• April 22, 2021

Love War (Shooting a Hot Billionaire Book 2)

Billionaire romance, curvy girl romance, mafia romance, Alpha man romance, secret agent romance, arranged marriage romance, dark mafia romance.


I don’t know what to say…

I’ve created such addiction to him.

He cures me. I have Bambi and I can relax and finally sleep in peace without nightmares. Well…. When he lets me to sleep that is…

I feel safe and protected with him.

Is it love? I don’t know…. I just consider my brain took another level of craziness…

I mean, how can you fall in love just like that? I’m not the type….

Though he’s loving and sincere, I still don’t buy it…

And I’m someone who has so many dangers in my life. I’m someone with so many duties on all sides.

And he’s coming at me with so many demands! So many wants! Like I’m some normal woman! I’m not!

I don’t know… I’m hit from everywhere and my life is suffocating me. However, Davy, my David, is my sanctuary, and only him can calm me down instantly… He makes me breathe life again…. Or is all this just a crazy bubble and I’m soon going to wake up to a harsh reality?


She’s so crazy, my little vampy. And I love her like a mad man…

She’s my air, my everything.

But she’s denying our love and considers it just an addiction, a treatment for her depression.

But I’ll show her… And she’s going to accept it. Lion King is Lion King. He gives her Bambi, but he’s Lion King all the way.

I find out that…my baby is…. She’s… So many sides of her! Unbelievable! And remarkable at the same time.

Her state goes bad, and I learn some shocking things. Something and someone blood related to me. It kills my heart.

I learn that the dangers surrounding her are at sky level, and a talk with my dad gives me her past….

I love her with all my heart, and I’ll have a Love War with her. We’ll clash and I’ll win…. At some point, I’ll win.

My baby vampy is never a simple one. And I’ll be hit with so many well covered intel. Who is my wife?!

Buckle up with a roller-coaster of events, action, comedy, suspense, mystery, love and more!

Vivian is a bomb and you’ll not be able not to love her! And Davy is going to be such a loving Lion King but raging at the same time!

Author promises a HEA, though the twists and turns will be as never before…

Love War is the second book in the Shooting a Hot Billionaire series.

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Hope you’ll enjoy the reading and the series!

Love you!

Your true friend always,

Andra-Cristiana Stan


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