

In job and business matters. Well, as I said, you’re hardworking in your job or business, putting in the effort, your heart, your expectations, things are conjuring in form, but we have a problem. We’re impatient to gasp the prize, to reap the reward, like right now! You feel ready, you feel it’s done, and you don’t understand why you need to wait for it to happen time from now.

Hmmm…. Are you ready? Have you read and acknowledged all details? Is it all perfect? Maybe something looks fine. Maybe something presents itself by the book. But is it? Maybe you need to change something, your strategy, your approach, your delivery. Maybe you need to perform more research and ask for expert advice from a friend or someone with authority in the field you are and need it.

And don’t rush things, my dear Pisces. You’ll ruin the outcome you desire. Take your time, give attention, and continue what you’ve been doing, twerking on what you have to mold it to perfection and get that promotion, salary raise, new job opportunity you’ve been aiming at, that buffed project, that big fish of a client, that transition from being an employee to opening your own business, that new branch you want to extend to your business and so on. You’ll have it, don’t you worry.

Plan, budget, save up, find ways to make it better, and flood yourself with patience during it. The end game will have you as the top winner, in due time. Work with the process, following the steps you must take. Don’t go against it, don’t skip any steps. Don’t hit yourself in the foot by doing so and have all your efforts go down the drain. We don’t want that, right? Right. Patience is a virtue, baby. It does hit us in the nuts and brains, but it brings the rewards, and the right ones. Okay? 🙂

In love matters. You’re between storm and coldness, and you want to attain calm and warmth inside the couple. You want that perfect mood and atmosphere you had time ago. You want your shelter back with your partner. You’re going crazy, thinking that you’re not going to achieve that again, though you’re making the efforts to materialize it.

Your impatience shows and it creates tensions with your partner. Why? Because you’re rushing things, not waiting for your efforts to be visible and appreciated. I understand it’s not fair. I agree with you. Yet, know that all this you’re performing inside the couple will bring in the desired expectations. It’s not lost and you’re not doing it for nothing. Keep it up and and wait to reap the crown for your efforts, alright? 🙂

You’re waiting for the upgrade of the relationship, to have that fabulous wedding but you don’t have the financial means maybe, or to purchase a bigger house to move in, and so on. Patience, planning, working. You’ll get it at the right divine moment, when it’s meant to happen.

For those of you single. Some of you are fed up with the waiting for the one to come. And the way you’ve been waiting for that someone to fulfill you in love and adoration, transformed you into someone you’re not. How? You’ve been focusing only on this dream, this want of satisfying this side of your life, that you’ve lost track on yourself and the other side of your life.

What planning and patience should now mean to you, in this period? Wake up, start loving and respecting yourself, mold yourself into a butterfly, start living life for real and doing things, and you’ll attract someone in your life. Why? Because you’ll shift the focus on yourself, on becoming someone for you and your life, exiting the shadows of yearning and mourning.

Don’t dip yourself into the pits of depression, baby. It’s not worth it. And you achieve nothing by doing that. Okay? Shine like a star and attract like honey. Stop chasing, start attracting. And here you need the patience and planning to become that, alright, babe? 🙂 You can do it, just take your ass and start manifesting the new you. 🙂

Others of you are between someone from the past whom you’re still waiting for, or you know the person, and the idea of a new love. Well, you need to follow the advice from above as well. And the highlight of it, stop chasing and start attracting. Have patience, add value to your name and person, tune into your power, and at the end of this journey, not only you’ll attract, but you’ll also have the right to make the choice among options. I wink at you right now. 🙂 You’re a star, you just don’t know it yet because you’ve kept the veil on you for so long. Rediscover yourself, take the time for it, and show off your true worth when the time comes. Love you, babe. 🙂

All in all, patience, honey, keep up the good work, don’t lose it, and you’re on the right track. Who knows? Maybe I’m right, and in the autumn season, your desired something or someone might start revealing itself to crown your efforts and the pain in the ass waiting. 🙂


Hope you have enjoyed this post and it was of use for you! I made it with love and dedication in the pursuit of helping you as best as I can. 🙂

Love you!

Your true friend always,

Andra-Cristiana Stan


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