• April 22, 2021

Realms (Icy Shots on a Hot Billionaire Book 4)

Billionaire romance, curvy romance, paranormal romance, mafia romance, dark mafia romance

Eric and Selena’s story continue from where it ended, but with more challenges.

The madness, comedy, love, action, suspense, mystery, and all you already know continue. Past situations make their way to the light of truth and acknowledgement.

The battle between Angels and Demons, dark love and pure love, is whirling and explosive.

Their relationship goes strong but tested from all corners. Selena is one main prize for all parties.

Will she change her love and surrender to the other side? Will Eric give up in front of torments and rejections?

The gypsy from Selena’s past, who foresaw her pair and her son, is coming back with renewed predictions. What these will be, how will they affect the couple, and what’s her real connection to Selena?

Author promises a HEA, though the twists and turns will be as never before… 

Realms is the fourth book in the Icy Shots on a Hot Billionaire series.

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Hope you’ll enjoy the reading and the series!

Love you!

Your true friend always,

Andra-Cristiana Stan


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