• April 22, 2021

Racing (Icy Shots on a Hot Billionaire Book 1)

Billionaire romance, curvy girl romance, mafia romance, Alpha man romance

New York City gives the start of a romance. Or is it?

Selena Duchmond is a single 31-year-old Marketing Manager at a humongous real estate company for the last month.

A curvy girl, with a professional attitude, and nothing intimidates her, not even the hottest and wealthiest guys out there. Personal problems? Three million dollars in debts for her side family business since the economic crisis, and a shitty health. Are these problems keeping her out of being an Alpha girl in her all? Not at all.

Nobody in the office knows about her problems. She’s just considered the fatty, arrogant ass. Oh! And the Ice Queen. Ice Queen? She blocks all male population in a friendzone or strictly business manner. Why? She doesn’t believe in true love. All attempts on her from guys are considered as fake and unreliable promises. Her only wish is to restore peace and stability in her family.

She usually covers herself in ugly suits which make her fatter than she really is, to keep at bay male attention. Karma strikes her with a coffee accident, right before an important meeting with a billionaire client, Eric Rodricks, the most wanted bachelor out there.

The guy is a big-time player in business and women the like. He’s 28 and the dream man of any woman on Earth. No female can resist his angelic handsomeness and God-like built. Not to mention his ravishing dark blue eyes that melt you off your feet. He’s perfection at the highest peaks. Because of the said coffee accident, Selena sees herself forced to change her clothes with a purchase at a near clothes shop. But they don’t have for sale her ugly suits style. She accepts the style they have, and it’s one that reveals her real figure….

When the hot billionaire is waiting for the Marketing Manager at the meeting who is kind of late, and lays his eyes on her, though she’s not his type in general, karma hits him as well, and a strong impression envelopes his being. Seeing she’s not having any reaction at the sight of him, his interest spikes so much that the burning fire of having her urges him to accept the challenge of making her his….

What will he do to make her his? Will he take advantage of her financial situation to turn things into his favor? Will he be the fire that will melt the ice that traps her heart? Will she make him a one woman’s man? Will she surrender to him? Will their story be a romance of true, pure love? One thing is for sure, she’s his Angel and he’s her Satan.

Prepare for romance, mystery, action, comedy and more, but the series promises a HEA.

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Hope you’ll enjoy the reading and the series!

Love you!

Your true friend always,

Andra-Cristiana Stan


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